Joel Campbell best not score…

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The last England game of the World Cup takes place today, the great thing, as me and Geoff discussed yesterday is the we win either way. There’s Arsenal interest in both teams. Hopefully Jack gets and run out and hopefully Joel Campbell gets the chance to continue his amazing form.

Holland continued their sumptuous form taking out Chile and earning themselves an easy game against Brazil in the next round. Bad times for one of them. You feel like that was a game we needed later in the tournament… which so far has been outrageously good.

Ian Wright has once again made a bit of a tool of himself in the papers today. He said in The Sun,

‘England players who refuse their country in football should have to call the parents of a dead soldier and explain their reasons’

I really, really detest this sort of bollocks that goes around when we miss out on a World Cup. Firstly, I really don’t think the parents of a dead child really care a crap about a footballers preference for international football in comparison. Also, soldiers are a complete irrelevance to football. You’ve probably seen the cringe comparisons in salary to soldiers and football? Again, why is this relevant? You could do the same for marketing or banking… I’m not sure what the suggestion is… that soldiers deserve £3m a year or that we cut the salaries of people who fill 60,000 seater stadiums for games that are viewed by billions?

‘Think of the soldiers’

… doesn’t make you patriotic. It doesn’t give your point any more weight. It’s embarrassing ‘yeah too right’ piggy backing. Ian Wright should apologise for trivialising death to flog a column. The Sun should also hang their heads for taking advantage of a guy who is often led down the garden path by the media taking advantage of his profile… obviously, in exchange for large pots of cash. Which is where the sympathy ends.

Amazing how little talk there has been of Alexis Sanchez, we’ve been speaking to his agent and there is talk that Juve have bailed on the deal. He’d be an incredible signing. He’d really lift out game.

There’s also been talk that Arsenal value Vermaelen at £12m, but United want to pay £6m. I’d rather not selling him to United at all. I hate the idea that Van Gaal would have a plan for him. I’m really quite nervous about the impact he’s going to have at United. I think he’d have been a disaster at Spurs without cash… not sure how he can be a disaster at United with £150m cash…

Right, that’s about it from me… have a great day.


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  1. Sveg

    “Holland continued their sumptuous form taking out Chile and earning themselves an easy game against Brazil in the next round.”

    I thought Holland was playing Mexico in the next round?

  2. Alfie

    I think its safe to say that Pedro got the results/fixtures wrong so it would probably be easier if we just leave it at that instead of the continuous “I don’t know whats happening in this vortex world coz I thought Holland will play Mexico? Where am I? Who is the President??”

  3. Klauspoppe

    Shame last night was last World cup game we will see of Iniesta. Only if Del Bosque got the team right from the start by starting players that were fit and on form.

    Costa didn’t look even 70% from his injury.
    Xavi has been off form all season.
    Playing Silva on the right was silly.

    Villa looked terrific, really dangerous on the break as he has been for Athletico.

  4. Al

    What has really got me worried about United is the fact they look to have wrapped up the signing of Ander Herrera. The guy is absolute quality and United have finally signed the midfielder they have needed for the past 5 years.

  5. salparadisenyc

    Yaya T is leveling some pretty heavy accusations towards the City brass.

    “City didn’t want to give me a few days off. Went to celebrate the title in Abu Dhabi… while my brother was dying in his bed.”

    Sad stuff.

  6. grooveydaddy

    I for one am glad to see Spain go out. The amount of people dick-riding them for the last six years or so was getting annoying.

    Saying that, with a few tweaks to their squad and all that young talent they’ve got coming through, they’ll be right back up there in no time…

  7. Bergkamplegend

    “I for one am glad to see Spain go out. The amount of people dick-riding them for the last six years or so was getting annoying.”
    + 1000000 !!! 🙂

  8. Scott

    So United have signed Herrera for 30m thats their midfield fixed they will be back. All our rivals have strengthened while the senile wanker doesn’t want to sign anyone. Sad

  9. Romford Pele

    “The amount of people dick-riding them for the last six years or so was getting annoying.”

