Box to box for £20m

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Happy Friday you bunch of melts.

So, what do we have on the menu of Arsenal today?

For starters, a bit of Arsene.


I love that picture. Brilliant. Arsener, hanging on the beach, iced tea slushy, Brazilian hip hop firing on the sound system hanging out with beach babes. What a total lad that man is. He gives but not one f*ck.

Good on him, if I’m that hardcore at 63, I’ll be pleased.

More to the point Arsene, where the hell are the damn new players? I mean, if I’m pissing around on Facebook at work, things are ok, providing I get my job done.

‘Arsene, what were you doing this summer. We have no new players, Yaya Sanogo has been stuck in the reception lift for 3 days and Lukas has put a sea lion in the swimming pool?’

‘Ivan, working so hard and stuff. Promise’

‘Arsene, is this you playing football on the beach with random kids?’


Anyway, the rippings he’s had about how he looks without his shirt off… a bit pathetic. The man is in his sixties and he’s in better shape than most 25 year olds… and, look, here’s the thing, he’s hanging with sexier people than we are. And he’s rolling in serious dough. His life is way better than ours. Think about that when you’re chowing down that super dry Pret all day breakfast sandwich. Pretty sad eh? Arsene isn’t eating at Pret.

Transfer wise, thing are hotting up, and when I say hotting up, I mean the papers have awoken from their slumber to print some rumours.

Lars Bender is first up, we’re back in for him, Arsene clearly likes him. As with a lot of our transfers, they normally take a couple of years to action (Santi… and, Chamakh). Hopefully, this summer, we’ll make him our man. That said, Levurkusen are back in the big money leagues having made the Champions League. So it’ll be interesting to see how their resolve stands up.

Luis Suarez… a 4 month ban that extends into club football. Man can’t even be in the Liverpool ground. Quite incredible. I know he’s bitten people three times, I know it’s bad, but wow… 4 months. I find it quite amazing that FIFA are taking the moral high ground on sporting behaviour, you know, considering they’re one of the least sporting organsiation on the planet.

Still, big ban for doing something massively dim. I just wish FIFA would take the same agressive stance when  it comes to disgraceful tackling or disgraceful gamesmanship that ruins games. I think we’ve got way too caught up in the weird Western connotations associated with biting. If he’d punched Chiellini in the face or stamped on him, he’d not be banned for that long.

Anyway, last time Suarez was banned until October, it massively impacted his season… right?

I thought the below pin badge was nice. Click the pic to buy. I’m not normally a fan of anything Arsenal when it comes to attire. Subtle showings of your support are the way forward, like a red tooth or a dashing pair of red socks. Some Arsenal fans attire is truly disgraceful… and the tatts. Well. Dont’ get me started. Not a cup of me.


Finally, Bac Sags wants to tell the world he didn’t move for money

“All I want to say is I stayed in Arsenal with the same contract since 2008. I never asked for [more] money, so people who think that it’s for money, it’s not.

“I just wanted to change and boost my career, and I think it was about time.”

Now, whilst I don’t want to say it’s completely not about money, I do beleive him when he says it. He’s been with us for 8 years. He’s never given anything other than 100%. He never kicked up a fuss to leave when he was one of the best right backs in the world. He’s an absolutely top class guy. I know charities he’s worked for who can’t speak highly enough of his desire to help them. I know marketing people who say that he’s a total gent to work with, no ego, just a top guy. People need to back off with the cash slammings all the time.

If he can get £160k a week elsewhere, why the hell not? If he can win a title with City, why not? It’s about choice. Sometimes you need a change of scenery. How many of you stay in the same job forever? It’s the same thing. I’m totally cool with him going. A loyal servent and and an Arsenal legend for me.

Right. That’s me done. I’m off to hang out with some girls in Covent Garden, shirt off, pretending I’m as boss as Arsene Wenger.

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  1. salparadisenyc

    Suarez not going to Barcelona in my opinion.

    Firstly Messi despises him, secondly its far too much cash and thirdly the aura of the cleanest club in the world is already tarnished from the Neymar deal. In the next week i’d imagine a statement saying its media bollocks.

  2. Nasri's Mouth

    kwik fit: IMO Suarez would fit in much better at Real Madrid.

    I thought that too, but apparently it’s Barca all the way for Suarez

  3. kwik fit

    Suarez, Neymar and Messi just doesn’t make any senses to me. Xavi, Inesta are coming to the end. Surely Barca should be focusing on midfield and defense. Additionally I thought Barca were strapped for cash , so 70m blown on Suarez doesn’t leave much cash for other areas

  4. NYCgooner


    My thoughts exactly. Barca i think would play much better with a target man like Benzema while a quick creative player like Suarez would fit well with CR7 and Bale.

