Gay Gooners banner reaction says it all

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OMG, gay people, holding a football banner!

Such a shocking thing to see eh? No? What you mean you’re part of a tolerant society where the sight of the above instills nothing but pride that we have one of the most inclusive football clubs on the planet?

It’s London Pride today. A pretty fun day out if you’ve never been. This year, like last, it has special relevance to Arsenal because there’s a club endorsed group called Gay Gooners. Great stuff.

What’s sad is that for me, my view, like many others is… so what?

Then you have a dig around Twitter / Facebook… not even a dig around really, just scratch the surface and you read things like…

‘They’re marginalising themselves by having a banner’

‘Why ain’t there a heterosexual Gooners club’

‘They should keep what they do in the bedroom outside the ground’

… and it’s just so fucking depressing. What I find seriously amusing about the banner comment is that the people who are making comments like that were exactly the sort of people who were going totally mental for the below manner.


Football isn’t tolerant of homsexuality. Fans, when in the ground, are testament to that. Normal people making fun of the Gay Gooners banner on a regular basis. It’s embarrassing and as long as you have pathetically backward view like that pinging around the web, you’ll have a need for Groups like Gay Gooners.

So good for them, they should get your entire support because what they’re doing is brave and it shines a very dark light on archaic, small minded, backward views that pollute football across many different areas. Not just homosexuality.

… I’d also ask questions of people who are scared of homosexuality, bit weird if you ask me. What. Are. You. Hiding.

*I need to get in touch about the banner, it’s really ugly. Sorry, but that needs a redesign and you need a vanity URL for your site.

Right, onto the football.


Totally mega game coming up. Holland took the tarnish of Chile a bit. They still looked good, I’m just not sure they can go the whole way. It’ll be a fun game though. I think Chile have a better side, but with home advantage, you’d have to think it’s Brazils for the taking.

The other game is Columbia vs Uraguay. I should be more excited about this game than I am. Sadly, no Suarez, he’s banned. Still, at least we get to see Cavani, a monster of a striker. Both games will both hopefully be loaded with action from start to finish. This evening should be epic. I hope the excitement of the World Cup continues to the end.

Another thing about this World Cup that’s worth mentioning is what a difference it make to play it in a country that LOVES football. It just gives everyone a lift. World Cups should solely be played in footballing nations. The very concept of Qatar hosting an event is ridiculous. Play the game where it’s loved, where there’s a football infrastructure, where the grounds will sell out regardless.

Ok, how about transfers?

ESPN have us linked with Debuchy and Remy of Newcastle. Two French players, what an absolute shocker. Two pretty good French players to be honest. I think Debuchy would be an excellent right back addition and I think Remy would be a good striking option considering how weak the market is at the moment. As long as we bring in some super world class talent to go with that.

There was talk about Arturo Vidal moving to Arsenal because Wenger has lavished praise on Chilean. He’s a total monster of a player. Scariy good. Powerful, skillful, full of South American passion… the price touted is £45m, but I can’t help but think this is outrageously fanciful. I’m not sure Vidal would ever move to Arsenal. He’s on the up… Arsenal would be a move down from Juve at the moment, even though they are based in Serie A.

So really, not much to report on. Other than United making two massive purchases. So it seems almost all our rivals have made signings, and we still haven’t. Don’t make me say it Arsene… but too much fucking around on the beach won’t be good for you if you don’t deliver on this summer.



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  1. Cesc Appeal


    Ha. I’m not actually the biggest fan of Benzema, but he’s impressed me for France.

    Yes, that team would be terrifying. I’d just capitulate instead of going out onto the field.

    Vidal is an utter monster, I’ve never seen anything like him, I was watching him carefully this WC and he’s actually a freak of nature. He loves a tackle as well, just the total package in midfield.

    If the price of £40 Million is true, you could do a lot worse for that amount. £65 Million double deal for Sanchez and Vidal anyone 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. WengerEagle


    Not saying that he is, IMO he has a higher ceiling but it’d be silly to forget about what Di Maria did last season- he was outstanding.

    Just think that with Alonso getting on that Vidal would be a brilliant signing for them so could see a Vidal-Di Maria swap deal and James as Di Maria’s replacement.

