Box to box for £20m

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Happy Friday you bunch of melts.

So, what do we have on the menu of Arsenal today?

For starters, a bit of Arsene.


I love that picture. Brilliant. Arsener, hanging on the beach, iced tea slushy, Brazilian hip hop firing on the sound system hanging out with beach babes. What a total lad that man is. He gives but not one f*ck.

Good on him, if I’m that hardcore at 63, I’ll be pleased.

More to the point Arsene, where the hell are the damn new players? I mean, if I’m pissing around on Facebook at work, things are ok, providing I get my job done.

‘Arsene, what were you doing this summer. We have no new players, Yaya Sanogo has been stuck in the reception lift for 3 days and Lukas has put a sea lion in the swimming pool?’

‘Ivan, working so hard and stuff. Promise’

‘Arsene, is this you playing football on the beach with random kids?’


Anyway, the rippings he’s had about how he looks without his shirt off… a bit pathetic. The man is in his sixties and he’s in better shape than most 25 year olds… and, look, here’s the thing, he’s hanging with sexier people than we are. And he’s rolling in serious dough. His life is way better than ours. Think about that when you’re chowing down that super dry Pret all day breakfast sandwich. Pretty sad eh? Arsene isn’t eating at Pret.

Transfer wise, thing are hotting up, and when I say hotting up, I mean the papers have awoken from their slumber to print some rumours.

Lars Bender is first up, we’re back in for him, Arsene clearly likes him. As with a lot of our transfers, they normally take a couple of years to action (Santi… and, Chamakh). Hopefully, this summer, we’ll make him our man. That said, Levurkusen are back in the big money leagues having made the Champions League. So it’ll be interesting to see how their resolve stands up.

Luis Suarez… a 4 month ban that extends into club football. Man can’t even be in the Liverpool ground. Quite incredible. I know he’s bitten people three times, I know it’s bad, but wow… 4 months. I find it quite amazing that FIFA are taking the moral high ground on sporting behaviour, you know, considering they’re one of the least sporting organsiation on the planet.

Still, big ban for doing something massively dim. I just wish FIFA would take the same agressive stance when  it comes to disgraceful tackling or disgraceful gamesmanship that ruins games. I think we’ve got way too caught up in the weird Western connotations associated with biting. If he’d punched Chiellini in the face or stamped on him, he’d not be banned for that long.

Anyway, last time Suarez was banned until October, it massively impacted his season… right?

I thought the below pin badge was nice. Click the pic to buy. I’m not normally a fan of anything Arsenal when it comes to attire. Subtle showings of your support are the way forward, like a red tooth or a dashing pair of red socks. Some Arsenal fans attire is truly disgraceful… and the tatts. Well. Dont’ get me started. Not a cup of me.


Finally, Bac Sags wants to tell the world he didn’t move for money

“All I want to say is I stayed in Arsenal with the same contract since 2008. I never asked for [more] money, so people who think that it’s for money, it’s not.

“I just wanted to change and boost my career, and I think it was about time.”

Now, whilst I don’t want to say it’s completely not about money, I do beleive him when he says it. He’s been with us for 8 years. He’s never given anything other than 100%. He never kicked up a fuss to leave when he was one of the best right backs in the world. He’s an absolutely top class guy. I know charities he’s worked for who can’t speak highly enough of his desire to help them. I know marketing people who say that he’s a total gent to work with, no ego, just a top guy. People need to back off with the cash slammings all the time.

If he can get £160k a week elsewhere, why the hell not? If he can win a title with City, why not? It’s about choice. Sometimes you need a change of scenery. How many of you stay in the same job forever? It’s the same thing. I’m totally cool with him going. A loyal servent and and an Arsenal legend for me.

Right. That’s me done. I’m off to hang out with some girls in Covent Garden, shirt off, pretending I’m as boss as Arsene Wenger.

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  1. Romford Pele

    Lol, instead of Wenger to be securing players he’s securing honeys and playing beach football on the Copacabana. Alright for some init…

  2. Romford Pele

    “Anyway, the rippings he’s had about how he looks without his shirt off… a bit pathetic. The man is in his sixties and he’s in better shape than most 25 year olds… ”

    For real

  3. Romford Pele

    “If you have the skills, you have to use them :D”

    Yeah if i’m pimpin like that in my mid-sixties, I won’t be complaining too tough!

