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Sometimes you wake  up and think, jeez, what is my  life all about? My job in this cardboard box factor is souless and as a result, I am soulless. Then you go on holiday and the only channel you can get access to is E! and you hear…

‘We’re going over to our man Tim, who is everything Miley’

Fuck me. Imagine being referred to as ‘everything Miley’, you might as well be referred to as ‘totally pointless’. Your whole life dedicated to a celebrity who pokes her tongue out. Bad times. I mean, almost as bad as the Carlos Vela news website from a few years back. But hey, who’s having the last laugh on that site? The author. Because Carlos might be back. I expect the commenters on here to disappear pretty sharpish.

Kelly Osborne on a programme called Fashion police? I can’t get over this. That’s like Rick Waller compering a Tough Mudder trade show.

Anyway, forgetting all that, because it’s WORLD CUP DAY AND THE EXCITEMENT CAN NO LONGER BE CONTAINED.

Right people? Are we all looking forward to the 9pm GMT kick off of Croatia vs Brazil? I think we are. Poor Geoff, he’s on a flight to the states. What a joke. He moans about people planning weddings and births around football.

It’s interesting, looking around some of the big nations who are favourites, and I can’t help but be a little underwhelmed by their starting 11s. I watched Brazil play last night on a replay and their main striker is Fred. He scored a pretty smart goal when he’d been dragged down and somehow managed to smash a shot into the top corner whilst on the floor… however, is he really a Brazilian super hero striker like the names of yesteryear? Brazil just didn’t look that interesting. Very functional.

Then I saw Holland play Ghana. The African team had a very fancy kit with light detailing that added and air of style normally reserved for the cat walks of… say… Dartford. Smart though. Just football smart.

Ghana 2014 World Cup Home Kit 2

Holland boast some very good players, but at the same time, quite a lot of irrelevance, with Ron Vlaar the main choice at centre back. Just seems like some of the big teams are carrying some dross. That’s why I think this world cup is quite open. There aren’t any clear favourites. So hopefully we’ll see an upset this time. I’m really gunning for Iran. That’d really fuck the World off…

‘First they won’t let us look at their uranium enrichment plant, now they’re winning the damn World Cup.’

I remember a story from a few years ago about the Iranian football team.

‘Two Iranian soccer players have been suspended from the country’s professional soccer league and may face a public lashing on the pitch for an “immoral” goal-scoring celebration, according to numerous reports.’

Most news outlets ran with the story with ‘Butt-grabbing’… not sure that’s a standard celebration, but if your Sunday League team gets an away leg in Iran, no butt grabbing.

In more bizarre Chelsea news. Their latest, ‘what the hell are they doing?’ centres around the rumour that they’re going to offload Mikel (get it) and Ramires (don’t get it). Apparently Matic is being groomed as a starter and Chelsea don’t want to have a world class back up? Times really have moved on. They’re getting stuff done this summer. Mourinho is rebuilding the team in his name in a big way. Makes our total inaction so far frustrating.

I shouldn’t get frustrated, because I know there are big ambitions. Trouble is, there were big ambitions last summer… and sometimes, ambitions are so big, they seemed doomed to fail. The strategy that I’d most like to understand is the…

‘What if we fail?’

… because if we fail with our priority targets, what can we go after instead? Big clubs don’t let their big players go without a fall back plan. So Barca, Madrid, Dortmund and PSG aren’t selling unless they have people in place. Then you have to take into account what they plan to do. Madrid made us wait until the last minute with Ozil whilst they decided. Which scuppered our planning. They also spanked up the Higuain price to £32m, just because they could.

What are we going to do to ensure we get the players early at the price we want? GO SUPER BIG with fee so we blow competition out of the water. Or wait until teams are desperate to balance the books? What about timings? When do we say, sorry XXX, we can’t wait any longer, we’re going to go for the 2nd tier option to guarantee a name?

I mean, there are many questions you’d hope we’ve got nailed this summer.