  5. Cesc Appeal

    Well after they got Rakitic I thought for sure they were going to get Koke. Use their allure and convince him of a change in his DNA. As Kwik says, their middle is getting on a bit and I find it rather uninspiring now.

    Thoroughly beatable is how I’d describe Barcelona now. I said the same of Spain before the WC started. Football seems to have changed it’s direction a bit this year and I think it’s told at the WC as well. Good thing too, I much prefer pace, directness and athleticism to pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, pass.

  6. Al

    The only thing I would say is Messi and neymar didn’t really click because neymar is more an individualist similar to Ronaldo.

    Messi likes his one twos. …suarez is the same. He can do things on his own but is always better when playing off someone which is why I think suarez and Messi could really work together.

    I agree though. ..He seems a perfect fit for real Madrid.

    Ronaldo, suarez , bale. ..

    So much power, pace, technique and skill in that front three. The way he plays his game would really bring out the best and a higher performance from Ronaldo and bale.

  7. London gunner


    Barca really do lack physicality benzema actually has that in abundance and yet he has enough technique link up and hold up at to fit into Barca

    On the other hand rm are a physically dominant team already and Suarez May not have the most pace but his certainly great on a counter
    Attack… He makes all the right runs for RM play

  8. Cesc Appeal

    Barcelona would instantly look a lot better and threatening in my opinion with Suarez up front. They just seem toothless as a side.

    If Arsenal went up against them, full strength to full strength last season I honestly wouldn’t have been as worried as I might have been a few seasons ago.

  9. Nasri's Mouth

    The Barca press have been bigging up Suarez, the RM press much less so.

    That tells you all you need to know about where he’s going really.

  10. Cesc Appeal


    I honestly didn’t even think of that. Haha!

    It’s a double win for Barcelona in that case.

    “And finally, my client wants me to make sure his contract on £250 000 a week DOES come with dental. If he’s putting his gnashers on the line for you and the team he wants to know the club will take care of them!”

  11. Cesc Appeal

    I really hope Southampton’s new manager is allowed to reinvest the full fees they get for Shaw, Lallana and Lovren. Will be quite a hefty whack of cash.

  12. Crusaderrabbit

    Vidal, Balotelli, Reus, Sanchez, Martinez, Bender…All these players have something in common. We won’t be signing them

    Remy & Aurier..that’s it.

  13. Cesc Appeal


    That horrible moment when you spell out a really long name without spaces to use as your Le Grove ID and then realise you misspelt it.

  14. southernpeople


    lol, why bother with long names.

    I’m gonna my ID to: ArsenesUltimatekingandshouldbethecoachforever.

  15. Rosicky@Arsenal

    wonder why people dont realize 3 star players in 1 team doesnt works.

    Barca always plays bad when Messi & Neymar are playing at one time.How wud all 3 fit in if Suarez is also added. No way

    These superstars are too much egoistic,

    Same goes with Real i think if Suarez goes to Real Ronaldo will prefer to switch off IMO>

  16. kwik fit


    No….. but the guy was using some reverse physiology. Beg Wenger not to do something and the chances are he will 🙂

  17. Dissenter

    There used to be a poster called “Simon” who sulked off and never returned because of the “negativity”

    I bet he’s behind one of these trolls that love legrove.

  18. southernpeople

    kwik fit

    lol, you’re funny!

    I’d welcome that reverse psychology if it made Arsene sign Schneiderlin; he’s a terrific player.

  19. southernpeople

    kwik fit

    what do you think about rumours having us signed Las Bender and how do you rate the guy?

  20. kwik fit


    Yeah….I must admit that I never really rated Schneiderlin until I seen someone had mentioned him here on LG. I have kept a close eye on him since and I am now a fan. I think every club needs a Schneiderlin. He would give us exactly what we have been missing in the middle since Gilberto and at a reasonable price..

  21. kwik fit

    I actually feel there may be some truth in the Lars Bender rumors Southern. Again he’s exactly what we need. Strong, mobile and good distribution, A massive upgrade on Arteta. He and Ramsey could be an excellent combination. I don’t see Wenger buying a DM unless he offloads Arteta. I was relieved that he let Kim go. For a minute I thought he was actually going to keep him.

  22. southernpeople

    Kwik fit

    same here!! It wasn’t long ago that I was surprised bloggers mentioning his name, I even thought he was German or Dutch and that he plays in foreign league until I heard he plays for Saints, however, i was really impressed by his interceptions and tackling and his overall footballing qualities.

