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Good morning, I’ve started writing this early, but if it’s late, that’s because I had to go to a damn early meeting.

So what’s happened in the last 24 hours worth talking about? Well, I saw a long haired pug. Blew my damn mind.

Outside that, I saw Suarez bite Chiellini. Now, for me, I thought it was funny. I mean, a 27 year old man with kids biting another man. In the grand scheme of petulance, it’s right up there with the nipple cripple or podding someone (did you pod people at school?). It’s really a total irrelevance to me. It’s less hardcore than a punch or a kick, it’s less spiteful than a pinch under the armpits and overall, it’s just a bit embarrassing.

Someone tell that to the world. I’ve seen talk of two year international bans!

YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! That’s like jailing someone for life for a dry slap. What is the world coming to when we’re dishing out draconian punsihments for a silly little bite that didn’t even break the skin!

It’s so pathetic. As someone pointed out on Twitter, ask Eduardo, Rambo or Diaby what they’d prefer… a bite so tame Chiellini could rush after the ref to show him. Or, a snapped leg from an outrageously reckless tackle that had ‘have that you cu*t’ written all over it.

A bite can get you a two year ban, but the Valencia challenge from last night, which was purposefully reckless and designed to break bones, will likely only see a two game ban. What did Dan Smith get? 3 games for a ruined career?

Where are people’s priorities here? Broken bones are surely the priority? Genuinely reckless play is surely more of a footballing crime? Trying to break people’s careers should be the priority for mega punishments.

We get it all wrong when it comes to disgust. Spitting, a Western crime we deem worth of death penalty ressurection… But brutal behaviour is seen as part of the game. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

Onto the football. I quite enjoyed the France vs Ecuador game. Montero, the Ecudorian wideman who plays for Vitesse looked like a prime candidate for a move to the Premier League. They had quite a few pacey powerful attackers. Their keeper Dominguez had a very solid game as well. The French should have won the game. Paul Pogba would have been the man of the match had his finishing boots been on. He’s a powerhouse midfielder with the brutality of Patrick Vieira but with the footwork of Thierry Henry. He’s such a dream player.

I think this World Cup has highlighted that there is clearly a lot of talent out there, you’ve just got to hunt outside the main leagues to pick them up.

Arsenal should have a more extended scouting network. We need to start shopping outside Spain, Germany and France if we want to pick up the bargain. Look in Eastern Europe, hunt around the back allies of South America, look more into the Dutch League. There’s great talent to be had everywhere, I don’t get why we have such a massive issues sourcing it these days… well, actually, I do know, our scouting network is as dated and backward as our fitness department has been.

Who is using that scouting software? Anyone? I’ve seen very little to suggest we have been. We should have someone on that fulltime making computer based recommendations.

Big man talk from Jack Wilshere.

“Time is running out for us to say we’re young any more. I’m 22. Ross [Barkley], Luke [Shaw] and Raheem [Sterling] are young players. They showed in the tournament what they can do. But in the next tournament, we really have to deliver. I think it is [a big year for me]. I’m not young any more. I’m going to be 23 in January and that’s a good age for a footballer. It’s a big season for me, it’s a big season for Arsenal. But at the moment, I’m devastated. I’ve got to try and get over this and then try to move on next season.”

He’s 23 in January, which is a great age to break into the big talent bracket. It’s a frank admission that’s laced with truth. He’s going to have to sort his head, he’s going to have to work hard and he’s going to have to make something of himself. That first starts with Arsenal managing his fitness. It should also start with Arsene deciding what his role is. I don’t think it’s communicated very well.

Hopefully, he makes it this year… I believe in you Jack!

On that klaxon call of positivity, I’m off. Have a great day.


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  1. Northbanker

    is anyone as irritated as I am with Phil Neville’s pitchside punditry? He speaks in this montone robotic bursts of words, mostly missing verbs and connecting words.

    I almost welcome listening to Andy Townsend now on ITV and thars saying something!

  2. The Poldi Prince

    I was chastised this week for calling the English (and other media) media idiotic. They are just pulling a ‘goal.com’

    There are much bigger issues in football. Leg breaks for one. How russia and qatar won world cups..

    suarez is a bit of a dick but he is portrayed as the lovechild of hitler and manson.

  3. Nasri's Mouth

    Northbanker: I almost welcome listening to Andy Townsend now on ITV and thars saying something!

