Super Mario is so hot right now | United build their own fixture list

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My face when Suarez scored the second

My face when Suarez scored the second

Ahhhh, stupid England. Pull the game back to a 1-1 and then throw it away with some shoddy defending.

I mean, I honestly don’t connect enough with that side to go apoplectic, but ultimately, Roy Hodgson threw away a World Cup with one of the best squads we’ve had for years.


At the highest level, it’s about being smart. He’s just not that smart. If he is smart, he doesn’t have the force of personality to have his players deliver on his genius.


‘The lads tried’

Nice one. Who cares? We’re out. Another total failure. Ain’t nowt glorious about that. Still, what did make it slightly more palatable last night was hanging out with a Spaniard who was saying things like…

‘I feel your pain’


It’s a nice sentiment, but ultimately, you’ll never know that dull ache of being a perennial underachiever.

Raheem Sterling… what a super talent that boy is. I am so jealous we don’t have him at Arsenal. He has it all… bar height.

Transfer rumours are still mostly centring around Mario Balotelli. Apparently we’re willing to go as high as £180k per week. I know that last year, we were prepared to match Rooney’s / Lewandowski’s £250k pw if they’d move. So it wouldn’t shock me if we went that high. I mean, take away the mental side of his game, he’s worth that salary.

Imagine that summer… Reus / Sanchez and Mario. That’d be so incredible. So incredible I might go to the gym and forget to put my clothes on after my shower.

Naked, but loving life.

‘Hey Pete, where are your clothes?’
‘Mario and pacey half forwards at Arsenal’
‘Got you’

It’d all be fine, because at the heart of it, we’re all naked from a conceptual stand point.

I was with a pal yesterday who used to work for one of those football hit whoring networks, he told me their main objective when actively making up stories was to get a club to deny the rumour.

What a life…

So what do I think about the opening fixtures? Well, not easy is what I’d say.

Palace are super organised and built to upset big teams. Having them at home is a saving grace, no doubt. Leicester shouldn’t be too much bother, though away from home, you don’t know. Everton will be tough, City will be tough and we lost against Villa at this stage last year.

The manager needs to be very careful about how he approaches the new season. So far, we’ve signed no one, threatening to and making bids doesn’t count. He needs to get people in the door sharpish because the big problem we face at the start of the season, particularly against the likes of Palace and Leicester is that we have a serious lack of freshness in our squad because most of our players are at the World Cup… even our new fitness coach.

Which means he’ll most likely come back to a total mess.

16/08/2014 15:00 Arsenal v Crystal Palace

23/08/2014 15:00 Everton v Arsenal

30/08/2014 15:00 Leicester City v Arsenal

13/09/2014 15:00 Arsenal v Manchester City

20/09/2014 15:00 Aston Villa v Arsenal

27/09/2014 15:00 Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspur

Also, have you seen United’s fixture list? I didn’t realise that new managers were able to pick their games. They basically avoid a tough game until October 4th. A total joke. They have no Champions League either. So the new manager has all that time to prepare his teams. They’ll be batting around the top of the league by then for sure. It’ll be interesting to see how they handle the freshness, will they be Liverpool mk II this season?

Look, I don’t know. I’m putting out there for you. You answer the questions.

Right, I don’t have much else. Bar the assertion to you that I am supporting Iran tomorrow… then I’m Dutch for the rest of the competition. I look a bit Dutch and I do a fabulous Dutch accent.


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  1. Dannyboy

    Imagine going on a night out with Titi – The sheer number of women he would have circling… Fucking christ!

  2. Dannyboy

    Will the runner up of this group play Argentina?

    Please say yes – I have $50 on a Messi Golden Boot and Germany to life the trophy @ 66/1

  3. Dannyboy

    Bookies have surely taken a rinsing so far!

    So many games finished 2-1 to the favourites – always the most layed market..

  4. MidwestGun

    Dannyboy –
    It hasn’t been the best for them. But that’s why the odds. I think it was only 7 or 8 to 1. Should have got that France scoreline. Probably like 200 to 1. Lol.