    Real love buying stars and I see this trend continuing this summer.

  3. Bamford13


    You and Klaus need to read a little more carefully. I never said Cuadrado was playing at a higher level than Robben or Sanchez. I said he is one of a group of players playing at a higher level than EVERYONE ELSE in the tourney, a group that includes Robben and Sanchez.

  4. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Walcott could not even have done what kammy done over there.

    Saying that wally has beefed up like Craic David since he has been out..

    In football terms Walcott s ship has sailed … He will never amount to any grade one player .

  5. Dissenter

    Wasn’t Theo the club’s highest goal scorer two seasons ago.

    Come up with that argument when Cuardado does anything close to Theo’s.

  6. Dissenter

    You have a credible future as a headline reported to the daily mail.
    At the end of the this game, it will one bite too far from Urugauy.

  7. Leedsgunner

    For those coveting Cuadrado we had such a player — lots of skill but no end product?

    His name was GERVINHO.

  8. london gunner


    You need to chill with your aggressiveness.

    Walcott is efficient, whilst cuadrado runs into cul de sac’s if you analysis his play his terribly inefficient he beats his man then gets lost and dribbles back the way he came then holds onto the ball even longer in which time the defense of the other team has gotten back.

    Mean while Walcott will pass of for a one two run into the box and get a shot of on goal or drag it back for a late runner.

    Walcott has end product that’s what counts in football. Cuadrado is an upgraded Nani great loads of flash good on the highlight reel good for you 13 year olds but he makes to many poor decisions and doesn’t have enough product about his game.

    PS you did say you wanted Cuadrado you even wrote up a dream team with him in a couple of days ago.

    Oh and Walcotts Cuadrado passing are of the same level.

    No matter how much you want to shout and scream and put your fingers in your ears

    Walcott scored 18 goals in the premier league… Cuadrado scored 14 in the weak seria A and his three years older. THE DATA NEVER LIES!

  9. Cesc Appeal

    Sofia Vergara

    Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (rubs thighs like a dirty old perve)

  10. london gunner

    LeedsgunnerJune 28, 2014 21:30:07
    For those coveting Cuadrado we had such a player — lots of skill but no end product?His name was GERVINHO.

    LOL exactly! Gervinho was voted best winger in Seria A above the GOD LIKE CUADRADO

    Robben and Sanchez have been on such a higher level this tourney as has james of course.

  11. london gunner

    DissenterJune 28, 2014 21:27:41
    Wasn’t Theo the club’s highest goal scorer two seasons ago.Come up with that argument when Cuardado does anything close to Theo’s.


  12. Cesc Appeal


    Number 8.

    Twins Basil, twins.

    “Happy Birthday, Mr Cesc Appeal, Happy Birthday to you.” (Dies of heart failure)

  13. london gunner


    Check out his whole career mate! Very good in this tourney but in till he replicates at club level no thanks! We need better at Arsenal to compete with the best

  14. Leedsgunner


    I think people are referring to his finishing – although when you have someone like James Rodriguez in your team you don’t necessarily need to finish your own chances!! (Hence the assists!)

  15. Goonah

    Don’t think Vidal would come to Arsenal even if we put in a mega bid.
    RM or Barca else he stays at Juve is my feeling

    We have more pressing needs at DM Striker and RB anyways

  16. Cesc Appeal


    Ha! I’d refuse to call her a trophy wife. When people asked why I’d say “FOURTH IS NOT FUCKING TROPHY OKAY????!!! PRICK.” In an unnecessarily harsh fashion.

  17. Arsene's Nurse

    MidwestGun June 28, 2014 21:25:26

    Uruguay needs to bite the bullet and throw some players forward or they might bite the dust in this tournament.
    I’m afraid their premium biter is not allowed to play.

  18. Klauspoppe

    In the last 20mins this is the type of football Uruguay are capable of playing. Disappointing how they sat back and kust let Colombia get into rhythm and just have jabs at goal at the start.

    Colombia are so shit at the back and in the centre. High pressing including the goalkeeper will force long clearances which makes it a 50-50 ball.

  19. Cesc Appeal

    Oh no, it’s descended into a perv fest again. Usually it’s Kwik’s fault…but this is squarely on your shoulders MidWest.

