Super Mario to Arsenal? Would you?

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What a beautiful day yesterday was. Summer, is that you?

I appreciate to that question, there can be no answer. Unless you have a partner called Summer and she can answer that question.

‘No babe, I was talking about the season of summer, not you. F*cks sake.’

So how are we? Excited about the World Cup? Excited about getting some soccer on the box? Excited about ENGURLAAAAAND!

All of the above.

However, before we bask in World Cup glory, I have to talk about ‘Mario Ballotelli to Arsenal’ rumours. Now, the crazy Italian is one of those players I totally and unreservedly disagree with. He’s too mental for us. He’s selfish, disruptive and totally unpredictable.

However. I do love him. He’s such a talent. He’s that hot French girl you know you shouldn’t go near because she’ll break your heart. Trample on it. With no regards for your feelings.

But you do it anyway. Even if she can’t speak English properly.

I want you Mario. I want you at Arsenal. We can work through the problems because you’re sublimely talented, you’re built like a boxer and you have pace to burn. If we could sedate your crazy side, we’d have a world beater on our hands. We don’t even do the racism thing in London (shut it John). Let’s get it on Mario. Let’s make it work.

… just don’t break my heart like that stupid French girl.

Jokes aside, where else can we look? Power and pace ain’t in abundance in this market. I still don’t believe the story. Feels like agent talk. However, if Wenger is desperate, there are crazier punts you could take.

… like Kim Kallstrom to Arsenal on a perm.

I was at a festival yesterday, and I kid you not, an Arsenal fan was telling me we should get Kallstrom back because he’s a great player. I don’t know what he had dropped in his cider, but I wasn’t having any.

There’s an interesting piece in The Mirror about Bould taking over after Wenger. I’ve spoken about it here on numerous occasions. I really don’t think that’d be the worst idea. I’d be interested to know whether part of the Wenger deal is succession planning? I mean, I can’t imagine Wenger ever giving up control of the operation. But it’s a worthwhile thought.

Bould knows what’s right with the club, what’s wrong and Ivan will be king maker. Having control of the playing infrastructure is the ultimate goal of the CEO. I mean, Ivan would need to employ a performance director for that to happen effectively… but our backroom set up needs to be reorganised. It’s incredible how static it’s remained… and that it actually still keeps us in the top four.

Thing to remember is that the manager doesn’t carry the same importance as he used to. It’s the infrastructure that’s important. It’s of more value to have someone who recognises talent and asks the pertinent questions, over a domineering force that wants to control and activate it all. Empower the experts to drive the club forward. Also, while you’re there, stock up with experts. Giving more power to some of the people we have at the club might be a really bad idea.

Anyway, I’m game for Steve Bould… and I insist you agree.

Right, that’s me done. I’ll be blogging from Lisbon tomorrow. Good times. Enjoy your Sunday.

P.S. A pal told me to stop giving the trolls oxygen yesterday. Advice heeded. Apologies for boring you with it.

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  1. Keyser

    london_gunner – You could ask me, but you’d be wrong to.

    Pundits are stupid at times, but it’s not a stupid pundit comment, Scholes had a short passing game, was technically proficient and was able to dictate play without ever having to over-exert himself, you could even say Wilshere has a more varied skillset, but then Scholes had a lot of guile that surprised you, a bit like Xavi.

    Scholes is an enigma to the English game, he was almost unique to England, not to the rest of Europe or the World, which is the point, If you can’t compare Wilshere to Scholes, then who else are you even going to comtemplate ? Who else is there that comes close ?!

    “So by having more teams that were unathletic that had players who lose possession and aren’t actually very good at creating goal scoring opportunities either we would of won WC and euros?”

    I didn’t say any of this you plum, seriously what is wrong with you ? We’ve got no variation, no real short passing game, and we struggle to break teams down, Scholes or players of his ilk would help, and have been missing for yonks, we don’t even have a Gazza, Barnes, Beardsley type really, and now we’re going back a bit.

    Mate, Barkley’s hyped because all English players are including Wilshere, it’d help your cause if you didn’t cream yourself over Barkley before he’d actually done something at a decent level, you can scoff at Wilshere playing Barcelona at 18, but then ffs Barkley’s not come close to that.

  2. Dream10

    Jack is a midfielder who wants to dictate play from the centre of the pitch. He does not really fit in to a quicker, more vertical style. Our conductors are Ozil and Cazorla who are higher up the pitch. They need runners. We should not play him wide right or wide left just to fit him in and say we have an academy player in our XI. Square pegs in round holes. I would rather buy Schneiderlin and Jack Cork who are both homegrown and fit a specific role.

    Wilshere would benefit from a move to another club in the same way Welbeck would benefit from a move away from Man Utd.

  3. Bamford13

    Some opinions exasperate me. I’m not going to lie. Thomas, I generally love your pessimism and criticism, but saying Jack is nothing but hype is nonsense. When he is at his best, Jack is a very, very good central midfielder, better even in some ways than Ramsey, although they’re very different players so there’s no point comparing them. Problem is that Jack has become full of himself, has bulked up, is holding the ball too long and is generally not playing to his potential.