  5. Dannyboy

    Haha I think I’d have killed myself if I’d layed the 6-2… What a dickhead ref not letting it go!

  6. Bamford13

    California Poogs

    “Giroud is the prototypical modern striker”

    You, sir, are giving California a bad name with such ridiculous views.

    The prototypical modern striker is slow, clumsy, can’t dribble, can’t score from outside 8 yards, can’t score from off the dribble, can’t get in behind back fours, and can’t score against top teams?

    Apparently the prototypical modern striker is pretty average!

  7. neil

    I would like an explanation from the English FA, on how they came to the conclusion that Roy Hodgson was the man to take this squad to the World Cup,I stated before about these relics being unable to get the best out of the chosen players at representative level, this is not West fucking Brom, after getting the arse from Liverpool, the imbeciles at FA Headquarters think it’s a good idea to appoint this fucking 66 year old frail lose to the National Squad

    I demand an apology from these over paid mother fuckers, what was on Roy Hodgson’s CV that would hand him the manager’s job of his country, fucking hell 66, years of age would have been the first strike against him, this guy has to be lifted out of his seat, he has no energy, no passion, no get up and go, no stamina, NO FUCKING IDEA, YES GIVE HIM THE JOB

  8. Bamford13


    I think you should be the next England manager. Seriously. The press conferences would be priceless.

  9. neil

    Oh, I know, they trawled through his resume and saw that 35 years ago he had some success with teams from inferior leagues, like up in Sweeden and the likes when he was a young man, what the fuck is the criteria for giving people like this the top job, I’m flabbergasted, and he has the gall to stay on as England manager,

    I have watched most games, the two laziest arseholes I have witnessed as far as managers go is Hodgson and Van Gaal, it is no coincidence these guys are 66 and 63 respectively

    I could have done a better managerial job against Australia than Van Gaal, and for less money

    this guy is a fraud like Wenger

  10. neil

    Yes Banford, you hit the nail on the head, they want a passive voiceless man at these media circus’s, someone who toes the party line, someone who won’t rock the boat, someone who won’t speak out at this inbred system the FA just like Fifa, the biggest bunch of corrupt cunts ever to gather at the same place,
    Nike Adidas and Coke among others control football, it was always about the MONEY football is secondary to these pricks, it is a means to an end, but to fans like us it’s about the game, doing your best, being your best, and not being held back by people like Hodgson et al

  11. neil

    Here’s a clue, Roy tried something 35 years ago when he managed Bristol City. or was it Malmo, anyway, it worked then, it might work today, why not give it a go, tell the boys about this manouvere, well it will be new to this generation, this is what these guys bring to the table, nothing new or exciting, just some stale shit that worked 35 years ago

    last time I checked it was 2014, these relics are stuck in the past, what else have they got but their own experiences, well it is just not enough

    As has been said here this was a good England side, best for a while exciting youngsters being guided by a fucking grandfather, PLEASE

  12. Bamford13


    My point was that Atletico are one of best eight teams in the world; Arsenal are not. If I wrote “bigger” club, I did not mean “bigger” in terms of stadium or balance sheet or global following.

    I could give a fuck less about such things, frankly.

    What really matters — to me at least — is that Atletico are a better team with a better manager. Atletico beat Barca and Madrid out for the La Liga title and were minutes away from winning the CL title.

    Arsenal, on the other hand, finished fourth and were a non-factor in the CL. They also suffered humiliating losses to top teams, 6-0, 5-1, 6-3.

    You are welcome to brag about our new stadium and sponsorships; I’d prefer to be one of the best teams in the world. Arsenal are not that; Atletico are.

