Low bid rumours untrue

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How’s it going people?


All this extra time wearing you out?

Me too…

I’m getting slightly bored of amazing 0-0 games. Let’s move it up a gear for the quarters, yeah?

So it’s done. Bye, bye USA. They took a battering last night despite managing to push the game to extra time. They floundered in the end. Tim Howard was a total hero the whole way through. What a performance. He really was excellent.

The Switzerland game also went to Extra time. Di Maria to the rescue.

So, that’s it, it’s buinsess time. All the best teams are through, hopefully we see a few more goals in this round.

The main attraction is Colombia vs Brazil. An incredibly tantalising prospect. Two of the best players in the tournament hacking it out to be the main man.

Rodrigues, a frighteningly talented, extrememly left footed traditional number 10 up against the right footed Neymar who is normally more of a wide player. Having engrossed myself in both players over the last week, it’s quite difficult to compare the two… which is what everyone else is trying to do.

Neymar is outrageously ‘football’. He’s your McDonald’s advert when you were a kid. He has the tricks, he has the outrageous turn of pace, but he has the key Brazilian asset all the greats have… Magic. He doesn’t play by the rules when he’s on fire, he makes them up. A lesser version of Ronaldinho.

Rodrigues is outrageously left footed which makes you wonder what would happen if someone forced him more down his right. It doesn’t matter though, he can do absolutely anything with that left foot, which makes him even more spectacular. He picks the ball up deep, sprays visionary passes, but he’s most devastating in and around the box. He has that Cesc like sense when making perfectly times runs and his ability to sniff out space and devastate is quite amazing. Well, at least in this World Cup, I think what’s crazy about both players is they have a fairly uninteresting first season at their new clubs.

Neymar melted into the background with 9 or so goals, Rodrigues managed about 12 and the same amount of assists.

… and this is it. Rodrigues looks like a £100m player right now. He has it all. A club like Madrid is either going to make him a great signing in him, or they’re going to be disappointed. Well, disappointed he can’t be Messi every week. Neymar, again, has already gone for the big bucks, but can he translate his international form, which is crazy good, into domestic form?

Who knows, for I don’t care, they’re both dragging their coutnries through at the moment and this Friday’s game is going to be exceptional. A quite dogged Brazil team that doesn’t match up to the great teams of the past versus a quite spectacular Colomobia side that is blowing all away in front of it!


There are stories that Arsenal have bid £19m for Sanchez this morning and Barca want £24m. As far as I’m aware, that’s wrong on both counts. They want £30m and that’s what we’re going to pay. I really wouldn’t worry about us screwing this one. New Arsenal spunked out £43m on Ozil at the last minute. Wenger really wants Sanchez, the player is a superstar, I highly doubt we’re going to risk a gazumping like we did last year with Higuain.

Fear not, it’s just paper nonsense.

I also forgot to put the press release for the new kit on here yesterday.

We’re with Puma.


Some angst amongst the fan base because the badge is an iron on style one over the traditional embroidered Nike offering. I must admit, the only concern I have about the shirt is that it doesn’t have a premium feel about it. I haven’t seen it up close, so can’t really judge. However, I like the bright red, I like that it’s skin right and I like the fact it’s a change. Puma can’t afford to not make this work. Hopefully they’ll utilise our sponsorship better than Nike did.

… but once again, if you’re an adult and you’re bitching about the badge or the tightness of the shirt… have a word with yourself. You’re an adult. Football shirts are for kids. You shouldn’t be wearing it. If it’s skin tight, that’s because it’s for athletes. Not people who consider a walked 5k fun run a serious cardio workout.

In other news, I’m doing something for Bloomberg later, they have Sol Campbell in on Friday, if you have any sensible questions for one of the best centre backs we’ve had, ask them on Twitter against the #AskSolCampbell.

Have an excellent Wednesday!

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  1. Nasri's Mouth


    The Daily Star said it, the rest are just copy/pasting that report I think.

    And this idea that it’s completed but we wont announce it till after the WC ? Smacks of BS

  2. Waylander

    So If Liverpool want Sanchez as part of any deal and they insist and offer him a massive wage and signing on fee do you still think he will choose us?

  3. MadeToLoveMagic

    Hahah grumpy old 30 year old pedro ” football kits are for kids”

    While id agree to a degree,, come on man!! If you saw a world cup or premier league crowd and only the kids were wearing the kits that would be weird right?

