ARSENE NO! | Arsenal pushing hard on our mega signing

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Arsene, the hot babes I could handle, the emerging from the sea like Daniel Craig I could tolerate… hell, I even defended your figure.

Speedos though?

You took it too far.


The only comment I can give is that once again, you have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt, you give but not one fuck about what people think.

I guess there’s a bravo in there somewhere.

Secretly, I’m enjoying it. Wenger has been pure bantz this summer. It’s like a mad stag do Facebook album upload every damn day with that man.

I’d be more inclined to moan if I wasn’t aware of the positive up and coming news I can share.

Sanchez is this man we’re going hard for and there’s a massive chance he’ll come to us. If he’s coming over, he’s coming to us as our main striker. That’s very exciting. He gives us options, he gives us frightening pace, he gives us surprising amounts of power and he gives us that magic topping of surprise we don’t’ really have with Giroud. Bring Joel Campbell into the fold… well, you have three nice options available to you. Well, that’s if he gets a chance, I have a feeling Sanogo is the chosen one.

Trouble is… Barcelona. We had Higuain sorted last year then Madrid moved the goal posts. Barca have the upper hand in this and we know what bastards those guys can be. If they’re negotiating with us, I’m sure there will be a consideration of that Cesc fee somewhere along the line and obviously, the usual sense of Barca entitlement.

Who knows what they’ll suggest… however, when you see they’re chasing Cuadrado, Suarez and Marquinhos, they can’t be too cheeky.

Wouldn’t worry about Liverpool too much either. Firstly, it’s not exactly the best place to live for a Chilean. Secondly, players don’t like to act as make weights. It’s a bit low grade. The chances of him 1) Accepting he is a make weight for a better players are slim 2) Chilean living in Barcelona is only going to want to live in London. You simply wouldn’t opt for anywhere else. Especially if Arsenal are going hard with big cash.

Anyway, keep the faith, things are ticking along. Debuchy stated he wants Champions League football (wonder why he did that) and he’s a top player if we can land him, Schneiderlin is an excellent long term replacement for Arteta / Flamini and he wants to move somewhere for ‘big occassions’ and Sanchez would make a pretty powerful summer. Throw in a bit of depth somewhere else and we’re laughing. Well, we’re laughing if that new fitness chap works some magic.

I still think we need more depth. We’ve not really moved that far from where we were last year, bar having a better striker. I’ve heard we’re going hard for a centre back as well, I’d probably opt for a better left back. Also, I’d be nabbing Konoplyanka because I really like him and I don’t think you can ever have too much pace.

Do those things, and look, I don’t think we have the manager to challenge for the league, but we certainly have more options… and better options give you more ability to surprise coaches who last season, spent all week planning against the one team they knew we’d put out. It was too easy. This season, if we keep our best players fit, some player take their games up a level (Jack, Chambo, Gnabry, Campbell <- Have a feeling Sanogo is the favoured one) and we bake a bit more planning into our approach… who knows what could happen.

I’m confident the club are going to have a good summer… so should you.

World Cup wise, it was a bit of  drab affair in the Mexico game. Temperatures in the groud reached a whopping 40 degrees. Sunshine so powerful the fans in the sun soacked stands retired to the bars to escape the outrageous heat. That impacted on the play. It was sluggish at times. Mexico took the lead with a low Dos Santos goal. Holland responded after the last water break of the game when LVG yanked off Robin, to bring on a Huntelaar and Depay. The goal came from a long ball being cleared as far as Sneijder who buried his shot with absolute technique.

The game was slightly soured when Robben finished it when he won a penalty after trying his hardest all game to do so (he apologised to Mexico, I would too, they have mad cartels with more money than most Governments). It looked like a dive to me. At best, a theatrical overplay of contact. Which for me, is just as bad. The penalty was buried by Huntelaar, which sealed the game. Holland through to the quarter finals.