    What would you expect from a nation that’s won 3/4 last major tournaments…

  10. El Patron


    “Have we signed anyone yet?”

    If we have signed anyone I don’t think we will know until the Puma deal kicks in.

    I think its plausible to believe that there’s no point in taking pictures in the Nike shirt at this point.

    Lets see what happens after July 1st.

  11. Marko

    Don’t forget Yaya they also forgot your birthday too.

    In all seriousness if my 28 year old brother was dying in a bed somewhere any kind of football or anything for that matter wouldn’t matter in the slightest.

  12. Romford Pele

    “In all seriousness if my 28 year old brother was dying in a bed somewhere any kind of football or anything for that matter wouldn’t matter in the slightest.”

    For real

  13. Bergkamplegend

    “…however it’s down to him to simply say I’m not going. Family is more important than work.”

    He said that he was also very angry over himself for not having the guts to take the decision to go…

  14. Ash79

    Pedro has always been pants at fixtures.. used to get home and away games mixed up. Wasted on a blog mate, should do the champions league draw, you and that bald UEFA cunt. Bit of small talk and then…arsenal are away to Milan, first match will be at the Emirates followed by a home game at the San siro in London.

  15. MadeToLoveMagic

    its annoying that they are playing both the good games at the same time today
    tho i understand why they have to

    Im almost tempted to watch the italy game live and record the england one!

  16. Leedsgunner

    The more and more I think about it, strategically… Man United pulled off a masterstroke when they poached Van Gaal to be their manager. Whatever Netherlands do they win. If Netherlands do well and they progress far in the tournament the world’s top players will automatically think about Man United as a destination due to Van Gaal (regardless of the lack of Champions’ League football). Netherlands have played some great football — Van Gaal has very effectively put his tall out for all to see how he style the team and Man United.

    I see Herrera is off to Man United. Van Gaal even whilst managing a side in the WC doesn’t seem to have a problem engaging in transfer negotiations — what’s Wenger excuse?

  17. Scott

    Why isn’t the senile cunt after Herrera? he is better than our players whats the point of this manager he is totally useless

  18. The Pooh

    Pedro’s drinking too much these days. And adertises it to much as well. Just like Arseblog. Not good. That way you lose track of the fixtures. Embarrassing.

  19. Romford Pele

    “Why isn’t the senile cunt after Herrera? he is better than our players”

    Lol, where do you want to play him? He’s a CM and we’re not after one of those. Stop screaming bloody nora at everything, it’s beyond annoying now.

  20. Marko

    My guess is Van Gaal had little or nothing to do with Ander possibly going to United. Fact is there’s been little confirmed but clubs seem to be working behind the scenes across Europe. Reports of various agent meetings with Wenger suggests maybe we’re working on some business. Aurier for sure I believe we’ll have him wrapped up inside a week of the ivory coast being knocked out imo

  21. Leedsgunner

    Yaya Toure should have had the force of character to say “Sorry lads, I’m staying home.” No use complaining about it now. Although, some of this is the grief talk.

    Family always comes first in my book. My sincere condolences to him, Kolo and the rest of his family.

  22. Al

    “In all seriousness if my 28 year old brother was dying in a bed somewhere any kind of football or anything for that matter wouldn’t matter in the slightest.”

    For real

    You just don’t know…what his brothers wish was. He might of begged him to win it for him, to keep playing for him, etc

    You just don’t know…and i have 2 family members who died from cancer. They knew they was going to die and their children knew too so had a couple of months to make peace with it. One of their wish was for daughter to finish her masters degree and take the exams even if she passed away and the daughter was heart broken but she carried out her mums wish

  23. Scott


    Wenger has no targets he doesn’t want to make any signings the senile wanker is killing this club

  24. Evan

    Wright dropping the bomb

    Ian Wright’s strange punishment for unpatriotic footballers
    The former England striker reckons footballers who shirk national duties should be made to phone the parents of soldiers killed in Afghanistan

  25. GoonerInNY

    I don’t understand why Wenger can’t say one simple two-letter word: “No.”

