Box to box for £20m

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Happy Friday you bunch of melts.

So, what do we have on the menu of Arsenal today?

For starters, a bit of Arsene.


I love that picture. Brilliant. Arsener, hanging on the beach, iced tea slushy, Brazilian hip hop firing on the sound system hanging out with beach babes. What a total lad that man is. He gives but not one f*ck.

Good on him, if I’m that hardcore at 63, I’ll be pleased.

More to the point Arsene, where the hell are the damn new players? I mean, if I’m pissing around on Facebook at work, things are ok, providing I get my job done.

‘Arsene, what were you doing this summer. We have no new players, Yaya Sanogo has been stuck in the reception lift for 3 days and Lukas has put a sea lion in the swimming pool?’

‘Ivan, working so hard and stuff. Promise’

‘Arsene, is this you playing football on the beach with random kids?’


Anyway, the rippings he’s had about how he looks without his shirt off… a bit pathetic. The man is in his sixties and he’s in better shape than most 25 year olds… and, look, here’s the thing, he’s hanging with sexier people than we are. And he’s rolling in serious dough. His life is way better than ours. Think about that when you’re chowing down that super dry Pret all day breakfast sandwich. Pretty sad eh? Arsene isn’t eating at Pret.

Transfer wise, thing are hotting up, and when I say hotting up, I mean the papers have awoken from their slumber to print some rumours.

Lars Bender is first up, we’re back in for him, Arsene clearly likes him. As with a lot of our transfers, they normally take a couple of years to action (Santi… and, Chamakh). Hopefully, this summer, we’ll make him our man. That said, Levurkusen are back in the big money leagues having made the Champions League. So it’ll be interesting to see how their resolve stands up.

Luis Suarez… a 4 month ban that extends into club football. Man can’t even be in the Liverpool ground. Quite incredible. I know he’s bitten people three times, I know it’s bad, but wow… 4 months. I find it quite amazing that FIFA are taking the moral high ground on sporting behaviour, you know, considering they’re one of the least sporting organsiation on the planet.

Still, big ban for doing something massively dim. I just wish FIFA would take the same agressive stance when  it comes to disgraceful tackling or disgraceful gamesmanship that ruins games. I think we’ve got way too caught up in the weird Western connotations associated with biting. If he’d punched Chiellini in the face or stamped on him, he’d not be banned for that long.

Anyway, last time Suarez was banned until October, it massively impacted his season… right?

I thought the below pin badge was nice. Click the pic to buy. I’m not normally a fan of anything Arsenal when it comes to attire. Subtle showings of your support are the way forward, like a red tooth or a dashing pair of red socks. Some Arsenal fans attire is truly disgraceful… and the tatts. Well. Dont’ get me started. Not a cup of me.


Finally, Bac Sags wants to tell the world he didn’t move for money

“All I want to say is I stayed in Arsenal with the same contract since 2008. I never asked for [more] money, so people who think that it’s for money, it’s not.

“I just wanted to change and boost my career, and I think it was about time.”

Now, whilst I don’t want to say it’s completely not about money, I do beleive him when he says it. He’s been with us for 8 years. He’s never given anything other than 100%. He never kicked up a fuss to leave when he was one of the best right backs in the world. He’s an absolutely top class guy. I know charities he’s worked for who can’t speak highly enough of his desire to help them. I know marketing people who say that he’s a total gent to work with, no ego, just a top guy. People need to back off with the cash slammings all the time.

If he can get £160k a week elsewhere, why the hell not? If he can win a title with City, why not? It’s about choice. Sometimes you need a change of scenery. How many of you stay in the same job forever? It’s the same thing. I’m totally cool with him going. A loyal servent and and an Arsenal legend for me.

Right. That’s me done. I’m off to hang out with some girls in Covent Garden, shirt off, pretending I’m as boss as Arsene Wenger.

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  1. Scott


    Gazidis giving Wenger a new contract, supporting him all the time shows he is just a useless moron. Both him and Wenger have to go with the board. Would love a board with acutal football people like the Bayern board.

  2. N5

    “Hes not quite bigger than Jesus like the mighty one is, but hes no AKB.”

    Lool, cheers gambon. Scott is just MarbleHall under his new name so nothing he says makes sense.

  3. Scott


    So you would rather have a greedy manager who signed a new contract even though he knows he is inept over fantastic manager. Who is the bigger cunt among these? Compared to Wenger Mourinho is a saint. Wenger is the biggest cunt in the football world. Wenger is a Wall Street banker, a thief, a conman.

