Wenger jolly… shouldn’t he be focused on Arsenal?

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I’m writing this on a plane fool.

I’ve got pretty much nothing to go on either. Transfer noise is pretty low key, which is a bit of a shame. I was kind of hoping for something a little more before the world cup… but hey, when are we ever pleasantly surprised by some fast moving squad rehab?


You know what else gets on my wick? Arsene Wenger taking up punditry role for the World Cup.

Now, I know you can work remotely from anywhere, but let’s not pretend that’s what’s going to happen. After the outrageous collapse of the second half of the season, shouldn’t he be keeping his head down, working on deals, working on his back room set up… trying the fix all the issues that occurred last year?

Hey, might be a petulant observation… but Brendan Rodgers is sorting his squad right now making early quick moves. Jose Mourinho is in the country smashing through transfers. Wenger, the man with the biggest concerns is out on a Brazil jolly with the TV stations.

For me, he should take his two weeks in Benidorm and get his arse back in the office. There’s work to be done.

… because when he comes back and says that you can’t get deals done in during a world cup, the first thing I’ll point to is the fact he wasn’t in his office trying to make things happen. When Rome is burning, and you’re the emperor (literally, like, he wears a robe around the training ground), then you’d best not be in… say, Berlin. Not quite sure that analogy worked.

England kick off a bit later in the week. I really hope Jack has a good World Cup. I feel like his is absolute prime meat for the inevitable post world cup tear down. Just don’t get a red card Jack…

One potential superstar to emerge could be the OX. He’s back to playing without fear and hopefully he’ll be suitably charged to make an impact. That heat is going to be intense, but we have a team of outstandingly fit footballers. Liverpool players will be fresher than most and let’s be honest, they’re the core to this world cup.

All the press pushing for a Rooney starting reeks of old England… ‘He’s a superstar, he deserves a start’… Beckham is in the papers pushing his inclusion because opposition teams fear him. Deary me. Wayne Rooney doesn’t deserve a place this season. Hopefully he won’t earn it.

Also, just worth mentioning, I’ve been asked to be the England blogger for Visa this world cup through Metro. It means I’ll be promoting my own content (I write for Metro) on sponsored hashtags like #ChipandPin. I suspect that anyone who has followed the blog for more than three minutes knows I’m not new to self promotion.

Anyway, it’s only for the duration of the tournament, which is likely to be a full three games.

Also, I met one of the guys responsible for the Beats advert. I don’t often stick product adverts, but this advert is outrageously slick. Apparently Neymars dad wrote his own script and all the prematch routines are real. Bastian… what the hell are you doing with your socks you nutter?

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  1. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Cover yourself by adding another team from the tight groups ie England will take your outlay amount up but cover with a 8 fold bet… On most bet sites but not in paddy p

  2. Rocky Pires

    Holland used always be afavourite of mine to watch in International competition, as well as Overmars and Bergkamp , there were superb players like Seedorf,Davids and Kluivert who we didnt get to see play as regularly as nowadays.

    I had the Nike Blue Dutch Jersey from Euro 96 I think rather cool it was too.

    But now my love affair with the Dutch is over, RVP. Robben,RVDV,Kuyt, De Jong,Krul, all front up the team and they all have one thing in common they are CUNTS.
    Simple as no further need to explain, WANKERS.

  3. N5


    You called? Deputy reporting for duty.”

    Lol. Deputy Trollblock.

    OMG, Mid, I’m a week behind in GoT and I won’t put any spoilers just in case others haven’t seen it, but I just watched the moutain fight!! OMFG!!!

  4. karim

    What do you think his new name will be ?

    very reliable indeed !
    Those who live by the gun will die by the ( midwest ) gun !

  5. N5

    “all have one thing in common they are CUNTS.”

    Lol, they are that indeed. I always hated that Van Bommel as well, dirty orrible cunt.

  6. Pier147

    Rocky, that’s so damn right. I used to love the Dutch team, and would always want them to win if mine couldn’t. Fuck that now though, they’re a team of horrible cunts.

  7. peanuts&monkeys

    ” After the outrageous collapse of the second half of the season, shouldn’t he be keeping his head down, working on deals, working on his back room set up… trying the fix all the issues that occurred last year?”