    The only good thing about Townsend is you can have a sweepstake as to which minute he’ll say

    “That’s better”

  4. Memoryman

    ‘Big season for me, big season for arsenal’ sounds like he’s laying the ground work for departure or am I being paranoid?

  5. Nasri's Mouth

    I’d agree that almost anyone would prefer to be bitten than to have their leg broken, but that’s missing a couple of points.

    1) This is Suarez’s third time he’s bitten someone. Each time there can be no doubt it’s been no accident

    2) If someone does intentionally try to break another players leg, then the punishment should be much harsher than it currently is.

    There’s nothing wrong with throwing the book at Suarez for his third offence, but there is something wrong with only giving a 3 or even 5 match ban for someone who 100% intends to injure a player in a way that could destroy their career

  6. Gregg

    Very difficult to prove an out and out intentional legbreak type challenge, unless it’s as obvious as Roy Keane’s on Alfie whatshisname.

    Spitting / Biting is disgusting for sure, biting particulalrly is dangerous healthwise. Sure he didn’t break the skin but what if he dies and infects the guy ? it’s like saying Valencia’s challenge didn’t break the guys leg so whats the big deal. 2 years is crazy of course. I guess we’ll see a crap punishment anyway, probably less than he got over here against Chelsea.

  7. Nasri's Mouth


    I think the 2 year thing came up because it’s the maximum punishment FIFA can impose. Doesn’t mean they’re even considering punishing him to that level

  8. Bennydevito

    Morning Grovers, good post Pedro.

    I get your point regarding length of ban vs actual bodily harm in so much as a career threatening tackle should definitely carry more of a ban than a bite but I think it’s more of a moral issue in terms of biting being a snidy cowardly socially unnaceptable form of violence. Yes, you could argue that a leg breaker is more cowardly but there are ooccasions where its not intended. I think a bite is a deliberate act of cuntyness if that makes sense?

  9. gambon

    “Ozil playing today; let me get the tissues ready.”

    I know he’s been a let down, but no need to cry just yet!

  10. Romford Pele

    Max – I do a lot of communications work in that field so was really just gonna ask about the challenges facing people in their organisations at the moment.

  11. Romford Pele

    “I know he’s been a let down, but no need to cry just yet!”

    Gambonella, did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning? Let’s not hate on the king of efficiency please 😀

  12. Romford Pele

    “Pires chips Schmeichel and Andy Gray was creaming himself lmao. Unreal stuff from Bobby.”

    EPIC goal, EPIC commentary!

  13. Max85


    I’m on hol at the moment, but feel free to get my email addy off Pedro, happy to help where I can!

  14. RayGooner

    It was interesting to see Giroud & Benzema playing together up front for France in the second half yesterday….I actually thought they looked like they could find each other nicely on the pitch…
    And we all know Arsène was watching…

  15. Dream10

    Hope Germany don’t play Gotze as a CF today
    Lahm in MF. Maybe than can get away with against the USA.

    Neuer: four CBs : Lahm, Khedira : Ozil, Kroos,Podolski : Muller

  16. Romford Pele

    “I’m on hol at the moment, but feel free to get my email addy off Pedro, happy to help where I can!”

    Thanks Max, i’ll follow it up.

  17. Dark Hei

    I think FA should introduce a new retrospective punishment for foul tackles (yellow or red) that leads to serious injury.
    It will be a can of worms defining “serious injuries” but if they can have a committee for “violent behaviour”, they sure can do one for serious injuries as well.
    This will stop all that over the top tackles.

  18. DUIFG

    Agree on the cast the net far and wide comment, wenger seems to have slipped into a mentality now of only trusting his gut instinct on a dirt cheap player or goes for unattainable top top quality (suarez, reus) ocassionally bagging one (Ozil).

    Not in the market for any eduardo type players anymore, guys who could kick on relatively unkown.

  19. Dream10

    – Man City sign Fernando from Porto. Very good player. Now they have Fernandinho, Fernando and Javi Garcia to shield their backline. Love teams with good structure and defensively responsible CMs. They can keep two centre forwards up front at all times. Not depending upon attacking midfielders for goals must be great.
    Also, it helps them in Europe as well.

  20. Wallace

    re the scouting network – i think it’s accepted that South American players given the choice would prefer to go to Spain or Italy ahead of coming to England. and while there have been successes, many don’t adapt easily to the PL and English culture/weather.