  4. Al

    Quite comforting to see Liverpool drop £25m on Lallana, makes the Sanchez rumors about him going there a whole lot less likely.

  5. Dissenter

    If there is no coherent plan then it still comes down to Gazidis.
    He’s the CEO.
    He should have demanded a prioritized list of targets from Wenger.
    That’s what real CEOs do.
    It’s Gazidis job to put a an executable framework to Wenger’s romanticism.
    Gazidis has been hiding behind Wenger for too long. He needs to do his work too.

  6. El Tel 1

    I would make Mueller my No. 1 signing. If you want an hard working goal scoring unmarkable player with attitude He is the man.

    I read that Bayern were offloading Him too.

    Forget Remy and all the other forwards bandied about. Lets sign Mueller

  7. WengerEagle

    ‘I’m not too fixated on dribbling past players. Teams play deep against us so unless you have a Di Maria Ronaldo Sterling (lol) pretty hard to break down and its also the final ball that matters.’

    I’d argue the opposite, due to our lack of pace and having a lampost spearheading our attack a lot of teams defend with a high line against us. Spurs, Liverpool and Chelsea away in the BPL and Bayern at home are examples. This constricts our midfield of space to operate in and time on the ball and thus inhibits Ozil and Cazorla.

    ‘Germany at this world cup is good example. They are playing 2CBs at fullback and a frontline of Muller Gotze and Ozil as first choice. None of them have speed and are exquisite in ball retention. However the way the pressed opened up space for the playmakers to make runs behind the defence and anyone of them can provode the final ball.’

    I’d argue that both Gotze and Muller do in fact have speed along with excellent ball retention. They’re not exceptionally fast but would undoubtedly be a lot faster than Cazorla and Ramsey. Interesting to note that both full backs are in fact naturally CB’s and I do feel that later in the tournament against a side with very strong flanks like Holland, Colombia or even possibly Brazil that they will suffer.

    ‘Again hope this season Gibb lifts off. He’s gotten into some nice positions just wosh he develops that niche for the final ball.’

    Im with you on this, he badly needs to improve his final ball.

  8. El Tel 1

    Oh Dear.

    Le Grove still getting buzzed by rival fans.

    Scott of the Bridge.

    If Moaninhio ever got the job at the Arsenal. I would call time out until the prick gets sacked.

    He is clearly an arsehole.

  9. southernpeople

    “Suarez didn’t kill anyone. This is an unjust punishment, the act of an incredible mafia”


    Maradona thinks mafia members and killers’ punishment should be about 4 months prison or something like that!!!

    What a disgusting analogy!

  10. Dissenter

    The second round has been cruel to the south American teams.
    Four of them play each other, only two to survive.
    …while sneaky Argentina have an easy route to the semi final.

  11. Wallace

    “Quite comforting to see Liverpool drop £25m on Lallana, makes the Sanchez rumors about him going there a whole lot less likely.”


  12. El Tel 1


    Agree with your comment but if Holland get to play Germany I doubt the flanks will be a problem.

    Arjen Robben as good as he is always cuts inside so those CB’s will take care of him.

    Lhamm will also cover the flanks.

    Although Holland are strong up front I feel their defence would struggle with the movement of Ozil,Mueller and Goetze.

  13. Romford Pele

    If France remain solid defensively, they’re the ones that could take out the Brazilians IMO.

    We were quite spoilt in the group stage in terms of goals scored. Think most will play cautiously now.

  14. Al


    Maybe but then again Barca cannot force him to go to Liverpool.
    I really just can’t see him wanting to go to Liverpool without the pull of Suarez playing with him…

    Maybe the lure of being the main man? I don’t know i just can’t see it

  15. El Tel 1


    Great player arsehole of a man.

    Fuck living in South America. Its not the wild animals you need to be wary of its the humans

  16. Scott

    Wenger is an aloof, skulking,power seeking, snidey snake in the grass who lacks character and bottle. His teams have fallen well short in the character and bottle stakes for so long too and it isnt surprising as every team reflects its own Coaches attributes over time. They never say it for fear of getting into trouble, but it seems likely that nearly all of his fellow coaches down the years and now, perceive him in a very negative way.It doesn’t surprise me at all.

  17. TitsMcgee

    You don’t just offer 3/4 year contracts to players that you didn’t really want, you wait for the right players to be available.”

