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Again, another slow day in the World of football news. I guess the most interesting story, that is non-Arsenal, was around Sepp Blatter taking on the racist English press. Quite hilarious that a man as disgraceful as Sepp would take the race card route.

I still look at all the consistent allegations and wonder how any of them will ever culminate in a sanction or some form of legal accountability?

I think Fifa have revenues of about £1.4b, so in comparison to all the football clubs collectively, they aren’t that massive. I can’t understand why clubs don’t break rank. Set up their own governing body and break free of FIFA. Seems totally crazy that so many pay into their fund when they’ve categorically demonstrated they can’t be trusted.

I’ve no idea what you’d do to stop an organisation being corrupt, because I’d imagine the whole infrastructure has been built around allowing the cogs of disgraceful behaviour to turn with supreme ease. How do you make them clean?

Very frustrating if you’re a fan, eh?

Still, at least Sony have had the balls to come out and denounce the allegations. Being associated with a brand like FIFA isn’t doing you any favours at the moment.

The Daily Mail are running a story that says we’re interested in bringing Caulker of Cardiff into the club as the back up centre back. I’ve seen him a few times and he certainly boasts lots of exciting attributes. I’m not sure how much you can gauge ability from a player who played every Premier League game for a club that went down, but he’s big, he scores goals and he has a lot of modern day raw ingredients you look for in a centre back.

There are some other loose rumours. One centres around Arsenal pushing for Pepe Reina. Doubt it, you wouldn’t want competition for keeping places. There are also rumours that we’re on for Morata, even though Juventus are said to be ahead in the queue as the pursue their 16th striker.

Now, there is a short post, not much on, hopefully that’ll change later on in the week. My guess? This becomes all about the World Cup as Arsenal continue to dither in the transfer market…

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  1. N5

    “Sorry to break this to you mate…..to Fucking late. You make joey Essex look like Einstein. ……xx:)”

    Looool, you bastard 😀

  2. Leedsgunner


    Genuine Q: is it also a similiar delirection of duty for Wengazidas not to exercise the clause to repatriate Cesc? Strictly with a full health squad we don’t need him but when have we had a full healthy squad in the midst of a season?

    If the Cesc ship has sailed, it’s a shame because I could see Cesc being a good addition to the squad — and it would give Wilshere something to think about… and send a signal to the little prig that he hasn’t “made it” yet… and he shouldn’t rest on his laurels.

  3. N5

    What a suprise, Alfie has something insightful to say.

    TYAG, I have to agree with Leeds, Hitler doesn’t even need to be mentioned, but I’m not going to get on my high horse about it. I stick by my comment that any mention of Hitler when speaking about Wenger is laughable and so is the WOB/AKB name calling.

    I’m happy just to call everyone cunts and say I know better than them….accept gambon, I would never challange the almighty.

  4. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Just been reading Arseblog and he is talking about the possibility of signing Vela and these two paragraphs stand made me chuckle.

    ‘Yet is he the kind of player who is going to add something we don’t already have to the squad? As a team that needs somebody who can make the difference against the biggest and best opposition, I’m unsure that Vela fits the bill. In three seasons he has scored just one goal against Barcelona or Real Madrid, that coming in his first season when on loan from Arsenal. Barcelona won the game.

    Last season and the season before, he also failed to score against Atletico Madrid, and in Sociedad’s six Champions League games he managed just one goal (away to Bayer Leverkeusen in a game that Sociedad lost 2-1). You might make you think that he’s a player who, when the level increases, finds it more difficult to score.’

    He could well have been talking about Giroud, our number ‘one’ striker.

  5. N5

    “Ha ha ha ha. 1 pint and your anyone’s….or so I’ve heard:)”

    Jesus. I’m not drinking that much, I’m not Paul Gascoigne

  6. Moray

    Dissenter, actually I am up for bringing Vela back. It does make financial sense and I always liked the guy, and definitely felt he wasn;t given a proper go of it, unlike that awful Denilson..

    Don’t for one minute, however, think that Wenger’s mind works in the way you have mentioned. He won;t be employing the 10-12m we will be saving on a winger and putting it on top of our striker kitty, for instance. That money is now dead, and will sit unspent in the bank paying tax.

  7. carts

    No doubt Vela has improved. However, I don’t wholey believe that Wenger knows what to do with him.

    Imho, with regards to the EPL, hois best position would be as a second striker. That isn’t happening. I reckon we bring him back then sell him to highest bidder

  8. N5

    TYAG is filth, but Kwik is twisted….both obivously in a good way. But if you got them both together, Le Grove would be shut down by the authorities.

  9. Thank you and goodnight

    As you’ve noticed I’ve learnt to do a smiley…. 😀 , hence why I’m proud of myself and sent everyone a text message and signed off with a smiley. I even sent one to my missus and she still moaned….
    ” where’s my kisses, what’s with the smiley….am I a mate or something? ”

    My reply ” of course not love….would never be mates with a cunt like you”
    didn’t go down to well and now looking for a room to rent 😀

  10. Romford Pele

    Still don’t get the Griezmann hype personally. He’s a bit of a wide forward, like Theo. If we are gonna sign someone to play wide, you essentially want a Cazorla with more pace, or a younger version of Rosicky. If we ain’t getting that, let Ox do his thing please.

  11. Dissenter

    Arsenal’s transfer policy is the laughing stock of Europe.

    When Arsenal were reportedly rumored to be preparing a £20 million bid for Insigne, the Napoli president laughed it off

    ‘Arsenal offers 20 million for Insigne? This makes me laugh. I want to make Insigne rise to a value of 60-70 million,’ De Laurentiis told Repubblica.

    Everybody knows once we get quoted a price, we run to the hills. They also know we are the main branch of the Kroenke Cash reserve bank.

  12. Dissenter

    We need to help Ox bring his England form to Arsenal. If he’s healthy, this could be his breakout season.

  13. peanuts&monkeys

    @Jeff June 11, 2014 05:57:22

    Superb summing-up. Most of us know what you wrote, yet dont want to believe “Well, in the foreseeable, the current modus operandi will continue – i.e. no risk taking, no big expenditure on world class players – the thing that people are expecting to see this window”. Yet we long to see Arsenal compete. I wonder how do the players who wish to excel keep them motivated even after knowing that this club has such loser mentality.

    That boycotting of games and merchandise will never be a possibility with so many mediocrity-loving Arsenal fans around. I think Neil had considered that option and finally concluded that elimination of Wenger is the only way out of this misery.

  14. peanuts&monkeys

    So, if Kroenke doesn’t wish to spend more than what is earned from player sales, and yet wish to keep the fanbase happy to find Arsenal competing, he doesn’t have another better option than Wenger. Wenger has mastered this balancing act of 4th -> CL money, Player sales every alternative year, youth project, 500K to 15 Million selling profit/player, now re-signing, Loaning of talented young players. But what he has totally gone out of synch is football tactics. Kroenke and Wenger should then agree to hire a master on-field tactician, only if Wenger accepts foregoing some press limelight.

  15. Ashwin Gunner

    CESC signs for chelsea.

    SAGNA has left.

    SANTI says he would love La Liga return…


    WENGER is busy commentating…

    SAD TIMES……………….