2 year ban?

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Good morning, I’ve started writing this early, but if it’s late, that’s because I had to go to a damn early meeting.

So what’s happened in the last 24 hours worth talking about? Well, I saw a long haired pug. Blew my damn mind.

Outside that, I saw Suarez bite Chiellini. Now, for me, I thought it was funny. I mean, a 27 year old man with kids biting another man. In the grand scheme of petulance, it’s right up there with the nipple cripple or podding someone (did you pod people at school?). It’s really a total irrelevance to me. It’s less hardcore than a punch or a kick, it’s less spiteful than a pinch under the armpits and overall, it’s just a bit embarrassing.

Someone tell that to the world. I’ve seen talk of two year international bans!

YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! That’s like jailing someone for life for a dry slap. What is the world coming to when we’re dishing out draconian punsihments for a silly little bite that didn’t even break the skin!

It’s so pathetic. As someone pointed out on Twitter, ask Eduardo, Rambo or Diaby what they’d prefer… a bite so tame Chiellini could rush after the ref to show him. Or, a snapped leg from an outrageously reckless tackle that had ‘have that you cu*t’ written all over it.

A bite can get you a two year ban, but the Valencia challenge from last night, which was purposefully reckless and designed to break bones, will likely only see a two game ban. What did Dan Smith get? 3 games for a ruined career?

Where are people’s priorities here? Broken bones are surely the priority? Genuinely reckless play is surely more of a footballing crime? Trying to break people’s careers should be the priority for mega punishments.

We get it all wrong when it comes to disgust. Spitting, a Western crime we deem worth of death penalty ressurection… But brutal behaviour is seen as part of the game. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

Onto the football. I quite enjoyed the France vs Ecuador game. Montero, the Ecudorian wideman who plays for Vitesse looked like a prime candidate for a move to the Premier League. They had quite a few pacey powerful attackers. Their keeper Dominguez had a very solid game as well. The French should have won the game. Paul Pogba would have been the man of the match had his finishing boots been on. He’s a powerhouse midfielder with the brutality of Patrick Vieira but with the footwork of Thierry Henry. He’s such a dream player.

I think this World Cup has highlighted that there is clearly a lot of talent out there, you’ve just got to hunt outside the main leagues to pick them up.

Arsenal should have a more extended scouting network. We need to start shopping outside Spain, Germany and France if we want to pick up the bargain. Look in Eastern Europe, hunt around the back allies of South America, look more into the Dutch League. There’s great talent to be had everywhere, I don’t get why we have such a massive issues sourcing it these days… well, actually, I do know, our scouting network is as dated and backward as our fitness department has been.

Who is using that scouting software? Anyone? I’ve seen very little to suggest we have been. We should have someone on that fulltime making computer based recommendations.

Big man talk from Jack Wilshere.

“Time is running out for us to say we’re young any more. I’m 22. Ross [Barkley], Luke [Shaw] and Raheem [Sterling] are young players. They showed in the tournament what they can do. But in the next tournament, we really have to deliver. I think it is [a big year for me]. I’m not young any more. I’m going to be 23 in January and that’s a good age for a footballer. It’s a big season for me, it’s a big season for Arsenal. But at the moment, I’m devastated. I’ve got to try and get over this and then try to move on next season.”

He’s 23 in January, which is a great age to break into the big talent bracket. It’s a frank admission that’s laced with truth. He’s going to have to sort his head, he’s going to have to work hard and he’s going to have to make something of himself. That first starts with Arsenal managing his fitness. It should also start with Arsene deciding what his role is. I don’t think it’s communicated very well.

Hopefully, he makes it this year… I believe in you Jack!

On that klaxon call of positivity, I’m off. Have a great day.


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  1. Alfie


    Shut up you cunt. You’re not funny and its getting really boring now how you’re trying to wind people up.

    You are a fucking idiot.


  2. gunnergetyou

    “So Arsene Wenger is finally going to end up with Aurier and Remy
    SAd days.”

    If the reports are correct then Aurier is already in talks with PSG and we’re now going after Debuchy.

    Another one that got away?

  3. N5

    “If the reports are correct then Aurier is already in talks with PSG and we’re now going after Debuchy.”

  4. Dark Hei

    “If the reports are correct then Aurier is already in talks with PSG and we’re now going after Debuchy.”

    Debuchy is not terribly bad BTW. He is the first choice RB ahead of Sagna right?

    As for P$G, let’s not bother. These are the clowns that paid 50M POUNDS for David Luiz. Aurier has every right to go there and Toulose has every right to do business with them for that kind of $$.

  5. Bamford13


    Ken is spoiling this place. I have no problem with someone having an opinion, but his performance early this morning is pure trollery. He’s ruining the comments section, IMO.

  6. Dissenter

    Why don’t you ignore him (Ken). He goes away after a while which is fine by me.
    Are you asking for a ban?

  7. Hunter

    Well we still havent made a move in the transfer market and I reckon we wont!He will promote Jenkinson to RB bring back the south american boy and go with OG,Sanogo as his front three and try to get anoher season out of Arteta and Flamini.You can see it now just as last season,he will smirk and say hey lads Ive made #11 million fron the Vela sale we are quids in!and dont need to sign anyone as I trust the squad I have.
    The man dosent want or like to spend the money,simple as that so you can forget about all these names that are flying around unless he changes his view.OK maybe he might go for Debouchy and Remy they are relatively cheap at #8 mio apiece so with the vela money hes only #5 mio down,that he can surely recoup by selling a few other wasteful reserves!
    Depressing eh but you can bet your bottom dollar that is the way his minds thinking,we ought to rename him SCROOGE!