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You bastard

You bastard

Short and swift post from me today as I’ve been on a mother fucking plane fool. Again.

Got majorly excited about the England game yesterday, then found myself majorly disappointed as usual.

Ultimately, I felt we played with an inferiority complex. Like we knew what Italy would do to us. They were smarter, they had more composure and they had a better plan. Sure we created some nice chances, but there didn’t really feel like any cohesion with England.

I wrote a piece for Metro stating that’s a managerial problem and the response was pretty embarrassing.

‘The lads did their best’
‘Hodgson doesn’t have the players’

I’d disagree with both those points. Firstly, Hodgson definitely has the players to NOT lose 2-1 to a very average and old Italian side. The girl I was with, who is not a football fan commented on Pirlo…

‘That guy looks like he could be a grandfather’

Pertinent observation, yet he still ran the show. With the energy we have in that side, how can we not have a plan in place to take down a very lethargic side? How can we not be dictating the pace?

Whether you like it or not, Rooney, Sturridge, Sterling and Gerrard are all good players. That system yesterday didn’t extract the best from them.

Really disappointing. As for the Roy Hodgson defence, well, he’s an average coach. Plain and simple. Why we try and defend mediocrity in this country is beyond me. He’s old school and he’s hardly dynamic. He looks like real granddad, even the way he presents himself. How is that inspiring anyone to go into battle… especially young people. And come on, I’m not being agist here… it’s just the reality of elite sport. If you don’t have presence, you’re really going to struggle to get a reaction.

On the plus side, after saying we need to be expanding our South American scouting missions beyond Joel Campbell, he popped up with a superb performance for Costa Rica. He was all over the park, dropping deep, hanging off the last man, sniffing out options in the box, rocketing 98mph shots from 35 yards. He really looks a player… and it was against top opposition as well.

Makes you fear for the future of Sanogo if Wenger plans on bringing Campbell back. People have told me he’s not eligible for a work permit, yet he’s been a regular starter for Costa Rica for years? Not quite getting that. Not quite getting our absurd work permit rules. We’re game for opening up the borders to Albania, but we’re not game to opening up our borders to people who earn disgusting amounts of money that 1) Put tax back in the system 2) the money that isn’t taxed is usually spunked on audacious purchases that put money into the economy.


In other news, I’ve been catching up on the FIFA scandal that’s unfolding in the Sunday Times. It’s just incredible to read. I mean, I’m reading it and the scandal is so brazen it’s almost unbelievable.

It’s like everyone in FIFA is on the take. Hamman’s tour of the world to make Qatar the global leader of football is laughable in how open he was to greasing peoples palms. Basically, he toured Asia, Carribean and Africa with bags of money and promises. When I say bags of money, in some cases, he literally turned up with envelopes wedged with $40k worth of cash.

He eventually got caught when an American grassed him up. But there are loads of cases where he’s transferred cash to personal accounts of EXCO people. Amazing. I hope Interpol’s threat to go after them is a real one. If you take a bribe in most countries, it’s illegal. At the very least, taxable. These guys need to be taken down. FIFA can’t survive in its current format. It’s just a shame they’re so decentralised, it almost works for them because no one can protest against them.

It was also a shame to read that Beckenbauer had a ban from football activity because he refused to answer question in an investigation. You’d like to think that exlegends are beyond such behaviour, but as we saw with the Uli Hoeness, they’re just as susceptible.

For me, Qatar should lose the event. Plain and simple. The country has no infrastructure, they’re using slave labour to build the event and FIFA ignored their security chiefs warning that it was a massive safety risk from a terrorism perspective. Not to mention the huge corruption that went into the vote…

… apparently Qatar also headhunted the guy investigating the corruption.

Serioulsy, download the Sunday Times today. It’s a brilliant report. World class investigative journalism.

Right, have a super marvellous Sunday and I’ll see you tomorrow for your morning… you know what I mean.


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  1. Dissenter

    Based on the first 20 mins of watching Argentina, they’ll have trouble in this World Cup.
    They have world class forwards, yessssss
    A team with a passing and fast paced midfield like Germany will cut them to shreds.

  2. salparadisenyc


    ESPN in America.

