Arsenal must land superstars on radar to ease Cesc pain

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Ahhh jeez, World Cup day was so good… but then so spoiled. Like walking down an idylic country lane, only to fall into a partially covered pit of pig sewage. Yesterday was ruined.

… but I want you to soak up this image for a second.


Horrible, right?

Yes it is.

What it shows you is that footballers don’t care. They really don’t. Cesc betrayed Barca as a boy to join Arsenal because of the cash. He was a mercenary. Then he betrayed Arsenal when Barca looked the better option. Now he’s betrayed Arsenal by moving to the ugliest football club in the top 6 because they have maximum cash money.

Does he care? No.

He’s dead to me. Totally dead to me. I mean, United, I could tolerate. City, I could tolerate. But Chelsea?

It’s just so gross. It’s like your girlfriend breaking up with you and falling into the arms of Usmanov. You just don’t need that noise in your life. I’m over it . Turn the page. Let’s move on.

This move bothers me because it’s Chelsea. The merits of whether we needed the player are not in question. We don’t.

A few things though. If we sell Santi, that’ll get on my nerves, because Cesc would have been a perfect swap out there. The other concern, the major one, is what we do next.

If we go hard for the big names that are bubbling, and we pull them off. All will be forgiven, I can assure you. If those names fall by the wayside and we end up with nothing this summer because we’ve not properly prepared, I’ll be furious, you’ll be furious… the whole damn world will be furious.

Dick Law, Ivan Gazidis and Arsene Wenger best have a proper plan in place this summer if their main targets don’t work out. You can let an exhero move elsewhere if you’re doing something better. That’s certainly what Arsenal are planning. We don’t need to wait for the World Cup either, I think the Cesc move has just shown you that.

I’m seriously concerned we’re going to piss around until after the World Cup and end up taking the same squad as last season away with us. Not ideal and perfectly standard for Wenger who doesn’t have an ounce of urgency because he doesn’t have an ounce of pressure to succeed.

… but, like I said, let’s not lose the plot quite yet. United’s new manager is managing Holland at the World Cup and he has been charged with spunking £150m to bring a new squad up to standard.

What is mildy irritating is the constant flow of drivel coming from Spurs fans. They call us petulant, but jeez, they are basking in Cesc moving to Chelsea like he’s moved to them. Really is pathetic. But hey, most Spurs fans are, right? Yeah. That’s so right. Stupid Spurs fans and their jokes.

Someone did make the excellent point on Twitter earlier, that an explayer moving to a rival is pretty much standard. Does any club in the Premier League have so many top explayers at other clubs outside Arsenal? I don’t think so. We’re excellent at selling our best players, that’s for sure.

I caught the World Cup in a town square sponsored by Super Bock. A beer that some said was much like Peroni. Well, the evening was ultimately a disappointment as two stands ran out of beer pre-half time. What a shocker. A total shambles. It’d never happen at a Carling stand… NEVER!

Anyway, the game was fairly uninteresting. The Japanese refs, who worried me from the start because they’re clearly not reffing at the top level gave a shocking decision for the Brazil penalty and then apparently went on to explain their thoughts on the decision in Japanese to the Croatian players. Not great work and ultimately a costly decision for Croatia, who though taking a battering, were resolute. Neymar made it count both times though. There were some exceptional touches and dinks in the game. Hopefully Mexico vs Cameroon is a good game tonight.

Below is a bit of a tragic David Bentley video, not because of the content, but because he’s so slow at getting to the point where he says he’s fallen out of love with the game. It’s funny, people go nuts when players say they’ve fallen out of love with sport. For me, it’s perfectly natural. The cardboard box industry lost their shit when I said, ‘look, I love a fire retardent c-fluted board as much as the next man, but I don’t love the process of getting to the finished product. I’m jacking it in.’

Shockwaves people. Big ones.

Point is, football is like any other job… except there aren’t million of people trying to get into the job he once had. But look, if running restaurants is more fun for him, let him have them. Give his £60k a week to people who care about the game. At least he’s not taking a wage.


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  1. goonergerry

    I have been informed from non- football sources involved (financial sources) that Arsenal passed on Fabregas because they would not match Chelsea’s salary offer. We already know that Sagna went to Man City because Arsenal would not match their salary offer.

    The one flaw which has been present throughout the Wenger era (apart from over- confidence) is lack of player investment. It is irrelevant whether Arsenal have money to spend or not on new players. They don’t spend.

    Who ever referred (Scott?) to the current Arsenal regime as an investment vehicle masquerading as a football club has got it spot on.

    Arsenal is in real danger of losing its soul as a football club- basically the Yanks and frenchman in charge are destroying the soul of the club.
    English fans will abandon this club in a couple of years

  2. Phallusaurus

    What the fucks going on with Cazorla, what’s with all this possible departure shit? In the week were we allowed Fabregas to go to Chavs I find it most disconcerting that one of our better players is making such noises. He’s just signed for another 4 years, some clarification is required here I feel.
    Could just be the press mugging Arsenal fans off again, I realise that, but could all be put to bed with a statement from the player.

    I don’t expect any signings whilst Le senile is in Brazil but Cazorla and Fabregas within a week would be too much for me.

