2 year ban?

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Good morning, I’ve started writing this early, but if it’s late, that’s because I had to go to a damn early meeting.

So what’s happened in the last 24 hours worth talking about? Well, I saw a long haired pug. Blew my damn mind.

Outside that, I saw Suarez bite Chiellini. Now, for me, I thought it was funny. I mean, a 27 year old man with kids biting another man. In the grand scheme of petulance, it’s right up there with the nipple cripple or podding someone (did you pod people at school?). It’s really a total irrelevance to me. It’s less hardcore than a punch or a kick, it’s less spiteful than a pinch under the armpits and overall, it’s just a bit embarrassing.

Someone tell that to the world. I’ve seen talk of two year international bans!

YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! That’s like jailing someone for life for a dry slap. What is the world coming to when we’re dishing out draconian punsihments for a silly little bite that didn’t even break the skin!

It’s so pathetic. As someone pointed out on Twitter, ask Eduardo, Rambo or Diaby what they’d prefer… a bite so tame Chiellini could rush after the ref to show him. Or, a snapped leg from an outrageously reckless tackle that had ‘have that you cu*t’ written all over it.

A bite can get you a two year ban, but the Valencia challenge from last night, which was purposefully reckless and designed to break bones, will likely only see a two game ban. What did Dan Smith get? 3 games for a ruined career?

Where are people’s priorities here? Broken bones are surely the priority? Genuinely reckless play is surely more of a footballing crime? Trying to break people’s careers should be the priority for mega punishments.

We get it all wrong when it comes to disgust. Spitting, a Western crime we deem worth of death penalty ressurection… But brutal behaviour is seen as part of the game. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

Onto the football. I quite enjoyed the France vs Ecuador game. Montero, the Ecudorian wideman who plays for Vitesse looked like a prime candidate for a move to the Premier League. They had quite a few pacey powerful attackers. Their keeper Dominguez had a very solid game as well. The French should have won the game. Paul Pogba would have been the man of the match had his finishing boots been on. He’s a powerhouse midfielder with the brutality of Patrick Vieira but with the footwork of Thierry Henry. He’s such a dream player.

I think this World Cup has highlighted that there is clearly a lot of talent out there, you’ve just got to hunt outside the main leagues to pick them up.

Arsenal should have a more extended scouting network. We need to start shopping outside Spain, Germany and France if we want to pick up the bargain. Look in Eastern Europe, hunt around the back allies of South America, look more into the Dutch League. There’s great talent to be had everywhere, I don’t get why we have such a massive issues sourcing it these days… well, actually, I do know, our scouting network is as dated and backward as our fitness department has been.

Who is using that scouting software? Anyone? I’ve seen very little to suggest we have been. We should have someone on that fulltime making computer based recommendations.

Big man talk from Jack Wilshere.

“Time is running out for us to say we’re young any more. I’m 22. Ross [Barkley], Luke [Shaw] and Raheem [Sterling] are young players. They showed in the tournament what they can do. But in the next tournament, we really have to deliver. I think it is [a big year for me]. I’m not young any more. I’m going to be 23 in January and that’s a good age for a footballer. It’s a big season for me, it’s a big season for Arsenal. But at the moment, I’m devastated. I’ve got to try and get over this and then try to move on next season.”

He’s 23 in January, which is a great age to break into the big talent bracket. It’s a frank admission that’s laced with truth. He’s going to have to sort his head, he’s going to have to work hard and he’s going to have to make something of himself. That first starts with Arsenal managing his fitness. It should also start with Arsene deciding what his role is. I don’t think it’s communicated very well.

Hopefully, he makes it this year… I believe in you Jack!

On that klaxon call of positivity, I’m off. Have a great day.


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  1. WengerEagle


    Don’t be a tit, James has scored 3 times and assisted twice in just 2 and a half matches. His goal against Japan was a beaut and he outjumped Didier Drogba in the air for his header against the Ivory Coast.

    Messi’s been excellent as well but James has been the stand out player in the tournament. 3 MOTM performances so far.

  2. Bamford13


    Not only on Le Grove, sanmi. Just in places where people actually understand the game.

    Many, many former players and commentators have already been speaking of Rodriguez’s performances in the highest terms possible. Yes, even comparing his performances to those of Maradona.

    That you can’t see this is only evidence that you don’t really understand the game you spend so much time watching. You watch it, but you don’t see it.