    I watched Les Bleus on TVF sport with Wenger… comedy.
    My French ok, wife fluent.. Martinez has tourettes in comparism.

  3. MidwestGun

    Im not loving this formation. Just play a 4-4-2 and be done with it. They need
    another midfielder to get the ball to Messi. And get more fluidity box to box.

  4. Jake

    They pass to Messi and it seems like every Argentinian runs away from him while at least two Bosnians run towards him.

  5. london gunner

    Messi doesn’t seem to be using his explosiveness its as if his lost a yard of pace, pundits were chatting about his hamstrings maybe their is some truth to that! Would explain why we never see him sprint these days

  6. Gunner2301

    Either pressure is getting to him or somebody’s drugged him lol Bosnia could get a draw out of this if they can carry on keeping it tight Dzeko has a goal in him.

  7. MidwestGun

    Eagle –
    Ya, they need to switch it up. Change the formation. Move Messi to midfield bring on Higuan. Something different. 5 at the back against Bosnia is dumb.

  8. Bobby 7

    Interesting regarding Messi, havent seen him for quite awhile, but seems to have lost a few yards in pace. He almost runs as if he was inhibited.

  9. salparadisenyc

    Liking the B and H side.. closing this all star Argie front line down well.
    Argies have no midfield thrust, not sure I remember seeing a more imbalanced setup at this level.

    Think the Bosnians and Hertzo can turn em.

  10. salparadisenyc

    Pjanic is absolute quality… Romford P and Eagle been praising his Roma displays all season. In the several times I saw Roma.. he was very impressive.

  11. london gunner


    Year last year when it looked like we were going to sign Jovetic I did some Roma scouting! Lol in the games I saw I was instantly impressed by Pjanic more than Jovetic

    Roma Manager Rudi Garcia said if Roma ever sell Pjanic he will chain himself to the gates

  12. london gunner

    He makes that look so easy. But that’s insanely hard lay off run then dribble sideways round 2 and a half defenders with a curled low shot of the post

    Pure efficency in that movement

  13. london gunner

    Di Maria really is massively underrated! I might get hate for saying this but I would honestly say his in top 5 dribblers in world football

    In no particular order

    Messi, Inesta, Di Maria, Robben, Ribbery

    Honourable mentions Silva, Neymar, Hazard

  14. salparadisenyc

    “Crystal….. class girl, good with a pole. Lol.”

    Middy your clairvoyant… right up my strassa!

  15. salparadisenyc

    Any you boys follow m10_official on instagram have a look at his latest post.
    Game face on.

    Think the Germans are going to give the portugese a lesson.

  16. salparadisenyc


    You need to find your love for the game again.

    Its a world cup sunday night… pissed up and looking at brazilian birds that surely taste better. Its a fucking dream.

  17. MidwestGun

    Aguero has let me down. Finishing has been off. Probably should have picked Neymar like everyone else. (Terrrible pay out)But the rest of the group isn’t good. So maybe Aguero comes back.

  18. salparadisenyc

    Like to see Bosnia and Herzegovina advance, its either them or Nigeria.
    Unless the Axis of Evil arrives with some smoke bombs.

  19. Moe

    Would seriously go all out for Di maria if poss tho quite unlikely. We don’t really have an identity out left. Right side is locked down as Theos with ox as undertstudy.
    Is cazorla seriously our first choice left ‘winger’ ? Di maria draws defenders out with his skills, theo with his pace meaning more space in the middle for ozil/rambo to create magic for #balosdeep (C’mon arsene, I believe you can nurture him into both a scorer of great goals and a great goal scorer) .
    Cazorla can be our game CAM finisher by being our specialist finishing off last thirty minutes of our games, keeping ozil fresh (cos love his talent but never been one for an engine and is best as 60minute player).
    Plus Di maria’s workrate would really shore up and strengthen our left side!! Opposition wouldnt know which side of the pitch to focus their hachet men!