  13. Moray

    Well said, Bamford. It is a mark of the brainwashing we have had over the last couple of decades as Arsenal fans that we cannot publish our hitless of desired signings without alongside their names quoting their expected cost and/or salary…

  14. neil

    Here is a rundown of managers who are believed to be in with a chance to win the World Cup
    Sabella, Argentina, age 59
    Low, Germany 54
    Deschamps France 45
    Prandelli Italy 56
    Sampaoli Chile 54
    Klinsmann USA 49
    Del Bosque Spain 63
    Hodgson England 66
    Scolari Brazil 65

    Brazil have played like they are managed by a 65 year old, as have England, Spain the current world cup holders, OUT first round managed by a pensioner of 63, Holland, fine players, Van Persie Robben managed by a 63 year old mug, lucky against AUSTRALIA

    in order to succeed at anything, you need vibrant leaders, managers, visionaries


  15. neil

    N5, do not diminish Atletico’s achievements this year, they did it, we didn’t, unless you count the FA Cup, next year is not a factor, they are current Spanish Champions, AFC have not been champions for so long I forget when the last time was, Atletico showed the world, money is not the only factor to becoming a winner, Wenger spends 150 million quid a year on wages so donkeys can finish 4th

  16. N5

    Neil, I’m not diminishing their achievements, if you come on during the day you would have often read me cheering them on! All I said was, I wonder if they’ll be the same next year.

    If you wasn’t so agenda driven you may have just read my comment for what it was.

  17. N5

    “Red nose was a one off probably the most successful manger of all time in the big leagues”

    So you can teach an old dog new tricks then?

  18. neil

    Red nose was a bully, a manipulator of officials a man who was driven to win at all costs a rare beast, you cannot compare him with other managers he is just superior
    Just ask David Moyes

  19. N5

    Wenger is 64 and won the FA cup
    Pellegrini is 60 and he won the league cup and the WCL
    Ancellotti is 55 and he won the ECL

    What was this about young visionaries again, talk me through it.

  20. neil

    For the record my money is on Brazil to NOT win the World Cup, they are playing at home. huge advantage, they should win, but my theory about burnt out relic managers from a bygone era should prevail, and a 65 year old Scolari will fail, with players like Hulk, Fred Paulinho, who are ordinary by any standard do not have the players in my opinion, they have a couple of good players only, Oscar and Neymar, I wouldn’t feed the rest, draw a line through Brazil

  21. neil

    Pellegrini, hahaha you could have won with the money City threw at the title, Wenger had to have extra time against Wigan and Hull to win the thing, please don’t embarrass yourself son with those stats, City won it twice on the last day both times and you want to throw that stat around, you are desperate

  22. N5

    Ahhh, so old age only counts if you haven’t got money and there was no extra time.

    Fine Neil, I imagine what ever I say you would move the goal posts, but I’m really happy to see you conversing. Good on you.

  23. N5

    You said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, I’ve given you 4 and you have a reason why those old dogs can do new tricks!! Maybe you should have clarified at the beginning.

    You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, except for, if they have a club with money, they get extra time in a final, they are manager of the most successful English club or they are 55!!

    OK I’ve cleared up your statement and you’re right, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

  24. neil

    Well if you need me to provide you with a definition of visionary you are in trouble, for example, rather than play a 442 which was the standard for years. someone thought hey why not try 433, say like the Dutch, try something different, not just trudge along with the same shit copying others, recently someone thought hey lets try 4231, now every bastard is playing 4231, someone like Brian Clough, with his ideas on football could be called a visionary, not following the norm, are you keeping up

  25. N5

    “are you keeping up”

    Yeah, just about Neil, but slow down because your intelligence has got me on the ropes.

    Tell me who else you would put money on NOT winning things!!

  26. N5

    “well the new tricks you refer to would have been copied from another, maybe that is what they did”

    Who did Red Nose copy?

  27. N5

    “How do you think red nose would have gone managing Norwich”

    Tell me who WOULD do a good job of managing Norwich then?

  28. neil

    plenty of people, bet on teams to not make the finals, to not make the final 4 or final 8, to run last there are many betting options, open your mind look around

  29. neil

    Not many, but red nose would not have the trophies if United did not have the money to buy titles,are you suggesting he didn’t buy titles

  30. N5

    “Not many, but red nose would not have the trophies if United did not have the money to buy titles,are you suggesting he didn’t buy titles”

    Firstly, you said not many but gave me no one, you asked me how Fergie would have done if he’d managed Norwich but had no back up for it. It’s easy to say “oh so and so will win with a good team, but what would they do with a shit one” if you can’t give me a manager that would do something with that shit team I don’t really understand your point.

