ARSENE NO! | Arsenal pushing hard on our mega signing

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Arsene, the hot babes I could handle, the emerging from the sea like Daniel Craig I could tolerate… hell, I even defended your figure.

Speedos though?

You took it too far.


The only comment I can give is that once again, you have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt, you give but not one fuck about what people think.

I guess there’s a bravo in there somewhere.

Secretly, I’m enjoying it. Wenger has been pure bantz this summer. It’s like a mad stag do Facebook album upload every damn day with that man.

I’d be more inclined to moan if I wasn’t aware of the positive up and coming news I can share.

Sanchez is this man we’re going hard for and there’s a massive chance he’ll come to us. If he’s coming over, he’s coming to us as our main striker. That’s very exciting. He gives us options, he gives us frightening pace, he gives us surprising amounts of power and he gives us that magic topping of surprise we don’t’ really have with Giroud. Bring Joel Campbell into the fold… well, you have three nice options available to you. Well, that’s if he gets a chance, I have a feeling Sanogo is the chosen one.

Trouble is… Barcelona. We had Higuain sorted last year then Madrid moved the goal posts. Barca have the upper hand in this and we know what bastards those guys can be. If they’re negotiating with us, I’m sure there will be a consideration of that Cesc fee somewhere along the line and obviously, the usual sense of Barca entitlement.

Who knows what they’ll suggest… however, when you see they’re chasing Cuadrado, Suarez and Marquinhos, they can’t be too cheeky.

Wouldn’t worry about Liverpool too much either. Firstly, it’s not exactly the best place to live for a Chilean. Secondly, players don’t like to act as make weights. It’s a bit low grade. The chances of him 1) Accepting he is a make weight for a better players are slim 2) Chilean living in Barcelona is only going to want to live in London. You simply wouldn’t opt for anywhere else. Especially if Arsenal are going hard with big cash.

Anyway, keep the faith, things are ticking along. Debuchy stated he wants Champions League football (wonder why he did that) and he’s a top player if we can land him, Schneiderlin is an excellent long term replacement for Arteta / Flamini and he wants to move somewhere for ‘big occassions’ and Sanchez would make a pretty powerful summer. Throw in a bit of depth somewhere else and we’re laughing. Well, we’re laughing if that new fitness chap works some magic.

I still think we need more depth. We’ve not really moved that far from where we were last year, bar having a better striker. I’ve heard we’re going hard for a centre back as well, I’d probably opt for a better left back. Also, I’d be nabbing Konoplyanka because I really like him and I don’t think you can ever have too much pace.

Do those things, and look, I don’t think we have the manager to challenge for the league, but we certainly have more options… and better options give you more ability to surprise coaches who last season, spent all week planning against the one team they knew we’d put out. It was too easy. This season, if we keep our best players fit, some player take their games up a level (Jack, Chambo, Gnabry, Campbell <- Have a feeling Sanogo is the favoured one) and we bake a bit more planning into our approach… who knows what could happen.

I’m confident the club are going to have a good summer… so should you.

World Cup wise, it was a bit of  drab affair in the Mexico game. Temperatures in the groud reached a whopping 40 degrees. Sunshine so powerful the fans in the sun soacked stands retired to the bars to escape the outrageous heat. That impacted on the play. It was sluggish at times. Mexico took the lead with a low Dos Santos goal. Holland responded after the last water break of the game when LVG yanked off Robin, to bring on a Huntelaar and Depay. The goal came from a long ball being cleared as far as Sneijder who buried his shot with absolute technique.

The game was slightly soured when Robben finished it when he won a penalty after trying his hardest all game to do so (he apologised to Mexico, I would too, they have mad cartels with more money than most Governments). It looked like a dive to me. At best, a theatrical overplay of contact. Which for me, is just as bad. The penalty was buried by Huntelaar, which sealed the game. Holland through to the quarter finals.

Greece Vs Costa Rica, now there’s a game you could forget. Both teams lacked quality all night. Greece levelled in the 90th minute much to the disappointment of the world. Penalties ensued and the Greeks lost there nerve. A quality penalty shoot out in which Joel Campbell scored.

Joel watch would suggest he has quite a way to go to make it at Arsenal. My vibe from what I’ve been hearing is he’ll likely be the loan casualty this summer. Quite a few bits of his game showcased why last night. His first touch was poor and his decision making was very rough. He faded terribly in the second half and in extra time he may as well have not been there. Now, I know they’re people and those temperatures even at night are ghastly, but he really did tank.

He’s just not flavour of the month with Arsene. The manager tried to sell him last summer and in January. Feels like he could go the way of Carlos Vela. I’m sure he’ll get a decent club, he just feels a little too raw at the moment. His goal tally at Olympiacos tells a story, though it’s easy to see why we get caught in the hype. He’s fast, he’s unpredictable and he’s not shy having a spectacular crack from distance.