  20. neil

    Listen to the knuckleheads, Messi this Messi that, Messi is crap and the rest of the shite, This is the best player in the world, in his first game of the tournament, this is the group stages in case you dumb bastards forgot, IST GAME, the World Cup is not won on the first performance, I expected a more balanced and realistic debate about the game instead of the Messi is crap line

    The crap in here is people like Thomas and the rest of the brain dead cretins who know next to fuck all about football

    Would you rather see Messi run around like a headless chicken and get injured, in the first game of his World Cup

    People who come in here and spout shit about Messi and Di Maria, need a kick in the balls

  21. neil

    And there goes the 40 million quid striker down the toilet, not that Wenger was ever going to sign one, Campbell, been on loan at 3 clubs, he is the next to be sold, in the shop window, Wenger hoping the mugs come with a bag full of pound notes to buy Campbell on one performance, this guy is not a long term AFC player he is one of many who get moved on for PROFIT

    Wenger then buys another 17-18 year old, polishes him, sells him for more profit, and so it goes, the never ending buy sell, that is the WENGER SIGNATURE

  22. neil

    And the world falls for this shameful act, they think this prick is a genius, and he is, but not a managerial genius, he is a fiscal genius, a money making genius, no other in world football comes close to the way this guy buys LOW, sells HIGH, his Modus Operandi for the entire time he spent at AFC, the fans pay heavily to watch mediocre football from Wenger, the money they make does not go back into the squad/onto the pitch

    It goes into the owners/board/directors/managers hip pocket, the investment into AFC is a fucking joke, 150 million quid this relic manager spends each year on wages, JUST TO FINISH 4TH

    The waste at AFC is criminal, you fans are a bunch of mugs, putting up with getting fucked over by Wenger

    Here is your strike force for next season


  23. Wengerites be damned!

    It’s not because I’m Brazilian but I expected more from ‘los hermanos’… But it’s only their first game and there are teams that get better later.
    In a WC anything can happen and sometimes a moment of brilliance from a star player can make all the difference even against a superior team.

  24. Wengerites be damned!

    With complete imbeciles like the ones on Untold, Wenger will always get ‘another chance’ to f*ck it all up.
    Untold was telling us how Wenger was right about not buying Fàbregas, allowing him to join Chelsea.
    Well, there are fans who agree with Wonga and others think he made a big mistake. This is not the point about Untold . We all know those Untold Morons would write a completely different piece of sh*t on their shite blog, had Wenger re-signed Fabregas. They are a joke.

  25. qna

    Can’t even enjoy this WC with the current depressing state of our squad. We should not be signing players based on WC performance. Campbell is not a FW signing, he is a squad player. Bonus if he becomes a world star. Same goes for Sonogo. Lets be honest, if Giroud becomes a star that will be the biggest bonus surprise of them all.

    Every transfer window we start in the red (loss) column and never get back into black. Even this one, by not signing Fab, it feels like we are losing. The way I see it, we basically lost him for 30m. Ok we can spend 30m somewhere else, but as usual, it remains to be seen that we do this. He could have played with Ozil. For me Fab is best when he plays deep and could have been our Pirlo. Pair him with a beast of a DM and we would be a completely different team. Fab is easily better than Ramsey, Jack, Ox, Cazorla, Arteta. We could have sold Arteta and even Cazorla to get back some of that 30m and spend elsewhere.

  26. qna

    Yeah, spot on we are 2-0 down.

    Losing Sagna really pisses me off. At the very least we should have signed his replacement before letting him leave. And that guy should have been better than Sagna. We now have 3 of the worst full backs of probably all of the top 20 teams in the world. So one of our signings will be at best bringing out team back up to the level we already our.

    So after replacing Sagna, our so called 100m kitty is really only around 85m.

  27. MidwestGun

    Can’t even enjoy this WC with the current depressing state of our squad. We should not be signing players based on WC performance. Campbell is not a FW signing.
    Ummmmmm ok, I agree with the sentiment somewhat. But Campbell wasn’t signed based on his WC performance. We already owned him. So this statement isnt accurate at all.

  28. qna

    MidwestGun if we bring Campbell back into our squad for next season, it will be at the expense of a much needed signing. The guy played one good game after scoring only 8 goals in 30 or 40 games in Greece.

    By the logic of not signing Fabregas because we already had Ozil, Jack, Aaron, Santi etc, then it stands to reason that if we include Campbell in our playing list then it will be at the expense of somebody else. Remember Wenger didnt sign anybody in January because he had Bendtner and Sonogo.