    Secondly, don’t think of Manure at the end of his career, think of them back at the start of it and how he almost got the bullet or walked because of how bad they were doing! did he buy his first trophy back then?

  31. neil

    everyone copies nothing much is new,the music you listen to was first played maybe 200-300 years ago, just rearranged

  32. neil

    Red nose might have improved Norwich from 18 to 16th, just like jose would improve most teams, but they would not be big trophy winners without the CASH

  33. N5

    “everyone copies nothing much is new,the music you listen to was first played maybe 200-300 years ago, just rearranged”

    OK Neil, I’m not sure if you’re on the wind up or if you are just a little bit different, but is your point now that anyone who wins anything doesn’t count because they’ve copied someone else? I’m really lost as you were talking about visionaries and then said they are not visionaries if they copied somone else?

  34. N5

    “Red nose might have improved Norwich from 18 to 16th, just like jose would improve most teams, but they would not be big trophy winners without the CASH”

    No one would, so what’s your point?

  35. neil

    I never said SAF was a visionary, I said he might have copied someone, I don’t know, I’m making a remark to what might have happened

  36. N5

    Fair enough Neil, I will confess, I am slightly lost but I think that was your purpose. Anyway, it’s been good chatting with you mate. Hopefully you will chat more with users on here rather than only coming on late at night.

  37. neil

    Listen n5 you dimwit, are you going to COPY everything I post are you going to post something on your own without copying someone else

  38. neil

    chatting with you has been one of the worst experiences I have had on here, just ignore me pass me by, in other words fuck off

  39. N5

    neil, just so you know it’s a common thing on Le Grove for people to quote a comment so you know what comment they are referring too that’s all.

    I’m unsure why you’re always so aggressive and insulting as I’ve never been like that towards you.

  40. Moray

    haha I hope Neil never gets into a discussion with Keyser – he might end up throwing himself out of the window.

    Just working through the games from yesterday. It’s a pretty open tournament still. There are some big teams with a lot of improving to do. I can;t see past Brazil and Argentina though…

  41. N5

    Lol Moray I bet he would. I wasn’t trying to bait the guy but he obviously isn’t aware that people copy/paste comments they are referring to on here and so it annoyed him. Bless him.

  42. Arsenal 1886-2006

    I love this little snippet about the Ecuadorian player on the bbc world cup page.

    Enner Valencia in focus.
    As a child, 24-year-old Enner Valencia milked cows and then sold the milk in his rural village in order to pay for his first pair of football boots.

  43. MidwestGun

    Damn I always miss the excitement. Lol
    Heres how I think the final 16 are working out.
    Brazil v Chile
    Colombia v Italy or Uruguay
    France v Bosnia
    Germany v Russia
    Netherlands v Croatia or Mexico
    Costa Rica v Ivory Coast
    Argentina v Swiss
    Belgium v US or Portugal

    So I like final 8 of:
    Chile (upset) v Columbia
    France v Germany
    Netherlands v Costa Rica
    Argentina v Belgium
    Final 4-
    Chile v Germany
    Netherlands v Argentina
    Argentina v Germany.

    That’s my story for now. Lol.

  44. neil

    During his time at Ipswich, Ramsey began experimenting with a new style of play that would eventually lead to success in the World Cup and led to his England team being styled, “The Wingless Wonders”. As natural wingers were not always known for their defensive qualities, Ramsey started dropping them in favour of attacking midfielders who could also drop back into defensive roles. This system proved revolutionary as it often baffled opposing fullbacks, who would naturally expect to see a winger coming down the flank at them once the ball was kicked off: instead, the attacking midfielders and strikers were taking the ball through the middle of the defence and scoring. This style of play proved successful at Ipswich, but really showed its worth when England travelled to Spain to play a friendly with them before the World Cup. As Bobby Charlton remarked, “The Spanish fullbacks were just looking at each other while we were going in droves through the middle”. To go to Spain (who were the reigning European Champions) and win easily was a rare achievement for England, and clear evidence that Ramsey’s techniques were working. that is for the nincompoop N5 who thinks he runs Le Grove, it is a memo on visionaries, game changers, people who think out side the box, people who change the norm, N5 seemed unable to grasp never mind he can always copy and paste this, bless him

  45. xLynchianX

    Lmao! Neil is unbelievable. N5 was only genuinely trying to hold a conversation with him and in a nice way. I could see the sincerity. But then neil replies with “listen N5, you dimwit!”

