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You bastard

You bastard

Short and swift post from me today as I’ve been on a mother fucking plane fool. Again.

Got majorly excited about the England game yesterday, then found myself majorly disappointed as usual.

Ultimately, I felt we played with an inferiority complex. Like we knew what Italy would do to us. They were smarter, they had more composure and they had a better plan. Sure we created some nice chances, but there didn’t really feel like any cohesion with England.

I wrote a piece for Metro stating that’s a managerial problem and the response was pretty embarrassing.

‘The lads did their best’
‘Hodgson doesn’t have the players’

I’d disagree with both those points. Firstly, Hodgson definitely has the players to NOT lose 2-1 to a very average and old Italian side. The girl I was with, who is not a football fan commented on Pirlo…

‘That guy looks like he could be a grandfather’

Pertinent observation, yet he still ran the show. With the energy we have in that side, how can we not have a plan in place to take down a very lethargic side? How can we not be dictating the pace?

Whether you like it or not, Rooney, Sturridge, Sterling and Gerrard are all good players. That system yesterday didn’t extract the best from them.

Really disappointing. As for the Roy Hodgson defence, well, he’s an average coach. Plain and simple. Why we try and defend mediocrity in this country is beyond me. He’s old school and he’s hardly dynamic. He looks like real granddad, even the way he presents himself. How is that inspiring anyone to go into battle… especially young people. And come on, I’m not being agist here… it’s just the reality of elite sport. If you don’t have presence, you’re really going to struggle to get a reaction.

On the plus side, after saying we need to be expanding our South American scouting missions beyond Joel Campbell, he popped up with a superb performance for Costa Rica. He was all over the park, dropping deep, hanging off the last man, sniffing out options in the box, rocketing 98mph shots from 35 yards. He really looks a player… and it was against top opposition as well.

Makes you fear for the future of Sanogo if Wenger plans on bringing Campbell back. People have told me he’s not eligible for a work permit, yet he’s been a regular starter for Costa Rica for years? Not quite getting that. Not quite getting our absurd work permit rules. We’re game for opening up the borders to Albania, but we’re not game to opening up our borders to people who earn disgusting amounts of money that 1) Put tax back in the system 2) the money that isn’t taxed is usually spunked on audacious purchases that put money into the economy.


In other news, I’ve been catching up on the FIFA scandal that’s unfolding in the Sunday Times. It’s just incredible to read. I mean, I’m reading it and the scandal is so brazen it’s almost unbelievable.

It’s like everyone in FIFA is on the take. Hamman’s tour of the world to make Qatar the global leader of football is laughable in how open he was to greasing peoples palms. Basically, he toured Asia, Carribean and Africa with bags of money and promises. When I say bags of money, in some cases, he literally turned up with envelopes wedged with $40k worth of cash.

He eventually got caught when an American grassed him up. But there are loads of cases where he’s transferred cash to personal accounts of EXCO people. Amazing. I hope Interpol’s threat to go after them is a real one. If you take a bribe in most countries, it’s illegal. At the very least, taxable. These guys need to be taken down. FIFA can’t survive in its current format. It’s just a shame they’re so decentralised, it almost works for them because no one can protest against them.

It was also a shame to read that Beckenbauer had a ban from football activity because he refused to answer question in an investigation. You’d like to think that exlegends are beyond such behaviour, but as we saw with the Uli Hoeness, they’re just as susceptible.

For me, Qatar should lose the event. Plain and simple. The country has no infrastructure, they’re using slave labour to build the event and FIFA ignored their security chiefs warning that it was a massive safety risk from a terrorism perspective. Not to mention the huge corruption that went into the vote…

… apparently Qatar also headhunted the guy investigating the corruption.

Serioulsy, download the Sunday Times today. It’s a brilliant report. World class investigative journalism.

Right, have a super marvellous Sunday and I’ll see you tomorrow for your morning… you know what I mean.


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  1. Haris

    He has a work permit.

    The loan this year to Olympiacos was correct and invaluable to his development. I don’t think he would boss the way he did yesterday if he played the occasional game for us last year.

    He got CL experience, scored against Utd etc etc.

    Balotelli, Giroud and Campbell (who can play across the front three) would be a great striking force next season. Sanogo can go on loan somewhere.