  23. southernpeople

    kwik fit

    I don’t think it’s wise to rely on Arteta as first choice; he was our weak link in many big games this season and shouldn’t be starting for us next season. I really would like us go for someone like Matuidi, Schneirderlin or Bender or whoever else better than our Art.

  24. NYCgooner

    I think we will eventually end up with Schneiderlin as DM. I wouldn’t complain if we got Bender either but i think Schneiderlin is on his way to being world class and will come cheaper than all the other options at his position right now. The guy led the PL in tackles and interceptions last season.

  25. Gilo

    Fair play to United. They were dog shit last season and have move quickly to start addressing the weaknesses in their side to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Meanwhile our dopey manager is living it up on the beach seemingly unaware of the fact that we have a huge quality deficit.

    Is there anyone at our rotten club who is even aware that the transfer window is open?

  26. Rockypires

    I don’t see us getting lars and I do t think Schneider will leave. He has a taste of international football now so will want to continue that line and won’t risk a change of club.

    I would like to see Schneider for another season. I get the love feet for him but I’m not sold.
    I know I’m pro witsel but just not sold on Morgan Schneider

    Bender will stay with lever sunken new manager champs league football and main man he will stay another year least.

    Sanchez is sounding more likely

  27. Thomas






  28. SpanishDave

    Our manager is a fraud, he has no ambition of winning the prem, our team is way off the pace and we need major investment to even get close.
    Remy is not good enough, Arteta is finished,Wilshire is a waste of space,and to know that Diaby is going to be hanging around is a laugh.
    Wenger will never win us the league again hes done

  29. Arsene's Nurse

    2 months to go in the TW. Other PL clubs have managed to sign key players, yet on the Arsenal front everything is ever so quiet, oh so quiet. I very much doubt we’ll experience a boom and a bang ‘Bjork style”.

    WTF are Dick Law and Gazidis doing? What is Wenger doing apart from looking at booty on the beach?

    I don’t expect much from Man City, but Chelsea, Man U have signed players and Liverpool are on the move so where are we?

    We must have targets, we have a huge wad of cash yet nothing. We know we need a LB and Aurier is keen so why have we not bagged him?

    Our whole philosophy regarding transfers is wrong. We should be getting out there and doing the business.

  30. Samir

    Wenger’s doing the usual…

    Waiting until all the other teams have done their business and then he’ll pick up the scraps…

    Remy, Aurier and Cleverly.

    Top summer.

  31. neil

    Remy, a 8-10 million pound player, a club with at least close to 175 million quid cash laying around and Wenger is after 18 year old kids and Remy, this club needs to get at least 4-5 new players, keeper, central; defender, striker, left wing, defensive mid

    And this cunt manager is on the beach playing volley ball, if he can’t do the job, get some motherfucker who can, this is a football club, not the stock exchange

    the worst thing that could have happened is giving this french fucking fraud 3 more years, fuck you AFC, you low money grubbing low lifes

  32. neil

    Come on Arsene, take a chance, you are close to 65 years of age, once in your careful structured scrooge life, buy a player that can make a difference, a top class player who can help the club win the title go out in a blaze of glory, spend 30-50 million quid on a champion,

    Don’t do what you always do, buy cheap alternatives, aiming for 4th, lift your sights for fuck sake, aim a little higher

    I could understand if the club were not doing well, if the club were not rolling in obscene amounts of cash, but they are, so take a chance for once in your life and spend the fucking money, IT’S NOT YOURS, IT’S THE FANS, GIVE SOMETHING MORE THAN ONE FA CUP IN 9 YEARS BACK TO THE SUFFERING LOYAL FANS


    We cannot change what we are, and you are a fucking miser, end of story

  33. Nasri's Mouth

    Dear Neil

    Have we actually signed Remy, or are you going off the deep end like some 12 yr old Beiber fanboy after too many red bulls because of something you read in a paper?

    Just curious

  34. N5

    Nasri, word of advise mate. Give this one a hell of a wide birth. He’s a fucking lunatic. Even when I was being nice to the backward twat he went off on me. He’s an absolute mental.

  35. northern gooner

    Good evening.

    Have we signed anyone.

    Had to put up with all the manc dickheads in work telling me how good herrera and shaw are and that they are getting their trophy back.

    What a load of shite

  36. Nasri's Mouth

    northern gooner: they are getting their trophy back.

    Christ! There’s a transfer window trophy now ?

  37. northern gooner


    Its no 4th place trophy- thats why wenger isnt arsed about signing anyone…..

    Its horrible listening to them all up here.

    The suarez bite is a blessing in disguise. It keeps the scousers quiet.