    There’s no such thing as having too much of le grove, I swear. The comment section is just as important as Pedro’s post.

  46. Leedsgunner

    Age has nothing to do with the desire to win although it is true that younger coaches have more desire because they have more to prove. Conversely age should not be used as a proof of ability.

    If it was be I would have gone all out to get a proven winner. Pep should have been FA’s top target when he was on his sabbatical. That would have been a bold appointment.

    Although the truth has to be our players are not technically good enough for tournament football. This is a long term project where we need to completely and meticulously begin again. Does the FA have the people to do it? Sadly I fear not.

  47. Gregg

    Not sure it’s technique Leeds.

    Our youngsters do very well in the junior competitions, we recently won the U-16 tournament aswell. For me the issue is what happens between the ages of 17 – 22. They get lost, players don’t get the chance to play at the top level. Some blame the Premier League and it’s desire to be a global superbrand and not seeing it’s own responsibility in assisting it’s national side. I’m not so sure, we’ve been failing for years before the premier league was around. Do we play too many games ? is it a result of the physicality of the games ? do we copy Belgium and get teams to adhere to a ‘playing’ framework ? – Who knows but this has ben puzzling generations now as to why we are so dismal at tournament football.

  48. Guns of brixton

    DAY 3:

    ” I try to continue with my life, but to no avail, England are knocked out of the world cup. Nothing changes that. Nothing reasons with that. Nothing can heal that. The French tore into the swiss, leaving swiss cheese wrapped in red. OG scored and looked alive. Rooney, in comparison, barely had a heartbeat. the mental and physical rehabilitation to this trauma continues. ”

  49. Ashwin Gunner


    OMG.. you have such a short temper mate.. Hatred is a bad bad thing.. People have different opinions.. Either you debate with them or you choose to ignore. but to start hurling abuses just because some one is questioning you is not civil..

    and quoting from other people’s comments is completely normal.. Why are you taking it personally as if some body is challenging your intelligence. This is a blog, where people share opinions and listen to others.. If you dnot like then dont reply to that person.. as simple as that..

    Le grove is famous not only for Pedro’s posts, but the amazing amount of discussion which happens in the comments.. I mean people read the post for like 5 mins, and end up debating and commenting till they go to bed… Comment section is as important as the posts itself.. And people from around the globe come here and express their opinions.. you have got to learn to respect the diversity of opinions mate….

  50. Nasri's Mouth

    Sticking with Roy is a good idea IMO. The last 20 years have shown us we really struggle to find anyone who is happy to manage the team. Rinsing and repeating is a cycle we need to break if only because it’s so utterly pointless.

  51. Gregg

    As far as England are concerned preperations for 2016 start now. Out with the old and in with the new. Hopefully dopey Lampard and Gerrard will learn from previous years and not bring out a new updated Biography!

  52. Thank you and goodnight

    Brilliant article on Rooney and so true on many accounts, the graveyard is littered with English “Talented” super players.
    English players hit the big time at 18 and think that’s it, I’ve made it, not realising it’s just the beginning and they have to work 10 times harder now to really reach the top. That they don’t is down to their arrogance. Look at ronaldo……great player and maybe not as naturally talented as messi, but he’s worked damn hard on his body and technique to become the best in the world. You just have to read that article on him in his early days when he was banned from using the club’s gym at 1 am in the morning to make him stronger. Somehow I can’t see England’s players with the same dedication. Every quote about ronaldo from ex teammates and coaches alludes to the fact he pushed himself harder than anyone else on the training pitch.
    We can spend millions on new national training centres, but until we change young players mindset I don’t think England will win another tournament for another 30 years.

