Talent fail isn’t the fault of foreigners

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Arsenal vs Bayern

Arsenal vs Bayern

Ahhh, there she goes… World Cup hopes, sailing off down the river of failure.

Same old, same old.

Still, at least we have some very good players coming through.

… but, then again, we have a very average manager. Not terrible. But very average. With an average manager at the helm, especially at international level, you’re always going to flunk. Quality is a top down thing.

The media are all patting him on the head, like things will get better, like some how the most average manager of all time has been hard done by… by luck, players, weather, the football… it’s infuriating to read, but I guess there are also a lot of average pundits who know no better.

Anyway, I look forward to the standard introspection that’s coming.


Can’t wait for that little pearler to come out. When it’s said in football, reasonable people step back and agree. When it happens in real life, when it happens in your line of work, you have to deal with it by upping your own game or by getting a job in a different role.

See foreigners don’t get in the way of our young players, talent gets in the way of those players. It’s as simple as that. The impact of not generating enough talent is that Premier League clubs have to bring it in from elsewhere. We should be looking at the root cause. Not enough great coaching. How do we address that? How does a country the size of Costa Rica (4.8m) produce a team that outclasses a team with the money of England with a population of 53m! Quite incredible really.

We need to invest in the right things. We need to stop bringing in dinosaurs like Aidy Boothroyd into the set up. The FA needs ripping out and starting again. It’s like FIFA without the corruption. Jobs for the boys. We need a change agent in there. We need to do what Germany did 10-12 years ago. Cull the lot and start again. We should put someone like exSouthampton main man Cortese in charge, see what he can do. The FA needs to be looked at through business eyes, not shite exfootballers who have no clue what they’re talking about.

Anyway, rant over. Average managers, the bane of my life.

I watched Ivory Coast heartbreak occur last night. They went out to a last minute Greek penalty. Sad times. It’s amazing how many top players Ivory Coast have, but how poorly they play together. They look like a group of WWF Wrestlers running about the pitch. Bony managed to grab a goal. I really, really rate him. Maybe he’s not top class at the moment, but he’d certainly add something very interesting to our front line. He’s good in the air, he’s incredibly strong on the ball and he can score from in and outside the box. I’m surprised he’s not a consideration. Maybe he is, with Swansea picking up 22 goal Gomis on a free.

It’s quite interesting this window, because the papers don’t have any ins on what we’re doing at all. They’re just throwing mud at names that make sense. Mario Balottelli (I’ll never learn to spell his name properly) is a prime example. Just doesn’t feel like an Arsene signing at all. The only two I know we’re in for are Reus and Sanchez… with Sanchez looking to most likely because I’d imagine Barca will go for Reus. Still all feels a bit scary. We’re nearly in July and not one deal has been done. Outrageous.

Anyway, that’s it for today. Have a great day. Unless you’re a foreigner playing in the Premier League.

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  1. Revving Kevin

    The broadcasters just want names for commentary. They don’t seem bothered about how boring players like Owen and Neville are. Will They both be in the MOTD studio next season? Really hope not.

  2. WengerEagle

    Anyone else think that Jason Roberts and Kevin Kilbane are cracking pundits?

    A lot of former great players like Lineker, Shearer, Hansen, Lawrenson, etc actually know very little about the game.

    Pele for example is notorious for talking utter shite.

  3. Cesc Appeal


    Gary Neville is my favourite, hated him as a player as well! Not commenting on his football ability, just him! But love him as a pundit

  4. northern gooner

    To be honest i dont think you can beat the Sky commentary. Bbc itv and even BT sport is terrible.
    The bbc should get thierry henry on MOTD full time.
    God help us next season when the champions league is on BT.
    Bring back andy gray 🙂

  5. Paulinho

    Agree with Hansen. He’s just awful. Shifts uncomfortably in his chair everytime a fellow pundit actually says something beyond cliche and platitude, which is all he is capable of. Shearer as well is pretty poor.

    Lineker is actually very knowledgeable though. There was a bit on the BBC website where he talks about England’s failings and he was spot on.

  6. London gunner


    We need to be buying elite or very good players not anymore projects we already have Joel coming to us. We need the top tier players so the players we have now can drop down to second place. We need to start and add to the top not start at the bottom and fill that out. We should be focusing on big names.

