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So part two of the world cup was certainly more interesting than part one. And when I say part two, I’m not going to pretend I was watching the Mexico game… which again, was beseiged by terrible, terrible refferring decisions.

… but hey, how can you expect video replay progress with a man like Sepp Blatter at the top of the game?

I watched the Holland vs Spain game. But before I smash into that, I thought the officials in for the Chile game were exceptional. The referee reminded me of a black Collina. He nailed all the decisions and his linesman were bang on with the offsides. Brilliant work. The question that poses for me is that if there are brilliant refs in other countries, why can’t the Premier League buy them in? Why can’t refs work all around the world? Totally bizarre I can buy in a player from anywhere, but if there’s a shortage of refs who definitley showcase bias… I can’t swap them out for better officials? What’s up with that? TELL ME SEPP! STOP TALKING ABOUT SPACE FOOTBALL.

I was also surprised about the efficiency of spray painting the ten yard line at free kicks. Players didn’t budge. A hilariously basic innovation.

Anyway, what about the game? Totally outrageous. Watching one of the greatest international sides  (Spain Holland game) of a generation move into the… ‘we’ve just seen a cycle’ phase. Really tragic. Their posessions stats were embarrassing for a Spanish team… like, what, 57%?  They just looked dated. I felt like I’d seen what they do before. It was predictable and it didn’t work.

Holland on the other hand… wow. They have a pretty average set up in comparision to any side they’ve had over the last ten years and they spanked the Spanish out of site. Their passing was sharp, their tactics were spot on, they utilised pace and they played with incredible passion. What I liked about Louis Van Gaal is he’s clearly noted that Dutch efforts tend to fall down around team spirit… those boys yesterday loved every second and every goal. Amazing unity and excitement.

I also like the Louis Van Gaal discipline. All his backroom team, wearing shirts and ties. It’s only a minor thing, but it certainly says something about your approach and it definitely breeds a type of attitude if set up properly.

Finally, on that game, Robin. Oh Robin. You totally brilliant bastard of a man. The first goal he scored, you saw the floated ball over the shoulder, you’re expecting him to unleash a volley, instead he nods a header over the keeper from 15 yards. Majestic. I told you United insiders were worried that Robin was playing for the world cup last year, so he wasn’t giving his all for the club in a bid to protect himself against injury / fatigue… well, if the end result is games like that, maybe his gamble paid off. Holland… a team to keep an eye on.

Sorry, one more thing. I know it’s only one game, but what Louis Van Gaal has proven is that it’s not about the best players. It’s about the best ideas and the best plan. I wish Arsene had a bit more of that about his game. Holland had no right to win that game. I barely knew a single player in their back five. But that didn’t matter. Van Gaal isn’t about names, he’s about looking at what he has at his disposal, and working it into a system.

The second game I watched was the Chile game. Now, I won’t lie, I was pretty trashed by this time, but it looked a good spectacle. Chile went two up pretty sharpish. Austrailia gave it a good go and pulled one back. Now, I don’t want to get too excited about Chile, but they really were good at stages. I’d prefer to see them against a great team, but their approach is interesting and the technique on display was amazing at times.

Alexis Sanchez is an absolute dream of a player. If Barca are feeling generous post Cesc sale, I’d mostly appreciate us signing him because he’d fit right in. His turn of pace and his skill crafting space is unbelievable. I’d also be pretty into getting Vidal over to Arsenal. How about it Arsene? Have a word please. I appreciate their are difficulties in scouting South American countries… I’m just surprised we don’t tap into that area a little more. Maybe have an Italian or Spanish feeder club. We’re pissing around with people like Joel Campbell when there’s far better talent on offer.

I got chatting to a Portuguese DJ during the game who thought I was Dutch. My hipster edam earrings probably fooled him. He was giving me the lowdown on the football scene around here. He was telling me some things about Jose Mourinho and what the rumour mill is about him. Not sure I can print it, but he wasn’t good at making male friends in the cities he worked in. This guy also thought his star might be fading as well. He had a lot of praise for the new Monaco coach, reckons he’s a special talent. He also said there are rumours about CR7. Big rumours for gossip mags. Again, I can’t print, but I think you get me. Do you? You do? Ok. Nice one.