    Who are these players exactly?

    Flamini and Sanogo?

    No right players became available at striker the past 2 years?

    Our strategy is going to be wait until Madrid wants to offload a top player because they are buying another?

    The idea that the right players aren’t available is garbage.

    Sanogo is the right player?

  18. Alfie

    “Maradona thinks mafia members and killers’ punishment should be about 4 months prison or something like that!!!”

    I don’t think that’s what he is getting at…………. I think he is suggesting that FIFA are the mafia of football.

  19. Scott

    AW is a declined dinosaur and should have the humility and dignity to call it quits as his nemesis Fergie has done. Go Wenger, for heavens sake and give the Arsenal back to Arsenal.

  20. Klauspoppe

    “Spurs, Liverpool and Chelsea away in the BPL and Bayern at home are examples.”

    Guess I missed to consider this important factor. Spurs got plummeled through Walcott being not accounted for. A Sanchez will greatly improve us in this aspect.

    Ive also been banging on about Germanys backline and how they look so vulnerable on flanks when being countered. Ghana were efficient in takimg adavantage of this weakness. US seemed very tame as a draw was enough for them.

    Ramsey Arteta
    Walcott Vidal Ozil

    Against the bigger teams can work. Pace, ball retentiona and the work rate of Vidal Sanchez and Ramsey will be enormous in pressing or winning balls before opponents try to find space between the limes of our defence.

    Giroud is essential when combatting minnows. The aerial presence is a massive plus.

  21. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah maybe.

    But he would likely be the main man, young exciting manager, new players, energetic, fast paced team that suits him down to the ground.


  22. Wallace

    “If France remain solid defensively, they’re the ones that could take out the Brazilians IMO”

    yeah, of the big boys i think the european sides have, so far, performed more impressively than the big south american sides.

  23. Radio Raheem

    £25m for Lallana? He’s a good player but that’s pricey. At 26 can’t see much of a resale value either.
    But good on them they’ve signed 3 players in readiness for the CL. My money’s still on Arsenal to finish in the top 4 though.

    ManU have gone crazy. Mata, Fellaini, Shaw and Herrera amounts to approx. £110m and yet you wouldn’t back them to win the league. They have no CBs.

  24. NYCgooner

    People are having a sh*t fit while Wenger is on a beach, sipping on something cold, looking at some fine Brazilian derriere.

    Wenger is a pimp!!!!

  25. Scott

    Wenger dropped lucky in his early years there inheriting those guys who were playing then. Yes he created the unbeaten team too, but they ‘managed ‘ that team for him on the pitch and did what they did despite him not because of him. It was team that ad libbed its way through matches time and time again. Were they really invincible? Not in my view. They were useless in the CL by and large and never really won enough titles to get close to such an accolade. It was ironic that Wengers best tilt at the CL was with a defence that he was forced to throw together and hope for the best. Keown shaped them and they almost did it. Wenger for me, has been a lucky guy for many years and is a con man. Hes still getting lucky as the recent FAC win bears testimony too.

  26. Klauspoppe

    70m in one window for us? Most unlikely so hope to see Vidal over Sanchez.

    Hoping Gnarby, Ox and Campbell make the most of pre-season. Its ridiculous I know but best be safe than sorry. We’re not a superclub.

  27. Radio Raheem

    France V Nigeria will close but France will win. Just read Nigeria players have taken a leaf off Ghana’s book of preparation. They’ve had a fallout with their officials over money. Bad bad sign

  28. ughelligunner

    Pedro, good work keeping us going.
    Sometimes, i wonder if people remember what Pedro said or they just choose to batch wenger on every side.
    Before wenger signed his contract, Pedro said power will be taken from him by gazidis as this is what you know from ozil’s signing. But what i see here is, after all those statements made by you and some people here, we still see people blaming him, when all evidence can be seen by him been given a new contract by the club?
    Morhino, LVG, Bredan , Wenger are all on hols, but whose team Ceos are signing players? Yet we choose to ignore some obvious things, yet this same people we say they are the realistic once.
    Why not want till season start and resume the backlash on wenger’s tactics and formations cos we have a whole year for that. Pedro i am also talking to you. Mr cheerleader.

  29. sanmi

    If you truly believe Wenger inherited a team that’s responsible for his success then you are just blindly hating the guy.
    Which of the unbeaten team did he inherit and were they his core?

  30. Carts


    Did Utd PAY money for Herrera or did he buy himself out of his contract????