    I posted an article about the fact there is no way drmic can keep that stat up as that would make him a better player than falcao . He had a great purple patch no doubt but his not as good as you think

  7. Revving Kevin

    The worst pundit is def Michael Owen. Biased and boring all rolled into one. Then Hansen, so negative and nobody ever scores a good goal unless it’s a Liverpool player.

  8. WengerEagle


    Yeah to be fair Gary Neville is a quality pundit who knows his shit. Agree with you on him, hated him as a player as well but he comes across very well as a pundit.

    Knowledgable, insightful, concise without bullshit or cliches and actually has charisma and a sense of humour which is always a bonus.

  9. London gunner

    Off topic

    Can’t believe that Rebecca brook got off. Also her husbands a clown his still with is wife who was banging her work colleague for 8 years and then gets him embroiled in a court case that could of sent him to prison #muppet

  10. Cesc Appeal



    Also, he is totally unbiased, he loves the young English talent as well, always talking them up in games.

    Seems to have a bit of a hard on for Oxlade 😉

    And of course:


  11. Ozy

    I’m livid. That was not a red card. The ref had a clear bias against Ecuador. The Ecuadorian manager played too defensively, they didn’t go for it. YOU BRING IN TWO DEFENDERS WHEN YOU NEED TO WIN?

    I’m done.

  12. WengerEagle

    london gunner

    For a 21 year old he’s extremely promising and as a Bendtner replacement would have been a great addition to our squad.

    A new first choice, Giroud as second choice and Drmic as third choice would have given us a great array of options over a long season.

    ‘He had a great purple patch no doubt but his not as good as you think’

    I’m not saying he’s a borderline world beater or anything but to deny that he is a talented young striker who’s a clinical finisher is silly.

  13. tunnygriffboy

    Does anyone think our pundits are symptomatic of the malaise in our football ? Shearer, Savage, Owen, Fowler, Brazil, Mickey Quinn, Bignose, Merson etc. All of these have a combined IQ of a bathroom sponge. They educate the football watchers in this country. Sure you get the exceptions such as Gary Neville, Danny Murphy and our Lee. Compare those with like of Seedorf, PV4, Henry etc, it’s at a different level

    Also the foreign players who are interviewed post match sound far more eloquent and intelligent than the majority of our players ‘know what I mean, over the moon , I just hit it ‘

  14. WengerEagle


    Haha so true RE Hansen and Shearer. Savage is a complete muppet as well and gets by on a percieved ‘character’ image that he has managed to carve out for himself over the years.

    Yeah was probably being harsh on Lineker he seems alright, was just including him in the muppet show that is MOTD.

    Henry and Seedorf are both excellent pundits and actually offer a proper insight and analysis on matches and players.

    Shearer sticks out like a sore thumb (literally, he looks like a thumb that’s been smacked by a hammer) between them two legends of the game.

  15. TitsMcgee

    Edde Valencia looks a player. Much rather have him than Campbell tbh.

    Benzema would be a dream but just don’t see it happening. Hope Sanchez rumors are true.

    Germany might actually not be too fussed if they finish 2nd in their group tomorrow. They’d get Belgium then more than likely Argentina (shaky defending) and the Dutch (who they traditionally own).

    Finishing 1st would give them both France and Brazil on the other side of the bracket if everyone who is expected to win wins.

    There are some tasty matchups forming so far.

  16. London gunner


    That’s disingenuous of you to put words into my mouth I never said.

    Where did I say his not talented where did I say his not a finisher? I stated that statist ally it is improbable for him to carry over those finishing stats to next season as only falcao has done that.

    I was implying his talented but that his stats are somewhat warped so his not on the level you would imagine him to be on from reading that single season of stats

    Either way we are well covered at the bottom end with Walcott as third option Joel Campbell as 4th option and Akpom as 5th we need to focus on the top end not future projects

  17. WengerEagle

    london gunner

    I’m not putting words in your mouth or being disingenuous, your original comment was that he’s not good enough for Arsenal which I was simply saying isn’t true as he’s performing at a very high level for a 21 year old.

    Walcott and Campbell are both wide players, not ST’s.