  20. Cesc Appeal


    I think it’d end with a ringing in my ears and an imprint of a ring on my face and that same ring left on the kitchen counter with a giant “Fuck you” note.

    No, no, no, this whole perv thing is on you.

  21. Dissenter

    But really, Cavani has done nothing this World Cup.

    It’s hard to justify his mega transfer.

    RVP creates a chance out of nothing to score possibly the best goal I ve seen all year long.
    Messi is doing it for Argentina.
    Ronaldo, to his credit was injured but we still saw that wonderful assist that led to Portugal’s equalizer.

  22. WengerEagle

    ‘Vidal is an utter monster, I’ve never seen anything like him, I was watching him carefully this WC and he’s actually a freak of nature. He loves a tackle as well, just the total package in midfield’

    Totally agree Cesc, if I could have any CM in world football it would be Vidal. Can literally do everything and play everywhere.

  23. Bamford13

    Felicitationes a Colombia! What a great little team. I would love to see them beat Brazil, but I think that may be too tall an order. Perhaps, though, with a great team effort and a bit of magic from James and Cuadrado, they could do it.

    Martinez should go back to the bench, though. Too ineffective.

    If only they had Theo Walcott, London, instead of Cuadrado, then they would really be a team! Good dear God.

  24. Thank you and goodnight

    I’ll be honest I don’t watch much football, Arsenal aside of course, these days. With 3 kids I find it hard and if I do get a bit of spare time I prefer to knock one out than watch European football. So this Rodriguez guy is completely new to me……but I must say what a Fucking talent. That first goal was WC, the control, the awareness and the finish wow wow wow. Is he as good as he looked tonight?

  25. WengerEagle

    ‘Check out his whole career mate! Very good in this tourney but in till he replicates at club level no thanks! We need better at Arsenal to compete with the best’

    london mate I’ve watched him regularly for Fiorentina this season and for Colombia in the WCQ and he’s looked impressive, I’m not just basing my judgement on this tournament. I agree that we could get better i.e Alexis Sanchez but to say he has no end product is a bit of an exaggeration.

  26. Dissenter

    Midwest, Bamford and all American Grovers,

    I must say that we have become a football country.

    I’ve never seen more excitement for the World Cup in this country. I’ve become a go to person at my work, people texting,em to,ask,me really complex stuff mostly about other countries like Germany and Argentina.

    It’s everywhere and I think it’s genuine.

    The annoying thing though is that “I know that we’ll win” chant. It’s designed for the casual football (soccer) watcher. It’s silly because we al know that we cannot win it.

  27. MidwestGun

    Dissenter –
    Maybe, a different perspective from me because I live in and near a big football community. So there is always year round discussion. But the youth are really excited too. Actually, viewing parties for youth teams not only for US but other teams too. And that’s exciting for me. Need this and the last generation to grow up.

    I agree the” I believe” chant is more to play on patriotism not really fandam. Much of the group of death stuff from ESPN was silly as well. But the enthusiasm is big.. Also, Arsenal would sell out a tour. Hope the NYC thing is a stepping stone.

  28. Cesc Appeal


    Plus he looks like he might come and find you after the game, where you live, in the middle of the night, in your children’s room when you walk in, just stroking the sleeping child’s head. “I wanna have a little chat about that tackle today.”

  29. WengerEagle


    Hahaha he’s too busy playing beach football tennis knee deep in Brazilian clunge to care about making any signings mate. 😀

    I’ll tell him you said hi though.

  30. El Tel 1

    Gilo Gilo Gilo

    Why would we want Llama? We have many players better than him in that position already.

    In all my years on LeGrove. That we wont finish in the top four comes up every summer.

  31. MidwestGun

    Sanchez seems to be the consensus players who unites Gooners. So that means no chance. Lol.
    Come on AW, make it happen he’s out of WC. Actually, just make something happen. 🙁

  32. WengerEagle

    Cesc Appeal

    Hahaha that got a good old belly laugh from me mate.

    He does have that murderous glint in his eyes though doesn’t he?

    Could see him being one of Don Simeone’s henchman at Atletico Madrid.

    On and off the field.

