ARSENE NO! | Arsenal pushing hard on our mega signing

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Arsene, the hot babes I could handle, the emerging from the sea like Daniel Craig I could tolerate… hell, I even defended your figure.

Speedos though?

You took it too far.


The only comment I can give is that once again, you have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt, you give but not one fuck about what people think.

I guess there’s a bravo in there somewhere.

Secretly, I’m enjoying it. Wenger has been pure bantz this summer. It’s like a mad stag do Facebook album upload every damn day with that man.

I’d be more inclined to moan if I wasn’t aware of the positive up and coming news I can share.

Sanchez is this man we’re going hard for and there’s a massive chance he’ll come to us. If he’s coming over, he’s coming to us as our main striker. That’s very exciting. He gives us options, he gives us frightening pace, he gives us surprising amounts of power and he gives us that magic topping of surprise we don’t’ really have with Giroud. Bring Joel Campbell into the fold… well, you have three nice options available to you. Well, that’s if he gets a chance, I have a feeling Sanogo is the chosen one.

Trouble is… Barcelona. We had Higuain sorted last year then Madrid moved the goal posts. Barca have the upper hand in this and we know what bastards those guys can be. If they’re negotiating with us, I’m sure there will be a consideration of that Cesc fee somewhere along the line and obviously, the usual sense of Barca entitlement.

Who knows what they’ll suggest… however, when you see they’re chasing Cuadrado, Suarez and Marquinhos, they can’t be too cheeky.

Wouldn’t worry about Liverpool too much either. Firstly, it’s not exactly the best place to live for a Chilean. Secondly, players don’t like to act as make weights. It’s a bit low grade. The chances of him 1) Accepting he is a make weight for a better players are slim 2) Chilean living in Barcelona is only going to want to live in London. You simply wouldn’t opt for anywhere else. Especially if Arsenal are going hard with big cash.

Anyway, keep the faith, things are ticking along. Debuchy stated he wants Champions League football (wonder why he did that) and he’s a top player if we can land him, Schneiderlin is an excellent long term replacement for Arteta / Flamini and he wants to move somewhere for ‘big occassions’ and Sanchez would make a pretty powerful summer. Throw in a bit of depth somewhere else and we’re laughing. Well, we’re laughing if that new fitness chap works some magic.

I still think we need more depth. We’ve not really moved that far from where we were last year, bar having a better striker. I’ve heard we’re going hard for a centre back as well, I’d probably opt for a better left back. Also, I’d be nabbing Konoplyanka because I really like him and I don’t think you can ever have too much pace.

Do those things, and look, I don’t think we have the manager to challenge for the league, but we certainly have more options… and better options give you more ability to surprise coaches who last season, spent all week planning against the one team they knew we’d put out. It was too easy. This season, if we keep our best players fit, some player take their games up a level (Jack, Chambo, Gnabry, Campbell <- Have a feeling Sanogo is the favoured one) and we bake a bit more planning into our approach… who knows what could happen.

I’m confident the club are going to have a good summer… so should you.

World Cup wise, it was a bit of  drab affair in the Mexico game. Temperatures in the groud reached a whopping 40 degrees. Sunshine so powerful the fans in the sun soacked stands retired to the bars to escape the outrageous heat. That impacted on the play. It was sluggish at times. Mexico took the lead with a low Dos Santos goal. Holland responded after the last water break of the game when LVG yanked off Robin, to bring on a Huntelaar and Depay. The goal came from a long ball being cleared as far as Sneijder who buried his shot with absolute technique.

The game was slightly soured when Robben finished it when he won a penalty after trying his hardest all game to do so (he apologised to Mexico, I would too, they have mad cartels with more money than most Governments). It looked like a dive to me. At best, a theatrical overplay of contact. Which for me, is just as bad. The penalty was buried by Huntelaar, which sealed the game. Holland through to the quarter finals.

Greece Vs Costa Rica, now there’s a game you could forget. Both teams lacked quality all night. Greece levelled in the 90th minute much to the disappointment of the world. Penalties ensued and the Greeks lost there nerve. A quality penalty shoot out in which Joel Campbell scored.

