5 Best moments of the World Cup so far… help

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It’s not often you see an epic 0-0 played out in a World Cup, but that’s what occurred last night in the Germany vs Algeria game. Some contest. An off colour Germany battered for large parts of the game. Fair play to Algeria, they didn’t look like second class footballing citizens. I’d say if it weren’t for poor decision making in the final third (and there was a lot), the Africans would have nailed that game!

As it happened, another late extra time game took place, but a smart finish from Shurle basically killed extra time. A shame if you’re into the whole underdog thing, good times if you love Germans.

I love Germans.

Shame Ozil was garbage again, he’s a bit of a lost soul at the moment.

I didn’t catch much of the France Nigeria game as I was working, but I understand Griezmann was the difference again. He’s a gem of a player, sad that I expect he’ll end up at somewhere like PSG who want all the French players.

Tonight I believe it’s Argentina vs Switzerland, and oddly fascinating game for some reason. Kind of like it’d be odd to put chicken in an English fry up. Odd, but not odd enough to not give it a go. I’m looking forward to Shaquiri play, he’s a super player, and he scored a hatrick in the last game. I’d imagine he might be available this summer have spent most of last season not playing. Then there’s Lio Messi, three MoM performances, but he’s not being hyped, it’s like we’re all bored of him… RODRIGUEZ is on the lips of everyone.

The other game is Belgium vs USA. I have a feeling the US are going to be put to sword tonight, but one thing is for sure, all the ‘Belgium could be underdogs’ has fallen by the wayside…

I have been asked what the best World Cup moments have been so far, I wondered if you could help me fill some gaps. In no particular order…

Suarez bite: One of the best players on the planet, in his prime, in form bites his way out of the world cup into a 4 month total football ban

Costa Rican Penalties: The players have been nothing short of exceptional so far this tournament, against Greece, they were dying on their feet, losing focus, barely able to run. Penalties arrive and all focus is regained to deliver 5 perfect spot kicks.

Robin Header: A shame it came so early but the Robin 18 yard header has to be one of the most spectacular headers ever witnessed on the grandest stage. It showed technique, awareness and creativity under pressure. Exceptional redefined.

French Penalty: In one of the first games of the tournament, the French thought they’d scored a goal the Honduras keeper had scrambled out. Goal line tech came into force and proved it was a goal. Hopefully one of the most understated ‘big’ moments of the tournament. Undoubted value delivered through technology, hopefully the tipping point for wider integration in the game.

James Rodriguez: The most expensive player you didn’t know. Right? The Colombian number 10 who won the Golden Ball for Porto, moved for £40m to Monaco to be described as ‘perhaps the best player in Ligue One’ has had so little attention preworld cup it borders on ludicrous. Not now, the main man has bulldozed his name all over this World Cup with beautiful assists and one of the most incredible World Cup goals EVER seen.

Feel free to add your own my darlings…

There’s not much your don’t know about Arsenal transfers today, so I’ll leave it at that. Short and sweet, like a shetland pony or a shot of Amaretto.


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  1. tunnygriffboy

    Talking on talkshite Liverpool opening official talks with Barca and they talking Sanchez going to iiverpool Suarez to Barca. Seems the press intimating this happening and how wonderful it would be for liverpool.

  2. Wengerites be damned!

    Now, Brazilians will support Belgium against Argentina (the pseudo European country).

  3. TitsMcgee

    Argentina will get beat if they defend the way they defended today.

    A Belgium Netherlands Semi would be entertaining to say the least.

  4. TitsMcgee

    I know some like Bradley but he’s mediocre IMO. Works hard or whatever but he’s a liability.

  5. tunnygriffboy

    I hope we have bid for Sanchez. Reporter thinks he ‘ll be part of Suarez deal with lpool. Scousers think it’s great and are really cocky. WTF are we doing re transfers? Ermmm Ballotelli’s available, no, Sanchez is available, ermmm no, Martinez is available, no no, Remy’s available. It’s like the fucking ‘Chukle Brothers ‘, ‘ to me, to you, to me to you ‘ Bloody farcical !

  6. Phil

    C u next Tuesday
    Usually I live within the confides of ones inner self
    Never have I had to suffer the fools who are such pusillanimous in there ideals
    Turn around every now & then I get a little bit lonely and you’re never coming around

  7. Bamford13


    Klinsmann”s contract runs through the next WC, so yes, he’s sticking around.