  4. Nasri's Mouth


    We may well sign Debuchy, but I doubt we’re ‘waiting’ to announce him.

    And if we’re spending £12m on him, then it suggests that Wenger either prefers him over Aurier, or that he rates Jenkinson/Bellerin

    As for Sanchez, Liverpool can insist all they like, no-one can force Sanchez to sign a contract.
    Yes, they could throw an awful lot of money at him and try to convince him, but they’re not in the same money league as ManC/Utd or CFC. Pedro seems remarkably confident about it anyway 🙂

  5. Dark Hei

    If we have enough $$ to pay Ozil, we sure have enough for Sanchez pay roll.

    The post WC divining makes sense. Give it a week after the nation’s exit and you have your Costa, Lallana or reeled in.

  6. qna

    So whats the news on a striker signing. Surely Sanchez is a wide left/right forward. But we need a number one striker.

    If Giroud is our number one man, then why waste our money on anyone else, we are already in good shape for 4th place.

  7. Sveg

    I´m not sure that this has come out here before but if so then sorry in forhand.

    It was pointed out to me that Arsenal will not make any annoucements on new players until the launching of the new Puma shirt on the 10th next.

    They have signed players but are waiting untill the 10th to introduce them in the new Puma shirt.

    Any comments on this?

  8. El Patron

    Lol I never could understand Pedro’s stance regarding kits ate for kids… wonder where that comes from? am sure every football ground you watch on TV it’s the adults wearing the jerseys

  9. Wallace

    “As far as I’m aware, that’s wrong on both counts. They want £30m and that’s what we’re going to pay. I really wouldn’t worry about us screwing this one. New Arsenal spunked out £43m on Ozil at the last minute. Wenger really wants Sanchez, the player is a superstar, I highly doubt we’re going to risk a gazumping like we did last year with Higuain.”

    let this be the truest thing you’ve ever written…

  10. MadeToLoveMagic

    im happy with debuchy, he is starting to be preferred to sagna for les blues any way………..

    Most importantly we need a forward, im worried sanchez hasnt got enough goals in him to be our main guy, and he is more of a wideman

    my ideal summer, (within reality)





  11. Leedsgunner

    So I see even Newcastle has fired out of the starting blocks… come on Arsenal get your act together. Chelsea has strengthened with Fabregas and Costa, Man United with Herrera, and Luke Shaw among others, Liverpool with Lallana, Lambert and Can, Man City with Sagna (boo!) and Fernando. What are waiting for?

    We all know who we want. They all know who we want. Let’s stop dithering for once and get it done!

  12. Romford Pele

    Qna,I think Sanchez is the new striker mate.

    Just hope we pay the money and don’t mess around. Sounds like he has prioritised Arsenal which is good. Ozil bargaining chip

  13. MadeToLoveMagic

    basically i reckon pedro has got a huge third nipple, he got teased so bad as a kid, now he can never wear a football kit again without fear of the same treatment….

    The “Kids” he refers to are the kids that beat on him when he was young,, classic case of transference

  14. jules

    Agree and said it last week. Nothing will announced until the new kit is released. Hang on Leeds and hope for he best!

  15. gambon

    Of course we wont be gazumped, as if that would happen.

    Incidentally how are Higuain, Mata, Hazard, Alvarez, DiMaria & C Ronaldo doing right now?

  16. Leedsgunner

    If it is true that Aurier is off to PSG — I’m seriously disappointed. I think Jenkinson’s development was prioritised over what’s best for the team. Wenger is such a double speaking hypocrite.

    He SAYS he is not afraid to spend.
    He SAYS he will only sign quality.

    However, when quality comes knocking on the door, practically begging to come to Arsenal… he decides to be “smart” and play hardball.

    For what? To save £1m or £2m? Goodness me, we’ve wasted that awaiting our young prospects to come good (some who never do).

  17. Nasri's Mouth


    If we sign Debuchy at £12m rather than Aurier, then it wont be about saving a £1m or 2.

  18. Romford Pele

    25m euros before World Cup NM is cheap. I think you’re looking at at least £25m which is about 30m euros. Still, it’s a bargain. Bite their hands off

  19. Nasri's Mouth


    For a wide man who isn’t quite ‘working’ and needs to be moved on it doesn’t sound too far off.

    For a striker who has 2 or 3 clubs after him it sounds very cheap

  20. Scott

    Im past caring in truth and Arsenal arent buying anyone of note. Wenger could no longer cope with big personalities in his dressing room after 9 years of choirboys all dutifully singing from his hymnsheet anyway.