  2. Mike adamski

    Amazing how much fuss the media are making over Wayne rooney .
    He is playing on the left wing , not his best position .
    When it comes down to it , Hodgson doesn’t have the balls to drop him.

  3. Carts

    Can’t wait ti Gerard isn’t in the team anymore. I feel he’s a cog in the wheel.

    Similarly to how Woy got rid of Rio, Cole, Terry & Lampard (ish) – he should’ve done same with Gerard.

    Literally just gut the whole team of the oldies and start afresh

  4. Josip Skoblar

    Sorry to spoil your one-man show, mate! 😉
    Very impressed by Balotelli yesterday. Half a chance and he scores. This is the striking force we need. He would scare defenders.

  5. Mike adamski

    Yeah gerrard and Henderson screened the back four , but really didn’t do anything of note .
    Gerrard is starting to resemble a Clogger and I think he should be out of the team too.
    When they went 1-0 up the marking was shite , simple set piece .

    Johnson everyone knows is a weak link-
    You could usually say he’s good going forward but his crossing yesterday was atrocious.

    Other than that I thought we played well , surprisingly well.
    I predicted we wouldn’t get out of the group , I’m going to stick to that .

  6. salparadisenyc

    Whats average about that Italian side.
    Barring the back four which could be the achilles in the tournament, quite solid elsewhere. Barring a few moments saw good ole Innnnngerallland of with ease and composure. World cup winners never peak to soon, watch what happens to the Dutch as this thing progresses.

  7. Scott

    Baines looked out of depth Hodgson is a moron for taking him instead of the CL tested Gibbs. Gibbs is better than him.

  8. TitsMcgee

    Couple of observations from yesterday.

    Aurier would be a fantastic miss if Wenger passes on him. He’s very athletic and IIRC he had two assists yesterday.

    Gervinho is pretty much the same Gervinho.

    Uruguay are a shell without Suarez.

    I felt England played well. Rooney had the opportunity to level but failed to do so. Sterling was creative and Sturridge looked dangerous. Just think they got undone by a brilliant Balo goal.

  9. salparadisenyc

    Josip.. loved that cheeky lil chip that damn near went it from seemingly nowhere.
    How you rate the Les Bleus? Unpredictable as ever?

  10. TitsMcgee

    Baines better than Gibbs? Your havin a laugh”

    Baines as is Leyton Baines? Of course he’s better than Gibbs.

  11. Gregg

    England were naïve yesterday. I’m not sure what Gerrard and Henderson did in terms of screening tbh ?

    That said it was an exciting performance and it’s been years since I’ve said that about an England match.

    Uraguay are better than they showed yesterday so really that is a mouth-watering prospect on Thursday.

  12. Mike adamski

    Gibbs is improving but Baines is better for me .
    Baines struggled yesterday but rooney wasn’t stopping Baines getting attacked by two players down that wing . Not all Baines fault .
    Any left back woulda struggled with that .

  13. Scott

    I am very frustrated with Wenger. When he is going to spend 100m? Our rivals are improving why is he not doing anything?

  14. Tunde Adebayo

    I hope you all watched the Costa Rica vs Uruguay match and Ivory Coast vs Japan?
    Firstly, Joel Campbell scored the equalizer and provided an assist …this boy is miles better than Sanogo! What is the deal about him been out on loan? He should be wearing Arsenal colors come August.
    On Serge Aurier, he provided the crosss resulting in the 2 goals scored by Ivory Coast, he has repeatedly said he wants to be an Arsenal player…Arsene should get him now, why the wait?

  15. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Septic Bladder looks like Don Corleone from the Godfather.
    Pretty much the only difference between them is one runs a criminal organisation that has a moral and ethical code that they live by, while the other is president of FIFA.

  16. salparadisenyc

    No doubt, iveliest competitive england performance I recall in the past 3 tournaments running.
    Thats how dire its been. That said, not sure what Hodgsen was doing. Had the Italians been the type of side that exploits space with pace, we’d of been down by 3 at the half. The right side gaping.

  17. Wallace

    i like Gibbs. a much better athlete than Baines. i think over the next couple of years he’ll move ahead of him. that said, no full-back will look good when he’s up against a winger and a full-back with no support from the guy ahead of him.

  18. Globalgunner

    Being a fan is one thing, being blindly biased is another. Barnes is so much better than Gibbs. Have you all forgotten last season so quickly.

