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So part two of the world cup was certainly more interesting than part one. And when I say part two, I’m not going to pretend I was watching the Mexico game… which again, was beseiged by terrible, terrible refferring decisions.

… but hey, how can you expect video replay progress with a man like Sepp Blatter at the top of the game?

I watched the Holland vs Spain game. But before I smash into that, I thought the officials in for the Chile game were exceptional. The referee reminded me of a black Collina. He nailed all the decisions and his linesman were bang on with the offsides. Brilliant work. The question that poses for me is that if there are brilliant refs in other countries, why can’t the Premier League buy them in? Why can’t refs work all around the world? Totally bizarre I can buy in a player from anywhere, but if there’s a shortage of refs who definitley showcase bias… I can’t swap them out for better officials? What’s up with that? TELL ME SEPP! STOP TALKING ABOUT SPACE FOOTBALL.

I was also surprised about the efficiency of spray painting the ten yard line at free kicks. Players didn’t budge. A hilariously basic innovation.

Anyway, what about the game? Totally outrageous. Watching one of the greatest international sides  (Spain Holland game) of a generation move into the… ‘we’ve just seen a cycle’ phase. Really tragic. Their posessions stats were embarrassing for a Spanish team… like, what, 57%?  They just looked dated. I felt like I’d seen what they do before. It was predictable and it didn’t work.

Holland on the other hand… wow. They have a pretty average set up in comparision to any side they’ve had over the last ten years and they spanked the Spanish out of site. Their passing was sharp, their tactics were spot on, they utilised pace and they played with incredible passion. What I liked about Louis Van Gaal is he’s clearly noted that Dutch efforts tend to fall down around team spirit… those boys yesterday loved every second and every goal. Amazing unity and excitement.

I also like the Louis Van Gaal discipline. All his backroom team, wearing shirts and ties. It’s only a minor thing, but it certainly says something about your approach and it definitely breeds a type of attitude if set up properly.

Finally, on that game, Robin. Oh Robin. You totally brilliant bastard of a man. The first goal he scored, you saw the floated ball over the shoulder, you’re expecting him to unleash a volley, instead he nods a header over the keeper from 15 yards. Majestic. I told you United insiders were worried that Robin was playing for the world cup last year, so he wasn’t giving his all for the club in a bid to protect himself against injury / fatigue… well, if the end result is games like that, maybe his gamble paid off. Holland… a team to keep an eye on.

Sorry, one more thing. I know it’s only one game, but what Louis Van Gaal has proven is that it’s not about the best players. It’s about the best ideas and the best plan. I wish Arsene had a bit more of that about his game. Holland had no right to win that game. I barely knew a single player in their back five. But that didn’t matter. Van Gaal isn’t about names, he’s about looking at what he has at his disposal, and working it into a system.

The second game I watched was the Chile game. Now, I won’t lie, I was pretty trashed by this time, but it looked a good spectacle. Chile went two up pretty sharpish. Austrailia gave it a good go and pulled one back. Now, I don’t want to get too excited about Chile, but they really were good at stages. I’d prefer to see them against a great team, but their approach is interesting and the technique on display was amazing at times.

Alexis Sanchez is an absolute dream of a player. If Barca are feeling generous post Cesc sale, I’d mostly appreciate us signing him because he’d fit right in. His turn of pace and his skill crafting space is unbelievable. I’d also be pretty into getting Vidal over to Arsenal. How about it Arsene? Have a word please. I appreciate their are difficulties in scouting South American countries… I’m just surprised we don’t tap into that area a little more. Maybe have an Italian or Spanish feeder club. We’re pissing around with people like Joel Campbell when there’s far better talent on offer.

I got chatting to a Portuguese DJ during the game who thought I was Dutch. My hipster edam earrings probably fooled him. He was giving me the lowdown on the football scene around here. He was telling me some things about Jose Mourinho and what the rumour mill is about him. Not sure I can print it, but he wasn’t good at making male friends in the cities he worked in. This guy also thought his star might be fading as well. He had a lot of praise for the new Monaco coach, reckons he’s a special talent. He also said there are rumours about CR7. Big rumours for gossip mags. Again, I can’t print, but I think you get me. Do you? You do? Ok. Nice one.

Anyway, today is about INNNNGGGUUUUURRRRLLLLAAAAAND FC, WE’RE BY FAR… you catch my drift. I’m turned into a full on xenophobe today.

‘Where the fack is my Stella you Portuguese slag?’

