Arsenal re-sign party throwing reject. You happy?

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Hey, wasn’t that an aggressive headline to start the morning?

Screw you, and your toast.

… but before we crack into the main action, I was in a bar yesterday, that was actually the top floor of a car park. They pump the smell of cinnamon through the actual car park to remind you you’re not in a car park. It was pretty damn awesome. An incredible view. Then some Sporting Lisbon players sat next to us… and one of them started smoking.




Could not believe it. I was all like, who gave you those, Jack Wilshere? Then I realised that’s taking down one of my own. So I merely cracked with my afternoon desperately trying to decipher what they were saying… to no avail. For Portuguese is not my mother tongue.

Talking of Latin players, it appears Arsenal are going all out to bring back King Carlos Vela of Sociedad. Their President said…

“Arsenal have informed us that Vela would be with them next season.”

Hey, if there’s a buyback clause you want to be activating, it’s the man who throws more debauched parties the Silvio Berlusconi. The man who won’t book a party unless there’s at least 8 hookers looks like he’s heading back to the UK for £3.5m!

Am I pleased? Hell yes. He’s a far better bet than Griezmann for me. The Frenchman really hasn’t impressed me in any of the three games I’ve extensively scouted him in. Carlos has been the star this year, he scores the goals and he also makes them. Simple facts you have to digest this summer is that Theo ain’t going to be back in the side any time soon, so we need pace can trickery up top. Carlos has that and now he has experiences.

The Mexican was never a bad player, he just never took the chance to kick on at Arsenal. I also think the manager put him on the shit list a bit too soon. He was always a magic talent and I was sad to see him go. If he comes back and delivers like he did  in Spain, we’ve done an amazing piece of business.

… kind of like Chelsea and Matic. Bar the £20m buy back…. and hey, if Griezmann is going for £20m, Carlos is worth that as well.

Also, I said I’d tell you this week about the name I had. I can’t, because it might still be on. Once it’s dead and buried, then we can talk about the name. Until then, feast on Carlos Vela, who wasn’t the name.

There are rumblings that Madrid are going to launch a move to bring Suarez to the Bernabeu this summer… with Benzema used to fund that move. Now, I don’t think Liverpool are going to sell Suarez and if they do, I’m guessing they’d probably want Benzema the other way. So this noise just feels quite out of place. However, if Wenger is serious about buying a great striker, then he’ll be sniffing. I’m just not sure that a Benzema is the first option, I think Wenger is looking elsewhere to bolster than front three with the ingredients he so desperately needs to kick us on a level.

There are some stories about Arsenal ‘offloading’ Santi to Atletico this summer, the reason cited is that we have many creative midfielders, so could spare one. Not sure I’m buying that, even if they do offer £18m (actually, that’d be pretty amazing). Santi is signed up to us, if we wanted to flog him, we’d have made a bigger play for Cesc.

Hey… that sounds like a plan that I’d buy into? What you saying?

David Seaman scored two goals for Portugal last night. I watched the Portugal vs Ireland game in Portugal in an Irish bar run by Portuguese people.

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 10.42.56


The game was interesting, Ireland didn’t really have much to offer, but at the same time, even though Portugal destroyed them, I wasn’t overly impressed by them. A lot of loose control. Still, can’t argue with that score line.

Also, for the gamblers of the world, I was sent this by a Gooner last night.  The World Cup and Economics 2014 document is a pretty detailed overview of the world cup and a load of statistical modelling stuff.

Also, whilst showing off my data prowess, check out this interactive thing I won’t call an infographic by The Economist. It tracks goals over all the World Cups. So much fun if you’re a sh*t hot economic planner like me.

If you’d like to take a penalty against Neuer, why not go to this page where The Mirror have set up a penalty gun that’ll allow you to take a virtual shot at the German. I love nothing more than a PR effort that blends offline celebrity with online skill. The brand are targeting influeners to create a unique piece of branded content they’ll no doubt share with their followers. The ideal situation is that those followers will see The Mirror as a trailblazing brand that they’ll want to read over and over again.