  38. LJB

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I thought Wenger spent 42.5 mill on Ozil which is slightly more than 16 mill. Jesus are we going to hear that Wenger is a cunt every fucking time another club buys a player? Personally I would hope that we are aiming a little higher than the players Liverpool have been buying,and we don’t need Herrera as we have Ozil.Ramsey is better than Lallana. We don’t need an 18 yr old LB who cost 30 mill and is on 160 grand a week.. If we s till haven’t made any signings by the end of July then get twitchy,and if Wenger fails to get a GK,RB,DM and Striker/Wideman by the end of the window then whinge and moan.Until then STFU its boring and futile .

  39. salparadisenyc

    Thomas threw up what I’d consider a ridiculously good summer.
    Don’t think anyone would complain with that lineup.

    Well be lucky to get one of em.

    N5 I’d like to see some enforcing up in this bitch.

  40. salparadisenyc


    I’d say were definitely not getting any of em.. although that wont stop me pining for Reus all summer long. Yes Coleman dead and buried with that extension.

  41. Revving Kevin

    Dear N5

    Ljb is spot on though mate.

    Too many statements are being made based on fresh air. It seems some people hang on the medias every breath.

    Ps. I see your magnets working as usual, all the trolls have appeared together again. How as must they be! 😉

  42. N5

    Kev, I know that’s why I was saying he’s mostly spot on. I’m totally with him about every time some team buys a player, Wenger gets called a cunt. But I find the whinging about the whingers almost as bad as the Neils of this place.

    Sal. I will go get my enforcer badge, there is a few to many on here tonight 😀

    Where are you deputy trollblock?

  43. Arsene's Nurse

    Revving Kevin June 27, 2014 22:13:48

    Arsenes Curse
    Source for your rant?
    Not a rant, merely a statement of facts. Other competing teams have signed players. For example:

    Cesc to Chelsea (and likely Costa). Who have we signed?

    Herrera and Shaw have signed for Man U. Who have we signed?

    It’s expected that Lallana will got Liverpool. Who have we signed?

    This is the problem with AKBs such as yourself; you are more than happy to swallow the propaganda hook, line and sinker. Players are nearly always available for the right price. Other clubs know their targets and pursue them. Arsenal fanny about haggling over ‘pennies’.

    I’ve a good authority from a personal source who is connected with a firm of solicitors who says we are in for Aurier, personal terms have been agreed, but Arsenal are playing hard ball with Toulouse regarding the payment structure. They want cash up front yet Arsenal are unhappy and are quibbling over the fee, the difference of which is around £1m and add-ons.

  44. Cesc Appeal

    Stage 1) Hey, until the end of the window shut up, don’t moan.

    Stage 2) Hey, season has started now, okay the summer didn’t go well, but support the team.

    Stage 3) Hey, there is still a few weeks until the end of January, just shut up and whinge on February 1st.

    Stage 4) Hey, the January window is hard to do stuff in, just shut up and whinge in May.

    Stage 5) Back to Stage 1.

  45. N5

    Nurse. I heard a similar thing, we offered 8.5m and they want 10m. Not sure if true but frustrating as he has agreed terms.

    I think Toulouse are doing the right thing holding on because now (since WC) it will encourage a few other clubs to bid and up the price in which they can ask for.

  46. Arsene's Nurse

    N5 June 27, 2014 23:31:18

    Nurse. I heard a similar thing, we offered 8.5m and they want 10m. Not sure if true but frustrating as he has agreed terms.

    I think Toulouse are doing the right thing holding on because now (since WC) it will encourage a few other clubs to bid and up the price in which they can ask for.
    It was a bit less than that before the WC.

  47. SpanishDave

    How can we be quibling over payments for Aurier when we have so much cash in hand?
    Wenger is a joke, three more years or total failure will be our only way out.

  48. Revving Kevin

    Thanks fur the response. Its not a statement of fact. It’s a rant based on an assumption. I get the frustration as we all want to see signings but there is plenty if time. We have no idea what’s going on and you can’t go by the media.

    Grow up mate that kind of sarcasm isn’t needed, it’s rude and it’s not necessary to act like that. I’m in my 50’s so please. Thanks.

  49. N5

    Lol, so did I Cesc. In what has been a long boring day at work that was a welcome distraction.

    Nurse, is that right, I thought they wanted 8.5m initially, but since upped it too 10m. I’ve read so many different figures I’m not sure what’s right,

    But if we miss out over 1.5m for such a talented player I’d be really gutted. Just take some of Diaby’s cash.

  50. Cesc Appeal


    Well maybe start acting that way and the sarcasm won’t be necessary. If you make it that easy, you leave me little choice.