  21. Romford Pele

    Dream – with the arrival of Fernando, they may allow Fernandinho to play furtehr forward like he did at Shakhtar. Quite underrated going forward.

  22. DUIFG

    re the scouting network – i think it’s accepted that South American players given the choice would prefer to go to Spain or Italy ahead of coming to England. and while there have been successes, many don’t adapt easily to the PL and English culture/weather.

    I think the point is we are not even giving them the choice as we are so far removed from this market, probbaloy hadnt even heard of neymar until he rocked up at camp nou.

  23. Dream10

    Lionel Messi in great form but it took some awful defending from Nigeria which allowed Rojo to score the winner. Di Maria a little better. Aguero has been the worst out of the front three. Clearly not fit. 20-30minute cameos from now on. Lavezzi, Higuain and Messi a bit more balanced.

    Shaqiri and Drmic came to life yesterday, albeit against an average side.

    Really want to pick Switzerland to upset Argentina, but one of Djourou on Senderos will have to start smh

  24. Wallace


    “Now they have Fernandinho, Fernando and Javi Garcia to shield their backline. Love teams with good structure and defensively responsible CMs. ”

    ja, me too. although being Arsenal fans it might just be a case of liking something we’ve never had 😉

  25. Romford Pele

    “re the scouting network – i think it’s accepted that South American players given the choice would prefer to go to Spain or Italy ahead of coming to England. and while there have been successes, many don’t adapt easily to the PL and English culture/weather.”

    I think it’s a fair point. Even the South American players that do end up here want to end up in Spain/Italy at some point. Look at Ronaldo for example; had it all at United, massive club, but some Madrid as the pinnacle.

  26. RayGooner


    New Goalkeeper, Caulker, Jenkinson, Monreal, Flamini, Diaby, Wilshere, Chamberlain, Rosický, Cazorla, Podolski, Walcott.

  27. Dream10


    Agreed. Very good point. Similar to the way he will play with Luiz Gustavo this weekend.

    I wanted us to sign two of Luiz Gustavo/Fernando/Schneiderlin this summer. Guess I’m dreaming

  28. Romford Pele

    Lol you ain’t going far with Djourou-Senderos at CB. Still a surprise that Schar doesn’t get picked. I wonder why…

    France were a little complacent last night. Nigeria will cause them problems but ultimately they should be too strong.

  29. Wallace


    we did sign Wellington at 17 to quite a bit of buzz. hasn’t worked but i think it shows we do have people over there.

  30. N5

    Morning all,

    Can I just say, I hate Phil Neville commentating, he seems unable to react to what’s happening on the pitch, he’s monotone but finishes ever sentence with an upwards inflection so you’re not sure if he’s telling or asking and he gets faster and faster after every line he speaks, which makes him sound like a horse racing commentator.

    We really need Neville, Southgate, Owen and many of the other waste of space boring bastards off of the TV.

    Jesus, I thought Ray Wilkinson was monotone but compared to the new batch, he’s bloody Radio One material.

    Oh and Rio sounds braindead when he’s on.

    And last thing, did everyone see Chris Waddle last night? was it just me or does he look skint?

  31. Thank you and goodnight

    I personally think Suarez should be treated harshly. This is his 3rd offence, he’s also been done for racism and that coupled with his constant diving is bad for the game. Players are role models for millions of youngsters and suarez constantly oversteps the mark. Of course a horrific leg break tackle if intentional should be treated very very harshly, but let’s not try to excuse suarez here.

  32. Romford Pele

    Dream, I understand what you’re saying RE solid CMs who don’t venture forward too much. Can’t see that happening under Wenger though.

  33. N5

    “Pogba was crap”

    Until the last two minutes he was a million miles off of his usual self. His shot at the end had some lovely skill in the build up to it, but that was the best of his evening.

  34. Romford Pele

    RayGooner, I don’t like Benzema wide left. It works to an extent for France because they have such a hard-working midfield that means the front three literally don’t have to defend. But there is a lot more combination play at Arsenal. Ozil wouldn’t be playing that deep.

  35. Dark Hei


    Hmm, 5 match ban for a sending off tackle? I think it is a bit complicated. Does hand shoves, head pushing and all that count?

    Some bloke breaks both of Ramsey’s legs at 1 go and Wilshire gives him a shove. They both get carded with the same punishment.

    You know such shite happens only at Arsenal.

  36. DUIFG

    Wellington, thats a name i had forgotten, its bizarre how these players a re built up to be superstars in waiting then have awful careers and drop out of professional football altogether. This freddy adu is now doing the rounds in mexico or some hell.

