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So part two of the world cup was certainly more interesting than part one. And when I say part two, I’m not going to pretend I was watching the Mexico game… which again, was beseiged by terrible, terrible refferring decisions.

… but hey, how can you expect video replay progress with a man like Sepp Blatter at the top of the game?

I watched the Holland vs Spain game. But before I smash into that, I thought the officials in for the Chile game were exceptional. The referee reminded me of a black Collina. He nailed all the decisions and his linesman were bang on with the offsides. Brilliant work. The question that poses for me is that if there are brilliant refs in other countries, why can’t the Premier League buy them in? Why can’t refs work all around the world? Totally bizarre I can buy in a player from anywhere, but if there’s a shortage of refs who definitley showcase bias… I can’t swap them out for better officials? What’s up with that? TELL ME SEPP! STOP TALKING ABOUT SPACE FOOTBALL.

I was also surprised about the efficiency of spray painting the ten yard line at free kicks. Players didn’t budge. A hilariously basic innovation.

Anyway, what about the game? Totally outrageous. Watching one of the greatest international sides  (Spain Holland game) of a generation move into the… ‘we’ve just seen a cycle’ phase. Really tragic. Their posessions stats were embarrassing for a Spanish team… like, what, 57%?  They just looked dated. I felt like I’d seen what they do before. It was predictable and it didn’t work.

Holland on the other hand… wow. They have a pretty average set up in comparision to any side they’ve had over the last ten years and they spanked the Spanish out of site. Their passing was sharp, their tactics were spot on, they utilised pace and they played with incredible passion. What I liked about Louis Van Gaal is he’s clearly noted that Dutch efforts tend to fall down around team spirit… those boys yesterday loved every second and every goal. Amazing unity and excitement.

I also like the Louis Van Gaal discipline. All his backroom team, wearing shirts and ties. It’s only a minor thing, but it certainly says something about your approach and it definitely breeds a type of attitude if set up properly.

Finally, on that game, Robin. Oh Robin. You totally brilliant bastard of a man. The first goal he scored, you saw the floated ball over the shoulder, you’re expecting him to unleash a volley, instead he nods a header over the keeper from 15 yards. Majestic. I told you United insiders were worried that Robin was playing for the world cup last year, so he wasn’t giving his all for the club in a bid to protect himself against injury / fatigue… well, if the end result is games like that, maybe his gamble paid off. Holland… a team to keep an eye on.

Sorry, one more thing. I know it’s only one game, but what Louis Van Gaal has proven is that it’s not about the best players. It’s about the best ideas and the best plan. I wish Arsene had a bit more of that about his game. Holland had no right to win that game. I barely knew a single player in their back five. But that didn’t matter. Van Gaal isn’t about names, he’s about looking at what he has at his disposal, and working it into a system.

The second game I watched was the Chile game. Now, I won’t lie, I was pretty trashed by this time, but it looked a good spectacle. Chile went two up pretty sharpish. Austrailia gave it a good go and pulled one back. Now, I don’t want to get too excited about Chile, but they really were good at stages. I’d prefer to see them against a great team, but their approach is interesting and the technique on display was amazing at times.

Alexis Sanchez is an absolute dream of a player. If Barca are feeling generous post Cesc sale, I’d mostly appreciate us signing him because he’d fit right in. His turn of pace and his skill crafting space is unbelievable. I’d also be pretty into getting Vidal over to Arsenal. How about it Arsene? Have a word please. I appreciate their are difficulties in scouting South American countries… I’m just surprised we don’t tap into that area a little more. Maybe have an Italian or Spanish feeder club. We’re pissing around with people like Joel Campbell when there’s far better talent on offer.

I got chatting to a Portuguese DJ during the game who thought I was Dutch. My hipster edam earrings probably fooled him. He was giving me the lowdown on the football scene around here. He was telling me some things about Jose Mourinho and what the rumour mill is about him. Not sure I can print it, but he wasn’t good at making male friends in the cities he worked in. This guy also thought his star might be fading as well. He had a lot of praise for the new Monaco coach, reckons he’s a special talent. He also said there are rumours about CR7. Big rumours for gossip mags. Again, I can’t print, but I think you get me. Do you? You do? Ok. Nice one.

Anyway, today is about INNNNGGGUUUUURRRRLLLLAAAAAND FC, WE’RE BY FAR… you catch my drift. I’m turned into a full on xenophobe today.

‘Where the fack is my Stella you Portuguese slag?’