    TV: “I want to go to Manchester United.”

    AW: “No. We don’t sell to rivals.”

    Done. How hard is that?

  26. Scott


    Which of our CM’s are better than him? He would be an improvement. All of our rivals are signing players that would improve us.

  27. Bergkamplegend

    “Why isn’t the senile cunt after Herrera? ”

    == >> I think that the real question is “why isn’t the senile cunt after… any player at all ??” LOL

  28. Romford Pele

    Lol Scott, how much do you even know of Herrera. Ramsey is our CM. Stop moaning about futile things. At least think about what you’re complaining about.

  29. gambon

    ““In all seriousness if my 28 year old brother was dying in a bed somewhere any kind of football or anything for that matter wouldn’t matter in the slightest.”

    If I was in bed dying, the last thing I would do would be to tell my brother not to play in his last world cup.

  30. Romford Pele

    “Lol. Scott, why don’t we just sell the whole team and buy a whole new squad. That would surely satisfy your whorish appetite.”


  31. Marko

    That’s a little different though Al sorry for your loss too mate but the Ivory Coast has no chance of winning the world cup and to go and play in a pointless friendly in Dubai days after winning the league was silly. Both don’t compare with the points you made.

  32. Scott


    I’m well aware of Rambo but he is injury prone. Tell me is any other midfielder as good as Herrera? Its called having depth in class.

  33. Leedsgunner


    It should be that easy, but that conversation should have happened when the little boy inside RvP started bleating. Wenger has lost all moral authority on that subject when he sold RvP to Man United.

  34. MadeToLoveMagic

    i am currently working on a movie script based on le grove and its almost finished ( well getting there)

    its about a football forum and about how people are more comfortable online than offline, about the identities of the faceless people who comment everyday, the anonymity, but how in some ways we probably know each other better than our own families and friends

    So,,, theres this poster (havent named him yet) but he is the sort of king of the blog ( a total nutter but the place wouldnt be the same without him)

    he has posted for years and years , and one day he just stops

    the movie is about some of the online community from the blog deciding to meet up for real to try and find out what has happened to this guy,

    its about the juxtaposition of peoples personalities online and there ones in “real life” , a commentary on the internet generation as a whole

    its gonna be a buddy movie of sorts but one with a dark twist perhaps

  35. Marko

    Really gambon? I’m not debating him going to the world cup cause he probably thought his brother had more time it’s more about using the situation to have a pop at city for “forcing” him to play in Dubai while his brother was dying in a bed somewhere but at the same time he’s staying in Brazil for the World Cup? All I’m saying is it looks like he’ll try force a move from city now. But if he was to end up signing a new deal I’d be pretty appalled

  36. Igbo Amadi-Obi

    If you think Holland vs Chile is coming too soon in the World Cup, remember that the alternative could have been Holland vs Brazil.

    On Sanchez, I have a strong feeling Suarez is Barca-bound, and that Sanchez would then become surplus to requirement, despite his quality. Only problem is Suarez is going to cost a whole pot of money, and it makes plenty of sense for Barca to throw him in as make weight. Nothing for him to lose since Liverpool are in the Champions League anyway, and they are likely to offer him more pay than Arsenal (sadly).

  37. Scott

    I really can’t see Wenger splashing 40m on Sanchez or Balotelli. Hell I cant even see him sign Aurier such a useless manager this guy is a fraud

  38. Al

    “little different though Al sorry for your loss too mate but the Ivory Coast has no chance of winning the world cup and to go and play in a pointless friendly in Dubai days after winning the league was silly. Both don’t compare with the points you made”

    Thanks but I disagree. We don’t know what he thought about Ivory Coast chances but it might have been that he simply wanted him to play in it because football is such an important part of their lives. Also read that his father told them to stay so i am guessing its more to do with last wishes or them coming to terms with his death a long time ago then not caring or being forced to stay

    I agree though the fact he is blaming City about going to dubai for a pointless event is a bit ridiculous because he could easily have said NO or asked for leave. But then again the club should have offered it too. Shows you the lack of connection within that club between the players and staff

  39. arsenal tom

    Cant really bring myself to start believing the Sanchez rumours due it bound to end in disappointment.