    It’s so funny because you come on and say THE SAME things every single day, you pick on the posters that most people just ignore and then decide to whitewash every other poster who doesn’t agree with the way Wenger does things as being in the same sort of camp as those guys. And then you accuse THOSE guys of being boring whingers who say the same things!

    You go on about bullying and what have you when most of the people you’ve accused of it, myself included are rarely, if ever offensive to anyone, yet I’ve seen you go off on one multiple times and get pretty nasty. MidWest?

    You have a go, rightfully, at the hardcore anti-Wenger posters who wrongfully just call the man a “cunt” but then the guys who are exactly the same but just on the polar opposite side of the spectrum you say, “spot on” or “bang on.”

    You accuse everyone of being agenda driven yet get very defensive when someone gently reminds you you’re being an enormous hypocrite. Then you throw your toys out your pram and start calling everyone a bully.

    So maybe we both have room to grow up…but I’m 24.

    “Hilary Owls”

  51. Revving Kevin

    “This is the problem with AKBs such as yourself; you are more than happy to swallow the propaganda hook, line”

    I missed that insult earlier. Why the personal insult? Why suggest I am an idiot?

    Some of you lot aren’t interest in anything other than having a good old moan and calling people childish names.

    I am sorry I made the effort to discuss sensibly.

    Very disappointing.

    I’m off.

  52. N5

    You’ve twisted my arm too Cesc. I’ve just bought it from Amazon instant for £6.99. I’m going to watch it for the first time in 1080p. I’m childishly excited about it.

  53. Cesc Appeal


    Ohhh, jealous.

    You’re an upstanding citizen, I’m probably just going to stream it on some less than reputable website.

    But then I’m a student, I don’t have money for DVD’s, I need all that money for the slow destruction of my liver and brain cells 😉

  54. N5

    Ha ha, I literally stopped piracy last week Cesc. The missis was saying that I really should start setting a good example as my boy is now 10 as he’s starting to pay attention to how I’m getting my media. I’ve still got a million movies on my hard drive, but not Team America and as I can stream it for cheap I thought why not. It will probably be my one and only purchase this year! 😀

  55. salparadisenyc

    Cesc’s easy 5 step program is the most accurate window into the daily living habits and inner workings of an AKB i’ve seen yet.

    I salut you son.

  56. N5

    ” I need all that money for the slow destruction of my liver and brain cells ;)”

    Lol, I love student priorities and good on you mate, you only live once.

  57. Arsene's Nurse

    N5 June 27, 2014 23:41:42

    Lol, so did I Cesc. In what has been a long boring day at work that was a welcome distraction.

    Nurse, is that right, I thought they wanted 8.5m initially, but since upped it too 10m. I’ve read so many different figures I’m not sure what’s right,

    But if we miss out over 1.5m for such a talented player I’d be really gutted. Just take some of Diaby’s cash.
    It’s peanuts in terms of difference (between the asking price and what Arsenal want to pay) and the big scheme of things. We have the money in the bank to do the deal easily.

    This is one of the things that really annoys me about our transfer dealings. We have a target, but there, more often than not, appears to be an unrealistic ceiling with regard to what we will pay.

    Now of course it’s prudent and realistic to have a player valuation. It stops us paying silly money for the likes of Andy Carroll. Rather than saying we want him and paying the money within reason, we seem to have an ideology of sticking to our evaluation rather than understanding the real market value and what that player will bring to the team long-term. This is one of the reasons for Wenger’s many “we nearly signed him” statements.

    Arsenal seem to haggle over £1m, which is chicken shit in the wider aspect of things, and prefer to string things out in the hope of landing the player cheaper as the TW closes. It’s false business.

    For example: Man U are out of the CL, they need to get quality players in, so they have to pay a premium to do so. However, that will not stop them. If they want a player they will pay. By being positive and actually getting who they want they increase the prospect of long term success. For them paying over the odds is not a problem because they see it as a long term strategy. The same is true of Man City; they paid over market price not only in terms of transfer fees, but also in terms of salary in order to propel themselves to the top. Now they are there and the revenue and income streams have grown due to their success they are able to attract players and are no longer in the position of having to pay more.

    Arsenal should be far more aggressive and pay the money rather than risking losing a player. We are penny wise and pound foolish.

  58. Cesc Appeal


    I can just imagine, Hunger Games style them all sat cross legged, in drab grey uniforms watching a big screen with John Cross saying repeat after me, “Judge our beloved leader in September…we are blessed to live in his age of enlightenment…”

    😉 I jest…but not really

  59. N5

    Lol Cesc, I’m all talk…she frightens me. There’s a reason I call her knuckles. Lol. that’s not true, she’ll hit me if she read this. hit me with her really big fists.

  60. Cesc Appeal


    Haha! I don’t think you’re only mate.