  33. Cesc Appeal



    Him and Simeone paired up would literally mean the end of human kind, like Anakin SkyWalker And Darth Sideous together.

    Something, something, something dark side.

  34. Cesc Appeal


    “Colombian women, Cocaine and James Rodriguez.”

    The most surreal Saturday night out ever…would be a great story to tell your mates the next day. “So I’m in bed with this gorgeous Colombian bird, face covered in powder so that I look like a mime, then from out of nowhere; James Rodriguez.’

    ‘James Rodriguez?’

    ‘James Rodriguez.’

  35. WengerEagle


    Haha something, something, something complete.

    The guy wears a leather tie ffs!

    It saddens me that we have no top South American talent in the side, I love South American footballers. Usually skilful and technically gifted, hard workers, passionate as they come and have a little bit of crazy in them.

    Alexis Sanchez epitomises what I’m talking about. Would love the guy in our side.

  36. WengerEagle


    Haha mate I’m not sure which part of that story would be the most impressive.

    After an hour in bed (let’s face it though in reality a couple of minutes) with Sofia Vergara doing all sorts (or snorts 😉 of crazy shit with a bag of Coke, lighting a post-sex ciggy watching James Rodriguez’s volley in slow motion on the telly.

    THAT’S a Saturday night.

  37. Cesc Appeal


    I dunno come a Sunday morning if I’m waking up thinking

    A) Where the fuck am I
    B) What the fuck happened
    C) Where are my shoes
    D) Why is this dog staring at me

    Then it means THAT was a Saturday night

  38. Wengerites be damned!

    Mexico x Holland game will be in Ceará (state), Fortaleza (city). Borders the State where I live but it’s very hot in Fortaleza now. Probably the hottest city Holland will play so far.
    Mexico have already played in Fortaleza (I think it was against Brazil). Let’s see how the orange team will behave…

  39. Klauspoppe

    Wenger rites

    How do u think of hulk in the centre with Willian on the right? With Oscar Neymar and Hulk all drifting in felt congested outside the box.

    Instead of a holding CF like Fred, Brazil looked more threatening dribbling at the defence and a poacher type striker to connect onto a pass or finish scraps…

    Whats the consensus in Brazil of Moura who hit form late in the season being ommited?

  40. Klauspoppe

    Brazil will find Colombia easier than Chile.

    Brazils formation of congested centre will break up most attacks. Mexico had trouble apart from long distance strikes that were more hopeful shots.

    Chile are a team comfortable in holding on to posession unlike Brazil. They can create multiple combinations to break through the centre forcing Brazil to hold onto the ball. By doing so they limit the opportunities they have in launching a counter attack which they excel as Neymar Hulk and Oscar are all comfortbale dribbling at the defence to tear it apart or pick up a foul close to goal as they have great targets to pick out.

    Colombia on the otherhand are a greatly balanced side in counter attacks and posession play. If they get into rhythm they can create nice one twos or attack down the flanks at frightening speed in a transition like tonight. Colombia would have studied the Croatia game where the big wide CFs caused trouble to marcelo and Alves using their height. Cuadrado is going to have a big pact tactically.

    However Colombia are weak defensively when soaking pressure or on the transition of giving away cheap fouls which bodes well for Brazil. Neymar is going to create havoc on Yepes and Zapata lol with his dribbling and pick up lots of fouls for plenty of setpiece practices.

    Gustavo and Fernandinho will rotate and manmark Rodriguez out of the game as they are comfortable dropping deep or moving forward whenever he drops back to collect a deep pass.

    Going to be a great game. Cant wait

  41. Angry Water Bottle

    Would anyone object to hoddle coming back as england manager and using 3-5-2 again ? after seeing chile play … ?

  42. Wengerites be damned!

    I really don’t like this classic number 9 kind of striker. However, Scolari chose to play with a very slow non mobile player. This really suits the opponents. Then, they can concentrate on Neymar, the real threat.
    Initially,s ome people felt disappointed when Scolari didn’t call Moura, however Brazil won the Conf. Cup using other players and this made some fans to forget about him.
    Fred didn’t play well in the beginning of the Conf Cup but scored some important goals later on. Some people here still think that will be the case.
    I agree with you that outside the box is congested. I’d also put Willian to play if I were the manager.

