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You bastard

You bastard

Short and swift post from me today as I’ve been on a mother fucking plane fool. Again.

Got majorly excited about the England game yesterday, then found myself majorly disappointed as usual.

Ultimately, I felt we played with an inferiority complex. Like we knew what Italy would do to us. They were smarter, they had more composure and they had a better plan. Sure we created some nice chances, but there didn’t really feel like any cohesion with England.

I wrote a piece for Metro stating that’s a managerial problem and the response was pretty embarrassing.

‘The lads did their best’
‘Hodgson doesn’t have the players’

I’d disagree with both those points. Firstly, Hodgson definitely has the players to NOT lose 2-1 to a very average and old Italian side. The girl I was with, who is not a football fan commented on Pirlo…

‘That guy looks like he could be a grandfather’

Pertinent observation, yet he still ran the show. With the energy we have in that side, how can we not have a plan in place to take down a very lethargic side? How can we not be dictating the pace?

Whether you like it or not, Rooney, Sturridge, Sterling and Gerrard are all good players. That system yesterday didn’t extract the best from them.

Really disappointing. As for the Roy Hodgson defence, well, he’s an average coach. Plain and simple. Why we try and defend mediocrity in this country is beyond me. He’s old school and he’s hardly dynamic. He looks like real granddad, even the way he presents himself. How is that inspiring anyone to go into battle… especially young people. And come on, I’m not being agist here… it’s just the reality of elite sport. If you don’t have presence, you’re really going to struggle to get a reaction.

On the plus side, after saying we need to be expanding our South American scouting missions beyond Joel Campbell, he popped up with a superb performance for Costa Rica. He was all over the park, dropping deep, hanging off the last man, sniffing out options in the box, rocketing 98mph shots from 35 yards. He really looks a player… and it was against top opposition as well.

Makes you fear for the future of Sanogo if Wenger plans on bringing Campbell back. People have told me he’s not eligible for a work permit, yet he’s been a regular starter for Costa Rica for years? Not quite getting that. Not quite getting our absurd work permit rules. We’re game for opening up the borders to Albania, but we’re not game to opening up our borders to people who earn disgusting amounts of money that 1) Put tax back in the system 2) the money that isn’t taxed is usually spunked on audacious purchases that put money into the economy.


In other news, I’ve been catching up on the FIFA scandal that’s unfolding in the Sunday Times. It’s just incredible to read. I mean, I’m reading it and the scandal is so brazen it’s almost unbelievable.

It’s like everyone in FIFA is on the take. Hamman’s tour of the world to make Qatar the global leader of football is laughable in how open he was to greasing peoples palms. Basically, he toured Asia, Carribean and Africa with bags of money and promises. When I say bags of money, in some cases, he literally turned up with envelopes wedged with $40k worth of cash.

He eventually got caught when an American grassed him up. But there are loads of cases where he’s transferred cash to personal accounts of EXCO people. Amazing. I hope Interpol’s threat to go after them is a real one. If you take a bribe in most countries, it’s illegal. At the very least, taxable. These guys need to be taken down. FIFA can’t survive in its current format. It’s just a shame they’re so decentralised, it almost works for them because no one can protest against them.

It was also a shame to read that Beckenbauer had a ban from football activity because he refused to answer question in an investigation. You’d like to think that exlegends are beyond such behaviour, but as we saw with the Uli Hoeness, they’re just as susceptible.

For me, Qatar should lose the event. Plain and simple. The country has no infrastructure, they’re using slave labour to build the event and FIFA ignored their security chiefs warning that it was a massive safety risk from a terrorism perspective. Not to mention the huge corruption that went into the vote…

… apparently Qatar also headhunted the guy investigating the corruption.

Serioulsy, download the Sunday Times today. It’s a brilliant report. World class investigative journalism.

Right, have a super marvellous Sunday and I’ll see you tomorrow for your morning… you know what I mean.


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  1. WengerEagle


    No one was suggesting he should be second choice behind Giroud, it was that he would have been a useful second choice behind a top class striker like Benzema or Balotelli.

    He’s only 21 and is brilliant finisher with decent physical attributes so I’m no going to change my mind over 1 quiet game.

  2. bigper

    very harsh assessment of england, thought we were the better team, italy are just such a professional outfit as soon as they got the second goal they closed ranks.

    the improvement of our performance against them compared from euro 2012 was immense and we at least deserved a draw. we should have enough to get out the group i reckon as long as we stay focused and we play abit more decisive and quicker tempo in the final third

  3. TitsMcgee

    He’s only 21 and is brilliant finisher with decent physical attributes so I’m no going to change my mind over 1 quiet game.”

    I’ve seen him about 7 times and even the games where he scored 1 he was completely anonymous.

    We’ll agree to disagree.