I like it. I really like it. #Engagement #SoSocial #PersonalisedBrandedContent #SEOLinkz

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 11.26.55

Finally, Twitter doing some pretty cool things for the World Cup. If you click view the match, it curates against the game, which is cool. Right? Yes.

That’s all I have today, have a good one and I’ll see you tomorrow for the World Cup opener! So exciting…

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 11.03.45


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  1. chocc

    The golden glove should be between Buffon on Casillas.. Not really based on their ability but because of the way their teams play.

  2. Bamford13


    Have you watched Morata much? Have you really looked at him in detail? I’m not going to pretend I’ve seen a lot of him, but the more I look at him, the more I like him.

    He’s 6’3″ but is quick, athletic and likes to beat people on the dribble. Can score from 25 yards out, from headers, off the dribble, etc. Also plays in combination well with others and can play out wide.

    I actually think he’s a bit underrated. Certainly would give us more than Giroud does, I think.

  3. salparadisenyc


    Everyone remotely involved with this blog knows you’ve a massive hard on for Vela. Hope all your energy spent in selling him comes good and he does shine.

    We’ve all lived with the impotent Vela… i’d rather not revisit that ground.

  4. london gunner

    Sal 😉

    But that’ what I mean if his shit! If it doesn’t work out! We sell him for a massive profit 😉

    Also means I can walk around bars saying to girls I play for Arsenal hahah!

  5. Bamford13


    I think saying Vela was “impotent” when he was with us is a bit unfair. While far from perfect, I always thought his skill and quality were obvious. He scored some fantastic goals and his touch, for me, was always classy.

    I’m not guaranteeing he’ll be a smashing success, but I think he has a lot more to offer than many are giving him credit for.

    I’m with london on Vela. 😉

  6. london gunner

    If only Dzeko was a bit younger his 28…. Giroud 27 his a massive upgrade on Giroud but I reckon he would cost a fair bit and we would only have him at the top of his game for a season or 2.

    Morata is as much as a gamble as Mario Ballocrazy!

    Morata is young and has shown potential but for me he could honestly go either way, in theory his got the attributes to be a great striker but I have seen so little of him and RM choose Jesse Rodrigues a WINGER over him as CF for when Benzema wasn’t playing.

  7. salparadisenyc


    Regardless of his scoring goals, touch or class… Wenger’s treatment of the player rendered him impotent imo. He’s still the boss and we shall see. Like I said, i’d love for Vela to ride form he’s had in Spain, but i’m skeptical.

  8. BacaryisGone

    Players change in football and Vela looks to be one of those gifted talents who needed to mature. Three years can be a long time when it comes to a player’s development. Just ask all of us who wanted Ramsey sold off just 18 months ago.

    Improved statistical performance aside, Vela’s estrangement from the Mexican national team is another big positive as the long travel commitment was an issue when he was with Arsenal before. Now he’ll be headed into a season where he’s fully rested.

    At the very least, he provides insurance for Theo on the right. We all know how slim a chance it will be that Theo comes back firing on all cylinders and won’t get injured again in one form or another. Also, it will be interesting to see Vela link with Ozil as the German tends to drift out wide allowing the right winger to cut inside on goal.

    If we do bring him back, the beauty is that it won’t be at the expense of where we really need to upgrade. Whoever said that Arsene will only buy 3 players this summer is dead wrong. It will be between 4-6 players depending on who else might leave.

  9. london gunner


    brilliant vid thanks for posting it!

    I think Inesta was the best creatively silva second
    Xavi technique was crazy
    Mata had some pretty cool moves for the little saw of him
    Santi was ok

    But I think Sergio Ramos was seriously good his passing is immense not for a defender immense as in just immense by any standards, he was so creative and technically great and was on par with many of the midfielders also he seems to have so much more impact whilst on the pitch. His lofted ball at the end was quality

  10. WengerEagle


    Yeah I’ve watched every Real Madrid UCL match, a few Cup matches and roughly 15-20 La Liga matches they’ve played this season and tbh while Morata has looked decent when he’s played he’s never really stood out. For me personally Jese was far more impressive when watching Real matches, he really stood out and was outstanding.