  21. Emiratesstroller


    At least if Aurier is going to PSG he will not be playing in EPL, but it just shows that Arsenal as a club ‘bottle’ it when it comes to competing with the major financial power houses.

    We land up always as second best not because we lack the finances, but because the club’s major share holder and management team will not engage in
    bidding wars.

    They are happy to buy ‘second best’. Its Arsenal’s lack of ruthlessness which is
    now a matter of serious concern.

  22. nuudles

    Jackson said he has always been an Arsenal fan and wouldnt say no to joining us. The only problem is he is unproven at the highest level so paying asking price (release clause) is a bit of a stretch.

    I hope he bangs in a couple agains Brazil (to knock them out, hate that they act so entitled, normally I like their flair but if Neymar doesnt perform then they are rank average, and such a team does not deserve to win WC). Porto are very unlikely to sell him, so unless we meet his buy out it aint happening.

    Colombia v France and Costa Rica v Belgium in the semis if I could choose.

    Nothing against ze Germans, but I think with France’s midfield power and pace up top they might just edge it against Germany’s slow defence. That and only Muller is really performing (maybe Lahm too).

  23. Gilo

    I’m I the only person who couldn’t give a flying fuck what the kit looks like?

    I mean you can have the most beautifully tailored stylish kit but if you’re filling it with mediocre players then its utterly pointless. I’d rather have a team of world class players playing in my old pe kit from the 80s.

    its like sending a shit band into a great recording studio – they’re still a shit band, and The Beatles recorded underwater on a mobile phone is going to be infinitely preferable

  24. Scott

    Do you not feel like a total mug when you read articles about Sanchez, Vidal etc? As if Wenger and his cronies will spend money like that on top level players, they think we are all stupid. This is a blatant smoke screen before they trot out all the same old lame excuses around why they have only signed two third rate players from the French wilderness. Too painful to carry in typing.

  25. nuudles

    As much as Aurier is an exciting prospect, his positional awareness on defence is worrying. For parts of the game Drogba was playing RB while Aurier went bombing forward.

    He looks very good going forward, but in my book a RB should be super solid defensively first and be good in attack secondly.

    Dont get me wrong, would be happy if we got him, but getting Debuchy/Lichsteiner/similar will not be a trainsmash.

  26. Ashwin Gunner


    Yea.. I was talking about Jackson Martinez earlier.. Papers are reporting that Wenger is going to go for him. It might just be a cheap journalism.. but if it true. then Wenger has lost his mind..

    Same with Aurier. Why are we going hard for him. when he is a better cheaper option than Debuchy

    Either Wenger has lost his mind or he is just playing poker..

  27. Nasri's Mouth

    Scott at 08.47.25

    I’m past caring in truth

    Scott at 08.52.13

    Too painful to carry in typing.

  28. Scott

    The Club wont be challenging for the top pots under Wenger and this Board. They dont want to challenge. The pressure would see them off and the people Wenger needs in his dressing room wouldnt idly swallow all that Wenger preaches, like good choir boys. Thats why there are no such players in there,its not due totally to cash constraints. The whole Club is a cozy holiday camp for the 2nd rated, top to bottom.

  29. Nasri's Mouth

    @Ashwin Gunner

    Martinez has said he’d like a move to Arsenal because in between the quotes you see, the journo has said something like

    ‘You’ve been linked with Arsenal in the past, would you be interested in moving there?’

    Doesn’t mean we have the slightest interest in signing him though.

    I think with Aurier we have to see if he leaves and where he goes. If he ends up at PSG for a slightly larger amount than Debuchy, it’s not about penny pinching.

  30. Moray

    Marv: “Can’t wait to see my girlfriend in a new skin tight Arsenal top… Gunner be amazin!”

    Me too, mate. Stick some photos up and we’ll tell you what we think!

  31. Scott

    I very much doubt that there is a real possiblity of Sanchez joining Arsenal. A bit more smoke and mirrors by Wenger and the Club for the remaining believers to swallow i suspect.

  32. Nasri's Mouth

    By the way, if someone had told me 6 months ago that I’d be glued to the TV watching USA vs Belgium I’d have laughed.

  33. Moray

    Debuchy would be a bit of a “meh” signing, for me. There is something exciting and dynamic about Aurier that Debuchy doesn’t have. Though at least he’s played in the Prem. and no ANC every couple of years.