Anyway, today is about INNNNGGGUUUUURRRRLLLLAAAAAND FC, WE’RE BY FAR… you catch my drift. I’m turned into a full on xenophobe today.

‘Where the fack is my Stella you Portuguese slag?’

‘Don’t you talk that foreign shit near me’


*slam fresh pint of Stella at pub screen at first opp to showcase PASSION


All that jazz, you get me?

I’m pretty excited about seeing what we have to offer. We’re either going to smash it out the park with a Dutch performance, or it’s going to be oh so sad and depressing tomorrow morning when I have to write a review around how we melted in the heat.

I’m just keeping my fingers crossed for a more interesting experience. I dont’ want to see the same old dross rolled out with the same old tired cliched reviews of the death of English football afterwards.

Finally, watch James Richardson totally mug off Martin Keown in his intro on the World Cup stuff.

Ok, some more finally. FINALLY, Emirates are utilitsing their sponsorship deal with Arsenal and actually doing something. This time, for a well known fan called Jill. Very nice piece of content. Well played.


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  1. Dissenter

    Like I said, Wilshere is not the reason England lost.

    Henderson was shorn of any inventiveness
    Glen Johnson was dire
    Baines lack of big game experience was telling.

    None of the subs worked tonight.
    I would have bucked the trend and played Lampard or at least brought him in instead of Wilshire/Lalana.

  2. london gunner


    What is opinion on Jack as in what is his position that he should he play?

    Its ok to rubbish other people but come up with something! Convince me! Otherwise I can’t really understand your idea/vision of his role.

    For me He only works as a deep lying play maker if he has an out and out DM providing him protection.

    Problem is you then lose the box to box abilties of Ramsey and the goals/ assists/ momentum that comes from that.

    Thus my opinion is a very unique one where I believe he could carve out that position at a team like Barca

    but would struggle at arsenal with our potential movement into a more counter attacking side

    at this point I just value what Ramsey is giving offensively to much to ask him to play more defensively in order to allow for Jack on the team sheet.

  3. California Poogs

    Jack is a shuttle-type player that takes the ball through spaces that only his (supposedly) superior dribbling allows him to do, and create chances that way. Only, he seems to be dispossessed every time he tries these days. He is not a deep-lying playmaker, he is a central midfielder charged with moving the ball through defenses near our front line.
    I don’t want to limit him or his range of passing but that’s what Arsene pays him for.

  4. Keyser

    Dissenter – He came on for the last 17 odd minutes and injury time.

    It’s not especially one player, Baines doesn’t need big-game experienced to know he can make over-lapping runs, it’s just a complete mish-mash, no-one pulls the strings and as a whole we show very little in terms of smart play, just Pirlo running over the ball to free Marchisio for example for the shot.

    Were there many, if any, examples of such a simple understanding ?!

  5. Keyser

    london_gunner – Convince you ? Lol mate, you usually ignore what I write.

    I’ve been saying Wilshere needs to work out his own position for himself for yonks, but that’s not just his fault, in terms of England, I’d absolve him of any blame at all, with Arsenal it’s different, in the 2011 team he had a very specific role and excelled to a point where he was as good as most in the league.

    Ramsey wasn’t even being considering back then, and since 2011 Wilshere’s biggest problem has been injuries, then in turn he’s one of the few that remain from that team, except there’s another 4-5 players trying to work out similar positions for themselves.

    We need a more physical midfielder anyway, so I’m reserve judgement on Wilshere for now, and if you wanted to really fit Wilshere in, we could do with another Nasri type wide player.

    I’d rather Wilshere was with us than not, he offers something very few others do.

