Low bid rumours untrue

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How’s it going people?


All this extra time wearing you out?

Me too…

I’m getting slightly bored of amazing 0-0 games. Let’s move it up a gear for the quarters, yeah?

So it’s done. Bye, bye USA. They took a battering last night despite managing to push the game to extra time. They floundered in the end. Tim Howard was a total hero the whole way through. What a performance. He really was excellent.

The Switzerland game also went to Extra time. Di Maria to the rescue.

So, that’s it, it’s buinsess time. All the best teams are through, hopefully we see a few more goals in this round.

The main attraction is Colombia vs Brazil. An incredibly tantalising prospect. Two of the best players in the tournament hacking it out to be the main man.

Rodrigues, a frighteningly talented, extrememly left footed traditional number 10 up against the right footed Neymar who is normally more of a wide player. Having engrossed myself in both players over the last week, it’s quite difficult to compare the two… which is what everyone else is trying to do.

Neymar is outrageously ‘football’. He’s your McDonald’s advert when you were a kid. He has the tricks, he has the outrageous turn of pace, but he has the key Brazilian asset all the greats have… Magic. He doesn’t play by the rules when he’s on fire, he makes them up. A lesser version of Ronaldinho.

Rodrigues is outrageously left footed which makes you wonder what would happen if someone forced him more down his right. It doesn’t matter though, he can do absolutely anything with that left foot, which makes him even more spectacular. He picks the ball up deep, sprays visionary passes, but he’s most devastating in and around the box. He has that Cesc like sense when making perfectly times runs and his ability to sniff out space and devastate is quite amazing. Well, at least in this World Cup, I think what’s crazy about both players is they have a fairly uninteresting first season at their new clubs.

Neymar melted into the background with 9 or so goals, Rodrigues managed about 12 and the same amount of assists.

… and this is it. Rodrigues looks like a £100m player right now. He has it all. A club like Madrid is either going to make him a great signing in him, or they’re going to be disappointed. Well, disappointed he can’t be Messi every week. Neymar, again, has already gone for the big bucks, but can he translate his international form, which is crazy good, into domestic form?

Who knows, for I don’t care, they’re both dragging their coutnries through at the moment and this Friday’s game is going to be exceptional. A quite dogged Brazil team that doesn’t match up to the great teams of the past versus a quite spectacular Colomobia side that is blowing all away in front of it!


There are stories that Arsenal have bid £19m for Sanchez this morning and Barca want £24m. As far as I’m aware, that’s wrong on both counts. They want £30m and that’s what we’re going to pay. I really wouldn’t worry about us screwing this one. New Arsenal spunked out £43m on Ozil at the last minute. Wenger really wants Sanchez, the player is a superstar, I highly doubt we’re going to risk a gazumping like we did last year with Higuain.

Fear not, it’s just paper nonsense.

I also forgot to put the press release for the new kit on here yesterday.

We’re with Puma.


Some angst amongst the fan base because the badge is an iron on style one over the traditional embroidered Nike offering. I must admit, the only concern I have about the shirt is that it doesn’t have a premium feel about it. I haven’t seen it up close, so can’t really judge. However, I like the bright red, I like that it’s skin right and I like the fact it’s a change. Puma can’t afford to not make this work. Hopefully they’ll utilise our sponsorship better than Nike did.

… but once again, if you’re an adult and you’re bitching about the badge or the tightness of the shirt… have a word with yourself. You’re an adult. Football shirts are for kids. You shouldn’t be wearing it. If it’s skin tight, that’s because it’s for athletes. Not people who consider a walked 5k fun run a serious cardio workout.

In other news, I’m doing something for Bloomberg later, they have Sol Campbell in on Friday, if you have any sensible questions for one of the best centre backs we’ve had, ask them on Twitter against the #AskSolCampbell.

Have an excellent Wednesday!

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  1. Mayank


    “Really does show the difference between Messi and Ronaldo”

    Yeah, it does. Also shows how most other world class players only really excel at one or two things. Nothing like the all round ability of Messi.

    Also interestingly, Ronaldo and Messi aren’t really better freekick takers than their peers. Which makes me think Juninho was the only true freekick expert we’ve seen.

  2. Josip Skoblar

    You’re right. I didn’t know her. What a nasty piece of woman. She argues that soccer is for “sissies” and only “immigrants” (non WASPs) can like such a “boring” game. Waoh! Incredible nonsense. Soccer is fast becoming a popular game in the US.

  3. salparadisenyc

    If Madrid do in fact sign Falcao, Benzema is surely being pushed into the market. Sell Giroud to Monaco.. perfect destination for L’Oreal.


  4. Josip Skoblar

    Keep Klinsmann as manager and the US team will go far! Superb effort yesterday.