  4. @snoekrats

    Sagna leaving not an issue, ludivigne his beautiful wife leaving a totally different matter all together.

  5. Adelaide Gooner

    Hands off Suarez, I bet Arsene wanted to sink his teeth into that big juicy arse he was next to on the beach

  6. Ashwin Gunner


    All that Sagna bashings are no good. He spent his best years with us. He just wants to retire peacefully..

    With Arsene Wenger hanging out with chicks and we not,

    We dont get paid 7m a year for doing nothing. Having no accountability. If you look at it He is having the best job in the world. So he can afford to chill out.

  7. Romford Pele

    “Sagna leaving not an issue, ludivigne his beautiful wife leaving a totally different matter all together.”

    The truth. We need a new world class WAG.

  8. Nasri's Mouth

    Arsenal2174: Papers saying are back in for Remy as it looks as though we have missed out on Sanchez

    the two aren’t mutually exclusive though

  9. zaco

    so pathetic that some some people see sagna leaving as a money-motivated move, the guy has served the club well and deserve our collective respect for wanting a change of environment, you can’t compare his move to that of na$ri or Ca$hley, sag is a legend

  10. GillespieRoadNoMore

    Suarez situation has spurred LFC in to proposed action – they are arguing they released their player to participate in a FIFA event and do not see why they should be penalised. Not sure how much influence FIFA has over the PL but could this be the issue that pushes clubs to block players from International duties?

  11. zaco

    @ pedro,
    taking the number (4) out of my email makes it an invalid email cos my email is only correct with the number there but i have done as you have said and i’m happy that i can post comment successfully now.


  12. gambon

    ““Anyway, the rippings he’s had about how he looks without his shirt off… a bit pathetic. The man is in his sixties and he’s in better shape than most 25 year olds… ”

    He looks like he would break a bone if you farted too close to him.

  13. lance peters

    wenger is riduculous. why cant the supporters protest outside the stadium.
    we have been taken for granted for far too long. it is very frustrating seeing this picture when other managers are working their socks off to strengthen their squad for the new season. wenger is content being lazy and finishing in 4th place with no hard work done….WENGER OUT before the season starts.

  14. Confidentgoner

    Who was the poster bigging up Ghana after getting a draw against Germany? Well, Ghana is out and on the back of a pay scandal plus a match fixing scandal for their FA chief..

    The saddest one for me was Ivory Coast, last minute elimination. Why are African teams not very tactical? Had they held on to the ball for one more minute, they would have been through. A team with promise, but weak knee-ed, and poor goal keeping to boot.

    Nigeria should have beaten Argentina with better tactical nous. At half time, the goalkeeper was busy hero worshiping Messi. Says it all really- You are in a war, the business is not yet done and you are ok to laugh around .

  15. zaco

    “anyone seen much of Herrera…he worth 30m?”

    from the little i have seen of him, he is not a world beater

  16. N5

    “anyone seen much of Herrera…he worth 30m”

    Not yet he isn’t, he is not the finished article and may never be. It’s an overpayment certainly.

  17. MrT

    Man that Ass 🙁 Damn!!!! That peachy ass 🙁 Wenger living the life. Seriously that ass. If I hear any of the stupid British media mention Pipa Middleton s bum again!!!! Stupid folks good at creating myths however false. There is no ass in England!!!! Wait a minute let place our hopes in the youth. They will come good. And yes back to that ass yum

  18. andy1886

    Truth is probably that about half leave for the money and the rest because they want to win things a la Sagna, RvP, Nasri etc. And most of them actually do too, so when ‘loyalty’ is mostly a myth, it’s a bit pathetic calling them all mercenaries.

  19. Romford Pele

    ” If I hear any of the stupid British media mention Pipa Middleton s bum again!!!!”

    What bum? That thing she carries is an ironing board man.

    But believe there are girls with big bums round my way!

  20. Maverick

    ““anyone seen much of Herrera…he worth 30m”
    Not yet he isn’t, he is not the finished article and may never be. It’s an overpayment certainly.”