    Not really sure about Jackson Martinez, tbh. Haven’t seen to much of the guy, but it’s another one that wouldn’t really excite me for some reason.

    Sanchez, Vidal, Cavani, ,…these are the calibre of player I think we should be aiming at. I just worry the manager doesn’t feel the same way.

    What is clear though is that getting the right DM and ST in this year is critical if we’re not going to just play like c#nts again next year.

  34. bnsb

    While everyone is going gaga over Tim Howard, I saw Djorou play well. Solid defending. Do we have a buyback clause on him too?

  35. Carts

    Morning lads,

    Didn’t catch the Argentina game. Don’t think I missed much though.

    Belgium x USA though; Belgium need to be more clinical if they’re to progess. I mean, Howard now has a world record, ffs. Most saves made in a match.

    I’m convinced Belgium will beat Argentina – as they, themselves, know that they have the pace and power to get in behind them.

    Re: Sanchez

    Barcelona been real clever here. Mooted his price at a measley £20m, pre-tournament- now his asking price has gone up by 50%. Nice move, bruh. Barcelona were almost convinced that whatever his performance, there’d be scope to increase his asking price. NIce work.

  36. Scott

    Nothing will alter there until Arsene decides his time’s up.Change in the interim will only occur when the match goers say ‘No more’. Their must be some feeling somewhere in the corridors at Board level that Arsene needs to be phased out at least, if not sacked, but the trouble is that theres no one wth the strength there to make it happen. Wenger must smile to himself at times over the weak will of that Board. His book in a few years time will make good reading.

  37. bergkamplegend

    Jules : “Nothing will announced until the new kit is released. ”

    I think that nothing will be announced before the end of august, as usual…
    Wenger don’t understand that the great players have already find a club in july, or before!! lol

  38. Leedsgunner


    From what the papers were reporting… (hence take it with a big truckload of salt) we had personal terms agreed with the lad. His present club wanted £8m and we offered £6.5m. Hence my comment about saving £1m or £2m. Plus in the long run if we bought Aurier he would have had an asset which would have grown in value over the next 10 years at least if not more, plus we wouldn’t need to buy another RB for a long time. We penny pinch here — than we focus on a target who see significant more in cost but less in ability in my point of view in Debuchy… where is the sense in it?

    When a young player like Aurier comes on the scene, who wants to come to the come (and he’s had a storming WC) why not bring him in? We’ve paid through the nose for the Ox (£12m) and Walcott (£12m) so why not Serge? He is much more of a finished product (with international experience) than those two. Didn’t Arsene say he was going to go the WC to seek out prospects like him? If we’re going to let him go, what was the point of him going (from the club’s welfare point of view?)

    I’m not against a man having some RnR but really, could he have waited until our transfer business was finished? Surely the club realises what a mess we’ve made of the transfer window. Why don’t they ever learn?

    It shouldn’t be about saving money when we have as much as we do… it should be about getting the best player that we can.

    He p*sses me right off. While he swans around on the beaches of Brazil soaking up the sun, our rivals are marching on past us…


  39. El Patron


    What shirt will any signing hold up to be placed on Arsenal.com? The old Nike Jersey?

    We all know how Arsenal are when it comes to signing… every paper in the world speculates but Arsenal say nothing until its on the website.

    So to say oh it’s bullocks is ludicrous in itself. The window closes end of August… why would Arsenal need to be in a rush to announce signings if they have indeed already done deals?

  40. nuudles

    A big massive no to bringing Djourou back. He might have had a half decent game last night, but he is the Almunia of CBs, always susceptible to a massive mistake. He quite simply isnt nearly good or consistent enough to even be a backup CB for us. If we cannot find anyone else (doubtful) then I would much rather bring Miquel back from loan than Djourou.

  41. Nasri's Mouth


    As I said, if we’re spending £12m on Debuchy, then it’s not a case of penny-pinching over Aurier. It’s

    1) Wenger wants Debuchy over Aurier (make of that what you will)

    2) Aurier (or Aurier’s agent) has been persuaded by a big pile of money at PSG

    By mentioning Walcott and Chamberlain, you’ve kinda argued against your own point. Wenger is perfectly happy to spend big on young players if he sees the reason for it.