    Lallana…£25m? £7m way too much there.

    Shaw…£30m? Well, similarly to Rio, it’s a lot of money. BUT if his career is anything like Rio’s, it’ll be money well spent.

    Arsenal signed anyone yet?

  31. JJ

    Interesting that Arsene was pictured like this. Martinez is commentating for ESPN in the US. Last night they asked him what he would be doing today on his day off. He answered “signing players”!

  32. Arsenal 1886-2006


    FFP could well cause the breakaway European super league. The top 3-4 teams in each league are going to progressively increase their wealth until we reach a point where the teams outside of this group will become nothing more than whipping boys. The television companies will then push for a super league to encourage more competition and the clubs will follow.
    I know people will use Athletico Madrid as an example of why I am wrong but they are a club in severe debt and will probably lose out to Barca and Real next season after losing their top players. The big clubs may choose to sell their best player to accommodate a new better player but they very rarely if ever lose their best player to a rival. Dortmund are a classic example of this, Bayern will always keep them at arms length by stripping them of their talent.

    The best thing about the world cup is that the smaller footballing nations play on an almost level footing, the bigger countries cannot go and buy the best talent in the world to play for them as domestic clubs do, they have to make do with players born in their countries, this makes for a fairer and more interesting tournament.

  33. Carts

    ” Just read Nigeria players have taken a leaf off Ghana’s book of preparation. They’ve had a fallout with their officials over money”

    The respective association of these nation move extremely dodgy. I’m guessing Nigeria were promised a fixed amount for participating; plus more for getting out the group.

    Knowing what I know, Nigeria powers that be are probably trying to renegade on what was previously agreed.

  34. WengerEagle

    El Tel

    Agree that Germany should have too much for Holland if they meet and also that Germany’s front 3’s movement and intelligence would make mince meat of Holland’s to say the least suspect defence.

    I think that Holland’s widemen could cause Germany problems though. Robben’s very predictable in his play yet nobody seems to be able to stop him at his best and the likes of Blind at LB who delivers a wonderful final ball, Janmaat at RB, and the young lad Depay who’s been impressive so far will all give Germany’s backline problems IMO.

  35. Carts


    Yeah I see what you’re saying. However, if Shaw’s promise is anything to go by, he’ll be the LB for both club and country till he reaches 30-odd.

    If he morphs into a Bebe-type players then God help everyone involved in that deal.

  36. Carts

    “El Tel
    Agree that Germany should have too much for Holland if they meet and also that Germany’s front 3′s movement and intelligence would make mince meat of Holland’s to say the least suspect defence”

    I’d argue the RvP’s movement is equivalent to Germany’s front movement. Per and Matts are good together. But then Boatenf and Howedes, at LB & RB, are slightly suspect.

    Best case scenario is Lahm reverts to LB. As much as I like Howedes, he’s no LB. Robben and RvP will expose dat ass.

  37. WengerEagle


    I really like the look of that team and agree we would more than be a match for the big boys with that side.

    An attacking trio of Walcott-Vidal-Ozil would provide great balance with Vidal having the option to drop back into the midfield, Ozil moving into the centre and Sanchez even drifting out wide.

    It would be a thing of beauty. Shame we’ll never get Vidal or Sanchez.

  38. Al

    My friend actually text me a really good point he read somewhere…Not saying i agree 100% but i see the logic.

    He said how can we announce a signing and have them hold the shirt when we don’t really have our new kit with sponsor out yet.

    That is a really good point actually. We usually announce signings with the player in the kit etc.
    IMO Its a really good point.

  39. Cesc Appeal

    Let’s go to South Park “Imagination Land” for a second…Vidal or Javi Martinez, if you had to have only ONE

  40. Radio Raheem

    South Park’s ‘Imagination land’ for Arsenal would be Vidal with one leg and Martinez with no eyes.
    We’ve got our Vidal in Ramsey so I’d rather Martinez especially as he can also play CB.

  41. WengerEagle


    Vidal in a heartbeat. He’s the best CM in Europe and in the centre with Rasmsey would be monstrous.

    Combined last season they averaged 8 tackles a match.


  42. Cesc Appeal

    I would be greedy guts and have them both.

    Difficult, because Vidal is by far a better middle man, just an exceptional talent…but I do think Martinez does the rock solid CDM role better.

    Just for a bit of fun, would love us to be facing those kinds of choices for real though. Instead of the usual right, who’s less shit out of… 😉

  43. Cesc Appeal


    It’s an interesting idea.