    Being in the mid-twenties and not having represented Spain even once (not even being in the squad) would mean that he is not world class. But, there are 2 things at play here:
    – Bilbao did not sell him. He paid off for his contract and got released.
    – ManU not being able to offer Champions league might mean that they have to lower their sights a bit.

    But 27Mn pounds for Shaw looks like daylight robbery.

  21. Gozilla

    I understand and agree with your stance on nasty tackles getting long bans.
    However biting deserves the longest bans possible. Biting can easily transmit deadly diseases like hepatitis C and in some cases HIV. Players need to be protected from the possible that diseases of this nature are spread to them. A bite is considered the worse injury alongside needlestick injury in law enforcement and medical fields. And even fit footballers can carry these diseases so that’s no argument.
    Ask a police officer or emergency services worker if he/she would prefer a bite, punch or kick and they will tell you they will take a beating anyday.

  22. Wallace

    “But 27Mn pounds for Shaw looks like daylight robbery.”

    with Utd the robbers? dunno man, he”s gonna have to own that left flank for the next 15yrs before i’d even come close to admitting it was a good deal. i’m with Scholes on paying silly money for a full-back.

  23. Gozilla

    Take it from someone with the direct medical experience of biting and the horrible treatment of retroviral medications and impact personally on the victim and family not knowing for months if a deadly disease has been contracted.
    Ban players for long periods for bad tackles but ban them for life not a ridiculous 4 months for recurrent biting.

  24. Gregg

    As someone that works in the emergency services I can say you are 100% correct.

    Is Herrera worth £30m ? no, but you can be damn sure Leverkusen will use that as a yardstick now for anyone wanting to acquire Lars Bender.

  25. Maverick

    @Wallace, I was referring to the saints. Looks like United are overpaying a ton with the hope that he will come good.

    In any team (please correct me here) the full backs are normally considered to be the most inferior when it comes to pecking order of who gets how much. Nearly all other positions are more valued.
    This is the first time I am hearing about paying close to 30Mn pounds for a full back. The normal range use to be 5-15Mn pounds with nearly everyone in the premier league valued at that number. There are few exceptions like Dani Alver and Coentrao who are valued higher but this is more exception than the norm.

  26. Bero

    Pedro – agreed on Sagna, I hold no ill will there at all. He stayed for a long time where others would have gone and he’s only got one contract left in his career. Even if he had won the league with us he might have fancied trying something new for his final contract. He’s been a servant. Still would have preferred he went abroad, but what can you do.

  27. Jimbo


    Can you ask your arsenal guys why it is that the World Cup stops is from buying players but not others?
    Utd – 2 big signings
    Chelski – 2 big signings
    City – 2 good signings
    Liverpool – 2 ok signings

    Arsenal – playing beach ball with Lizarazu and Karembeau

    Laughing stock

  28. N5

    Spot on Gregg, the more teams pay for just above average players the more others are then going to be worth. It puts the seriously WC players at such a stupid price.

  29. Leedsgunner

    It’s going to be a long summer isn’t fellas?

    Where are all the “Don’t worry, he’ll sign big in the summer” now?

    Are the floodgates suddenly going to burst through on the stroke of midnight on the 1 July?

    I doubt it.

    “Only people spending money over at Arsenal are the fans.”

  30. Nasri's Mouth

    Leedsgunner: Where are all the “Don’t worry, he’ll sign big in the summer” now?

    Here if you like. Just don’t expect it soon.

  31. Baba

    Hmmm,Wenger is having some fun after winning a trophy in 8yrs,its ridiculous coz other clubs are doing business swiftly but we are dithering with every Tom Dick and Harry at the end of the transfer we end up with panic dross…..Wenger “The chief ditherer” having nice funs with good looking blondie

  32. Wallace


    yeah, i agree. if his career’s anywhere near as good as Ashley Cole’s he’ll have done very well. but even taking into account inflation i don’t think anyone would ever have paid more than 18m for Cole.

  33. Cesc Appeal

    Oh dear Lars Bender rumours again? Yesterday it was Remy today Bender. Press are just recycling now.

    Arsenal being left behind in the transfer market people are saying? – Never!

  34. Dark Hei

    There is this new guy called Scott-Ken.