    No it is not petulant to say the least. Its most pertinent.

    Else, it will be the same fucking story like evry year: July will be spent touring Asia and US with this set of donkeys. One 7 million buy around 10th August. Then lose the first two games of EPL season and then make some distress buys of another 15 million each from some obscure leagues of Europe. Same fucking story!

  8. N5

    “What do you think his new name will be ? ”

    Karim, do you think Cockhead or SpudSupporter are taken? if so he’ll have to use TrainspotterBrian.

    “I know!!!! How kickass was that episode! This season has been the best. Can’t believe it’s almost over. :sad:”

    I know and if it wasn’t for Hannibal and Boardwalk Empire I wouldn’t be able to wait from week to week. Once I’m done with Hannibal, Boardwalk and GoT I am going to start True Detective.

  9. Pier147

    GOT was fucking amazing this week. Sad that there’s only 1 episode left this season though … However rumours are the last one is an extended episode!

  10. Rocky Pires

    Ya Mark V Bommel had a degree in Cuntary.

    I think Argie are the boys to back, the time is now for MEssi, too much being made of Ronaldo and Neymae, Messi has slipped in under radar.

    Mach,Demichelsies, Garay, Fabricio are all ok for defence, solid pros nothing spectecular.
    Attack and Midfield is just horny stuff to be honest.

    Ya Argies for me.

  11. andy1886

    A ‘most hated XI’ would be interesting…Rooney’s a must too, possibly mananged by Jose now that Pulis has redeemed himself somewhat.

  12. karim

    Jordan Ayew is an interesting one :
    Son of former OM player Abedi Pele Ayew, he had so far been living in the shadow of his brother Andre
    Marseille sent him on loan to my local team, whom he nearly single handedly saved from relegation
    He was only known for his temper, just ask Beckham, but this loan turned him into a beast, have a look at his season highlights and the three goals he scored for Ghana yesterday..

  13. MadeToLoveMagic

    So….. more interestingly than all the bullshit transfer rumours…..

    I have long curly black hair, i was shaving my beard two days ago and i thought fuck it, im gonna carry on and i gave myself a skin head, in a momment of ballsyness untypical of me, ,

    anyway moral of the story…….. if you shave your head watch out for the sun,,

    man it felt good to get sun on skin that hasnt seen sunlight in ten years since i was basically a kid,,

    but today, i am iN AGoNY,,, my ears and my head is now more raw than a raw mans raw bits

    heed this people

  14. Pier147

    I’m going for a Brazil vs Argentina final. Argentina to win it for me, although can you imagine if Brazil lose? No one will be getting outta that stadium alive.

  15. MidwestGun

    Andy –
    Drogba in my most hated. Lol
    I have Argentina, Also. Too much talent. Brazil looks susceptible to pressure possibly. So maybe Spain or Italy get thru.

  16. N5

    Andy we did a most hated 11 a year or so back and I think that John Terry and Joey Barton was on every single team from every poster on here. It was quite something.

  17. andy1886

    Karim, it’s the arrogance, the petulance, he has a face that riles me just to look at it, and then he hasn’t exactly been a good boy in his personal life either. When it comes to bitching to the referee he always seems to be in there gesticulating and raging, the French Rooney if you will. Nothing to do with his nationality, just the player himself that I can’t stand.

  18. andy1886

    Really N5? Must have missed it (or it’s the old long term memory loss again). JT deffo, Barton a bit of an irrelevance now and I’d expect Shawcross to partner Terry at CB.

  19. N5

    andy1886, Karim just reminded me that we were calling it Cunt XI.

    You’re right, back then Barton was higher on the radar due to his behaviour against Citeh on the final game of the season and that stupid French accent he did! but now other than his politics and his tweets about winning the Ballon d’Or, he is more just a sad case rather than on the cunt radar.

    JT and Shawcross is a top shout, managed by Maureen (fuck off).

  20. Guns of brixton

    Most hated player?

    Bramble, barton, tottenham, terry, EVRA, xavi (hes role in the csec saga) quite a few.