Joel watch would suggest he has quite a way to go to make it at Arsenal. My vibe from what I’ve been hearing is he’ll likely be the loan casualty this summer. Quite a few bits of his game showcased why last night. His first touch was poor and his decision making was very rough. He faded terribly in the second half and in extra time he may as well have not been there. Now, I know they’re people and those temperatures even at night are ghastly, but he really did tank.

He’s just not flavour of the month with Arsene. The manager tried to sell him last summer and in January. Feels like he could go the way of Carlos Vela. I’m sure he’ll get a decent club, he just feels a little too raw at the moment. His goal tally at Olympiacos tells a story, though it’s easy to see why we get caught in the hype. He’s fast, he’s unpredictable and he’s not shy having a spectacular crack from distance.

Some Arsenal interest this evening. We’ve got France vs Nigeria followed by Germany vs  Algeria.

Have a great day and a great night… and for petes sake, think twice before you bang on a pair of Speedos.


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  1. WengerEagle


    Lol you’re being incredibly unfair on Algeria, they were playing one of the best teams in the world in Germany packed to the brim with world class attacking talent.

    You’re being extremely naive if you think that they would have had a better chance of winning that match by playing open and attacking football and went in with a gung-ho approach.

    ‘Sorry if I want to watch a team play 11 behind the ball and try and nick a goal then I’d be a Chelsea fan.’

    Silly comparison as one side have a group of limited players while the other have world class players in most positions.

    Were you not one of the people who was showering Simeone and Atletico Madrid in praise?

    That’s exactly how they played in the majority of matches last season.

  2. london gunner


    I actually really enjoyed the football Algeria played.

    I wouldn’t compare it to Mourinho because it wasn’t negative or cynical

    I think they really tested Germany at times and came close to scoring.

    I think people are genuinely negative of Chelsea because they have a team full of world class talent so have the possibility of playing open football but choose not to

    Whilst Algeria squad compared to Germany in terms of talent is comparing chalk and cheese.

    I personally think ALgeria should feel proud of their team.

    Each to their own though

  3. TitsMcgee

    Next season we will see how many of you contradict yourselves when Chelsea sets up the same way and gets a result lol

    Cant have it both ways.

    Just because goal scoring opportunities were had and that they “tried” to score on a few breaks doesn’t mean they didn’t set up negatively.

  4. WengerEagle

    ‘I think people are genuinely negative of Chelsea because they have a team full of world class talent so have the possibility of playing open football but choose not toWhilst Algeria squad compared to Germany in terms of talent is comparing chalk and cheese.’

    On the money.

  5. TitsMcgee

    I personally think ALgeria should feel proud of their team.”

    Absolutely feel proud just don’t like to see teams tgat set up that way advance. Sorry. My preference.

    “Brave” performance or not.

  6. Godfather

    Felt bad for the Nigerians ……

    – Giroud gets away with a blatant elbow to the head of Mikel (Chelsea player : good job Olivia)

    – Matuidi takes out their best DM with a studs up nasty tackle …clear Red

    – Evra bear hugs Odemwingie in the box and the ref look on

    And boy did that goal look onside ….

    But then again the Africans screwed themselves by self imploding on two corners as they always seem to do on set pieces, so I guess they deserved the loss in the end

  7. karim

    fuck Algeria ?
    piss off Algeria had a great game man
    energy discipline technique aggresivity
    they re not chelsea how can you compare them is beyond me
    and keep your insults to yourself next time please

  8. london gunner


    But how is it fair comparing Chelsea a world class squad arguably one of the strongest teams in europe to Algeria…..

    Do you not think its a bit simplistic to band those two teams together without looking out the particular variables in their squad?

    Also factor in Algeria has never got past the group stage and have struggle to et into the world cup in the past

    I would say they honestly didn’t play for pens at all in fact especially in the first half they had a sustained period of attacking Germany and trying to get a goal.