  5. California Poogs

    All of your dream teams are missing Giroud….something realistic would be…
    Jenkinson Mertesacker Koscielny Gibbs
    Wilshere Ramsey
    Walcott. Ozil Sanchez

  6. Bamford13


    Yes Benzema misses chances — he’s a bit careless, actually — but he’s also pure f***ing class. Every touch of his dazzles, seriously. And even if he misses a bunch, he also finishes a bunch.

    He would improve us immeasurably.

    Were we to add, say, Benzema, Debuchy and Bender, the side below could compete for the title:


    Or, I have an even better idea. Please listen. This is a good idea.

    Let’s replace Ozil at CAM with Ramsey and push Ozil wide left, where he’s looked good for Germany. I think Ramsey’s a better CAM than Ozil anyway, on account of the fact that he can shoot and looks for 20-30 yard passes as well. Then we make use of Jack as a starting CM, which provided he pulls his head out of his ass, he’s worthy of. Look at the below—


    I think this side could do some things. Can do both fast counter-attacking and slow build and possession. Almost as classy as Arsenal teams of the past, and would only cost us, say, £75m?

    We’d only need to sign useful back-up CM. Other positions would be covered.

  7. Marc


    Ozil’s looked pretty poor for Germany from the left. Ramsey would be marked out of the game if you played him in the hole, his strength is his running and breaking into the box. All you need is a quality player to pick him out – now who can do that for us? Oh yes Ozil.

  8. salparadisenyc


    To that fact 90% of this rumor we read counts as “jack shit” on these fantastic football stories. Other then that, fact is Marca is essentially the mouthpiece to Real Madrid and run what the club want fed out their.

  9. london gunner


    TBH I was joking on the benzema he most obviously worthy of number 1 striker spot at Arsenal and I can’t see their being much better on the market would have him over Ballotellie anyday of the week and twice on sundays

    How ever and don’t take this the wrong way mate the first team sheet is incredibly weak on the wings (everywhere else is good). Podolski in no way shape or form should be first teams especially not over walcott I love the guy but his not good enough his incredibly limited which I find surprising you choose him as his even more limited than shaqiri ever is

    As for Oxlade love the guy but his still raw and has yet to have a serious run of games we don’t know how it will pan out he should be given that run though but only if we have a great winger on the other side who can make up for oxlades lack of output while his still green and adjusting to regular games.

    Basically ox and pods as your first team wide men looks pretty crappy on paper IMO

    As for the second line up Ramsey could play as CAM but then your taking away his box to box game and his late runs that equal goals and his crazy tackling stats I would tend to believe if it aint broke don’t fix it. For me his the penultimate all rounder.

    I would disagree on jack I don’t think he should be given first team football he hasn’t earnt he does not deserve it and I think his a huge glaring weakness whenever we play for him as both mentally and physically his a victim that other teams target.

    I would not be happy with Jack that deep with Bender because I don’t think he would be offering much unless he works on deep playmaking abilities


  10. Marc

    Where does everyone see the Ox fitting into the team next season? I’m hoping he’ll have the season we were expecting last year from him but I can’t decide where he’ll play.

  11. london gunner


    I always hear that Marca are the mouthpiece of Madrid yet it works against their credibility not for as they often get their news wrong for this precise reason.

    Marca are literally just as bad as all the tabloid newspapers they don’t have a higher success rate just equal

  12. Bamford13


    That’s why I corrected myself to say ‘wide right,’ where he played against Portugal and was complete and utter class. I like Ozil, but he’s not actually a natural #10. He likes to drift wide. He doesn’t like coming back to midfield to pick balls up and build from there. He doesn’t look for 20-30 yard passes a la Pirlo or Sneijder.

    I really think he’d be better out wide, now, and I also think Ramsey is over-rated as a B2B. I know people cite his tackle stats, but he’s best in the attacking third, not the middle third. Jack and Bender will find Ramsey, in my system, Ramsey will find everyone else.

    The problem with any solution that leaves Ozil as CAM is odds that (i) Ozil will be just as effective as he was last year — not effective enough — and (ii) you will need to sign a class wide attacking player. That means you need to sign FOUR class players, where my solution only requires three.

    Jack, when he is correct, should be a starting CM. If he has an athletic holding mid next to him, he’ll be fine. It is a waste to keep Jack on the bench and then hope Wenger goes out and signs FOUR class players. We’ll be lucky if he signs one.

    That’s my view.

  13. london gunner


    I think Ox should be first choice for the wing for a fair run of games but that means we need much better on the left than santi or podolski to make up for any potential short fall while ox is adjusting.

    I think OX for the little we saw of him last season and during WC qualifers has earnt his football.

    I think he should be on the right and Walcott not to be rushed back. Ox should seize the opportunity presented

  14. salparadisenyc


    I’m not pushing Marca’s reliability, I simply said this was their current take.
    Di Maria’s potential move is everywhere.. smoke.

  15. london gunner


    Ramsey overrated as box to box?

    He had better stats than Vidal last season… and Vidal has a very good season.

    Last season Ramsey’s glorious performances all came from the box to box role so its hard to see how his overrated.

