Arsenal bid for super German

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Good afternoon, totally slammed with work combined with a Cannes hangover from hell. So this is really quick today.

A few exciting tidbits I can lead on today are the Mario Agent chat in the Guardian.

“Arsenal are a fantastic club,” Raiola told Sky Sports when questioned about reports in the British press linking Balotelli with a move to London.

“Only eight or 10 clubs in the world can afford Mario Balotelli – like all premium players, and he is one of the greatest.” As to whether the move will happen, he said: “Anything is possible.”

Oh hello… is that a flirtation?

No, it was more than that. It was verbal foreplay… and I love verbal foreplay from male agents in broadsheet newspapers.

So hot.

For me, Mario is one of the raw talents in the world. He has  it all, bar the personality to deliver on it. Still, the temptation to be the team that unlocks his greatness… how incredible would that be? How amazing. TOO AMAZING TO PUT WORDS AGAINST IT.

Also, in other news, Draxler said he turned down Arsenal in January. Hooray! At least we tried for him…

Right, I’m so slammed, I really must go. Have a ripping day. More chat tomorrow, but understand this, the silence, that deafening silence, probably means we’re not close to anything.

Sad times.


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  1. Bamford13

    Missed the Croatia match. Aside from the two goals, how did Mandzukic play? Opta data has him as MOTM with:

    Rating 9.3
    Goals 2
    Shots 4
    Key Passes 2
    Aerial Duels Won 6

    What did Le Grove think? Would he be an improvement on Giroud?

  2. Dark Hei


    Did not watch the Croatia match either. But when Mandzukic played against us, he was a monster presser. He didn’t just run to close down space; he literally sprints after the ball the entire match. It was crazy.

    Giroud works hard but he doesn’t have Mandzukic’s dynamism. I think OG makes up for it with better overall technique. People criticise OG for losing the ball, but many times that is because he is isolated.

  3. Cescy

    Wenger must try and reduce the pain of cesc’s move by bringing in reus and Ballotelli/ mandzukic. I will celebrate reus and either striker like an epl trophy omg.

  4. tunnygriffboy


    Mando looked really good. Cameroon were really poor. Has the dynamism that Giroud hasn’t and works his nuts off. In the games so far he looked better than Costa though Costa has played against better opposition. I’d take him, not first choice of targets but would definitely improve us.

  5. Goonergirl

    Morning guys posted yesterday but not sure if anyone saw it. Been reading Le Grove for a while now and I finally decided to post my first comment. Reading Le Grove makes me get through my days at work so much easier.

    Oh and I love Arsenal

  6. neil

    I posted the other day about how Wenger sold all the Arsenal captains in the last 10 years, I forgot Gallas, which makes it 6 captains sold in 10 years if Vermaelen goes, goonergirl loves Arsenal, which part of Arsenal do you love, the selling of your soul by Wenger, the profit driven businnesman, the fact they won one trophy in 9 years the FA Cup after beating Wigan and Hull after extra time, the hundreds of millions of pounds the club has made and not injected it back on to the field in the way of decent players, the fact Wenger wasted millions of pounds on rubbish players like Diaby, Bendtner, Park, and the rest of the shite he paid 50,000 quid a week to

    Just what made you fall in love with this obscene American money making money grubbing profit taking bunch of fucking parasites

    I’m keen to see how you fell in love with a bunch of fucking swindlers and liars/conmen

  7. neil

    Great you have a job and you get paid to waste your time wandering around Le Grove, you will fit in well at AFC with the rest of the lagers

  8. Niki B's Soldier

    Neil, put a sock in it. Why you picking on a woman? Why don’t you belittle the other guys who always belittle you? Classless, really. Yesterday I said you a pure supporter, but today I see you have let your hate for Wenger and the owners cloud your judgement of the club. We all love Arsenal. Except you of course, you are obsessed with Wenger.