Wayne Veysey has confirmed that Arsenal have signed Shad Forsythe. It’s a big move and it could prove an exceptional move if he…

1) Can handle the internal politics at Arsenal and push his own vision

2) Adapt his knowledge to club level football. A massive, massive ask, but doable.

3) Get enough of Arsene Wenger’s attention to make his views relevant when selecting the team

4) Change the managers approach to what players do when they’re not on the pitch. So, so, so important.

5) Impact what we do in preseason

So a massive job, but one you’d feel most 40 year old men with ambition could handle.  He’s certainly not an obvious choice. It’s square peg in round hole. But hopefully, it’s putting a Thierry in a central position, rather than putting Nik Bendtner outwide on the right.

Still, I can’t moan. One of my hopes for the summer was that we’d replace the dinosaur we currently have. Which has been done. Let’s see how it pans out over next year… could be the most important signing of the year.

‘Get the best talent in your ranks, then keep it on the pitch’

Some American football coach said that… too true babes, too true.

I’m on a book purchase spree at the moment. If there are any great sports management books you could recommend, that’d be great. Preferably outside football, because I’m already expert at that (just jokes, but I’ve bought most of them, bar Terry Venables, which is laughably call ‘Born to Manage’).

A few more stories to wrap up the post. Alisher Usmanov wants more shares in Arsenal. He sees it as a long term investment. he’s pretty good at long term. Well, long term vision anyway. As we’ve reported before, he pumps a lot of money into tech start ups. Big wins with Facebook and Twitter. He’s also bought quite heavily into Apple under the assumption they’ll rocket over the next couple of years with their new product lines. Still don’t get the Arsenal thing. Unless he has a gut feel that Stan is going to give up the ghost at some point for a mega fat profit. I have my doubts there!

Finally, a Sky Sports News (Italy) are reporting we might be interested in Mario. I can also report that the Grovers in the comments have come up with the hashtag #BalosDeep in a bid to encourage Arsenal to go in hard for the Italian.

Sky Sport Italia pundit Mario Giunta suggested “Arsenal are very interested in Balotelli and Arsene Wenger would do anything to bring him to London.

“This operation could be pushed forward by the technical sponsor, who Balotelli shares with Arsenal.

“To have Balotelli in the Premier League for Arsenal would be an important investment.”

I like the sound of that. Go on Ivan, go #BalosDeep with Mario.

… jeez, that sounds so wrong… but the sentiment is true and creative. Love it. Good work Grovers.

Right, that’s it. Have a marvellous day, see you in the comments!



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  1. azed

    If I were to rate current CAM ‘s in PL
    1 Ozil
    2 Mata
    3 Oscar
    4 Sterling
    5 Cesc
    6 WillIam

    No David Silva?

    Oh and by the way, Cesc shits on everyone on that list bar Ozil and Mata from the top of the Eiffel tower.

  2. WengerEagle

    Nearly threw up seeing Cesc in a Chav shirt for the first time on Sky Sports yesterday.

    Can understand the move from his point of view and I can even understand why we opted against re-signing him.

    We have to spend big now though or they will likely be chaos come September.

    Even if we land 3-4 big targets I still think Chelsea will win the league, they are just far too strong.

    Filipe Luis

    On top of what they had last season with only David Luiz and possibly Lukaku outgoing.

  3. goonerDNA

    I think Chelsea buying Cesc is a bit stupid on Jose’s part, Cesc isn’t the player they need IMO Cesc was a luxury buy

  4. Jim Lahey

    I would have thought Chelsea would look like this next year.


    What ever way they line up….. another 6-0 might not be too far off

  5. Romford Pele

    Chelsea really shouldn’t be benching Oscar. The dude is a don. Love the way he plays, a real hustler. Dipped in the second half of the season but he’s only 22. Real talent.

    And my boy Neymar; 50 caps, 32 goals!

  6. Romford Pele

    “@RP – Your boy should have seen a straight red last night!”

    Lol yeah that wasn’t pretty, he got lucky there.

    Croatia played well, could’ve got something but I still felt Brazil deserved the win, dodgy penalty aside. They’ll get better as the tournament goes on. Brazil is the most expectant nation around, nerves would’ve definitely played a part.

