Joel Campbell best not score…

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The last England game of the World Cup takes place today, the great thing, as me and Geoff discussed yesterday is the we win either way. There’s Arsenal interest in both teams. Hopefully Jack gets and run out and hopefully Joel Campbell gets the chance to continue his amazing form.

Holland continued their sumptuous form taking out Chile and earning themselves an easy game against Brazil in the next round. Bad times for one of them. You feel like that was a game we needed later in the tournament… which so far has been outrageously good.

Ian Wright has once again made a bit of a tool of himself in the papers today. He said in The Sun,

‘England players who refuse their country in football should have to call the parents of a dead soldier and explain their reasons’

I really, really detest this sort of bollocks that goes around when we miss out on a World Cup. Firstly, I really don’t think the parents of a dead child really care a crap about a footballers preference for international football in comparison. Also, soldiers are a complete irrelevance to football. You’ve probably seen the cringe comparisons in salary to soldiers and football? Again, why is this relevant? You could do the same for marketing or banking… I’m not sure what the suggestion is… that soldiers deserve £3m a year or that we cut the salaries of people who fill 60,000 seater stadiums for games that are viewed by billions?

‘Think of the soldiers’

… doesn’t make you patriotic. It doesn’t give your point any more weight. It’s embarrassing ‘yeah too right’ piggy backing. Ian Wright should apologise for trivialising death to flog a column. The Sun should also hang their heads for taking advantage of a guy who is often led down the garden path by the media taking advantage of his profile… obviously, in exchange for large pots of cash. Which is where the sympathy ends.

Amazing how little talk there has been of Alexis Sanchez, we’ve been speaking to his agent and there is talk that Juve have bailed on the deal. He’d be an incredible signing. He’d really lift out game.

There’s also been talk that Arsenal value Vermaelen at £12m, but United want to pay £6m. I’d rather not selling him to United at all. I hate the idea that Van Gaal would have a plan for him. I’m really quite nervous about the impact he’s going to have at United. I think he’d have been a disaster at Spurs without cash… not sure how he can be a disaster at United with £150m cash…

Right, that’s about it from me… have a great day.


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  1. Wengerites be damned!


    Foreigners here are loving. Many are enjoying the games and the Brazilian hospitality as well.
    The fear was the demonstrators in the streets but there aren’t many protests here like it happened last year in the Conf Cup.
    I am enjoying this WC so far because the games are better than the last WC in South Africa, More goals to enjoy.
    The refereeing however have been leaving a lot to be desired.
    Today it was good example. Marchisio should have been given a yellow card. I don’t agree his challenge was a red card offence but others may disagree. Anyway, I hope FIFA ban Suarez for his biting antics.

  2. Arsene's Nurse

    What is psychologically wrong with Suarez? It’s bad enough when little kids bite as a reaction or when bullying, but a grown man? A grown man playing sport at the highest level?

    He has to be banned.

  3. salparadisenyc

    And Croatia with Portugal at the ready to join.
    Costa Rica, Mexico, Brasil, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia continue on.

    Those fair play adds are on repeat.. 🙂

  4. N5

    This is the third time Suarez has bitten someone, that has been caught at least. What is up with the man. All that skill yet he thinks he’s Hannibal.

  5. Goonergirl


    Lol he even felt his tooth after the whole incident. I just want to know what’s going through his mind to actually make him bite a guy lol

  6. Marko

    It’s gotten to the point where banning him is pointless he needs to be locked in a room with Cheillini and have his teeth knocked out. There the problem

  7. grooveydaddy

    So what’s our verdict on Balotelli?

    Got off to a flyer against England, looking the part of a potential world-beater.

    Then following that up with 2 distinctly average/ineffectual games.

  8. Al


    Anger issue and red mist…. you can see they was jostling for position then Suarez probably got frustrated, snapped, saw red and did what he did.