    You imagine that Messi is the only player playing at the level of a Maradona because his name is Messi. You lack the ability to watch a player play and independently judge the level at which he is playing.

    Read up on what people are saying about Rodriguez. Plenty of greats/experts agree with me that his performances have been as impressive, if not more impressive, as Messi’s.

  3. sanmi

    Actually, I couldn’t care less if they sign Herrera, I don’t rate him as much as y’all do. All have seen of him is in this worldcup though and he has nothing on Ozil, carzola or Ramsey. They can have him

  4. WengerEagle

    ‘ You guys are too reactive.’

    Reactive my bollocks, I knew how good Colombia were before the World Cup started.

    Finished ahead of Chile and Uruguay in qualifying with the best defensive record in the qualifiers.

    Beat this incredibly hyped Belgium side 2-0 in Belgium playing them off the park in a friendly just 7 months ago.

  5. WengerEagle

    ‘All have seen of him is in this worldcup though and he has nothing on Ozil, carzola or Ramsey. ‘


    Lol are you thinking of the Mexican Herrera of the same name?

  6. sanmi

    People like you are just plain reactive. Messi has been doing it for years, still doing it.
    Only English pundits will say such shit! Just as they have been bigging up their players till they crashed and burn.

  7. Bamford13


    No one’s taking anything away from Messi’s performances or goals. I’ve even offered an explanation — expectations — for why his great plays may not make as much of an impression as they would otherwise.

    However, none of this changes the fact that for me, Rodriguez has looked even better, a bit more magic on every touch. And what made the goal he scored special was not just the deft chip, but the calm and slick way in which he cut the defender before slyly chipping past the keep.

    His play has been GENIUS; Messi’s play has been WORLD CLASS. There’s a difference, though.

  8. sanmi

    Here’s what I think will happen in Nigeria Vs France, Nigeria are more comfortable playing with a player in Benzema mould, a player that love pace, they have that too, they struggle more with a player that use upper body strength- Giroud, the only match they have lost this year was to Messi’s magic and Altidore strength. They drew Italy.
    But france have to keep their full backs back else Debuchy will find out how fast Musa is

  9. WengerEagle

    ‘People like you are just plain reactive. Messi has been doing it for years, still doing it.’

    This makes literally no sense whatsoever. How does anything players have done in previous seasons correlate with how well they are playing in this current World Cup? If that’s your way of thinking then Ronaldo has been the second best player at the World Cup.

    Messi is the best player on the planet, that isn’t even up for debate.

    No one is saying that James Rodriguez is the best player on the planet but so far he has been the best player at the World Cup. That’s all me and Bamford are saying.

  10. sanmi

    As for midfield contest, Pogba will be a wrong call for this one, Onazi loves playing such players, he totally marked out yaya in nations cup. I think it could go either way. Nigeria is terrible at defending set piece. So I expect Giroud/pogba/kolcieny to score from there.
    But France is vulnerable at their RB and Nigeria plays attack from wings.

  11. Klauspoppe

    I have enormous doubts on their ability to defend their flanks as their wingers havent tracked back a lot ( a strategy to focus more on counter attacks).

    They’re essentially playing a 4-2-4, the last ten minutes in the Ivory Coast game they looked clueless in how to defend their lead and fortunate to finish the game witnout conceding another goal.

    Without Suarez Uruguay look unlikely to cause an upset as last game against Colombia witjout Suarez was a 4-0 romping at Colombia home.

    But of Uruguay play a more pressing game of the central defence and holding midfielders more than enougj opportunities to create an upset. Cavani’s fitness is key as he looked tired and off pace.

  12. sanmi

    One other advantage france has is, there playmaker Valbuena does so from the wings, makes it hard to mark him, nigeria congest the midfield. But without Giroud that won’t count for anything because Nigeria will defend deep and counter no space for runners. If france scores early, france will win by a large margin.
    But if by half time they are still on level, Nigeria will nick it. That Brazillian weather suit Nigeria

  13. karim

    Very interesting thanks
    I hope Giroud will be there so he can create some space for other players
    Benzema has always been a bit inconsistent but he is clearly having a very good wc so I wouldn’t be that happy if I were you
    As for Pogba, i think he ll be benched for Sissoko
    Yeah, You do have pacy wingers and this will probably a great game of football

    Que le meilleur gagne !
    May the better team win !