  53. Gregg


    Agreed, English players seem to want to enjoy the ‘trappings’ that come with being a pro premier league player and not dedicate themselves to being the best they can be. Our attitude has never been any different. This is what shocked the likes of Franz Thisson and Arnold Muhren when they came over in the 70’s. The complete unprofessional lifestyle our players lead. We didn’t qualify for WC’s in 1974 or 1978, so i’m not buying the whole ‘too many foreigners’ argument either.

  54. Thank you and goodnight

    As with everything though mate its easier to blame ‘Foreigners’ than to actually look at ones self. Your spot on about wanting the trappings of being a footballer but not the hard work or dedication that comes with it. Pennant, seth Johnstone, Alan Smith, Bentley, micah Richards, Aaron Lennon, to name a few so called super talent who failed to make an impact.

  55. Rhys Jaggar


    You’re thinking with your balls, not your brain.

    National team coach?? Do they have a match every week, twice a week?? Like hell they do. So a lot of people would go mental as England manager, not having the daily training routine. So you don’t appoint Mourinho in his prime, because, to be brutal, it’s a part time coaching appointment. A lot of the job is diplomacy, working behind the scenes, representing the FA. So you don’t want a loud mouth calling Greg Dyke a prick in public, do you??

    Roy Hodgson’s CV is one of the few English managers with international experience on it. He’s worked professionally in Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, at Inter Milan you know. Made Swedish football what it is now, they say. Sowed the seeds for Switzerland’s rise two decades ago.

    The big question Hodgson will have to answer is why he didn’t take Ashley Cole and John Terry – after all, playing three of the Chelsea back four would make sense inasmuch as they don’t need to get to know each other, they already play every week together. Or did, until Mourinho preferred Aspilaqueta. Some will say he should have taken Carrick, but Carrick was pants last season for Man Utd. Henderson earned his place, whether or not he should have done.

    An international managers job is for one of three types:
    i. Someone easing their way into management after a top career as a player.
    ii. A top manager taking a 2 – 4 year sabbatical mid-career to recharge the batteries and scour the world for talent.
    iii. A more mature manager no longer wanting 14hr constant press attention.

    My view of proceedings is that England showed more get up and go against Italy than they had since they played Argentina in 1998. They weren’t world-beaters but they had a real go. I don’t know what Ross Barkley thought he was doing trying showboating back heels to Wayne Rooney after he came on against Uruguay, with the predictable loss of possession, but at least Sterling, Barkley, Sturridge et al ran at defences, got in behind them and created plenty of chances. The fact remains, though, that England didn’t take their chances and defended poorly for all four goals they conceded. That’s what top football is about. Rooney had 4 near misses after all, two in both games.

    I’ve watched 20 years of grinding things out, being bored senseless watching England get to quarter finals by hook or by crook. Absolute rubbish for 2 games in Mexico, squeezing through by the skin of their teeth. Absolute rubbish in Italy for 2 games, then scraping a 1-0 against Egypt. 2002 and 2006 weren’t much better. Very little difference between 2014 and those tournaments at Group stage, except that England squeezed out of the groups.

    If England had beaten Italy 3-2 and Uruguay 2-1 taking the chances they missed, everyone would be saying ‘England can win the world cup’. They didn’t, so they are out.

    That’s football. Just ask the Brazil side of 1982……..

  56. London gunner

    People keep making excuses for England and are saying that they have played the best football in 20 years…

    FFs lol if that is the case we are shockingly bad. I am sorry a get up and go attitude and having attacking intent is simply not enough I keep drawing comparisons to Mexico Columbia and Belgium teams who are traditionally behind us are now well ahead of us and playing more attractive attacking football to boot.

    Nothing has changed in terms of England we have always had young upcoming talent Owen Rooney and now sterling what will the end result be? Doesn’t take a genius to guess.

    What we need is a foreign coach like hiddink and we need a complete foreign staff in every single training and coaching department .

    It’s been nearly 50 years since we won wc in this time England has stagnated because there is to much vested interests old boy club cliches and to much outdated English attitudes towards the game.

    If we can’t modernise from within we need to look overseas and bring there talented professionals in

  57. N5

    Lol Neil, you really are a cretin. Copy/pasting someones comment is a very usual practice on the internet. Maybe you are new to online. It doesn’t mean for a minute I am taking the piss out of what you are saying. It’s sole purpose is so you know what comment I’m answering.