    For me he doesn’t score enough goals. 9 in 34 apps for arguably the best side in Europe isn’t efficient enough. Higuain at the same age scored 24 goals for Real.

    Like I said he looks a decent prospect and who knows he could vastly improve but I just think we could do so much better this summer so we shouldn’t even entertain the idea.

    Vela for example would be a much better option to play CF IMO.

  11. WengerEagle

    ‘who in our sqaud was around when vela was last in the emiratesbar theo?’

    Schesny, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Gibbs, Wilshere, Rosicky, Ramsey and Diaby (lol).

  12. tunnygriffboy


    I like the look of that team. Affordable as well. Morata able to play wide left if needed. I’m really interested in Pedro’s marquee signing

    Giroud for golden boot ( welly )

  13. Emiratesstroller

    What I find interesting is that Chelsea, Man City and Liverpool appear to have
    targeted a small number of specific targets and will probably get most of those on their wanted list.

    By contrast the catalogue of players who appear to be linked with Arsenal increases by the day with absolutely noone with a clue as to what is going on.

    Basically we have been linked with almost every forward who could be remotely on sale in this transfer window.

    The question is does Arsenal and Wenger have a clue as to whom they actually want?

    I am beginning to wonder if the club has once again no transfer strategy.

  14. salparadisenyc

    “Sky Sports Italia claim Puma wants to help Arsenal sign Balotelli”


    The silly season!

  15. london gunner

    Looks like no Vela after all.

    “Although Apperibay has admitted that Arsenal are keen to activate the clause, he revealed at a dinner with reporters that the Mexican striker, who scored 16 goals last term, does not want to move back to the Gunners.

    “We are fortunate that the player is keen to stay in San Sebastian with us and that’s an important factor for Real Sociedad,” said Apperibay.”

    This was from skysports so its pretty much true.

    Ah well if he doesn’t want to come to us! His obviously not up for top team football!
    Sounds like his given up national team and top team football to live the easy life in Spain.

  16. WengerEagle

    Milan are picking up Jeremy Menez on a free transfer.

    Even the likes of Swansea are out spending Milan nowadays.

    Sad how far they have fallen, their 2002-2005 team was one of the all-time greats.

  17. Leedsgunner

    I for one would love Balotelli – at the top of his game the guy is unplayable. At the moment we have a world class talent in Özil and I could just see it click with Super Mario… If he came here he would be seen rightly as the main man and I could see Mario relishing that role. The guy loves attention and all Wenger needs to do is to channel it. Wenger has a new contract, let’s see him earn his corn for once… 😉

    In all those games versus the top sides where you need your top striker to capitalise — I can see Mario being that man. Plus in coming back to England I would think he would want to prove his detractors wrong.

  18. WengerEagle

    ‘Only asking as it seemed to me he tried to offer the olive branch and you bent him over and stuck it up his bottom.’

    Hahaha you have a way with words my friend. 🙂

  19. Bert

    Why are people putting Vela in their starting line up and being happy about it, he’s a rotation player…good against the bottom half and cup games but we need more…Arsenal should be aiming for more..but that comes down to AW’s lack of ambition nowadays more than anything

    I should say I agree we should be signing Vela…we haven’t got any strength in depth and at 3.5m would be an absolute steal…but I think the Sanchez / Di Maria’s (I still think RM might get rid of him which would be stupid but they did get rid of Ozil) of the world are what we should be aiming for…(also personally don’t think we should be sniffing around Greisman either for the amount of money being talked about)

    p.s. Isco’s spot is looking a little precarious nowadays at RM…could we convert him into a left winger that likes to cut in?…don’t remember if he has a gear or two though….