    We currently have Giroud and Sanogo as natural ST’s so clearly we would of had space for Drmic. He’s literally 100 times the player Sanogo is and is the same age as him.

  18. Revving Kevin

    Cannot disagree with any of that. Most English ex players are as thick as planks. When you see Seedorf, Henry and PV4 giving their views they are so much more eloquent. Some of the English ones are spiteful.

    Micky Quinn loathes arsenal. Much like Brazil and that presenter bloke Durham. Michael Owen is the same. And these guys abuse the right to be stupid.

    All in all it’s very poor and a Liverpool/ Man Utd bias.

    Worst TV presenter has to be Chiles. Worst on the radio is Durham.

    But Sky wins hands down.

  19. Bamford13


    “That France team in 98 were probably the worst team ever to win the World Cup.”

    This is on par with your ridiculous comment about Zidane being all hype. Complete and utter nonsense. That side had everything. Technique, elegance, athleticism, steel. They gave the Brazilians and several other sides a clinic in beautiful football.

    In saying such things, you undermine your credibility — not that you have much — as a critic of the status quo Arsenal. You sound completely clueless.

  20. MidwestGun

    Tits –
    Re: Germany wanting to finish second. I like that. Lol. But in theory, if US wins say 2 to 0 and Ghana wins 3 to 0. Then Germany would be in a tiebreaker scenario. Hard to turn it on or off like that assuming they decide to play more passive. My guess is Germany 1 to 0. Ghana 2 to 0. Ghana moves on. Praying for a 1 to 1 draw with Germany.

  21. Paulinho

    WengerEagle – Savage arguing why Hodgson should be sacked was cringeworthy. Sterling has played nearly all season on the right and Savage thinks Hodgson playing him there is a sackable offence. Can’t remember what else he said but needless to say, it wasn’t much better.

    Seedorf was good this time, Henry a bit of disappointment IMO. Bit too much of a politician at times, and was quite surprised at the superficial nature of his analysis which I think doesn’t reflect his true opinion.

    Sky should bring in Paul Scholes full time. All those ex-United lads are breath of fresh air. Can see why the fuckers were so streetwise and successful at managing big games back in the day.

  22. Bamford13


    Re Schneiderlin, I think he is good enough to sign and would improve us, but he still needs work. He covers a lot of ground, is plenty athletic and he tackles well. He is also decent with the ball, though not as good a dribbler as Arteta. His passing is OK, but he tends not to see the whole field and often plays the simplest pass. Doesn’t really give the ball away, though, which is important.

    He can help us, but he also needs work.

  23. tunnygriffboy


    I think he’d be a good signing. At 24 ( I think ) he’s got plenty of time to develop and would benefit from input from Arteta. He is able to play that sitting role allowing Ramsey more licence to roam. He’s athletic enough to cover our full backs when they go forward as well, something Arteta can’t always do.

    Young, strong , athletic, ambitious, desperate to play in CL and a reasonable price. Oh, and he’s french !

  24. Bamford13

    What did people think of the France game? I thought Benzema looked heavy-legged and tired but still showed his class, and that Pogba looked great on the ball but dire in his finishing. He could be a monster, though. Very slick with the ball, great passing and long and athletic. He could be a better, more skilful, more elegant Yaya.

    What else? Giroud, as always, was useless. I covered Schneiderlin above. Athletic, technically sound, tackles, but his passing is a little uninspired. Gustavo definitely stronger, but he may not be possible.

    Remy looked OK, but just OK. Decent first touch, has pace, can dribble, but lacks the class to finish well or to play the correct final pass. Might still be a better option than Giroud centrally, though.

    Others’ thoughts?

  25. WengerEagle


    Haha yeah that sounds like typical Savage, i.e a clueless tosser who was also a poor footballer as it happens. Gets by because he is percieved by many as ‘quirky’ and ‘edgy’ when in truth he is just a massively tedious wanker.

    Surprised to hear that Henry wasn’t at the races, I know that he’s a massive AKB and will never talk objectively about Arsenal but thought that he was usually pretty candid when it came to anything else?

    I say this because I haven’t really been watching the BBC coverage, I’ve had the pleasure of watching the entertaining trio of Brady, Giles and Dunphy on RTE.

