Arsenal selling captain to United shocker

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Monday morning here and the delightful story around Arsenal selling their second captain to United. A great way to start the week. A week which involves me moving into my last contract as an Arsenal player.

Now, I know why we’ll be doing this. We want rid of an expensive third choice central defender. He’ll be on Β£80k a week and no one else will pay that. For me, that should be a total irrelevance. Does there ever come a time where we say, ‘actually, in this situation, we should not worry about the cash, because selling to a rival is dumb’.

Symbolically, selling your captain to a rival is wrong. It’s like we don’t learn anything. I don’t think he has a future with us, but at the same time, I don’t buy that he’s a bad player. He needs confidence, coaching and a purpose. I get the feeling that this move could bite us in the arse as well. Everyone around us is moving to players, we’re pissing around doing what exactly? I get why big names might take time to bring in, but what about the squad players? No rumblings is usually no movement.

I’m starting to get the feeling that we’re doing what we usually do. Well, actually, no… I have a feeling the players we’re pitching for are way out of our reach and that we’re no paying enough attention to the rest of our squad. I mean, Seamus Coleman from Everton for Β£12m? Struggling to see it happen.

I also think when Arsene says ‘buying players in the World Cup is hard’ he establishes a belief at the club that is false. Building barriers to what’s possible based on a few experiences is a bad way to kick off the summer. Pre-made excuses are such an irritant and they’re incredibly lazy. The message this summer should have been… ‘We’re going hard to get the best possible squad for preseason’… not this uhmming and ahhrrring that is usually the prerequisite for incompetence in the transfer market.

It’s so important we don’t let this summer pass us buy. I’ve just very little faith in out scouting network and I’ve very little faith in our ability to broker big name deals in face of stiff competition. In the main, we only get players in a one team market. Going above and beyond / paying a premium isn’t our bag.

Let’s hope the gut feel is wrong…

However, ambition means nothing without delivery. The Chicken Magnates at Blackburn wanted to sign Ronaldinho… Leicester want to be a top 5 team… Spurs want to finish above Arsenal one time…

It’ll be interesting to see how much pissing around United do this summer.

In other news, it was very entertaining to watch Thierry Henry give Robbie Savage zero respect on the BEEB. He wouldn’t look at him, constantly singled out Clarence Seedorf to avoid conversing with Savage and he slammed him down with arrogant ease on numerous occasions. If ever there was a BBC panel mismatch, it was then. Where are all the articulate English pundits? Savage really does stick out like a sore thumb on shows like that. I mean, I don’t need players to get excited about football, but if I do have players, surely I should have players that have played in the World Cup? Not a Derby County thug?

Counter to yesterdays post, it appears Joel Campbell does indeed have a work permit. This gives me the fear… the fear that Wenger will see Campbell as a new signing and we’ll opt for no new striker.


On the football front, I caught most of the games yesterday. Switzerland – Ecuador was good fun. Clarke Carlisle proved his credentials pondering why Jackson Martinez, the Columbian, wasn’t in the Ecuador side. The game wasn’t magical, but the ending was as Behrami broke, took a heavy challenge, played on and the Swiss scored right at the death.

The France vs Honduras game was superb. Thuggery took a backseat for once. Palacios stamped on Pogba 4 times, then when he earned a reaction, he hit the deck like a jumbo jet had just clipped his leg on landing. The ref could have sent off Pogba, but he elected to give Palacios a yellow for play acting (I think) and a yellow to the Frenchman. Which was such good officiating. I didn’t want to see Pogba leave the World Cup. Then moments later, Palacios picked up his second booking for a ridiculous barge on Benzema. Other notable moments came when goal line tech came into play. Benzema has a shot that hit the post, shot across goal and the keeper spilled the ball over the line. The goal line tech adjudged the post shot not a goal, but said the spill was a goal.

Jonathan Pearce lost the plot in a big way stating the ref shouldn’t allow it if there’s doubt. He then started throwing doubt over the decision, despite it clearly crossing the line. Then Richard Keys, the dynamic creature that he is, weighed in and said the tech was wrong. I mean, honestly, how are we in a situation where we’re questioning robustly tested technology? What is the alternative here… back a guy 40 yards away to make a decision. The only debate here is should be about MORE tech to assist in games, because one thing that has been proven over and over again… the only sure way to make mistakes is when using human intervention to make decisions.

Jonathan Pearce eh? A totally senior meltdown moment. Really disappointing.