  43. Wengerites be damned!

    Fred is a CF too static and I think Scolari should really have a plan b. It’s obvious it’s not working. Jô is not a great player at all but at least he is more mobile.

  44. Wengerites be damned!

    BTW, Unfortunatelly, Gustavo will not play against Colombia. Second yellow card, I think…Gustavo is considered by many here as the 2nd most important player, only Neymar has a bigger importance.

  45. Klauspoppe


    Yep interesting about Freds contribution in Confed cup. Sort of makes sense in Scolaris belief in him. The same rationale can be attributed to Giroud or Walcott in the sense not many options available and on form can be lethal. The risk in cup comps are that much greater though.

    Moura is young and has been under performing for too long to leave any sentiments I suppose. Hopefully his form in ligue 1 continues as he has been very good lately and Brazilian fanbase start supporting him again. Great talent.

    Gustavo is a big blow. Losing Lucas was a set back imo as well. I was thinking of slotting Miranda in as CB with Luiz partnered with Fernandinho in holding positions but MIRANDA IS LEFT OUT!! Henrique favoured over having played for Scolari at Palm… Thats a bad joke.

    Feels each Brazilian player is static when it comes to positioning and limits their full potential playing passive.

    Even though Brazil has been criticised for their boring static football. I find the system benefitting Neymar great enjoyment as his dribbling has been terrific and a sight to enjoy especially at a World Cup.

  46. Klauspoppe

    Ronaldo in 1998, 2002, 2006 was all efficency. The football in those Brazilian teams weren’t that much of a difference to now. To squish multiple playmaking forwards with holding midfielders has been standard for 20 years now in Brazilian football.

    Individual talent was greater though alluding people to falsely remember their football had style and flair. Ronaldo Rivaldo Romario Ronaldinho Kaka were something special. The greats of all time.

  47. Dannyboy

    SBS One are showing the England v Argies game from ’98..

    How badly did the ref fuck us in the ass that day??

  48. Simonlevert

    Pray that it’s true.

    françois pinet ✔ @francoispinet
    Our sources indicate that Alexis Sanchez and Morgan Schneiderlin are heading to Arsenal @itelefoot #20hfoot
    7:18 PM – 28 Jun 2014



  49. Dannyboy

    I’m getting a Sanchez inspired haircut if we sign the lil fucker…

    (Almost said the same of Vidal but I don’t wanna look like a psychopathic murderer)

  50. Salvage

    There is absolutely no need for the banner carrying. No relevance and its not necessary. I think they are just attention seeking idiots.

    If they feel everyone is the same, then why carrying banners to differentiate themselves? Nonsense

  51. Dannyboy

    ikon – Hammez would require a world record transfer fee after his World Cup performances… Ain’t no chance of us getting him.

  52. AG

    Even at the age of 35, how good is Raphael marques! He’s been one of the best defenders at the world cup and would be very crucial against Rvp and Robben and also at set plays against dodgy looking Netherlands’ defence.

  53. Leedsgunner

    Have we signed up Jason Dodds and Paul Williams yet? For the people wondering who they are — they were former Southampton U-18 coaches who were let go. Considering they developed Luke Shaw, Theo Walcott, and the Ox and Gareth Bale — they probably know a thing or two! Sign them up!

  54. Whizcali

    The premise of your entire article relates to inclusion of marginalised groups and then you fly off a tangent when it comes to inclusion of nations where football is not considered traditional. As you asked quite rightly, what some people might have against gay people, I might ask the same about your stance on Qatar.

    At the end of the day it is just a game and I am sure Qatar has football fans and deserve to host an event which just happens to be a world event.

  55. sanmi

    Rodriguez might become a better player than Ozil, but as of now, Ozil is far better!
    How do you even rate players? One tourney/ 4 matches?

  56. andy1886

    NM – I’m surprise that you missed that, there were headlines at the time. Chelsea probably didn’t dare pay the huge bungs that Barca did, the PL wouldn’t stand for it the way La Liga brushed it under the table.

  57. Nasri's Mouth


    Haha, I must have been slipping! To be honest, I never really look at other clubs that much compared to us.

    Nice to see that other clubs go for players and not get them though.