Greece Vs Costa Rica, now there’s a game you could forget. Both teams lacked quality all night. Greece levelled in the 90th minute much to the disappointment of the world. Penalties ensued and the Greeks lost there nerve. A quality penalty shoot out in which Joel Campbell scored.

Joel watch would suggest he has quite a way to go to make it at Arsenal. My vibe from what I’ve been hearing is he’ll likely be the loan casualty this summer. Quite a few bits of his game showcased why last night. His first touch was poor and his decision making was very rough. He faded terribly in the second half and in extra time he may as well have not been there. Now, I know they’re people and those temperatures even at night are ghastly, but he really did tank.

He’s just not flavour of the month with Arsene. The manager tried to sell him last summer and in January. Feels like he could go the way of Carlos Vela. I’m sure he’ll get a decent club, he just feels a little too raw at the moment. His goal tally at Olympiacos tells a story, though it’s easy to see why we get caught in the hype. He’s fast, he’s unpredictable and he’s not shy having a spectacular crack from distance.

Some Arsenal interest this evening. We’ve got France vs Nigeria followed by Germany vs  Algeria.

Have a great day and a great night… and for petes sake, think twice before you bang on a pair of Speedos.


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  1. Romford Pele

    Eagle, For sure I’m not writing off Colombia. I’m just sticking with Brazil because they were my shout at the start of the tournament. They aren’t particularly fluid but play with a lot of passion and have the crowd as the extra man.

    Luis Gustavo is a massive miss though I think Ramires can come in and do a good job. James and Cuadrado will no doubt be dangerous.

    Neymar will definitely play mate, it’s all posturing. Fred certainly isn’t great but I’d still back him to net if provided with a chance. Will be close for sure

  2. Jeff


    Wenger works on the principle that given enough time and chances any player can turn good. Experience and history show us otherwise. Very rarely does that happen and when it does, it rarely lasts.

  3. N5

    Without meaning to sound condescending, I have to question some’s understanding of football if they thing Benzema is average!

  4. Nasri's Mouth

    Arsenal1886-2006: I think the ref was too lenient today, two tackles that could well have been red any other day and a blatant pen for holding by evra

    Yeah, Evra seems to have complete freedom to hold in the box, could have been a different result today had the ref been harsher (fairer?)

  5. Paulinho

    Romford – Agree about Brazil. They did similar in the Confed Cup last year as well. Looked okay up until the final and then plugged into a higher power. The likes of Thiago Silva and Luiz will be men possessed in the latter stages. Still think as a team they’re winging it to an extent. It’s more force of will along with some very good individual talent.

  6. Romford Pele

    Yep, Benzema sacrifices a lot of his game for Bale and Ronaldo at Madrid. He helps make them more fluid by dropping deep and and linking play for the two. It’s a different situation for France

  7. WengerEagle


    Yeah that’s fair, it should be a great match.

    If Neymar is playing he will be a huge threat to the Colombian backline, agreed.

    Fred is awful though.

  8. TitsMcgee

    I’m just sticking with Brazil because they were my shout at the start of the tournament”

    …and your office pot 🙂

  9. Jeff


    I think as far as punditry goes I’d put Lee Dixon first and Gary Neville second. Everyone else is just average or rubbish.

  10. Jeff


    I’d have to disagree with you there. He tells it as it is – doesn’t try to embellish things and he has the best elocution of the lot.

  11. Paulinho

    “He may be an Arsenal legend but Dixon is a crap pundit.Boring, predictable in his analysis and a safe yes-man”

    Agree, yet strangely enough it’s types like him that get praised to the high heaves. I think it’s because the vast majority know jack shit about football so they go with the pundit that looks and sounds measured to give them their opinion to parrot.

  12. sanmi

    Guys, we all agreed Benzema is better than Giroud but mentioning his name with the likes of Ronaldo, suarez, Messi is an insult he’s never on their level.
    Benzema has movements granted but all le-grove knows I have always said he’s not a top notch finisher.