    He is from the entertainment industry. Doing a good job here amusing people, until they take him seriously and get trolled into submission.

  35. Gregg

    If Shaw goes to Man U then I really cant see Southampton selling anymore of their silver this season. By all accounts they have a LB at the club whose considered, potentially better than Shaw.

  36. Emiratesstroller


    I don’t agree with your view about Suarez. 4 months is a light sentence for a
    ‘serial offender’. This is a player who should be setting an example to young kids including his own. For the record the sentence is light,because almost half of it takes place out of season.

    Transfer business. I don’t think that Arsenal are close to any signings as usual.
    For all the rhetoric about how much money we have to spend the bottom line is that the ‘transfer fee’ is set by the market and the selling club AND NOT Wenger. He seems always to be out of tune.

    Personally I don’t think that he will bring in more than 4 new players excluding Campbell. He has to bring in:
    Goalkeeper [squad]Probably freebie to replace Fabianski
    Right Full Back [1st team] To replace Sagna
    Defensive Midfielder [1st team] To replace Arteta
    Striker/Winger [1st team/squad] To replace Bendtner

    When you factor in that we have already received about £12 million from sales
    of Vela,Fabregas and Djourou I doubt that we will be spending more than £40
    million net in this transfer window.

  37. andy1886

    “But 27Mn pounds for Shaw looks like daylight robbery.”

    “with Utd the robbers? dunno man, he”s gonna have to own that left flank for the next 15yrs before i’d even come close to admitting it was a good deal. i’m with Scholes on paying silly money for a full-back.”

    Perhaps all those commenting on what an awful deal this is for United might like to compare this with the same United paying £30m for Rio Ferdinand some twelve years ago in 2002. How did that one work out? In today’s money what would that figure be? £45m? £50m? Scholes is stuck in the last decade.

  38. Dream10

    Cesc Appeal

    We have a habit of buying players we were previously interested in . Ozil,Cazorla, Podolski, Vermaelen.

  39. Cesc Appeal

    It really is the EXACT same headlines as last year:

    “Player X back on Arsenal radar as move for Player Y hits a snag.”

    Laughable really.

  40. N5

    andy I may have missed your point, but don’t forget the also paid £26m for Veron who was garbage, so it’s swings and roundabouts.

  41. Leedsgunner


    “Mourinho is an egotistical, sneaky fucking Russian.”

    Isn’t he Portuguese?

    If Roman says.. you’re Russian, you are Russian.

    What Roman wants, Roman gets.

    Only if we could convince him that what he really needs is one Arsene Wenger…

  42. Cesc Appeal


    Yes, true.

    But out of those 4 one was £12 Million the other two £10 Million. Wenger’s favourite prices.

    I stand in the corner that says Ozil was brought about by a perfect storm of fan discontent, an appallingly badly executed summer and an embarrassment on our very first game.

    I do not for a second buy into what Gazidis tried to claim a month ago that “Ozil was being worked on all summer.” I think Ozil illustrates how fast we can do business, and BIG business at that when we actually want to.

    And that’s what it comes down to. It’s not market forces, the WC or anything else. Ozil shows it’s about us. Do Arsenal, does Wenger WANT to do that sort of business.

    I’ve said we won’t all along and this will be another debacle. But let’s see, only time will tell.

  43. Leedsgunner

    Cesc Appeal

    Wengazidas never learns… why do they have to? They get their bonus’ regards of what the team does on the pitch… it’s the bottom line that count the most at this club and NOT the scoreline… (unless 4th place is at stake.)

    “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result.”

  44. andy1886

    N5, the point is what seems like expensive at the time may well prove to be an inspired signing and the fee well worth it. Any buy is a gamble a la Reyes for example who had everything but just didn’t work out. The alternative is you fish around in the bargain bins like AW and don’t take any risks at all.

  45. N5

    Cheers andy, I did think I’d missed the point. That’s not a reflection of your comment, but on me being in training today trying to do this on the sly without getting caught by one of around 30 people. 😡

  46. Cesc Appeal


    Well yeah. This is why when everyone was banging on about them expecting Wenger “to go big”…just like everyone said right after we beat Newcastle end of season 2012/13 I disagreed. It’d be the same old same old.

    They have no reason to change do they?