  37. Emiratesstroller


    I would take very seriously the assault by Suarez on Chiellini. This is not the first time that Suarez has committed such an offence. He has already been banned twice for biting an opponent not to mention other serious misconduct.

    He should receive a lengthy ban of at least 3 -6 months for a repeat offence coupled with a requirement that he seeks ‘anger management/psychological

    The ban should apply to all football both club and international. Personally I
    am not concerned whether it has damaging impact on Uruguay’s World Cup
    and Liverpool’s prospects. They know that he is a loose cannon and take the
    risk in playing him.

    I agree with Wilshere that his career needs to kick on. Frankly his performance levels in last 2-3 years have been disappointing. On present form he
    is no better than a squad player at both Arsenal and England. He would certainly not merit a place ahead of the likes of Ozil,Cazorla and Ramsey in our team.

    He did play slightly better in last game against Costa Rica, but he still does too
    many short ineffective square passes and is too easily dispossessed with the
    consequential amateur dramatics of lying on pitch as if poleaxed.

  38. Dark Hei

    Regarding Fernando to Man City, how many foreigners are there now? 18!

    Didn’t the FFP penalty rules that they get to only play 13 foreigners in CL games with the rest from home grown?

    Are they going to appeal successfully?

  39. Ramsinho

    I doubt Madrid would ever sell all their players to us (seeing as we already have ozil) but I would love benzema, di maria, and perhaps even khedira. Aurier has shown great athleticism and passion with attacking ability and room for improvement. Di maria has been stand out player at Madrid and always a threat for argentina and would provide the runs for ozil to make the clinical pass.

    Benzema has been playing some silky football with Giroud up front and they seem to compliment each other well. Giroud gets too much stick, he is solid and good at what he does. Not a world class striker but perhaps the best hold up play footballer around and wins every header.

    With all the money we have to spend and the income that keeps coming in (vela), we should be aiming for di maria, benzema quality. I just don’t see Madrid givig us their whole team. Griezmann has also been looking incredible for france. Such a smooth touch and so composed on the ball. Great work rate and seems to float across the pitch.

    SO much talent out there, bring it to the red side of north London Wenger

  40. Dream10


    Starting two defensively responsible CMs most matches would free up Ramsey, who despite being desensively responsible himself, would prefer to get forward and create in tandem with Ozil. Mesut would then have little backtracking to do and just worry about creating chances for two attackers ahead of him.

    The way Ozil was criticised for not backtracking against Bayern at home should never happen. Never been one of his strengths. Either let him create and not worry about defending or take him off the pitch and bring on someone with higher workrate.

  41. arsenal tom

    Ashwin, Balotelli was never happening, Wengers confirmed that.

    Sanchez will probably end up elsewhere unfortunately. Chile play brazil on saturday though so we might know more sooner rather than later.

  42. Nasri's Mouth

    @dark Hei

    See? Even when I try to simplify it, it get’s complicated 😀

    I’d say you have to differentiate between dangerous ‘tackles’ and those incidents where players ‘react’ by a shove or a headbutt etc.

    I haven’t really given it much thought, I just think comparing biting with a leg breaker really just shows that punishment for nasty tackles isn’t strong enough

  43. Scott

    Really don’t get the Ozil hype after watching all his games for Arsenal i’m struggling the find how he is anyway worth 42m. At 15m Arshavin was better player and value than him.

  44. Dream10

    Dark Hei

    I may be wrong but I read that they only have to field five homegrown players instead of the eight required for a regular 25 man squad. Double check to be sure.

  45. N5

    Scott and yet you were moaning yesterday that Wenger wouldn’t spend £37 million on a kid! you really are a soppy cunt!

  46. Rhys Jaggar

    You’re damn right about Western values, Pedro. I don’t get it either. I didn’t get it 8 years ago when I called Tony Blair a ‘Fucking Cunt from a North East Hole’. Don’t notice any legs having fallen off the great man. Don’t see his children in therapy dealing with ‘daddy insult issues’. I do see women in Fallujah giving birth to grossly malformed babies due to genetic damage from depleted uranium, but no-one gives a damn about that, do they??

    The media call for the hanging of the England manager, as usual, but won’t hold EPL sides to task for not developing world-class U16s from England, despite having more money than anyone in the country. Oh, that’s all the FA’s fault is it?? Nothing to do with Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool etc etc not contributing to English society by doing the right thing. Saying so to UK journalists right now is a censorship event. I wonder why??