    Dont think theres any truth in Balotelli what so ever.

  40. Scott

    City have 4 top class strikers

    Chelsea have 2 top class no 10’s

    Bayern have so many top class midfielders

    But hey we don’t need Herrera because we have an injury prone Ramsey and average players. We shouln’t have competition for places at all.

  41. Marko

    Hard to know what to believe in the last few days Wengers supposed to be meeting the agents of Alexis Sanchez, Cuadrado and Balotelli. Of the 3 Balotelli is the most likely to of happened

  42. gambon

    I have no doubt Wenger rates Sanchez, but come on, we arent signing him.

    By the time Wenger has made his mind up on which strikers he wants, Sanchez will be 2 years into a 4 year contract at Juve.

  43. Romford Pele

    Scott, whether you like it or not, Wenger will play Ramsey and Wilshere as CMs. It’s not an area that is priority.

  44. Moray

    I think our best chance of signing Sanchez was before he put in some excellent performances in the World Cup.

    History has shown that we tend to be the buyer of last resort, unless the player in question is a child.

  45. gambon

    Wenger: “Hi, I am interested in bidding for Alexis Sanchez”

    Sanchez Jr: “Sorry, Mr Wenger, you havent been told. My greag grandfather dies of old age in 2066, you’re 52 years too late”

    Wenger: “Oh, ive only just finalised my list of targets”

  46. Cesc Appeal

    Yeah, a parent who has just lost their 18 year old son in a horrific IED blast or something half way around the world and just had their life shattered probably could not give less of a shit about football.

    My step-brother was a Royal Marine, did a tour of Afghanistan in 2006-07, he wasn’t even blood related to me, but the worry is tremendous every time you turn on the news.

    That was back in a time when it wasn’t cool or trendy to say “support the troops” and all this.

    It insults the soldiers as well a bit. Comparing playing football to deciding to fight for your country. They’re exactly the same as any England fan at the end of the day and will be gutted…well maybe not the Scottish soldiers who’ll be chuffed 😉

    Bloke on £300 000 a week in Brasil vs Man on £17k a year in a dusty, dirty hole in the ground in Afghanistan…there’s no comparison to be had really!

  47. Marko

    Can Juve afford him though? Remember this a team who got the likes of Llorente, Pirlo and Pogba for little or free and Vidal for and Tevez for about 10 million. They can’t or don’t spend a lot. Napoli basically the only Italian team with money willing to spend and that’s cause their owner us abit of a loon

  48. Bamford13

    “If I was in bed dying, the last thing I would do would be to tell my brother not to play in his last world cup.”

    Good point.

  49. Moray

    Wenger “I offer 10m for Alexis Sanchez”
    Barca “no way. He is worth more than that. Try offering 15”
    Wenger “never mind, would you mind telling the media that I did try to bid for him.”

  50. WengerEagle

    Morning you shit cunts!

    Italy-Uruguay should be a cracker today, I’m backing the Italian’s to do what Italian’s do best and grind out the draw needed to progress.

    Have a feeling that England will beat Costa Rica too now that the pressure is off.

    As I have money on Italy and Colombia though the best thing would be for Italy to win and for England to smash a few past Costa Rica so that Italy top the group and avoid Colombia in the last 16, guaranteeing that one of them will make the Semi-Finals providing that they both win their last 16 matches (Colombia v Costa Rica, Italy v Ivory Coast).

  51. Scott

    Romford Pele

    Ramires, Matic, Mikel, Cesc, Lampard – Depth in class

    Ramsey, Wilshere, Flamini, Arteta – one injury prone good player and the rest are average. How is another good CM that can compete with Ramsey not a priority?

    As for playing Ramsey and Wilshere as CM it hasn’t proved not to be successful because Ramsey is injury prone and Wilshere is average.

  52. WengerEagle

    ‘Wenger: “Oh, ive only just finalised my list of targets”

    Hahaha for a man in his physical condition it wouldn’t surprise me if Wenger lived to be 117 years old.