‘Don’t you talk that foreign shit near me’


*slam fresh pint of Stella at pub screen at first opp to showcase PASSION


All that jazz, you get me?

I’m pretty excited about seeing what we have to offer. We’re either going to smash it out the park with a Dutch performance, or it’s going to be oh so sad and depressing tomorrow morning when I have to write a review around how we melted in the heat.

I’m just keeping my fingers crossed for a more interesting experience. I dont’ want to see the same old dross rolled out with the same old tired cliched reviews of the death of English football afterwards.

Finally, watch James Richardson totally mug off Martin Keown in his intro on the World Cup stuff.

Ok, some more finally. FINALLY, Emirates are utilitsing their sponsorship deal with Arsenal and actually doing something. This time, for a well known fan called Jill. Very nice piece of content. Well played.


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  1. bergkamplegend

    yoonited fans 2 years ago : WE GOT ROBIN!! WE GOT ROBIN!!
    chelscunt fans this year : WE GOT CESC!! WE GOT CESC!!

    Everybody sing with me : “Ooohh ooohh ooohh to be a Gooner…”

    3 more years of Le Senile One. Will he will succeed to keep Ozil if we are not crowned champs next season ?? The suspense is unbearable!! lol

    Have a very good day.

  2. Jeff

    Sanchez is valued at £26m and that will probably go up to £35m after the world cup. Can you see it happening? I can’t.

  3. Reggie 57

    We won’t get Sanchez Pedro or di maria most probably get Campbell as part of the internal solutions programme..

    Enjoy Wenger strikes again…

  4. Marko

    If cazorla leaves there’s plenty of options out there. Meyer , Pjanic, Grenier, Gaitan but he’s not gonna leave it’s lazy journalist season, they see the Cesc snub and try and make out Cazorlas unhappy all while forgetting he signed a new deal recently.

  5. silentstan

    ‘players you dont know the name of’ is that the criteria then? if you dont know them they cnt be top notch? and as for rumours a blogger cant print. do me a favour its what you lot live off

  6. tunnygriffboy

    A lot of 1st round pool matches in previous WC have tended to be slow cagey affairs. It seems that everyone has thought fuck it, ripped up the script, gone beserk and started attacking making it hugely enjoyable . . . . . . Oh wait. . . England are playing this evening . . . . and Greece !

    Scout watch tonight : Matinez, Campbell and Cavani ha ha ha ha. And a sneaky look at Montero.

  7. Gilo

    Pedro hit the nail on the head yesterday: there’s no urgency because Wenger’s under no pressure to deliver anything.

    Also the club have no respect for the fans and therefore are prepared to see them suffer the agonies that we go through every summer without a second thought.

  8. GoonerInNY

    Why would Santi want to stay? Players aren’t stupid. He saw Arsenal turn down Cesc. He saw Chelsea sign Cesc and likely Costa. He saw Liverpool make their signings. He saw Man City sign Sagna. He has seen Wenger do nothing. He has experienced Wenger’s last two windows.

    Can you really blame him if he doesn’t want to go through another fight for fourth?

  9. Guns of brixton

    Lol stockwell packed with the portugeuse. luv the world cup, get to see all the ppl come out!

  10. Samir

    If Cazorla does leave…We need to replace him with a pacey winger, not another CAM. We already have Ozil,Wilshere,Rosicky, Zelalem etc that can play that role!

  11. Guns of brixton

    Santi just signed a 5- YEAR contract, do you think hes really going anywhere?
    Paper talk guys.

  12. tunnygriffboy


    I see your point about the players mentioned but it’s very early days in the window. There have been certain deals done but generally all over Europe not much has been going on. Costa was always Chelsea bound ( been said on here since xmas, now there’s gnashing of teeth ), Sagna was always off and one of the reasons we didn’t sign Cesc was because we had players like Santi.

    There’s plenty of time for angst and worry but even for us it’s still early in the window.

  13. Arsene's Nurse

    Is this Santi wanting out true? If so and he leaves I’m gonna be spitting feathers. Getting Cesc and letting Santi go would have been some good business. Would have been fairly neutral in terms of cost too.

  14. andy1886

    Is Le Grove turning into Hello! magazine with all this rumour stuff? Serves you right if Ronaldo and Maureen turn you into the meat in their Portuguese man-sandwich Pedro! 😉

    More Petit, Vieira and Edu’s please Mr. W and less Cesc, Nasri and Santi’s. Tika Taka is dead, long live real football!!

  15. andy1886

    Tunny, it’s always early in the AFC transfer window, a bit of urgency never did anyone any harm. We don’t need to wait by the dumpster in the alley any more to see what gets thrown away at the end of the evening.