  20. N5

    TYAG, Alfie is always being sarcastic. When ever you read anything he says it’s taking the piss. He’s only ever spoke to me on three separate occasions and everytime he’s been a prick.

    Plus yesterday he said I was a groomer, so even if he sent me flowers I’d still knock him out when I saw him, if he wasn’t 12….. and ginger….. and a girl….. and puny…… and dial in disguise.

  21. WengerEagle

    ‘How about Vela, Mad Mario, Khadeira and Aurier for this summer. Looks good to me’

    Really not a fan of Khedira at all mate, he’s a technically poor clogger in CM essentially.

    Also Vela as our marquee LW signing would be pretty underwhelming.

  22. kwik fit

    Khedira has been poor at Madrid but he was a hot property before he went to Spain. Sometimes players need a fresh challenge to get their careers back on track . So perhaps Khedira could do just that at the Arsenal. Additionally he and Ozil are best buddies.

  23. Leedsgunner

    Khedira has been poor at Madrid but he was a hot property before he went to Spain. Sometimes players need a fresh challenge to get their careers back on track . So perhaps Khedira could do just that at the Arsenal. Additionally he and Ozil are best buddies…

    I agree with you kwik,

    SAmi Khedira, I seem to recall was devastated when Mesut left Real Madrid for AFC. I reckon, it would give Ozil a positive boost So we would fill a position with a proven international and with someone who would give our star player another reason to play well for the club. A win win as I see it.

  24. Moray

    Fuck. Airport workers looking to go on strike in Rio before the WC starts. This World Cup could end in disaster if people can’t travel between locations.

  25. Moray

    Cavani joined PSG in a £55m deal from Napoli last summer but has become fed-up with playing second fiddle to Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

    But despite reports suggesting United have tabled a £60m bid for Cavani, Starsport can reveal new boss Louis Van Gaal has no interest in him.

    Starsport revealed two month’s ago that Cavani is reluctant to join a club that can’t offer him Champions League football.

    He told United he would only join them provided they put him on the same £300,000-a-week wages as England star Wayne Rooney.


  26. Cesc Appeal

    Lovren hands in a transfer request…would bet good money on him ending up at Liverpool. That’d be Moreno and Lovren added to their problem defence…pretty god.

  27. Bamford13

    WengerEagle and others are right re Khedira. He is not good enough. Not that skillful, not a great passer. Reasonably athletic but is basically second if not third choice for Madrid and Germany.

    We need better. Even Schneiderlin is a better option that Khedira. Better with the ball, and a better passer.

  28. MidwestGun

    Bamford –
    Apologies, if I came across as condescending or preachy last night. But some of the things people say on here in the middle of the England night because they think nobody will respond is very crazy to the point of insulting. But I didn’t mean to include you.
    I agree about Khedira. Would be worried about injury history also. There is something to be said about Ozil having a good friend on the team, tho.
    As I said earlier still not convinced Wenger sees the need for a cdm.

  29. Bamford13

    No problem, Midwest. I appreciate that Neil’s rants are a bit out there. I happen to sympathize with his outrage and exasperation, so I generally smile when I read his posts, but only because I don’t really pay attention to the more outlandish stuff. I let all of that sort of wash off me.

    If he wants to rant about the absurdity of signing Sanogo, however, I have no problem with that.

    Did you decide between Bosnia and Nigeria/

    I’m actually thinking of picking two big upsets: Germany over Brazil in one semi, and Argentina over Spain in the other. I guess the latter isn’t a big upset, though it’s hard not to think of the reigning world champs as anything but favorites.

    I guess I still have a few hours to finalize my selections.

    Oh, and I have Germany winning the whole thing, by the way. They have everything: technique, athleticism, organization, chemistry, experience. I really would love to see them beat Brazil.

    We will see.