  13. Scott

    The only pundit I like is Martinez he actually knows something about the game even Alardyce is a better pundit than most the only good pundits are good managers

  14. Jeff

    “I think it’s because the vast majority know jack shit about football so they go with the pundit that looks and sounds measured to give them their opinion to parrot.”

    And your PHD in psychoanalysis is from which University?

  15. Nasri's Mouth


    Dixon’s ok. Pretty honest, but Neville is better IMO.

    I’m even appreciating Lineker now that the alternative is Adrian Childes

  16. Leedsgunner

    Surprise, surprise France rediscover their shooting boots once Giroud leaves the pitch. Fortunately France had options. We don’t. That’s we need another attacker. Giroud strengths are that he’s can slow the game down and bring others into play. Ironically for a striker his forte is not putting the all in the net!

  17. karim

    He had a bad game today but his wc has been excellent
    Crazy to think Griezmann was more dangerous in 15mn than Giroud

    Cheeeers !
    we know how to play Germany, Actually less worried than today
    will be like an Arsenal all star game lol

  18. sanmi

    Giroud has been excellent so far except this match, griezmann just had his best match of the worldcup. So I don’t understand the sticks he’s getting

  19. Nasri's Mouth

    Paulinho: I’m probably in the minority in thinking Ferdinand is an excellent pundit.

    Ferdinand actually seems to struggle with speaking clearly enough for people to understand the point he’s trying to put across.

    Added to that comments like his one today about Suarez suggest he doesn’t really understand a lot about some of the goings on.

    Great defender, and probably knows his tactics, but he’s pretty shite as a pundit. I’d have Savage over him because at least he’s entertaining

  20. Jeff


    Where Dixon (in my opinion) pips Neville is when describing what’s happening on the pitch via the visual aids. Neville sometimes stutters but I’ve never seen Dixon do that. It’s true that Dixon doesn’t commentate at games and that is probably because he’s much better in the studio. But I find him to be pretty straightforward and not taken in by emotion or bias.

    Hansen is just pro-north. Most of what he says just biased and bullshit. Lineker is OK. But my favourite is Dixon.

  21. Paulinho

    Jeff – I’m laughing because you’ve just proved my point. For you it’s more how they’re saying something rather than what they’re saying.

    Pundits like Dixon just excel at storytelling. I would even prefer Merson over him because for the load of extremist guff he will come out with, he’ll then come out with a gem that actually makes you think.

    Neville is the perfect pundit, because he knows when to dispense with storytelling and look at the bigger picture and realise when a mistake or scoreline is a symptom of something else; something of far more importance.

    BTW, I wasn’t having saying everyone who thinks Dixon is good is clueless ( i certainly don’t think you are) but he’s the safe option to go with for the vast majority because he stays with certain parameters and doesn’t dare venture from it.

  22. karim

    I would have been disappointed with the ref
    Giroud is having a good wc
    the stick he s getting is Arsenal related
    well done naija Enyeama was pure class again apart from pogba s goal

  23. karim

    we just beat the African champs while having an average to good game
    very promising
    surprised and happy to see people backing up france vs germany
    we re back bitches !

  24. sanmi

    The penalty could have been omitted in any match
    And as for matuidi’s red, I never saw it till replay so I will give the ref benefit of doubt

  25. Jeff


    I think you cherry picked my comments and only honed in on the “elocution” aspect of it. I also said Dixon speaks in a straight forward manner and doesn’t over-sensationalise things and describes what is going on in a clear, concise manner especially when using visual aids. Without good delivery and excellent elocution it doesn’t matter what the speaker is saying as it won’t be properly understood – regardless of how insightful it happens to be.

    Given all aspects of punditry, I think Dixon pips Neville but to use one’s opinion on football panellists to be somehow evidence that one knows “jack shit” about football isn’t very becoming is it.