‘Don’t you talk that foreign shit near me’


*slam fresh pint of Stella at pub screen at first opp to showcase PASSION


All that jazz, you get me?

I’m pretty excited about seeing what we have to offer. We’re either going to smash it out the park with a Dutch performance, or it’s going to be oh so sad and depressing tomorrow morning when I have to write a review around how we melted in the heat.

I’m just keeping my fingers crossed for a more interesting experience. I dont’ want to see the same old dross rolled out with the same old tired cliched reviews of the death of English football afterwards.

Finally, watch James Richardson totally mug off Martin Keown in his intro on the World Cup stuff.

Ok, some more finally. FINALLY, Emirates are utilitsing their sponsorship deal with Arsenal and actually doing something. This time, for a well known fan called Jill. Very nice piece of content. Well played.


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  1. Arsene's Nurse

    TBH this is the best England performance I’ve seen in a long time. The team actually looks like it knows one another,

  2. london gunner


    Commentators said the way its been designed its got dimples in the surface… the previous world cup ball was to round and smooth meaning it was partial to curling wildly off target… because of the dimples in this one it means the ball stays true when you strike it. Hence why the long shots are looking so good.

  3. Al

    How bad does Gerrard have to play to get substituted or even better dropped. The guy has been living of hype and Luis Suarez/Sturridge for the past 2 seasons

  4. Moray

    hmm, not sure it’s just the dimples. It looks light. The speed of play is impressive. So long as it doesn’t move around like the ball a couple elf tournaments ago, it can only be a good thing. Will have to adjust my correct score betting technique though.

  5. MidwestGun

    Ya, my comment. I was agreeing with you. Rooney is the problem because
    he doesn’t have a true position and his finishing has been bad. Was a good cross for the goal, tho.

  6. Dissenter

    Arsene’s nurse,

    I told you England will play for giving possession to Italy in the first half.

    Seeing English players cramping all,over the field.

    Pirlo has hardly covered 2 miles, the ball has all the mileage.

  7. MidwestGun

    Moray –
    Uruguay couldn’t handle Joel Campbell’s pace on the counter attack. And Costa Rican keeper had a great game. Also, they were hugely missing Suarez.

  8. Dissenter

    Rooney should have scored that chance.

    It’s going to be hard for England to qualify if they don’t get a result tonight.

    I honestly can’t see England beating a desperate Uruguay.

  9. london gunner


    They were really poor all over the pitch but particualry in defence.

    Some of there Cb’s got the basics wrong, Midfield was poor and impotent.

    Cavani was ineffective they needed a Suarez on becuase the only way they were getting a goal was a moment of self created brilliance

    Costa Rica on the other hand played well, strategic balanced football! More intelligent than creative. Joel Campbell was MOTM great display from him

  10. Dissenter

    Baines has had no offensive input all game long. He’s been shaky defensively.

    He’s not international class. Ashley Cole would have offered more.

  11. MidwestGun

    Rspc –
    Ya Ox tried to warm up and wasn’t feeling right. So he didn’t finish warm-ups.
    Dont think it was serious. But wasnt available for this game not ready yet.

  12. london gunner


    Jack Wilshere is a terrible dribbler as in he looks good for a few second then always loses possession without fail he needs to take some notes from Sterling

  13. Dissenter

    The ESPN commentaries are dreadful.

    Two English men running commentaries on the game; Ian Darkie and Mcnamanan.
    What a lop sided commentary.

  14. Arsene's Nurse

    Shame really, there was nothing in it and we have played the best football I’ve seen for a good few years. We should be able to escape the group to the next round if we put in 2 equally good performances.

  15. Moray

    a wounded Uruguay with maybe Suarez will be tough for England. Though they’ve looked pretty decent in spots tonight. Never easy to play Italy, though Italy also will get better.

  16. Moray

    Dissenter, here we go over to the studios to ask Australian pundits what they thought of the game. I’m not sure where they find them.

  17. Jaffa

    Well they gave a good go and played better than I thought TBH. Reality check for a young squad. C’mon England! !

  18. Cesc Appeal

    No more Rooney.

    We played well in spells, showed some decent stuff off.

    Be nice to have Oxlade out wide as well for even more pace. Thought Sterling was brilliant, worked his socks off .

    Rooney was dreadful, nice cross for the goal, but the whole thing felt like England were handicapped into accommodating Rooney from the off.

  19. Moray

    Balotelli won;t roll over in the big games for Arsenal. If it looks like a rugby score against Chelski, he will go and crack some ankles.