  53. nuudles

    Sanchez, Balotelli, Aurier, Schneiderlin/Bender & Campbell (and backup keeper) would make for a fantastic summer in my book…

    But we are likely to get Remy, Campbell, promote Bellerin & Zalelem & Martinez (reserve keeper) and call it a day…

  54. GoonerInNY


    I believe Wenger likes certain players, has spoken to agents, and maybe even made offers to clubs.

    But we have seen this movie before. We know that if there is another team in for a given player, Wenger won’t get him. He will make an insultingly low bid and the other club will pay the fee and get the player.

    Can you really see Wenger dropping £40 m in JUNE for Sanchez? It seems unlikely, given his history.

    I continue to believe that by opening day of the EPL, it will be 2-3 free/cheap players. Best case will be Aurrier (if no other club is in for him, which is unlikely) and Remy. More likely it will be even less. “We tried. You can’t get quality players in a World Cup year. Campbell, Diaby and Bellarin are like new signings.”

  55. WengerEagle

    ‘because Ramsey is injury prone’

    In what way is he injury prone? Besides picking up a thigh injury which made him miss a third of the BPL season and having his leg smashed to pieces by that cuntish thug Shawcross as a teenager he’s never been out for long periods.

    He’s made 126 apps in his last 3 seasons for us which averages out at 42 matches a season.

    To conclude you are talking a steaming load of shite.

  56. Marko

    You’re an idiot if you think we need to spend 35million euros on Herrera when we have Ozil, Cazorla, Ramsey, Wilshere and Rosicky to name but a few. While we need a defensive midfielder

  57. london gunner

    From Bluemoon

    “Hold on! Only a few weeks ago, his brother’s dying in bed and all he was arsed about was a fucking birthday cake. At least you got to see your birthday you absolute cunt.”

    “Making such a fuss about not properly celebrating his birthday and complaining about no birthday cake when at the same moment his brother is dying is actually quite sickening.”

    “Why would City behave like that, it’s absolutely ridiculous. How many times was Mancini allowed to go and see his father mid season. I remember a few players being absent once or twice due to personal family reasons. Why would City deny him seeing his brother for a pointless trip to Abu Dhabi. They didn’t stay behind to be with him during the World Cup so why would City deny them seeing him for something so pointless as a trip to Abu Dhabi. It simply cannot be true.”

    We don’t have all the information but the fact Yaya was engineering a move away from City or trying to get more money while his brother was on his death bed… I don’t buy it that City wouldn’t let him visit his brother! Do you think Pelegrini or Viera would agree with that? I don’t . Fact is they previously let Mancini visit his dying father why would they exclude Yaya?

    Unfortunately to me it just looks like his using his brother death as a tool to leave City.

  58. Bamford13


    CM is not a priority because we’re even weaker in other areas, such as RB, DM, and CF.

    I’d love a better CM as well, but it’s not a priority and we only have so much money — not to mention we’re manged by a miser.

    Priorities in order:
    1. RB
    2. DM
    3. CF
    4. LW

  59. TheBayingMob

    Leedsgunner June 24, 2014 11:15:56
    Yaya Toure should have had the force of character to say “Sorry lads, I’m staying home.”

    I think Yaya is being an awful cunt, he wants out of City; I mean what was the birthday cake cunt trick all about? What depths will these awful cunts go to get a move for more money? Here’s this shameless wanker using the death of his brother!? WTF!? If you’re brother was dying, you’d just do one and go see him, no way some suit is telling me I can’t go see dying family. Fuck that. What a shameless twat.

  60. Bamford13


    Scott and Ken agree on things, actually. They just express themselves differently. Both are outraged. I think Ken has been dealing with his frustration longer though.

  61. nuudles

    Scott,calling Mikel class is a massive stretch and Lamps is no longer a Chelsea player I believe.

    We need a defensive mid much more than CM. In the CM role we have Ramsey (fantastic when fit), Jack, Oxo (more than capable there), Arteta, Rosicky, Diaby (haha), Zalelem and even Flamini.