    Most of his game was driving runs from deep and late arrivals to the box for goal scoring shots

  16. Bamford13


    Ox needs to become a reliable and dynamic wide player. I really don’t see him at this point becoming WC centrally, though he is skillful enough to play in there at times.

    There’s a part of me that thinks he’d actually be good as a second forward, playing off of a target, but that would require an imaginative manager, which we don’t have.

  17. Marc


    Ozil had a decent season when you bare in mind 1) it was his first season and he was adjusting. 2) He thrives on picking out peoples runs, his form dropped when the 2 main players we have who do this (Ramsey & Walcott) were out. Give him a pacey striker with pace from the wings and Ramsey making runs from deep and he will create chances, lots of them. The opposition on the other hand won’t know who to mark or where the next run is coming from.

  18. london gunner


    “The problem with any solution that leaves Ozil as CAM is odds that (i) Ozil will be just as effective as he was last year — not effective enough — and (ii) you will need to sign a class wide attacking player. That means you need to sign FOUR class players, where my solution only requires three.”

    I think Ozil would be amazing as a CAM as long as he has proper back up aka a powerful athletic defensive force behind aka some steel in the team

    I am not disagreeing with you on everything as I think your right ozil can play on the wing though I think he would even more need to add goals to his game even more so than him as a CAM

    But I think if Ramsey was pushed to CAM… we would then need to sign a quality box to box to Jack is the opposite of that as his to great at losing possession

    So its either Ozil on the wing and we purchase a box to box

    or ozil as Cam and we purchase a quality winger

    its allot of money either way.

    And its a gamble as we may end up shunting and disturbing Ramsey’s performance/progress

    its important to note part of the reason ramsey could do so much and have such an impact is because he wasn’t playing in CAM a role that can be marked out of the game and neutralised I think shifting him centre and up wll neuter some aspects of his game

  19. Bamford13


    It’s because people are misreading those stats, and again this goes back to the limitations of stats. They are useful, but they must always be put into context.

    My claim is that Ramsey’s best play last year was in the attacking third, not in the middle third. He shines not in the middle of the field, like a Gundogan, but in the attacking third. I’m not saying he isn’t helpful in the middle of the park, he is, but he can still help out there as a CAM.

    My point is that he’s even better when he picks balls up forty yards from goal and begins looking to create things. He’s fundamentally a creative player. He likes to try things, create things. Yes, he’s a worker as well, which is great, but for me it’s a waste to play him as a worker-bee. His energy would be better spent creating. And unlike Ozil, he likes creating from the center of the park.

    Watch his highlights or his best playing series again. Where do they take place? Again, not in the middle third a la Gundogan but within forty yards of goal.

    And his famous charging runs begin forty yards out, not at the center of midfield or in our half.

    Again, just my view. But my solution allows us to utilize Jack and only requires THREE class signings. Other solutions require FOUR class signings.

    Just my view. 😉

  20. Nasri's Mouth

    Ramsey’s biggest strength is his all round game. His energy, his tackling, his passing and his runs into the box, he IS a box to box player.

    Sticking him in Ozil’s position would be a waste.

    Play players in their best positions

  21. Marc


    You’re right about where Ramsey was most effective but you don’t seem to understand why. Why was Lampard never played in that position? Because it would disrupt his ability to “arrive” in the box.

  22. nigel tufnel

    My opinion is that sanchez is worth more than 25 mil to us. Thats around what barca paid I think?
    He just had his best season, and now lots of big game experience. Highest level. And our squad is crying out for speed and athleticism more than any other top team.
    PLUS, it will shut up the people saying ozil was a panic buy, and show all top stars everywhere that we’re serious players in the market again,,, not a one time thing.

  23. london gunner


    I am not miss using those stats I have analysed every minute of Ramsey’s game I have re watched individual games of his up to three times.

    I would whole heartedly disagree with you about his effectiveness in the middle third in fact I find amazing you can’t realise this its as if you don’t even watch the games but just watch the highlights of the goal.s

    Most of Ramsey’s goals and in fact the goals he created came from him being so effective in the middle third and his insane stamina levels and ability to get about the pitch

    This is a typical ramsey movement

    1 opponent team attack Ramsey tackles one of their players in the middle leaving them vulnerable on the counter

    2 Ramsey now has possesion of the ball he either drives up the middle or passes up field

    3 If he passes up field he then runs into the box as a late arrival to finish of the opportunity/ if has ran up the field with the ball at his feet his lays it of for a one two before driving into the box and reviving a through ball and scoring

    THE IMPORTANT POINT TO NOTE is that these opportunities all start with Ramsey breaking up and disrupting play in the middle. It means that he starts the attack because of his defensive output and his ability to quickly turn that into attacking play aka his great on the transition aka his great as a box to box

    To deny this is like admitting you didn’t watch all him season

  24. Nasri's Mouth

    @Jim Lahey

    Dunno, but some people are, as of this afternoon, we’re 5/6 favourites to sign him, ahead of Liverpool, so people have been opening their wallets.