  6. California Poogs


    You’d have hoped gerrard Sturridge sterling and Henderson would have that sort of understanding….but Gerrard and Henderson don’t produce much anyway, so Sterling and Sturridge resorted to individual efforts, which engendered the subs to attempt more of the same. Plus, the foundation of the team is a defense minus left back, and one Stevie G, who, unfortunately isn’t propping anything up. The continuity of one’s place in the team just isn’t there, and the individual talent isn’t enough to bridge that gap.

  7. neil

    All the negative comments about Wilshere are spot on, this tells you one thing, players REGRESS under WENGER, they go backwards, Vermaelen, Arshavin, Cazorla, Podolski, when they first came to the club they were fantastic, Wenger plays most of them out of position, Walcott is another I watched him at Southampton, he was super, he has not progressed much at all in the time under that cunt manager Wenger

  8. MidwestGun

    Yaya “Bithday Boy” Toure with a lame freekick. Honestly, with the talent Ivory Coast have they shouldn’t be Japan. Talk about no teamwork. It’s like an all star team that’s playing together for the first time.

  9. neil

    Keyser, just what does Wilshere offer, I’m keen to hear this, most of the time he is on his arse, he has been over used as a youngster, burned out at 20, similar to Cesc, Wenger asking kids to carry the fucking team because he is too tight to pay for the experience of an older player

    Cesc, sold for profit, like all our good players, Jack will go the same way, cost nothing, sold for profit


  10. California Poogs

    Arshavin got older not worse, and less motivated when he saw we weren’t doing everything to be competitive. Cazorla and Podolski have gotten better not worse u can bet on that.Vermaelen beaten out by two of the best, that’s on him , Walcott has become an excellent and pivotal player for us over the years. He wasn’t the clinical finisher we now have.

  11. neil

    What is the fans return for this, one FA Cup in 9 years, while this club wastes millions on hacks like Diaby Santos, Bendtner et al, this club is run very badly, it is run by a dictator, who oversees everything, they squander 150 million quid a year on wages just to finish 4th, Ask Wenger to justify having Diaby at this club, he should have been jettisoned years ago, just what is the go with that, he must be Wenger’s illegitmate son, Diaby would have been released by ANY other club in the world by now, fucking outrageous WASTE

  12. neil

    Yes, get Kalou, he is cheap Wenger’s price 3-8 million, this with over 150 million quid cash in the bank, shopping at Aldi’s, go back to sleep bobby

  13. neil

    We don’t need new players, we need a new manager, this idiot does not know how to utilize what he has, individually they are not bad collectively they are a fucking shambles, extra time to beat Wigan and Hull tells you something about the inability of Wenger to conduct an orchestra, in a orderly and competent manner

  14. tunnygriffboy

    Love the way Japan put 100% into everything. Well organised and technically very good . The ‘elephants ‘ have all the stars. Great game again. Best WC for ages.

    Aurier suspect positionally ? Uchida not as powerful but technically better ?

  15. neil

    You can fool all of the people all of the time, Wenger is living proof of this, the most over rated manager of all fucking time, judge his last 8 years, embarrassing is what I would call it on money spent/wasted, just to finish 4th, all he had to do was beat Spurs home


  16. MidwestGun

    Tunny –
    I think it’s more they are asking Aurier to get up the pitch to get in crosses. He’s almost playing as a midfielder. Definately, a solid dude. He’s young too. Not blown away but he has shown flashes.

  17. neil

    Wenger gave up years ago, he said, Chelsea, City and United can have the top 3 places, Arsenal will settle for 4th, all I have to do is finish in front of Spurs each year, and it’s job done, easy peasy

    Then I will tell the world 4th is a trophy, if I repeat if often enough they will believe me that 4th is a trophy, well the fucking brain dead mug cunts will believe it, those with more sense will treat it for what is is, ABSOLUTE SHITE, go to the Emirates and try and pick up any one of those 4th place trophies



  18. Wengerites be damned!

    ‘ New fact to consider; 1.5 million Brazilians are of Japanese descent.’

    Yes, we have a big Japanese community here. We also have many Portugueses, Italians and Germans.