    It’s called quoting.

  58. London gunner

    I mean look at the premier league not one top English manager. The closest we had in recent yeArs was a scot and now in today’s game a Northern Irish bloke everyone else South American Portuguese French ECt. When was the last time there has been English manager?

    You have to ask yourself why are these English guys not getting these top jobs? Because they are trained by outdated inferior English coaches and so can only find their level in bottom of half of table and in the conference.

    Lol we have big Sam and pullis

  59. London gunner

    Also this if Rooney has scored that goal… We’ll he didn’t no matter how you dress it up we got knocked out after two matches.

    We played moments of good football against Italy but Uruguay we were so poor. We should of dominated their midfield which is their key weakness instead we were on par with their worst area on the pitch.

    If you keep making excuses you don’t work out solutions. Wake up and smell the coffee

  60. N5

    Ashwin, thanks for your comment. It makes me laugh that Neil can write what he wants, yet if anyone asks him about it then they are told, he isn’t a debater, he just likes to post!! well don’t make your comments on a blog then if you don’t want to be replied too.

    I wouldn’t mind either, but his arguments were similar to Marble’s as the moment he got an reply that proved this comment wrong he would move the goal posts so that there was no way in the world anyone could ever win against him! his comments border on lunacy and if all else fails he results to telling people to fuck off.

    Look at is last comment, he says I think I run Le Grove!! what because I named him 4 managers over 50 who had won things!! I’ll go back to ignoring his posts because he’s obviously a very unstable person.

  61. Nasri's Mouth

    Valencia has re-signed with ManU for another 3 years. Excellent, now they just need to do the same with Ashley Young

  62. invincible

    Very well said. Best English performances since that 5-1 against the Germans in a meaningless friendly. I cant understand the media because yes we lost, but if gerrard had rightly been given a penalty against Italy and then godin had been rightly sent off for a second yellow for Uruguay it could have been completely different result…..fine margins and all that. But best England performances in a long while.

  63. invincible

    @Nasris mouth

    I think the era of united dominance is over. They no longer have the financial clout to mix with the big boys anymore. Glazers have foisted to much debt on them, fact that in last 3 years of fergies reign he no longer pulled of a marquee signing, proves to me they havent the money to throw at the best players like in the previous 18 years.

  64. N5

    Invincible, Mata was quite costly wasn’t he?

    I also read somewhere that Van Gaal will have millions to spend this window. i guess time will tell.

  65. Nasri's Mouth


    They’re actually the strongest in the league even with the debt repayments. Their income is soo much bigger than everyone else.

    (assuming FFP keeps ManC and CFC in check, which it seems to be doing)

    They’ve got a shed load of cash sitting in the bank too, not far off what we have.

    So it’s nice to see they’re not spending what they could on new superstars and are re-signing Valencia instead

  66. Ashwin Gunner


    LOL.. After reading the entire conversation I am wondering if Neil really wanted to debate. He just wants to post. He doesn;t like anybody replying or questioning him.. He takes it a bit too personally. I wonder if he is really frustrated about football or something else in general.. what ever it is, he hops on to LG to vent out his frustration.

    Alot of times we dont agree with what Pedro thinks, but it doesn;t make Pedro mad and he just doesnt start hurling abuses…

    I dont want to be the guy talking football to Neil over a beer. You never know what might piss him off 🙂

  67. N5

    Ashwin, the funny bit to me was him getting so mad about me quoting him! what a strange man.

    I’ve seen his type so many times on here though, you watch, he’ll address me now in future posts to somehow make his point more valid for a little while and then we’ll never see him again.

    Sometimes I’m so relieved you only meet these types online because it would be frightening to actually know someone like that.

  68. Ashwin Gunner

    Apprently Baletolli’s agent has come up with an agreement with AC Milan for him to move to Arsenal ….

    Wow that is amazing

    Arsene is also looking for Chelsea’s Brainslav Ivanovic to strengthen the defense.