    It’s also strange to see defenders moralising about attackers. I mean: what’s the score of attackers kicking defenders vs defenders kicking attackers, eh?? The law as is says: ‘defenders can kick with alacrity and they may get a talking to or, if they’re unsubtle about it, a booking’. But if an attacker reacts in a way which any manly six year old would laugh off without a second’s hesitancy, they are sent off and banned for six games’. As I said to Carragher at his DM blog this morning (which was of course censored as it was non PC), I’d like defenders who repeatedly kick attackers to be kicked hard in the groin in front of 50,000 people, because it might make them stop kicking people, when talking tos, bookings etc clearly doesn’t. Nothing manly about kicking people for no good reason: nothing. It’s pure cowardice, knowing that they can’t kick back without getting sent off.

    The rule has to be: if someone kicks someone else and isn’t punished, the attacked person can kick back without punishment too. It has to be, because otherwise you are condoning kicking from defenders but punishing attackers to paying them back. It’s ridiculous.

    It’s the same in the media. The media write inflammatory garbage to wind people up, then claim that those who react strongly in verbal terms ‘have mental health issues’. I think the media has mental health issues, myself, because they can wind up, wind up, wind up with no consequences, but when someone confronts them, dearie me. Rules made by the media for the media. Rules should be made by the people to cover the media, to defend the people against the media.

    It’s the same in politics. Ukraine doesn’t pay its gas bills to Russia, which is rather an inflammatory act, wouldn’t you say? The EU and the USA then tell Russia that it is ‘unacceptable’ to hike Ukraine’s gas bill to market rates if they wish to tell Russia to get lost. Seems rather anti-capitalist to me. Russia has applied the laws of ‘we’ll scratch your back if you scratch ours’, Ukraine said ‘no thanks’, so Russia says ‘OK: we’ll stop scratching your back then’. Where’s the terrorism in that, eh?? Nowhere. But in Western politics, it is.

  47. Scott

    “I know he’s been a let down, but no need to cry just yet!”

    Thats the truth really overrated player he will be the same next year as well. Its why Madrid got rid of him.

  48. Emiratesstroller

    One of the reasons that Arsenal needs a physically strong CDM/CM is that a lot
    of our midfield players lack defensive discipline.

    We were overdependent on Arteta doing the job last season. His lack of pace is the reason that we were overrun in the games that mattered particularly when he played alongside Flamini.

    The days of tic tac short passing games combined with small technically gifted but lightweight players are over. Arsenal needs more robust players in our

  49. Dream10

    Well said The deformed babies part is heartbreaking. Cancer rates have increased as well. All for “Liberating the Iraqi People”

  50. gambon

    Dont think theres a problem with the scouting network.

    The problem is we have imposed a policy of low transfers and high wages, which means we havent been able to buy top players.

    Sure there are bargains out there, but we keep finishing 4th with the 4th biggest budget, and we are the best team in the PL against shit teams.

    Wenger has clearly looked at how best to get 4th and decided beating the smaller teams and not being competitive against the best teams is a good way to go.

    Hence we have a lopsided, unbalanced team that can be exploited, but not by teams with inferior quality.

    We missedout of Di Maria before he went to Benfica, Mata before he went to Chelsea, Wenger admitted he had been watching Benteke but opted for Giroud.

    Clearly we need to push on, but digging up bargains may not help in that regard, we need players at the level of Yaya, Aguero, Suarez etc.

    I would say our fortunes will be less about scouting and more about getting the chequebook out.

    We are as good as man city….if you take their awesome spine away.

    We need that spine.

  51. Dream10

    “It’s reported K.P Boateng has been seen as bad influence & could be axed from the BlackStars camp. Things are getting worse.”

    Smh. Things not looking good for Ghana. Really hoping they can go through to the next round.

  52. Romford Pele

    KP Boateng was always a dodgy one. Retired from international football but declared himself available the moment they reached the World Cup. They’re better off without him. Atsu is a baller (another Chelski player *sighs*).

  53. N5

    TYAG, he was only 15, but here is the paper quote.

    “At the age of 15 Luis Suarez was sent off for headbutting a referee, playing for Nacional in Uruguay. A Nacional coach said: “The referee had a broken nose and was bleeding like a cow.””