  14. karim

    Agree about the weather conditions
    That’s one of my biggest worries actually

    Deschamps will use Giroud rather than Griezmann for that physical game i think

  15. Cesc Appeal

    So Herrera confirmed and Luke Shaw is at Carrington for a medical…United are officially out of the blocks with a bang!

  16. sanmi

    Benzema will play well if paired with Giroud, it will make it hard for Nigeria to mark him, but if he’s up top alone. Forget him having a serious impact, except he scores a tap in. And then space opens up when Nigeria tries to equalise. Benzema isn’t ready for the Bruising Nigeria gives. Giroud loves such contest.

  17. Klauspoppe

    Wouldnt be surprised to see Uruguay field another 5-3-2 to sit deep and close the space for Cuadrado to run into. He’s been playing like Bale this World Cup because the opposition let him but with Tabarez a reactive coach he would be aware of Cuadrado’s limitation in Serie A when the dence plays deep with congestion in the centre. He has good movement off the ball but decision making isnt great especially against a packed defence.

    Rodriguez’s technical qualities has always been phenomenal. What surprised me isn’t him playing no.10 but the way he plays it. The way he dribbles back to disorganise the defence and loft a beauty of throuhh ball for Cuadrado was amazing. It was a play we regularly saw at Arsenal with Walcott/Gervinho and Cazorla.

  18. MidwestGun

    Big –
    Just got back to read your last comment. Quality comment. Only difference, this is why Wenger should have retired and what I fear. More of the status quo. How many more, one more transfer windows do we give.

  19. antogooner

    And whats our great manager doing?United get 2 good players in 1 day and our w***ker is in Brazil doing f**k all,we can only dream about getting 2 good players in 1 day

  20. sanmi

    All Nigerians are praying Giroud doesn’t start and Kolcieny, we want Sakho, he’s a bit unsure of himself. Sagna won’t start which is a good one, Debuchy can’t stand Emenike physically, the only bad is Babatunde isn’t playing. That’s a big blow. He links well with the attack than Moses

  21. karim

    Remember Wilson Oruma ?
    This man did wonders for my local team 10 years ago. I am well aware Jay Jay was better but Oruma scored screamers and had magic in his feet
    More recently, we also had Afolabi and Ideye Brown
    So I like Nigeria a lot 😉
    Enyeama is such a gentleman too

  22. Klauspoppe


    Matuidi and Sissoko will be covering the flanks when Debuchy and Evra overlap. Aware of Nigeria’s speed France will play a slow paced game just like Iran.

    Giroud will bring others into play but his aerial presence for long balls from the back is key as Nigeria are going to press to increase tje pace of the game to their liking.

  23. sanmi

    Our problem in the past is Ghana’s problem now. Individuals but no team. But the most effective Nigerian player till date is Kanu, he’s the most decorated too! But Jay Jay was the most talented. In terms of skill he was on par with Ronaldinho actually Ronaldinho credited him with teaching him some skills at PSG. But jayjay was never serious always joking on the pitch. France 98, against Denmark he decided the worldcup was about him. And he scored a wonder against Oliver kahn, dribbling him and other 3 defenders and beating kahn 3 times b4 putting the ball in the net. While celebrating he was laughing

  24. sanmi

    Yes france should slow the game but must increase it in the final 3rd else no way through. But am seriously praying Giroud doesn’t start. He will roast us, I prefer playing against Benzema, he loves drifting to the wings, Nigeria is cool with that, but direct football is scary, yobo shivers when he sees floated ball

  25. karim

    Jay Jay Okocha and his famous moves !
    Pure magic
    He hit a screamer from 30 yards 30 seconds after he started his french career against Bordeaux I was just like wow !

  26. Klauspoppe

    Loss of Aguero is best thing that happened for Argentina. Lavezzi will finally bring proper spacing to the forward line.

    Nigeria were very good in marking Messi. A fortunate rebound and an accurate freekick (which the keeper should have done better but the fact he got it so accurately on target deserves a goal).

    Argentina is playing a 4-2-4 as Di Maria is very attack minded and exploiting the space on the left. Messi should be drifting back to collect the short pass and send Lavezzi and Di Maria through. Playing so close upfront he’s been marked out of every game thus far.

    Messi is without a doubt the player of his generation but Rodriguez is eclipsing him this WC with more intelligent and selfless decisions.

  27. Cesc Appeal


    Ha. It’s almost as if all these fans asking for transfers don’t realise he has other obligations to see to.