  9. neil

    Let me guess, you just recently became a loving Arsenal supporter, you think ,like many, that football stared in 1996, you think Wenger is the best manager in the world, as opposed to my view that he is a relic of a pensioner who should have left this club years ago, a dictatorial personality, with an oversize ego, who refuses to listen to ANYBODY, who thinks he knows it all, just because he has been in football management for 30 years, AND HE STILL HASN’T GOT IT RIGHT, a man whose first aim is to maximize profits at the expense of buying players that are needed, one striker to go through the whole season, GIROUD, are you serious on this burned out tired old frail stringbean, 8 million pounds a year for what, TELL ME

  10. tunnygriffboy

    Morning Goonergirl. Welcome

    If, and in an Arsenal sort of way, we are really in for Ballotelli it is amazing. Also appears we’re in for wide forward as well. It could be interesting. Add a DM as well and Bob’s your uncle !

  11. Evan

    “8 million pounds a year for what, TELL ME”

    Awkward Interviews?
    Buy low, sell high?
    Making us a Feeder Club

    We get you don’t like Arsene and many would agree, but there is no need to be a window licker

  12. Goonergirl

    Neil clearly you have issues. You should speak to someone to get them sorted.

    I clearly said I love Arsenal and not I love Arsene. So do me a favour and get a life.

  13. tunnygriffboy


    Been supporting Arsenal for over 40 years. Whatever you say about Arsene he has helped to take the club into the 21st century insuring a bright future. Do I like Kronke ? Of course not. Has Wenger come to the end? Maybe. Of course he’s made mistakes but over his tenure has produced some brilliant football and brilliant players. You need a bit of balance in your posts.

  14. neil

    I am clear of mind, I hate the fact that educated university trained chancers, hitch themselves to the working man’s game and proceed to squeeze the life’s blood from the loyal supporter, what do they get in return for their support, nothing, zero, asked to pay the highest ticket prices in the WORLD, then asked to come up with another 3% rise, WHY, then Wenger didn’t spend a penny last summer, and only after the Villa defeat he was ordered by Chips Keswick to GET THE FANS OFF OUR BACK AND BUY OZIL

    This with 150 millionn quid cash in the fucking bank, this club spends 150 million pounds a year on wages, just to come 4th, SOMETHING IS SERIOUSLY WRONG AT THIS CLUB, IT IS RUN LIKE THE STOCK EXCHANGE

    Wenger mantra, buy low, sell high, all our captains sold for more than they were purchased

    Why can’t our champion players like Vieira, Henry and other retire at this club, and be honoured by the fans, and not ushered out the door because Wenger can make profit from them, HIS ONLY AIM, and I am sick to fucking death of it


    It is a football club masquareding as a football club in order to relieve loyals fans of their hard earned money, is that what supporting a football club is for, to make these parasites RICH

  15. TT

    Neil, you have to stop drinking the Kool-Aid mate.

    No one is making money at Arsenal. We are the most in-debt club in the world. If our owners wanted to make money, they could get more by investing the money they used to buy Arsenal in a regular high street savings account!

    We sold captains, because there are mega-rich clubs that can offer the best players of any team more than double what we can pay them, and we make our best players our captains. It isn’t just Arsenal that lose their best players, Look at Bale, Ronaldo, Beckham, and so on. The top players always go to the super-rich clubs in the end.

    Believing in these childish conspiracy theories and berating people because they don’t believe you, isn’t cool. It just makes you like a wierdo in one of those religious cults.

  16. BennyB

    Mandzucik would be good for us, but I really hope it’s Balotelli. He’s got the talent of Henry (on a good day) and also the “demon” factor of Suarez. Plus, as my Nutter Brother put it: “He’s got unfinished business in the EPL, and so do we.” Super Mario could help us burn down the Prem next year.

    Also, pretty please let us sign one of Reus, Sanchez, or Pedro. Along with a warrior DM, of course. Oh, and all the rest of our defensive needs.