  7. Dannyboy

    If that dickhead even thinks about signing Gareth Barry or some other joke cunt after turning his back on Cesc – think we should all just kill ourselves and rid us of the pain.

  8. Thank you and goodnight

    Not surprised Bentley ‘ s retired mate. Like so many English players, had the talent but to much of a big headed arrogant lazy fucker. To many English players think they’ve made it just by reaching the first team, not realising the hard work and applying yourself starts then. That’s why I have so much respect for players like Beckham and Gary neville. They trained harder than anyone else.

  9. Nasri's Mouth

    Woah, so I pop back in here to say hello and a few hours later I find out Fabregas has signed for Chelsea, along with, the obligatory fan meltdown. How’s that for timing? One of the best players ever to have graced an Arsenal shirt moving to a club that is rapidly moving up the ‘most hated rivals’ chart.
    Having a look back through twitter last night there were a variety of responses to the news. #traitor seemed to a popular one, though a pretty stupid one given that he only went to Chelsea because we didn’t want him. Arsenal (and by that I mean Wenger) turned him down.
    There also seemed to be a lot of shock about the move, which was a little strange because it’s been on the cards for quite a few days now. He has family in London, there are very few other teams that are a match for him, so it really should’t have been a surprise once the idea of Chelsea was mooted. Denial isn’t just a river in Eqypt it seems.
    And of course there was the familiar #Wengerout . This one seems to make a little more sense as Wenger is the one person who could have stopped it happening. So why didn’t Wenger want to re-sign a player who
    a) clearly wanted to come back to us,
    b) at 27 is in the prime of his career as an player
    c) had a clause inserted by Arsenal in his contract that we had first dibs on him.
    d) was certainly of interest to us last summer
    e) wasn’t overpriced.
    It’s a no brainer right?
    Firstly, let’s not forget Barca didn’t want him. They choose to sell him and sell him for less than the price Mata went to Manu.
    But that doesn’t seem like a good reason to turn him down to me if I’m honest. We can afford him, he was great for us, we should have got him. Look at this way, had he been in the squad this season, it seems reasonable to say we’d have been closer to ManC at the end of the season than we were.
    So my guess is Wengers thinking is this:
    When Cesc came, we ended up building a team around him. We slowly changed from a fast counter attacking side with pace to a slower possession based style of football that often got referred to as Barca-lite. Ultimately it was a failure.
    By accident or design we’ve been moving away from that for a while now. We’re becoming much more direct and purposeful with players like Ramsey and Ozil, with back up from Wilshere, Chamberlain and Rosicky. But we’re a team still crying out for more pace, (the absence of Walcott clearly demonstrating that). Fabregas, brilliant player though he is, doesn’t give us that anymore. So while Fabregas is still an exceptional player he’s not one that necessarily ‘fits’ our team anymore.
    A piece by the excellent Tim Stillman here: explains it better than me. The Adrian Clarke piece he references is definitely worth a read too.

    I’m not sure whether Wenger’s right about it all. I’d love him back for all sorts of reasons. I’m not as emotionally attached to him as some, (I’m old enough that previous players graced my informative years) but still it’s Fabregas for fucks sake!! But Wenger isn’t paid to be emotional and sentimental nor to think that spending £30m + wages to stop Chelsea signing a player is the best way forward. He’s paid to make the Arsenal squad as good as it can be, as efficiently as possible. So for me it comes down to this. I have no issue with Wenger turning down Cesc if by the end of May 2015 the players we brought in have gained us more points than Cesc would have done.

  10. Romford Pele

    “To many English players think they’ve made it just by reaching the first team, not realising the hard work and applying yourself starts then.”

    So so true

  11. Romford Pele

    “A piece by the excellent Tim Stillman here:

    Yeah I posted that last week.

    It’s easy to see why the decision was a no. If this is the style Wenger is going for (which I advocate), he has to back it up with the personnel (no faith in that). Still, Cesc is probably his all-time favourite so it’s a big one on his part to say no.

