Super Mario to Arsenal? Would you?

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What a beautiful day yesterday was. Summer, is that you?

I appreciate to that question, there can be no answer. Unless you have a partner called Summer and she can answer that question.

‘No babe, I was talking about the season of summer, not you. F*cks sake.’

So how are we? Excited about the World Cup? Excited about getting some soccer on the box? Excited about ENGURLAAAAAND!

All of the above.

However, before we bask in World Cup glory, I have to talk about ‘Mario Ballotelli to Arsenal’ rumours. Now, the crazy Italian is one of those players I totally and unreservedly disagree with. He’s too mental for us. He’s selfish, disruptive and totally unpredictable.

However. I do love him. He’s such a talent. He’s that hot French girl you know you shouldn’t go near because she’ll break your heart. Trample on it. With no regards for your feelings.

But you do it anyway. Even if she can’t speak English properly.

I want you Mario. I want you at Arsenal. We can work through the problems because you’re sublimely talented, you’re built like a boxer and you have pace to burn. If we could sedate your crazy side, we’d have a world beater on our hands. We don’t even do the racism thing in London (shut it John). Let’s get it on Mario. Let’s make it work.

… just don’t break my heart like that stupid French girl.

Jokes aside, where else can we look? Power and pace ain’t in abundance in this market. I still don’t believe the story. Feels like agent talk. However, if Wenger is desperate, there are crazier punts you could take.

… like Kim Kallstrom to Arsenal on a perm.

I was at a festival yesterday, and I kid you not, an Arsenal fan was telling me we should get Kallstrom back because he’s a great player. I don’t know what he had dropped in his cider, but I wasn’t having any.

There’s an interesting piece in The Mirror about Bould taking over after Wenger. I’ve spoken about it here on numerous occasions. I really don’t think that’d be the worst idea. I’d be interested to know whether part of the Wenger deal is succession planning? I mean, I can’t imagine Wenger ever giving up control of the operation. But it’s a worthwhile thought.

Bould knows what’s right with the club, what’s wrong and Ivan will be king maker. Having control of the playing infrastructure is the ultimate goal of the CEO. I mean, Ivan would need to employ a performance director for that to happen effectively… but our backroom set up needs to be reorganised. It’s incredible how static it’s remained… and that it actually still keeps us in the top four.

Thing to remember is that the manager doesn’t carry the same importance as he used to. It’s the infrastructure that’s important. It’s of more value to have someone who recognises talent and asks the pertinent questions, over a domineering force that wants to control and activate it all. Empower the experts to drive the club forward. Also, while you’re there, stock up with experts. Giving more power to some of the people we have at the club might be a really bad idea.

Anyway, I’m game for Steve Bould… and I insist you agree.

Right, that’s me done. I’ll be blogging from Lisbon tomorrow. Good times. Enjoy your Sunday.

P.S. A pal told me to stop giving the trolls oxygen yesterday. Advice heeded. Apologies for boring you with it.

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  1. bergkamplegend

    Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooood afternoon Grovers.

    Still no serious news on the transfert front ??
    == >> “hey, what did you expect ?” (copyright@schweppes)

    “specialist in transfert failures” == >> approved by Maureen lol

  2. Roaaary

    @norway and n5 – the euros last a few weeks and I’m not denying he can be class or score wonder goals.

    My worry is that he doesn’t have the same passion as other top top players and over a long season would let us down.

    He is good but there are other, less risky options out there.

  3. bergkamplegend

    Yes I know, sometimes thruth hurts, and then you prefers to avoid it.

    Good afternoon, see you next time. 😉

  4. gazzap

    No I don’t want Cesc back, I am just showing him up for being a fool who thought it would be better to shaft the team he was captain of and where he was adored to go and play for a club where he would be an expendable commodity.

    also showing wenger up for letting fabregas go for at least £10m less than we was worth.
    Wenger either had to get market value for him or make him stay.

    Even though I don’t want him back, seeing him playing for chelsea will hurt.

  5. Cesc Appeal

    Still no links to players that carries any real weight. Saw Clement Grenier today, but that just smacks of papers now recycling.

    Really doesn’t seem to be anything going on at all.

    Unless we’re all going to be shocked, I just can’t see how in today’s climate of instant news and instant internet updates you can get any big deals done on the quiet.

    Look at last summer, the papers knew what strikers we were in for…then as soon as we picked up interest in Ozil the last week or so they latched onto that instantly.

  6. Al

    The thing is cesc forced out a move to barca for a lower fee. …..should wenger have been stronger in getting a better fee? Most definitely.

    It seems almost that wenger once again let his personal relationship get in the way and did not do what was best for the club but instead gave cesc a favour in letting him go.

    The way I see it, is that he was done a huge favour by his mentor and now he is basically showing even more lack of class, loyalty and respect by joining them from our point of view.

    From his point of view he is thinking about himself and his family so you can’t really blame him but as long he realise what he has done I really don’t care.

    I literally just see him like any other player from a club…don’t care about him one bit until they do something negative towards arsenal.

  7. RedisRed

    About Wilshere, it is a disgrace yo give him the 10 shirt. We should have retired it after God retired.

    And yes…… We should re-sign Fabregas…….

  8. Moray

    Agree completely on Cesc. If he wanted to return to Barca so much, and if they wanted him back so much, and if he was well under contract, then surely our team could have negotiated something like a 20m return fee. No wonder Barca’s management were taking the piss out of us afterwards. How quickly we forget.

    I bet they still owe us 10-20m for the Cesc and Song deals, the cunts.

  9. Moray

    Cesc will hate playing under Mourinho.

    Going to Chelsea will be his biggest mistake, whether or not his bird lives in W London.

  10. Jim Lahey

    One of the reasons I would have to have seen Usmanov’s money pumped into the club is so we could go to Barca and take every piece of talent that wasn’t nailed to the ground. Give them a real taste of their own medicine..

  11. Cescy

    I seriously don’t see we can’t take back fabregas and fit him into our team. Fabregas plus even remy and a very good and strong dm and a rb will just do the trick