Some Arsenal interest this evening. We’ve got France vs Nigeria followed by Germany vs  Algeria.

Have a great day and a great night… and for petes sake, think twice before you bang on a pair of Speedos.


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  1. Scott

    Lallana isn’t as bad as Ozil for 42m. He out performed Ozil in an average team last year and he will again. He’s an top player only underrated because he is english.

  2. Romford Pele

    Mikel is meh but he gets in because he plays for Chelsea. Would you guys believe me if I told you he was joint player of the tournament in the U20 World Cup in 2005 along with guess who, Leo Messi. He used to be a decent attacking mid back then but watching him now, you literally wonder how. Onazi a lot better.

  3. karim

    I can only see PSG or Barca getting Aurier if we don’t
    I d be gutted but Debuchy would be a good signing
    I have seen him play since his Lille days and you would love his commitment and his good crosses.
    I bet you guys Giroud would score far more headers

    Nigeria is good and will be trouble for us
    Anything can happen
    Hope you are right though

  4. Nasri's Mouth


    Yeah, Mikel isn’t that good at all, but he was meant to be hot stuff when he was younger. There was weird story about him being held at gunpoint and being kidnapped when he was about to sign for manU

  5. Romford Pele

    “Wasn’t Mikel very close to joining United instead of Chelsea?”

    Back then there was a lot of hype surrounding Mikel and rightly so, following the performances he displayed as a youngster. Hasn’t quite lived up to the hype though. That said, he isn’t a DM. Liberated much more playing for Nigeria. Not a playmaker as such but has a decent passing range which he isn’t really allowed to exploit at Chelsea.

  6. Bamford13

    “Would everyone be happy with Debuchy, Schneiderlin and Sanchez as our major signings this Summer? With a GK and a back up CD brought in if(when) TV5 goes.”

    Not only would I be happy with such a summer, I think we’ll be lucky to have such a summer. I think Wenger thinks he has nearly everything he needs. He’ll sign a decent RB, Schneiderlin and Remy. I don’t see us signing a Sanchez-quality player.

    Those three would greatly improve us, especially if Sanchez can play centrally. For me, this side below is better than last year’s:


  7. goonpharm

    Romford – you sure got some man love for Big Serge there fella. Have to say he looks like a hell of a specimen, a beast of a man with bags of pace.

    My only worry is that defenders need to arrive at Colney as the finished article as most will regress technically. I feel Aurier will be a massive threat offensively but with our lack of defensive training he will go backwards and lose confidence.

    Even with Steve “Best signing of the summer” Bould at the helm we have suffered some appalling results last year.

  8. MidwestGun

    Karim –
    Pulling for France today, not so much Algeria. No offense. Lol
    Can’t ruin my Finals bets.

    I have France 3 to 1. Benzema to get his, today.

  9. Scott

    Why is Giroud playing? Surely the “world class” Benzema should be playing in his position because he is apparently “world class”

  10. Romford Pele

    NM – From what I remember, didn’t Mikel reject United to join Chelsea? Probably a case of more money methinks.

  11. Paulinho

    “Lallana isn’t as bad as Ozil for 42m. He out performed Ozil in an average team last year and he will again. He’s an top player only underrated because he is english”

    Agree with that. Lallana is a very good player, and it does seem to be a bit of fancy-name syndrome kicking in when foreign players get compared more than favourably with him.

  12. WengerEagle

    Keeping Koke will be huge for Atletico.

    Handanovic will be a good replacement for Courtois, Siqueira is a very decent LB and is capable of stepping up to the plate if Filipe Luis leaves. Icardi would be a great replacement for David Villa.

    They really need to properly replace Diego Costa but with their track record of quality CF’s (Torres, Forlan, Aguero, Falcao, Villa, Costa) you wouldn’t back against them finding another CF gem.

    I think Atletico will be alright next season and will challenge again as long as they keep together their spine of Godin, Miranda and Gabi.

  13. Nasri's Mouth


    He did, but only after he’d done posing in a ManU shirt

    It was a really weird story. I’d bet that he didn’t realise how much money Chelsea were going to throw at him, and when he did he changed his mind and worked out a way to claim the ManU deal broke the rules somehow.

  14. Al

    No, mikel actually signed for United United. ..then Chelsea came and said he signed for them after..

    Mikel said he was forced to go to United but wanted Chelsea. All b.s. and Chelsea paid like £10m to United to signed him.

  15. WengerEagle

    ‘That said, he isn’t a DM. Liberated much more playing for Nigeria. Not a playmaker as such but has a decent passing range which he isn’t really allowed to exploit at Chelsea.’