    In DM we have Flamini and we makeshift Arteta into that role (struggles against the quick teams). In my mind Vermaelen could also do well there but that ship has sailed when Wenger chose to not play bim there earlier (maybe not quite good enough on the ball?). So we are massively understocked there.

    Also Wenger (and most others) see Cesc as more of a CAM (hence competing with Ozil, Santi & Rosicky) than a deeper CM (although he can play there). So for Chelsea it is likely to be between Cesc, Oscar & Willian (more of a winger but has played a bit in the hole) rather than those you mention.

  62. WengerEagle

    ‘If you’re brother was dying, you’d just do one and go see him, no way some suit is telling me I can’t go see dying family. Fuck that. What a shameless twat.’

    Spot on, reading the full story now and can barely believe what I’m reading.

  63. WengerEagle


    Glad you got it mate, in work these bunch of dry shites were all giving me funny looks as I greeted them a good morning.

    Probably should have taken some of the aggression out of the ‘cunts’ part and replaced the grimace with a smile though for the sake of ‘banter’. 🙂

    Haha oh well.

  64. nuudles

    I am happy with the Vela deal as long as we use the money. He would have made a decent squad player, but we are much better off getting a proper starting CF & LW rather than simply stocking the squad.

  65. Al

    I know a lot are desperate and worried about the lack of signing in the striker/wide forward area but i am extremely worried about and frustrated by the lack of signing in the DM area.

    The fear is we will go out with Arteta or Diaby in that position

  66. DUIFG

    Outside if fabregas think herrera is pretty perfect for united. Everybody starting to secure people, we have not even registered concrete interest in anybody.

    Worrying signs.

  67. Scott


    Ozil, Cazorla, Ramsey, Wilshere and Rosicky

    Only two of them are in Herrera’s level the rest Cazorla, Rosicky and Wilshere aren’t. We clearly suffered when Ozil, Ramsey got injured and had no quality player to replace them. You need quality squad depth if you want to compete. Also Ozil and Ramsey have no competition for places when they need to. So what if he costs 30m should be nothing for one of the richest clubs in the world who charge highest ticket prices and pay its manager and CEO the highest salary.

  68. Gregg

    My guess is a RB will come in and a deal already done in principle with Aurier. DM will be from within, LW/CF will be one and the same – A Sanchez type that can do both or back up option Remy. So 2 new signings and a new keeper. If vermaelen goes then you’ll get a replacement, so maybe 4 in all. Stop dreaming that you’ll get both a forward and a wider forward, it ain’t never gonna happen.

  69. DUIFG

    Cf top priority for me, can see it now though, wringer no available quality in the market. I have faith in giroud and sanogo. Ffs

  70. azed

    “I think Scott and Ken should have a showdown. A ‘post off’, if you will….”

    I azed approve this post!!!!

  71. Cesc Appeal

    What do people think of Sven Bender?

    Out of the two Bender brothers I always thought HE was actually the one that made more sense for us, more CDM than his CM brother.

    Has been quoted as saying if he were to move away from Bundesliga then it’d be the Premier League he’d want to play in. But he said the rumours in English papers are just that, he’s not been contacted.

  72. Scott


    I’m sure one of the richest clubs in the world who charge the highest ticket prices can afford to do all that.

  73. Bamford13


    I’m with you. If Arteta is our starting DM next year, we will do zilch. Zilch. Further, if Giroud is our starting CF and Arteta is our starting DM, we will do less than zilch.

    We absolutely must improve at those two positions. Some people don’t realize how much those two players hold us back. If we had pace, athleticism and technique at those two spots, we’d be twice the team.

  74. Scott


    Jack, Oxo (more than capable there), Arteta, Rosicky, Diaby (haha), Zalelem and even Flamini.

    None of them are good as Ramsey and offer him no competition whatsoever. We might be stocked but not with quality. We need to be stocked with quality. Yes we need a DM but we need 2 DM’s actually to replace both Arteta and Flamini as they are not good enough.

    We need a top class CM, 2 top class DM’s.