    I don’t think people give men enough credit, in relationships we often CHOOSE to take the route of submission and subjugation instead of sailing the more choppy waters of, say, having an opinion, or disagreeing 😉

    Do you do that thing that a lot of men do where they act tough in front of the son then quickly go and apologise to your wife when he’s out of ear shot?

  61. N5

    Nurse, you’re spot on. 1m can be made four or five times over, every single match day in profit if that helps them sleep at night. And how often have we given up the chase on players over small potatoes. Cahill always being the one that sticks in my head.

    Aurior is good, he is probably worth every penny of 10m and if he isn’t yet, he certainly 90 percent will be, there is very little risk of financial loss where he is concerned.

    I wouldn’t mind the penny pinching if we hadn’t had a history of paying wages to men that never got anywhere near the first team and never would, but as we did, the haggling over pounds is embarrassing.

  62. Cesc Appeal

    *alone, not only…not sure how that even happened.

    Damn you alcohol, destroying my brain cells!!!

  63. salparadisenyc


    Sittin round the fire… drinking the KOOL AID.
    Speaking of Crossie..
    Arsenal go for France star Debuchy as Sagna replacement and revive Remy interest.

  64. N5

    “Do you do that thing that a lot of men do where they act tough in front of the son then quickly go and apologise to your wife when he’s out of ear shot?”

    Ha ha, yes. Many times I’ve said to him, see that told that moany cow, but I’m straight into the kitchen apologising and saying it was just a joke.


  65. Cesc Appeal



    That is totally going to be when I finally reach maturity, get a job, house and have children (just scared the shit out of myself with how much of life I’ve yet do.)

    Exactly that, “see son, that showed the old windbag didn’t it. We’ll play FIFA until we’re damn good and ready to let her put her Shit-Factor on.” Then rush into the kitchen and explain how it’s very important for a boy to have a masculine figure to look up to and that you’ll get him off the PS10 (probably by then!) and put Shit-Factor..I mean X Factor on.

    Though knowing me, I’ll take it too far with the insults and actually throw some personal insults in there. “See son, that showed the old windbag didn’t it? She didn’t mind me staying up late the other night when she’d promised me a Friday night blowjob so she could scuttle off upstairs and be asleep by the time I got up there…didn’t stop me though.”

    “I love you dad.”

    ‘I love you too son.”

  66. Cesc Appeal


    John Cross aggravates me. Don’t know why. I just always think, “SHUT UP.”

    Not sold on Debuchy either. But if it’s a choice between him and Jenkinson, welcome aboard Mathieu.

  67. N5

    Ha ha ha genuine crack up with that love you son bit at the end Cesc. I wish all solicitors I have met during my life made me laugh like you do. Most just take my cash and never get me off. (Legally, they always do sexually).

  68. Cesc Appeal


    Haha 😉

    Well that is the first module next year. “How to Get your Clients off…not legally, sexually” is the exact module title.

    You’d love my Tort and Property Law lecturer, she’s funny as hell, just royally takes the piss out of the profession and has tonnes of funny stories from when she was in practice. Plus she’s hot!..She touched my shoulder once.

  69. N5

    “Plus she’s hot!..She touched my shoulder once.”

    Sounds like your in! what a slag!! 😀

    If I could live life over again I would 100 percent go into law. I love to argue and I’m a good liar, so working as defense would be right up my street. My brother in law is a defense barrister and it’s like he void of any morals. He knows he’s representing a scum bag but someone how he always manages to get them off on technicalities. Have you seen Devil Advocate, he’s like that.

    Instead I chose the life of a civil servant and work in policy and legislation which couldn’t be more boring if it was made from brown corduroy.

  70. Bamford13

    It starts early — 6AM Lonodon time — but if anyone is interested in watching two the prettiest girls on the planet play tennis on grass, I highly recommend watching a bit of Lisicki vs. Ivanovic in the morning.

  71. Cesc Appeal


    Do you really think I’m in?! Next year will be…interesting 😉

    I’m thinking about Contract, Commercial or Tax Law at the moment, but I fully want to be the obnoxious twat in a suit and over jacket, slick back hair, ear piece, Starbucks soy milk coffee in leather gloved hand, talking stupidly loudly about leaving work at 1pm to play a round of golf.

    Policy and Legislation. I’ve had to trawl through a lot of that this year, the law essentially is Policy (Common law decisions) and Legislation (Statute etc).

    What sort of area are you in?

  72. N5

    Unfortunately Cesc, I’m in Child Support Law. I’m not responsible for any of the actual legal side of it, I check all works as it should and remove any thing that would be deemed as waste or non essential value so when it is presented to our ministers they can take a finished change to parliament.