    Scholes is a surprisingly good pundit as well, amazingly blunt to the point he was shocking Gary Neville a bit when talking about Arsenal against Swansea a couple of months back.

  26. Bamford13


    I’m with you. I like Schneiderlin. Would be a smart signing. He is quite good and will definitely improve.

  27. Paulinho

    WengerEagle – That’s the thing, I can imagine Henry is pretty candid and engaging in private, but he didn’t really bring anything to the analysis. I thought it was nerves at the start but he just stayed the same throughout – bland to the point of comotose.

    RTE’s coverage is brilliant. By far the best; just the right amount of balance between analysis and not taking it too seriously either. Dunphy is hilarious.

  28. karim

    Disappointed even though it wasnt a must win
    schneiderlin and kos were decent
    pogba should stop believing the hype and keep being focused
    hope we will see the real France on Monday with Valbuena
    guess Giroud will start for the same reason he started against the Swiss

  29. Al

    Anyone read wilshere comments about England. ….really positive stuff from him.

    He acknowledge players can’t hide behind age and that he is getting to an age where you can’t make excuses for him.

    Also said now they are knocked out he will only have a short break and go back to arsenal early as it’s a big season for him and arsenal. ..

    Like hearing this type of stuff. Sounds very honest and that he is aware of his weaknesses

  30. tunnygriffboy


    You ain’t half harsh on L’oreal. I thought he did ok when he came on. Linked up play and dovetailed nicely with Benzema. Missed a header that he should have buried but everyone missed chances for France tonight. I can see Giroud playing well with someone like Sanchez playing off him.

    Benzema was quality but did look knackered. Surprised didn’t give him a rest 2nd half

    Pogba was everywhere and looks a prospect. Would love to see Ramsey in that french side

    Kos did well, Bac not so.

  31. WengerEagle


    Yeah that’s a shame. A lot of ex Arsenal pundits aren’t actually great tbh. Dixon is a bland yes-man, Merson’s a bit of a moron, Niall Quinn is just very boring and brings zero charisma to the table and even Ljungberg when he’s appeared on MOTD the odd time has been a bit of a bore in all honesty.

    The only ex-Arsenal pundit’s I quite like besides Henry are Wrighty who’s good and Vieira who’s also decent.

    Yeah RTE is brilliant, the punditry is excellent and on a whole different level to the British punditry. Eamon Dunphy is a wonderful pundit, by far the most charismatic and is actually very knowledgable of the game.

    I’ve always said that Irish punditry shits all over English punditry while English commentary shits all over Irish commentary.

  32. El Tel 1

    Giroud useless!

    The whole match came alive when Giroud came on. Benzema did fuck all until Giroud came and supported him. That sitter Benzema missed when Giroud put him in waslaughable. If Giroud had missed that he would have got even more stick.

    Benzema worties me as he seems to only play when it suits him. At least Giroud puts effort in all the time a bit like that Valencia fella up front for Ecuador.

    I am not saying Giroud is a world beater but he was not useless.

  33. El Tel 1

    So Drmic is shit too. Is this only because he was linked to us?

    It seems some people just hate on anything Arsenal or even related to Arsenal.

    Read he praisefor Dempsey earlier and agree he is a good player. Link him with Arsenal and see those good comments change

  34. El Tel 1

    Heard Joke Cole on talkshit earlier and he is thick as shit. He was talking to the crab Ray Wilkins another dull crap matey matey pundit.

    Luka this and Stevie that. Wankers give me the hump.

    Although Durham is a prize prick he also says good things about Arsenal. He uses Arsenal to up his ratings.

    Best commentators are Martin Tyler and Jonathan Pierce with good old Motty bringing up the rear? The rest are pathetic agenda driven morons.

    The anti Arsenal bias is stunning.

  35. El Tel 1

    I am surprised how good Danny Murphy has been even though he sounds like Ron Atkinson. At least he tries to be smart.

    Who said the Utd boys are good.

    Rio Ferdinand the number 1 plank and the boring Robotic Phil Neville. I spent the whole France match laughing at that dozy tosspot.

    Beckham is another thick twat. Obviously he is paying for linguistic sessions but a leopard does not change hos spots.