    I am tired of being a development academy. Sure that can be a part of our philosophy, but not all our hopes and dreams. I say Sonogo or Campbell. Pick one to develop and send the other out on loan or sell on.

  29. MidwestGun

    Again,I somewhat agree with your sentinent that we never fully sign the required players. Or just bad players every transfer window. But using Campbell as an example is not accurate. Campbell has been out on loan, he developed and has shown promise. All the things you should do. This is not the only game Campbell has shined in. He scored in the CL also. He was a big reason Costa Rica qualified for the World Cup. Costa Rica not exactly a powerhouse.
    Campbell wouldn’t be at the expense of anyone else because he is basically replacing Bendtner. Your example of bringing Campbell back and the passing on Cesc don’t hold water logically because they are not remotely the same situation. I’m just as frustrated about our signings and lack of them as everyone else. But using Campbell as the instrument to be frustrated is silly.
    and your original statement was we signed him because of the WC. Not true.

  30. qna

    Original statement was intended to mean that we shouldnt bring him into our limited playing squad because of WC performance. My use of the word signing is taken too literally. I meant bring him into the first team. Of course I know that we had already signed him.

    You have exactly stated my point that he will replace Bendtner if he comes in. That is exactly what we dont want. Giroud is not good enough. We need a new number 1 striker. Which means that Giroud goes to number 2 and Podolski to number 3. Campbell does not and should not be one of our best 3 strikers. Which leaves a decision on Sonogo or Campbell. I am ok with either, but not both. You say that Campbell has impressed in more than just one game. Ok I will accept that. But he is still very far down the list of worlds most promising strikers, otherwise there would be top teams in Italy, Germany, Portugal and Spain trying to sign him off of us. They might too after a good WC, but the point is, nobody came knocking before WC.

  31. Salvage

    Thomas Vermaelen off to Manu? And Le senile is yet to resume work and is out there working for French TV? Its like there is ongoing *sales* at Arsenal..

  32. MidwestGun

    A better comment, because I didnt have to interpret your intention. Believe me I’m the first to want a Giroud Upgrade. Yes definately. In fact, if Giroud were to leave, I wouldn’t be upset. We should be getting speedy forwards who can finish. For example, Joel Campbell types. He wouldn’t be forcing anyone out as you originally stated, replacing a squad member Bendtner, so not the same as passing on Cesc.
    I’m not sure I agree that he shouldn’t be one of the 3 strikers. If anything, your ire should be at AW’s continual favoritism of Sanogoal over everyone including Campbell which highlights his constant bad judgement.

    And, Poldolski is not a CF. He is winger.
    Should be. Upgrade – Balotelli, Giroud, Campbell.
    Or Balotelli, Alexis Sanchez (who can play Cf),Giroud, Campbell(who can also play wing).

  33. Moray

    So it looks like Vermaelen can’t wait to get out of the Arsenal. It was crazy to keep him as captain last year, it really was. He was never going to get more than a handful of games, and his performances have been getting poorer and poorer for a couple of years now.

    So much for this idea of “consistency” and “not losing players” that we keep hearing people bang on about. We will have lost our club captain (whether or not you think he should have been, he is) and our first choice right back. We’ve lost our back up keeper and for all intents and purposes our back up striker. We also lost Cesc for the second time.

    I really hope Pedders is right about these ambitious targets, and I hope (for ince!) we don’t continue to piss their clubs off with embassing and hopeless lowball offers. And keep Dick Law well away. Then we might, just might, have the chance to nail someone decent. Although on past performance, and with World Cup inflation, I can see us going into next season with a pretty similar squad minus those leavers and plus a journeyman or two. Bunch of arse, it really is.

  34. MidwestGun

    And no I don’t have much confidence AW will pull my suggestions off in the tw. But I don’t think that will be because of Campbell taking a spot. It will be because AW is bad at negotiating and is cheap by undervalueing players and indecisive.

  35. qna

    Salvage. Arsenal Captain sold to our Biggest Rivals. Would never happen.

    MidwestGun: Podolski doesnt seem to do that well for us as a winger under Wenger. But I do like the guy. But would rather cash in on 12-15m for him. Keep Giroud as squad forward/sub. Balotelli is my preferred striker too. He is more of a gamble than others, but more upside if it works out and probably cheaper for a striker of his quality. Balotelli, Sanchez, Giroud, Campbell is beyond my wildest expectations. Not Gunner happen. We also need a real star as a DM, so not enough cash anyway.

