ARSENE NO! | Arsenal pushing hard on our mega signing

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Arsene, the hot babes I could handle, the emerging from the sea like Daniel Craig I could tolerate… hell, I even defended your figure.

Speedos though?

You took it too far.


The only comment I can give is that once again, you have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt, you give but not one fuck about what people think.

I guess there’s a bravo in there somewhere.

Secretly, I’m enjoying it. Wenger has been pure bantz this summer. It’s like a mad stag do Facebook album upload every damn day with that man.

I’d be more inclined to moan if I wasn’t aware of the positive up and coming news I can share.

Sanchez is this man we’re going hard for and there’s a massive chance he’ll come to us. If he’s coming over, he’s coming to us as our main striker. That’s very exciting. He gives us options, he gives us frightening pace, he gives us surprising amounts of power and he gives us that magic topping of surprise we don’t’ really have with Giroud. Bring Joel Campbell into the fold… well, you have three nice options available to you. Well, that’s if he gets a chance, I have a feeling Sanogo is the chosen one.

Trouble is… Barcelona. We had Higuain sorted last year then Madrid moved the goal posts. Barca have the upper hand in this and we know what bastards those guys can be. If they’re negotiating with us, I’m sure there will be a consideration of that Cesc fee somewhere along the line and obviously, the usual sense of Barca entitlement.

Who knows what they’ll suggest… however, when you see they’re chasing Cuadrado, Suarez and Marquinhos, they can’t be too cheeky.

Wouldn’t worry about Liverpool too much either. Firstly, it’s not exactly the best place to live for a Chilean. Secondly, players don’t like to act as make weights. It’s a bit low grade. The chances of him 1) Accepting he is a make weight for a better players are slim 2) Chilean living in Barcelona is only going to want to live in London. You simply wouldn’t opt for anywhere else. Especially if Arsenal are going hard with big cash.

Anyway, keep the faith, things are ticking along. Debuchy stated he wants Champions League football (wonder why he did that) and he’s a top player if we can land him, Schneiderlin is an excellent long term replacement for Arteta / Flamini and he wants to move somewhere for ‘big occassions’ and Sanchez would make a pretty powerful summer. Throw in a bit of depth somewhere else and we’re laughing. Well, we’re laughing if that new fitness chap works some magic.

I still think we need more depth. We’ve not really moved that far from where we were last year, bar having a better striker. I’ve heard we’re going hard for a centre back as well, I’d probably opt for a better left back. Also, I’d be nabbing Konoplyanka because I really like him and I don’t think you can ever have too much pace.

Do those things, and look, I don’t think we have the manager to challenge for the league, but we certainly have more options… and better options give you more ability to surprise coaches who last season, spent all week planning against the one team they knew we’d put out. It was too easy. This season, if we keep our best players fit, some player take their games up a level (Jack, Chambo, Gnabry, Campbell <- Have a feeling Sanogo is the favoured one) and we bake a bit more planning into our approach… who knows what could happen.

I’m confident the club are going to have a good summer… so should you.

World Cup wise, it was a bit of  drab affair in the Mexico game. Temperatures in the groud reached a whopping 40 degrees. Sunshine so powerful the fans in the sun soacked stands retired to the bars to escape the outrageous heat. That impacted on the play. It was sluggish at times. Mexico took the lead with a low Dos Santos goal. Holland responded after the last water break of the game when LVG yanked off Robin, to bring on a Huntelaar and Depay. The goal came from a long ball being cleared as far as Sneijder who buried his shot with absolute technique.

The game was slightly soured when Robben finished it when he won a penalty after trying his hardest all game to do so (he apologised to Mexico, I would too, they have mad cartels with more money than most Governments). It looked like a dive to me. At best, a theatrical overplay of contact. Which for me, is just as bad. The penalty was buried by Huntelaar, which sealed the game. Holland through to the quarter finals.

Greece Vs Costa Rica, now there’s a game you could forget. Both teams lacked quality all night. Greece levelled in the 90th minute much to the disappointment of the world. Penalties ensued and the Greeks lost there nerve. A quality penalty shoot out in which Joel Campbell scored.

Joel watch would suggest he has quite a way to go to make it at Arsenal. My vibe from what I’ve been hearing is he’ll likely be the loan casualty this summer. Quite a few bits of his game showcased why last night. His first touch was poor and his decision making was very rough. He faded terribly in the second half and in extra time he may as well have not been there. Now, I know they’re people and those temperatures even at night are ghastly, but he really did tank.