    We might be able to guess a bit more when (and if) we DO sign Debuchy and Aurier moves elsewhere and we know what they both went for

  42. Carts


    1st paparagraph-

    If that is accurate, then I am appalled. £12m on Debauchy who is 28. But we let Sagna go over a disagreement about money…WE HAVE IN ABUNDANCE. Now we’ve passed up Aurier over £1.5m.

    Wenger is something else, I tell ya!

  43. Rhys Jaggar

    The Daily Mail has printed that Sanchez is going to Liverpool as part of the Suarez to Barca deal.

    As with all Daily Mail, the world’s supply of salt is usually pinched.

    But I’m sure Liverpool will be in the market for a world class striker for their Champions League campaign………..

    The only rule about the Daily Mail is that Arsenal’s transfer rumours usually involve French players and kids.

  44. Bade

    The most hilarious bits of Pedro’s posts come with the critique he layers over replica outfits for adults.

    Well, I can’t really accept that for a traditionally Fur/leather wearing grown up…..

  45. Bade

    Messi is the standout player for me thus far.

    He’s been decisive in all 4 Argentina wins.

    I think he’ll grow even more with the next stages. The problem seem to be a lack of powerful box to box midfielder to make the connection between defense & attack.

    Gago hasn’t lived up for it & has been disappointing so far.

    Had they had a Rambo it Yaya of their own, they’d be 2nd king this WC with much ease

  46. Carts

    Just to claify, Zenit bought Garay for £15m…an this was for the entire 100% rights. Mind boggling why Barcelona, Utd or even ARSENAL weren’t interested. Baffling

  47. Maverick

    “So to say oh it’s bullocks is ludicrous in itself. The window closes end of August… why would Arsenal need to be in a rush to announce signings if they have indeed already done deals?”

    Windows closes end of August -> No one is debating that
    Arsenal need to announce deals that have been done so as to keep the supporters happy. It is always a good idea to have lot of goodwill on your side when you are a sports team. Agreed that no one is going to turn their back on Arsenal if they don’t announce signings this week, but the longer this carries on the murmuring will increase and it is not good for any business to be looked at negatively.

    Also, the value of players will go up towards the end of August if we are looking for critical signings. So, it makes a lot of sense to tie up things now. It will also help pre-season and acclimitasing with the team and London.

  48. Dale de Ruig

    I will be very upset and surprised ( not that surprised actually) If Wenger only makes one addition to our frontline. He made mention more than once that we didn’t have the offensive output or potential of our rivals last year. Adding one forward doesn’t get you and extra 40 goals.

  49. Gabriel

    Signing debychy is senseless. It is unwise. The guy from ivory coast is a serious player and even can play other postions when the need arrises. Wenger is only intreasted in useless French players, only to dump him after making them superstars

  50. Leedsgunner


    I think we are saying the same thing but approaching it from different directions. As many have said already this morning, it feels like we’re settling for 2nd best again.

  51. gambon

    “What shirt will any signing hold up to be placed on Arsenal.com? The old Nike Jersey?”

    Lol what pathetic bollocks!

    So you think a signing isnt complete until they hold a fucking shirt up?

    So explain this:

    30th April 2012- Arsenal announce Podolski signing


    4th July 2012 – Podolski paraded at Emirates


    Kind of fucks up your argument doesnt it.

  52. sunny

    I find it funny people just enjoy criticising… is serge better than debuchy? y then the moaning and bitching about us getting him… ? Serge is young and has prospect,yes.. bt Dats dat.. he is so so raw… seen him lotta times… debuchy is a far better player,a key player 4 d toons last season… quit all this bitching please

  53. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    What is wengers problem with signing uk players ?

    Ok wright an Jeffers were poor

    Campbell good
    So why not go for caulker ? Does he not trust them ? Remember Cahill was almost nailed on but never happened ?

    Can’t trust wenger no more
    The man is an habitual liar an cheat .

  54. Emiratesstroller

    Wenger continues to sit on beach in Brazil and Gazidis and Laws do absolutely nothing wherever they may be.

    Other clubs are now active in transfer market concluding deals.

    I accept that Arsenal will not spend the £100 million which was previously touted, but it beggars belief just how Arsenal are operating. Other clubs including Liverpool who have not a penny in the pot to piss with apart from
    tv money and sponsorship earnings manage to complete their transfer business.

    Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea have all managed to conclude at least 2 transfers.

    Arsenal sit as usual on their hands and will as in previous transfer windows
    miss out on deals due to lack of ambition and ruthlessness.