  12. Dannyboy

    I think the one thing that even Wenger Lovers like Revvin Kevin cannot deny now is that Wenger absolutely does not give one single shit about Arsenal fans.

    Could have made millions of fans summers… Chose to ruin it instead.

  13. london gunner

    You guys really need to get over this weird fetish for Cesc, a barca reject who isn’t the same player he used to be has gone to Chelsea…

    His not even that good ffs lol! He had ok stats in Barca with a team with inesta and messi but he hardly set the world alight!

    Glad we didn’t sign him! Chelsea welcome to him!

  14. london gunner


    Lol at your comment at Brazil over the penalty.

    It wasn’t a penalty and the ref knew that.

    Watch Italy Korea if you don’t believe there is corruption in the World Cup.

    Brazil paid to win their opening match.

    Croatia was just as good as them before that unfair second goal

  15. Jim Lahey

    @TYAG – Very true, Jermaine Pennant is another one that comes to mind.

    @Dannyboy – Are you suggesting some form of Arsenal based Jonestown esque event?

  16. NYCgooner

    Forget about Cesc. As I’ve posted earlier in the thread, you could possibly get Aurier and Schneiderlin for around the same amount of money it would have cost to sign Cesc. Players in position we are desperate to fill, least we forget.

    We are always complaining about signing players for sentimental reasons hurt us in the past. Let’s be consistent here.

  17. Dannyboy

    Jim – A signing like Gareth Barry would warrant it really after he rejected Cesc.

    Or Chelsea leave the path open for us to sign Kalou as a thankyou for giving them Cesc!

    hahaha couldn’t write this shit.

  18. WengerEagle


    He’s no more a ‘Barca reject’ than Ozil is a Real Madrid reject.

    There are plenty of better reasons you could have used for us not bringing him back but don’t pretend he isn’t a world class CAM because he is.

  19. Ashwin Gunner

    CESC to Chelsea

    I thought it was a disaster at first. but now that i have read so many articles and read comments from people, I am starting to feel that Wenger has had masterstroke here.

    1) Cesc was great.. but what did we win with him.. I mean at one stage we had Cesc, Nasri and RVP in our team and we finished 4th.
    2) Cesc was great. but he couldn;t find a place in Barca’s team. Although his situation was not as bad as it is for Song.
    3) How motivated do you think CESC ? He has to play under a manager who he clearly hates. He is hurt that Wenger didn;t go for him. He is going to be the Rafael Benitez for fans. As many of them did;t forget his incidents with Lampard.
    4) With Oscar putting up a brilliant display Cesc will not walk into the team anymore.
    5) We got 5m out of Cesc transfer.
    6) We have players like Ozil, Ramsey and Cazrola who can play well.. Add to the fact that both Ramsey and Cazrola are ambidexterous. And with the new fitness coach we could very well keep all of them fit.
    7) We could use the 30m + 5m, on our purchases.

    I hope Wenger used the money though. I hope Wenger proves that he has done the right thing by passing on Cesc. I have been wrong before. But I just hope I am not this time.

  20. Nasri's Mouth

    Dannyboy: I think the one thing that even Wenger Lovers like Revvin Kevin cannot deny now is that Wenger absolutely does not give one single shit about Arsenal fans.

    He’s paid to make the club as successful as possible, not to pander to the sentiment of fans though. His first (and only) thought ought to be what’s the best use of our money to increase our points tally come next May, and the following Mays after that.

  21. Leedsgunner

    “To many English players think they’ve made it just by reaching the first team, not realising the hard work and applying yourself starts then.”

    Agreed. JACK WILSHERE are you listening? You could be, and can still be an ARSENAL GREAT — get your finger out!

    I think this complacency is because frankly our youngsters are too comfortable. Whereas youngsters from other parts of the world (ie. South America and Africa) know this can be a ticket out of extreme poverty for not only them but for their entire family.

    Obviously, we should all be glad for the standard of living we have in old Blighty (for all it’s warts and faults compared to the rest of the world) but some of our homegrown youngsters don’t realise what a privilege it is to be a professional sportsperson for a living.

