Box to box for £20m

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Happy Friday you bunch of melts.

So, what do we have on the menu of Arsenal today?

For starters, a bit of Arsene.


I love that picture. Brilliant. Arsener, hanging on the beach, iced tea slushy, Brazilian hip hop firing on the sound system hanging out with beach babes. What a total lad that man is. He gives but not one f*ck.

Good on him, if I’m that hardcore at 63, I’ll be pleased.

More to the point Arsene, where the hell are the damn new players? I mean, if I’m pissing around on Facebook at work, things are ok, providing I get my job done.

‘Arsene, what were you doing this summer. We have no new players, Yaya Sanogo has been stuck in the reception lift for 3 days and Lukas has put a sea lion in the swimming pool?’

‘Ivan, working so hard and stuff. Promise’

‘Arsene, is this you playing football on the beach with random kids?’


Anyway, the rippings he’s had about how he looks without his shirt off… a bit pathetic. The man is in his sixties and he’s in better shape than most 25 year olds… and, look, here’s the thing, he’s hanging with sexier people than we are. And he’s rolling in serious dough. His life is way better than ours. Think about that when you’re chowing down that super dry Pret all day breakfast sandwich. Pretty sad eh? Arsene isn’t eating at Pret.

Transfer wise, thing are hotting up, and when I say hotting up, I mean the papers have awoken from their slumber to print some rumours.

Lars Bender is first up, we’re back in for him, Arsene clearly likes him. As with a lot of our transfers, they normally take a couple of years to action (Santi… and, Chamakh). Hopefully, this summer, we’ll make him our man. That said, Levurkusen are back in the big money leagues having made the Champions League. So it’ll be interesting to see how their resolve stands up.

Luis Suarez… a 4 month ban that extends into club football. Man can’t even be in the Liverpool ground. Quite incredible. I know he’s bitten people three times, I know it’s bad, but wow… 4 months. I find it quite amazing that FIFA are taking the moral high ground on sporting behaviour, you know, considering they’re one of the least sporting organsiation on the planet.

Still, big ban for doing something massively dim. I just wish FIFA would take the same agressive stance when  it comes to disgraceful tackling or disgraceful gamesmanship that ruins games. I think we’ve got way too caught up in the weird Western connotations associated with biting. If he’d punched Chiellini in the face or stamped on him, he’d not be banned for that long.

Anyway, last time Suarez was banned until October, it massively impacted his season… right?

I thought the below pin badge was nice. Click the pic to buy. I’m not normally a fan of anything Arsenal when it comes to attire. Subtle showings of your support are the way forward, like a red tooth or a dashing pair of red socks. Some Arsenal fans attire is truly disgraceful… and the tatts. Well. Dont’ get me started. Not a cup of me.


Finally, Bac Sags wants to tell the world he didn’t move for money

“All I want to say is I stayed in Arsenal with the same contract since 2008. I never asked for [more] money, so people who think that it’s for money, it’s not.

“I just wanted to change and boost my career, and I think it was about time.”

Now, whilst I don’t want to say it’s completely not about money, I do beleive him when he says it. He’s been with us for 8 years. He’s never given anything other than 100%. He never kicked up a fuss to leave when he was one of the best right backs in the world. He’s an absolutely top class guy. I know charities he’s worked for who can’t speak highly enough of his desire to help them. I know marketing people who say that he’s a total gent to work with, no ego, just a top guy. People need to back off with the cash slammings all the time.

If he can get £160k a week elsewhere, why the hell not? If he can win a title with City, why not? It’s about choice. Sometimes you need a change of scenery. How many of you stay in the same job forever? It’s the same thing. I’m totally cool with him going. A loyal servent and and an Arsenal legend for me.

Right. That’s me done. I’m off to hang out with some girls in Covent Garden, shirt off, pretending I’m as boss as Arsene Wenger.

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  1. Nasri's Mouth


    Wont work quite like that. It’ll come down to where Sanchez wants to move to, and quite possibly Barca wont let him leave anywhere until Suarez goes the other way.

  2. Marc


    Why won’t it work like that?

    Suarez is gone. We are cash buyer’s and Barca will need cash to help fund the deal. Liverpool might prefer a player plus cash deal but if we’ve bought the player he’s off the market and Barca can now offer a cash only deal.

    As for where would the player prefer – Where would you prefer to live? London one of the major cultural centre’s in the world or Liverpool home of murder.

  3. Nasri's Mouth


    Real Madrid didn’t let Ozil leave till Bale had been confirmed. Could well be a similar situation

    As for where Sanchez wants to play, apparently he does prefer us to Liverpool.

  4. tunnygriffboy


    Is that shirt the real one or a copy ? Surely the shirts not on the market before it’s officially launched

    You and N5 were a bit naughty last night saying we haggling over a million for Aurier. Is it definite or rumour. You know what it’s like on here. That statement will become fact. Already there’s a couple gone off on one about it.

    It may well be possible but on the other hand it may be the Toulouse president trying to start bidding war, messing people about.

  5. Marc


    Bale was a different case – Suarez has a buy out clause and will do anything to leave. You also have the fact that Liverpool are now fucked with the ban, they have now got to sell him without losing any value. They can’t afford to let this play out for months.

  6. Cesc Appeal


    I know.

    If only us regular know nothing fans were saying that would happen if Wenger didn’t get him before the WC. 😉 It really just is common sense isn’t it?

  7. Cesc Appeal

    I wonder how Rooney is going to feel under a Van Gaal regime. Seems that he demands a high tempo and high level of effort from his players. RVP was suggesting its the same in training as well.

    Wonder, will that bring the best out of him? Or could Rooney potentially find himself on the way out? Those £300 000 a week wages could be an issue though…

  8. tunnygriffboy


    If that is the case about Aurier we should just pay it. The Toulouse president did say that he wouldn’t sell before the WC as he wanted to increase price and see who was interested in him. It was reported we’d agreed terms with him ages ago but obviously Toulouse not selling pre WC

    The longer things go on the more anxious we become. We shouldn’t as the window still young and some of our targets still involved in WC. Problem is the cock ups of past windows

    Seems to me we have targets but it’s a scatter gun approach, we don’t prioritise. I hope IG and Big Dick will be working hard behind the scenes.

  9. Cesc Appeal


    Just always happens.

    When I read the other day “Arsenal agree terms with Aurier” I did think, oooh, finally he’s pulled his finger out, BUT, then it went on “Fee yet to be agreed with Toulouse” and I thought, nope scrap that, same old.

  10. Guns of brixton

    160k per week? for an 18yo LB?

    part of the problem of england yoof players is contained in that. . . . when hes 28, whats he gona be on 350 k pw? insane.