He’s just not flavour of the month with Arsene. The manager tried to sell him last summer and in January. Feels like he could go the way of Carlos Vela. I’m sure he’ll get a decent club, he just feels a little too raw at the moment. His goal tally at Olympiacos tells a story, though it’s easy to see why we get caught in the hype. He’s fast, he’s unpredictable and he’s not shy having a spectacular crack from distance.

Some Arsenal interest this evening. We’ve got France vs Nigeria followed by Germany vs  Algeria.

Have a great day and a great night… and for petes sake, think twice before you bang on a pair of Speedos.


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  1. Ashwin Gunner

    ” Because if Algeria manage to get a ball in behind then Germany could be in trouble.”

    Yea.. I dont disagree with that… If Per is your last defender, then by the time he runs back, you might as well score the goal and complete the celebrations.. 😀

  2. Paulinho

    “When you watch a game like this, it does make you wonder why Germany don’t play Lahm at RB”

    Everyone keeps praising Guardiola and Lahm for this ‘evolution’ but I can’t see how it’s helped anyone. A brilliant full back has just transformed into a mobile but ultimately limited midfielder.

  3. Nasri's Mouth

    Playing Mertesacker as part of a high back line isn’t a problem if you legislate against the problems it potentially causes

    Whereas Loew seems to have done exactly the opposite.

  4. Ashwin Gunner

    Loew doesnt; seem to have a plan B. Its the same plan always.. press the opposition. play attacking football have more passes.. etc etc….

    Looks like Loew had a quick chat with Wenger tonight…

  5. WengerEagle

    ‘Everyone keeps praising Guardiola and Lahm for this ‘evolution’ but I can’t see how it’s helped anyone. A brilliant full back has just transformed into a mobile but ultimately limited midfielder.’

    Spot on, it’s a big mistake not to play him at FB.

  6. Nasri's Mouth

    Imagine Arsenal playing Sagna in the middle of the pitch, and having Koscielny 25 meters further up the pitch than Mertesacker.

    Then drag in a couple of taxi drivers to play as full backs.

    That’s Germany

  7. Bamford13

    These two German fullbacks don’t overlap, so the attack is limited and is all down the center.

    If Lahm and Grosskreutz were the fullbacks, they’d be more dynamic.

  8. Nasri's Mouth

    And it says something when probably England best tactical coach of the last 30 years, confuses Algeria and Al Jazeera

  9. london gunner

    Ironically I don’t think France can beat Germany.

    Germany’s kryptonite is fast teams who play on the counter and are incredibly aggressive mainly because of the fact they play with a suicidal high line

    But France doesn’t actually play that way they are much slower in the build up and don’t stretch the game they tend to play quite narrow as well.

    I think it will congested but I think if Germany turn up with their passing game they will manoeuvre the ball around france fairly effectively

    I thin

  10. Bamford13

    Ozil really is a bit lazy. Doesn’t make runs he should make at times, loses the ball and watches. Pouts.

    Talented player, but his attitude and work ethic aren’t great.

  11. Nasri's Mouth

    Al Jazeera PR ‏@AlJazeera 10m
    Just for the record to clarify @AlJazeera is a Media network and not a country, #Algeria on the other hand is a country #worldcup2014

    Haha Hoddle

  12. Nasri's Mouth

    Bamford13: Talented player, but his attitude and work ethic aren’t great.

    More tackles than any other German player this game

  13. Goonah

    Been charmed by Algeria, nice defending, good tecnique and lightning counters.

    They had their chances but now Germany will wear them down

  14. Bamford13


    Those must’ve all been in the first half, because he has been dogging it in the second. Acting like a little baby again. Losing the ball and watching. Not making runs, then looking at others as if it were their fault.

  15. london gunner

    Algeria’s final ball is poor.

    But the ball before that aka their long passing has been sensational at times.

    They got some amazing long distance passers on their team

  16. Arsene's Nurse

    Dale Rios June 30, 2014 20:15:41

    These Algerians are all fasting?
    No, commentator said they have been given dispensation not to, which, as I understand it, is normal when circumstances would be detrimental. Examples include pregnant women, babies and young children.

    I’m sure they’ll be a more knowledgeable gooner on the site who’ll be able to expand on Ramadan and fasting.

  17. Jim Lahey

    Evening everyone, don’t know if you’ve all seen this:

    Graham Hunter (@BumperGraham): “Alexis Sanchez will be gently told ‘find the right place to go, we’d like it to be Anfield’ ” #AFC #LFC

  18. Dissenter

    I think you owe Calofornia poogs an apology.
    Last night, He predicted a very close game btw Germany and Algeria and you went after him poorly.