    Does feel a bit like clutching at straws, but there have been those rumours of wanting a big signing for July 10th for the Puma launch. But again, I don’t think I give them much weight.

    Players often just wear their normal clothes and hold a scarf with the manager or something at the Emirates or wherever.

  44. Cesc Appeal

    Rumour now Van Gaal wants Vidal at United.

    Way they’re going wouldn’t put it past them. Terrific signing for whoever gets them.

    Said United would be the ones to watch, I think they’re going to be really, really strong next year, no midweek stuff either. Be interested to see how the rest of their window goes, that team still needs a lot of work.

    I predict a few of the Dutch defenders might make a move after the WC is done and Van Gaal gets to Carrington and assesses his situation properly.

    Get the window right and United are the team City and Chelsea will have to beat in my opinion.

  45. Wengaball

    “I have no respect for supporters like Romford and other season ticket holders who support this sham”

    Scott of the trolling diddle – if you had a quarter of a brain you would realise you are an insignificant scum of the earth whose opinion makes not a jot of difference to the universe.

    Jog on son. All is well in the world of Arsenal except scums like you.

  46. NYCgooner


    Don’t feed the troll. Ignore him and he’ll go back to his irrelevant life in a basement somewhere.

  47. Scott

    The ones calling me troll are AKB who can’t handle the truth. Any AKB is anti-Arsenal as far as I’m concerned. Fuck off AKB’s and their leader.

  48. Leedsgunner

    N5 and Romford Pele AKBs? — yep, that’s right Scott, thank you so much for enlightening us! (“I’m not worthy, I’m not worthy”)

    In fact I dub thee — Scott the Intrepid — Arsene Slayer. Now, since your job is done — why don’t twaddle off to Ubtold — you’ll have a field day there.

    Ken and Scott, honestly where do we find these people? Or to the point, why do they find us?

  49. Rhys Jaggar

    The nature of UK Press ‘transfer rumour’.

    Daily Mail says Arsenal are in for Balotelli.

    Arsene Wenger issues a categorical, on-the-record denial that he has no interest in signing Balotelli.

    Today, the Daily Mail runs again with ‘Balotelli is at the end of his time with AC Milan and Arsenal are in for him’.

    To be honest, I have no interest in reading or hearing this stuff any more. I have no inside contacts in the club that can confirm or deny things, no contacts in the Press to tell me which stories are made up and, quite frankly, no trust that Arsenal FC is operating in the interests of its paying fans, rather than its small number of shareholders, its manager and its often overpaid players.

    My judgement that a transfer story has legs is when Tony Adams promises to wear a Spurs shirt at a north London derby if he is wrong about this one.

  50. Leedsgunner

    I know they probably overpaid but I think he’ll be a top player. Plus, it blows out of the water Arsene’s inane theory that top players only want to sign for club’s with Champions’ League football.

    Granted Luke Shaw is not a top top player yet, but to me this transfer proves that players want to play for top managers with ambition first and foremost. If Vidal goes to United I think our top 4 position is really under threat.

  51. Nasri's Mouth

    Arsenal1886-2006: FFP could well cause the breakaway European super league.

    Not directly I think. Remember it’s about maintaining the status quo for the big teams such as ManU, RM, Barca, Bayern Munich. They’re happy with FFP because it limits the sugar daddy clubs such as ManC, PSG and CFC, so they have no reason to dump UEFA and FFP for a new superleague.

  52. Scott


    Everything I have said is facts. by people like you mean realistic Arsenal fan not deluded, biased people. If you can’t handle facts and realism then you can join AKB’s. i got no time for people like this.

  53. Nasri's Mouth


    Shaw’s got a long career in front of him though. A year without CL football isn’t too much of an issue for him. Might have been different if they were after Sagna.

  54. Scott


    Don’t be stupid Vidal rejected Bayern for Juventus. He is a juventus fan and joined instead of Bayern when they were only 7th. The only club he will go to is Real.

  55. Leedsgunner

    So Man United have spent £27m on Shaw £29m on Herrera and what have we spent? If they can get their transfer business done early why can’t we? Remember they don’t even have Champion’s League football.

  56. Nasri's Mouth

    Oh and the £160k/wk probably eases the lack of CL football too. Would other clubs offer him that much?

  57. TitsMcgee

    He said how can we announce a signing and have them hold the shirt when we don’t really have our new kit with sponsor out yet.”