  20. Dissenter

    “We didn’t have the stamina”

    Of course.
    In the first half,
    The Italians let the ball get the mileage
    The young English players ran up the mileage with their legs.

    This team will be better by the Euros. This is the experience needed.

    England against Uruguay and. Costa Rica will be tough.

  21. Carts

    Jaffa & LDN gunner

    It’s fucking beyond a joke now.

    It’s like he’s trying to pull a ‘Messi’ where the ball sticks and you come out the other end of 3 challenges with ball at feet.

    Na uh – not with jack. Little midget ends up on the fucking floor and takes longer than a jumbo to turn around, to get the fuck up

  22. Carts


    Spot on!

    We were naive in our play. Far too much running for what it was worth. Need to zip ball more instead of moving at 5th gear every minute.

    Special mention to Glenn Johnson: shocking performance from the guy. His crossing was diabolical.

  23. london gunner

    To be fair Rooney had to play because there was no Ox.

    When Ox is fit Rooney shouldn’t be in the team OX sterling Welbeck and Sturridge up top… It’s building for the future

    Future England Squad

    Ox Barkley Sterling (with welbeck on wing or up top rotation option)
    …….. Jack…. Hendo
    Shaw..?…?…… Clyne?

  24. Cesc Appeal


    Wilshere will need to pull his finger out soon though. Seeing no progression in him at all over past couple of seasons, same mistakes, same faults in his play.

  25. Moray

    It’s looking like Wilshire will never live up to the promise he showed.

    Problem, is Wenger will stick with him for another three years at least.

  26. london gunner


    Exactly mate! And I am not surprised! Everyone was saying 2-0 England!

    I always knew Italy would have a very well verse game plan! They are strategists they don’t play the best football! But they know how to win.

  27. tunnygriffboy

    Great on the counter. Lacked a bit of creativity when they shut up shop. Rooney bar one excellent cross was very poor. Baines out of his depth. Caused problems down his wing all evening

    How can a man go to the WC and walk through a game and still look imperious !

    Still think England will qualify.

  28. Carts

    Sterling progress in last 18 month is fucking mental.

    Pretty much ‘next hope’ for us by looks of things.

    Jack catches a lot of hear in LG, but my god has the boy not moved in development.

    Like I said several weeks ago: Wenger needs to decide what his role is and relay that onto Woy so they can develop him.

    At this rate, he’ll be the ‘James Milner’ in euro 2016′

  29. Cesc Appeal


    I agree, I think England will win their two remaining games.

    But whilst I agree Baines was a touch poor tonight, Rooney offered him NO cover at all. So many times he was isolated against their number 6 and 4 (insert dodgy Italians names.)

    Really hope Roy has the balls to drop him.

  30. Cesc Appeal


    He fell over…but if you missed it just watch literally any game he’s played in over the past couple of years you’ll get the gist 😉

  31. london gunner

    Lads I get allot of stick from people on this blog for criticizing Wilshere.

    But what it comes down to me is he doesn’t have a niche.

    His not strong or athletic enough to be box to box he also loses possession to much.

    His not defensive so no DM

    So his niche was supposed to be CAM… But despite showing great technique as a youngster his never had the vision or creativity to spot the pass like a Cesc or a OZil.

    His in essence a physically weak/short player with zero pace whose not good at beating his man but nor is he particularity good at threading a pass, His got the technique to pull of passes that isn’t my criticism its more down to the fact he doesn’t have imagination of the greatest playmakers.

    My prime example of Why I don’t think Jack is an elite status player is Oscar, his just as diminutive as Jack and doesn’t have much pace but he can dribble past players and can create goal scoring opportunities on the regular as well as not losing the ball in dangerous positions that to me is a young player with true potential

  32. Arsene's Nurse

    As much as I dislike Ferdinand, he has an excellent point regarding leaving Cole behind for LB.

  33. California Poogs

    Rooney was ok I hint he’s worth a goal, more than can be sad about near everyone else. Barkley looked threatening but would always shy from shooting. England’s focus on size and speed over raw ability will always cost them in international tournaments with international referee’s. plus the prem is 2-3x the intensity of Serie A. People get tired. The Ox needs to be on the pitch, Sturridge, Rooney…those are the game changers. It was always going to be a tight match.

  34. Keyser

    Pretty much as expected, this looks like a pretty avarage Italian side, but even then, their older players pull strings, make smarter decisions, nurse other players through, we’re devoid of that, start Wilshere or give him more time. Or just let Barkley do what he wants.