  19. MidwestGun

    Neil –
    Im really just watching and enjoying WC. And I have a few bets placed. Just watching players we have been linked to. That said, I’m probably still doing more scouting then AW. Sadly, As AW has been signed for 3 more years, no need to scout a manager. Unless you can lead the revolution.

  20. Arsenal 1886-2006

    England were lucky that the weather was not as hot and humid as some had forecast. They were struggling towards the end and the players were lucky not to sustain too many injuries, it could have been worse.

    Pirlo though, such a class act.

  21. MidwestGun

    Pirlo is amazing. Just jogs around at his own pace, never stressed. And then boom 25 yard pass on a dime., boom sneaky 15 yard reverse pass. Always available and always knows what to do with the ball. And his free kicks are a thing of beauty. Not to mention epic beard and flowing locks. Lol
    Football will be a sadder game when he retires.

  22. Ben D

    England played better than I have seen any England squad play in a very very long time…. Italy was always going to be tough. It’s looking like an early exit though….

    Did anyone see Joel Campbell? Is he still ineligible for a work permit? Won’t mind having him as a third striker, and an option when we need to play 2 top….

  23. Moray

    Midwest, yup. Not enough footballers (outside of Spain) sporting beards, for me. They think a few tattoos make them look tough, but that’s nothing compared to a beard like Gattuso or Pirlo.

  24. leon

    joel cambell did look good but i feel its always dangerous judging players solely on world cup form it would remain to be seen weather he can stand up tomthe pace and phsical nature of the prem,podiolski has always looked very good in the world cup but has never replicated that for arsenal

  25. Al

    Just look at Campbell attributes. …exactly the type you want for a striker and for a player in the EPL.

    There was quite a few on here who wanted him sold without even giving him a chance. ..wonder if they still feel the same?

  26. Al

    Didn’t rate England’s performance. ..thought we was pretty poor and that sterling’s performance is once again being blown out of performance …He performed okay in the first half but the second half like the rest of the team was invisible.

    Also this Gerrard and Henderson nonsense has too stop. .especially Gerrard who offers nothing

  27. leon

    its so difficult to judge on campbell because he plays in a much slower league what impresses me most about him is his pace movement and finishing but its very important he come to first team he will need to have great deal movement and ability to stretch defences just good finishing alone is not enough podiolski is clearly this team best finisher his work rate and lack of movement and complete of ability stretch defences has been huge problem

  28. AC Gooner

    I watched the Costa Rica match for the sole purpose of watching Joel Campbell. Watched it with a fellow Gooner and then a Manc acquaintance joined us.

    We all agreed that Campbell has something about him. Quick, can dribble, has a very good shot which has scored him goals in La Liga, in the CL, and now the World Cup. He should certainly get a chance this year.

  29. gunnergetyou

    Bringing Campbell back is a no brainer. He’s got presence, movement, pace, strength, a good shot and a great pass. And he’s only 21.

    Then if we can get Balotelli, Serge Aurier and a top class DM, keep everyone else and we will be challenging for the title next season.

  30. AC Gooner

    Calling all French Gooners,

    Isnt Wenger commentating for French TV to help him cover costs over the summer (yeah, he is a bit strapped right now)?

    If so, what did he say about Joel Campbell? Or Aurier or Balotelli?

    Has he let anything slip?


  31. Marc

    I don’t understand the debate about Campbell. We already own him, it’s not as if we talking about blowing a big chunk of our transfer budget on him. He comes into squad if he plays well and works hard great if he doesn’t we stick him on the bench or back out on loan.

  32. AC Gooner

    I really hope Wenger buys a top top DM for us.

    And one top class striker.

    This Aurier beast for RB.

    We bring back Joel Campbell (actually back is wrong, he was never really here).

    A GK

    And I think that should do it. Maybe CB replacement for TV if he leaves.

  33. Marc

    I would not be the least surprises if Vermaelen leaves however we must not sell him to ManU. If he wants out he needs to find a club abroad, we need to start being ruthless and not being other clubs bitch.