  28. Cesc Appeal


    Apparently some tasty Belgium birdy was caught on screen…this is your domain mon frere, we need pictures ASAP

  29. sanmi

    Algeria will be advised to keep it tight at the back, then spring to life in the 2nd half, because Russia will tire out then and algeria is used to desert conditions

  30. Cesc Appeal


    Well, I don’t wanna say you’ve let Le grove down…but you sort of have.

    And your country, the continent, planet as a whole really, potentially even this quadrant of the galaxy, or the galaxy itself…in some distance galaxy Alien Kwik is posting a picture of an extraterrestrial hottie because HE HELD IT!!!

  31. Ozy

    What two players have Man U signed today? They’ve only signed Herrera, as far as I know and he is average.

    A 25 year old with no senior international caps says a lot. He’s a decent midfielder, a decent first touch but he’s far too inconsistent and doesn’t really provide much in terms of creativity or defensively. Such an uninspired signing.

  32. kwik fit

    LOL Im sorry CA but when a mans got to go a mans got to go. Never mind I’ll turn something up later that will make alien kwik green with envy 😉

  33. Cesc Appeal

    So who’s bought what:

    Chelsea: Costa, Fabregas
    City: Fernando
    United: Herrera, Shaw
    Arsenal: 1 Beach Football (say bought it, some Brasil kid booted it too far, Wenger saw an opportunity and snapped it up)

  34. Wallace

    people on here comparing James Rodriguez favourably to Messi really need to get in touch with their local insane asylum and tell whoever answers that they’ve escaped again. Rodriguez is a big talent, Messi’s a once in a lifetime.

  35. BillikenGooner

    The bracket is going to look very lopsided.

    Germany, Brazil, France, Columbia, and Chile on one side.

    The other side is going has: Netherlands, Argentina, and Belgium. Maybe Mexico for how they’ve played so far?

  36. TitsMcgee

    Chelsea: Costa, Fabregas
    City: Fernando
    United: Herrera, Shaw
    Arsenal: 1 Beach Football (say bought it, some Brasil kid booted it too far, Wenger saw an opportunity and snapped it up)”

    Don’t forget Chelsea are bringing back Courtois and potentially Lukaku as well. On top of them already being better than us they’re improving while we haven’t moved a muscle yet.

    But as the Wengerites say. It’s only June.

    (The tune that will change to “nobody was available” come August)

  37. TitsMcgee

    The other side is going has: Netherlands, Argentina, and Belgium. Maybe Mexico for how they’ve played so far?”

    No disrespect to Mexico but the Netherlands will be kicking themselves if they don’t make it to at least the semis. They will play the winner of Greece/Costa Rica if they get past Mexico as they should.

  38. Cesc Appeal


    I can see us all in some fox hole (not a euphemism) on some distant planet somewhere out there in the darkest reaches of space.

    “Men, I know you’re exhausted, I know your cocks are sore, I know you’re thighs are chaffed from rubbing and your throats hoarse from growling in arousement. But over that hill lies the enemy, and they too are exhausted from perversion. More so than us! We are men of Earth, and this is what we do! So, Mr Kwik Fit, load up the Twitter feed, men, pull up your socks and grab your cocks – do you want to tell your grandchildren that you were outperved by a race of aliens more arachnid than man? No! Well, then, gentleman, for MILFs, cougars, hotties and sluts all over the galaxy…CHARGE!!!!”

  39. WengerEagle

    ‘people on here comparing James Rodriguez favourably to Messi really need to get in touch with their local insane asylum and tell whoever answers that they’ve escaped again. Rodriguez is a big talent, Messi’s a once in a lifetime.’

    Is this a joke?

    FFS for the last time, I’m not comparing Rodriguez as a player to Messi, all I’m saying is he that has outshone him so far in this World Cup which as a neutral I can say he has.

    In no way am I saying that he is a better player.

    Musa has performed better than Cristiano Ronaldo in this World Cup, does that mean he is a better player? Does it fuck.

  40. kwik fit

    But didn’t Klauspoppe say she was wearing some kind of helmet. The thought of her in a helmet has got my pulse racing .

  41. Cesc Appeal


    I knew I could count on you yanks to have the stomach (and let’s face it testicles) for this fight!

  42. Cronaldo

    Musa has performed better than Cristiano Ronaldo in this World Cup, does that mean he is a better player? Does it fuck.