  36. WengerEagle

    Hahahaha saw this comment on the Sky Sports Website’s story on Suarez:

    ‘If Liverpool want to sell, i think i know a man who might stretch to £40,000,002’

  37. Bamford13

    El Tel

    A couple of headers right to the keeper. One or two missed passes. What exactly do you think he did that was useful? Again, if the game changed, that’s only because Bezema got to slide wide, not because Giroud himself did anything in particular.

    Sorry, he’s just not very good.

    And Benzema was so obviously tired I have no idea why he was still playing past the 60th minute. Even heavy-legged and tired, he’s three times the striker Giroud is on his best day.

  38. neil

    Last time I checked it was the 25th June, not the 31st of August, so why would Wenger complete any transfers, this agonising, stumbling,bumbling, dithering, ancient fucking relic will wait, as I said before, until all the best players have been swooped up by the BIG clubs, leaving Wenger with the dregs, the also rans, the 8-10 million pound players

    If I was paying a decrepit old fuck 8 million quid a year, I would expect him to have already identified targets long before now, and I would have expected them to be, if not signed up, then at least the process to be started

    I alluded to why it hasn’t started, the skinflint, is an Aldi’s shopper, he has NO intention to buy 30-50 million pound players, he wants our rivals to hoover them up so he can rest easy, knowing he won’t have to spend huge on the Costa’a of this world, he is waiting until the bargains come around, waiting until the summer sales start, waiting to spring REMY on the long suffering fucking fans, I have to say the Arsenal fans deserve Wenger, their fucking inaction over the last 9 years to challenge the money grubbing American is baffling, no protests, no public demonstrations at this money hoarding club who rips the fans off with high prices for everything, and it is being upped by 3%, and you still stay passive, you should be marching in the streets,demanding the removal of this over paid accountant, because that is all he is, an ACCOUNTANT, MASQUERADING AS A FOOTBALL MANAGER

  39. Emiratesstroller

    I know that there is very little movement in transfer window at moment, but Pedro is right to be concerned that our lack of perceived activity is of real concern.

    The TRANSFER WINDOW opens on Tuesday next week and there is no evidence that we have completed any signings to be registered then.

    By contrast Chelsea, Man City and Liverpool have all completed at least one and there is also movement on Continent.

    Wenger needs to stop focussing on his Television work and start pulling his finger out. If he doesn’t know by now who he wants to buy when will he? This
    lethargy is frightening.

    Wenger needs to have in place a minimum of three first team signings before
    we start training. Squad players are less urgent.

    The three are:
    RIGHT FULL BACK [Aurier hopefully].
    DEFENSIVE MIDFIELDER [Schneiderlein maybe]

    What we do not need to see once again a mad rush at the end of transfer window when the season has started. We need to be properly prepared this time.

  40. Jeff

    You can expect:
    – one average priced, averaged skilled replacement for Sagna
    – one average priced, averaged skilled replacement for Fabianski
    – one Joel Campbell as replacement for Bendtner

    I can see us turning out fifth next year if Liverpool can produce the same as last season as I cannot see Man U, City or Chelsea not finishing in the top three.

  41. El Tel 1


    I am not saying Giroud is anywhere near as good as Benzema. I am saying he wasnt useless. Nobody scored for France and they were all guilty of missing easy chances

  42. El Tel 1

    I feel Giroud was picked out solely because he is our player. And he changed the dynamics of the match. Did you see the Opposition pulling and shoving him and him giving it back. These are the things players like Benzema lack. A bit of fight when needed.

  43. TheBayingMob

    Most of the other teams that didn’t make the last 16, their coaches quit. Woy!? No, staying on and what’s more, doing so with the blessing of the FA. Where did they dig Greg Dyke up from? What century is he from? I wish the whole FA would just fuck off and die the shit cunts.

  44. Revving Kevin

    Ramon Calderon former Real Madrid president claimed on the radio this morning that Suarez is likely to be off to Barca. He said he knew Suarez agents were close to Barca, his wife is from Barcelona and his child was born in the City.

    Meanwhile Uruguay are claiming evidence against Suarez has been ‘doctored’ including photos!