  25. Cesc Appeal


    I just stick to the principle of when I see them with a shirt on Sky Sports or having their medical I think, “he’s ours.” Until that point, I don’t believe a thing.

    Look at today, Pedro says we haven’t submitted a low bid considering Barcelona’s £30 Million valuation, yet you can easily pull up stuff saying we’ve offered well below that.

    I’ve no doubt we are interested in him, and that also Barcelona are very keen to use him as a make weight for Suarez. Until any clear certainties it’s all information and counter information and misdirection.

  26. Nasri's Mouth

    london gunner:THE IMPORTANT POINT TO NOTE is that these opportunities all start with Ramsey breaking up and disrupting play in the middle.

    As well as in our defensive third. He puts in an awful lot of defensive tackles does Ramsey.

  27. london gunner

    Nasri Mouth

    Whole heartedly agree, if it aint broke dont fix it


    Great comment and great comparison

    Also most of his goals and assists actually came from him winning possession in the middle that’s a vital part of his game and actually adds the attacking driving element to our game.

    He also had a crazy dribble success rate last season you don’t want jack in that role who has a very low one. If Ramsey had not been so effective at winning possession and then getting up the field without losing it we would not even of seen/witnessed his effectiveness in the final third so those aspects of his game are what allow him to be a complete player and thus ideal for a box to box

  28. Marc


    I’m not sure that it’s Barca who want to use him as a make weight more likely Liverpool. We’re cash buyer’s and if it’s true he’d prefer London to Liverpool we have a chance.

  29. Cesc Appeal



    But there was some stuff from some journos saying Barcelona would like Sanchez to choose a destination to move to, and they’d like that destination to be Liverpool.

  30. Nasri's Mouth

    Cesc Appeal: and that also Barcelona are very keen to use him as a make weight for Suarez.

    Doubt they’re very keen at all. I doubt they care much as long as someone buys him now they’ve decided they want to sell him

  31. Cesc Appeal



    If they want Suarez and Sanchez is what Liverpool want to really cement the deal, I’d say they’d probably be pretty darn keen for him to choose Liverpool.

  32. Marc


    Exactly and people have to remember this isn’t a normal transfer. Liverpool have been backed into a corner where they have no choice but to sell. Barca are holding all the cards on this and I can’t see how £50 million plus Sanchez or £80 million cash really makes a difference to them.

    In fact if you look at how Barca usually do a deal it’s some cash and then staggered payments. If it’s a player plus cash Liverpool will still won’t some cash up front. If we buy Sanchez Barca get the cash to put into the deal.

  33. Nasri's Mouth

    @cesc appeal

    Nope. it will come down to where the player wants to go. That’s all that matters

  34. Cesc Appeal

    Most clubs do some cash and staggered payments don’t they>

    Arsenal gave Madrid half of Ozil’s fee up front I believe didn’t they? Surfer X’s brilliant dissection of our finances suggested such.

  35. salparadisenyc

    Speaking of staggered payments, rumored that Barca still owe upwards of £10 million for the remainder of Fabregas deal and some afters on Song.

    Arsene has threatened to put them speedos on every day until that balance is paid in full.

  36. Cesc Appeal


    Well that’s a given really isn’t it.

    But that doesn’t mean Barcelona wouldn’t be keen for him to decide that that place is Liverpool, would it?

  37. Nasri's Mouth


    It’ll be interesting to see how ‘hardball’ Liverpool play. Going by John Henrys comments discussing our Suarez bid, they might put up quite a fight to get the money they want.

  38. Marc


    I’ll guarantee you there is now a release fee in the new contract he signed last summer. The hardball will be Barca trying to reduce that and Liverpool facing a possible transfer battle that goes until September that they won’t win.

  39. Cesc Appeal


    Well absolutely, that’d be their problem.

    I can imagine there’s a great deal of gentle persuasion being attempted. But as someone said the other day, high calibre players like him don’t like to be used as part exchange.

    Hard line for Barcelona, if they piss him off, or his heart is set elsewhere kind of ends their hopes of using him.

  40. Nasri's Mouth

    @cesc Appeal

    I expect the conversation would go like this:

    Liverpool “We’ll sell you Suarez for £45m and Sanchez”

    Barca: “ok, we’re fine with that, let’s just make sure Alexis is too”

    Alexis “No, I don’t want to join Liverpool”

    Barca (shrugging) “oh well, kids today, what you gonna do?… ”

    (small pause)

    “So about Suarez then?”

  41. Jim Lahey

    Would love to see us land Sanchez, then for that 30m mil we give Barca to be used to pull Suarez away from Liverpool..

    Anyone else think all those freshly bought Suarez 7 shirts (freshly bought as the previous batch went up in smoke last season) will be burned up again this summer?!