    One could even argue Argentina was the best team in the first half and at times Germany looked really nervy and rocked

  9. TitsMcgee

    Felt bad for the Nigerians …”

    Now there was a good Performance. They actually tried to win vs a team that had more talent. They didn’t set up to kill the game.

  10. MidwestGun

    Chelsea has a quarter billion dollar payroll. And can literally buy any player they want. For them to play negative is not even remotely comparable to Algeria. They are battling basically a Bayerm Munich team with unknowns.
    Ridiculous comparison.

  11. london gunner


    Nor did Algeria do you have some form of cultural bias against Algeria.

    Normally your a great poster but your acting troll like its weird not expecting this from you tbh.

    At the end of the day Algeria were at least not equal if not slightly better in the first half they rocked Germany who looked helplessly nervy .

    When Mourinho played for a 0-0 draw last season his players didn’t even leave their half unless it was to go to the corner flag he also started time wasting from the first minute.

    Difference is Algeria actually got into Germanies box and got shots of so how is that not trying to win/score?

    If I could be arsed I could provide you the stats from the first half that show they actually attacked a fair bit

  12. Leedsgunner

    I’d feel hard done if I was Nigeria — perfectly good goal disallowed. Would’ve tested the mental fragility of the French who played a bit dirty today… and should have a man sent off.

    Pogba is such a talent though — how did we miss him? He would’ve been immense for us!

  13. Bamford13

    Just wanted to remind everyone that the old man in the ridiculous 1982 light blue speedos is the manager of Arsenal football club.

  14. N5

    Midwest, he said it about you too. Karim was going crazy, throwing threats left and right!!

    Nah, karim is far to nice a guy to be mean about anybody.

  15. TitsMcgee


    That’s great for them. As a fan I don’t like to see it and I am glad to see a team like them go out.

    You also don’t have to have talent to kill off a game either.

    “Smart” yes.

    “Brave” give me a break.

  16. TitsMcgee

    Nor did Algeria do you have some form of cultural bias against Algeria.”

    I swore I said earlier that it wouldn’t have mattered who did it.

    I hated when London based Chelsea did it in UCL final years ago.

  17. TitsMcgee

    Chelsea is also just one example so let’s not act like they are the only team that has set up negatively in the history of football. We all watch enough football to know. It was the example most would remember.

    You can hate that I hate it all you want.

  18. MidwestGun

    Tits –
    Lol nobody said you have to like the way they played. But certainly they did not play for penalties. And they scored a goal. They played smart and basically the only way they could. They were a massive underdog. There is no comparison between million dollar club teams and teams like Algeria and Costa Rica.
    You didn’t like the way they played cool. But they didn’t play for penalties.
    Not every country has the talent/ability to play like Real Madrid. Part of the WC tournament is strategy and winning not who can play the most beautiful football.

  19. Thomas

    “Sit back park the bus and hope to catch out the opposing team isn’t very “brave” to me. Sorry. Lol”


    Algeria played to their strengths. They were never going to go full attack mode. Lol what did you expect? They most definitely didn’t “set up to kill the game”. Bollocks.

    Also what does “Its bollocks because they are Germans.” mean?



    Nigerias goal was offside though

  20. TitsMcgee

    But certainly they did not play for penalties”

    They certainly did and while you think it was heroic or brave I don’t.

    I don’t care how much talent they have or don’t have. They still tried to kill the game.

    Nigeria could have done the same but didn’t. They went after it.

    They were much more deserving of the brave term.

    //No I am not Nigerian

  21. neil

    Joel Campbell is a lightweight, if Wenger could find a buyer, he would be gone, maybe this shop window might prise out some mugs, had to laugh at one commentator in the Germany v Algeria game, he made the observation that Ozil doesn’t shoot very often, thought he should take more responsibility to go for goal, this is a Wenger trait, walk the ball into the net, wait until you are 6 yards from goal, then find a team mate in a better position, then pass to him

    In the France v Nigeria game, Giroud was in the 18 yard box, maybe around 15 yards from goal when the ball was floated in to him, instead of heading or slamming it into the net, HE TRIES TO CUSHION A HEADER INTO THE PATH OF A TEAM MATE, IN HIS OPINION, IN A BETTER POSITION




    If I hear anyone else praise Wenger I will go ballistic

  22. grooveydaddy


    I’m gonna spring for USA 1-0. what do you reckon?