  45. gambon

    “Best commentators are Martin Tyler and Jonathan Pierce with good old Motty bringing up the rear?”

    OK, im in agreement

    “The rest are pathetic agenda driven morons.”

    Hmmm, sounds like the tin foil hat needs to be dusted off…

    “The anti Arsenal bias is stunning.”

    Oh dear……

  46. TheBayingMob

    “Best commentators are Martin Tyler and Jonathan Pierce with good old Motty bringing up the rear?”

    Tyler is the don! I find Pierce highly irritating, all that fake excitement and screaming is excruciating, I would always turn Pierce off given the chance. I dislike Motty intensely as well. He’s from the 70s. His voice is annoying and his need to bring up anorak nerdy sh1t has become so forced, like it’s his fucking catch phrase or something. Commentary wise for me it’s Radio 5live every time, only problem being is they have to have these brain dead ex-pro experts on hand to talk absolute garbage. …

  47. TheBayingMob

    And that’s not to mention Lawrenson co commentating on BBC, he’s so poor it beggars belief, all the dreadful one liners. I’d love to smash his face in.

  48. TheBayingMob

    Barca want to shift Sanchez on to fund Suarez move. Liverpool want Sanchez. They’re likely to offer more wages than us so it’s unlikely we’ll get Sanchez. So Ballotelli is off the menu, Rues is unlikely, Sanchez is unlikely … What do people think about a surprise move for Kallou? Lol !!!

  49. Nasri's Mouth


    I’m with you, no idea how anyone can like Pierce.

    And yeah, Motson is more a parody of how he used to be.

    …or maybe that’s just how I see it now

  50. sanmi

    The Nigerian team is by far the Best African team at Brazil. Well coordinated and play to their strength, don’t just run for running sake. The Ghanians are close 2nd, good technique but no playmaker, hence every play is done at pace and they tend to miss passes at the final 3rd, something the Nigerians do well

  51. Nasri's Mouth

    Apparently both main Spanish sports papers don’t think Sanchez will go to Liverpool, simply that Barca will use the money from a Sanchez sale to partially finance buying Suarez

  52. Bergkamplegend

    “Arsenal and Manchester United face a battle to sign Barcelona’s Chile international Alexis Sanchez.”

    LOL guess who will win the battle ??

  53. Nasri's Mouth


    He used to be quite connected to the club, probably not so well anymore, but when he said it was a ‘done deal’ he was referencing some journos who had told him that, rather than referencing the actual club…

  54. N5

    Morning all,

    Some good football yesterday. I was a little disappointed with the France game after looking forward to it all day. Pogba was off the mark and until the last 2 minutes never looked like scoring. Benzema didn’t put a foot wrong but looked tired. Everyone else was OK but I guess that’s because they had already qualified.

    Who wants to bet Arsenal will now be linked with the Ecuadorian keeper after he had a good game, like we were the Mexican one.

    It’s all for clicks!!

  55. Nasri's Mouth


    France should have scored in that game, Pogba, Benzema and Giroud all had chances they should have put away.

    It was one of those games that you didn’t want to finish, got better towards the end I thought

  56. Alfie

    NM –

    Cheers dude.

    I would hate to see him land at Pool when everything seems moulded for him at our place.

    I do think however, although every single person is ITK you do sometimes have to believe the journo’s have more information than the average joe………

  57. Gregg

    Sanchez is in a fantastic position. he either stays and plays for one of the worlds great clubs or he gets an auction going amongst the rest of europes main clubs. The boy cannot lose

  58. Nasri's Mouth


    Spanish journos say he doesn’t want to join Liverpool, Liverpool journos say it’s almost completed.

    Only thing is certain is that one lot will be right, and one lot will be wrong 🙂

  59. andy1886

    “Arsenal and Manchester United face a battle to sign Barcelona’s Chile international Alexis Sanchez.”

    LOL guess who will win the battle ??

    Could be Liverpool if they sell Suarez. Anyway, Arsene says he’s happy with his forward options. Loser.

  60. N5

    Totally agree NM, but I think had it gone on for another 30 minutes no one would score.

    Pogba had so many chances to score, but fluffed his lines over and over. I wonder why he was so off. I can only put it down to heat or fitness maybe?