  34. leon

    i would like to see how well the boy campbell does in prem he looks the like the kind of players arsenal could do with ,

  35. Dissenter

    Joel Campbell for his work permit on July 15 2013. He sent out a tweet on that day showing the permit.

    Wha else does he have to do to get an invite.
    You still have people doubting his qualities after last night’s performance.

    If one of our England boys had put up such a dominating performance against Uruguay, we would be swooning over him.

    This is what’ I referred to as the CONCACAF factor yesterday- some players from this region never get the respect they deserve.

    The same people who praised the talent-less lump, Sanogo for being a “nuisance” are still sceptical about a 21 year old who’s showing his stage on the biggest stage.

    Apparently, Campbell plays In a “slower” league.

  36. N5

    I’m not really sure what’s going on with Campbell. It seems silly to buy a player that hasn’t even stepped inside the stadium yet.

  37. Dissenter

    Getting Aurier will be a struggle by the end of the World Cup.
    If I were Tolouise, I would jack up the price.
    Arlene Wenger, the indecisive ditherer will do it is own way.

  38. Marc


    The whole transfer was a shambles. Dick Law spent a couple of weeks pursuing a player who wasn’t eligible to play for us. Not our finest moment but maybe it will come good.

  39. Dissenter

    It’s strange too.
    I’ve criticised Chelsea for doing the same with Courtouis (did I get the spelling right).

  40. peanuts&monkeys

    Pedro: “We’re pissing around with people like Joel Campbell when there’s far better talent on offer.”

    We are pissing around with people like Podolski and Giroud when there’s far better talent like Joel Campbell on offer.

  41. Radio Raheem

    The changes I would have made to the England team that started yesterday are;

    Wilshere for Gerrard
    Cole for Baines
    Lallana for Rooney

    This should be the last tournament for Rooney and Gerrard

  42. kwik fit

    This is how Midwest dealt with Rooney after last nights game and can I say Rooney deserved everything he got;

  43. Cesc Appeal


    If I was Roy watching that yesterday I might even have considered taking Rooney off and putting Shaw on in the LM spot.

    Has more pace than Rooney and he can cross well, but at the same time he is naturally a LB and would automatically drift back to help Baines out with the two Italian players who caused us trouble all night down that flank.

    Don’t want to see Rooney starting again this tournament though, thought he was dreadful last night

  44. Radio Raheem


    Rooney was so poor there yesterday I wished Milner started instead. Almost anyone would be an improvement on Rooney based on his performance yesterday. Gerrard wasn’t great yesterday either as he played left of the sitting midfielders. His lack of pace was also a problem.

    It’s funny watching and listening to all the pundits skirt round the Rooney problem. The solution is to drop him as he simply doesn’t fit with the new batch of players coming through.

  45. Radio Raheem

    If everyone’s fit I go with

    Same back 5

    Henderson Wilshere (???)

    Welbeck Sterling Chamberlain


  46. Marc


    Rooney is the most overrated player going. If he was ref’d properly in the PL and didn’t get away with diving and bad tackles his level would be about the Spud’s.

  47. Radio Raheem


    I’ve been a big fan of Rooney’s but he is currently out of form and think we’ve seen his best days. Scholes was right.

  48. Cesc Appeal


    It felt as well like the whole side was being warped to accommodate Rooney, Sterling and Welbeck (who were both having good games) had to keep moving about – ad it was literally to try to find a place for Rooney were Italy couldn’t exploit his lazy attitude and poor stamina.

    With everyone fit I go same back 5, same Henderson and Gerrard, But then Sterling, Barkley and Oxlade (though Welbeck has definitely staked a claim so may have same attacking middle as you) and then Sturridge.

    We were good at breaking sharply and isolating Italian players last night into one on ones. That’s how we should play.

    But, I don’t think Roy has the bottle to drop Rooney…and as you say the media and pundits will skirt around the Wayne dilemma.