  30. MidwestGun

    Bamford –
    Cool, ya I went with Bosnia. I just didn’t like what I saw from Nigerian defense. So I’m locked in for my final 16.
    My upset pick would actually be Germany over Brazil. I think Brazil will be under some huge pressure and the games I watched they were getting killed on the counter up the left wing behind Alves. And I think Luiz will make some mistakes. In fact, Brazil might get upset earlier. I hope not for the stability of their country.
    I still have Argentina as the winner. Just don’t see how they can screw up that talent. Stranger things have happened. But their attack with possession and on the counter attack is so dynamic.
    And I still think Italy might make a splash. Last run for the old guys.
    Getting pretty excited now to get things started.
    I have either Fred or Modric with first goal of tournament.

  31. Guns of brixton

    Argentina do look solid.
    LOL, Crespo said if they win they’ll need helicopters and the army to get them out!

  32. Moray

    The Brazilian people are balls deep in protest already. If the hated Argies won the tournament, it could tip them into open revolt. Must be an incredible atmosphere in Brazil now. If I was a single man still, I would be there now.

    Having said that, I do fancy the Argies. Their defence is not do great, but I also feel it could be the time Messi shines. He is my top scorer for the tournament. I have an intuition aabout the Germans too, but as I work at a German company, I hope they fuck up badly and go out early (and keep our German players fresh for next season)

    Also, I think Sergio Ramos will have a good tournament and could get a few critical goals in tight matches, like he did in the CL this year. Good for a first and last goalscorer punt in the later rounds.

    Bit gutted this year though. The games are on at 3am, 6am etc here. Pretty much fucks up any excitement I had about the tournament.

  33. MidwestGun

    Wow, sucks about time starts, sorry. 11a-2p-5p for me which is about perfect but I won’t be getting much work done. Real shame, that. Nice use of balls deep, also. 😀
    Like Guns said I hope Fifa has tanks at the ready in case Argentina wins.

  34. qna

    World Cup starts tonight = No signings until teams go home.

    Fucking around again. We need a super star striker this year, not a reject with potential. Possible star strikers who might be available this summer in order (taking into account age and EPL experience).

    Suarez $$ > Cavani $$ > Balotelli == Benzema > Costa > Manzukic

    $$ means we are a well managed enough club to make this happen.

    If MU buy Cavani, I wouldnt really want RVP back even if we could get him due to age and loyalty factor.

    Love Podolski, but AW does not get the best out of him, so for the good of the team and Poldi, we should sadly sell the 29yo back to Bundesliga and replace him with:

    Jackson Martinez $$ > Eto $$> Remy > Bony > Benteke > Ba

    Similar story with the great man Cazorla, we should sell the 29yo back to La Liga and pay the 10-15m difference to get Fabregas back.

    We should take back Vela as well.

    We should also sell Arteta so I dont have to watch him even once more in my life and take his fee plus GBP30m and spend it on the best DM that is willing to come to us. We need a star here considering how absolutely shit we are against the other top teams. In fact we need this guy as much as the star striker. Fact is we wont win anything unless we have both.

    Javi Martinez > Vidal > Khedira > Gundagon

    We should spend big on a RB since our back up RB and our two LBs are so shit. I dont really know who, but the Dortmand guy seems highly rated.

  35. Ash

    Gundogan is not a holding midfielder despite what people always say. Definitely more of a straight up central midfielder.

  36. neil

    If this in fact true, and Wenger wants Vela back, it can be only one thing that could swing it, and that is the price tag, 3.5 million quid, Wenger would be creaming his fucking pants at spending that little amount to get a player, it wouldn’t matter if we had 200 million quid, this stingy cunt would still be looking to save money, never wanting to spend what is required to get the best,, and the over riding factor here is Wenger could sell him for profit later, HIS ONLY CONCERN, PROFIT

  37. neil

    You imbeciles who spout get Cesc back are so dense, Cesc cost 500,000 quid, Wenger sold him for 34 million quid, DEAL DONE, FINISHED, HISTORY, this scrooge is not about to blow 30 million to bring him back EVER, NOT AT THAT PRICE, PROFIT HAS BEEN MADE END OF STORY GO BACK TO SLEEP YOU FUCKING DOLT

    Wenger buys low sells high, that deal is relegated to the history books, wake the fuck up

  38. Wengaball

    “We should also sell Arteta so I dont have to watch him even once more in my life”

    Arteta had the highest pass accuracy rate in the whole of Premier League last season, barring Per Mertesacker.