    If you’re willing to give players time, take this game in isolation, there’s promise, if you consider Gerrard and Rooney, or the past decade or so, that was immensely disappointing, it was the same old crap, just from a newer generation people are willing to give the benefit of the doubt to.

    Towards the end, and you can forgive players if they’re tired, but then wasted preparation, Sturrdige reverted to type with misguided shots from distance, Sterling to be fair just looked like he was making tired decisions, but Rooney ? ffs he took a corner that ended up about 20 yards behind the goal.

    I’m really hoping it’s the heat or something, because the last 15 were as poor as I’ve seen.

  35. Jaffa

    Raheem sterling was awesome, when he had the ball I always thought something might happen. Drop Rooney as he is never lived up to the hype.
    Wilshere is so disappointing?I want him to do well as he is one of ours but he looked lost out there.
    If we had a decent right back and some one who could actually cross/ take a decent corner we might actually get somewhere.

  36. tunnygriffboy


    Perhaps bit unfair on Baines but he was poor and do agree Rooney did fa to help him. Baines no international experience, never played in CL. Should have taken Cole.

    Italy clever. Once got ahead they sat back and didn’t risk getting countered. We weren’t good enough to break them done. But it’s the best I’ve seen England play in 3 tournaments.

  37. Scott

    Rejected Cesc for this joke Wilshere Le senile strikes again Wilshere is far far away from Cesc. This is what we have to suffer for having a fraud as manager.

  38. Cesc Appeal


    I agree.

    I thought there was a lot about England that was very good. And I’m looking forward to seeing Oxlade and Sterling starting.

    Baines did struggle tonight. It reminded me a lot of our 6-3 demolishing against City when we had Monreal and Wilshere down the left, both were poor but the fact Monreal got zero help from WIlshere meant his poor game was exploited more so than it needed to be. Same thing happened tonight with Rooney and Baines.

    Doesn’t Rooney look old though, as a player I mean? Contrast 28 year old Rooney with 35 year old Pirlo on the pitch.

  39. london gunner

    Sterling has more creativity and a better pass than Wilshere? Lol That’s not even supposed to be Sterlings game Lol

    Sterlings game is pace and dribbling/ball control

    His secondary attributes of creativity are better than Wilshere’s supposed primary asset.

    Sterling has a better range of pass aka a better long pass (along the ground)

    Case point that pass to Rooney that lead to the goals

    Either Sterling is just that great or Jack isn’t as good as we think he is

  40. Dissenter

    The worst aspect of Wilshere’s Arsenal game is the public slagging of his team mates when things go wrong.

    He doesn’t to that in England because Stevie G will set him right. At Arsenal, he’s still golden boy- future captain-original gooner.

  41. Cesc Appeal


    I thought some of Sterling’s passing was excellent tonight. His all round game was superb. Lots of effort and energy as well.

    As of now, Wilshere is not as good as a lot of fans think he is. Who knows what the future holds, but people have to except his limitations, and the fact he seems to be stuck in rut, has been for the past couple of seasons. I said last year from our 2013 run from January to the end of the year, Wilshere unbalances a middle plus he loses the ball WAY too much. And of course that highly irritating trait of just falling over.

  42. reality check

    It will never be ‘Sturridge, Wellbeck, Sterling, Ox’

    Then you got Walcott! When fit.

    Nope never. If you look closely, you can see why.

    Common denominator.

    Its roy of the rovers not rude bwoy of the rovers!

  43. Scott

    Not impressed with sterling. He doesn’t cross well and lacks creavity. England were dire the only player good was Sturridge

  44. Keyser

    london-gunner – Getting a bit paranoid here, are you bigging up Sterling and picking on Wilshere because he’s white ?

  45. Matthew Thomas

    Welbeck shouldn’t be anywhere near the squad, Henderson doesn’t being anything to the team at all and I don’t know what game the BBC pundits were watching but Sterling just seemed to give the ball away a lot.

  46. Matthew Thomas

    Also Wilshere isn’t stuck in a rut, he is a lazy fucking pikey. If walcott had a fifth of his natural talent we would really have a player.

  47. tunnygriffboy


    Rooney 5yrs or 4yrs on his contract ? He is not going to age well. Not our problem.

    Think Jack getting bit OTT stick tonight. Came on 20 mins to go , facing packed defence having to chase the game. He needs a run of games when fully fit. He’ll come good just needs to improve and work on releasing the ball quicker.