  3. sanmi

    Costa reminds me of Luca Toni, One season wonders. There is a reason they did not have any impact in world football till their late 20s. They aint worldclass. Before you say I am reactionary, every one of you who say he is worldclass is reactionary too because he has been only good for one season. You can’t be worldclass for just one season!.
    Here are the list of one season wonders
    1. Michu
    2. Milito
    3. Luca Toni
    4. Demba Ba
    5. Diego Costa (so far)
    6. Suker
    7. Eduardo Da silva
    8. Diego Tristan.

    The common theme about them is, you never hear of them when young, they suddenly score shit loads in their prime which lasts for max of 2-3 seasons! And they are done!

  4. Emiratesstroller

    It would seem that Arsenal have sold their interest to Real Sociedad in Vela.

    It will be interesting to hear how much exactly we have made from this deal and possibly Fabregas as well.

    My guess is that Arsenal never had any intention to bring back Vela, but wanted to unlock the money from any possible future sale.

    With both these players out of the loop it will be interesting to see who
    Arsenal plan to buy. There appear to be so many rumours that I wonder if there is a smokescreen or Wenger is once again indecisive and
    cannot make up his mind.

    Arsenal’s transfer deals always appear to be tortuous.

  5. Jeff

    If Athletico want to buy Cazorla and he wants to leave, Wenger will have no trouble selling him because he will make a tidy profit out of it. He bought Cazorla for about £14m I think and he might well let him go for around 20.

    Don’t forget, it’s not about trophies, or squad depth or rotation. It’s about how much profit can be made and still finish fourth. That’s the formula and if you haven’t realised it that by now, you never will.

  6. Arsene's Nurse

    I tell you what I want what I really really want…

    …You know those World Cup wallchart things that come in newspapers and you fill in the scores for each game well I want one of those but for the PC desktop. Would be handy if it auto-updated the scores too.

    Gonna go hunt the we, someone will have made something.

  7. Guns of brixton

    I say we should sell ramsey- he would fetch a handsome sum, something round 50-60m? great return of profit. then promote zeleam and be done with it!

  8. MadeToLoveMagic

    hahah i know you’re just messing, but ramsey imo wont be worth that until he replicates a whole season of good form without dips or injury

    bt even saying that , the very idea this time last year that we could be dicussing ramsey being worth 60 mil would have been proposterous,, ,

    tHings change, ,

    to not accept change is to not accept life

  9. N5

    Sanmi as I said last night, he’s had one bad match after an amazing season and he’s coming back from injury. Stop overreacting.

  10. Emiratesstroller

    Just seen Marca post. Apparently we receive Euros 3 Million from Fabregas sale. There was provision in the original contract that Arsenal were entitled to Euros 5 million if the price of resale was lower or equal to what Barcelona paid. Euros 2 million had been paid previously.

  11. andy1886

    Hmmm, now that we’ve made a few quid I see next on the agenda another massive fake bid for a player Arsene knows we will never sign. Just enough to be taken seriously but never enough to be accepted. Then we’ll walk away, job done, with the other party wondering why we don’t seem to want to negotiate. And Pedro can say “see? I told you we were up to something big” and not realise he’s being mugged off again.

  12. Jeff


    The club operate on an old age pensioner mentality. You know, the types who know for sure that they haven’t very long to live and yet hoard money as though they’re saving up for a mortgage. It’s a collective neurosis at the club that permeates from top to bottom. It may look like “prudence” to many fans but it’s really more of a mental illness. I mean, do you really think Kroenke needs the profit from Arsenal? It’s peanuts to a billionaire whose family owns Walmart.

    So the answer to the question about what they will do with the mountain of cash is very simple to answer; nothing. They enjoy looking at it and loathe spending on anything unless it is deemed absolutely necessary. Buying expensive players does not come within that category and therefore neither do big trophies. We’re stuck with a load of old farts – none of whom know or care much about football, the fans or even the club itself.

  13. El Tel 1


    I never said Giroud was better than Costa. I said IF he plays like this then he isnt worth the money the Chavs will pay for him and to be honest he diesnt look much better than Giroud going from what I saw last night.

    If he wasnt 100% fit then Spain really shouldnt have played him.

    He looks powerful and took up good positions but he miss kicked ala Giroud and he looked cumbersome and to be honest not that fast.

    I havent really watched him regular so wouldnt know if this was a poor game but for what I saw he didnt blow me away.

    Sanchez, RVP and Robben on the other hand did the business.

  14. El Tel 1

    Looking at the Brazil v Croatia match and I liked the look of

    Neymar (No brainer) Gusatvo and Bernard in that short spell.

    Modric looked quality again and I have always liked Olic. Olic works so hard and is a nuisance to the opponents, he also looks older than me (53)

  15. karim

    half time
    Australia 0
    France 0
    they must be thinking they re at the world cup
    good effort England, nearly beat the Alll blacks again…

  16. bergkamplegend

    karima : of course, you’re always right…
    Maybe you could tell us who will be the next big name coming to Arsenal ?? 😉

  17. karim

    Occasionnally, but with an Arsenal type budget,. don t worry !

    I ve got more arms than Shiva

    What ? a friendly smiley ?