  4. Al

    heartbreak for Ecuador. Guy should have pulled the trigger….best case scenario he scores, worst case…its a goal kick but Swiss won’t be able to counter attack and score the winner

  5. shad

    Well, well, well…

    What was that someone was saying about Switzerland?

    Very good World Cup this. No draws so far! Just. WOW.

  6. TitsMcgee


    You can almost see Wenger bringing back Campbell and Vela and calling it George can’t you?

    Scary stuff

  7. karim

    Crazy ending !
    The wc is fixed so that Midwest gets rich !
    Remember, Blatter and Mid are both Swiss, it does makes sense !
    Allez les Bleus !

  8. Wallace

    Cesc comfirming today that Wenger told him he wouldn’t have been able to fit both him and Ozil into the same side. fair enough.

  9. Rockypires

    Johan djororu has /had so much potential. Shame he couldn’t add aggression and confidence to his game would be a fabulous defender. Still a well worthy backup but I know he won’t return to play fourth choice. Always had liking from him from early days v Everton and Middlesbrough.

  10. WengerEagle


    Yeah remember him being an absolute monster at CB for us in our 3-1 win v Chelsea at the Emirates a few years ago.

    Our chief tormentor over the years Dogma was quiet as a mouse that match.

  11. MidwestGun

    Hmmmm Benzema starting right? Ok… I’m thinking either 3 to 0 or 3 to 1 France. Honduras won’t lay down tho. So leaning more towards Honduras scoring a goal.

  12. Dissenter

    I thought Giroud had developed a working relationship with Greizman over the past month.
    Why isn’t he starting today?

    Start Giroud now!
    Start Giroud now
    Start Giroud now!
    Start Giroud now!

  13. Lebgooner

    Just watching Pires on BeIN, he’s close to Giroud and he is confirming that Giroud is perfectly fit

  14. karim

    2 / 0

    Deschamps asking for trouble with Sakho who’ s not ready imo, isn’t he ?
    Guess Kos shouldn’t have bitchslapped this Ukrainian guy in the face lol
    worried about our defence though

  15. Dissenter

    He’s not starting with Pogba.

    The FFF ( French football federation)’have a magic formula. They always blame their players when things go wrong.

    Deschamp is already looking for a scape goat- spy drone.

    Why would anyone deploy expensive technology to spy in the French when all the players are well known to all.

    It was probably a Brazilian airforce personnel flying a security drone that was transfixed at Giroud’s handsome face.

  16. Rockypires

    What no kos. Bad call. Was looking forward to seeing Benz and giroud would have being interesting.

    France star player could well be valbuena. He is tough little pocket rocket. Now I’m not saying he is world class but he is a pest and a terrier.

    Pogba and cabaye also some intriguing stuff.

  17. Bobby 7

    On Brazilian television they just mentioned that both Giroud and Sagna has some slight muscle problems. Dont know how true that is.

  18. Dissenter

    AlJune 15, 2014 18:32:04
    BBC1 has the legend that is Henry, Seedorf and SAVAGE lol

    SAVAGE………….epitome of average-ness

    It just goes to prove loudmouths prosper too.

  19. london gunner


    “It was probably a Brazilian airforce personnel flying a security drone that was transfixed at Giroud’s handsome face.”

    Lol you should of put no homo after that!

  20. Dissenter

    The French team is good but they’ll probably peak at the Euros in two years time.
    They need a world class player to drive them, maybe Pogba would have fulfilled his promise by then.

  21. karim

    See you at half time, i need to focus on the game ( lol )
    De Gea out for the last 2 spain games
    Eto’o a doubt

  22. Al

    Funny how every time Henry says “you know what i am talking about” he looks and relates it to Seedorf all the time.

    Poor SAVAGE they don’t recognize your standing in the game lol

  23. london gunner


    Nasri was though! He scored quite a few match winning/ equalising goals!

    He started of poorly but mid and end of season dude was sensational all my Man City friends agree.

    Lets try and put the bias aside on this website for one minute yes the guy is a cunt but his a sublime talent at times and you need sublime moments of talent in world cup

  24. Al

    hahaha Henry with the major classy shut down of savage and his teams tactics against Arsenal.

    love this…One of the real fans that still defends the club like a fan

  25. kwik fit

    Congrats to Mid on yet another win today. Those strippers must he getting use to the size of your diccc ……tips ,
    Remember Mid don’t spoil them just a little bit at a time, keep them keen 😉

  26. Dissenter

    It seems Nasri is a royally fucked up cunt.
    It seems several players had requested (in confidence) that he not be picked.

    Deschamp has a point in that team unity is important because players have to stick together when the going gets rough. Nasri, apparently was was unbearable if he didn’t get to start.
    It’s hard to keep grown men apart when you sequester them for 4-6 weeks.