  26. Paulinho

    Jeff- I could have mentioned Neville’s ‘stuttering” comment but chose to leave it.

    If you need Dixon to go over a replay and state the obvious like “that full back should be ten yards further across” then fair enough, but I still think pundits should do alot better and bring more to the table.

  27. Leedsgunner

    “I deeply regret what occurred,” added Suarez. “I apologise to Giorgio Chiellini and the entire football family. I vow to the public that there will never again be another incident like this.” (2014)

    “I am truly very sorry about the incident with Branislav Ivanovic,” he said at the time.
    “I hope that all the people who I offended at Anfield will grant me forgiveness and I again repeat my apology to Branislav. I acknowledge that my actions were not acceptable on the football pitch.” (2013)

    Change the names.. but the apologies are the same. Why should we believe him? He needs to get therapy or do whatever he needs to sort this out. It’s utterly disgusting behaviour.

    I’m sure it will never happen again until the next time he’s in a do or die situation where he feels his back is to the wall and defeat is staring at him in the face. The truth is when he feels desperate he bites. The biting is only one aspect of his behaviour, he is a habitual cheater. For a man who is so talented it is ridiculous that cheating is so ingrained into his game.

    On a related matter, I’m disgusted that FIFA is not taking retrospective action on Robben when he freely admits that he engaged in wholesale simulation to gain and advantage. Surely he should be punished with at least a ban in the next game if bot a three match ban. Bu not doing anything FIFA is demonstrating to all the world that is is ok to dive to your heart’s content. Shame.

  28. Leedsgunner

    *not… But by not doing anything FIFA is demonstrating to all the world that is is ok to dive to your heart’s content as long as you don’t get caught. Shame.

  29. Nasri's Mouth


    His apology is purely to facilitate his move to Barca.

    Odds on him leaving Liverpool lengthened briefly immediately after the biting, then they’ve been getting gradually shorter. Since his apology today, it’s changed a lot more. Now, he’s 1/2 to leave

  30. xLynchianX

    I’d like Onazi to play in the EPL. Would be fun to see the awkwardness every time the English press attempt to make a catchy headline with his name.

  31. Sir Chips

    Merson is probably second only to Neville who will genuinely enlighten me. OK, he does come out with some incredible nonsense but then he will really show a clarity of understanding of the game.

  32. Radio Raheem

    Find all the pre transfer shenanigans a tad boring. I wish I could fast forward through it all with all the transfers done and all. Players move all the time, all tbose involved get richet out of it boohoo
    Well, TDD on Sky can be fun though, watching all those pubescents – teens and
    adults – chump about in front of the camera like excited natives from lands faraway.

  33. WengerEagle

    Klose will break Ronaldo’s record tonight I reckon.

    Shame in a way, was nice that El Fenomeno held the record as he’s IMO the best out and out striker the World Cup has ever seen.

  34. xLynchianX

    I’d like Onazi to play in the EPL. Would be fun to see the awkwardness every time the English press attempt to make a catchy, yet inevitably anti-semitic headline with his name.

  35. WindyCityArse

    Eagle –
    Yes, how blinkered I’ve been to not realize the reason bang average players like Ronaldo & Bale look so good is because of Benzema… Wenger better pull his finger out and sign him… Imagine the wonders he would do for Lolcott, Sanogo & Giroud. All they need is a Benz to realize their undoubted talent.

    Seriously though, where in the pantheon of world class strikers do you rate him?

  36. WengerEagle

    Suarez’s apology is clearly to engineer a move to Barcelona.

    How would Suarez-Messi-Neymar work as a front 3 though? On paper it’s absolutely terrifying but the greed of each player might be overwhelming and disrupt the harmony.

    Should be fascinating.

  37. WengerEagle


    Where did that come from? Haha mate when have I ever called Ronaldo or Bale average?

    Benzema’s an excellent striker and is the most unselfish striker in Europe, his game is based around servicing Ronaldo hence he has exceptionally high key pass and assists numbers for a striker. At Lyon where he was the focal point of the attack he was a goal machine.