A great game though. Valbuena is a really exciting player, packed with pace, trickery and a really sharp mind. I thought Griezsmann was excellent up top and obviously, Paul Pogba and Matuidi are a couple of beasts. What I’d do to have them at Arsenal.

I’d kill.

I’d kill you.


Argentina game wasn’t that interesting. Bosnia have some top players. Interesting only one player from their side actually grew up in the country (Dzeko). Still absolutely love Begovic, he’d be a great keeper to have at Arsenal. Huge, athletic and super calm. BBC smashed it out the park with their Bosnia video. They’re doing a great job this world cup, a class apart.

Right, have a great day… Portugal vs Germany tonight. As I was in Portugal last week, I am a fan of Portugal tonight.

Have a great Monday, see you in the comments.

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  1. Josip Skoblar

    What makes you say that Holland can’t get any further than the quarter finals? I found them bloody good the other: a combination of experience and youth, playes with immense skills (upfront) and some physical/thuggish players (in midfield). Perfect combo to win the tournament.

  2. Matthew Thomas

    I can’t believe there are still people that think each transfer window will be different. Fools.

    We won’t progress until Wenger goes.

  3. blsany

    I don’t really know can’t say I’ve seen much of either teams. Apart from Altidore who sometimes scores screamers.Sadly not for 4underland.

  4. kwik fit


    Yes they looked good but before VP’s cracking goal Spain should have been 2 up. I think it was as much about Spain’s 2nd half collapse than Hollands quality. Spain we absolutely all at sea second half. Going forward teams will be ready for the dutch counterattacking and it will make it much harder for them IMO

  5. gazzap

    It’s frequently said that the Euros have a higher standard of football than the World cup overall because there isn’t a weak team. But of course the WC has Brazil and Argentina, so that makes is special. The other American teams also bring something interesting to it but the rest of the world I to say are below the level of many European teams who have not qualified.

    Too early to judge who will win it. Let’s see the second games first. But clearly Holland had the most impressive first game. My dark horse tip before it all started was France, but I still think they are too temperamental to actually win it.

  6. blsany

    This is getting tedious. Either drop Rooney or play wherever he wants to play and tell him last chance saloon. Fucking media in england

  7. Arsene's Nurse

    blsany June 16, 2014 21:29:13

    This is getting tedious. Either drop Rooney or play wherever he wants to play and tell him last chance saloon. Fucking media in england
    The meedja are a big problem for any England manager. If Rooney is dropped and we lose then the media get in a tizzy. Play him up front or as a No 10 and he doesn’t perform then the media get in a tizzy. Play him out of position and he doesn’t perform the media get in a tizzy. Play him out of position and he has a blinder the media get in a tizzy and say he should be played centrally in his preferred position.

    The only way you can win is to play him in the centre and pray to the footballing gods that he plays well.

    Oh and leave him at home and the media will get in an even worse tizzy then melt down if England don’t win the competition.

    It’s a lose-lose-lose situation and this media obsession has held England back for at least a decade. Just look at the Stevie G/Lampard debacle.

    I’d rather go with a youthful team without the throwbacks and just get on with it.

    England played the best football I’ve seen in at least a decade against Italy.

  8. blsany

    Exactly mate its one thing I can’t stand about our media. On merit he clearly doesn’t deserve a place in the 11. What happened to hi though. I really don’t understand it. Was it hype all along or SAF messed him up by playing him all over the place? Or was aggression and energy his only strenght? What u think?

  9. Wengerites be damned!

    There’s a big security scheme going on here in Natal, folks. USA will play and it seems J.Biden will be watching them tonight.

  10. Vintage Gun


  11. Vintage Gun

    Oh and i cant forget salparadisenyc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! loooooooool

  12. Arsenal 1886-2006


    Probably a combination of the three. The pitches are cutting up quite badly so early in the tournament, I understand that they had trouble getting some pitches ready. they even had to paint the one where Italy played England.

  13. N'Gambo

    FIFA and the World Cup are totally corrupt. You’re watching pre-determined outcomes. It’s all about narratives, media stories, advertising, and money.

    Both Nigeria and Ghana are throwing the games, along with those ‘terrible refereeing decisions’ (how did you like that Brazil penalty?).

    You’re watching theatre, not sport.

  14. MidwestGun

    Ya, Julian Green. Really fast technical midfielder. Plays Bayern Munich second team. Only 19 but skilled. Just raw and inexperienced. Might be a late sub if team needs a goal.

