Half forwards we’re chasing revealed…

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So Arsenal are going hard for Reus (here ) and Sanchez (here & here) this summer. Both half forwards, both capable of playing as a striker, both immensely talented and exciting, both available for different reasons.

Marco Reus might potentially be on the radar because next year his buyout clause is activated. We all know what that means for a German at the poor mans Bayern. Likelihood of this one happening feels stronger because he hasn’t had the chance to showcase his world beater brilliance on the world stage. We’ve also got a bunch of Germans who love London. And, well, it’s London.

However, if Barcelona are interested, you’d have to think our chances are slim. I don’t think a 7 week injury is holding anything up, but I think he’ll move.

Alexis Samchez is the other name we’re chasing. He’s a superb player, outrageously quick thinker, lightning turn of pace, he scores goals and he makes them. He has complete flexibility along the forward line. He’s also being touted out by Barca because they’re under going a new build.

So key here, Arsenal are rebuilding based on attributes, not sentimentality. Our forward line needs pace, strength and vision. Those guys bring that. They make the runs that activate Cazorla and Ozil. They hang off the last man so teams any press up against us on they halfway line. They allow us to break with blistering pace like Liverpool.

Now, I doubt it’ll be both, but if you snare one and bring in a world class right back, we’re already in a far better situation for day one of the season. Then add a defensive midfielder with tenacity and power, throw in a striker like Mario (which I have my doubts about if we sign a half forward) then you’re laughing.

I just wonder about the realities here. Reus feels like a pipedream and Sanchez is part of a Chile side doing beautiful things at the World Cup.

I marvel at the ambition, but is that tempered with reality? Shoot for the stars, always, the problem comes when you miss them… what do we do then? Is there a back up?

Remember, last year we sprayed round intent like Brazilian policeman dishing out pepper spray. Intent means nothing without delivery.

We’ll have to wait and see… but, the point is, if you’re not more excited by two players who we actually desperately need, then you need your head testing. Those two are at the upper end of where we can buy. World class, but able to move into the big leagues of world class.

For me, both of those would sooth the pain of what that Cesc did to us…

Ennnnngggguuuuurrrrrlllllaaaannnnnnndddd… YOU FACKING SLAG.

So we’re playing in a make or break game tonight. Lose and we’re out. Win and we’re in with a shout of qualifying. I’ve no idea how it’s going to go, but the whole planet seemed to be well pleased with the last game. I thought we played well, but ultimately lacked nous when it came to tactical execution. Hopefully tonight we play with a big more belief and hopefully we show a bit more of a clinical edge.

It’s a big night, there are going to be some serious hangovers tomorrow morning!

Enjoy the game and enjoy the big summer moves… well, enjoy the fantasy.

Let’s see where the summer takes us…

P.S. If you could retweet and share this video, I’d be immensely grateful. Domestic violence rises 25% after an England game, which is a really sad consequence of something as joyful as a football game.

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  1. Moray

    Dark Hei, due to the loyalty payment penalties etc, it is pretty rare for player to put in a transfer request. Even then there is no obligation for the club to let them go.

  2. andy1886

    “Not really comparable.”

    Never said it was you grumpy old goat 😉

    Liverpool imploding? Lol, as I said, clutching at straws.

  3. Scott

    England are simply shit. Simple as. Not one of the players would make into Real Madrid or Bayern’s squad. Even Barcelona

  4. Bergkamplegend

    Scott : “Like Ozil would go to his pathetic club or Arsenal would sell him to them”

    A bit of irony ?? lol

  5. neil

    I mean what chance did Switzerland have, central defenders like Djourou and Senderos, conceding 5 to France, two of Arsene’s Wenger’s finest,cheap alternatives to proper defenders, Djourou, the only person in the world who thought Djourou was any good was Wenger, this guy on 50k a week, loaned out to Brum, hannover, hamburger, and still got contract extensions, Wenger eh! great manager, finnally sold him to a German side after wasting fucking millions on him, what a wanker