    Stadium is always sold out, massive waiting list for ST’s, no huge protests, massive profits, huge salaries and bonuses, 4th place achieved again AND this year they won the FA Cup. So they’re going to keep doing what they do.

    We’ve had some rumblings of some of Wenger’s “piss on your chips” quotes, but I’m waiting for the first real one, probably when he gets back to London after Brasil, you know the quote he gives that always has Arsenal fans foaming at the mouth. “Our team is strong, I’m very happy with the squad…if a player becomes available and it’s right we’ll do it. I’m confident Yaya Sanogo will be making headlines soon”…that sort.

  47. Dark Hei


    Rio is a guy that just went through a successful World Cup (at personal level) and with CL experience when he moved for 30M. He was reckoned as the best in England alongside Campbell.

    Shaw is a 19 year old kid with 2 years of EPL experience.

  48. Dream10

    Cesc Appeal

    Agreed. With the Ozil deal, I still think he was bought to appease the fans after the Aston Villa defeat. Could have bought another striker, but instead chose to run Giroud into the ground and signed an underweight Ligue 2 striker who could not play for a few months since he could not deal with the physicality. AW knew this. smh

    I am trying to convince myself that the new money coming in will make a difference. I am not winning the battle so far.

  49. Nasri's Mouth

    Scott: You would all love him if he managed us

    I seriously wouldn’t.

    The bloke’s a nasty piece of work. He’s bitter, vicious, sticks his finger in someone’s eye, threatens ballboys.

  50. Leedsgunner


    Wenger does take risks… just not the right ones.

    Instead of spending money on proven players, he risks millions on cast offs and unproven prospects, hoping they will come good.

    Instead of spending money on a squad with proper depth, he risks playing our brightest prospects and our star star players to the ground (Wilshere, Ramsey, Ozil Walcott, Cazorla — that’s only last season)

    Instead of building a team with proper quality, he risks not buying players because injured players will always be like “new signings” (Diaby, TV5).

    Wenger is not risk adverse at all. I would argue he’s the exact opposite. He thinks he can get away with it, “one last time” because he always has. That’s why he likes to boast about the 4th place trophy so much and likes to tell anyone who will listen about how many actual days we spent at the top of the league table last season. Who cares if we if were at the top longer than anybody else? They only give trophies to those teams who are there at the end.

    Arsene is a reckless manager because he makes the same errors again, and again, and again.

  51. Bamford13


    Ken is spoiling this place. I have no problem with someone having an opinion, but his performance early this morning on the previous post was pure trollery.

    He’s ruining the comments section, IMO.

  52. Nasri's Mouth


    I’d agree that Wenger takes risks. However this idea that he doesn’t take risks in the transfer market isn’t so true. Reyes and Arshavin were both risks, and expensive ones too, based as a percentage of our revenue at the time.

    IMO it’s more that he’s looking much longer term than we’d like.

    IE Can’t sign Bender or Gustavo? Ok rather than spend big on another player who he doesn’t quite fancy, he brings in Flamini as a ‘short term’ (1 or 2 years) cover for Arteta until one of the players does become available, or someone else that he DOES like comes on the market

    With the owner and BoD seemingly happy for him to stay forever it’s possibly no surprise I guess

  53. Gregg

    2 years ago today we signed Giroud ! Ironically, given some of the ridiculous names mentioned that we should be looking at buying, if no-one had heard of him before but seen him in this world cup, they’d be a clamour for why we should buy him.

  54. Marv

    Gonna slap the first journalist who brands Sagna a “Man City Ledged” – I saw an article a few years back naming Merse an “Aston Villa Legend” – I nearly shat. I’d bite the journo but wouldn’t want to be banned from football for 4 months – I wonder if he’s still allowed to play FIFA 14?

  55. Gregg


    I agree with that and also think he’s right to do so. You don’t just offer 3/4 year contracts to players that you didn’t really want, you wait for the right players to be available. This is precisely why he didn’t buy in January. I think there could be some mileage in the Bender rumour and understand why we’d be still after him. In fact i’d go as far to say that if we cannot get him or Gustavo, then we will go with what we have in that midfield area again and maybe utilise Wilshere in the role.