    What is even more galling it seems more important to do business with Man
    Utd to sell Vermaelen rather than recruit a fourth centre back which will be
    needed now that Sagna has left.

    Does anyone believe seriously that Wenger will recruit 2 centre backs and more importantly does he believe that Arsenal should be offloading quality
    players like Sagna and Vermaelen to our competitors? They don’t do us any

  55. Nasri's Mouth


    Meh, none of us really know what’s happening yet but it’s easy to see why people missing out on Aurier would seem like a mistake.

    Wenger’s a better judge of players than me though, so I’ll trust his judgement on who he picks as long as money isn’t his primary and only reason, and if we’re signing Debuchy at £12m I can’t honestly see how it could be.

  56. Radio Raheem

    Have goalies in this WC been that good or has the slant towards more attacking in the tournament made goalies work more? If a goalie is worked more often he is unlikely to lose concentration in the intervening period, hence, should be more alert to making saves? For example, you are more likely to see Brad Guzan making saves for Villa than Cech for Chelsea since smaller PL sides are on the back foot more often.

    I guess it’s like any other WC buying a player on the basis of one tournament is dumb.

  57. Leedsgunner

    When we want to, we are more than capable of negotiating, concluding and announcing deals early.

    Our rivals are commercial organisations as much as we are, but the difference again seems to be in the planning and execution of transfer targets.

    Granted the window has just opened but as gambon as already evidenced we have announced deals early before in 2012 (when the Euro 2012 were on) so why has the WC sudddenly become such a distraction. Plus, if it is such a distraction (which I don’t believe one bit) would it not been a reason for Wenger to focuss all his attention and energy in getting transfers right? We are a multi-mil;lion pound organisation with some of the world’s largest corporations as our sponsors — but in relation to transfer we conduct ourselves like Trotters Independent Traders.

    (For the benefit of the Gooners outside the UK, the Trotter brothers were a fictional characters in a sitcom, where Del Boy, the older brother was always coming up with harebrained schemes to get rich quick… and Rodney the younger brother inevitably suffered the consequences when the plans went wrong. A British institution. )

  58. Radio Raheem

    In the same vein I’d be disappointed if the tournament’s top scorer didn’t get 7 or 8 goals.

  59. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Lot of players are all ego and confidence
    Signing them early makes them feel wanted ..
    Not like a garage buy at 11.59 Christmas Eve ..

    He’ll even aurier said he would join !

    How’s that make him feel …

  60. Alfie

    “Gabriel July 2, 2014 10:10:08
    Signing debychy is senseless. It is unwise. The guy from ivory coast is a serious player and even can play other postions when the need arrises. Wenger is only intreasted in useless French players, only to dump him after making them superstars”

    Nice to see the school holidays have begun.

  61. nuudles

    I think a lot of it is down to the WC ball. It seems to fly a lot truer and straighter than the Jabulani, hence easier for the proper GKs to predict where it will go. At 2010 you saw more shots from range in hope because the players knew the ball would swerve through the air.

  62. Scott

    Higuain looks crap doesn’t he 37m? i think not no wonder Madrid got rid of both him and Ozil. Average players who let them down. Campbell is a better bet than Higuain. Benzema is only marginally better than Higuain so either of them coming would be about right for OGL.

  63. Josip Skoblar

    Bar Messi and Di Maria, I really don’t like this Argentina team. I’m happy we didn’t sign Higuain who looks slow and heavy.
    I hope Belgium will beat them. Belgium is a young team full of talents. They should have buried it before extra-time.
    Fascinating and refreshing to see that US team. They are clearly limited in footballing terms, but they work so hard and well as a unit. They are the true socialist team of the tournament! 😉

  64. goonpharm

    Debuchy or Aurier?

    Debuchy – premier league experienced. You know what you’re going to get. 1st choice for Les Blues ahead of Sagna. Decent age for a defender too. Must be a reason a legend like Deschamps picks him ahead of Sagna right? A steady eddy if you will. Nothing amazing going forward and average defensively.

    Aurier – obvious beast and high ceiling in terms of “potential”. Can play across back four. Great offensively but poor positioning defensively. Will he improve that at Colney? Will piss off for a month at the ACN thus leaving Carl Fucking Jenkinson to man the fort.

    Based on continuity and premier league experience I’d go for Debuchy.

  65. Carts


    I don’t think that’s fair, to be honest. He banged enough goals last season for Napoli to be satisifed. WC performance pales in comparison to his domestic form. Not a biggy.