  42. Cesc Appeal


    I imagine Barcelona tried a lot more tactile persuasion than that, but as I posted to Marc, if Sanchez doesn’t like the idea of being a make weight/doesn’t want to go to Liverpool/wants to go elsewhere then that sort of ends that hope, and Barcelona will have to stump up £80 Million.

  43. Nasri's Mouth


    I’ll guarantee there’s more than one clause.

    If Liverpool finished in 5th or lower, he could go cheaper

    If he goes abroad, it’ll be one price, if he stays in England it’ll be another

  44. Nasri's Mouth

    @Cesc Appeal

    Other than giving him money, (which they’re not going to do) how would they even start to persuade him ?

    Once he knows he’s surplus to requirements at Barca, what is there they can say to him that he’ll care about? He’s effectively not their player anymore.

  45. Cesc Appeal


    Agreed on SurferX, enjoyed his guest post as well.

    Yeah would be nice, could well be that Barcelona want £30 Million off of us to then put it toward Suarez. Difficult for them they want/need the money, but selling Sanchez to us who A) Liverpool want and B) Is directly strengthening a rival might make them even more difficult in their negotiations.

  46. Nasri's Mouth

    @Cesc Appeal

    Once he knows Suarez is coming in, and he’s surplus to requirements, Sanchez will definitely want to leave. Even if he doesn’t want to join Liverpool or us, he’ll be telling his agent to find him a club

  47. Jim Lahey

    @CA _ Agreed, if we do manage to pull it off it will be a major deal.

    I hope it comes down to what Sanchez himself wants to do, Liverpool are in a strong position, but done of that will count if he doesn’t want to join them.

    Is there any chance that Liverpool could demand that he isn’t sold to an English team as part of a deal to sell them Suarez? I wonder is that even legal!

  48. southernpeople

    £30m for Sanchez is not expensive at all. Lallana cost £25m so up to 35m wouldn’t be that bad for Sanchez.

  49. Cesc Appeal


    I have not the foggiest, never worked in a football club. But I’d imagine they’ve tried, a lot, still probably are.

    Any sort of “bribery” of any kind, if it occurred at all would probably be an utter last resort…I don’t hold Barcelona in the highest esteem so I could see it frankly.

    Other than that just your everyday persuasion I’d guess, they’ve worked with the man for a while, imagine calls from the clubs hierarchy or meetings with high ranking Barca officials with Alexis or his agent/representation would have occurred.

    Not saying it’s happening, just saying I think it’s pretty clear Barcelona would love Sanchez to decide Liverpool are the club for him!

  50. Marc

    Barca hold every other club in contempt and look down on them, they don’t give a shit what Liverpool think or want. Saurez is gone and Liverpool have got no choice but to make the best deal out of it to save face. The only worry is if Roger’s manages to sell his vision to Sanchez.

  51. Nasri's Mouth

    @Cesc Appeal

    Just imagine it.

    Barca “Liverpool is a fine city”

    Sanchez “is it?”

    Barca “oh yes, wonderful, and that Bernard… err.. Brendan Rodgers is a wonderful manager”

    Sanchez “hmmm,…. is he?”

    Barca “Oh yes, wouldn’t you like to go there?”

    Sanchez “HEY hang on, you’re just trying to persuade me to go there so they’ll sell you Suarez, fuck you!!”

  52. follow the money

    I admire your optimism Pedro. I do think Wenger will try to get Sanchez, but I also think he will go into next season banking on Giroud coming good and with Diaby. Who are worthless and almost worthless. Just wait, soon we’ll get a “Diaby has had the whole summer to rest, he will be fresh and LANS.” We need Sanchez AND a top DM (Bender) and a top striker (Benzema)

  53. Cesc Appeal


    Wenger needs to get this one done, would be a great singing for us and it SEEMS like it could actually come off. £30 Million as well, not bad at all.

    Losing him would be a major blow at this stage. There’s enough material out there I think that we can agree we’re interested, Wenger has to get this done.

    Let Sanchez know he’s wanted, as he allegedly wants to move, put a nice contract together for him, and submit a tasty offer. Let Sanchez then start kicking from the inside to be set free as Barcelona continue to negotiate. That £30 Million will look very appetising to them as well. Especially if we plan on giving it to them in one lump. As I say SurferX suggested we gave Madrid £21 Million for Ozil upfront, so not beyond belief we may just pay the whole fee up front.

  54. follow the money

    and regarding Ann Coulter please just ignore her people. Her schtick is to say crazy stuff like that simply to piss people off. Don’t take the bait. Just ignore her and hopefully she will go back into her rat hole

  55. SpanishDave

    We have the money, so just do it so we can concentrate on other players we need. Wenger is still infatuated with Giroud.
    With out a Henry level player up front we will never win the league.

  56. Cesc Appeal


    Ha, yeah I suppose they’d have to be a bit more tactile than that. No doubt they’ve tried.