  58. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Arsenal being arsenal

    Agents being agents

    Equal nothing until pictures of a smiling wenger an new player holding shirt shirt…..
    Don’t torture yourself y’all know what wenger is like…

    More than not he will sign another Joel c and we will have three years of passport fiasco

    He has done before an will do again

  59. Rhys Jaggar


    When I was growing up I had no issues about homosexuality or equality for women.

    What I do have issues about are aggressive homosexuals, ‘any criticism of blacks is racist’ racists and aggressive feminists who on the one hand cry ‘foul’ if anyone holds them up for disgusting behaviour, nothing to do with being a homosexual, black or being a woman, but just being disgusting.

    Women who tell men that they are gay, without them being invited to discuss someone’s sexuality (not asking if they are gay, making it clear that they are) whilst being 3 stone overweight and having a poodle of a boyfriend whilst wanting to be CEO of GSK and travelling the world is one bugbear. What the truth is that they want men down at heel as wives to supremacist women, but ooh, dear me, hell hath no fury if you point that out to the silly sausage…….

    Blacks who don’t realise that a tolerant society is one who treats blacks like whites, which includes calling them a dirty cheat if they deliberately handle the ball to qualify for the world cup. It doesn’t make me racist calling Thierry Henry a dirty cheat when he was being a dirty cheat. It makes me treat Thierry Henry like an adult, not a person not answerable to the normal standards of football because he is black.

    The Guardian Newspaper is now a sexist paper, because it runs 100 stories plus a year saying how disgusting men are (when what they mean is that some men are disgusting), whilst running no stories about how disgusting women are (and some women are truly, truly disgusting).

    However, being born into the worst of all possible worlds (a white, middle class guy who was sent on scholarship to private school) represents me, I cannot possibly be discriminated against, because I’m male, white and middle class. Behaviour patterns by one woman which, had I done the same to any woman on this planet would have seen me in court for sexist thuggery, is something I am blamed for ‘not standing up to’. Ah, but women don’t have to stand up to men doing the same do they?? So that’s sexist, for a start.

    Being told that we must accept every immigrant from the EU in 2014, but when i wished to work in Germany in 1982/3 on a gap year, I was told that ‘no jobs are available so long as one German is unemployed’. Just ‘unfortunate’, not discrimination, isn’t it??

    I am not sure that you should be called gay because your mother was emotionally cold and undemosnstrative, you were palmed off onto emotionally cold spinsters from 8 to 16, you were sent to single-sex boarding school where you were taunted about not growing until the age of 16 (I am now a conveniently normal 6ft 1 inches) when you accelerated a year due to academic precocity, is a particularly fruitful preparation for the brave new world of emancipated women. Especially when you were thrown to the wolves to learn how to cook, iron etc etc at the age of 18, when daughters learned at the mother’s side growing up. That’s more a recipe for not knowing anything about women and not having a clue aged 21 how to engage with them, than any homosexual tendencies, you know.

    The test of whether a society is tolerant is whether what I have just said is seen as whingeing or a sad, but accurate evaluation of the imperfections of our society.

    I grew up ‘never complaining about anything’ and having parents projecting their fantasies onto me instead of realising they were as ignorant as shit and just let me discover what I actually wanted to do for myself. I was then blamed by my parents for not being what they wanted, which is pretty silly really. If you are born with a genius for languages, understanding others and diplomacy, it’s really rather silly to push someone into playing the violin, demanding maths or science as a career and expecting them to pull 50 women at University.

    Gays need to be proud of who they are.

    But if they cannot understand that white men are discriminated against too, they have become what they complained about in decades gone by. Intolerant, self-serving, on-the-make pressure groups claiming morality which is betrayed by their actions and their words.

    You’ll note that I’ve not said that they are.

    I’ve described the patterns of behaviour which, if demonstrated by them as a group, would indicate that they were.

  60. docnuges

    You lost me half way into ur post, I get the gist of it though but it would be nice if u keep it as concise as possible so people don’t drift away and start skipping whole paragraphs when reading.
    Just saying, no disrespect intended

  61. Alex Cutter

    “But if they cannot understand that white men are discriminated against too…”

    If you’d put this at the beginning of your creepy rant, I wouldn’t had to wade through all your other bullshit.