  54. babatunde

    June 26, 2014 08:16:59
    The Nigerian team is by far the Best African team at Brazil. Well coordinated and play to their strength, don’t just run for running sake. The Ghanians are close 2nd, how can the nigerians be by far the best and ghana a close 2nd at the same time.

  55. Keyser

    The premiership doesn’t allow third party ownership, this is a pretty big problem with buying from South America, not sure whether that stops us from dealing with players with third party ownership, but obviously investors don’t want to relinquish their rights over players right off.

    Also when players move over they bring a lot of people with them in support, it supposedly was a factor in us not getting Gustavo last year, he doesn’t just have to think about himself but also the family he’s brought over and the life he’s created for himself and them over there, not sure if he’s third party owned.


  56. Dissenter

    This Suarez issue has been over-flogged so much that it’s clear that it’s a grief reaction from the Italian and British press.

    He’ll get punished in due course, move on and deal with your own footballing problems.

    The President of the Italian FA and Prandelli resigned despite reaching the finals of the Euros two years ago.
    Your FA leadership and Hodgson remain intact.

  57. Dream10


    well said. How many CM/DMs would you buy? (Remember AW will start Ozil, Ramsey and Wilshere in MF)

  58. Keyser

    I’ve watched a lot of documentaries over the years, World War Z is a good one, and the thing people seem to be ignoring here with Suarez is that this is how every Zombie Apocolypse starts, with a bite.

  59. N5

    Dissenter, you do seem to be taking this Suarez thing a little personally.

    People are just discussing it mate and “our own footballing problems” have been discussed to death.

  60. Dissenter

    Yesterday, I laughed as my Scouser friend turned logic on his head; even as he lambasted Suarez to be banned for two years, he didn’t want the ban to extend to club games.

    Talk of having your cake and wanting to eat it at the same time.

  61. Pedro

    Gambon, the last player Rowley scouted was Jenkinson. There’s a massive problem with our network.

    Look at the player Dortmund bring in… they’re scouting the new treasure troves while we’re still fucking about in Ligue One.

  62. Revving Kevin

    Nasri’s Myth

    “There’s nothing wrong with throwing the book at Suarez for his third offence, but there is something wrong with only giving a 3 or even 5 match ban for someone who 100% intends to injure a player in a way that could destroy their career.”

    100% agree. But don’t forget the therapy for the leg breaker, he may just have a slight anger problem 😉

  63. N5

    Keyser, World War Z is a great documentary! I know they changed the names to protect the innocent but it really highlighted to me that Suarez is more than likely the reason the world will soon be at an end…..fact!!

  64. Nasri's Mouth

    @N5 and TYAG

    The whole headbutt story is pretty weird, but has parallels with what’s happening now, in that there’s a serial case of denial.

    But the best bit is that pressure was put on the referee to change his report. When he didn’t, a reporter decided to investigate who had been putting on the pressure, and for his troubles got shot in a hit organised by the head of youth soccer!


  65. Dissenter

    No. I’m not.
    I don’t care if he’s quartered , stretched by a horse or has his balls electrocuted.

    It’s just hilarious the things I’ve read here.
    It’s been laughable reading the vast majority if British pundits act like mother Theresa. Can you imagine Robbie Savage asking for a ban? The other day, Jamie Redknap was asking for his two year ban not to extend to club games because “Liverpool had done no wrong”

  66. Nasri's Mouth


    As far as I know, if a player has 3rd party ownership, then an English club would have to buy all parts, so that they have 100% ownership.

    I’d imagine that getting all parties to agree to the players valuation can be a nightmare!

  67. daniel

    Pogba and Sanchez in an arsenal shirt is the dream.if it ever happens the league will come home to emirates

  68. Nasri's Mouth

    Revving Kevin: 100% agree. But don’t forget the therapy for the leg breaker, he may just have a slight anger problem 😉

    If the guy is a serial offender, then of course.

  69. karim

    aurier, ochoa, valbuena, thiago silva, matuidi, james, enyeama, ayew, lavezzi….
    ligue 1 is well represented this year
    might be too defensive but no way you can call it a shit league even if the premier league is on another level
    not mentionning Zlatan

  70. Keyser

    Watched William Carvahlo the other day against the US, was wondering what people thought ? This is the one that’s going for oodles of money right ?

    He looked massive, like bigger than Toure, like Rugby player sized, which was a bit weird because he looked like a giant kid with a novelty moustache tacked on.