  9. Marko

    Also shout out to Gaston Ramirez for trying to cover up Cheillini’s shoulder. Well aware of what happened and tried to help cover it up. Little prick

  10. MidwestGun

    Gdaddy –
    Disappointing really. But talent is still there. Still a yes for me.

    Guess the Suarez going to another team thing is probably off. Lol. Might affect Sanchez going anywhere.

  11. Marko

    If my opinion matters (ha ha) I think Balotelli has only ever played in defensive shite like teams or when at City he was second or third choice and always second fiddle when he did play. Imo put him in a positive attacking team with responsibility and he may flourish.

  12. Josip Skoblar

    Balotelli and Cavani ineffectual. Cavani is the shadow of the player he was two years ago. He didn’t cut it at PSG either.
    Suarez, this horrible cheat and violent man, is still the best striker in the world… after Zlatan of course… 😉

  13. Goongoonergone

    Problem with Balotelli is he plays when he feels like. Couple that with his poor discipline and you have a major problem. You need a player who understands discipline and giving your all for the amount Arsenal supposedly wish to pay for him and for the wages he commands.
    Ask yourselves why the teams he has played for thus far want to get rid of him even though some regard him as “Super”.
    These are red light signs.

  14. salparadisenyc

    Fair point Marko, Ballo’s frustration could be felt globally today.
    Similar with Cavani.. he needs to be the pivotal player going forward otherwise he’s marginalized into a much lesser threat.

    I say sign em both at this low point.


  15. Cesc Appeal

    Balotelli is difficult. He’s a conundrum, wrapped in a puzzle, in a box of insanity.

    But you wonder whether he’d thrive in a side like Arsenal where he’ll have chance after chance every game.

    Then again you worry about how moody he is, how hot and cold he blows and who he decides to head-butt/maim.

  16. NYCgooner

    Always had reservations about Balotelli but was starting to come around to the idea. After the WC i’m sure he’s not worth the trouble.

    After this latest Suarez meltdown, I’m glad we didn’t sigh him after all.

  17. Cesc Appeal

    For my money, even though he’s not been anywhere near his best this year, Cavani is still the top choice for me.

    Just a great player all round. Very physical as well.

    Again, in a side like Arsenal, chance after chance, good movement, good service, focal point of the attack – we could see the monster we all remember from Napoli.

    And we’d be laughing, laughing hysterically, to the point our sides hurt and we soil ourselves and crab to the bathroom.

  18. Marc

    What was that the 3rd time Suarez has bitten another player? What with the racist issue with Evra you really have to ask about this guy. At what point do sponsor’s not want to see someone promoting / associated with their products?

  19. Marc

    If we signed Balotelli he’d score goals and improve us then after a couple of season’s he’d end up looking for the big move to Barca or Real. If he helped us win something in that time and we got a good return I have no problem signing him.

  20. Mike adamski

    Nasty bastard

    Deliberately hand balling it in the WC on the line

    3 times biting

    A racist

    A diver

    Fucking horrible piece of shit .
    Great player though .

  21. salparadisenyc


    “After this latest Suarez meltdown, I’m glad we didn’t sigh him after all.”

    Problem is you’d likely be making this statement on the heals of winning the league had we signed him.

    Tricky one.

  22. Cesc Appeal


    Suppose it depends.

    If he signs for Barcelona no doubt the paperwork will be ‘lost.’

    As will any replay of the event, anywhere, ever. Anyone who posts it on their Facebook will be hunted down and silenced.

    Long live Uefalona 😉

  23. Nasri's Mouth

    If we’d have signed Suarez we might have won the league, but I’d be sitting here feeling fucking embarrassed at the moment. Tough one to call.

    Dunno whether this helps him in his move to Barca or not. Either way, I doubt it was planned because clearly he’s desperate to play for his country and he’s really risking his chances of that.

    The bloke clearly has issues.

  24. Marc


    You’re wrong. Liverpool’s shirt sponsor told them to cut the shit out when Suarez was banned before and they were warming up in shirts with his name on them. The old adage about any publicity is good publicity is bull shit big brands are sensitive to how they are perceived.