    Now, do I do the late shift? Haven’t missed a game yet. Think I’ll have to.

  48. MidwestGun

    I kind of agree with woodenpigeon. JW played like ten minutes and gets an in depth ass reaming. Lol
    And let’s face it. When everyone is healthy he’s a squad player for Arsenal.

  49. Dissenter

    You’ve got to let the Cesc thing go.

    It’s not Jacks fault that Wenger decline to have Cesc return.

  50. Gunner2301


    Agree Wilshire needs to find his niche. Maybe he will maybe he won’t but I hope it isn’t to the detriment of Arsenal. Does Walcott have to worry about his England position now Stirling is tearing things up?

  51. Scott

    Adam Johnson works his socks of defensively and is a decent winger but Rooney is a better option than him? Hodgson is a poor manager

  52. Matthew Thomas

    @Scott Hodgson is way out of his depth. Isn’t he the guy that played Bergkamp on the wing when he was at inter ?

  53. Radio Raheem

    I think it’s time England let go of Rooney. The guy’s never going to do it for country. And I am one of his biggest fans.

  54. Cesc Appeal


    I don’t really see why Wilshere is getting abuse tonight. Just what he is to be honest.

    Those limitations in his game have been around for a couple of years now. I am starting to worry about him, but it’s not really a big deal for us if he never lives up to the billing.

    Problem with him is, I don’t know what he is, what he does. Seems to just lose the ball a lot and fall over.

    But, as MidWest just said he’s a squad player; and as that he’s decent enough.

  55. Gunner2301


    Did you watch the game? Stirling was MoM. Good thing is he’s been playing like that for most of the season so it’s not a flash in the pan or that he’s not turning up when required.

  56. london gunner

    Irony is I think Jack could be amazing in Spanish or Italian league!

    A league where he has far more time on the ball! I don’t think he has enough silky skill or quick/ reactionary imaginative vision/creativity in a tight pressure position like CAM where you don’t have as much time on the ball,

    However if he worked on his range of passing and developed a great long pass I think he could be a deep lying playmaker! As he does have the technique and would have More time on the ball more time to spot the pass would need a good DM next to him. though.

    Look at Verrati his touted as the next Pirlo and right now is very similar to Jack in size and playing style.

  57. Radio Raheem

    Let’s see how Wilshere does next season. For obvious reasons (i.e. injuries) he hasn’t progressed as much as we’d like #patience

  58. MidwestGun

    Dissenter –
    So are you saying I should take Japan? Lol.
    Having trouble picking this one. Toughest one. Don’t want to pick a draw because so far that’s not the trend.

  59. Gunner2301


    My fear with Wilshire he’s a big earner (improved contract too early for my liking) and he’s a Wenger project so no matter how badly he plays Wenger will stick with him sometimes that works sometimes it doesn’t. But whilst he’s “finding his niche” were operating sub optimally.

  60. Keyser

    Most of the criticism of Wilshere is rubbish really, a bit like Sterling, ran around a bit, did some nice things, in the end the closest he got to doing anything meaningful was either a 25 yard shot into the side nettting, or a pass to Rooney that was more down to complacency from Italy than anything else.

    The extremism is worrying.

  61. Dissenter

    Japan v Côte d’Ivoire

    I give this to the Japanese. They are a very technical team.

    Midwest, I really think the Anglophile orientation of US football is detrimental.

    We need to copy the template of the Japanese.

    They brought over a mix of European coaches to start the J-league,i.e Wenger and others. They also brought over a lot of Brazilian players and coaches for the youth level. They are really great to watch.

  62. Cesc Appeal


    I wouldn’t say so. When he’s played there he doesn’t help his fullback out really and he loses the ball way too much. His falling over is becoming a trademark now as well.

    Don’t see where he’s going to fit to be honest, not sure he knows what he is either. Difficult one.

  63. Keyser

    Lol fucking hell, earlier Sanogo was a Wenger project, and Campbell was being marginalised for it.

    Is it because people are being allowed to stay up late for the World Cup ?

  64. Dissenter

    I don’t think I’ve read any unfair criticism of Jack tonight.

    Don’t forget that we are all goners and we wanted Jack to come in and save the day.

    But he was dire. It wasn’t his fault that England lost though.