  16. Arsene's Nurse

    Guns of brixton June 14, 2014 12:10:11

    Santi just signed a 5- YEAR contract, do you think hes really going anywhere?
    Paper talk guys.
    Cazorla signed an extension in Feb 2014. He is contracted until 2016.

  17. salparadisenyc


    The voice of reason, early days indeed.
    Once this world cup ends it’ll be so saturated in rumor we’ll be begging for escape. Absolute comedy on here yesterday, Arsene Nurse late night road tales in foreign lands was the topper.

    Curious to see how #balsodeep shows in this tournament, my feeling is his guns will be a blazing in the Azzurri blue. Especially with a contract to play for.

  18. salparadisenyc

    Pedro not to take issue with your Metro blog post on Prandelli, not sure how he’s under pressure. Took over the Italian squad after Lippi’s debacle in 2010. Has lost one competitive match in charge, the final of the euro 2012 vs Spain.

    Safe to say if anything in Italian football is in its right place, its the national side.


  19. Bamford13


    You’re right that the Netherlands win shows the importance of the manager and of an intelligent tactical plan. He redesigned not only their formation and their pressing, but he identified Spain’s greatest defensive weakness, namely balls played just in behind the two CBs. Worked like a charm.

    When asked whether he expected to win 5-1, Van Gaal said, ‘I expected us to score goals like the ones we scored, but I did not expect to score so many.’

    The Dutch have completely changed the complexion of the WC. Congrats to them. Though I must say they won’t be able to do that against a Brazil. More athletic all around, and faster, more agile CBs.

  20. leon

    holland showed that if you players with pace and the ability stretch defences you will cause defenders problems

  21. Bamford13


    Theo has no clue what he is doing as a CF. doesn’t hold the ball up well, and doesn’t make intelligent runs.

    He’s a dolt. He has pace and he can strike the ball well when it falls at his feet. End of,

    Sanchez is twice the player, because he can not only actually dribble, he is one of the better dribblers in the world.

  22. GoonerInNY

    I might be more open to the “early days” argument if Kroenke/Wenger did not have a track record.

    Until shown otherwise I exoect a rerun of last summer: two or three free/cheap buys and then maybe one big buy on Aug. 31 if something falls into Wenger’s lap. If we start the EPL season with Jenkinson at RB, Arteta at DM and Giroud at CF, I will not even be a little surprised.

  23. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Just watched the RVP goal again, what a great goal.
    The timing, accuracy, and awareness of the goalkeepers position is a joy to watch.
    Whatever we think of him for leaving us there is no denying he is one of the very best in the business.

  24. salparadisenyc


    “Would only have Sanchez if Theo is playing CF! And yes he can play CF”

    Why’s that?

    Sanchez can play across the front 3, i’d easily draft him into the striker role before Walcott. Ideally we’d have Sanchez on the left with #balosdeep or Benzema as the CF with Walcott on the right. Great balance in that, its direct with pace and trickery.

  25. tunnygriffboy


    I agree it was comedy night on here last night. It was Friday after all.

    It’s bad enough at the moment re transfer rumours so as you sayvpost WC is going to be a meltdown of worry and stress. I refuse to get anxious until after the WC ( you know I’m lying ). We ‘ve already been linked with 2567 players !

    Just hope we’ve got targets and been talking behind the scenes.

  26. GF

    What game were you watching, Sanchez was ordinary and Vidal went missing after 15 minutes, We need some workers not flashy wanna bee’s

  27. G787

    Diego Costa – a man with Costa no heart and no shame.
    How can anybody play for Brazil 15M ago and then decide to play for Spain ?
    You should never betray the country of your birth. If it’s true he’s heading to Chelski then they are made foreach other.
    Didn’t expect that from Holland, LVG shows his class yet again. Interesting to see if England can replicate in any form.

  28. mrz

    The more I see RVP the more I regret. I really really want to listen from Arsen anytime after or before his retirement that selling RVP is the biggest mistake of his coaching career. How old is he now? 29 or 30? may be 31!! who cares…He still has the ability to put up a spectacular performance like the one of yesterday………. It is pretty obvious that the “Flying Dutchman” can go on for at least another 3 to 4 years….Wenger thought this RVP is finished but SAF knew what this guy was capable of doing…and how right SAF was!!

  29. london gunner


    Whole heartedly disagree. You don’t play at the top if your a dolt.