    Yeah I’ve always thought that he’s looked more comfortable playing more advanced for Nigeria than at CDM for Chelsea.

  16. goonpharm

    Benzema looks mustard this world cup. Always thought he bulked up too much since joining Real. He looks much more leaner and the pace over the first few yards is back.

    Looks like the superb player he was at Lyon in Brazil. Shame he’s plays such as subdued role with Real.

    He’s an Arsenal player in the wrong shirt at Real. We’ll get him some day.

  17. Scott

    “Agree with that. Lallana is a very good player, and it does seem to be a bit of fancy-name syndrome kicking in when foreign players get compared more than favourably with him.”

    His footwork is amazing, he has the ability to create so much out of nothing, he actually re-invented the Cruyff turn and did it even better, his composure is great, he can be the difference in a team losing 5-0 and winning 5-0. He’s won prem games by himself. He is truly a star. I think he is one of the best English midfielders since Steven Gerrard.

  18. MidwestGun

    Radio –
    Yep, I like Germany 2 to 1, also. Was reading Podolski had an injury last match. Don’t know if that’s true. Another injured Arsenal player?

  19. salparadisenyc

    Afternoon boys,
    Wenger in speedos, i’m absolutely blinded by the light.

    The rumor mill churns on with many Debuchy links, personally hoping its all smoke for Romford’s man Aurier; whom I must say looks pretty ideal at this stage. Jackson Martinez, Balotelli (still) trying to get Arsene’s attention, Remy, Manduzukic all seem options at this stage or is Wenger going for a half striker in Sanchez or will he pull the ultimate coup out of the bag in Reus. All a mystery still and probably will be for the forseeable future.

    Allez les bleus!!
    3-1 over Nigeria

    Think the Germans will blossom and dispatch Algeria in similar fashion.

    Setting up the mother of all quarters; France – Germany.

    Good luck Karim, my mother is flying the flag high.

  20. Radio Raheem


    You wouldn’t bet on an Arsenal player getting injured, will ya? 😉
    Podolski injured Germany say no problem

  21. Bamford13


    I’ll be watching every touch of Giroud’s and every step. Looking forward to seeing him single-handedly “disorganize” the Nigerians. 😉

  22. salparadisenyc

    Romford PeleJune 30, 2014 15:53:50
    Got a bad feeling Nigeria are gonna get hit with both barrels this game lol

    Anythings possible but they’ve been less than their usual quality in this tournament. If France begin to click, it could get ugly.

  23. goonpharm

    Not taking Nasri to Brazil looks like a masterstroke for Deschamps. Would be the biggest fuck you to all his critics in France if he won it. Lol.

  24. Bamford13

    Nigeria already playing better passing football than they have previously in this tourney. Bravo to them.

    Nigeria 1 – 0 Bamford

  25. Radio Raheem

    Since the “Brazil of Africa” tag’s gone should we call Nigeria the “Costa Rica of Africa”? Lol 😉

  26. Bamford13

    Nigeria playing well and look dangerous. But you can also see the French scoring on one of these counters and then again and again.

  27. london gunner

    I hope France don’t win WC they are Englands main rivals culturally and economically in europe.

  28. london gunner

    Giroud literally can’t get a shot on target if its outside of the box.

    I saw him score one goal outside the box and that was against Brighton it was a peach of a shot but he was given an age on the ball to get his shot away

  29. MidwestGun

    Pogba has been fairly bad so far. He needs to clean up his passing. And Matuidi has been reckless in challenges. Midfield needs to step it up.

    Barely offsides.

  30. london gunner

    Benzema miss fired. Boy has talent but his a very poor finisher. Realise it was offside but Benz went for the shot and missed the ball.

  31. WindyCityArse

    If I met Wenger, I would ask him…
    Are we Ajax in disguise?… Are we Ajax, are we Ajax…. Are we Ajax in disguise?

  32. Bamford13

    Had Nigeria played this well previously, I would’ve had a different opinion. Still think Ghana play prettier football, but this Nigerian side can play. 🙂

  33. london gunner

    Nigeria are playing like warriors.

    France have a team of great ability and talent but their weakness is their cheese
    eating surrender monkey mentality that pervades their culture so thoroughly

    In short when the going gets tough the french get going.

    Anything then can happen this match

  34. salparadisenyc

    Benzema looks pissed out their on the left with L’Oreal now playing through the the middle. Zero effect on the game.

  35. london gunner

    I get the hype for Pogba but I still think his incredibly raw not close to the finished product

  36. Dissenter

    I think you mistook the one-on-one skills the Ghanaians showed to be exclusive to them.
    The average west African player has similar skills. It’s horned from playing on the streets before acquiring formal training.

