5 Best moments of the World Cup so far… help

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It’s not often you see an epic 0-0 played out in a World Cup, but that’s what occurred last night in the Germany vs Algeria game. Some contest. An off colour Germany battered for large parts of the game. Fair play to Algeria, they didn’t look like second class footballing citizens. I’d say if it weren’t for poor decision making in the final third (and there was a lot), the Africans would have nailed that game!

As it happened, another late extra time game took place, but a smart finish from Shurle basically killed extra time. A shame if you’re into the whole underdog thing, good times if you love Germans.

I love Germans.

Shame Ozil was garbage again, he’s a bit of a lost soul at the moment.

I didn’t catch much of the France Nigeria game as I was working, but I understand Griezmann was the difference again. He’s a gem of a player, sad that I expect he’ll end up at somewhere like PSG who want all the French players.

Tonight I believe it’s Argentina vs Switzerland, and oddly fascinating game for some reason. Kind of like it’d be odd to put chicken in an English fry up. Odd, but not odd enough to not give it a go. I’m looking forward to Shaquiri play, he’s a super player, and he scored a hatrick in the last game. I’d imagine he might be available this summer have spent most of last season not playing. Then there’s Lio Messi, three MoM performances, but he’s not being hyped, it’s like we’re all bored of him… RODRIGUEZ is on the lips of everyone.

The other game is Belgium vs USA. I have a feeling the US are going to be put to sword tonight, but one thing is for sure, all the ‘Belgium could be underdogs’ has fallen by the wayside…

I have been asked what the best World Cup moments have been so far, I wondered if you could help me fill some gaps. In no particular order…

Suarez bite: One of the best players on the planet, in his prime, in form bites his way out of the world cup into a 4 month total football ban

Costa Rican Penalties: The players have been nothing short of exceptional so far this tournament, against Greece, they were dying on their feet, losing focus, barely able to run. Penalties arrive and all focus is regained to deliver 5 perfect spot kicks.

Robin Header: A shame it came so early but the Robin 18 yard header has to be one of the most spectacular headers ever witnessed on the grandest stage. It showed technique, awareness and creativity under pressure. Exceptional redefined.

French Penalty: In one of the first games of the tournament, the French thought they’d scored a goal the Honduras keeper had scrambled out. Goal line tech came into force and proved it was a goal. Hopefully one of the most understated ‘big’ moments of the tournament. Undoubted value delivered through technology, hopefully the tipping point for wider integration in the game.

James Rodriguez: The most expensive player you didn’t know. Right? The Colombian number 10 who won the Golden Ball for Porto, moved for £40m to Monaco to be described as ‘perhaps the best player in Ligue One’ has had so little attention preworld cup it borders on ludicrous. Not now, the main man has bulldozed his name all over this World Cup with beautiful assists and one of the most incredible World Cup goals EVER seen.

Feel free to add your own my darlings…

There’s not much your don’t know about Arsenal transfers today, so I’ll leave it at that. Short and sweet, like a shetland pony or a shot of Amaretto.


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  1. Bamford13

    Origi is really very slick. You don’t find players like that on the bargain heap. Which is why we have a Sanogo, not an Oirgi.

  2. Craigy

    Radioraheem….. I kno mate, Murphy haven’t shut the fuck all game, all he’s been harping on about is players not tracking, their rb playing shit, my god he’s fucking pissing me right off

  3. Craigy

    Radio… Ha ha I kno m8, the bbc and itv have really employed a bunch of idiot commentators, still the best wc since 98 for me tho 🙂

  4. Nasri's Mouth


    Yeah, said something like “mind you, neither did I” and both he and the commentator laughed

  5. Bamford13

    This kid Origi looks fantastic. Granted the US are tired, but he has class. If Liverpool sign him, and we keep with a Sanogo, I’m going to jump off a bridge.

  6. Keyser

    NM – Is this Marin new ? Honestly I’m just going to make a Kill list and start hunting these people down.

  7. Leedsgunner

    Loving the whole hearted conviction and commitment of the Americans. They want to win this! USA! USA!

  8. Danish Gooner

    I dont think our scouting network knows what they are doing.we hired the postman even tough there are a lot of promising young attackers out there.

  9. Keyser

    USA need the break to re-group, the only thing keeping them in it at the moment is how poor Belgium are as a sum of their parts, individually you can see why their’s soo much hype but as a team they’re conservative to disguise their inefficiency.

  10. Nasri's Mouth


    He’s a Spanish Journo, doesn’t get everything right, but he definitely hears stuff.