    So far all the favored teams have advanced. We’re due an upset…

  23. grooveydaddy

    Historically, I think Italy set up quite negatively, despite often having world class attackers at their disposal.

  24. MidwestGun

    Tits –
    I think your definition of killing a game and pretty much anyone else in the world may be different. They counter attacked with pace whenever they could. Would you like to compare the top talent of Nigeria and Algeria? Almost every Nigerian starter plays in a top league. Algeria cedeing possession was smart because they don’t have the talent to keep the ball from Germany. Bizarre expectations you have. There defending and pressing and speed on the counter was heroic considering they were playing one of the best teams in the world.

  25. neil

    Whatever good any player has when he first comes to AFC, Wenger will soon expunge that from them, players become impotent playing for Wenger, they go backwards, downhill, Cazorla, Vermaelen, Ozil, even Theo and Jack were better in the first year than they are now

    Wenger has a knack of making his players as mediocre as him in such a short time

    The Ox showed tremendous potential, he will not reach the heights he should if he stays under this manager, sure they look good early on, fast, adventurous,care free, playing without inhibitions, that is the folly of youth

    After 12 months under Wenger, they become scared, nervous, unadventurous, playing within a restricted structure placed on them by the manager, playing without freedom



    No fans you have all been duped by the worlds biggest con man, as the author said about Wenger’s choice of swimwear



  26. MidwestGun

    Gdaddy –
    I’m afraid to predict. I think we will play more open. Last time we played Belgium they tore us up on the counter with Benteke. Luckily, he’s not playing. Lol
    I’m worried about Mertens. Anyhow, I’m leaning towards a 2 to 1 if Altidore can play. Dempsey playing off him is way more dangerous and it opens space for Zusi or Bedoya. If Altidore can’t play. Maybe your 1 to 0. But it will be a more defensive effort. We are not good at defending a lead either.

  27. neil

    This guy is on 8 million quid a year, and turns up at the beach in THOSE, the things he wore at St Tropez in 1971, now you know everything about our transfer policy, why this idiot won’t spend the money, that picture tells you a thousand words on why he is a scrooge

    I’m sure the girls were impressed

  28. Bamford13

    Can anyone recommend any particular writers, articles or publications for smart analysis/discussion of the World Cup? I feel like there are writers out there — other than Pedro, of course — saying very smart things about what we’ve seen so far, but I don’t know who they are.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  29. grooveydaddy


    How about the Argie-Swiss game?

    I keep expecting Argentina to do the business, but they’ve let me down scoreline-wise in every game so far.

    2-1 or 3-1 to the Argies?

  30. MidwestGun

    Gdaddy –
    Hmmm I think Argentina like 2 to 0. In a strange way Aguero not playing may help. Argentina really letting me down too. But Messi has been unreal.

  31. Leedsgunner

    There’s nothing wrong with long term investment obviously — but we need to carry out some present day investment first! ;). We always seem to drag our feet on that. One eye to future so much we miss what we need now.

  32. salparadisenyc

    Fucking hell tomorrows going to be a STINGER.
    I’m going to miss the world cup when she’s gone.

    Excuses a plenty.
    Get in boys.

  33. Dark Hei

    HITC just reported that AS has claimed Angel Di Maria wants a transfer.

    Who do you think fits us better, Di Maria or Sanchez? They both play out from the left but are different type of players.

  34. tunnygriffboy


    It’s a difficult one. Sanchez for me, can play up top on his own as well. Would like another cheaper forward and DM. I really hope we’re doing mega work behind the scenes to ensure this happens

  35. Dark Hei


    The whole gooner world from Untold of the east to Le Grove of the west are united in hope of seeing Sanchez in Arsenal’s red and white.

  36. Revving Kevin

    Breaking News: 7 Cameroon players being investigated for match fixing in the group stages!