    Clutching at straws. Last year said something similar that we were waiting to announce our big signings at our away kit launch outside the Emirates.

    You give too much credit to the Marketing team of Arsenal.

  58. Al


    It was a point made to me and it seems very logical if you look at it practically.

    If you look at it a lot of players that are signed as soon as it is released to the press they have signed you see them in a picture wearing their kit.

    We could have did it with just a scarf but maybe we are showing puma a sign of good faith and business practice by waiting till the officla kit comes out or they might of asked.

    Just think it makes sense when looking at it from a purely business mind set. Say if we have signed said players but then choose to wait till the offical kit comes out,,,What difference does it make by waiting a few weeks?

    Fan frustration (which is instantly gone as soon as signing announced ) in return for developing and strengthening business relationship with new partner?

  59. Scott

    Shaw is twice the player Gibbs and Monreal deserves his wages. I’d rather pay Shaw 160/w than both of them 160k/w.

  60. Nasri's Mouth


    While it would be lovely to have new players in new sponsors kit, I think it’d be impossible to keep it quiet that we’d signed X,Y,and Z until we’re ready to announce them. Their old clubs, their agents, their friends, someone is going to let slip, or at least drop a big hint.

    I’d go with the ‘Arsenal dont want to pay any more of their wages than strictly necessary’ theory before the PUMA one, and that’s suspect to say the least

  61. Leedsgunner


    You don’t have to tell me how bad things are at AFC — I know full well, and I’m no fan of Wenger.

    If it was up to me, he would have been asked to leave after last season (with the FA Cup win) so we could start afresh with a new manager this season. However, we have to deal with reality. We are with Wenger for another three years. This is reality. No use railing against it without a focus or a purpose.

  62. Al


    “Clutching at straws. Last year said something similar that we were waiting to announce our big signings at our away kit launch outside the Emirates.”

    Yea i saw that…Never agree with that as it really doesn’t seem practical to me.

    Heres a scenario: Imagine we signed Sanchez now and it is announced. Do we release a picture of him in an Arsenal top with the Nike logo or just not release a pic?
    By doing so the fans are kept happy by the new signing

    Or how about we sign sanchez and we are asked to hold on the announcement for 3 weeks so we can do it with the new sponsor?
    By doing so the fans get even more frustrated and angry but the sponsor is happy

    What do you think makes sense to a business and what do you think the club would realistically do?

  63. Arsenal 1886-2006


    I think that pressure from the TV companies will make it almost inevitable if as i suspect the leagues become uncompetitive.
    The worldwide tv deals for such a league would be astronomical and difficult to turn down.

    I sense that the FA proposals from Greg Dyke were the beginning of the move for the big clubs, I do not trust Dyke at all, he is a businessman above all else and his sole interest is money.
    The proposal for a new league in between the conference and the second with premier league teams fielding the youth and reserves is designed to get people used to seeing two arms of the same club in the same league structure. The proposal of no promotion would soon be overturned and you would see these teams creeping up the leagues into the Championship.
    You could then have the first teams breaking off to play in a newly designed CL, basically a league set-up. The 2nd clubs could then be promoted to the Premier league to keep the status quo.
    The revenues generated by the clubs would be huge and too tempting to walk away from.

    I know it sounds like a conspiracy theory but I remember how we were told that the Premier league was going to create a level playing field, help youth development and improve the English national team, it has in fact created the opposite.
    Any proposal that comes from the governing bodies these days is designed to screw the fans and smaller clubs.
    It is after all a money driven and money obsessed business.

  64. Jeff

    If I was on 150k per week I’d have a few nice looking backsides hanging around me and it wouldn’t matter if I was 23 or 63. I wouldn’t mind it if I could put my hand on my heart and say we had a good manager – but I can’t because he is far from being one.

    All that the summer break does is enable him to sharpen those excuses and perfect the same old spin permeating through the entire club fooling most of the fans most of the time.

  65. Al

    Nasri’s Mouth

    Yea i see your point…Maybe NDA contracts or just the fact that their are so many rumors nothing really holds weight if someone says we signed blah and blah.

    Anyway…just throwing it out for debate to see what others thought.
    IMO and from the way we have handled signings in the past i really don’t see it and agree with it BUT i do see the Logic behind it

  66. Nasri's Mouth


    It wouldn’t surprise me if something happens, but remember the PL currently pay the clubs an awful lot of money, any clubs that move into a breakaway league are going to lose that as well as the CL money.
    Then how do you split the money between the teams in the new breakaway league, because ManU would want a bigger share than Chelsea or us for example, that’s going to create more problems for the smaller ‘big’ clubs.