    Not including Messi and Ronaldo, Aguero on his day is the best out and out striker in the world IMO with Suarez a very close second. After that I’d probably rate Lewandowski third and Benzema fourth.

    Falcao, Cavani and Diego Costa are all better finishers but Benzema’s all round contribution far exceeds any of them.

  38. Ashwin Gunner

    “Suarez’s apology is clearly to engineer a move to Barcelona.”

    I agree.. Reports already suggested taht Barca might consider him if he apologizes.

    Suarez leaving is a good thing. but i hope they dont take Sanchez in a swap deal..

  39. Cesc Appeal


    That’s quite the problem for a team to have though ey? How oh how am I going to get Messi, Suarez and Neymar to work together!

    Better than “why the fuck is this guy a striker yet corpses move faster?!!”

  40. WengerEagle


    Forgot about Van Persie, I’d argue that he’s past his best despite his wonderful header against Spain.

    Benzema is a far better all-round striker as well, RVP’s just a better finisher.

    I’d rate RVP in the Falcao/Costa bracket.

  41. Cesc Appeal


    He was awful tonight.

    Horrible watching it in a house full of Spurs fan just rinsing him, and my only defence is, “well…he’s not ‘shit'”. And of course “least he didn’t cost us £26 Million.”

  42. Cesc Appeal


    I always think that with being the Madrid boss I’d just sit there laughing my arse of in the locker room with the squad sheet and a massive erection.

  43. kwik fit


    I’ve just realised why Diaby was allocated the number 2 Shirt. It represents his average appearances per season while at Arsenal.

  44. WindyCityArse

    Agree with 99% but for Benz being 4th… I still feel he is lacking the ‘pull a goal out of nothing’ ability that Aguero, Suarez, RVP have.
    He is still better than anything we have & would have him over Balotelli in a heartbeat.
    A question for you… Sanchez or Benzema in the current Arsenal squad?

  45. Nasri's Mouth

    @Wenger Eagle

    For me Messi, Ronaldo, Cavani, Falcao, Zlatan, RvP, Aguero, and Lewandowksi are all better than Benzema.

    It’s pretty subjective though, so…

  46. WengerEagle


    Ibra’s poor performances against the best sides in Europe count against him for me. It also speaks volumes to me that despite turning 33 this year and playing at Juventus, Inter, Barcelona, A.C Milan and PSG that he’s never won or even come really close to winning the Champions League.

    Benzema is better in the Champions League than Ibra.

    Against the smaller sides though Ibra is better and is arguably on par with Suarez/Aguero.

  47. Goonah


    everytime I’m opening any of your links the wife goes “hrmpff!!”

    and I go “tss..that kwik fit dude eeh” with a pounding heart

  48. Nasri's Mouth

    WindyCityArse: A question for you… Sanchez or Benzema in the current Arsenal squad?

    Sanchez, definitely

  49. WengerEagle

    ‘I still feel he is lacking the ‘pull a goal out of nothing’ ability that Aguero, Suarez, RVP have.’

    Fair enough have to say though that I disagree.

    ‘He is still better than anything we have & would have him over Balotelli in a heartbeat.’

    Yes he is.

    ‘A question for you… Sanchez or Benzema in the current Arsenal squad?’

    I love Alexis Sanchez but for me it’s Benzema every day.

    Ozil and Benzema together would be a thing of beauty.

  50. Cesc Appeal

    Do you know what watching this Germany game makes me wanna do? Compare Mesut Ozil and Cesc Fabregas 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Too late MidWest & Goonergirl

  51. Cesc Appeal


    Your team is still in the WC mate, behold, the vengeance of the British!!

    The red coats are coming!!!…And they’re raising a controversial and heated debate of comparing Ozil and Fabregas.


  52. Bamford13

    The two German fullbacks look suspect. Per looks good.