  65. California Poogs

    Sterling was industrious if nothing else, he’s nailed on starter for me. Sturridge perhaps ur best player certainly ur best goal scorer. Rooney is worth having for his big game experience and the culture of winning he was immersed in at Man U. He will score, as well. Ox on the opposite flank to sterling perhaps, if he can hold the ball so the team can rotate into offensive positions. That was the biggest difference I saw between the 2 teams; England had no possession play, only a defend and counter tactic, which is good but only with something to defend. There’s a lot to be said about tactics but what it comes down to is the difference between national styles and quality of players. And experience.

  66. Scott

    Balo is a beast. He would be perfect for us.

    De Rossi

    Bring in the italians wouldnt even cost that much

  67. london gunner


    I don’t think he suits are team now. With Ramsey and Ozil and the pressing need for a quality DM.

    Think he could potentially be a great player at a team Like Barcelona or Juventus.

    Also in Spanish and Italian league would suit his game and lessen his weaknesses

    This isn’t to say those leagues are weaker Spanish league is certainly equal to ours just its different, its less intense and favours players with technique as as teams with pace and physicality.

    He would still need to learn some more discipline I think that’s part of his problem.

    Wilshere as a deep lying playmaker would work in a foreign league as the need for a physical strength or athleticism isn’t a prime component of such position and I just don’t think he has it to be a CAM (forward playmaker)

    It’s the only position I can see him excelling in

  68. tunnygriffboy


    Jack istn’t great at the moment. His ability to turn in small spaces the drive forward is one of his strengths as is his short inter passing. He needs to learn to release the ball quicker when he has turned. He needs to be stronger on his feet and get a really good run being injury free. He could be excellent, a lot will depend on how much he listens and learns and how long his body stays together.


    Japan 2 Ivory Coast 2

  69. MidwestGun

    Dissenter –
    Well, we have Klinsmann. Lol I think we have tried to integrate Mexican youth and coaches and Mexican League player’s in. MLS could have an affect eventually.

    Don’t know if can bet against the power of Bony, Toure, and my boy Gervinho. Lol

    but Honda, Kagawa are a good pairing. Tough call.

  70. Scott

    Sterling barely produced any through balls or crosses. Compare him to Candreva everytime he was effective. Really don’t get the hype

  71. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah we don’t need to rely on him, so we’ll see. He’s got time. But, who knows in football. He could become great, could fade into nothingness.

  72. Phil

    Jack wilshere a very average player played by a very average manager playing a very average Rooney playing in a very average position playing in a very average…..

  73. Keyser

    Dissenter – Most of the criticism is rubbish, name any one trait of this England side that you’ve seen replicated over any two games ? Then think of what we do at Arsenal, Baines didn’t even bother overlapping, because everytime he got into position, he either risked breaking the offside line or had to wait an age for a pass, any pass.

    Sterling had Wellbeck ? and Baines in support at one point and rather than play a simple pass decided to dribble between 3 players.

    Consider how good as individuals, several of these players have been over the course of the season, and then think how poor as a team we looked today, it was pathetic really, and it’s been a problem for years.

    Wilshere is one of the few that could buck that trend, I thought the Liverpool connection might have something about it, but they must rely heavily on Suarez and Coutinho, or just blitzing teams with pace, because there was little connection.

  74. MidwestGun

    Tunny –
    Yep, gonna check out Aurier. Bony is meh for me. Maybe if we were replacing Giroud.
    And I can’t help it. Ive been watching Gervinho all year in Serie A,still have a soft-spot for . Gerv. 🙂

  75. london gunner


    I think the opposite I think he needs to work on his long range passing!

    Think if perfected that art he would give us a unique product that no one else on the team gives us.

    Think of Songs long passes to RVP and Walcott I think Wilshere needs to become Scholes/ Pirlo like.

    His tried the one two passes give and go routine and it fails! I think if he played deeper and looked to become more of a sniper consiquently we would see less of his weaknesses.

    He would still have ample opportunity to show of his control in tight spaces at times though.

    Look at Pirlo he doesn’t dribble past around players but he does maintain position with his great movement and control in tight spaces, he gets sorrounded by 3 opponents takes a nifty touch and turn and quickly releases the ball, when he finds an opportunity for a few more seconds on the ball he looks for runners and releases a through ball or lobbed pass to spread the play.

    I don’t think Jack should try to be an immense dribbler beating players but more a player with great ball control who keeps it sharp aka a Xavi rather than an Inesta

  76. California Poogs

    The Italian style incorporates a lot more time and energy management into each 90′ which is simply stronger in these elimination tournaments than England’s speed and power oriented style. It makes for a less exciting domestic league but you cannot argue with Italy ‘s regular international results