  56. N5

    Lol Marv, he can play it, but it has to be alone and he can’t select himself in any team, he can just be him on a training pitch.

  57. Nasri's Mouth


    I can understand why, and I can see the logic in it, but we’ve probably gone too far. I certainly don’t go with the idea that we had no plan lst summer, we clearly did, or that Ozil was a panic buy, but there’s definitely room for us being more ‘efficient’ when we try to sign players

  58. Bamford13


    Nah, he took things to an even higher (lower?) level of trollery. It was really bad.

    Whatever the value of this site, it was temporarily one-fifth that.

  59. Alfie

    Bamford –


    I like banter (eurgh) as much as the next man but his daily folly’s have become annoying and repetitive. He thinks he is funny but his just a cunt.

    I hate him so much.

  60. Nasri's Mouth


    With the way Suarez never admits he’s wrong, what’s the chances he gets caught practising with a ball before the end of his ban?

  61. somecallmemystic

    “I know he’s bitten people three times, I know it’s bad, but wow… 4 months.”
    Only a shame it isn’t longer. Sorry Pedro I think you are way off this. The fact that other actions are physically worse mean the punishments need to severely increase on those, not go soft on this repulsive act.

    Had it been his first bite, then maybe it could be argued it was ‘heat of the moment action’, but it is repetitive and the guys needs to be removed from the game until such time that psychiatrists feel he has been cured.

  62. N5

    NM, I’d assume he’d have to keep training wouldn’t he? but alone.

    How far does this stretch, can he play footy in the park with his kids or in the back garden?

    Can he play blow football or eat a football themed birthday cake?

  63. Scott

    Arsene : “Vidal is one of the best midfielder in the world, he has incredible stamina and perfect timing, he is a marathon athlete who plays football”

    Vidal and Sanchez yum

  64. andy1886


    “Shaw is a 19 year old kid with 2 years of EPL experience.”

    I think you’re underselling shaw by a long long way. He’s the reason that England left the best LB in the world over the last decade at home this summer. Anyone who’s seen him play would tell you he has the potential to be the best full back in the country for the next ten years too. For Scholes to spout that nonsense is quite bonkers when you consider he was at United when they bought Rio for far more in real terms. Was Rio a 30-goal a season striker? Nope, which is where Schole’s comments look stupid – do you think he said something along those lines to SAF at the time? I very much doubt it.

  65. Gregg


    Again I agree. I believe we wanted bender and I believe we wanted Gustavo, either of them were identified. We didn’t get them and that’s why we wouldn’t hand out willy/nilly to contracts to the host of other names that people mention; Gonalons et al. Therefore, as you said, Flamini short term and go again for who we really want. We do have money but not the type that others have where they can pay silly money for just that seasons needs, i.e Man City. How many CM have they bought in the last few years ? how many 4 year contracts have they dished out. We cant afford that, we sign a player for 4 years, we cannot just sacrifice him and get someone slightly better after 1 year and take a hit like City & Chelsea can.

    We can be better, sure, but we have to be more careful than some of our rivals do. That gives them a huge advantage.

  66. Nasri's Mouth


    Dunno. I haven’t looked into the details.

    Still, he’s going to nowhere near match fit when he comes back. If he stays (and I think he’s off to Barca) he won’t be at the top of his game when the ban ends.

  67. andy1886

    I’m wondering if AW has just chalked off Liverpool from his list of potential threats to 4th place? If he has then he’s probably convinced all we need is a few tweaks here and there and another CL qualification trophy will be his.

  68. the goon


    Because that was a satire, may be someone might enjoy it. because there is absolutely nothing going on in our Arsenal universe that will give joy now.

    cheer up man. its Friday and there is no footie on TV.

  69. Nasri's Mouth

    andy1886: Anyone who’s seen him play would tell you he has the potential to be the best full back in the country for the next ten years too.

    True, but for 30m I’d like the finished package, not just potential

  70. N5

    NM, in his last 10 match ban was he still allowed to train with the first team do you remember and play for the reserves?

  71. Scott


    Everything is going for Arsene even when you though he would have real competition for top 4 for once.

  72. Bamford13

    Thanks, Pedro. I was having a nice little summer before I saw that photo. As I have detached myself from the rumor mill — expecting nothing in the way of signings this summer — and I avoid French TV, I have had the pleasure of not having to look at — or think long about —Arsene Wenger.