  19. Mike adamski

    Doesn’t seem wilshere is going to get a start at the WC

    Likewise for arsenal next season if everyone’s fit

    He’s certainly not developed . Scholes was right

  20. Gregg

    Anyone who watched the Confederation cup last year in Brazil could have predicted Italy yesterday. They didn’t stop storming down the Right side all competition, yesterday was no surprise. England, tactically got them wrong, badly wrong.

  21. Carts


    When Gerard retires after WC …what does our starting 11 look like?






    Before you jump down my throat, who else could we put in DM who has LEGS can tackle & pass? His last two seasons at Villa were good, performance wise. Cut out his recklessness and has bag of energy. I predict a breakout season for him.

    At this moment in time, he doesn’t warrant a start over the lads I’ve mentioned across the flat 4. Once we find out what he’s supposed to do, then we should look to build on that.

    Surprised he didn’t get a call up, yet Stones did. Whatever. Anyway, next season I predict big things for him. Bit hard to judge, for some, while Cardiff were getting tonked. Like to see him at Arsenal of top 6 teams.

    I still rate him highly; he’s been getting a hard time by the press too. I feel Gerard fucks his flow by always going long instead of to his feet. *see pirlo last night*. I’d have Rooney in squad but not sure where he’s best suited in MY system.

    What would you lot do?

  22. Niles

    hi pedro – feels like you are flying around a lot lately and missing some points and events!
    Any comments on serge aurier yesterday bombing japan with 2 assists, as possible replacement for sagna – looks like more than just youth potential..?
    And what about mandzukic leaving bayern – would it not be a no-brainer to put in a big bid for this guy..?
    BTW LOve your enthusiasm for balotelli, and based on yesterday, he does not only look like he can be tamed, he is also the game we are looking for up front to be fed by ozil, him along with campbell, I see both smoke and fire next season :0)

  23. Mike adamski

    Pirlo was immense . I don’t recall him giving the ball away ever . He has a zidane like calmness with the ball , a great range of passing .
    Quality player .
    England don’t have a player like that . Unfortunately

  24. Josip Skoblar

    France are a quarter final team: too young, too raw. They’ll be good in four year time. The players to watch: Pogba and Varane. I’m a great fan of both; Valbuena has great technique.

  25. Mike adamski

    after WC Aurier will be 20 M + and Mario 35M+

    This may be true but mario is worth that . Bargain as long he sticks them in the onion bag for the arsenal

  26. Dissenter

    You do have a point.

    If I were the chairman of Tolouise, I’ll jack up the transfer fee of Aurier by 1 million every good game he has at the World Cup.

    It may be that we have a different transfer target in mind for RB.

  27. TitsMcgee

    after WC Aurier will be 20 M + and Mario 35M+”

    If Aurier keeps playing like he did yesterday his value will certainly rise into the “we tried to sign the player but we felt the price wasn’t right” range.

  28. salparadisenyc


    I feel similar, looking forward to seeing Pogba, King Benz and how they cope without Nasri negative influence. See if Griezmann can match the hype on the big stage, currently I don’t really fancy him.

    Like England, unpredictable in my opinion. Could bomb out or make the semi’s.
    Think the men up front may lack the service they need to really make and impact.

  29. Wallace

    Aurier ticks so many of the boxes for a Wenger signing that i just think he’d have signed him by now if he was going to.

  30. kwik fit

    England must start with their strongest 11 against Uruguay;

    Back 5
    Gerard Henderson
    Sterling Wazza Ox

  31. Countryboy

    Just Not seeing what Baines does better that Gibbs other than set pieces. Gibbs has always played under a Wenger who takes defending as an afterthought. The last player playing on the left wing that has a bit of defensive bone in him is Diaby. All other players Wenger shunt to the left don’t want to defend or cover for their left back.
    On the hand, Baines has got used to being protected playing for coaches with high defensive nous like Moyes and Martinez. This, I believe, is the first system he would play where he would not have the kind of discipline ahead of him that would offer protection to him at left back.
    Remember our Monreal – he gets taken to the cleaners al the time and people complain that AW does offer him enough protection. But that is what Gibbs goes through all the time and he never get taken out. Not saying Baines isn’t good but to compare the difference between him and Gibbs to that of Sagna and Jenks is ridiculous.
    Gibbs game was made for yesterday’s game and if he had played, the left hand side would not have been so dire. Rooney not covering enough for him would not have been an issue, trust me. Think about it, its not so different from Cazorla or Podolski covering for you. Not inspiring too much confidence, is it?
    Maybe my views are a bit arsenal tinted but, fuck it, I am a gooner and its my prerogative

  32. Nickie


    That was barely a world class cross he only had one place to put it. Rooney should have been taken off at the very least told what his job was and stuck to it.