    There’s a reason he is a starter.

  39. neil

    Wenger buys young players cheaply, so they can be sold later on for profit, it is his way he has always done that, for the last 18 years, first big one was Anelka, cost,500,000 quid the same as Cesc. sold to Madrid for 23 million, thank you very much, loyalty has nothing to do with it, it’s business, not football, do you understand BUSINESS, MONEY MAKING BUSINESS,

    You will be astounded how good Wenger is at making profit

    Song, cost 1 million sold for 15 million
    Kolo Toure cost 250,000 sold for 16 million
    Overmars cost 7 million sold for 25 million
    Vieira cost 3.5 million sold for around 13 million
    Henry cost 10 million sold, when he was burned out for 16 million
    Van Persie cost 2.75 million sold for 24 million
    Adebayor cost 7 million sold for 25 million
    Nasri cost 15.8 million sold for 22 million
    Clichy cost 250,000 sold for 7 million

    There is no one on this planet in football who is better than Wenger for making profit


    AFC are a selling club always have been since this cunt took over in 1996, end of lesson

  40. Wengaball

    His job is to link defence and attack and ensure possession. He is doing it at a pass accuracy of 92% over the entire season.

    Which means he is doing his job. He may not be the best in the world but to say “I do not ever need to see him” is silly at best, hugely ignorant at worst.

  41. Alfie


    I agree, he does a job but he is frustrating and I think he slows us down.

    Not to mention the amount of times Ive seen him give away free kicks in silly areas.

    And who can forget that last minute penalty v Fulham *bbm sad face*

  42. Wengaball

    Neil – from under which rock have you climbed out? You talk about those figure as if you discovered them lol.

    Those numbers helped build the stadium you fool.

  43. neil

    Football is the vehicle, the ruse that he uses to make money, it’s like the stock exchange, buy low sell high, if he wins a few trophies along the way, well and good, but the ultimate driving force is to make money, a selling club, educated university trained parasites using the peoples game to make millions

  44. Emiratesstroller


    Actually I don’t think that Wenger is quite as smart in transfer market as you

    We have got no transfer fee for either Flamini in his prime or Sagna. Also the
    fee raised for Fabregas was not that impressive.

    The current situation with Vela suggests that even if we trigger the buy out clause there is no obligation for him to return to Arsenal. In other words we
    receive no benefit so long as he stays at Real Sociedad.

    Also I can think of quite a few Academy players who were sold for peanuts when similar players were sold by other clubs for significantly higher transfer

  45. Bergkamplegend

    “Actually I don’t think that Wenger is quite as smart in transfer market as you

    You have to be very naive (ignorant ??) to think that wenger is a specialist in transfert market, for sure lol

  46. Guns of brixton

    Perspectives eh?

    Chelc supporting friend pissed Maureen not in Brazil in the flesh to scout like AW is.

    I told him his just commentating but he claims hes doing both.

  47. Moray

    Guns, yeah Wenger ain’t in Brazil for scouting. He’s there to make money from French tv.

    Last time he went he joked about taking his cheque book. As I recall we bought fuck all.

    Your friend’s delusion is part of the Wenger magic. Same as the myth about him being great in the transfer market. The guy’s a liability and has been for years now.

  48. Al

    People make to much about Wenger being in brazil.
    He is a football manager , he can do his job from anywhere. Think about it even if he was back in london and he wanted to sign a player the same logistics would still occur unless the player was based in the UK.

    So Wenger or the player would still have to fly over somewhere to meet each other….
    Makes no difference if the are flying into/out from brazil to meet each other.