  36. Emiratesstroller

    Joel Campbell is not a conventional striker to compete with Giroud. He is probably better suited to play as a winger or secondary striker role.

    However there are in my view at least three slots in forwards/wingers where
    Wenger could strengthen or replace. Bendtner has already gone and Miyaichi on current evidence has shown very little potential to justify a place in first team squad.

    Also I think that there is consensus that Sanogo is not good enough to play at
    Arsenal. Some might argue that he should be given a chance to establish himself as he is only 21. However, that would be better elsewhere whether on loan or sale.

    Campbell appears to have all the equipment to be a star. He looks to be a very
    intelligent player, has good positional sense and a powerful shot. His arrival will save us a transfer fee on at least one replacement needed in team.

    There is talk today that Vermaelen has agreed personal terms with Man Utd.
    I hope sincerely that this story is not true. Wenger should not be offloading
    a centre back when we have currently only three on books. Technically you
    need four in your squad.

    Also I do not understand why Arsenal would consider any transfer which might strengthen your potential competitors. We have already lost Sagna to
    Man City. I don’t see Man Utd,Man City, Chelsea or Liverpool doing us any favours.

  37. Moray


    If Vermaelen is unhappy, then I think we should offload. He is holding the armband and not playing, which is a terrible waste. Wenger won;t strip him of it, so that will be another year missed. Plus he only has a year left on his contract, so why not bring in a couple of players who can step up when needed. Maybe an older experienced head and a younger one to support and develop?

    That Auroer looks like a good attacking full back, but you have to worry about the leaks he would cause in our back four, unless we bring in a top notch DM (yeah, right!).

    Also, I think if Man Utd paid Vermaelen 100k a week that is cash they won;t be spending on a player who is not an accident waiting to happen.

  38. tunnygriffboy

    Re Vermalaen

    Many on here said he had lost form and was always an accident to happen and wouldn’t mind if he left.

    He lost his place to Kos who has been outstanding

    Should he have been used more ? Probably. Don’t forget he had loads of injuries as well

    Should we keep him.,? I would like to. Wouldn’t mind if Nacho went and hge covered LB as well bringing in a good young CB as well

    Apparently been offered 100 k a weel to go to man u. Wow ! More than Kos and Per

    There will be outrage if he goes even though the consensous was that he wasn’t good enough and an accident waiting to happen.

    Lastly he hasn’t officially been told he can go.

  39. MidwestGun

    If Wenger let’s Vermalean go anywhere after talking about only signing 2 or 3 players this transfer window. He has seriously lost it. Or he is planning on signing 6 or 7 players. This Tw keeps moving towards more and more likely to be disastrous. Poldi, Santi, Vermaelen all been in the news as leaving.

    Silly season. Which is why I am highly enjoying the WC instead. Oh well, nap time for me.

  40. qna

    Worth considering that next season ManU will be our main competitors for the 4th place trophy. I doubt we would be getting much for TV5 and still have to replace him, so the deal will only net us a 1 or 2 million at best. For that reason alone we should not do it. We shouldn’t have done it for RVP either, but small comfort was it was for big bucks for a guy with not much time left. But we basically gave ManU a title with that deal. What do they say about making the same mistakes over and over again.

    To me if we sold our second consecutive captain to ManU in the same year we let our captain before that go to Chelsea. It is beyond insanity.

  41. Salvage

    qna June 16, 2014 08:51:51

    Salvage. Arsenal Captain sold to our Biggest Rivals. Would never happen.

    Would never happen? You are kidding right? Van Persie? Cesc Fabregas?

  42. bnsb

    Worth considering that next season ManU will be our main competitors for the 4th place trophy


  43. MidwestGun

    Tunny –
    Had 2 out 3 correct yesterday, so cant complain. Had Swiss 2 to 1, France 3 to nil, but missed out on Argentina. Had them 3 to 1 instead of 2 to 1. Messi just missed a last second goal into side net. The agony of betting. Anyhow, big day for me with US playing so gonna catch a nap so I can watch Germany earlier.