  25. BacaryisGone

    I hate to jump to conclusions before conclusive evidence is shown but everything points to him trying to take a chunk out of Chiellini’s shoulder. Biggest winner out of this is obviously Columbia. Biggest loser has to be Liverpool. It has probably shaved significant value off him in case they sell. I don’t know if it’s possible for FIFA to ban him from all competitions for a period of time, but you have to think they’ll throw the book at him.

    Still, I would rather have Suarez be Arsenal’s problem than Liverpool’s! It’s a real shame because by all accounts he’s a lovely guy off the field.

  26. NYCgooner


    Fair point that I considered but I don’t think its not worth it in the long run. We are a few players away from really contending for the PL and we can get there without signing these lose canons.

  27. Nasri's Mouth

    BacaryisGone: It’s a real shame because by all accounts he’s a lovely guy off the field.

    That’s good news, because it looks like he’ll be off the field for quite some time.

  28. Marc


    Liverpool will be forced to sell because of a buy out clause. What hurts them is if a ban included club football, he’s what 27 so he’d miss a major chunk of his career when he’s in his prime and it probably ends up with them suing him like the ex Chelsea guy got sued after failing a drugs test.

  29. Nasri's Mouth

    RAWK Meltdown @RAWK_Meltdown · 45m
    (Suarez bites Chiellini) Good. Might make Barca or Real think twice about a bid. He’s our physcopath, fuck off.

    RAWK Meltdown @RAWK_Meltdown · 36m
    Criticising Suarez for trying to bite someone is a bit like criticising Sinatra for singing My Way at his concerts.

    RAWK Meltdown @RAWK_Meltdown · 20m
    (Suarez) Think he needs a chewing gum always while playing..that will deffo limit his instincts to bite defenders when they irritate him..

    Some good humour there from some Liverpool fans who despite their reputation are normally very touchy miserable b’tards

  30. BacaryisGone

    Balotelli will not come to Arsenal. I just can’t see Arsene having Giroud start the season as a substitute striker. Remy and Draxler are far more likely as they can both play alongside or instead of Giroud. Neither Giroud nor Balotelli can play any position other than CF.

    Wilshere’s far better today than some people claim. Who played better than him today? Certainly not Milner, Lallana, Lampard, Sturridge, Gerrard, Sterling or Barkley.

    Joel had a quiet game but still looks like a classy striker. Funnily enough there’s a little bit of Sturridge about him. Raw but with huge potential.

  31. Al

    @Al, I understand frustration, the thing I don’t understand is biting. It’s very childlike.
    Very. It the red mist, some people snap and kill some people.

    Clear anger problems he has. He definitely needs counseling , i would be surprised if he ever received any.

  32. TitsMcgee

    Colombia v Uruguay appears to be a tasty matchup. Shame Suarez wont be there.

    Balotelli disappears for stretches and then reappears with a bang. He’s technically brilliant though which is why he keeps getting 1 million chances.

    Reus/Draxler + Sanchez



    That shouldn’t be considered an ambitious summer but it is for us unfortunately.

    I will be thrilled with one of Reus Sanchez Draxler if I am honest.

  33. F4phantomphreak

    Only problem with Balotelli is he “may” flourish, that is a lot of loot to pay for a maybe? I know players aren’t robots, but I still think with his temperament that he isn’t worth a punt. That’s just me, also can’t see Wenger wanting a player with a huge attitude problem, just doesn’t seem like Arsene’s type, but heck what do I know?
    Anything scuttle butt on US v Germany on Thursday?

  34. Arsenal Feminist

    One year olds are taught not to bite because they usually bite their parents. A three year old who bites consistently would be kicked out of day care. It is the toddler aggression that most upsets parents of other kids. I feel guilty about the moments I had in the England game wishing he were Arsenal’s schmuck.