    Fabian Delph for England?
    Have a laugh

  33. karim

    Arsene on Campbell :
    ” he will definitely be with us for the pre season, he s maturing well ”

    Wasn t commentating Ivory Coast though
    Aurier may not be as reliable as Bac ( hard enough btw ) defensively but will progress and everybody realised how much he could bring yesterday

    Griezmann isn’t top quality yet, might never be, but scoring 3 goals in as many caps is enough for me to be happy with him
    Just have another look at his goal at Lyon last season

  34. monty

    Any one scouting for the swiss match. Schear, shakiri who i think we should buy also rodriguez, litschniner eho i think is the best rb in the world and also want to watch drmic and djourou also number 10 xhaka.

  35. WengerEagle

    Great performance and goal from Campbell yesterday. Uruguay looked extremely average without Suarez I have to say.

    James Rodriguez was a total boss for Colombia too who I expect to make the quarter finals at least.

  36. Dissenter

    Arsene on Campbell :
    ” he will definitely be with us for the pre season, he s maturing well ”

    It’s good to hear this.
    He signed a five year contract in 2011 and has only 2 years left.

    If we are planning to sell him, this is the time to do it. If not, he needs to be given his chance to thrive at Arsenal.

  37. salparadisenyc

    Agree Kwik
    Either start the piker in his position or drop him.
    Attempting to utilize all and having him on the left, lacks balance.

    Balance and England… two words you’ll rarely see in the same sentence.

  38. Ngao

    About The Fifa Thing,i Think Its A European Conspirancy To Wrestle The Presidency From Blater To Some Of The Powerfull And Gready Euro Nations.I Do Agree There Is Corruption In Fifa And Some Cleaning Is Needed But There Is A Procedure.Why Is It Nobody Said A Thing When In 2006 That Guy From New Zeland Ubsconded From Voting And Germany Got The Chance To Host The World Cup In 2010 Ahead Of S Africa.Again When S Africa Got Their Chance Most European Countries Said The African Continent Was Not Ready.England Were Asking If They Should Carry Their Own Drinking Water.Europe Should Stop Prejudise And Fight Racisim In Football Which Is Proving To Be A Monster Than Trying To Remove Blater.About The Game,England Never Came Out Of Their Shells And Were Stuck In Gear One Yesterday.Wilshere Who Carrys The Ball To The Opponents Should Have Started Intead Of Henderson.Baines Was Owfull And Italy Used His Wing Often.Wished A Cole Was There Or Gibs.

  39. MidwestGun

    Ya, I agree, just normally you can’t tell with out the foam. They use the foam
    in the MLS but usually just makes a dot for the ball not a semi circle. Just amused me. Switzerland needs to wake up!

  40. Romford Pele

    Evening gents, loving the World Cup so far, lots of quality footie.

    Aurier was beasting last night, dude is quality!!

    Impressed with J. Campbell, be interesting to see how Wenger wants to use him following his quotes this afternoon

  41. Carts

    “900 million for a stadium but can’t feed the poor folks. No wonder they’re pissed.”

    Governments magic-up funds for multi-million pound gigs, but, as we’ve seen, drag their heels at shit that truly matters.

    Guess Pedro would advise the people of Brazil not to protest -____-

  42. Romford Pele

    Midwest, recovering from a heavy last couple of days man, I’m off the alcohol today so hopefully enjoy the footie on here with you chaps tonight!!

    So happy for forehead! Aurier really has some fantastic delivery. Aurier to Balotelli 😀

  43. Al

    That is the best i have ever seen Darmian play. Always seen him be extremely average or rubbish for torino.

    Think it was more to do with the way Italy set up and isolated baines rather then Darmians quality

  44. Romford Pele

    Just read the post and completely disagree with you Pedro. Best I’ve seen England play in years. You fail to take into account the heat and humidity out there. Can’t really play a pressing game with the likes of Gerrard and Rooney in there. Impressed with out breaking on the counter though. Think we can beat Uruguay and Costa Rica.