    It’s possible he’s being fed stuff for other reasons, but I’d doubt he’s making it up.

  11. london gunner


    lol how can you compare origi and sanago

    Origi is awesome has had a better tourney than Hazard so far

    Has anyone noticed how inefficient Hazard is he takes a 10-15 touches where messi would take 4

    Granted those touches are great because his got great ball control but his inefficent and doesn’t always make the best use of his talent

    he will often hold on to the ball for to long and take to many touches he will get round the first defender but instead of releasing it when the opportunity calls for it he will hold onto it longer till his surrounded forcing him dribble back the way he came

    Great player no doubt but he needs to add that efficiency

  12. Keyser

    NM – I barely trust Ballague or the other Spanish muppets.

    Oooh controversy if that’d gone in.

  13. karaul

    gooooooo aooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo americaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  14. Leedsgunner

    Tim Howard — I’m going to start call him the Fort Knox because he’s saved the US over and over again…

    USA, USA, USA!

  15. BillikenGooner

    Thank god he flubbed that… it would have been ridiculously harsh if he made it and was that far on side.

  16. Danish Gooner

    This is a game that reminds me of the fa cup 1999 re-match against United where we literally annihilated them for the last 20 minutes and large parts of the extra time and then Giggs scored that wonder goal.

  17. london gunner


    Its irritating to read liverpool are going to sign him

    Pissed me off tbh Wenger wont get sanchez or reus or whoever

    We probably wont get anyone

    But liverpool despite sterling and sturridge are going for a really clever buy of a player with serious potential talent who in IMO think is ready to start delivering

  18. Paulinho

    Origu – now that’s a talent. Not Ya Ya fuckin Sanogo.

    That’s sort of a tit of a manager will still have running our roster for the new soccerball season.

  19. Nasri's Mouth


    With Ballbag, it’s all about him, Kike doesn’t seem to be like that.

    he was very early with Cazorla.

    Doesn’t mean he’s right with Sanchez though…

    …or that we’ll sign him

  20. london gunner

    Romford Pele


    Is Akpom on his level? Because if he is his a serious talent and I must be massively underrating him

    I think Origi has been in the top 2 of the best young talents of the WC

  21. karaul

    interesting thing is that people in us they actually watch wordl cup. for them it´s much less interesting than baseball basketball etc. And their national team is just not very good. Mostly they want them NOT TO LOOSE. That´s something for sociologi studies 🙂

  22. london gunner

    Origi could easily play on the wing and was actually great for the striker point

    He needs to add the dink/chip shot to his game though he keeps trying to put in the corners along the ground but Howard is to good

  23. NYCgooner

    One of these years the US will have a player that doesn’t give away the ball at every opportunity.

  24. Al

    Wtf was vantonghen thinking. ….If I was lukaku I would have got in his face and gave him a bollocking

  25. Bamford13

    That goal was all about tired legs. Besler has run and fought for 90 minutes and is spent. That was Lukaku’s first run.

    Bradley continues to struggle. No clue what has been wrong with him this tourney. He’s a better player than this.

  26. Romford Pele

    London, unfortunately I don’t think Akpom will get his chance here, Wenger has chosen Sanogo. Sanogo may be powerful but it’s pointless when your first touch is effectively a pass to the opposition. Obvious to anyone that Akpom is a lot more skillful

  27. Dream10

    london gunner

    absolutely. Poor comparison by me but if we are chasing a game guess who we will bring on to make the difference: Sanogo smh

    De Bruyne much more efficient than Hazard.

    Romford Pele

    Akpom deserves a chance. Hope he is not sold so Sanogo can play.

  28. london gunner


    Vertongen bottled it

    I reckon he should of taken the shot as soon as he had controlled the ball

    Instead he did a faint which the defender didn’t fall for after that you could tell vertongen didn’t no what to do he was expecting the defender to sell himself short but it never happened

  29. Wengerites be damned!

    I think Belgium deserve to win. They have more talented players and created the better chances. USA is a very disciplined team and fought hard but they seem to be very tired. Klinsmann should have replaced some players for more fresh legs

  30. Paulinho

    One of these days pundits and fans will catch on that coming on as a sub and impacting a game is miles easier than when starting a game.

    It’s the height of tedium when you hear commentators saying so so(in this case Mirallas ) has done more in fifteen minutes than the starter( in this case Mertens)when if Mirallas had started he would be heaping the same praise on Mertens.