  19. Bamford13

    OK, Mouth, I see what you’re up to. I’m watching the game, not looking at stats that don’t tell the whole story.

    And we had plenty of evidence this season that Ozil has attitude and effort issues at times, so that observation is grounded in experience.

    Did you just see that all-too casual heel pass in midfield? Or is that not in the stats?

    I was going to play nice, but you’re f***ing annoying.

  20. Bamford13


    You’re right. Was thinking that on my way home from the bar just now. Apologies, California. You were right to think Algeria would give Germany a run.

    I was wrong to make a judgment based on only seeing Algerian highlights.

    Unlike certain other folks on here, I’m happy to admit when I get something wrong.

  21. Nasri's Mouth

    Bamford13: I was going to play nice, but you’re f***ing annoying.

    When you say dumb things I like annoying you.

  22. Romford Pele

    Lol I see Low is following his master Wenger to a tee. He’s just holding back this team tbh.

    Get Draxler in there and Lahm at Fb. Missing the Bender brothers and Gundogan. Schweini and Kroos are great, but as we saw for Bayern, they only really have one gear.

  23. Al

    Bamford your right ozil has been poor but so has the whole Germany midfield. They have all been just as bad as each other

  24. Jim Lahey

    @NM – I hope so, I’m guessing Barca would prefer Liverpool so they can add him into the deal for Suarez.

    But I’m sire the last thing Sanchez wants is to be part of a swap deal. We’ll see how much of a say Barca really have in the whole situation.

    Also, this is me being paranoid, but wouldn’t it just be the kind of thing Barca would want, just to fuck us over!!

  25. Bamford13

    Nothing I said was “dumb,” clown. You haven’t proven that by going to those stats, which only tell half the story.

    And only a troll says things in order to deliberately “annoy” others, so I guess you’ll acknowledge you’re a troll.

    Can’t wait until you try to say something of substance.

  26. karaul

    just imagine… ozil not scoring a penalty… germany out… ozil completely fucked… out of form till January

  27. Jim Lahey

    @RP – “Get Draxler in there and Lahm at Fb. Missing the Bender brothers and Gundogan.”

    Good god do they have depth! No Reus either, frightening!

  28. Bamford13


    No, we must be wrong, because Nasri’s Mouth has stats that say Ozil has been great. Right, Mouth?

  29. WengerEagle

    Heroic effort from Algeria, they’ve been absolutely superb.

    Germany are lacking a bit of dynamism down the flanks although Schurrle and Lahm have both improved them a lot down the right since their substitutions/switch of position.

    I’d bring Draxler on for Schweinsteiger or Kroos and move Ozil into the middle if I were Low.

  30. Arsene's Nurse

    Dissenter June 30, 2014 21:47:04

    Classy of you to apologize.

    These games have all been close.
    Best world cup so far for me. I’ve actively followed since Espana 1982.
    I agree. It’s been a revelation. There just aren’t any ‘mickey mouse’ teams in the competition anymore. A lot of these players will be plying their trade in top leagues around the world. Even countries who don’t have as many players in top flight football have managed to produce sides that play good football.

    Even the refereeing has improved!

  31. Romford Pele

    Eagle, spot on.

    Problem with this German team is what plagued Arsenal post January with lack of movement and runners, too much similarity.

    Draxler attacking left please. There’s no Reus so you need that unpredictability in the squad

  32. N5

    AI that won’t matter to some though mate. I fucking love Ozil and I hate it when he has games like today as I know people are going to use that to knock his 42m pricetag. The entire midfield has been poor tonight.

  33. Nasri's Mouth


    Oh dear, look, you claimed Ozil was lazy and his work ethic wasn’t great.

    I pointed out that he’s covered a lot of ground and been involved in a fair bit, and he’s put in more tackles than any other player.

    Maybe what you see isn’t actually all of truth. There’s another side that you’ve not seen.

    There was a game last season where a load of people thought Ozil had been lazy, (can’t remember which one). Turned out he’d run farther than anyone, (which surprised me for sure)

    If you want to take this further I’ll ask for “the plenty of evidence that he has attitude and effort issues” 😀

  34. Nasri's Mouth

    Bamford13: No, we must be wrong, because Nasri’s Mouth has stats that say Ozil has been great. Right, Mouth?

    Dunno, I’m still laughing at your idea of a fair and free referendum in Crimea actually.

  35. Bamford13

    Khedira has definitely brought something to the German midfield it didn’t have earlier in the game, and Lahm has been way more effective as RB.