  66. Nasri's Mouth


    this is the only relevant bit:

    “It is not yet clear whether Sanchez would be willing to move in part-exchange, although the Spanish club would be willing to include him in a deal.”

    If Sanchez wants to go to Liverpool, he’ll join them, if he doesn’t he wont. Barca can’t force him to sign for Liverpool, Liverpool can’t and wouldn’t want to either.
    If the rumours are true about him wanting to join us, then it’s pretty likely he’ll join us, we’ll pay Barca a large sum of money and they’ll use that to help buy Suarez for an even larger sum of money

  67. goonpharm

    Anyway if we analyse our deficiencies from last season our priorities surely have to be more defensive reinforcements ahead of offensive?

    Objectively thinking I’d argue we don’t need a Sánchez or Jackson Martinez just yet. We managed to steam roller the lesser teams last year. All we needed was a more solid defensive platform and tactical awareness. That will only come from a true DCM monster who gets a hard on for a clean sheet and not scoring goals.

    A mean cunt of a player who will cover his left backs and act as the 3rd CB. Someone who will move his midfield around like a chess master. The last player we had like this was Flamini before he went to Milan.

    Fuck Sánchez, Jackson Martinez, Ball telling etc. Sign up a Khedira and The Bender brothers.

    Play them in a side then you’ll see the potential of people like Ramsey and Ozil.

  68. Nasri's Mouth

    goonpharm:Anyway if we analyse our deficiencies from last season our priorities surely have to be more defensive reinforcements ahead of offensive?

    If you look at it numbers wise, then absolutely. We aren’t short of numbers up front, just quality.

    But first team wise a top striker is as important as any other position at the moment

  69. goonpharm

    Would love to see Wenger try the following formation – assuming we sign the requisite players.

    ——— Chezzer. ———-

    That’s as dynamic as set up you gonna get.

  70. TitsMcgee

    Yea even if it’s not because of money it would certainly be out of sentimentality why Aurier was passed on for Debuchy.

    So either way it’s negligent.

  71. Mark

    July 2, 2014 08:25:02
    Can’t wait to see my girlfriend in a new skin tight Arsenal top… Gunner be amazin! 🙂
    Neither can I. I’ll let you know what she looks like! 🙂

  72. TitsMcgee

    The “wait until the kit is launched” crew are the same that expected us to announce Benzema last year at the same time we unveiled our away kits outside the Emirates with much pomp. Not an efficient French striker was to be seen.

  73. goonpharm

    Nasri. True but they way I see it this;

    In the box office games we were found out because we had next to no defensive stability or tactical nous. As a result our creative players like Santi, Ozil, Wilshere, Ramsey were burdened with defensive duties which is not in their blueprint.

    So creatively we lose out and defensively we we gain nothing. If anything getting creative offensive players to defend is usually causes more headaches.

    The point of my ramble is that if we take the defensive burden of our most creative players then we will fashion more chances and Giroud will bang a few in.

    As it is we are so imbalanced that even if we had the original Ronaldo up front we would struggle to fashion chances for him in the big games.

    If my memory serves me correctly we made no more than 1 or 2 chances against the big hitters last year.

  74. Radio Raheem

    Didn’t we keep 17 clean sheets or so? I think it was the in the big matches we wilted rather badly. Better players and better prep required.

  75. Mark

    July 2, 2014 11:50:38
    The “wait until the kit is launched” crew are the same that expected us to announce Benzema last year at the same time we unveiled our away kits outside the Emirates with much pomp. Not an efficient French striker was to be seen.
    At the kit launch the curtain will unveil a sheepish looking trio of…
    Diaby, Ryo and Kalou.

  76. Radio Raheem

    July 2, 2014 08:25:02
    Can’t wait to see my girlfriend in a new skin tight Arsenal top… Gunner be amazin! 🙂
    Neither can I. I’ll let you know what she looks like! 🙂
    I’ll let you two know what she’s like topless

  77. Mark

    At the kit launch the curtain will unveil a sheepish looking trio of…
    Diaby, Ryo and Kalou.
    Wenger won’t be there as he will still be working for TF1 in Brazil! Bob Wilson will step in.

  78. Insomnia

    Aurier v debuchy is interesting because the logical thing is to get the latter. Pl experienced, good international and his purchase does not piss off existing lbs.