    Guy has amazing holding up skills as showed in his match against spurs (big physical and powerful team) His CF role and his holding up skills were as good as any striker in the game that match.

    His incredibly intelligent footballer hence why his nearly always the second top assist in the league and he might no be a worldie but he certainly has world class stats which aren’t padded against the bottom teams as he scores against united chelsea and man city. Watch his goal against Man City was awesome.
    His runs and his timing are so greatly improved from what they were his now one of the best runners in behind in modern football! And that is such an essential skill in the game today!

    ! I find it crazy that for 2 seasons in a row his had one of the best goal and assist combined stats in europe yet all arsenal fans can do is constantly speak ill of the lad and cunt him off!

    Not trying to diss you but your comment was very niave. There is a predjuce about walcott because when he joined us and was playing top football he was so young and so raw. He really was missing vital components to his game.

    But in the past couple seasons his been top class, his runs were bad but your judging him on the past not the past couple of seasons where its been by and large amazing. When he comes in he basically forces the other team to drop deep and lose the midfield because their fullbacks are so wary of his pace, he stretches teams and defenders hence why he gets so many assists he takes them out of place then the mids drop into the box and he cuts it across.

    His also got a great cross now, pretty damn good ball control, and his finishing is superb its not striking the ball think about his chips his perfected that…

    His passing used to be crap now its decent in an Arsenal side known for passing. His certainly becoming much more well rounded. But the main thing is he guarantees you allot of goals and assists per season.

    I think allot of the hate is his a posh mixed raced guy! If he had white skin this blog would be loving him up!

  30. Thomas

    So players out are:


    Vermaelen, Cazorla rumored to be out too

    Podolski could leave aswell

    Miquel, Campbell and Coquelin are not going to make it.

    So that’s twelve players off.

    Hmmm another exodus coming.

  31. Wallace

    london gunner

    i agree Walcott doesn’t get enough credit. there’s a similarity with Henry in that they were both incredible athletes, who had to work really hard on the technical side of things. Henry at 20/21 was a pretty ropey footballer, but he improved year on year. Theo’s doing the same. he’ll never have Cazorla’s sticky feet, but then Cazorla will never run a 10.5sec 100m.

  32. Wallace

    i love Robben the player, but he just exudes c*ntsomeness. his second goal…just pass to your fuckin’ wide open team-mate you greedy bastard.

  33. Samir

    Don’t Everton want silly money for Coleman?
    Wenger will never pay up…
    Expect Jenkinson to take over.

  34. Bade

    Amazing result yester night.

    This is what you call a freak result.

    Not to mention that was never a penalty & the 3rd decisive goal for Holland should have been disallowed due to blatant four from RVP on Iker

  35. Arsene's Nurse

    Guns of brixton June 14, 2014 12:30:43


    either way its paper talk to me. why would he leave? feeling marginalised by Ozil?
    I don’t understand it either. Why would he sign a new contract just a couple of months ago if he wanted out? Doesn’t make sense. As you say, papertalk.

  36. bergkamplegend

    “Chelsea are looking to rub salt in Arsenal’s wounds by following up the signing of Barcelona’s Spain star Cesc Fabregas with former Gunner Alex Song, despite interest from Manchester United.”

    LOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLL (sorry keyser)

  37. andy1886

    Wallace: “Henry at 20/21 was a pretty ropey footballer”

    Err no he wasn’t, he was in a WC winning side at 21, something you don’t do if you’re a ropey footballer. True he struggled at Juve and took time to settle with us, but a bad footballer he never was. I agree that Theo is overly maligned though, but he’ll do a good job as a wide forward and can fill in in the middle even though it’s not his best position.

  38. andy1886

    Nursey, getting him to sign a new contract could either be us trying to convince him to stay, or putting us in a better bargaining position when we sell. Why wouldn’t he sign? No doubt improved terms and as we all know contracts mean nothing if a player decides he wants to go. Good player but I’m not sure he’s what we need where we play him out wide, the PL isn’t La Liga. Back up for Ozil maybe, but would he be happy with that?

  39. salparadisenyc

    I could easily see Santi sold, Wenger’s got such a hard on for attacking mid’s.
    I’m sure theirs a project out there that keeps him up into the wee hours.

    Samir… i’ve no doubt Jenk’s is the man, until January.

  40. Doublegooner

    Our club wont move up because the majority of fans accept anything that they’re told. They would accept Wenger winning nothing & staying till he 75.

    Big Club, my Arse.