  67. Nasri's Mouth


    No doubt Puma will be planning something ‘audacious’, just don’t expect it to be a new signing

  68. Al


    All the players will come out with an actual Puma on a leash with Wenger coming out riding a Puma who is wearing puma trainers

  69. Vintage Gun

    “No doubt Puma will be planning something ‘audacious’, just don’t expect it to be a new signing”

    Probably a Puma mascot in place of the dinosaur. Football’s all about pace after all

  70. Leedsgunner

    The truth is our transfer policy and execution is dysfunctional… but how far does it go down? Is it just because of Wenger or is it driven by the Board (despite Gazidas saying Wenger has money to spend of course). I guess we will never know until Wenger leaves.

  71. Nasri's Mouth

    If Shaw is worth 30m and Lallana 25m, then if Chamberlain could stay fit (haha!) he’s worth a fecking lot

  72. salparadisenyc

    LeedsgunnerJune 27, 2014 16:08:20
    So Man United have spent £27m on Shaw £29m

    Mental.. just read the deal for Shaw was £30m all said and done.
    Transfermarkt has him listed for half that in value. Going to be a £150m spend before this summers done and dusted for United.

    £95m + to go!

  73. N5

    Yes Karim, he managed to keep it hidden for a bit but like when he changed from dial to marble, it became quite obvious quite quickly.

  74. Emiratesstroller

    The main point of both Herrera and Shaw acquisitions are that Manchester United are willing to spend what they need to to secure their transfer targets.

    By comparison Arsenal will never go the extra mile to secure a target if the manager or club don’t believe that a player is worth the money.

    That is why Arsenal miss out so often on targets. I suspect the same will happen again this summer.

  75. Dissenter

    Aren’t there aspects of the Suarez ban that will be considered unlawful in the UK?
    Banning him from football grounds which will it impossible to train with his team mates.
    It seems as it impinges on the right to freely associate or lawfully work.
    They can ban him from PLAYING an organized game but don’t have the right to ban him from anything else.
    They went too far and will either have to back down or be reversed, easily in a court of law.
    Even dopers and gamblers haven’t been treated like this.

  76. Leedsgunner

    “That is why Arsenal miss out so often on targets. I suspect the same will happen again this summer.”


    My first fear is that it has already happened. That’s why we’ve had a deafening silence from the Emirates in terms of transfer targets.

    It’s like a rite of the autumn though, you will know the autumn has arrived when the transfer window shuts and AFC boasts of an ever growing pot of cash that will not gotten spent. I fear the worst to be honest because on paper we have an easy start to the season so if the results go our way, Wenger will have absolutely no reason to strengthen or spend so he won’t.

    We don’t face the first of our title rivals until October… If we get beat badly again, Wenger will shuffle off make his excuses and mumble something about a long season… so the excuses start again…

  77. Nasri's Mouth

    Leedsgunner: My first fear is that it has already happened. That’s why we’ve had a deafening silence from the Emirates in terms of transfer targets.

    That’s pretty standard though. I doubt we were after any of the players who’ve been signed this summer.

  78. El Tel 1

    Agree totally WE re Germany V Holland. What a match.

    Hate Robbens antics but for me he is in the top three players in the world at this moment.

    You are so right about knowing what is coming but not being able to deal with it.

    I see RVP being their weakness against the Germans

  79. southernpeople

    marble, scott, dial are the same person??

    Anyway, everybody’s entitled to their opinions and because some people have similar ways to argue doesn’t mean they’re same.

    I think it’s better if we get on with our debate without calling names or bullying. that way’s better.

  80. El Tel 1

    Could it not be that the players we are dealing with are still in competition at the WC? Not a good idea for them to have all the extra pressure on their minds while preparing with their Countries for the WC.

  81. Arsenal 1886-2006


    The premier league deal would drop but not massively. Fans worldwide would still want to watch their club whether it is the first team playing in Europe or the second playing in the Premier. After all there would still be a presence from the big clubs and the squad could also contain established star players looking for form or returning from injury. The 2nd team would probably evolve into a full fledged 2nd string with the younger players being pushed out.
    Players would be able to play in either league on a yearly basis, i.e. you cannot play for both clubs in a single season.