  49. Confidentgoner

    I think the weather was a big part of the problem for England in the 2nd half. They played a fast game in the first half and basically exhausted themselves. Towards the 2nd half, most – Sterling, Rooney, etc could not even shoot or cross properly. The Italians played a controlled game, easy on the eye and with the intent to conserve energy. Even their jersey was designed to keep them up for 90mins. Is their no one in the England team thinking through all of these?

  50. Confidentgoner

    Rooney was not poor, he tired and should have been subbed. Roy was too respectful and expected him to bring out a moment of brilliance. A mistake or a calculated gamble?

    The major reason for the loss was the left side, which was left open for the Italians to play through without Roy doing anything during the game. Competence of the bench was also an issue.

  51. Confidentgoner

    Henderson and Gerrard failed to cover the LB positions. Rooney tracked back quite a bit. Remember his sublime assist?


    Pedro: …………We’re pissing around with people
    like Joel Campbell when there’s far better talent on offer.
    Kindly apologise mate

  53. andy1886

    Phil Neville must be the worst commentator I’ve ever had the displeasure to hear on the BBC. Changed the audio over to 5 live after ten minutes of his inane drivel, he had nothing of interest to say and his montone delivery could put someone on speed into a coma in ten seconds. Surely they can find someone better than that?

  54. Marc


    The pundit’s and commentators are pretty much all awful.

    You’ve got to think that someone has thought Gary’s really good on Sky so we’ll give his brother a go. How do these people keep their jobs?

  55. Dissenter


    “Pedro: …………We’re pissing around with people
    like Joel Campbell when there’s far better talent on offer.
    Kindly apologise mate”

    We all waiting for the gymnastic contortions that Pedro will pull to dig himself out of that hole.
    Maybe that’s why his blog is late today.

  56. Marc

    I think you may be disappointed if you think Pedro’s going to grovel to you. Also before anyone get’s to carried away Campbell’s managed one good game and a goal against ManU.

  57. Dissenter

    What you’re talking about?
    One goal against ManU and one game at the World Cup.

    How many Arsenal players scored one goal against ManU all season.
    How many Arsenal players have dominated one World Cup game, so far.

    If we were Bayern or PSG with overflowing talent, I’ll refrain. We started Sanogo against Bayern, that the talent level we have at the moment.

    Besides, no one is expecting Pedro to “grovel” , just some contrition that all.

  58. Keyser

    Dissenter – Are you Costa Rican by any chance ? Or do you get really excited while the World Cups on ?

  59. Gregg

    Some interesting comments as always. The merest suggestion this time yesterday that Campbell should be given a place would have been met with the usual ‘ Wenger is a cheapskate CUNT’ Now that he puts in a performance and shows the sort of game-play that Sterling has been producing this year, LG suggests Wenger is now a cunt if he doesn’t use him and buys someone else instead. !

    24 hours is a long time in politics. Fuck me it’s a decade on Le-Grove.

    Update; Wenger will now be a cunt for spunking big money on Cavani, whereas yesterday he was a cunt for not having him secured already.

  60. Dissenter

    No I’m not Costa Rican.
    I’m a complete neutral when it comes to national team football, though I have to admit that the English press puts me off England.
    It’s good football. The World Cup is great as a useful diversion till the season kicks off. I don’t get any highs or lows from any event at the World Cup.

    I’m 100% club football, -Arsenal footie is the only thing that excites or aggravates me.
    My impression is that the typical English football fan is really insular.
    Why would anyone still doubt that Campbell is good enough for Arsenal?
    Like I said earlier, it’s not like we are bursting at the seams with world class talent.

  61. salparadisenyc

    Campbell looks far more a player that Sanogo, and i’d love to see him drafted into that slot. By no means does that take away from the fact we still need a world class striker up front which for me lies btw Balotelli and Benzema. Fact we already own the player makes its quite simple.. loan Sanogo out.

    Barring the opener what a world cup so far.

  62. Jake


    and against Spain, and when he got 4 assists in a game for Olympiakos. It isn’t just one or two games but I don’t doubt that you’ve only watched one or two games. Say he’s a bad player when you see him do something wrong, not because you haven’t seen him enough.