  41. Southernpeople


    Spanish are a flawed team; they got away with boring toothless passing game in the last few years. I was surprised by teams pissing themelves when facing them and playing them with fear as France did last year. now they finally got a fearless team managed by a great manager and we see the results. pressing teams like they’re amateur won’t work. Any team with great strikers, like holland , france, uruguay , with a bit tactical game, will hurt you like holland did.

    it’s not freakish; its the reality.

  42. london gunner

    Reus>Alexis Sanchez>Draxler now or in 5 years

    Though Reus and Sanchez be fucking hard to choose whose better I only said Reus because his been hitting crazy stats goals and assists wise for seasons now

  43. Evan

    “Guy has amazing holding up skills as showed in his match against spurs (big physical and powerful team) His CF role and his holding up skills were as good as any striker in the game that match.”

    Joke Friday??

  44. Wallace


    i think he was in the French side at that time more for his speed than his footballing ability. he burst onto the scene at 17/18 but then looked like he was just going to be another speedster until Wenger got him to Arsenal. i remember Ferguson before a CL game against Monaco being pretty dismissive of his footballing ability. i’d say by 23 he looked like a natural, but he had to work very hard to get there.

  45. Cesc Appeal


    Agreed. Fully expect Jenkinson to be “given a chance to prove himself. He has great mental quality and toughness.”

  46. Al

    this Spain team would be a whole lot better and probably the best team if they just changed tactics slightly.

    Costa was so isolated yesterday…very similar to a lot of Arsenal games when giroud would get no support from the midfield.

    If they changed their shape to have 2 strikers on i still think they could walk this tournament. I would drop Xabi also. Never liked the double DM with him and Busquets, both sit way too deep when one player could do that job.

    A 442 or diamond would really get them looking a whole lot more dangerous in the attacking third.

  47. blsany

    I think you should lay off Walcott he is a wide forward and really help us.I would always want him in my team over someone like say Navas. RVP scored that goal was that it was like Bergakmpesque.Dutch forwards always have class,

  48. london gunner


    Sorry I don’t partake in bashing a player who is are highest top scorer season before and had the third most combined goal and assist ration in the league.

    Don’t get how Jack gets a free pass but theo is hated and ridiculed by you guys on here!

    Very cuntish behaviour! We have enough players who don’t score and assist and get a free pass before we need to start knocking theo

  49. Evan

    London, afternoon

    He’s showed glimpses of brilliance from time to time, his 1-2 teamwork, dribbling skills, heading and first touch is still severely lacking.

    He has no football brain, makes the wrong decisions, doesn’t tackle much, can’t defend, small presence, easily bullied. And for some reason takes our freekicks…

    I share your Jack views, we need Jack to step, just like Rambo

  50. kush onye ball

    I read legrove everyday and I must say this is one hell of a blog, good job pedders, at least I have a blogger that sees arsenal my own way,don’t you guys see wenger flogging jenks to be like rambo? We are in this for ever,wenger is in for three more years,so who will outlast who?

  51. Jeff

    We’ve signed Shad Forsythe and because of that no more injuries for us. So it’s simple really; we’ll win the league. 😆

  52. Al

    Anyone thought Rio calling for De Gea to start for Spai was a little embarrassing yesterday?

    Came off very desperate and opportunistic

  53. salparadisenyc

    Spain are certainly up against it… but I’m not counting them out quite yet.. depth on that bench is mental. Could pull 6 starters from yesterday’s debacle and still win the tournament.

    If anything the achilles will be the Ramos/Pique partnership. Albiol could make and appearance. No idea how Del Bosque handles the Casillas issue, does he go for team spirit and keep him in the side or logically bring in De Gea.

    All or nothing vs the Chileans… whom looked wide open at the back.

  54. Guns of brixton


    Witch hunt culture.

    If it aint JW, its Santi, or Ozil or Theo. . . .nxt up its gona be Ramsey when he has an inevitable off game.

  55. WindyCityArse

    Does anyone really pay any attention to what we have done transfer wise in the past?
    We ain’t signing any tippity top quality until the champions league qualifier is done. Even then, I wouldn’t hold by breath.
    Seems to me like we are fast becoming the English Ajax.

  56. london gunner

    I don’t actually think Casillias has declined as much as people think! His just rusty as fuck and I think mentally his not in the right place and hasn’t been since Jose came to RM.

    He made some world class saves and some terrible errors the saves show his still class the errors show his rusty! That’s my take on it anyways

  57. Bamford13


    Do you actually watch our games? Walcott makes bad decision after bad decision. His assists don’t show his intelligence. They show that when you cross the ball across the face of the goal, you get finishes. This doesn’t take intelligence, mate.