    But if we were to not fuck about like we usually do and just offer up the £30 Million they want, I think they’d find it hard to say no leaves them having to find probably around £50 Million and it’d then likely come down to the exact form and timing of payment(s).

  57. southernpeople

    yeah cesc Sanchez is a terrific player and I feel he could even improve at Arsenal with more responsibilities assigned to him. He’s versatility should come into consideration as well.

  58. Cesc Appeal



    We all knew he was rapid and skilful, good finisher and capable of the spectacular. But I think what most impressed me this WC was his stamina, strength, aggression and drive. He rides challenges really well and puts himself about a lot.

  59. salparadisenyc


    Only sense to made from this supposed bid for Sanchez is that its the £22m cash with the remainder being whats rumored to be owed Arsenal from our recent dealings with Barca then written off.. equating to the £32m + valuation.

    We bid for Higuain at just under £30m, Ozil purchased at the £42 and Sanchez value has to be somewhere in the middle.. leaning toward the lower 30s.

    Unless and this is quite possible.. Dick, Ivan and Arsene are the worst summer dealers in the history of high stakes transfers.

  60. Nasri's Mouth

    @Cesc Appeal

    If (and it’s just guesswork) Wenger has got together with Sanchez and he’s persuaded him to join us, then it should all work in our favour. Barca can’t keep him now, they’ve made it clear he’s for sale, and with Suarez coming in, Sanchez doesn’t need to be a genius to know that his time is up, so they’d struggle to keep him.

    Where it might all fall down is that Sanchez doesn’t want to join Liverpool, BUT he’s not that bothered with us either, and he’s currently talking to ManU / ManC etc.etc. and then we’re fucked.

  61. Nasri's Mouth


    Apparently they owe us for the Fabregas – Chelsea move, (amazingly) but it doesn’t work like that.

  62. Arsene nose best

    Still no signings, Wenger still shagging lady boys in brazil, mugging everyone off again.

  63. Marc


    I agree but ManU don’t offer CL football this season and I thought part of Man City’s FFP fine was a net limit to £49 million spent. We should. We can compete.

    You also have the London aspect – I really think a lot of people under estimate this.

  64. daniel

    @leeds gunner, I rather have Walcott,reus and one of sanchez or dimaria
    As far as am concerened Walcott is far better than sanchez,di Maria is just slightly better.forget the 4 games of the world cup.

  65. Nasri's Mouth


    I think it’s unlikely we’ll be gazumped, but it’s possible.

    Trying not to get too excited 😉

  66. daniel

    Why is no one talking about reus? I pray Sanchez goes to pool and di Maria to Monaco.then we are forced to fork out 40mil for reus.

  67. Cesc Appeal


    I’m not at all sure how it works, but IF that was the case then the £14 Million we made form Fabregas and Vela, £6 Million and £8 Million respectively coupled with the money Barcelona still owe us, I saw someone suggest as much as £10 Million, means Sanchez could cost as little as £6 Million, really.

    But I really don’t know if that’s how it works. Speculation on my end.

  68. Cesc Appeal


    I think Arsenal fans patience is wearing pretty thin. Even in places where you usually get sycophantic love for Wenger like the YouTube comments on Arsenal Fan TV you can see Arsenal fans are demanding signings now.

    Be nice if we can get this wrapped up sharpish.

  69. london gunner

    Cesc Appeal

    I also think people have now taken not of him as a striker/half striker

    rather than just a prolific winger

    His basically proven at the top level he has the ability to play up top and that factors in with the strength and aggresion

  70. salparadisenyc


    I was just strictly speaking in terms of our dealing with Barca and whats rumored to be owed.

    Catalan radio RAC1 reporting Suarez deal very close to sealed, no players being exchanged. Just a hefty sum. Deal “potentially” being funded by sell of Alexis to Arsenal. Mate just text me that whom lives in Barcelona.

    Not sure how much stock to put in that.. but it certainly suits my agenda so Im posting it.

    Fasten your seats children.

  71. london gunner

    “Luiz Gustavo (Brazil) One of the best Seleção players so far, I would love to see him being used for more than containment in the Brazil side. His passing is good and is as important as his ball-stealing proficiency (he has recovered 34 balls so far in the competition, behind only Chile’s Gary Medel). Brazil will certainly miss him against Colombia on Friday”

  72. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah I agree. As I said in an ideal world I’d still want to add more to our forwards than just Sanchez…but this is Arsene Wenger we’re talking about and if it’s just Sanchez, well, that’s better than Sanogo MkII

  73. Cesc Appeal


    Sounds good.

    Also interesting, I can’t remember where I read it this morning or what betting agency they were talking about but the odds on Reus moving to Arsenal suddenly picked up a lot of heat, and we were far and away favourites ahead of United this morning. As I say, can’t remember where I saw it, have to have a look.