  45. WengerEagle

    I am ashamed to admit I missed the Holland-Spain match on Friday cause I had to go to a mates 21st!

    Still haven’t seen the highlights, gonna watch the full match cause my roomate recorded it for me but I’ve heard all about it!

  46. MidwestGun

    Al –
    Not sure, seems like a simple solution to a problem. So why not? Maybe, they are waiting to see how it works in WC. Been in MLS for about 3 years.

  47. Dissenter

    The silly FIFA seeding is being shown to be crap.

    How any team starting with Djorou and Berhami can be considered top 6 in the world is bewildering.

  48. Al

    Interesting Opinon yesterday from Henry about Welbeck and attacking space in front of you. I am guessing he has highlighted the same thing to Walcott.

  49. Bombadier_

    That is the best I have seen england play in years

    We were a threat, we ran at them created chances. Just unlucky simple as that

    I wouldn’t change anything for the next game.

  50. Dissenter

    The Flying Dutchman, that’s RVP ‘s new name.

    Robin is batman, Rooney will be his robin

    ManU will be deadly next season.

    Robin has a point to prove with a catch that trusts him.

    We better make this window count.

  51. Dissenter

    With a coach (not catch) that trusts him

    Fucking spell check. Isn’t spell check supposed to make it easier.

  52. Dissenter

    Pirlo barely ran 1.5 miles all game, Ok, I’m exaggerating.

    His passes had more mileage than Rome to Rio flight.

    Henderson did all the running for him.

  53. Romford Pele

    Lol Pirlo is king.

    Interesting to note how much further forward he played yesterday compared to when we played Italy in Euro 2012.

    Some England fans reckoned we should’ve man marked him… Erm ok, and leave more space for the likes of Marchisio and Candreva.

  54. MidwestGun

    They just showed on Espn , Hulk pulled a hammy in training,questionable for next match. Thank God those rumors we were linked had no merit. People were jumping all over Cavani yesterday calling him over-rated. Hulk is way more over-rated, imo.

  55. Romford Pele

    Al, think Henry sees shades of Welbeck in him. Maybe he was under instruction to play it safe but Welbeck is a very powerful and explosive runner so maybe he should try and take it on himself more.

    Saw some good combination play from England last night, more than I’ve seen in the last 5 years. Rooney and Gerrard both need to be dropped though. I did say just go the full hog and drop all the older players.

    Hope England develop a good DM in the next few years. Also, if we are gonna play on the counter like last night, Baines isn’t the best bet. Good attacking full back but gets beaten way too easily

  56. WengerEagle


    Yeah he’s absolutely ancient yet still is the classiest player on the park. Does the simple things to pure perfection and never gives away possession. Him, Xavi and Scholes all remind me of each other because everything runs through them when they are playing.

    A rare talent.

  57. Dissenter

    Hulk is always going to pull one or two muscles.

    I wonder why no one told him strength is way different from size.

  58. MidwestGun

    Eagle –
    Yep, love that he never breaks a jog and is laying 20 to 30 yard passes out left and right. And his freekick was majestic. Should have gone in.

  59. Dissenter

    I’m not arguing with Midwest again regarding scoreline predictions.
    He was spot on with the Japan v Ivory Coast game.

    He got a red crystal ball.

  60. MidwestGun

    Lol Dissenter. I’m 4 out of 8 games. Don’t know if that’s good or bad. Because a late goal in the Brazil game saved me and a late Colombian goal screwed me. But I always bet on 2 or 3 scorelines. So not sure what my net winnings are, yet. Gonna wait till the end and see what my balance is.

  61. WengerEagle

    I’ve 20 quid on Gonzalo Higuain to finish with the golden boot.

    Neymar has me sweating now though.

    Hopefully Gonzalo, Messi and Aguero leave those Bosnian defenders arses looking like the Japanese flag tonight.

  62. Goner Joe

    Is this the site that asked the question why the fuck are we signing another youth player and by the why jack is better than any of the currrent England mid field.
    He should be starting not coming on as a sub can’t believe the are arsenal fans on this site who are naming England teams who are leaving out Jack,Theo,Ox and Gibbs.

  63. TitsMcgee

    It’s just one game but this is why I told people earlier that Drmic wouldn’t be good enough as 2nd choice behind Giroud. He’s completely invisible most of the time.