  75. gambon

    I dont think we will sign a DM.

    We have Arteta & Flamini, and whether or not they are good enough doesnt always matter to Wenger…..he doesnt like to hurt the players feelings.

    He will also want to give wilshere plenty of playing time.

    I think he will buy a youngish DM next summer when Arteta will leave.

    Can see him selling Ozil in 1 or 2 years and going 4-3-3 with Jack and Ramsey either side of a player like Bender/Rabiot/Schneiderlin.

  76. The Poldi Prince

    I’ll give until the end of next week (a few days after official business begins) before I start to lose my shit.

    Until then, I’ll live in lala land and dream that we will sign sanchez, balo, aurier, bender (who allegedly said he is keen on a pl move) and a decent gk backup.

  77. WengerEagle


    Na just lots of bottled up frustration and inward rage that we’ve signed no-one, Ireland didn’t even make the fucking World Cup and Arsene Wenger Fed-Exed me a melted Caramello with a pound coin sellotaped on the side of it knowing fully well that it is useless to me as our currency is the Euro!

    Also found out that the mysterious man called ‘Abou’ who’s been squatting in my garage all these years is in fact Diaby himself. He was forced to admit it as he pulled his bollock muscle pouring us out a pot of Tea.

    Just thought I’d take out my anger on the good people of Le Grove.

  78. Scott

    Cesc Appeal

    Wengr doesn’t like midfielders like that Makele types. He like CM’s who can attack and can defend. So Arteta is our first choice DM. Sven is a typical good DM I’d have him he is very good but Lars is the better player.

  79. Bamford13


    How long have you been following Arsenal or reading Le Grove? Of course we have the resources to spend that, but that doesn’t mean we will. We won’t. We have a penny-pincher running the show, and this has been evidenced for years now.

    We had just as much money last summer and needed a class DM and CF. We signed NO ONE — save the freebies Sanogo and Flamini — until after the Villa debacle on opening day, at which point we signed a world class CAM — which wasn’t truly a need — for £42.5m.

    Yet you think Wenger is going to go out and proactively spend some £80m this summer? No chance. What has changed? Nothing. If anything, the old man is going to dig in and try to prove to the world that he can win with Arteta and Giroud.

    Woe to the Arsenal supporter.

  80. salparadisenyc

    Somehow got directed to untold arsehole.. still not sure how it happened.
    Worth a nice laugh.. look at this gem in reference to potentially signing Balotelli.

    “If Mr Wenger believes as much in Sanogo as he seems to, and we have Campbell as well as Giroud, why buy another top centre forward?”

  81. Scott


    Why would he sell our best player who he spent 43m on? Also which club would pay that much for Ozil? not exactly proved to be worth that much as he?

  82. Romford Pele

    My boy Neymar doing bits last night. Who saw that move with him and Oscar that eventually led to Hulk f****** it up? Hulk is actually the most overrated player in the history of football.

  83. Cesc Appeal


    My worry with Lars is he’s very Ramsey like.

    I just want a CDM, a guy how relishes that role and is excellent at it. I was impressed with Bender against us in the UCL, he’s 6ft, skinny, not the most physically imposing in terms of appearances – but he leaves he’s stamp on a game.

    But then that’s another problem I have with Arsenal, other teams always look so much stronger, faster and fitter than us.

    Hopefully Shad will see to that…but I don’t kid myself into thinking Wenger still won’t tell him what to do. Be nice though to have a few more actual athletes in the side like the good ol’days.

  84. Jim Lahey

    It will be interesting to see what financial constraints will be placed upon Liverpool once they begin extending their stadium. Going to cost them around 260m, creating 700 jobs in the area, thus doubling the employment numbers in Liverpool…

    The extendion will see them on par with us 60,000. We really should have made the emirates 80,000 (if that was possible).

  85. Cesc Appeal


    Must just be me, but I think Neymar is a touch overrated.

    But I agree on Hulk, yet to ever be dazzled by him.