  74. Cesc Appeal


    I’m going to break that glass of yours, for your own good. Drink out of a tap like the rest of us 😉

  75. london gunner

    Off topic i think Brazil will beat Columbia

    I would of predicted a columbia win if they had falcao though him and james would have been a match made in heaven

  76. Cesc Appeal


    Just imagine Reus and Sanchez in our forward line, the pace, the power, the directness, the goals.

    Then wake up and watch as Sanchez morphs into Sanogo doing his bambi on ice routine and Reus into Giroud who’s being out run by a disabled bloke in the front row off to the bogs.

    Glass everywhere!!! Mwahahahahaha 🙂

  77. salparadisenyc


    All time number one target for me.
    Marco Reus… ideal.


    Its not good for any of us.. as I said it all could be s m o k e.
    Catalan DJ on a massive spliffer extolling his transfer views.
    Putting the puzzle together slowly.

    One things for certain.. it seems Luis Suarez is going to yet have his say on yet another Arsenal summer spend. And we may fund a portion of it!
    Epic if true.

  78. salparadisenyc

    That is we may fund a portion of his move from Liverpool, echoes Bale.
    Genius if that came off.

  79. Cesc Appeal


    Same, I love Reus, literally has everything, pace, skill, strength, vision, set piece taker, good finisher, distance shooting, good stamina. I think he’d do brilliantly in the Premiership as well.

  80. Rockypires

    Will we need a new formation with Sanchez in the squad ??

    What about

    ————–Ramsey —-ox
    ————-Sanchez —- giroud

  81. Cesc Appeal


    Had this conversation with Pedro, he seems to be suggesting that Sanchez will be played a striker.

    So it’d be:

    Ramsey – New CDM (hopefully)
    Walcott/Oxlade, Ozil, Cazorla/Oxlade

  82. daniel

    U seriously think benzema can give us 40goals a season.if yes probably ure on coke.messi and Ronaldo are currently the only players that can score above 40goals a season.if you have ozil on the right with max 12goals ,podolski or even Sanchez with max 20.and benzema realistically 25 which is close to what giroud gave last season.total of 57goals that’s paltry.
    Get Walcott fit and you got @least 20,giroud,25 and deus 30.thats 75.gwt Remy solid back up for giroud.
    Also benzema played with bale,dimaria and Ronaldo he got 24goals.you think it will improve wen he plays with Ramsey et al

  83. Rockypires

    Very good cesc but I do think Sanchez will work better with giroud

    Giroud was our get out of jail card with long balls. He does get a lot of stick but was very good for most of season.

    Give him someone to work with and watch him flourish.

  84. Cesc Appeal


    R.e Reus

    There was some stuff from Gotze who said he’d love to move to United.

    His idol? Tomas Rosicky.

    I think it’s doable, hypothetically speaking, he has a clause that kicks in next year I believe at £32 Million, so say Arsenal offer £35 Million and Podolski or £40 Million…would be interesting. BvB have just lost Lewandowski though and seemed not to care for casing in as we frequently do.

  85. Rockypires

    If we have dubuchy and Gibbs with midfield if Ramsey and ox/ santi do we really need wingers. Allow Ozil free role and giroud and Sanchez up top

  86. Cesc Appeal


    Giroud is certainly better with a a more agile, speedster partner…would be nice to be able to chop and change our strategy a bit which was utterly one dimensional last year.

    But Giroud is still very limited, having 4-1-3-2 might mean taking away a bit of defensive shielding.

    Who really knows Wenger’s thought processes, they don’t seem to follow logical patterns a lot of the time.

  87. Nasri's Mouth


    The advantage of Sanchez is that he gives us choices. We can play him up front on his own, or with Giroud.

    But I’m not sure about Khedira though, not really a DM

  88. Rockypires

    Ya next year will be rues year I think.
    Let him get over his injury as you say bvb are building new team and looks good too so they won’t want to sell key man after lewa going to bayern

  89. Rockypires

    I know nasri hard to find a outright cdm.
    Witsel would be my shout he compensate for lack of defensive with pace power and energy.
    Kederia is moreso mind the house guy and slot in as another cb when debauchee and Gibbs upfield.
    He very strong and rangey somewhat limited footballer but doesn’t need to be a Zidane in this team just solid at back.

    Morgan I worry about step up and Southampton actually not wanting to sell

    Gustavo won’t change clubs again so soon I think.

    Lars bender is more box to box I think

    Sven would be good but no real mention of him

    Gonlonzo of Lyon is a defined cdm and maybe the man to get

    Inler is still solid

  90. MidwestGun

    The advantage of Sanchez is that he gives us choices. We can play him up front on his own, or with Giroud.
    Not really a choice as either way Sanchez is on his own. 😛

  91. MidwestGun

    Apparently, Tim Howard can’t save everything as he couldn’t save me from a hangover. 🙁

    Sal, Class PBR pictures! 2 fine looking gents. Lol.