  27. london gunner


    If that is true! That is hilarious hahah he must be the worst kind of human personality wise for his team mates to request his absence despite his amazing talent

  28. Al


    mate i watched all there games. If it wasn’t for Silva, yaya and Dzeko city was not winning that league.
    I don’t care about Nasri to hate him. He is not a player who will rise up and drag a team when the chips a down.

    He will show up when everyone is firing on all cylinders and the main guys are performing. I have a few friends that follow city around the country and they really dislike him..He frustrating because you know he has the talent but mentally he doesn’t.

    Honestly, check out their Bluemoon Forum (friends send me links about they hate of nasri on there) and see what the fans think of him

  29. Dissenter

    Nasri is really a petulant idiot.
    In the build up to the last World Cup. He reportedly sat in Henry’s long term seat on the team bus and refused to give it up even after several senior team members intervened.
    In most dressing rooms, senior and more experienced team mates run it and help the younger players adjust. Nasri ruffled a lot of feathers with his attitude.

  30. MidwestGun

    The one match, I’m thinking the US can win. As it’s a must win and I like the confidence going in. So I’m taking US in a narrow win maybe 2 to 1. Turning the tables from last time versus Ghana Our that might just be my heart talking. Lol.

  31. NYCgooner

    I think Pogba is the most athletic player in world football. Powerful, quick, agile, explosive, great body control.

  32. shad

    Can understand Debuchy starting over Sagna. Offers much more going forward. Sagna is freat defensively but is always passing side ways and backwards. Can’t beat his man for toffee and while his crossing improved, that’s pretty much about it. At least Debuchy has a trick or two and scores the odd goal here and there.

    Koscielny though? Injured?

  33. NYCgooner


    Good shout on Yaya. Great athlete too and I think a little better technically than Pogba. But in terms of raw athletic ability I still think Pogba. He has the build of a NBA player.

  34. Arsene's Nurse

    Oh hallelujah – it’s a miracle! Pogba broke that blokes back and both legs but a quick 2 minutes on the magic stretcher and all of a sudden he’s fixed and running better than ever!

    I wish refs could book for play acting.

  35. NYCgooner

    I’ve watched Honduras play quite a few times. This is their style of play. For those not familiar with them, think Stoke and you will have an idea of how they play.

  36. Al

    Benzema. ..One of the most frustrating player to watch but also one of the most enjoyable when he is on it

  37. Inter YourGran

    Pogba’s been class. Him and Balotelli have stood out for me in terms of what arsenal need.

    Benzema isn’t doing an awful lot to change my mind. Nothing player..

  38. Al

    Thought he deserved the yellow. ..could have been straight red considering he was in a goal scoring opportunity

  39. F4phantomphreak

    Thanks a lot for answering my question, you the man, hopefully the US will be the men monyata.

  40. Inter YourGran

    This’ll be easy for france now with the extra man. Valbuena’s had a good game aswell.

    Griezmann and benzema disappoint again.

  41. Arsene's Nurse

    Love the way Henry is owning Savage. What a crappy nation we are, we can’t even get a couple of football pundits that have an IQ greater than room temperature.

  42. Marc

    Is there a bigger cunt out there than Robbie Savage?

    How the fuck does this guy earn (a very decent) living out of being a pundit?

  43. Radio Raheem

    Did someone describe Griezmann as being Theo on the left? Bollocks. He has got some dribbling and playmaking skills.

  44. Die Cashley Die

    Sunday People: Tattoo bye to Arsene

    ‘An Arsenal fan is so angry the club won’t buy Cesc Fabregas he has had his team tattoo covered up and binned all souvenirs.

    John Eastman, 55, devoted to the Premier League giants since the age of 10, accuses manager Arsene Wenger of being “too mean” to bid for Chelsea’s Spanish star.

    John, of Plymouth, fumed: “He’s broken my heart. Arsenal isn’t going to win anything now.” He says he will never support the club again.’

    A little OTT, but I emphasise.

  45. Marc


    You’d hope Henry would insist that Savage would not be allowed to speak in his presence. Would save us all a lot of shite.

  46. Radio Raheem

    Savage is a bit of a div but he is the only one who calls it as it is. He is the only one so far who has suggested Roy drop Rooney if it benefits the team.

  47. Al

    Really hope Messi runs riot today. Just to shut everyone up who says he has to win a world cup to be the best ever

  48. Scott

    Did someone describe Griezmann as being Theo on the left? Bollocks. He has got some dribbling and playmaking skills.

    Lol that was Romford even said he is no better than Ox lol

  49. karim

    Phew !
    Really thought Pogba was about to get a red card !
    Deserved scoreline overall with the 2 headers on the bar
    Griezmann didn’t disappoint btw, he’s having a solid game and nearly scored

    Sounds like the perfect night indeed
    Wary of Miami s reaction though

  50. Radio Raheem

    If we can get a full season from Chamberlain then we don’t need Griezmann. I actually think Chamberlain can be better than Theo.