  86. Marko

    I’m convinced a RB, a striker and a DM are the very least we’ll be getting this summer. As to the quality of these guys now that’s uncertain

  87. Scott


    Ideally we need quality players to in every position to compete with the biggest clubs in the world and win PL and CL. This can be done in a few seasons. For this window we need top quality

    and a young CB as 4th choice

    Wenger should be able to do this.

  88. salparadisenyc

    The only thing Hulk has going for him is the four lettered name…. and a pretty tasty bank balance i’d imagine.

  89. Cesc Appeal


    Might be total made up bollocks but I remember hearing at the time we wanted a bigger ground but couldn’t get the permission to do it.

    I always remember reading the FA weren’t fans of having a team having a stadium bigger than the national side/on a par with….but that could be utter horse manure.

  90. Romford Pele

    Cesc, I can see why people say Neymar is overrated but i’m fully on the hype bandwagon. Only 22, yet has outstanding stats both at club and international level. I think he’ll be better next season, he’s still adapting to playing in Europe. Needs to bulk though, too easy to shove him off. Hulk I wouldn’t touch with a barge pole.

  91. WengerEagle

    ‘Must just be me, but I think Neymar is a touch overrated.’

    It’s not just you mate, I agree.

    His potential is through the roof though, think he’s scored 35 goals for Brazil already which is astounding.

    Still don’t see how him and Messi will work in the long term without one of them (atm it’s Neymar) being slightly marginalised.

    Neymar does have the talent to be the best player in the world. IMO it will be after Messi’s 30 though.

  92. Cesc Appeal


    I’d be delirious with Sanchez…fantastic addition. So much pace and skill, but also stamina and work ethic you don’t always get with speedy wingers/forwards. Really driven in his play, wants to win.

  93. Scott

    Romford Pele

    Can be done within a few seasons so we can compete with Real, Barca, Bayern. This squad has no chance and they need to be replaced with better quality if we are to get there.

  94. Romford Pele

    I guess the one positive we can take on the DM front is that we had a bid rejected for Lars Bender last summer. Key key area. People moaning about Santi will see how much he benefits if we sign a DM.

  95. nuudles

    Scott, yes Jack, Oxo, Rosicky and the others are not at Ramsey’s level and I am all for signing the best players, but on balance we need a DM, RB, CF and LW a lot more than a CM.

    If we were considering adding a CM then Cesc would have been an Arsenal player (even though he prefers playing CAM).

    I am a massive Oxo fan. Either on the wing or at CM, I believe (or is it hope), he will be Ramsey level at CM in the not-too-distant future.

    Gambon, while I agree that it is unlikely we go for an out and out DM, Wenger seems to have lost faith in Flamini (he hardly got a game towards the end, even when the others were knackered). So that pretty much leaves Arteta, so I hope we go for a slughtly more defensive minded CM (Schneiderlin/Bender/etc)

  96. Romford Pele

    Cesc – I really love Sanchez, one of those who’ struggled to fully integrate into Barca because of Messi. That said, he still posts impressive stats. I would really like him to play up top for us though think i’m in the minority. Think he could score a shed load.

  97. Carts

    LOL at people that even comapre footballers to soldier. Worst comparison ever.

    Sanchez for £20m does make much sense if I’m honest. Barcelona really should be looking at a figure just short of £30m.

  98. salparadisenyc

    I thought Flamini was signed to a 1 years deal last summer, which we’ve yet to extend as of yet.

  99. azed


    Sal, its been scientifically proven that visiting “untold” reduces ones IQ.

    My favorite post from untold is one in which Tony(the owner of the site) claimed that Wenger sold Cesc to Barca to bankrupt Barca.

  100. WengerEagle

    See the problem I currently have with our left side is that Gibbs agt 24/25 looks to be our long term option there. Now while he is good defensively he contributes very little going forward and thus when we have Santi playing wide on the left we have very little dynamism and forward threat down that side.

    IMO we either need to buy an upgrade on aSanti for the left or if we continue to play Santi on the left we need an attacking upgrade on Gibbs for LB who will provide a wide outlet on the left like Ricardo Rodriguez for example.