    Howard, on the other hand, will be 39 by then, so we’ll probably have to find another savior. Fortunately we always manage to produce top class keepers.

    Now we have to begin producing top class field players. Takes time.

  8. tunnygriffboy


    Yeah I’m starting to get pissed off. There seems nothing moving for us. Even if Gazidis came out and said we are working hard at securing our targets, we will be bringing quality in it would be something. All I can see is Liverpool strengthening, Lovren their next target. Apparently according to metro ( I know ) we’ve offered 25 mill euros for Sanchez. What, we’re buying a leg at a time now !

  9. Bamford13

    Looks like Origi is en route to Liverpool, in case no one mentioned that earlier.

    Thank God we have Sanogo.


  10. Cesc Appeal



    This is what I was worried of. Under valuations, dithering, indecision, misdirection.

    From the get go it felt same old same old this summer. Happy to be proved wrong but, just feels the same as always.

  11. tunnygriffboy


    You’ll be stronger again in 4 years. What do you play inbetween WCups, is it the Concacaf Cup ? Also he’d be wise to play friendlies against the very top sides.

  12. Moray

    Haha tunny, I’m really not sure what else you expected.

    Just look at the transfer activity for past seasons and you will see what will happen this year.

    99% we would never get a player like Sanchez. Too ambitious for us. Ozil was offered to us after being ejected by Man Utd and Wenger was overruled by the BoD. Sanchez is a much different case.

  13. Cesc Appeal

    I do feel as if our window for Sanchez may have gone. I do think Barcelona will be desperate to try to convince him to go there.

    Van Gaal is supposedly very keen on him now as well. We all know how well Wenger does with transfer contests.

    Never mind, I suppose Di Maria seems available 😉 haha

  14. Cesc Appeal


    Puma kit launch is in, well eight days now. Would have thought they’d want something for that.

    But I said way back, it’ll be the same starting eleven minus Sagna for a first game. Perhaps…perhaps Debuchy but…fell a bit so what with that one. Typical safety, no one else wants him sort of purchase.

  15. tunnygriffboy


    I’m always optimistic but if they do fuck up this window it’d be too much for even people like me. Can you imagine first game if it’s fucked up again after more empty promises. It’d be 10 x worse than the Villa game.

  16. tunnygriffboy

    Irrespective of whether Wenger on the beach has any effect on our negotiations, if we don’t get quality in then those pictures will be damning. For an intelligent man he ain’t half stupid.

  17. Bamford13


    We’ll be stronger if we have better midfielders and CBs. The U-17 and U-20 teams have been pretty decent of late, though, so I think we’re headed in the right direction.

    Will still take time.

    At least we can say we’re headed in the right direction, though. As long as Wenger is still running Arsenal, I’m not sure we Arsenal fans can say the same.

  18. Cesc Appeal


    No, not necessarily.

    But there’s some stuff in the press that Barcelona are quite keen for him to make the “right choice” and decide he wants to move to Liverpool. Which make sense on their end.

    And also that Van Gaal and United are after him as well.

    So just saying, unless things are being kept uber secret, I wouldn’t fancy our chances to much. Wenger doesn’t do battles over player unless the opposition for the signature are hopelessly outmatched by us.

  19. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Another couple of tight games today going down to the final whistle, but I must admit that although the tournament is exciting I find the quality of the football is at best pretty average.

    Can’t wait for the transfer window meltdown to start.

  20. neil

    I think Wenger signed an 18 year old, why would Wenger change now, he is going on 65 years old, a relic, a pensioner, a senile fuck, this will be a replica of last summer, and the summers stretching back a half dozen years, waiting until the good players are taken, then in steps MR SWIMMING TRUNKS and gets the bargains, this tool is talking 8-15 million quid signings

    Someone mentioned a revolution, that’s what should have happened last summer after Wenger spent NOTHING, until Keswick ordered Ozil purchase, to get the fans off their backs after the VILLA FIASCO, 150 millionj quid in the bank and WENGER SPENT NOTHING, in fact he made money by selling Gervingo and Mannone for 10 million

    This club is fucking despicable, run by profiteers, cheating and lying to the loyal fans who have been arse fucked for the last 8 years, fed bullshit by the parasites stripping every fucking quid they can from loyal dumb fans

  21. neil

    8-15 million quid signings, someone please tell this reptile it’s 2014-15 season, not 2001, Wenger is supposed to be a fiscal genius, has he heard of the word inflation, this cunt thinks it’s still 1998, after new players for 8-10 million quid, that shows you how fucked up in the head he really is