    He had good feet, technical, and looked quite assured, but he seemed like a Fellaini sized problem, not sure how much ground he’d be able to cover efficiently.

  71. gambon

    “Look at the player Dortmund bring in… they’re scouting the new treasure troves while we’re still fucking about in Ligue One.”

    Mkhytaryan, Aubemeyang, Immobile, Ramos are all good players.

    Would any improve us? Probably not.

    Reus is world class, we were in for him anyway but he wanted to go to Dortmund.

    I dont see scouting as the problem, I see negotiating and execution of deals as the issue.

  72. Bergkamp63

    So now it’s ok for Suarez to commit common assault (for the 3rd time), racially abuse other players and behave like a petulant 5 year old spoiled brat ?

    Anyone else committing racial abuse or assault outside of a football stadium gets arrested, why should it be any different for him ? I didn’t realise trivialising illegal behaviour had sunk to these depths in football but clearly I’m wrong.

    I guess when you’re earning £200k a week you can what you like and it’s fine.

  73. Dissenter

    Nasri’s mouth,
    Yes it’s an ordeal to deal with all the parties of a third party transfer. It often ends up in civil litigation or criminal like the Neymar case.

    But that’s why Gazidis earns one of the highest CEO wages in world football. It’s doable, Chelsea and City have been doing it for several years.

  74. Klauspoppe


    “Look at the player Dortmund bring in… they’re scouting the new treasure troves while we’re still fucking about in Ligue One.”

    Dortmund is predominantly a German based team. Regardless of our scouting network Dortmund have the upper hand when scouting within their own league.

    Gotze was a product of their academy.
    Hummels initially joined on loan from Mainz.
    Lewandowski was top scorer in Polish league.
    Piszczek was injury plagued in Hertha and wasn’t able to break into the staring line-up and joined Dortmund on a free.
    Subotic was one of the most popular names on Legrove before he went to the Bundesliga.

  75. Nasri's Mouth


    There’s a very long piece on it from an ESPN (?) journo who went over there to find out the truth behind the headbutt.

    Ultimately it doesn’t tell you much about Suarez that we don’t already know, IE massively driven to succeed, slightly mad, massively talented, but the shooting incident that ties in with it is the best bit.

  76. N5

    @Bergkamp63, I think money and fame play a huge part! (I keep mentioning this but) didn’t Big Dunc get three months inside for headbutting someone whilst playing for Everton? Yet Suarez has been a repeat offender and has not had so much as a caution. I’m not saying he should, just where is the justice?

  77. Klauspoppe

    “He had good feet, technical, and looked quite assured, but he seemed like a Fellaini sized problem, not sure how much ground he’d be able to cover efficiently.”

    He’s too slow. Arteta slow

  78. Arsene's Nurse

    If Suarez had bitten 3 individual people on the street over a period of 3 years he’d get a custodial sentence for the third one and a criminal record for ABH.

    People, including Pedro, are using the Tu Quoque logically fallacy to defend him and as such lose the argument.

    How many more times will he be allowed to bite and get off lightly? What’s the punishment for the 4th or 5th time he does it?

    Not to mention the feigning of an injury to try to cover up his disgraceful behaviour. The man needs a hefty ban of at least 6 months, preferably a year, in order to stop him doing it.

  79. Dissenter

    Breaking news

    The Premier league medical committee are meeting to decide if Rabies shits will be required of every premier league player next season.

    They will decide if the shots will be in the preseason or one month before a club plays Liverpool.

    There are critics of this proposal who argue that it is more cost effective to muzzle the source.

  80. Keyser

    Reus was a Dortmund academy player, they let him go and then bought him back, people seem to have a weird mental block, between discussin Arsenal objectively and then teams across Europe, you can understand Pedro doing it, because there’s no way he believes half stuff he writes, he’s just getting us to talk about it.

    Dortmund’s problem isn’t finding players, they’re like a microcosm of us, it’s keeping their best players to begin with, almost all of their problems are scaled down versions of ours.

  81. Nasri's Mouth


    It was a universal comment about anyone trying to buy a player with multiple owners.

    And it’s not so much about the level of ability needed to do it, more about the time aspects. For example, Garay went to Zenit the other day. His ownership was split 3 ways. So that’s potentially 3 times the amount of negotiation. Means less time available to negotiate on other players.