  43. Carts

    Was just about to say how much I’ve been impressed with Belgium’s shutting down of the ball wgen they relinquish possession.

    Then Defour loses his fucking head. Very disappointing.

  44. kwik fit

    Centre of Excellence Technical Director John Bayer will take charge of Arsenal Ladies on a temporary basis

    Some guys have all the luck

  45. Cesc Appeal


    She’s Paraguay. LadBible has a thing “so sad Paraguay didn’t get to WC.”

    Shes amazzzzzzzzzzzzzing

  46. Klauspoppe

    Think every South American teams should qualify and give them free tickets to bring their female fans. That continent is ridiculous.

    So jelly of Wenger

  47. kwik fit

    I know Mid. I’m going to be sorry to see him go. He was a character and there are too few of them in football nowadays. I suppose our loss is Real Madrid’s gain 😉

  48. london gunner

    Hey anyone else happy Suarez got a long ban two reasons I am happy.

    1 His a cunt of a person and that comes out on the field! So couldn’t happen to a nastier person bar pepe, shawcross and barton in idea world they would of received
    serious bans for what they had done but its not an ideal world

    2 This seriously weakens liverpool are direct rival with the resurgence of man united next season its important one of our other rivals is weakened!

  49. Leedsgunner

    South Korea just didn’t have the attackers to finish the game off… really they should have done better with 11 men versus 10 although I like their star player though, Son, he had trickery and plenty of pace!

  50. london gunner

    What I don’t get with those latin girls is they are mad hot with insane figures. Like they are not even curvy they are generally skinny with big tits and arses its like every mans dream! At times they are hot they look almost cartoonish in proportions

  51. london gunner

    Strange world cup coz the football has been great but none of the top teams have played particularly great.

    I have been more impressed by the mid to lower teams

  52. southernpeople

    well done Algeria! they’re really good bunch and fought heroically to the end. Along with Nigeria and costa rica they’ve shown they don’t need big names to get to the finals.

  53. gnarleygeorge9


    9 game banned ‘dished out’ by the organisation that rigged the 2022 WC to Qatar, to Suarez, who was feeling a bit peckish so he thought he’d have a bite of Italian.

    ………… & some people take football more seriously than life itself. PMSL @ them 😆

  54. Wengerites be damned!

    Congratulations, Algeria! I’m glad for them.
    They were the first African nation to beat an European team. In 1982 Algeria won against Germany. Well, let’s see if this can happen again here in Brazil.

  55. TitsMcgee

    Some pretty tasty matchups.

    Bra Chi
    Bel Usa
    Col Uru
    Arg Sui

    Potential semi of Netherlands Argie/Belgium and Brazil France/Germany.

    I have a feeling it’s France’s year even though I would like to see Germany or Netherlands win.

  56. Cesc Appeal


    That’s be a fantastic bit of business for Liverpool.

    Obviously Suarez is absolute top quality, but £50 Million + Sanchez would be pretty good.

    Would be worrying for us as well. Get someone like Sanchez who is already quality and primed to explode and a sum of money enough to really improve their already pretty great squad.

  57. Bamford13


    As good as Sanchez is, I’d rather Liverpool have him than Suarez. Though they’re actively pursuing other players as well. Unlike Arsenal and Wenger, thy actually want to get better and win it all.

    Frustrating to be an Arsenal supporter.

  58. Cesc Appeal


    Well that’s what I mean, they’d get a great player and £50 Million on top of what they already have to spend. Can, Lambert and Moreno already. Add Sanchez with Sterling and Sturridge upfront. And then £50 Million to either try to land a massive player or a couple of really great ones.

    Meanwhile we’re in our perma-paralysed state, dithering through the summer.

    I do think though United might be the side to watch next year. And over the summer.

  59. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal are demonstrating once again just how incompetent they are at negotiating transfers. So far we have not managed to complete a single deal.

    Yet all our major competitors appear to have been proactive in the market.

    Chelsea – Fabregas
    Liverpool – Lambert
    Man Utd – Herrera and Shaw
    Man City – Fernando and Sagna

    The question is when will we compete deal[s]? Will Wenger, Gazidis and Laws
    wait until end of transfer window as they did last season when all the decent players have been signed up and we are as usual the last in queue?

    It seems to me that our negotiating team are completely useless. We dither and frankly I don’t think that they have a clear plan who to buy.