    And you know the reason behind this business model, so the players can be sold on for profit, forget about winning anything

    Why spend 30-40 million quid on any player, you cannot get a return on the investment, spend 8-15 million and the sky is the limit on your RETURN





  22. neil




  23. gnarleygeorge9

    Cheers Cesc, I guess with ol’Budgie Smugglers’ Wenger & the transfer market, its best to take the glass half empty attitude, otherwise, I’ll do my head in ………… again 🙁

  24. Dark Hei

    @ neil

    “The up side of all this is he is 65 years old, and will be dead soon, so there is a God after all”

    I am afraid with this much bitterness in your life, you might end up somewhere before this 65 year old, who btw, is relaxing out in the sun and oblivious to your thoughts.

    Work on that bit of sunshine in your life for your own sake. No “WO” actually wants to wish anyone to the grave.

  25. Nasri's Mouth

    Dark Hei: Why do people say Sanchez deal is off?

    Seems to be the idea that Barca would like Sanchez to join Liverpool, or at least are saying that.

    Barca want Suarez, they’re bound to say that to help grease the wheels, but ultimately they wont care where he goes, all they want is the money. They’ll just shrug their shoulders and say, ‘well we tried to persuade him, but he just doesn’t like Liverpool, what could we do?’

    It’ll come down to where Sanchez wants to go. Simple as that.

  26. Scott

    I would enjoy the world cup more if it wasn’t rigged for Brazil to win it and if the football wasn’t so shit. Can’t wait for the end of it.

  27. neil

    Seems Wenger has, according to reports, signed Debuchy from Newcastle, at the usual Wenger price, of 12 million, this is in his price bracket, you know, the one he used as a model in 1999 when he signed Henry for 10 million quid, Wenger would buy players for less if he could, but his range seems to be 8-15 million quid, he feels comfortable in this target area, started it way back then

    That is his purchase price, but his selling price is SO much different, one can never change one’s ways, you are what you are, at close to his 65th birthday, this miser is way too old for change, so we are stuck with this model while this relic is in charge at the club

    If we had 500 million quid to spend on players this ballsack would still spend 12 million on Debuchy, and still be looking to sign 16-18 year old kids with huge resale value, HE CANNOT GET THIS FRUGAL SPENDING OUT OF HIS SYSTEM


    I would enjoy this world cup more if this fucking AFC manager actually signed someone, instead of parading around the Copacabana making a spectacle of himself in his fathers swimwear

  28. El Tel 1

    For what I read earlier it says Sanchez wants to play for us and we have offered less than 20 mill. Could be a Cesc in reverse senario.

    If He only wants to play for us then we are in a very strong position.

  29. Emiratesstroller

    It is being suggested that we have bought Debuchy for £12,000,000 to be completed after World Cup.

    As ever this suggests bad business on part of Arsenal. We lose Sagna for zero to Man City and recruit Debuchy who will be 29 at end of this month. If we could not make a deal with Sagna why did we not buy Aurier aged 21 who looks potentially better than both and would have been a long term investment?

    Every other major club has now recruited at least 2 top quality players and for
    all the rhetoric of Gazidis that we are active in market I have yet to see much
    evidence of this.

    What concerns me is that as ever Arsenal’s negotiating skills are poor. That we are constantly trying to buy players below their market value, which means that we are more often than not losing out on deals.

    Part of Arsenal’s problem is that we have accumulated such a huge ‘cash pile’
    that every other club in world football knows that we can afford to pay more
    than even the likes of Chelsea, Man City, Man Utd and Liverpool.

    There is absolutely no necessity in carrying such large balances. Most of the
    top clubs have usually around £50-70 Million at most. We appear to have two
    to three times that amount.

  30. Ashwin Gunner

    With Debuchy coming in, it means that Aurier deal is off. I would have really loved Aurier to Arsenal… He is young and very strong and very good going forward. He is an Arsenal fan.. Then What the fuck happened.

    He was also cheaper than the French guy… Has Arsene lost it..

    Do you guys really think Debuchy is better than Aurier…

    And We are in for Martinez with a 35 mil price range.. And Sanchez would be 30 mil… What the hell is Arsene doing… I personally feel Sanchez is a more dynamic option.