    Why isn’t he playing Lahm and Grosskreutz as fullbacks?

  53. WengerEagle


    If Real buy Vidal and James Rodriguez they will fear no one, not even Barcelona with their front 3.

    Carvajal Varane Ramos Coentrao
    Vidal Modric
    Bale Ronaldo

    That team would be insane and dominate.

    * I think that Di Maria is superb and was one of Real’s best players last season but a Vidal swap deal and James would make Real stronger IMO.

  54. Radio Raheem

    Low doesn’t look stylish enough. It’s why Germany look so rickety at the back. His manicured look needs more manicuring.

  55. Cesc Appeal


    Was it me and you talking about this the other night? That Madrid team would be utterly ridiculous, I mean FIFAesque, the kind of team you’d put together just to see how devastating it could be on simulation! Ha!

    Would be awesome to watch though, not to face. That central midfield, the industry and aggression whilst all at once being forward thinking as well!! Wow.

  56. Cesc Appeal


    Oh I love the Sack…was just trying that out as a nickname but it seems more derogatory than anything.

    But he looks as if he shouldn’t work as an athlete, that at any moment his leg is going to go all KitKat.

  57. WengerEagle


    Haha yeah it was me. That team would be amazing and at the same time be balanced as Vidal comes in for Alonso and James comes in for Di Maria.

    The scary thing is that Real would only need to buy 2 players to create that team.

  58. Ashwin Gunner

    “These Algerians are all fasting?”


    And that;s why their intensity might drop in the second half.. they want to score first and soak up the pressure later…

  59. Cesc Appeal


    When you hit Baghdad you had “Shock and Awe.”

    When we hit Basra we had “Terribly sorry about all this chaps.”

  60. Cesc Appeal


    If I was UEFA I’d actually step in and be all “no, no that cannot happen. Do you want to responsible for tearing about the entire fabric of reality Mr Perez, huh, do ya, punk?”

  61. Dannyboy

    Going back to yesterday…

    How can anyone seriously believe being Gay is a choice?

    Have you seen how fucking hot some women are? You’re telling me that gay blokes are ‘choosing’ to not want to stick their dick inside these women?

    Come off it…

  62. Bamford13

    I take back what I said about Algeria last night: these guys can play.

    Germans better pick it up or else they could be stunned.

  63. Al

    How bad is boateng. Can not understand how he is a starter for bayern or Germany. Defensively he has no idea.

    Also why Germany playing this kamikaze football by playing this high a defensive line? Crazy

  64. Nasri's Mouth

    WengerEagle: Gotze has been anonymous

    I disagree, I keep hearing his name…

    …just before Algeria get the ball back

  65. WindyCityArse

    As much as I would love Sanchez in an Arsenal shirt, it would mean that plonker Giroud plays upfront…. Have to agree – Ozil & Benz would be sublime with Giroud as plan b.

  66. Goonergirl

    Germany are living dangerously with this crazy high defensive line. Especially when Mert is one of your cb’s.

  67. Ashwin Gunner

    “Especially when Mert is one of your cb’s.”

    Mert is the reason Germany are not down by atleast 2 goals.. He is terribly slow but some how breaks the momentum…

  68. Ashwin Gunner


    Well that;s what the article said.. Could be true as well.

    it boils down upon individuals whether they wish to fast or not. people who are more pious do it irrespective of anything. some people are more flexible in their approach towards religion..

  69. salparadisenyc

    Fullbacks going to be the achilles of this German side if they pull it together and get past the Algerians.

  70. Goonergirl


    Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying Mert is a bad defender. I’m just saying its dangerous to defend with such a high line. Because if Algeria manage to get a ball in behind then Germany could be in trouble.

  71. MidwestGun

    Did AW set up the Germans? High defensive line, Ozil coming deep to get the ball, Muller with no support,tons of passes around the back, and zonal marking on corner kicks.