  69. N5

    “Shocking if true, because the Express actually guessed something right?”

    Lol, good point Rich. I read it on a few sites, but as journalists just rehash each others stories I don’t think that adds any real weight to it.

  70. Ashwin Gunner


    Now there are other teams which have joined chase for Serge Aurier.. We need to sign him.. He is more than a replacement for Sagna..

    I hope bidding war does not scare Arsene out of the chase………

    fingers crossed.

  71. Ashwin Gunner

    “Sometimes I’m so relieved you only meet these types online because it would be frightening to actually know someone like that.”

    LOL.. true true… you never know how they actually are..

    Imagine if you were to go on a date with some girl you met online and in reality she turns out to be huge dude……………… Scary…………..

  72. N5

    “Imagine if you were to go on a date with some girl you met online and in reality she turns out to be huge dude………………”

    That’s how I met gambon and Keyser. I though I was meeting young blonde twins, but it was two great big fat guys 😀

  73. sanmi

    I agree that Roy is a terrible manager, but to think that England has worldclass player is disillusional.
    Take a cue:
    No top 4 team in all the top leagues in the whole wide world has an English player as their talisman
    1. Man city- Yaya
    2. Liverpool- Suarez
    3. Chelsea- Hazard
    4. Arsenal- Ramsey

    Are you getting the drift? All your players are over rated. Pure and simple

  74. bergkamplegend

    Hello guys!!

    What a great world cup so far!!
    Lots of goals, lots of action, amazing ambiance in the stadiums (NO VUVUZELA THANK GOD), lots of surprises… England, Spain, soon Italy (no chance against Uruguay with Suarez), and I don’t think that Brasil will go far.

    Many outsiders that can make so much damages, like France, Costa Rica, Mexico, Chile… So much better and exciting than 2020!!

    GO GERMANY!! 🙂

  75. bergkamplegend

    “Imagine if you were to go on a date with some girl you met online and in reality she turns out to be huge dude………………”

    “Dude (looks like a lady)” that’s what Steven Tyler would say!! lol

  76. Ashwin Gunner

    “That’s how I met gambon and Keyser. I though I was meeting young blonde twins, but it was two great big fat guys :D”

    Ha ha…. must have been very very disappointing …..

  77. Cesc Appeal

    Although I can’t see a move for Branislav Ivanovic coming off, would love it. Absolutely rock solid defender. Him with a guy like Aurier as well and I’d be happy with the defensive side of things.

    Can’t see Mourinho signing off on it though.

  78. sanmi

    I think Germany will win this
    But they have one big issue, most counters of theirs end in a 1v1 situation but it always fall to the wrong guy- OZIL, he isn’t a clinical finisher. It was amazing that in qualifiers, he was one of their highest goal scorers, they depend on him for goals

  79. gonsterous

    The only reason England got knocked out was because of the influence of foreign players in the league… And also for some strange reason all my co workers think I’m supporting England this world cup coz I’m the only one who speaks any decent English

  80. Bamford13


    “I wonder if [Atletico] will be [one of the best eight] next season though, Bamford?”

    Fair point, N5. But as long as they invest their Costa, Villa and other money wisely, I think they will be.

    With Simeone at the head, and players like Tiago, Koke, Juan Fran, Lopez, Alderweireld, etc., they should be fine.

    Yes, they need three or four good signings — including, likely, a keeper — but they’re ambitious and intelligent and will likely get it done.

    Arsenal, on the other hand, need three or four good signings just to break into the top eight, but will likely sign one good player and three squad-level players and pocket the large amount of cash left over.

    That’s what I see from Wenger this summer. More or less what we got last summer. And it won’t be enough.


    SAF was a fantastic coach, not just a “bully”. To say so is a bit silly given the quality of United’s system and play over the years. All of that did not happen by accident.

    Quick passing and attacking play, overlapping wide-backs, mentally-tough competitors, fast transition play, pin-point crosses to constant and correct runs in the box. All of this was by design, and SAF was the designer.

    They were excellent for a long time, and it didn’t happen by accident or “bullying”. Credit where credit is due: ol’ Red Nose knew what the hell he was doing.