  44. sanmi

    If Vermalaen wants to go! Good riddance, the guy is crap anyway. Incase you have forgotten, let me list his terrible CV
    1. Poor positionally, always keeping strikers onside
    2. Rash tackles in the box
    3. Always foraying forward and causing havocs @ our back. Mertasacker detests playing with him

  45. Moray

    qna, do you think Vermaelen would be a good player for Man Utd? He looks like a liability to me these days. I think it would be a strategic sale “for footballing reasons”, unlike selling an RVP in his prime. Also, what good is a captain who never plays? Must have a negative affect on morale. Give the armband to the BFG instead.

    Tunny, I wouldn’t want the Verminator to go if I thought he still had it, but anyway, who knows what that maniac Wenger will do. On the subject of betting, I had a fifty spot on more than three goals in the Argentina game. Just came through at the end with the Bosnian goal. That game did not go as I expected, but the bet came through in the end.

  46. Ashwin Gunner

    qna June 16, 2014 08:51:51

    Salvage. Arsenal Captain sold to our Biggest Rivals. Would never happen.


    Ha ha… funny comment. Forgot RVP, Veira, Cesc… LOL

  47. Leedsgunner

    It doesn’t matter what we receive for TV5, the rule of thumb is you don’t strengthen your rivals — or if you do at least get something worth in return. So we give them RVP and TV5 and what players have got in return in recent years? I’ll tell you who, Silvestre.

    It would be meaningless even if we got £10m to £15m for Tommy as far as I’m concerned. Why? It’s not like we invest the money back into the playing squad.

    While Man City, Liverpool and Chelsea have all strengthen with with proven EPL additions — what have we done — made excuses and signed another unknown unheard of left back.

    If we wanted to sign a left back we should have gone for Ricardo Rodriguez who played another blinder for Switzerland. Make no mistake the big boys will be after him this year after world cup. A class player.

  48. Alfie

    I think people are letting there hearts rule there heads on TV5…….

    His an injury prone, 3rd best CB. Without going through the stats, how many games did he play for us?

    I think the whole ‘captain to Manu’ thing is a bit overplayed.

    He is a Wes Brown. Nothing more.

  49. Moe

    At least this forces Wenger to sort out our captaincy issue…but damn it, was really hoping this would finally be the transfer window we got our act together and sorted the DM position.unlikely now as who can see Werner splashing out on a top notch RB, back up keeper, back up CB, to notch forward/striker, then DM..fat chance.5 players is too much for Wenger so its arteta again for the season, crap!

  50. qna

    Moray. I agree that TV5 has not been at his best. But that does not mean we should sell yo their rivals. Espescially our captain. If our rival is willing to spend money, then thats enough for me to say no thanks. There must be other clubs willing. Like napoli etc. We have to stop selling to our rivals full stop. And to me our captain is even more off limits. Rvp and tv5 at ManU and Fab at Chelsea. Common. Lets finally draw a line and have some self respect.

  51. Moe

    Must also be demoralizing for the players as well, not so much losing captain thing cos I’m sure they probably felt bfg was our captain last can you feel like we can push on next season when we’re watching our squad dismantling all around us.Very much feels like one step forward(FA Cup), two steps back (transfer window) because whoever Wenger gets now, feels very much like at best, our squad gets back to the same level through replacements rather than becomes better through additions unless Wenger goes on 150 million spree or something.looking at about 20 million on defense(RB,CB, KEEPER), Pedro’s mysterious transfer record buy at greater than£42mill forward so we at £62 mill maybe Sven bender for£20mill plus vela for 3.5 mill lol and Joel Campbell but struggle to see an upwards of £85 mill transfer window spend from Wenger even if he clearly has the funds.also our budget will prob include wages so who knows how it will go except maybe Pedro lol

  52. qna

    Now our main issue will be stability. Two new keepers needed. Two çentre backs cause sagna was our 4th last year. A new rb. Thats why losing tv5 and sagna means no matter what we will struggle to challenge this year. What is the most number of new players wenger has ever integrated at one time? Thats already 4 and we havent even got to our shortfall in pace, striking and much needed dm.

  53. Wengerites be damned!

    There’s a plane flying around here for some time now. Then, I realised it’s because the US team will play in a few minutes.