    Find me an assist where Walcott finds a pass others don’t see, a pass that requires intelligence. Doesn’t exist. He plays on automatic. Just follows his lines and when he is asked to make decisions, he usually makes bad ones.

    This is why some prominent footballer/commentator once said that ‘Walcott doesn’t have a footballing brain.’

    As for hold up play, you have to be joking. One (possibly!) decent game and he’s one of the best in the world. No, no, no.

    No offense, but you seem one of those types who watches the game but doesn’t fully understand what he’s watching. To see Theo as a great hold-up player or a smart player is just silly. He is neither. He has pace, he can cross, and he can finish. That is it.

  58. Bamford13


    Casillas was awful yesterday. Just awful. The third goal? You have to be joking. The fourth goal? Embarrassing.

    Ballack called for De Gea as well.

  59. Al


    He hasn’t declined, just had a bad game but people are so quick to write off players.

    I mean yesterday, the fact Rio was suggesting De Gea should start was laughable because as great a shot stopper he is,… that’s all he is at the moment. His aerial command of the box is terrible and rio knows this because he had the luxury to play with Schmeichal and van der saar.

  60. Al


    Not saying he was not awful yesterday. Just stating it was one game. A game where there were a whole lot of other problems highlighted in that Spain team.

  61. Bamford13


    Re Walcott, it’s not “bashing”. It’s simply telling the truth about a player’s limitations. Theo is a very useful player, but he’s also a limited player, and he is definitely not a great option for CF.

  62. S Asoa

    Cazorla looks like wanting to move to a club with ambition not one managed by a wooly wimp . At this rate will become difficult for Arsenal to sign any Quality . If days are already here might be why Wenger cannot compete head -on for signing even against medium clubs.
    The Imbecile should have been kicked out 4 years back . If Santi was going it made sense to get Cesc back, not otherwise. But pocketing 6.5 mil is A priority it appears. Screwball Scrooge Kronke

  63. alexanderhenry

    Yet another silly and mean spirited article. According to you, just because holland have one good game in the world cup, van gaal is a better manager than wenger. What a stupid point to make. Anyone with a fragment of knowledge about football, knows that managing a team in the world cup has about as much in common with managing a premiership side, as playing netball does with playing table tennis.

  64. Bamford13


    One, yesterday’s Dutch win was no fluke. That was a win by design. The Dutch executed perfectly and their best players played at three times the level the Spanish played.

    Also, Casillas fouled on the third goal? No way. Keepers deal with that kind of basic contact all of the time. His problem is he never got himself above the play in the first place. His leap — which was pre-contact — was lame and weak. He looked like out of it or out of shape.

    Not a fluke.

    The Spanish were flat-out outthought and outplayed.

  65. Ashwin Gunner

    “Giroud to finish as the World Cup’s top scorer. You heard it here first !”

    you mean off the field in his hotel room right ??? 🙂

  66. Wallace

    “He has pace, he can cross, and he can finish. That is it.”

    sounds like he’s really gonna struggle.

  67. salparadisenyc

    I disagree that Walcott should be a CF option, always have. I think he’s most effective on the right making those runs and opening up space.

    Statements like “hes a highly intelligent footballer…. great holdup skills etc” then going on to call a poster naive whom disagrees is a pretty shallow view. In fact I’d say those are naive opinions on Walcott. I like him, his finishing against City was a bright spot on a dreary day. If were honest we need a next level striker in the mold of somebody more powerful and capable of taking defenders on, finding the necessary space and executing. Thats not Theo Walcott, Benzema or Balotelli sure.

    This is not bashing Theo, its a honest opinion.

  68. Goongoonergone

    I’m glad that nobody is talking about Song. I watched him closely yesterday and he has declined. Slow, tippy-tappy sideways passes, poor tackles, slow recovery rate, ambling, etc, etc.
    Spain – tippy-tappy going nowhere.
    Pace and power – Robben and Robin and Sneijder as Batman – a thing of great beauty.

  69. Ashwin Gunner

    Lets not get to happy about Walcott. His contract is going to expire in next two years. Next hear Walcott saga is going to start. Better to buy Sanchez now than later.

  70. Ashwin Gunner


    Man u makes a move for Vermalaen… I want to see how this ends. Does it end up like RVP. or does Wenger finally have some balls to stop this transfer and either keep him or sell him abroad..

  71. salparadisenyc

    That would be pretty comedic.

    2 former captains at united
    1 at chelsea.