  63. Marc


    I’m not saying we shouldn’t bring him back for next season but there are too many people who go from one extreme to the other in no time at all. As Gregg points out it’s often a no win situation and if we bring him back and he has a couple of so so games, which is highly likely having to adjust to a different league etc then people will be on his back.

    I’m just suggesting that we keep a little perspective and don’t expect to much from an unproven young player.

  64. Dissenter

    Thanks for puncturing the straw man that some are bringing up.

    No one else is asking for Campbell as the marque CF signing.

    We’ve talked about a clever player with pace that can drag defenders and make it easier for Ozil and Carzola to operate. Campbell might be that player.
    It frees up funds for the CF and DMF positions which are where we’ll need the world class signings.

    If Campbell comes good, he could be the back up for Walcott.

  65. salparadisenyc

    I’ve a feeling our man Pedro is as hungover as I am… fucking hell yesterday was a screamer.

  66. Gregg


    Agreed mate, by all accounts Campbell has been putting in top performances this year. As I suggested there’s a ‘Raheem Sterling’ excitement about him and he has a confidence and can connect sweetly with the ball.

    What I’d say in addition is that the world cup is notorious for mugging off players that have forged reputations and catapulting players that we hadn’t previously heard of. El Hadj Diouf & Salif Diaow (sp) spring to mind, Karol Poborsky (euro’s) Kleberson and Djemba Djemba, the list goes on.

    Wenger does have a decision to make on Campbell, for sure. They’ll certainly be interest in him now, regardless of how he does in the next two games. The world cup is a great platform for players to showcase and a great watch for the rest of us.

  67. Dissenter

    You are making my point.

    Do you still consider Campbell an “unproven young player”

    A player shines on the biggest stage of all yet he’s still unproven.

    Let me put it this way, if a 21 year old English lad destroys a good Uruguayan side on the World Cup stage, he won’t be referred to as “unproven”.

    I consider Campbell to be one of the few recent successes of out transfer system. We’ve sent him out on loan for three years. He has only two years left on his contract. He should be on the squad ahead of Sanogo and Gnabry, at the very least.

  68. salparadisenyc

    No doubt though it was amazing some mugging Cavani off.
    Absolute comedy… today it will be Benzema unless he secures a hat trick.

  69. Marc


    One game at any level does not mean you are the finish article English or any other nationality. We bought Campbell because of the assets you mention let’s see his performance for 6 months in the PL before we make too many judgements.

  70. Dissenter

    I don’t disagree with you about the fickle nature of World Cup form.
    I recall Asamoah Gyan too.

    This is different though. This is an Arsenal we’ve commented on several times this year ahead of the World Cup. He’s been improving over time and yesterday was not a surprise to me, to be honest.

    If this we’re put unbeaten season squad, we won’t be having this conversation. However, like I’ve said for the umpteenth time, we started Yaya Sanogo againstBayern. Campbell is ahead of both Sanogo and Gnabry in my book.

  71. Gregg


    Difficult to disagree on that. He’s showcased at the world cup and the UCL which puts him in front of anything that Gnabry and Sanogo have done. It is early days though mate and the fact is unless he gets an opportunity at Arsenal then it’ll be a case of who knows. I dare say they’ll be a school of thought that says Vela back for £3.5m is a safer bet than Campbell, of whom we could probably sell for more than £3.5m now.

    That’s what makes this a crazy, crazy game but one things for sure; a new young breed of player are coming through.

  72. Keyser

    Of course Campbell’s unproven, he’s played for Betis and Olympiacos, since 1997 Olympiacos have won 16 of the last 18 league titles.

    Also he’s a different player to Sanogo, Sanogo came in and pretty much stood with any physical challenge Bayern or Liverpool threw at him, Campbell’s a small, pacy and has decent skill.

    Come on, it was an upset and I’m no South American expert, but one games not much to go on, even an entire World Cup.