  35. Arsenal Feminist

    One year olds are taught not to bite because they usually bite their parents. A three year old who bites consistently would be kicked out of day care. It is the toddler aggression that most upsets parents of other kids. I feel guilty about the moments I had in the England game wishing he were Arsenal’s schmuck.

  36. MidwestGun

    F4 –
    Tough last 10 seconds huh? No real news other then Klinsmann’s usual rhetoric about preparedness and Jose unlikely to play. Dissappointing that we even have to get a result. But that’s our usual m.o. in the WC. Do it the hard way.

  37. karim

    Yeah, what a crazy game it was
    Hope they go through but wouldnt want them to be ridiculous in the last 16 either as they are so naive tactically
    Loved the intensity though

  38. Thank you and goodnight

    Ha ha ha. Doubt suarez will play any further part in tournament if he is found to have snacked on cheilini….or whatever his name is. He let his country down big time. They might of celebrated his handball in Uruguay in 2010, but if he gets done and they go out next game, I’d avoid going home to Uruguay if I was him.

  39. Nasri's Mouth


    I think the thing with Balotelli is that with the rise of the uber-rich clubs, the real top strikers are going for an absolute premium, so we might need to find one that ‘could’ possibly fall into that category with a bit of tweaking.

    Personally I don’t think Balotelli will make it to that level, and personally I don’t think we’re actually in for him, I think it’s media generated, but we can certainly afford him

  40. salparadisenyc

    It would of been sooo much cooler if Chiellini simply knocked him out with quick punch to the face. Images of him “showing the bite” to the officials scream giant vagina upon viewing.

    Man up son.

  41. kwik fit

    Shearer just man a very plausible suggestion. ‘ Three bites and your banned’. He could have a point.

  42. James wood

    Considering Suarez and his wealth you really
    Might have thought he would have had his
    Awful teeth done,not only are the crooked he
    Might have you think they have a Mind of their

  43. Arsene's Nurse

    Robbie Savage uses the word ‘fantastic’ 4 times in 30 seconds.

    Learn some superlatives you div!

    How can any pundit use fewer superlatives than Alan ‘pace, power, composure@ Hansen?

  44. James wood

    I’m sure there’s a good dentist who used to ply his
    Trade in South America.
    “The Marathon Man “comes to mind.
    Perhaps he could do a cheap extraction job for him.

  45. Quagmire

    Wenger scouts are acting as ball boys so that they can scout Serge Aurier closer tonight. This will be for the 999th time. One more to go fellow fans. 🙂

  46. Danish Gooner

    He has got a massive over bite ala Freddie mercury so he can sort of hook himself on to his adversary that nutter.

  47. MidwestGun

    Quagmire –
    Ya, I just like Roma’s playing style. But I always kind of had a soft spot for Gervinho. Always exciting and hugely dissappointing at the same time. But he has some confidence now. Finishing has really improved.

  48. BillikenGooner

    I was there from ’89 – ’93.

    I only got into some preseason matches for the squad my first 2 years. Joe Clarke liked me, but I wasn’t that great.

  49. Nasri's Mouth

    It might depend how much media attention there is on Suarez. There’s a lot from the English side, but I have no idea about the rest of the world. I guess Italy will be putting on some pressure 😉

    If they do punish him, then it has to be a long one because of his previous.

  50. MidwestGun

    NM –
    ESpn has been hugely calling for instant punishment in the States. All the analysts were immediately calling for ban. Ruud Van Nistelroy, Michael Ballack, and Roberto Martinez.

  51. kwik fit

    If we sign Aurier , Bouldy will have a lot off work to do with him. He is all over the place positional . Problem is he won’t have anytime to settle in the Premier league. He needs to hit the ground running.

  52. Cesc Appeal

    Suarez has to pull out the “I was sexually attracted to him and so had to bite him there and then” card, ASAP.

    We’ve all been there, we’ve all used that get out of jail pass – none of us are proud.

  53. kwik fit

    CA 🙂

    As bites go it was fairly innocuous. It would be a shame if the tournament was deprived of such a great player because of a little pac.