  15. Keyser

    Alright wtf was that, I watched some of the youth Ghanaian teams and they were better than these lot, maybe it is fixed.

  16. MidwestGun

    If it’s fixed somebody forgot to tell the guy who kicked Dempsey in the head.
    Truth is Ivory Coast is best African team. Which I called before the tournament. This game far from over. Feels like a boxing match. Flash knockdown early. Now Ghana starting to punch back.

  17. Wengerites be damned!

    I agree Ivory Coast is the best Africa can offer now. They have a good chance of progressing into next phase.

  18. MidwestGun

    N5 –
    They were saying the pitch was like concrete. But don’t know if that has anything to do with it. They were saying humidity is really high at pitch level. Don’t know.

  19. N'Gambo

    Everything at FIFA is rigged by corruption and bribery.

    The TV advertising audience in the USA is worth vastly more than poverty-stricken and pillaged Ghana.

    Let me guess who is going to win.

  20. N'Gambo

    Does anyone think that either Nigeria or Ghana was even trying to score?

    $50K a piece – and check the gambling sites.

  21. N'Gambo

    Ghana aren’t even trying … Boateng spanked it out of the park like a last-chance defender.

    What a joke.

  22. N'Gambo

    Germany win 4-0 in front of clapping Merkel, and she has a selfie taken with Turkish Ozit – you get what you pay for with FIFA.

  23. london gunner

    Not impressed with America! Way to defensive Negative football!

    But I tell you If you yanks get into football in a big way in 20 years time you could be a really decent side and in 30 years up there in top 10/ 8.

    You have the Resources/Economy to pump money into the sport and hire the best coaching and use the best technology

    You have the population size which helps quite allot obviously there are exceptions such as Belgium but generally a larger pool of people equals a larger pool of players to choose from

    You have the competitive nature and a great passion obsession even for sport, this is HUGE Look at Brazil at football and Britain at Athletics In the case of Brazil there enthusasim love for the game has lead to a legacy in the case of Britain we punch well above our weight(yes I realise a few of our athletics aren’t british) at athletics because of the enthusiasm and resources pumped into that sport

    With America you don’t piss about with sport when your into you invest in and create huge infrastructures Just look at College Football and college Basketball.

    It’s really up to the American population if they fall in love with the game America could be a top side years and years from now.

    If It remains a fringe sport you will always be at the level you are now.

    The only thing is America love high scoring sports I don’t know if its in your attitude or mentality to really get behind a sport with 0-0 draws

  24. salparadisenyc

    Do you automatically start wearing khaki coloured pants when you live in the US?


    Prerequisite country club look, mental.

  25. london gunner

    N’ Gambo

    Lol Mate it hasn’t quite gone by your script has it?

    They weren’t trying to score?

    Or did he mean to scuff it and accidentally pulled of an amazingly executed outside of the foot shot πŸ˜‰

    Lol we all agree with you that Fifa are cunts and corrupt but hold up on the illumanti theories of matches being fixed

  26. Bobby 7

    Was just about to say that it seemed like Ghana had brought their Sanogo boots to the game this evening.

  27. NYCgooner


    I think the US is about a decade away from being a power in world football. Right now all our best athletes get into basketball and American football. I think we are heading towards a threshold where the game will be popular enough here that young athletes will see it as a valid option and start focusing solely on football.

  28. N5

    A good run in something like the WC could be just what the doctor ordered to move Football (Soccer) up in the list of acceptable sports in the US. I mean FFS Baseball is one of the most boring things on Earth and America seems to love that, so I don’t see the issue with 0-0s 😑

  29. tunnygriffboy

    Midwest / Sal

    I’m so pleased. I really hope you can hang on. The guts and fortitude you guys have shown after having to make 2 first half subs due to injury as a result being unable to get fresh legs on in the second half shows huge character.

  30. tunnygriffboy

    Apart from Argentina the USA have the largest number of supporters in Brazil

    Between the ages of 12 to 18 football is now more popular than ice hockey and baseball

    A point v Portugal , which is a distinct possibility, and you guys may qualify ( smiley face )

  31. Keyser

    .. Off goes a young American into the night air, ripped novelty Hulk Hogan t-shirt, blond novelty Hulk Hogan handelbar moustache gently ticking his upper lip, can of Bud in one hand and his six-shooter in the other.

    *A song plays in the background “I’m a Real American, fight for your..”

  32. london gunner


    Being from America you obviously will have a much better feel/ knowledge of how soccer is taking off/ if its taking off.