    Yet all of my hatred — yes, hatred — for the man has come rushing back to me in seeing that photo.

    Get off Copacabana Beach, you fucking twat, and get onto the phone and begin signing players who can help Arsenal become the best team in the world, not a fourth place fucking also-ran!

    It is insane to me that this man’s charade could continue for another three years — while thousands of blinkered, dopey supporters CHEER him on, in fact.

    Thanks, Pedro. Now I’m going to have to find a way to forget this photo.

  73. Nasri's Mouth


    I was wondering exactly that, given that there was no mention of not being allowed to train, I’d imagine he was fully involved. He scored 6 and created 2 in his first 3 games back. Even with Suarez that doesn’t look like a player who didn’t do a lot of work in pre-season.

  74. Nasri's Mouth

    Bamford13: Yet all of my hatred — yes, hatred — for the man has come rushing back to me in seeing that photo.


  75. andy1886

    What really was daylight robbery, was selling Cole for £5m plus Gallas to the Chav with bottomless pockets. I’d have rather seen him play out his contract or rot in the reserves. Whoever agreed that deal deserved shooting.

  76. N5

    The only thing I read Nasri is that he’s not allowed to train with the first team so I assumed he would be like Adebayor and train alone and play with the reserves to keep match fit, but god knows.

  77. Nasri's Mouth


    Yeah, I never understood that one. We lost Cole for £5m, Chelsea get rid of a player who was causing them grief.
    I don’t know how long Cole had left on his deal at the time though, that might have had a bearing on it.

    Always pissed me off that Chelsea got caught tapping him up and then still get to sign him. Decent punishment would be to ban them from signing Cole for 2/3 years afterwards

  78. Maverick

    @Alfie, When the deal of Cole-Gallas + 5Mn swap happened, it looked a good deal. In retrospect it looks bad as Gallas turned from one of the best defender to one of the worst characters on the field. the quality of both players was never in question but the attitude left a lot to be desired.

  79. Dissenter

    What’s all the angst for.
    Are you mad that a 63 year old man is rod-ramming in sunny Brazil during his own annual vacation?

    You guys gotta give it up. Arsenal is not paying for his trip, it’s his time.

    Gotta use that rod before it goes limp.

  80. Bamford13

    I honestly don’t know what to make of those who are criticizing Shaw’s price (30m). Yes, it’s a lot of money. Maybe even 10m too much. Who f***ing cares, though?

    The point is to win the league and compete for the CL, and if you have to spend that to get the best RB in England — and one of the best young RB’s in the world — so be it.

    The point isn’t to save money. The point is to win titles, and glory, and to try to build the best side in the world. And if you haven’t noticed, this costs money these days. Every day player valuations go up. So a promising young RB goes for 30m. What do I care? I want to win.

    If you have the money — and United do — then spend it. What the f**k is wrong with some of you?

    You and Arsene can sit on Copacabana Beach together and shake your heads at the “obscene” amounts of money being spent on players today. If this makes you feel better about yourself, go ahead. But next year your financial prudence will see you with more than 100m in cash in the bank and a host of average players — Jenkinson, Arteta, Giroud — in your starting XI and even more mediocrities — Sanogo, Flamini — in the squad.

  81. N5

    Cheers NM, that was my understanding of it, but unlike Adebayor who said “if i’d been any lower, I’d of been dead” (direct quote) I imagine Suarez will be fine on his own.

    Match fitness will certainly be a problem for him though because at least last time he could play for the reserves.

  82. Gregg

    Suarez’ previous ban wasn’t International. He played for his country during the ban in last years Confeds cup, I believe. Did he not also play Capitol one cup while he was banned ? I’m sure it didn’t stop him training before, as it looks like it will this time round.

  83. Cesc Appeal

    So that Metro article, obviously total tosh, but it says “Arsenal have already resigned themselves to starting the season without the injured Abou Diaby.”

    Is this a joke? Them taking the piss?

    Or is he actually injured again.

  84. Dissenter


    You don’t see anything wrong with paying Shaw 160k weekly?

    What has Wenger’s annual vacation got to do with Luke Shaw?