  36. Arsene's Nurse

    I think the Germans will go onto win this 2-0. Algeria look really tired, but you can see they are still trying to press.

  37. Al


    To be honest what people think of Ozil doesn’t really bother me. I know he is world class, almost the whole football community knows he is world class so comments about him not being worth it or him losing it really do not bother me. I just see them as ridiculous statements.

    People are just to defensive about the position they have taken up….those that don’t think he is great will always find fault with him…..and those that love him will always defend him even in bad games……Its like there cant be no middle ground or a world class player can’t struggle for a couple of games or have bad games etc…

    In conclusion don’t let it bother you bud….just remember the ramsey haters and the current wilshere haters

  38. Bamford13


    Changing the subject, eh? I’m not surprised; you’re not doing so well on the present topic.

    I’m glad you remember the things I say so well, though. That was weeks ago. I’m flattered. BTW, what did I say about gay Gooners? Did you memorize that?

    You pick the topic, Mouth; I’ll run circles around you on it. 😉

  39. Dissenter

    World class status is not like a permanent field Marshall rank or something.

    It’s a transient state of form.
    World class players change or affect games.
    Ozil is yet to do either.
    He could very well blow out the French in the semis, who knows?

    So far, underwhelming and average.

    Please stop the “oh, the entire midfield if poor” argument.

    He’s supposed to be world class, which defense splitting pass has he made all game?

  40. Bamford13

    Khedira over Schneiderlin?

    I’ve never really liked Khedira, but he has impressed at this WC. I think I’d like him. Imagine—


    Not a bad side.

  41. Mike adamski

    I know ozils good _
    I just think the WC so far has been an opportunity missed for him to prove again his class .
    Hopefully he’ll smash it next season for us

  42. Nasri's Mouth


    err….YOU haven’t replied to my last post re: Ozil.

    Any topic ? you really want to talk about that referendum ? Really ?

  43. Mike adamski

    If rather have khedira over schneiderlin too

    Would arguably rather have Sanchez than ballotelli .

    Debuchy isn’t bad . I can see that happening

  44. Nasri's Mouth

    Khedira plays too far up the pitch for me. I’d prefer to have someone sitting deeper in front of the back 4

  45. TitsMcgee

    Fcuk Algeria. Glad to see a team like them lose.

    Any team that sets up for penalties from the start deserve to go out.

  46. Arsene's Nurse

    Could anyone ever see England put in such a performance as Algeria did? Credit to them, they played their socks off tonight.

  47. Nasri's Mouth

    Yep, still loving this World Cup.

    Next season’s going to be dull as fuck to balance it out isn’t it ? 🙁

  48. Bamford13


    This will be the last I say to you today as you’re merely a troll and not worth discussing things with.

    Re Ozil, as I already pointed out, those stats must have been influenced heavily by his first half performance, because anyone actually watching him in the second half — as opposed to checking his stats — saw him NOT running at key moments, making key give-aways, not trying to win the ball back after losing it, and making his pouty face. Look at the comments above. Everyone who chimed in agreed with ME re his second half performance, not you and your stat book.

    And that’s because stats only tell half the story. Take distance covered. Ozil played wide left today, so he is SUPPOSED to be running as much or more as any other player. He is responsible for getting all the way forward and tracking all the way back. Thus he is bound to accumulate kilometers.

    But does that distance covered number tell you, in itself, how hard he has worked? Does it tell you the pace at which he has covered those distances? Does it tell you whether he has run when he has lost the ball or given it away? Does it tell you whether he made all of the runs he should’ve made.

    No, it doesn’t. That you can only know by actually watching the game.

    Ahh, he just scored. Lovely. Note, though, that he almost blew the whole thing out of over-casualness, but he has enough class to finish it off.

    I like Ozil, but he definitely can be lazy, pouty and indifferent at times.

    As for times this year at Arsenal where his attitude and effort wasn’t so great, I’d be happy to answer that — did you actually follow the team this year? — but I’ll also open that to others:

    Does anyone remember any games this year in which Ozil’s attitude and effort were not what they should be?

    Would love to hear gambon on this point.

  49. london gunner


    Set up for penalties did you watch the same match.

    On numerous in fact countless occasions they tried to score

    They were blistering on the counter just lacked quality in the final third

  50. Leedsgunner

    Well done to both teams. Germany for winning and Algeria shown lots and lots of heart! Chances went begging, shame you couldn’t have finished them off!

    Ozil — quality wins in the end — well done to all the Gooners in the German squad — please get you get working on the Bender boys and Draxler please?


  51. Nasri's Mouth

    @Arsene’s Nurse

    How many of the ‘minor’ teams could you say that about?