    Perhaps we should include Bouldie in the deal.

  72. gambon

    “I think allot of the hate is his a posh mixed raced guy! If he had white skin this blog would be loving him up!”

    Oh fuck off with these endless racism accusations.

    Its like the new hipster thing, to be a racism policeman.

    Its fucking boring.

  73. gambon

    “Err no he wasn’t, he was in a WC winning side at 21, something you don’t do if you’re a ropey footballer. True he struggled at Juve and took time to settle with us,”

    No he didnt

    Henry scored 26 in his first season.

  74. Bamford13


    If your point is that those are the basic ingredients of a good wide player, I’d agree. That’s what Walcott is: a good wide player.

    If you think that’s all a player needs to be a good or even great CF, then please think again. That’s only half of what a central striker needs, and we already have half a striker in Giroud. We don’t need another half-striker.

    We need a complete player, a complete striker.

  75. emmanuel

    why would a player extend his contract a few weeks ago, with his two eyes open and now want to leave to join atletico Madrid? this is an impudent abuse of contract making process. arsenal should reject this impudence and in case he tries to force it, keep him to rot on the bench until he is properly purged. do these contracts really mean nothing to these rubbish players? in fact I’m pissed off.

  76. Baba

    Hey guys dont you think Santi has heard of a quality LW to be brought in and he is seeing himself behind Özil in the middle and say Reus or Sanchez in the left and he is scared of competiting with them which will be very pathetic of him,but after saying all that its all paper thingy IMHO

  77. Wallace


    i don’t see Walcott as a centre forward. but i don’t see why he couldn’t be used there occasionally, in a more fluid forward line. many people on here talking about buying a Draxler/Reus/Sanchez and playing them across the line. nothing wrong with that, but fairly sure Theo could be just as effective in that role. nb – not saying he’s as talented as the above, but as effective? definitely.

  78. london gunner


    Your a cunt aren’t you…

    “No offense, but you seem one of those types who watches the game but doesn’t fully understand what he’s watching. To see Theo as a great hold-up player or a smart player is just silly. He is neither. He has pace, he can cross, and he can finish. That is it.”

    Despite being unnecessarily rude arrogant and condensing I will address your point.

    I Never said he was greatest hold up player just said he showed potential in that spurs game. His no less smart than Jack wilshere though… All those accusations you leveled at theo can be leveled at jack. Jack makes constant mistakes. holds onto the ball for to long, miss passes and losses possession…

    Its a common theme to say he has no football brain but thats stupid pundit like comment. You don’t get to play in one of the top teams in world football and assist over 12 goals a season through being dumb… Lol or Agbonlohor

    My main point I am trying to make right now is that Theo gets bashed whereas jack makes more mistakes and contributes less? I am just trying to highlight the hypocritical nature of allot of fans and bias towards certain players.

    Also the fact is he makes mistakes? But as long as he scores and assists that’s what matters. Look at Arteta he has an insanely high pass rate success level but he doesn’t contribute those key moments that win games.

    Also Walcott is improving season after season the data proves this and just watching him play does… A player is still improving whilst coming in the top 3 of combined goals and assists totals and you have fans like you cunting him off.

    Also Crossing is a real technique you can’t dismiss it when Theo is the only one on the team who can cross… with the likes of more technically gifted players like santi

  79. Bamford13

    I like Cazorla, but if the reports are true and he wants to return home to Spain, I have no problem selling him — provided we replace him with a genuine wide player, someone technical, pacy and athletic.

    I guess Vela wouldn’t be a terrible replacement for Santi. Not quite as versatile or skillful, but more athleticism, more power, more goal-scoring, more genuine wide play.

    Other better options exist as well, obviously.

    Just occurred to me that if we do sell Cazorla, those upset that we didn’t sign Cesc are going to be doubly upset. Even though Cazorla is more of a wide player than Cesc, they will still see this as an outrage (“if we were selling Cazorla, why did we not bring in Cesc?”).

  80. karim

    Maradona just executed San Iker
    who deserves a lil more respect imo

    Talking about keepers, Gigi Buffon looks like he s gonna be replaced by Sirigu after a small injury
    Dont know if that s such a good news for England to be fair

    Suarez out vs Costa Rica

  81. london gunner


    Seeing as I have suffered racism before maybe I am being a tad paranoid.
    It’s not hipster thing lol I doubt you have experienced what I have so you simply you wouldn’t understand this perspective

  82. Vintage Gun

    Contracts dont mean Jack schite these days. Iv’e known this for quite a few years now.

