New kit on sale in China?

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Oh jeez… what an outrageous night. My body hates. I have literally not an ounce of creativity to give.

However, this is blogging, so I will try and muster something for you.

So in the transfer rumour mill, there is nothing.

In the, ‘current players’, I also have nothing.

Overall, there’s really not a lot going on. Which is disappointing, but I guess there’s not really much going on with anyone.

Which is really quite boring.

Hopefully as a few more teams go out of the World Cup, the pace of transfers will start to pick up. Arsenal really need to kick into action though. This is a familiar pattern.

Someone has found the new Arsenal kit on sale in China.

… and that’s all I’ve got. Forgive me. Tomorrow, I’ll be back on form. x

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  1. BillikenGooner

    I hope the Germans are with the concept of collusion and the draw.

    Unfortunately, I worry about Muller getting another hat trick.


    Arsene’s NurseJune 22, 2014 23:20:57
    You just know Ronaldo will score in the last 5 minutes to win it so get yer faackin’ mobiwles aaaan’ laptops aaaat you slags and bet in play – naaaah!


    Welsh twat !

  3. NYCgooner

    Hate to point the finger but what the hell is Bradley doing trying to dribble out of a crowd? He can just kick the ball away and the game is over. Gutted!

  4. tunnygriffboy


    Spot on with your assessment. Also think USA players probably have desire to prove themselves at the highest level. The young England players on 100k a week think they’ve made it and nothing to prove

    Gutted for you. Still got a good chance and it in your own hands. I think Ghana will beat Portugal, it could go on GD.

  5. Adam Bucci

    theres a lesson to be learned here for the USA. if they didn’t waste two minutes celebrating with their bench, that 95th minute goal would not have happened.

    though, still trying to figure out how messi scoring at 90mins 20 and the 2 minute celebration and substitution only added 30 seconds to the 4minutes of extra time.

    me thinks fifa has decided messi and neymar and maybe ronaldo are to advance no matter what.

  6. london gunner

    bamford 13

    I think England players are ovveraated tbh

    People say well they are in the top teams but tbh they are only in the top teams in England. Why is this? Because even the top PL teams know they have to have some English players or it would be a PR disaster.

    Lets be honest every english player there are 3 or 4 better foreign players.

    Sturridge whose better RVP Suarez Muller Benzema Ronaldo Messi Aguero ect

    Sterling whose better reus robben ribbery bale hazard mertens

    Wayne Rooney see sturridge if your playing him cf

    as a CAM there endless amount if better players.. ozil mata silva goetze oscar

    The best players in the England squad are not even the 7th best players in their roles and I think they probably aren’t in the top 10 either

  7. BillikenGooner

    Indeed. Just getting out of this group would have been huge.

    A chance to win it and maybe a crap opponent in the group of 16 would just have been icing on the cake.

    Quarterfinals would have been the best case scenerio, btw.

  8. Dissenter

    Apart from the idiotic ESPN marketing, we understand that qualifying from this group is a success in itself.

    Everything else is a bonus.
    Besides we’ve qualified for the quarter finals before so it won’t be a first.

  9. NYCgooner

    I think we really missed a glorious opportunity with this one. Most likely the biggest american audience we have ever had watching. Could have added millions more fans with a win tonight. This one hurts, feels like a loss.

  10. Dissenter

    Ian Darke on ESPN is really an idiot for talking up this arrangement possibility between the US and Germany.
    I don’t think players like Muller or Klose will heed to that memo. There are records to be made and broken here. There are German players playing for their spots.
    If we get a draw against Germany, it will be because we played out of our skins.

  11. California Poogs

    It’s naive to disregard the possibility of collusion. The US is getting results in this tournament, and if u think the Germans are going to risk their tournament trying to get Muller the Golden Boot you are going to be sadly mistaken

  12. Scott

    So Chamberlain had another setback. What a waste he is turning out to be, has almost done fuck all in three years at Arsenal. Well done Wenger for wasting 15m on another fragile player when you could have bought Reus for the same money. Get Sanchez in you cunt

  13. peanuts&monkeys

    So, Aurier was the first interest of all Arsenal fans this transfer window. And, Wenger must have blown it by now. What is interesting is, was wenger ever intresetd about Aurier? Or, was it all Arsenal fans’ day-dreaming?

  14. Moray

    Scott, the problem is more with our training methods than buying in injured players. We bring them in ok and then crock them ourselves. Hopefully the new fitness guy will sort this.

    As for Sanchez, agree 100%. He could take us up a level on his own.

  15. Moray

    Peanuts, Wenger ain’t going to pay a new player’s salary through the summer, especially in a wc year when he might arrive injured. Expect our dealings to be done on the last day as usual, Aurier or no Aurier…

  16. Rhys Jaggar

    Scott ‘a setback’ can mean very little, they’ve hardly said he’s out for six months.

    He’ll 98% certain be fit for day 1 of the new season, so stop cunting off.

  17. Savage

    I’m still expecting USA to become a football powerhouse. The soccer-mom culture is so big over there that at some stage they have to start producing some real stars.

  18. AG

    Third round matches being played simultaneously, is this a new thing or was it same in previous world cups as well?

    Chile vs Netherlands could turn out to be a belter. Chile probably will go in as the favourites in the absence of RVP.

  19. MadeToLoveMagic

    so the ox was a waste for 15 mil, ? whoever said that needs to be lined up and repeatedly shot with copies of the encyclopedia britanica until some, sense or a modicum of intelligence results

  20. Gregg

    I guess the transfer wheels will start in motion will be by the end of the week, as players start returning from the world cup. That’s not to say they will start turning for us though, that said I’d be surprised if we don’t already have a couple of deals agreed in princible, awaiting confirmation and formalties.

  21. Bamford13

    Rating last year’s XI:


    Without going into the details of why I’ve assigned these players the scores I have, these scores yield the following:

    Team Average: 90.0
    Defense Average: 90.6
    Midfield Average: 90.7
    Striker Average: 88.3

    Compare to City:


    Yielding the following:

    Team Average: 92.7
    Defense Average: 92.4
    Midfield Average: 92.5
    Striker Average: 94.0

    1. Arsenal’s biggest deficit is in its forward line, where its (theoretical) average striker is an 88.3, nearly 6 points less than City’s average striker, who is a 94.0.

    To compete with City, Arsenal must add at least two strikers who are between a 92 and 95. If you are a fan of Theo, to whom I’d give a 91, his return will help, but it won’t get us all the way there.

    2. Arsenal’s next biggest deficiency is in midfield, where its average player is a 90.0, a meaningful 2.5 points City’s average player, who is a 94.0. All of this is down to the weakness of Arteta. To compete with City, Arsenal need to replace Arteta with a DM who is between a 91 and 94.

    3. The defense is adequate, actually. As long as Arsenal replace Sagna with someone slightly better — a 90 or higher — and as long as Gibbs has a better year next year (which he’s capable of), the defense should be fine.

    So, we need two strikers who are between a 92 and 95, and a DM who is a 90 or higher. Otherwise, we will be also-rans again.