  79. Bamford13

    I long ago stopped believing in, or getting excited about, any Arsenal transfer rumors and I have to say I’m a lot better off for it.

    I mean, I like discussing/analyzing how this or that player might fit in or help us, but putting stock in any of these stories is for the birds.

    Not mention it drives you mad. One moment you’re delighted because you’ve read that Alexis Sanchez is ours; the next you’re day is ruined because it turns out Liverpool is to sign him. ALL of which later turns out to be poppy-cock invented by some editor or writer or other fraud.

    I recommend the following approach: assume the worst, which in the case of Arsenal, is also the most likely. Wenger will sign either no one of note or the cheapest, least-heralded options available.

    This will give us something like: Debuchy, Scneiderlin and Remy.

    And that will be all.

    And allow me to add that the above may in fact be BETTER than what we’re going to get this summer. Seriously.

    Once you’ve resolved yourself to the summer above, you won’t jump at every new rumor, you won’t be disappointed when our fairly uninspiring signings are announced, and you will be besides yourself with gladness if we do in fact sign a player or two of real note.

    To me that’s a recipe for a saner, happier summer.

    But who am I to talk about sane? I was physically threatened (twice!) yesterday because I was being such an arrogant prick in discussions with strangers about football. One of the more bizarre days of my life, but my mom always told me my “fresh” mouth would get me into trouble. 😉

    I’ll tell you all the story of the above later at some point. It’s a gem.

  80. Samir


    That formation just wouldn’t work with Per in the team. We’d get caught out far too often. Per needs people very close to him.

  81. Leedsgunner

    If James Rodriguez is going to Real Madrid –they will need money. I would say £25m plus Santi Cazorla for Angel Di Maria would be good deal for both sides. They get read cash plus a proven performer in the Spanish league… and we get someone as skillful as Santi but 3 years younger, with pace, pace, pace. If the classy Colombian does go to RM I suspect Isco to be shifted out — he was an absolute star at Malaga. Worth an opportunistic punt I reckon…

  82. gambon

    How weird

    We signed some dutch sort (ladies) from Ajax in January, and shes just re-signed for Ajax 5 months later.

    Wonder what happened there?

    Arsenes wandering hands?

    Oh no, her name aint Diaby.

  83. Emiratesstroller

    Most of the financially strong clubs in Europe [apart from Arsenal] are able
    to control whom they sell or buy.

    Real Madrid and Barcelona are particularly good in that department as are Bayern, Chelsea and Man City.

    When they choose to offload a player it is concluded quickly as we saw with both Higuain and Fabregas.

    My concern is that Barcelona and Liverpool will be entering negotiation for
    Suarez and part of that deal will include Sanchez. Footballers can be easily
    convinced to accept terms even if they prefer to go elsewhere. The ultimate
    sanction is that they land up playing with reserves.

    There is at Arsenal a real problem with how they operate in transfer market.
    This is highlighted by what has just happened with Sagna. Arsenal failed to
    conclude a deal with him last summer and we now see consequences. The
    year before it was Van Persie.

    The same situation now arises with Vermaelen. We are likely to see him join
    Man Utd. The problem occurs always because Wenger capitulates as soon as
    there is trouble rather than confront it.

  84. Bamford13


    I agree that Colombia-Brazil is a promising one, but I think France-Germany is even more tantalizing.

    I say this because as good as some of their individuals are, Brazil haven’t played particularly interesting or attractive football, and I’m not sure they’ll begin to now. Yes, Colombia are fantastic, but they’re only one side of the equation and Brazil may succeed in stifling their flowing passing and play.

    Germany-France, on the other hand, CANNOT disappoint. Both sides play lovely passing football and are loaded with talent. France is, for me, the treat of this tournament. Polished, elegant, self-possessed, the French don’t even look like they’re breaking a sweat. They may be the best-rested side, not because of days off, but because they’ve expended less energy in the games they’ve played.

    And while Germany haven’t looked as attractive recently as they did against Portugal, Loew will get the set-up right for this match and they’ll return to their normal German-engineered form.

    Unfortunately for them — and my tournament predictions — that won’t be enough to stop this French side, who will saunter by them, in the end, like they aren’t even there.

    Pogba to Valbuena to Benzema to Pogba and back to Benzema for the goal.

    1 – 0, Les Bleus.

    And that will just be the beginning.

    Allez Les Bleus! All of Le Grove should get behind Les Bleus, I say. It is “Le” Grove after all, non?