    Reason I gave 30 years rather than a decade because it usually takes a couple generations of youths to become a world power.

    For instance your next generation national team could be on russian mexico ecuador level

    Then after that belgium/ uruguay/chile level

    Then after top 8

    That’s 3 generations.

    For you to become a world power in a decade in football, huge masses of Americans would have to fall for Football in a big way! Reason why is if the fans are interested the companies/sponsors and media get in more heavily involved in promoting and investing in the sport which then leads to higher pay and more lucrative career across the board for soccer players.

    I think the fan base will be the spark that makes it possible to increase the investment and as a product of that make soccer more attractive as proposition for a young sportsmen

  33. london gunner

    I want you Yank Bastards to do well!

    I want every country in the world to love football!

    Imagine a day when American teams are as good as European teams What a fucking super tournament the Euro American Champions league would be.

    If USA do well this world cup they may ride the post world cup feel good vibe and really progress could be a catalyst for a changing modernising football world

  34. NYCgooner


    You are probably right. This win getting to my head a little. It’s going to happen I’m pretty sure, just a matter of time.

  35. NYCgooner

    I think I’ve come around on balotelli. I was completely against him a couple weeks ago but considering how much we need a top class CF I would take a punt on the lunatic.

  36. Al

    Sounds like wrighty is really not a fan of TV5. ..said when the boys was doing their end of season lap of honour TV5 was in the dressing room.

  37. Cesc Appeal

    Please let there be no weight at all to this horrendous jizz stain of a rumour going round that we’re trying to swap Vermaelen for Cleverly.

    Wenger might as well go round to each Arsenal supporters house and spit in their faces with that one.

    Need a lot of water though. And knowing the cheap fuck he’d gob in your face then ask if he could fill his water bottle up from your sink.

  38. Cesc Appeal


    I don’t think you’re the ONLY one.

    But put it this way, I don’t think you need to shell out that much on drinks if you were to organise a Cleverly appreciation event.

  39. NYCgooner

    “But put it this way, I don’t think you need to shell out that much on drinks if you were to organise a Cleverly appreciation event.”


  40. xLynchianX

    Lol, I agree. I also think its kind of dumb to swap a player (TV5) who can potentially play in 3 positions (CB,LB and DM) with one who plays only one position and isn’t very good at it currently.

  41. Bamford13

    England should change things up a little. Either:




  42. Wengerites be damned!

    Cleverly, seriously ? Manu fans couldn’t stop blaming him last season for everything that went wrong on the pitch.

  43. Bamford13

    Barcelona have apparently expressed interest in Higuain. Next year their first XI could look like this:


    They do need a new CB and RB, though, I think.

  44. Moray

    “Wenger might as well go round to each Arsenal supporters house and spit in their faces with that one.”

    haha he’s been metaphorically doing this for years. Especially when season ticket renewal time comes every year. And not so much as a reach-around…

  45. Moray

    If Barca are in for Higuain, it would be interesting to see what he goes for. Could be a tidy profit for Napoli…and another poke in the eye for the ditherer, whose valuation of a player yet again is off the mark.

    What is the status on Costa, by the way? I thought the deal was done and dusted with Chelsea, or are we still holding it up with the Vela imbroglio?
    If they want Cazorla, as seems to be the case, then maybe we could jimmy our way into that deal.

  46. gnarleygeorge9


    Is this just normal transfer rumour ‘lip service” for Gooners about Balotelli or should I start to get excited 😈 ?

  47. gnarleygeorge9

    Cheers Moray for the soboring call πŸ˜‰ Mind you he would be handy. Sort of the reverse of an Anelka type scenario at The Arse.

  48. Moray

    yeah, I’d love to see Balotelli up front for us. It’s the menacing presence we need in that area. Plus, he would thrive on the adoration of the fans.

  49. Rich

    I’m surprised that many ppl are keen on Balotelli?
    Inconsistent, never bagged 20 goals in a season, unplayable on his day, but the top level is all about turning up with consistent performances week in, week out.

    I won’t deny he has all the Characteristics, pace, power, he can really strike a ball, but this is nothing like Suarez, Suarez is a warrior who’s will to win was never is question.
    I really hope we explore other avenues first, we don’t need to spend Β£25million on a striker who has a history of turning up for 1 in every 2 matches and is clearly 2 sandwiches short of a picnic.

  50. Moray

    Rich, I think it’s largely because we have no faith in Wenger bringing in an alternative. In our price range, he’s one of the best we could get.