    However, the benefit of being in brazil is the fact that all the best players are in one location.

    Just find it strange people have a issue with him being in Brazil when it really is a non issue. He can literally charter a private jet anytime and meet someone if he has too the same way he would in London

  49. azed

    “Arteta had the highest pass accuracy rate in the whole of Premier League last season, barring Per Mertesacker.
    There’s a reason he is a starter.”

    You want to see the stats for Denilson?

  50. Gregg

    Precisely right. The top players and more importantly their agents are in Brazil. Did he not fly Ramsey and his parents to Germany when he was doing work over there ? It really is a non-issue in this day and age

  51. Moray

    A1, mate he shouldn’t be involved at all in the transfer negotiations. I am willing to bet we don’t make any signings during the wc anyway.

  52. azed

    “Last time he went he joked about taking his cheque book. As I recall we bought fuck all.”

    I believe that was the season we bought Sylvestre….. he took his cheque book and told us he had a surprise for us….

  53. Bergkamplegend

    According to the Telegraph, wenger is going to trying to convince Mario Mandzukic to signing for Arsenal…

  54. Al

    June 12, 2014 10:04:00
    A1, mate he shouldn’t be involved at all in the transfer negotiations. I am willing to bet we don’t make any signings during the wc anyway.

    I agree. I would be very surprised if we signed someone during the WC.

    Think that will be more to do with all the biggest players and nations being totally focused on the tournament though rather then Arsenals/wengers willingness

    My feeling is we already have one lined up and others been negotiated for a while. I expect Puma must expect a new Signing in their new shirt also for their official launch

  55. Bamford13


    “Actually I don’t think that Wenger is quite as smart in transfer market as you

    Neil’s point is not so much that Wenger is perfect at what he does — ie, buy low, sell high — but that buying low and selling high IS what he does. Neil sees Wenger as less a football manager than an asset manager, and he makes a compelling case. His list of players purchased on the cheap and sold at a higher price is revealing.

    According to Neil, Arsenal at present is an investment vehicle posing as a football club, and Wenger is its master money manager. When Wenger signs a Sanogo, he does so not because Sanogo is capable of helping Arsenal win the PL or CL title — he’s not — but because Sanogo could provide a handsome return on investment, and he could.

    Neil’s theory is well-supported by the evidence and actually helps to make sense of a lot of Wenger’s moves in the market.

    I continue to like your work, Neil. Never mind the haters. 😉

  56. Bamford13


    “Yep, Wengers an idiot in the transfer market when compared to the great Mourhino. Jeez, here we go again.”

    Well, Mourinho may not be perfect in the market, but his signings always reflect his one overriding ambition, namely, to win titles. Whereas with Wenger, his transfer dealings nearly always reflect his one overriding ambition, namely, to save or make a buck.

    Say what you will about Mourino, but I prefer his ambition to Wenger’s.

  57. qna

    Wenger USED to be smart in the transfer market. But that is history. All these names: Kolo Toure, Overmars, Vieira, Henry, Van Persie, Adebayor, Clichy when were they actually purchased. He hasnt done business like that in a long time. I will give him credit for the whole squad he bought maybe 5 or 6 years ago. They were great. But people wised up and now you get what you pay for.

    Nasri was not cheap at the time but big money well spent. Lets not forget who he missed out on more recently: Bale, Modric etc.

    Suarez was a gun at Ajax. He cost Liverpool 20+ mil. Value today 60+ mil. We could have gone for him to replace Eduardo.

    Eden Hazard was a gun: Cost 32mil, Value today 50+ mil. Could have got him for half that if we made a solid bid a couple years earlier.

    The list goes on.

    Wengaball. Ok Arteta has done us well. And I am thankful that he saved our shit squad over the last few years. But we should have never bought him in the first place. We sell players that belong in Barcelona and buy players that belong in Everton. Its not an accident that we havent won anything for years. Arteta belongs with a mid table team. AW and the board need to decide what type of team we really are.