  92. southernpeople

    if we get Sanchez at around 30m pounds and debuchy at 12m how much money would be available for purchasing for other critical positions such as DM, a very good striker at around 30m, a goalkeeper and another good defender. A very good DM would cost around 25m and another 15m for the others.

    I don’t think Arsenal can spend all that money for players with all the big wages that high profile DM, striker and Sanchez would demand.

    I think we could see something quite similar to last seasons; a lot of negotiations with great players but only 3 signings: 1 high profile player like Sanchez or Martinez, Debuchy and a good goalkeeper.

    In my opinion that would be mad.

  93. Bamford13

    Well, we’ll have to agree to disagree on Ramsey. I’ll leave it there. He’s an adequate CM, so I have no real issues with leaving him where he is. However, as I pointed out, that means to compete for a title, we need to sign FOUR class players (RB, DM, DF, Wide), whereas in my proposed set-up we’d only need THREE.

    Regardless, if Falcao were to go to Madrid and make Benzema available, I would welcome Benzema with open arms. I’ve already explained why, but to the guy who yammered on about him needing to produce 40 goals for us, I’m not sure what you’re talking about. Benzema is twice the striker Giroud is, in every way, and would have little trouble scoring, say, ten more goals than Giroud did.

    On top of this, Benzema can actually play the game — can dribble, can go at defenders, can set up other players up, can create, can cross, can play wide — so he brings a lot more than just goals. He would help CREATE as many goals as he would finish.

    I’m not saying he is the only CF who could improve us, but he would improve us immeasurably.

    The side below could make a decent go at the title, though in truth we still need a better wide player than either Pod or Caz.


    * Could be Gustavo also.

  94. Nasri's Mouth


    30m for Sanchez

    12m for Debuchy

    20-25m for a DM

    10m for a CB,

    5m for a reserve keeper

  95. N'Gambo

    I wonder if FIFA has considered this …

    If the US player’s last minute shot had gone IN, and linesman had ruled it OFFSIDE, when it wasn’t,

    And that the mistake was obviously IMMEDIATELY, but neither officials not technology would override a blatant mistake,

    And that the US went OUT when should have ADVANCED,

    That the outrage would have destroyed football as a sport in the US for at least two generations or more …

    FIFA was damned lucky that guy missed.

  96. Bamford13


    Ten Good Movies (Off the Top of My Head)

    1. The Trip
    2. The Town
    3. The Damned United
    4. Philomena
    5. Four Lions
    6. The Hunter
    7. Monsieur Lazhar
    8. The Class
    9. Looking for Eric
    10. Happy Go, Lucky

  97. WengerEagle

    Ozil has been below par this World Cup and has still created more chances (12) than every other player barring Messi (18), Shaqiri (17), De Bruyne (15) and Karim Benzema (13).

    Nice little stat there.

  98. Nasri's Mouth


    Yeah, I was thinking something similar. It was very refreshing to see the lack of ‘flopping’ or other types of cheating.

  99. Bamford13


    We have no idea what kind of form Walcott will have upon return. Given that 95% of his game is his pace, one should be cautious about one’s hopes in him.

    On top of this, I’m not really a Walcott fan. I recognize his strengths, and I think he made great strides last year, but he’ll always be a limited player to me.

    To each his own.

  100. Nasri's Mouth


    95%? I wont ask you to quantify that

    And you don’t have Cazorla either, who is very likely to start ahead of Podolski

  101. Bamford13

    However, if it makes you feel better, Mouth, here’s what we might look like with an in-form Walcott:


    Not a bad side, though as I say, I like skillful players, so I’d prefer someone other than Walcott.

  102. WengerEagle


    American History X
    American Psycho
    Fight Club
    The Departed
    One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
    Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrells
    Pulp Fiction
    Inglourious Bastards
    Reservoir Dogs
    Jackie Brown
    12 Monkeys
    Silence of the Lambs
    The Usual Suspects
    American Gangster
    Training Day

    That’s just off the top of my head.

  103. Marko

    Also big shout out to highly rated youngster Ryan Gauld who joined Sporting Lisbon from Dundee United. Absolutely a smart move on his part. His career will better for it

  104. MidwestGun

    Ya I guess, Sagna really really wanted a change. I’m just gonna be bummed with Debuchy. Guess that’s my personal issue I have to work out. Lol.
    But I haven’t seen much to make me say Wow. Aurier, for me, was it.

  105. Bamford13


    You and Wenger might start Cazorla over Podolski wide left, but I wouldn’t. I want my side to be capable of both (i) pacy, athletic counter-attacking AND (ii) slower possession play.

    Cazorla, with his limitations, only gives you the latter.

    Plus he clogs up the center in ways that I think are counter-productive.

    Again, just my preferences.

  106. southernpeople

    that amounts roughly to £80m and that’s without signing a marquee striker. I think striker is a must although I would be satisfied with Remy if we signed Sanchez , a great DM. Reinforcing some positions would compensate for weaknesses in others.


    I think we need more than 4 classy player, we need 5 at least