  31. neil

    Of course Ozil is a lost soul, he was at one of the biggest clubs in the world, playing great football, in an instant he is transported to a kindergarten, playing football the Wenger way, he didn’t want to go to Arsenal, but where else could he go when told on the last day of the window by Ancelotti, WE DON’T WANT YOU, YOU ARE BEING SOLD TO THAT DUMB SHIT WENGER

    This is a guy, playing with the likes of Alonso, Benzema, Di Maria, Bale, and now has to line up with SANOGO, BENDTNER, JENKINSON

  32. Ashwin Gunner

    How more stupid can it get.

    Reg Sanchez and Aurier vs Martinez and Debuchy
    Sanchex and Aurier
    1) are cheaper .
    2) are much better players.
    3) Wants to play for Arsenal
    4) will bring a lot of pace to our setup
    5) Will embed easily in Arsene’s style of play

    Then Why the fuck are we going for a more expensive and lesser potential option..

  33. neil

    Sorry Ashwin, you are right, of course he was exchanged with Bale, but you get my drift, he was playing with fine players

  34. Jeff


    It may sound like a taunt but stating the facts is all I read into it. Cole won a hell of a lot more with Chelsea than he would have done had he stayed at Arsenal. Not only that, he earned a great deal more as well. They are the two main reasons all of our better players have left. Viera, Henry, Van Persie, Fabregas… and they’ve all been proved right to leave.

    Who you choose to blame for that is still bitterly contested to this day on here and elsewhere by fans with differing opinions on the degree of Wenger’s, board’s, owner’s culpability and this situation is going to continue for quite some time to come yet. I am resigned now to the fact that our fortunes will not change any time soon.

  35. Nasri's Mouth

    Ashwin gunner: Chelsea have publicly taunted Arsenal in a farewell message to Cole..

    Chelsea showing their class again

  36. bergkamplegend

    After a very good start, this WC now start to pisses me off…

    Argentina, Brasil, Belgium, Germany…
    Teams which don’t derserve to be there in the quarterfinals…

    Argentina, it’s a FUCKING JOKE!!

  37. Nasri's Mouth

    Ashwin gunner: And We are in for Martinez with a 35 mil price range..

    Assuming you mean Jackson. No way are we spending £35m on Martinez.

  38. bergkamplegend

    “Chelsea have publicly taunted Arsenal in a farewell message to Cole..
    Chelsea showing their class again”

    What a big surprise…
    More to come, as we’re gonna be trashed by them this season again lol

  39. TheBayingMob

    Nasri’s Mouth
    Still no blowjob then Neil ?

    hahaha! To be honest, I’m getting more s3x than I ever have but I still think Wenger’s a cunt … those sp33dos … lordy …. Did anyone see Shearer say that the penalty walk to the spot is the longest you’ll ever take? He’s obviously not seen Rolf Harris and family making their way to the court … LOL!

  40. TheBayingMob

    Brazil wont’ win the tournament, but they have basically got a by into the semi’s by beating Chile on penalties. Worst Brazil team in history and Neymar looks an utter cunt. The Argies will win it if they keep Messi dosed up on steroids and on the pitch …

  41. Thank you and goodnight

    You’ve hit nail on the head mate. While kroenke is in charge our fortunes won’t change. Even if he sacked wenger tomorrow he’d only replace him with like for like. But still, we are the Arsenal so fuck the rest

  42. neil

    Highly rated England youth international Ben Sheaf has confirmed his move to Arsenal from West Ham on Twitter.

    The 16-year-old came through the youth ranks at Upton Park and was not only viewed as one of their brightest young talents, but he’s also regarded as one of the best young midfielders in Britain.

    Sheaf has already represented England at Under-16 level and is tipped to go on and become a future senior international, so he’s certainly an exciting addition to our youth system.

    The teenager makes the move to Arsenal after rejecting a new contract at West Ham and we will have to pay the Hammers a small amount of compensation for his signature.

    Sheaf confirmed the move on his official Twitter account, posting a photo in Arsenal’s PUMA training kit with his new team-mate.

    Welcome to Arsenal, Ben. Good luck kid!

    that is what Wenger is all about KIDS for peanuts, sell them later for profit, parasites, this is not football, it is a meat market, buying and selling children, I though slavery was abolished

  43. neil

    The Wenger signature, paying small compensation to clubs for pilfering their kids, like Cesc, 500k paid then sold back to the same idiots for 34 million, you got to hand it to Wenger, a financial genius, pity his footballing management style doesn’t match his fiscal sense