  54. BillikenGooner

    ha… I just saw an article that says some guy from Norway won £540 on a £3 bet that Suarez would bite someone during the World Cup.

    Smart guy.

  55. Vinca Rosea

    Thing that worries me about Balotelli is the type of nutter he is…

    Basically he’s not the type of nutter who would score a hatrick then kung fu kick the referee because he misses a chance to score a 4th…he’s the type that would sulk once its not going his way and then kung fu kick the referee for a laugh…

  56. goonerDNA

    Been very impressed with Aurier but tonight his decision making looks abit off.

    And what the fuck does Suarez think before latching into a shoulder…..his poor mum probably doesn’t have nipples

  57. California Poogs

    RE Suarez I’m really wondering what kind of retrograde punishment he would receive, if at all but CNN claims that books will be thrown.
    Greece good value for their lead, I don’t expect it to last the 90, but was that an Aurier stray pass that let them in? I didn’t see

  58. Cesc Appeal

    19% of people on the Daily Mirror website think Suarez did it by accident.

    C’mon scousers. C’mon, even you guys.

  59. WengerEagle


    Yeah mate I’m watching it, not too impressed by Jackson tbh I’ve been more impressed by Adrian Ramos up front.

    Jackson Martinez is very overrated IMO.

  60. WengerEagle


    Sorry I’m only replying now mate.

    Glad to hear that the atmospehere is good in Brazil and that everyone are enjoying themselves. The weather in Natal must be exceptionally hot and humid? 🙂

    Agree on the World Cup, IMO it’s been great so far, lots of goals, good football and plenty of upsets.

    The officiating hasn’t been the best, agree with you on that. Have to say though I respectfully disagree on the Marchisio sending off which IMO was a sending off.

  61. MadeToLoveMagic

    ive got a theory on gervinho’s head

    i think he doesnt have a big head at all, i think he is just going bald and wont let go of the braids thing, they are just moving further and further up his head to the point his forehead looks huge,

  62. Bamford13

    James Rodriguez can really play. All of a sudden he looks like one of the most exciting CAMs in the world.

  63. WengerEagle


    I’ve been banging on about this lad for a while, he’s a phenomenal talent.

    Better player than Oscar IMO.

    Shame he’s basically unbuyable because of his price tag.

  64. kwik fit

    Totally agree Bamford James Rodriguez has been unbelievable in this tournament. That’s the thing about the world cup it always throws up name’s that were not considered world class previously.

  65. MidwestGun

    Ivory Coast switch off about 3 or 4 times a game where defense just stand and stare. Crazy frustrating to watch.
    Another good cross by Aurier. He’s got that down for sure.

  66. kwik fit

    Suarez (on biting Chiellini): “These situations happen on the field. I had contact with his shoulder. Things like that happen all the time.” 🙂

  67. WengerEagle


    Agree mate but he wasn’t exactly an unkown previous to the World Cup. Was arguably the best player in the French league after Ibrahimovic for Monaco this season who he moved to for €45 million last summer.

    Also was Colombia’s best player in the South American World Cup Qualifiers.

  68. kwik fit


    I haven’t really followed him before, hence my surprise at his quality. But has you say he’s ‘unbuyable because of his price tag.’ So we can look but not touch.

  69. Revving Kevin

    To answer the question about a Suarez ban. When he bit PSV’s Bakhal, Ajax gave him a 2 game ban while the league gave him a 7 game ban. In England he was lucky to get an 8 game ban. There is no president for a player biting players for a third tine, so FIFA could impose whatever they want. Some say 20 game ban! More luckily a ten game ban can that include EPL or La Liga?

    Ps: I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that a Suarez representative turns up at FIFA HQ to see Slack Bladder with a suitcase full of cash.

  70. WengerEagle

    ‘But has you say he’s ‘unbuyable because of his price tag.’ So we can look but not touch.’

    Haha exactly mate couldn’t have put it better myself.

    Us Gooners know all too well about having to look but not touch Europe’s best. 😀