    Let us hope that I am wrong, but frankly I don’t think I am.

  60. tunnygriffboy

    Don’t see 50 mill plus Sanchez if he unable to play until November. Also a huge risk, he does it again then he’s banned. I really hope we’ve been in contact with players or agents already.

    37 million for Herrera ? Seems a lot to me.

  61. Dissenter

    Lets see how WORLD CLASSY Cavani really is.

    He’s been hiding under Suarez’ skirts in the world cup.

    Now he has no where to hide.

  62. TitsMcgee

    Chelsea – Fabregas
    Liverpool – Lambert
    Man Utd – Herrera and Shaw
    Man City – Fernando and Sagna?

    Costa for Chelsea as well.

    It seems to me that our negotiating team are completely useless. We dither and frankly I don’t think that they have a clear plan who to buy.”

    Pretty frustrating. It’s the seemingly lack of a plan that gets me. The manager for UTD is at the World Cup doing tactics and signing off on players at the same time.

    Wenger is in Brazil playing beach footie but will be the first one to say that he couldn’t get deals done in time on TWDD.

    You can see what winning means to our rivals and then conversely to us.

  63. TitsMcgee

    Don’t see 50 mill plus Sanchez if he unable to play until November.”

    They have Messi and Neymar. They will probably make out okay for a couple of months.

  64. Cesc Appeal


    £28 Million for Herrera
    £37 Million for Shaw

    United are just getting on with it. We need to start now, we’re soon going to enter into the mess of new excuses such as price and availability. We’ve had the WC ones, it’ll be the new old ones soon.

    City, United and Chelsea have all strengthened, time for us to start. Should have done already but…

  65. Emiratesstroller

    Our Management team are absolutely clueless.

    Wenger has gone off to Brazil and spend his time commentating. The question I
    ask myself is when will he start earning the £7.5 million which he has negotiated
    in his newly signed contract.

    Sagna has just clarified why he left Arsenal. We did not offer him a wage increase in six years. That says it all about Arsenal’s negotiating team.

  66. Bamford13

    Seamus Coleman has signed a 5-year extension with Everton, according to several reputable newspapers. That’s one good RB we won’t be signing.

  67. BacaryisGone

    True conversation from five minutes ago (Los Angeles):

    Me (to my 7 yr old): Man United just bought Luke Shaw and Herrera from Atletico Bilbao. Man City just bought Fernando. Arsenal bought Diddley Squat.

    My 7 Yr Old: Oh, is he any good?

  68. Dark Hei

    Some sources claim that Arsenal have already signed up 2 players.

    Anyway regarding the transfers that happened so far.

    Chelsea – Fabregas (Good piece of business, helped by the fact Fab’s missus wants London. It is a shootout between Chelsea, Spurs and Fulham after we pulled out; guess wasn’t a challenge)

    Liverpool – Lambert (Nobody wants us to sign a Lambert signing right? We can’t even take a Loic Remy or Vela signing without breaking into a long winded tirade)

    Man Utd – Herrera and Shaw (I think they desperately overpaid for these 2. 37M for Shaw? There is a fine line between ambition and stupidity and United cross that fine line by 17M I reckon)

    Man City – Fernando and Sagna (While some have stated that City just need to field 5 home grown instead of 8, they currently have 18 foreign players while their quota is 16, so wonder what is the plan)

  69. neil

    Manchester United have splashed out £58.8million on Luke Shaw and Ander Herrera in a statement of their intent to return to the top of the Premier League.

    Read between the lines, United are trying to buy back the title. like Ferguson did for 20 years, that’s the statement, UNITED TRY TO BUY TITLE, that’s what the newspaper article should have read, how old is Shaw, 18-19, 28 million, has the world gone completely bonkers

  70. neil

    AFC had 150 million cash last summer, we spent 42.5 on Ozil, leaves us in round figures, 100 million, that was last season, this season pricks at AFC come out and boast Arsene has a war chest of 100 million, we should have at least 175-200 million, these greedy cunts are at it again

    And what does misery guts Wenger do, tells us he is close to signing Remy, for 8 fucking million quid, there is Falco, Cavani, there was Costa, and this fucking miser, with close to 200 million quid is after Remy for 8 million

    I have 2 words for you Arsene, FUCK YOU

  71. Gary C

    Have to agree. £30 mil for a teenager from a middle of the table club is insane. I think we would have gone mad if Our Great Leader had done that deal