    Basically in English that mean if the CSA are doing something that is costing more money than they are getting in, I look at how we can change that and attempt to adjust our policies or legislation accordingly.

    But I would 100 percent love to be the loud golfing guy too, sadly a civil servant does not live the sexy life, but rather the life of a stereotypical Englishman in a bowler hat!!

  73. kush onye ball

    Di maria says it really hurts to be linked with a move to tottenham ,what a club they are spuds are.

  74. Cesc Appeal


    Bowler hat life is awesome too though!

    Takes an analytical mind to do that. I know a few people in class who are thinking about the Law Commission fresh out of Uni so they’d be doing similar but running through statute and proposed acts.

  75. N5

    Cesc, it’s and OK living, but to me it’s in a similar league to accountancy! It takes a very particular type of person to endure it for life. Luckily for me I often get chances to switch departments and try my hand at new things to avoid putting a gun in my mouth, but if you’re friends are going to be sticking to a certain employment path for longer than a few years make sure you remove any sharp objects from their reach.

    You’d be wise to go into that arrogant defense barrister for scum bag criminals, that seems to be where the real cash is.

  76. N5

    Kush, the secret would be to only have one manager and not 1000+ posters like there is on Le Grove in charge of your transfers, that way you stay firmly in the grasp of sensible reality and not outrageous silliness.

  77. Bamford13

    I think we should add Benteke to the list of potential CF signings. Yes, Benteke.

    I know some people on here are not convinced by him — and his being out six months with a ruptured achilles isn’t going to help his case — but frankly I think he could be a huge talent for us.

    He’s only 23 and has scored 34 goals in 70 appearances for Villa. That’s a goal every other game, including ten goals this past season when he was returning from injury. He has size, strength, pace, power and technique. He has already proven himself in the EPL, and he’s technical enough to do well at the CL level. Belgian manager Marc Wilmots just praised Benteke, saying that as well as Origi performed the other day, he wouldn’t be in the squad if Benteke were healthy.

    Below is a video of his goals in 2013-14. He’s only 23. Watch this and think of what this guy could be not only next season, playing alongside Ozil, Ramsey and Oxlade, but of what he might be in another year or two. Though I despise Arsene Wenger, I do believe he has the ability to develop players.

    This guy could be a monster. He is at least worth keeping in mind.

  78. Bamford13

    Three Scenarios to Consider:

    1. Sign Benteke, Debuchy and Bender—


    That’s a good counter-attacking side. Would cost roughly £55m, I think.

    2. Sign Bony, Aurier and Schneiderlin—


    Pretty good counterattacking, but with a bit less class. Would cost roughly £47m.

    3. Sign Benzema, Debuchy and Gustavo (aka, the dream)—


    That’s a side that that could do good things. Would cost roughly £80m.

    Which do you prefer?

  79. Bamford13


    Don’t be an idiot. Benteke has pace and athleticism. He can dribble at speed, without tripping over his own feet. He can beat players off the dribble, can drive into space on the dribble. He can score from 20-25 yards out.

    Which is to say, he’s a real striker. Don’t make facile comparisons, please.

  80. Scott

    Please I’ve seen Benteke miss chances just like Giroud does, very strong in the air and likes to do little flicks like Giroud. He would not offer a drastically different skill set than Giroud but instead offers a sort of like-for-like option with Giroud. We need Suarez/Aguero type which is why Alexis Sanchez is perfect.

  81. neil

    And it’s a wide berth, not wide birth, you illiterate cock breath
    N5 eh, fucking know it all

    and for cock mouth, Wenger will sign Remy long before he signs, Benzema, Cavani, or any other striker worth more than 16 million quid, you bunch of dolts, have you not worked out Wenger yet, I know who the fucking bell ends in here are, hopeful demented morons waiting for a relic pensioner to get off the beach and actually do some fucking work and sign players that are needed for the coming season, at least 4 at minimum, keep playing volley ball Arsene, ALL SHOW NO GO

  82. Bamford13

    Craig Burley, Claudio Reyna and Steve Nicol of ESPN all have Brazil beating Chile (somewhat easily) tomorrow. Consensus was Brazil have a higher level of play which they haven’t yet reached.

    AFC Press Watch says that Fernandinho may start in midfield and Dante will replace Luis, who has back problems. Also says Hulk and Fred to start.

  83. Bamford13


    I’ve worked out Wenger, but I still like to dream a little. Recall too that he was forced to spend 42.5m on Ozil, so there’s at least some chance something like that could happen again.