  31. Al


    After the faint failed he should have just laid it off for lukaku to shoot. .. crazy. Anyway glad he failed…want USA to win.

  32. london gunner


    You may be right but Akpom is only 18 and he wasn’t culled when we had the mass releasing of the youth players

    My hope is he will somehow find an opening into the team.

    I think it depends on how bad Sanago is if his Gervinho levels of badness Akpom may be given an opportunity if his bog average then yeah wenger will most likely continue with his project

  33. Romford Pele

    I love the US’ organisation – you really appreciate how they are maximising the most of what they have at their disposal. Once they start producing some flair players to go with this organisation, they’ll be a real threat

  34. Al

    They think very highly of akpom and to be honest he proved last year that he is already above u18 and reserve team football. .

    Definetly Needs to be sent out on loan.
    Also be interesting to see what jonker thinks of him

  35. Romford Pele

    London, hope you’re right but I said when we aimed Sanogo that it would impact Akpom and I think that’ll prove the case. But Akpom is gonna find it hard to break through, especially if we sign a new striker. Hoping he gets a couple seasons on loan at decent clubs so we can assess where he’s at

  36. Dream10

    De Bruyne as good as Hazard and Oezil. World class decision maker. Right weight of pass most times, good shooter, great free kick taker

  37. Phil

    And where is that cunt wenger?
    On a beach the cunt

    No purchases from arsenal …only we don’t value that player that highly …what about..I DONT RATE THE MANAGER HIGHLY AS he IS. A CUNT ON 8 MILL A YEAR THE CUNT

  38. Arsene's Nurse

    Nasri’s Mouth July 1, 2014 22:08:17

    game over

    Tired legs killed them
    Oh really? 😀

    One thing the other night taught me when I said Germany would win 2-0, they scored and I said told you only for Algeria to net one 2 mins later, is that this WC is so unpredictable and crazy. It’s soooo entertaining.

    I’d love the US to get another.

  39. Al

    Belgium on the ropes. …come on USA. ..pressure them some more. ..

    How fantastic has Howard been lol….amazing

  40. Romford Pele

    Dempsey trying to do a bit too much for me. Knows he’s the teams star man but not always making the best decisions. Could’ve played teammates in on a couple occasions

  41. Romford Pele

    Off topic but Lukaku needs to work on his link up play. Fantastic striker but you feel like he’s lived off his brute strength for most of his career. Origi at 19 you can see is a very intelligent striker. Great coup by Rodgers if true.

  42. london gunner


    I was actually rooting for America today.

    You played attacking exhilarating football today.

    Full of aggression and bravery.

    Also What is America’s equivalent of a knighthood as Tim Howard deserves one

    I have to say I was disappointed with Dempsey finishing was bad and was selfish through out the match

  43. Al

    Major props to USA. ….performance to be proud off…

    If your going to lose you lose like that. ….giving it everything.

    I hope England show a quarter of that passion, desire and passion they showed

  44. Leedsgunner

    Huge admiration for the heart and the fight you showed out there USA! Sad to see you go, even if you are managed by Klinsmann the Spud!

  45. Romford Pele

    Jaffa, USA put is English guys to the most shame. We have no excuse. Put a couple of the young English talents in the USA set up and I think they would’ve made it through to be honest. I like they’re blueprint for football

  46. Goonah

    Lukaku must have been thinking he had to play out of his skin if he wants to get a look in after watching Origi

    Competition for places wont kill a player Wenger

  47. Wengerites be damned!

    Yes, congratulations for the USA team, they lost the match but were very brave. They were physically exhausted but they had the never say die attitude and gave Belgium trouble. When the score was 2×0, I thought it was over, but no. USA found strength after their goal and the equaliser almost came…

  48. Radio Raheem

    Enjoyed watching the USA but some of praise and comments from the commentators are tad patronising. The USA have been competing in the world before records began. The sport might not be their number one still I’m sure they know what a good football team should look like. They got to the QF in 2006?

  49. Jaffa

    Romford, completely agree. Most of the so called under dogs showed they wanted to win and give everything they can,even if they do not have the top level skill.

  50. Wengerites be damned!

    You know 60 % of tickets were bought by Brazilians. Among the 40 % of foreigners, USA fans were the majority here in Brazil. They surpassed even the Argentinians.
    Oh, and Giroud was considered the most handsome footballer by the Brazilian women.

  51. xLynchianX

    Best way to describe this world cup is: This is what happens when Jose Mourinho is completely absent from football.