    A wise man once said “Theres no honor amongst thieves and footballers”

    Its stictly business these

  83. Bamford13


    Ouch. The c-word. Yes, I can be a bit difficult, but only when someone is clearly wrong about something, as you are re Walcott.

    I apologize that I implied that you don’t understand really the game very well, but your response sort of reconfirms this, actually. I’m sorry, but it’s true. Anyone who watches Walcott and regards him as a smart footballer simply isn’t seeing the game. You are watching it, but you aren’t seeing it.

    A few things. Comparing Walcott to Jack is silly. One, Jack may have made all kinds of bad decisions last season, but we have seen him play much, much better in the past. We have seen him make consistently intelligent decisions in the past, throughout ninety minutes, in the center of the midfield and in tight spaces.

    And this wasn’t just his masterpiece against Barca. He was excellent throughout that whole season, and he didn’t make the kind of bad decisions he did this year. Jack also sees passes and plays that other people (Theo Walcott definitely included!) do not. He has creativity, inventiveness, vision. Walcott has none of these things and in close spaces Walcott gives the ball away nearly half of the time. When Jack is playing properly, as he has demonstrated many times in the past, he is excellent in small spaces. Excellent.

    Not sure why you brought up “technique”. We weren’t talking about technique. We were talking about intelligence. Yes, crossing requires technique, but it doesn’t require intelligence. You simply have to find the runner and play the ball across the face of the goal (sometimes you don’t even have to find the runner, as you simply play the ball, knowing someone will be there).

    I’m not trying to be a jerk about this, but you’re just wrong on a number of points. Don’t take my word for it: look at the other comments re Walcott above. Every other person who has chimed in has basically agreed that Walcott has limitations and is not a CF.

  84. NYCgooner

    Will be interesting to see how balotelli plays later. Talented player and I’m starting to come around on the idea of him playing for Arsenal although I’m still not convinced it will work. Aside from the lunacy he brings, I really don’t like his work rate. He seems to stand around a lot the times in the games I’ve seen him play for Milan.

  85. MidwestGun

    Good afternoon, good morning, good evening. You miserable baastads, wherever you are.
    I have Columbia over Greece. 2 to nil or 1 to nil.
    American referee, let’s see if he can fuck it up. LOL

    Karim –
    Still haven’t decided about tonight. Like your score tho.

  86. Bamford13


    You (and others on here) really must begin spelling the name of the country correctly: it’s “Colombia”. “Columbia” is the university in NYC. 😉

  87. Bamford13


    Have you seen the extended Balotelli interview/segment on ESPN? Highly recommended, to all. Am sure you can watch it online. Definitely gives you a different sense of him. He’s sort of sweet at times, kissing his septuagenarian Italian mother, saying he’d like the world to see a different Mario, a happy Mario.

    I don’t know. He still seems so combustible.

  88. MidwestGun

    Bamford –
    Hahaha. Your right. No offense intended. I should get that right. To be honest I let my auto correct spell it.

    COLOMBIA Goasaaaaaalll!

  89. Marc


    You have to wonder if he thinks it’s time to grow up before he throws away what could be a pretty impressive career.

  90. NYCgooner


    I had no idea about the spelling. A little embarrassing to be honest. I always assumed it was spelt the same way.

  91. monty

    Great world cup so far.. cuadrado the real deal…. also suprised guarin and jackson martinez not playing.

  92. andy1886

    Gambon/TT, not sure where you got the idea I said it took TH14 a season to settle from. Wallace said he was a ‘ropey footballer’ at 20/21….. I said:

    Wallace: “Henry at 20/21 was a pretty ropey footballer”
    Err no he wasn’t, he was in a WC winning side at 21, something you don’t do if you’re a ropey footballer. True he struggled at Juve and took time to settle with us, but a bad footballer he never was.

    Well he did take a little time to settle with us as you’d expect, nine games before his first goal and only scored 4 PL goals before January 2000, so the above isn’t exactly inaccurate is it?

  93. JJ

    Absolutely gutted to see 2 of our best players and ex-captains playing for rivals now. Two totally avoidable situations. If Wenger surrounded them with the talent they craved (we all craved) they would not have left.

    If Cesc was winning trophies, he may not have left. If we had sold Santi we could have taken Cesc back from Barca. Santi wants to leave now. There’s loyalty for you!

  94. andy1886

    Poor game so far, Colombia not as good as I thought they might be, although after last night’s game (Esp.Hol) maybe I’m expecting a bit too much.