  84. neil

    N5 are you still cut an pasting peoples posts, you unimaginative creature, nothing worse than some dick repeating other peoples posts, you N5 are a prime cunt trying to put people down in almost every post you deliver, lets hope something bad happens to you fuck face

  85. Bamford13


    Sure, I’d love to have someone like Aguero or Suarez, and I think Sanchez is a very good player, but I’m not convinced he can play centrally as well as those guys. Have you ever seen him play centrally for Barca? He disappear. He’s good when he slides wide right, but I don’t think he would have a presence centrally.

    As for Benteke missing chances, sure, but lots of strikers do that, including a Benzema, and Benteke is only 23. Plus he was recovering from injury this season.

    Plus you’ve completely ignored the fact that he’s a genuine athlete, with pace, agility, power. Giroud has none of that.

  86. Bamford13


    Well, what forced his hand — and I have no doubt his hand was forced — remains a bit murky, but it was likely a confluence of factors. One, the opening day Villa debacle and the fan outcry. I’m not saying this one awful day forced his hand, but I think it played a part. At that point, he had signed Flamini (!) and Sanogo (!).

    Two, as powerful as Wenger is, there are others there — the board, the owner — who also have power. There’s no reason to discount the possibility that Wenger was told: ‘We understand your reservations re spending 42.5m pounds on a single player, Arsene, but the club needs something at the moment.’

    Absent the Villa debacle — say we won that 1-0 — and any outside pressure, I don’t believe Wenger would’ve signed Ozil.

  87. Scott


    I have seen Sanchez play lone striker himself against none other Real Madrid and do a great job. He may not be tall but he is a physically very strong, makes great runs, great finishing, his dribbling is brilliant. We all know he is a world class winger but he certainly well capable of becoming a world class striker.

  88. Scott


    Regarding Benteke yes he does have more pace and skill than Giroud but he is essentially another target man. For me we need to move away from that sort of a striker which is why I don’t want Mandzukic either to a creative very fast striker in the mold of Suarez/Aguero.

  89. Bamford13


    Are you insane? Copying and pasting others’ posts is standard practice on Le Grove. It allows everyone to see the previous comment that the person is commenting on. It isn’t some kind of disrespect.

    I myself was going to copy and paste an excerpt of your comment, but I don’t want to be called a “fuck face”. That does happen to be one of my favorite insults, though. 😉

  90. Bamford13


    Fair enough. You may be right that Sanchez could be effective centrally. It’s hard to say. I’m just trying to figure out how we can solve our CF issue and Benteke returned to mind so I put him out there. I still think he is worth considering at some point.

  91. Scott


    I’d like to believe that but the board seem completely enamored by him. If anything he was forced by discontent of the fans and didn’t want them to turn on him saving his job. Not signing Cesc looks to me his way of punishing the fans.

  92. Scott


    I wouldn’t mind having both Benteke/Sanchez as our striker options replacing both Giroud and Sanago. It would give us the options to variety of play. Benteke certainly has potential to be good. Big season for him next year.

  93. Leedsgunner

    If it is true that we are penny pinching over a £1m for Aurier it makes even more illogical that we are holding on to deadwood like Djourou, Miyachi, Diaby, Afobe and Eisfield for another year. Even if we sold that sad lot at fire sale “Everyone must go” prices we would recover at 10 times we are squabbling over with Aurier. this is more I fear about us not losing face. Sadly far too often we’ve lost the player instead.

    Where’s the overall sense of strategic perspective at the club?

  94. Nasri's Mouth

    Leedsgunner: it makes even more illogical that we are holding on to deadwood like Djourou, Miyachi, Diaby, Afobe and Eisfield for another year.

    Djourou has already left, Miyachi will leave, I doubt Diaby is sell able, and Afobe and Eisfeld could well leave.

  95. Leedsgunner


    … I doubt Diaby is sellable…

    I hear he’s injured himself again rehab. To think Juve bid £10m for him in 2007 (I think) and he turned it down.

  96. Nasri's Mouth


    Where did you hear it? Given that he was fit at the end of the season, and he’s no longer on duty with the club, who would know ?

    As for 2007 ? Errr… that was 7 years ago!

  97. El Tel 1

    My Fantasy Arsenal team for next season.



    Schweinsteiger or Willshere
    Bender or Vidal

    Benzema or Balotteli
    Walcott or Sanchez

  98. gonsterous

    Wenger always pretends like making a transfer is very difficult when we all know that when he panicked a couple of seasons ago…he went out and bought in 5 players in the space of a week !!!

  99. Marc

    If we are in for Sanchez we need to get the deal done before Liverpool come onto the market with any Suarez cash.

    There should be no choice for a player London or Liverpool but if we fuck about we could end up missing out. Not that we have a history of that.