    Pretty much most of them, it’s been brilliant to see so many socks been played off.

    England went home wearing theirs though

  52. TitsMcgee

    They had 11 men behind the ball the whole game.

    Of course they tried to hit on the counter here or there but it’s clear they set up to get this to penalties. Of course they would have taken a goal if they got one.

  53. J goon

    Tomorrows news:-
    ‘Man city to rival arsenal for sanchez.’
    Premier league champs, unlimited funds, world class team, spanish speaking players, chilean manager.
    Oh well, nice dream while it lasted
    At least we have giroud

  54. California Poogs

    Ozil scores, after attempting to assist for the high percentage tap-in style, which the Algerians parry. It was an intelligent play from Mesut, but finishes himself to prove he’s not a bottler.
    After this game I see more of why he is considered world class. In the first half, the play was stretched and Algeria was a threat, while Germany could not quite pin the Algerians into a deep defensive position, which would limit Algeriancounter attacks effectiveness. Ozil takes the ball in midfield and drives all the way to corner flag, at least twice, to fully pin back the Algerians and relieve the German defense. This is the kind of game-changing tactical maneuvering that Ozil provides.

  55. TitsMcgee

    Its bollocks because they are Germans.

    Algeria just did what Chelsea did to Bayern Munich a few years ago.

    Sit back, pick and choose when to go forward here or there and hope to nick a goal.

    If Algeria were Chelsea you’d be ripping them.

  56. WengerEagle


    Lol, come on with the personnel that Algeria have did you really expect them to play open, attacking football against the Germans?

    Tactically they were brilliant and could have nicked it if they were a little better in the final third.

  57. Goonah

    I think Germany had a poor game today and I’m pretty sure they will play better against France and knock them out
    If they don’t play better they atleast have the best keeper in the world to fall back on

  58. WengerEagle

    ‘Very interesting statistic. Ozil has scored 18 goals for Germany and all but 2 have been scored in World Cup or UEFA Championship games.’

    First of all it’s 3 goals and not 2 goals.

    Secondly, why is it interesting?

  59. Nasri's Mouth


    You keep going on those stats being heavily influenced by the 1st half. That’s probably because when you made you point the game was about 65 mins old, so of course they were. Dismissing the 1st half as not being important to somehow prove your point is bizarre. It is a game of 2 halves.

    And whether Ozil played left wing or not, (and that graph showed he covered a lot more than just the wing) he covered an awful lot of ground hence the lazy tag isn’t really justified.

    He didn’t play very well, (though that label applied to a fair few of the German side), but saying his work ethic isn’t great isn’t really fair at all

  60. Dale Rios

    If anything Ozil proved that he was a bottler by trying to pass to Schurrle, good thing the rebound was in his favour and he got his goal in the end.

  61. TitsMcgee

    Tactically they were brilliant and could have nicked it if they were a little better in the final third.”

    Sorry if I want to watch a team play 11 behind the ball and try and nick a goal then I’d be a Chelsea fan.

    It’s nothing against Algeria (even though their fans see the need to flash lasers into Neuers eyes) I would have same complaints if we did it.

    Sit back park the bus and hope to catch out the opposing team isn’t very “brave” to me. Sorry. Lol

  62. Bamford13


    There’s nothing wrong with ceding possession, defending your half and trying to counter-attack. That’s a perfectly legitimate approach to the game.

    The reasons, I think, that people gave Chelsea such a hard time for their use of it to win the CL were:

    1. the general and widespread distaste for Chelsea
    2. the fact that Chelsea looked SO MUCH poorer than their opposition
    3. the fact that Chelsea took the tactic to an extreme that hadn’t been seen since Moourinho’s Inter Milan

    For me, Algeria looked quite good going forward. As good as Germany is, I never thought there was some embarrassing chasm in quality between the two sides. And while they played for the counter, I didn’t think they took it to any cynical extreme.

    As far as I’m concerned, Algeria made a good show of themselves.

  63. TitsMcgee

    Ozil def needs to become more aggressive. He seems almost too unselfish. He also needs to work on his shot placements.

  64. Bamford13


    A very underwhelming response on your part, but let’s just leave it there. Your trollery has occupied enough of my time for one day. 😉

  65. MidwestGun

    Wow, Algeria set up for penalties? Lol. How did they get so many shots on goal and chances then? . Playing an open attacking game would have been suicidal. Huge talent difference. Really don’t understand what people expect and wtf their agenda is. Algeria played their hearts out and almost pulled a giant upset. Sheesh, unreal on here, sometimes.