    Edin Dzeko does though– an absolute eye opener!

  22. Ashwin Gunner

    “He’s paid to make the club as successful as possible, not to pander to the sentiment of fans though. His first (and only) thought ought to be what’s the best use of our money to increase our points tally come next May, and the following Mays after that.”

    Yup compeletely agreee. I hope Wenger does what needs to be done with the money and get soem more trophies.

    I was also one of them who was cursing Wenger, that he is letting CESC go. but now that he is gone, we can look at our positives and stop moaning.

    CESC to chelsea would not be very disasterous if we make the right moves in the transfer market.

  23. Dannyboy

    NM – He doesn’t mind pandering when it’s to get Flamini/Campbell on free’s or Henry on loan does he?

    All about the $$$ with this man!

  24. Nasri's Mouth

    @Ashwin Gunner

    I worry about how good Chelsea will be with Matic, Cesc and Costa in their side actually. If it clicks, they really should win the league next season, and they need to or Mourinho is probably on his way (again)

  25. andy1886

    Welcome back NM.

    “He’s paid to make the club as successful as possible, not to pander to the sentiment of fans though. His first (and only) thought ought to be what’s the best use of our money to increase our points tally come next May, and the following Mays after that.”

    The question is do you honestly believe that he’ll do that? Based on the almost certain fact that the best use of our money over the past few years hasn’t been to let it fester in a bank vault, he doesn’t have a great track record in that respect.

  26. Bergkamp63

    “I am starting to feel that Wenger has had masterstroke here. ”

    More like a stroke than a masterstroke !

  27. Ashwin Gunner

    @Nasri’ Mouth
    “I worry about how good Chelsea will be with Matic, Cesc and Costa in their side actually. If it clicks, they really should win the league next season”

    Well yea. Its all speculative. He might help them win the league or he might be another bench warmer…

    See. I wanted Cesc to Arsenal as much as any other Arsenal fan did. But the truth is that he is gone. He is not he only WC player left in the world.

    Whehter Wenger did a blunder or did he pull of a masterstroke is for us to see. But now that Chelsea have bought him, Wenger should concentrate on his own team and make some right moves in the market.

    If he does the right purchases then who cares where Cesc is playing and how good he is playing. all we care is how good Arsenal is playing

    Cesc might play very good for them. but for us he is one another player who was linked with Arsenal but ended up in Chelsea. Same like Mata and Hazard. Well a bit different becuase in this case Wenger had the upper hand but now that the deal is done, he is just going to be some player who plays for Chelsea. We should start concentrating on our team now..

    Having said that. I wish Wenger does move for a WC striker, DMF, RB and a Winger. If he purchases good players in these 4 positions, then Cesc to anybody is immaterial to us…

  28. Leedsgunner

    I do hope that Wenger does make the right moves in the transfer market, and soon, — because what the Cesc deal does do is to focus the spotlight on our inaction compared to our rivals big ticket deals to strengthen in the transfer market.

    For all our Maureen’s faults he acts decisively to address the weaknesses of his squad — no playing favourites or the ever perennial “We can’t bring in XXX player here because it will kill XXX player that we have already.” BS that we hear from WEnger again and again

    If they are not good enough into his system he gets rid of them because he buys quality in the first place he finds a buyer, none of this loaning repeatedly because they can’t locate a buyer. I mean Squillaci, Diaby, Park Chu-young, Bentdner and Djourou are prime examples of how deadwood costs you in the end.

    Sometimes Arsene the reason why some players are unwanted and are cheap is because they are s***.

    PS. Note to those bemoaning Chelsea buying our ex-captain. He’s gone, get over it. No one owes us a favour, we need to make our own team and our own way. I hope Wenger and crew pull their finger out and realise this, before it’s too late.

  29. Doublegooner

    Van Gaal will tear Wenger apart.

    Pace & Power tears tippy tappy apart. This coincides with Barca’s demise.

    End of a an era….except for one man who is past his sell by date yet stuck with s for 3 more years.