  37. london gunner


    Lol same comment

    It used to be you could get a pen or a card for pulling a shirt now you can literally full on ju jitsu hold someone without a card

  38. WengerEagle

    ‘Benzema needs to snap out of it. He’s playing as if this were a friendly, not a World Cup elimination game.’


    He’s playing as well as any of France’s forwards, his passing so far has been superb.

  39. WengerEagle

    ‘It used to be you could get a pen or a card for pulling a shirt now you can literally full on ju jitsu hold someone without a card’

    Haha agree it’s ridiculous. IMO Evra’s arguably the biggest cunt in football.

  40. Bamford13


    I think you’ve mistaken me for someone who needs to be instructed on the quality of West African footballers or where this quality comes from.

    Thanks, though. 😉

  41. london gunner

    Lol we seeing the Arsenal Giroud today! Even in one the best national teams in the world guy is still average no doubt he will score a tap in from 2 yards at some point to justify his status as an “elite striker”

  42. Norfolk

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    206 Andover Road,
    Dear Mr. Norfolk
    Many thanks for your letter, suggesting Mr Rooney as an ideal candidate for our new quiz show.
    I have reviewed the qualities you describe of him, and agree that he may possess the attributes we are looking for in the show’s contestants.
    However, before we take this any further, I must point out that the name of the show is actually Fact Hunt.
    In light of this, please let me know if we should proceed and contact the gentleman concerned.
    Charles Knight,
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  43. Al

    Fun game. ..just lacking a bit of quality at the end of the moves.

    Props to Nigeria though. ..played really well

  44. london gunner

    Regardless, those in action in Brazil have gone above and beyond to ensure their fellow professionals are not missed in South America, none more so than Lionel Messi. The Argentina captain is our highest rated player (9.2) after the group stages, having dragged La Albiceleste to the round of 16. He scored four of Argentina’s six goals, with Marcos Rojo and an own goal from Sead Kolasniac making up the other two.

    Messi is the leading goalscorer in the tournament, but he also created more clear-cut goalscoring chances (four) than any other player. While he failed to register an assist, that in part due to poor finishing from his team-mates. Messi won the man of the match award in all three of Argentina’s group games, a feat matched only by Arjen Robben

  45. goonpharm

    Bamford13June 30, 2014 16:41:31
    Dissenter I think you’ve mistaken me for someone who needs to be instructed on the quality of West African footballers or where this quality comes from. Thanks, though.
    Bloody hell. You talk exactly like my wife when she’s due on. Do you have a vagina?

  46. Bamford13

    Props to Nigeria. I haven’t rated their play previously, but am happy to acknowledge they look quite good today. Hats off to them, though I’d still prefer France to win.

  47. WengerEagle

    london gunner

    Messi’s been quality but James Rodriguez has hands down been the player of the tournament so far. He’s the top scorer with 5 goals, he’s got himself 2 assists and 4 MOTM awards so far.

  48. london gunner

    Offical world cup ratings

    Top 10 players of world cup after 3 games

    Messi 9.2…… 3 apps 4 goals… 3 motm

    Robben 8.95 3 apps 3 goals 1 assist 3 motm

    james rodriguez 8.68 3 goals 2 assist 2 ,motm

    benzema 8.57 3 apps 3 goals 2 assists 2 motm

    RVP 8.56

    oscar 8.4

    neymar 8.39

    pjanic 8.2

    sanchez 8.13

    valbuna 8.13

  49. karim

    This game is ours for the taking but Nigerians play their part very well
    Lucky France so far
    we need Valbuena to be his usual self, which he hasnt so far
    we re getting the ball back easier than at the beginning
    good signs but if Nigeria gets the opener…
    so frustrating because one can see France big potential

  50. london gunner

    Wenger Eagle

    That was not me i was quoting a journalist

    Statistically messi has been the best!factoring in every single stat not just goals scored or created but chances created successful dribbles and passes ect

    His the most efficient player while james’s game has looked the best on the eye

    My player of the tournament so far is Robben then James then messi

    But statistically Messi is the greatest

  51. Nasri's Mouth

    Giroud and Benzema just aren’t working well so far. Neither looking good. I’d guess Griezmann for Giroud in 10 mins or so if it doesn’t change.

  52. Goongoonergone

    If you think Campbell was poor last night, I would love to read what you think of Giroud thus far.

  53. Jeff

    Here’s an interesting question. Who do you think is the faster player between Mert and Giroud? I’d say it was marginal either way.

  54. salparadisenyc

    Here’s an interesting question. Who do you think is the faster player between Mert and Giroud? I’d say it was marginal either way.

    I’m going to say the BFG just shades it.