    The CL as it is would have been scrapped and this new league split into two with the top 2 from each league going into an end of season semi-final play off similar to the Championship have at the moment with the winners going into the final.

    Like I said money talks and this would be seriously huge amounts.

  82. salparadisenyc

    Always going to be the case with Arsene.. he has his valuation and rarely goes beyond it. Ozil’s one of a few exceptions and that came from much pressure from a fruitless summer. Not to mention Wenger had fancied him for some time.

    Personally think our targets are Reus if that looks like it will not materialize which may of already happened Sanchez is next. Remy to add depth up front. Unless Di Maria or Benzema become available, which seems quite unlikely.

    Who steps in for Sagna is anyones guess, the Jaunfran bid proves were looking to strengthen rather than upgrade Jenks, which is really the only bright spot thus far in the market.

  83. N5

    Scott, you are 100 percent marble, the only person who has ever called me an AKB is marble, the only person who talks as much shit as you is marble, the only person that gets ignored as much as you is Marble. You are 100 percent marble.

  84. Leedsgunner

    El Tel

    That’s why I’m trying to direct him to Untold — he probably give the lot a collective massive stroke for DARING to question their leader. As you probably know I do not worship at the Temple of Wenger but the constant drivel from Scott and Ken is irritating to say the least.

  85. Cesc Appeal

    What’s peoples opinion on Rojo, the Argentine LB. Way before the WC we were being linked with him, but Spurs, Atletico and a few others are being linked with a move for him now.

    I’ve read some positive stuff, but in all honesty I was so turned off by the Argentina team and so bored watching them that I haven’t watched a game of theirs since…so any opinions? Looked a big, strong fast lad from what I saw.

  86. sanmi

    Leeds gunner
    A point of correction, Agreed scott is a troll but he is definitely not untold arsenal. Untold Arsenal has a positive view of Arsenal which is most times unaccepted on legrove. But untold back up their claims with facts (you can argue the interpretation), dare I say they back up their claims with more facts than pedro backs up his claims. Lastly, they are pro-wenger and Scott is anti-wenger. No basis for comparism at all

  87. N5

    I know Leeds, it’s frightening how obsessed he is isn’t it. To hate a man so much when you’ve never met them is just batshit crazy.

  88. Nasri's Mouth


    IMO it just wouldn’t be practical to have both competitions running alongside each other. I doubt whether the PL would allow it either.

  89. Nasri's Mouth

    sanmi: But untold back up their claims with facts

    *goes to look up the definition of the word ‘fact’

  90. Nasri's Mouth

    Liverpool now signing Markovic

    I know nothing about him except his first name is Lazar which surely has to be said in an Austin Powers style and he’s a winger.

    Sanchez looks less likely to be going there

  91. Arsenal 1886-2006


    Who controls the PL? they will do whatever the money dictates.
    Take the top 5-6 teams out of the Prem and they are nothing but the Championship mkii.

    Think I want to give this a rest now, I am driving myself to rage here just thinking about it 🙂

  92. Cesc Appeal

    If Suarez does move for £80-90 Million to Barcelona then it says to me that Sanchez is on the move elsewhere, I really struggle to believe that with Pedro and Neymar already that Barcelona wouldn’t try to lower the asking price by using a make-weight in a player.

    So perhaps they already know that they’re getting the quoted £20-30 Million for Sanchez from elsewhere and so Suarez is really only costing them £50 Million.

    Which they’ll then take two generations to pay.

  93. NYCgooner

    Was on a couple Liverpool boards and they all seem certain that Suarez will be sold. Expect lots of dominoes to fall if and when that happens.

  94. Scott


    good for us because Suarez is leaving
    Rojo looks better tham anyone we have
    Neymar Messi Suarez Barca will destroy everyone breataking frontline

  95. Nasri's Mouth

    @Cesc Appeal

    If Suarez goes to Barca, I really can’t see Sanchez leaving.

    Sanchez seems to be pretty keen to leave Barca whatever happens.

    (which is why he’s a nailed on Wenger signing! 😉 )

  96. kwik fit


    It looks good on paper but I can’t see how they will gel. Those guys have massive ego’s and want to be treated as the main man. Barca’s squad lacks balance and buying suarez just looks like adding the same type of striker. IMO Suarez would fit in much better at Real Madrid.

  97. useroz

    “Arsene is a reckless manager because he makes the same errors again, and again, and again.”

    …this should go into the Oxford dictionary to help explain ‘reckless’