    (I say potentially because I’d like to think there’d be controls in place to stop one minority owner stopping a sale because their valuation isn’t in agreement with the rest. Still, it can only make it take longer)

  82. DUIFG

    Dortmund’s problem isn’t finding players, they’re like a microcosm of us, it’s keeping their best players to begin with, almost all of their problems are scaled down versions of ours.

    Problems winning 2 league titles in the last 5 yrs and champs league finalists, they have a plan to compete, im struggling to see ours.

  83. Scott

    Gazidis has already proved what a moron he is giving Wenger a new contract. Hae and Wenger both have to be sacked.

  84. The Pooh

    It is called FOOT – ball, not TOOTH – ball. Take it from there.

    I do not agree at all with the way some people, including Pedro, belittle the Suarez behaviour.

  85. Keyser

    Is Pepe back ? It’s 3 matches for violent conduct, or is that only premiership games ?

    Also on Suarez again, kids were supposedly copying the John Terry – Wayne Bridge missed handshake in playgrounds, how the hell are teachers going to deal with the little Suarez fan going around biting other kids in the playground ?

  86. Scott

    Athletic Bilbao reject Man U 36m for Herrera who has one year left

    Wenger sells RVP to Man U handing them the league

    Difference between a proper club and a club run by a scumbag

  87. Keyser

    klauspoppe – Only watched that game where I really noticed him, he’s humongous, we’d need a Fernandinho type next to him, just funny how he’s already clocking 30-35 million.

  88. N5

    “Kevin Prince-Boateng and Sulley Muntari sacked from Ghana for indiscipline.”

    Wow, sacked from a national team! I’ve never heard of that before.

  89. Keyser

    Makes me wonder about Podolski and Ramsey visiting zoos and the animals, some of the other documentaries had the Zombie Apocolypse starting with a monkey bite, I think 28 days later started like that, not sure on Shaun of the dead.

  90. Klauspoppe


    Saw three full games of Sporting two weeks ago. He’s a holding DM with great passing (much better than Ramsey). Even though he’s so slow he’s built like Drogba and he’s defensive qualities are very good. Perfect alongside someone like Ramsey.

    Every player in Portugal are inflated in price. But Fernandinho was 30m from Donetsk and he was a great buy.

  91. N5

    “not sure on Shaun of the dead.”

    It never did tell you in the movie, but as I’m friends with Simon Peggs’ sisters flatmates dustmans nephews friends hamster, I asked and can confirm it started after Suarez did his first bite in Holland!

    Suarez of the dead!!

  92. Dissenter

    “Athletic Bilbao reject Man U 36m for Herrera who has one year leftWenger sells RVP to Man U handing them the leagueDifference between a proper club and a club run by a scumbag”

    Are you trying to be funny?
    You do realise that Bilbao are just posturing for more money, right?
    This is just part of the negotiation for Bilbao. They are historically a difficult club to deal with.

  93. N5

    Dissenter, Scott is just MarbleHall under a different name, he wasn’t getting responded too anymore under that username so he’s moved onto a new username! Stupid really considering his real name is Brian. Maybe Scott was his dads name.

  94. Romford Pele

    “Fernando for 12m has to be the best buy so far.”

    Cheap as chips. Should’ve been looking at him for that money.

  95. Dissenter

    It’s not the first time an African team will implode on the world stage.
    The Nigerian teams of the 1994 and 1998 world cups trained only when it suited them during the World Cup. They also agitated for their bonuses in the same manner.

    For these players, it’s not the money at stake, it’s more of respect.
    If they don’t do these stunts, the officials will divert the money to their pockets.

  96. Insomnia

    Anybody think of Phil Thompson as “in the know” re pool signing Sanchez – he strikes me as an idiot.

    Re Suarez I’m very happy people are not using so many puns as time goes by – neither cannibalism nor dentistry are a laughing matter. If he gets a two-th year ban it will just be because of molar outrage…

  97. Bergkamp63

    Klauspoppe June 26, 2014 10:51:33
    Fernando for 12m has to be the best buy so far

    Pretty good that, only 2nd to Fabregas for £24m.

    Off golfing now, let me know if we buy anyone in the meantime !

  98. Klauspoppe

    “Cheap as chips. Should’ve been looking at him for that money.”

    Porto sold Hulk and Witsel for 64m (40+24) lol. When did they become so modest?

  99. Romford Pele

    Yeah Carvalho is great for a DM. Has that passing range I like. His lack of pace is a slight worry though – you’d worry about him in transitions.