    Thus was the same team that arrived late due to an argument over bonuses.

    Makes you wonder how much of this is going on.

  37. Revving Kevin

    Those criticising Algeria should look at the Cameroon situation. The Algerians did their country and their fans proud. Technically very good and gave the Germans a tough game and made then look ordinary at times. They played how they had to play. As said before, comparing then to a 3/4 billion side that parks the bus is ridiculous.

  38. Revving Kevin

    Lots of Wenger envy about those speedos. Bet some if you would oil a lot worse in them!!! And Wenger is in his 60’s. Knocking him for wearing speedos proves it’s personal and not just about football 😉

    Seriously, I hope he is having a relaxing time and recharging his batteries for a title assault next season. Wenger on his game unleashed from any shackles is a dangerous man. Cheksea and Man City beware, I have a good feeling about next season.

  39. Ashwin Gunner

    “I hope he is having a relaxing time and recharging his batteries for a title assault next season.”

    Its not only his battery which needs recharge. He needs to recharge the squad and bring in players with better battery backup , More Power, better processor.:D

  40. xLynchianX

    “After 12 months under Wenger, they become scared, nervous, unadventurous, playing within a restricted structure placed on them by the manager, playing without freedom”

    Really can’t dispute this comment from Neil.

  41. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Wenker really is strangling the club to a sloe death.
    In truth he will get a lot worse before the club decide enough is enough !

    He will lose the dressing room this yeAr with his favouritism to under preforming favour rites.

    He has one last card buy or say bye.

  42. Ashwin Gunner

    Well. Even if we go and purchase 10 WC players, stil they have to play under Wenger. and as Neil pointed out, players lose their natural game or the game which made them WC at the first place and adjust to Wenger’s method.

    So its all going to be the same as long as Mr Speedo is incharge..

  43. MadeToLoveMagic

    “Wenker really is strangling the club to a sloe death.
    In truth he will get a lot worse before the club decide enough is enough”

    its comments like that that discredit the views of many others on this site..

    if thats a slow death, then im sure 99.9% of clubs are begging for a slow death as we speak

    or maybe you really did mean Sloe death, and you think wenger is secretly planning to submerge the emirates in millions of tons of sloe berries

  44. MadeToLoveMagic

    spuds in for aurier”

    Yeah what papers that according to?

    when will you people learn, the papers agents clubs and players ALL WORK TOGETHER to raise the value of players and create smokescreens for other transfers

    They lie lie lie

  45. Bergkamplegend

    “Arturo Vidal agrees to join Man utd.”

    LOL yoonited 3 – Arsenal 0, to be continued…

  46. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Made to,,,,,

    So one trophy in 9 years suffices for a wealthy European top ten team does it?
    Constant sell of good players for nothing other than financial gain really does did credit the supporters of this fine club,

    Wenger really abuses his power at the club,

    In time the truth will come out… It alwAys does ..

    Eh Rolf ,

  47. xLynchianX

    We should really be finding it worrying that a club without champions league football is besting us in the transfer market.

  48. tunnygriffboy


    So all players regress while at Arsenal. That is way too much of a sweeping statement. It’s the same at all clubs. Some players kick on, others don’t. It appears that you believe only at Arsenal players regress. Sorry not the case.

    Also Arsene gives the players too much freedom and in certain games he needs to be more structured.

  49. tunnygriffboy

    I’d be happier if we had signed players. It could be that the players we want are still in the WC. Also we may have to wait for Sanchez due to Barca and the Suarez situation. We don’t know what is going on behind the scenes. Has Vidal definitely signed for Man u or is it a story ?

  50. xLynchianX


    Not all players regress under Arsene, but right now I can only think of Ramsey as the player who has remarkably progressed under Wenger. Others have regressed by having their individual abilities snuffed out of them. It’s the reason I tell people that if C. Ronaldo had joined Arsenal instead of Man u, he wouldn’t be half the player he is today.

  51. Wengaball


    “I can only think of Ramsey who has dramatically improved under Wenger”

    Something tells me you are about 13.

  52. Johng973

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