    But if and when he returns to form, he can be world class. Yes, at his best, he is world class.

    Someone said something about England having had plenty of Barkleys. Umm, wrong. Very wrong. The last time you had a player like Ross Barkley was with the great Paul Gascoigne. Now I’m not saying Barkley is equal to Gascoigne — he hasn’t shown that yet — but he is closest thing England have had to Gazza since Gazza. If he develops properly, he could be a monster.

  4. Keyser

    “The same guy who accuses people of being fans of rival clubs when he disagrees with them lol”

    No mate, the guy who explains his point rationally time and again to someone before he wonders if he’s too thick to comprehend it or trolling.

  5. rollen

    Scott June 8, 2014 14:59:20

    Still think JW has it in him to be our no 10. Give him a run of games there and he will outclass Ozil and make it his own

    LOL dream on.

  6. Mayank

    “Wilshere would benefit from a move to another club in the same way Welbeck would benefit from a move away from Man Utd.”

    Welbeck will probably be exposed at another club. Utd and City are the only clubs that play second strikers anymore. Welbeck’s game is perfectly suited for a second striker he’s never going to be a lone striker unless he gets much more composed in his all round game.

  7. Keyser

    Saying Wilshere doesn’t fit is one thing, not adding context is something else, Ramsey didn’t really fit, we tried him out on the right, in the centre, deeper, he made himself a role through a fair amount of game-time.

    The Whole teams like that really there are few positions that offer consistentcy or any continuity.

    Koscielny is one, but as soon as Mertesacker’s playing he switches from the right to the left.

    Giroud’s another, and then Sagna who’s left, or Sczcesny.

  8. Dream10


    I think someone like Roberto Martinez would help him improve. Van Gaal will RVP in the centre, Rooney cutting in from the left and an orthodox wide man on the right. No place for Welbeck.

  9. Bamford13


    Yeah, I don’t really see a Lampard or Gerrard in England’s younger players right now. Jack is sort of the closest, but he’s not as long, athletic or powerful as either of those two. He could be just as good as either of them, though, albeit different.

  10. Keyser

    Sorry dude was being facetious, Barkley’s not Gascoigne, he’s closer to the other two, maybe more dynamic, fact is we’re not short of these players, runners, we’re short of genuine ingenuity, whether it’s intricate passing, something out of the ordinary, or just being a step ahead.

    Rooney used to offer that, but has looked lost for a while, usually as you age you find ways to use younger more athletic players to do what you would’ve done in their position, no-one really pulls any strings, Wilshere can do that.

    Barkley seems a long way off of that.

  11. Mayank


    The problem is Welbeck’s a bit of a luxury player. He provides confusion in the box but there’s nothing he really excels at. Top half teams need specialists and efficient players. Bottom half teams would be happy to have someone with his quality but I don’t think he can make a name for himself with poor service.

    I think his best bet is hanging around Utd till he gets enough of a reputation to have a club give him a major role.

  12. Marc


    I think the major problem with Wilshere is he’s trying to hard and he’s also very self conscious of his ankle – hence him going down so often. He needs to do what Ramsey did, keep it simple do the basics right and the rest will fall into place.

  13. NYCgooner

    “Thomas, I generally love your pessimism and criticism,”

    That is some next level stuff right there folks.

  14. Wallace

    “Even in five months he’s improved a lot,” said Capello. “Now he needs to gain experience in big games, like in the Champions League and in the matches against the other four [title contenders] in England. That will give him an important experience. But he’s 19. I remember the best players that I managed – Baresi, Maldini, Raúl – and they started really young. It’s their talent.”

    – Fabio Capello on Jack Wilshere

    “I first noticed him after seeing a lot of Arsenal’s highlights on TV, but I came up against him at Anfield, we drew 1-1 and Joe Cole got sent off. The first time we went head-to-head you could see his quality straightaway. There is nothing to worry about what he’s missed. It’s keeping our fingers crossed and looking forward to him winning many more caps.”

    Steve Gerrard on Wilshere

    neither one of the above strike me as being easily impressed.

  15. Romford Pele

    Eagle, see what I mean about Nadal getting stronger as the match goes on. He’s completely destroyed Murray and Djokovic in the last few days. As good as it gets really. Dude’s a monster. Only three off FedEx now

  16. Jeff

    Yes he’s behind Federer who’s won 17 but I think Nadal might overtake Federer. It seems Federer hasn’t got it in him to win any more.

  17. Guns of brixton

    JW is talented.

    But the English media love the hype.
    Barkley latest victim. 19 yo and yur being compared to Gazza and hes impact on italia 90? or Rooneys Euro 04 performamce? no pressure eh?

    Good on Hodgson for downhyping the yout and tryna keep him on hes feet.

  18. Guns of brixton

    . . .
    and JW is / was massively hyped, i renember the Sun or something saying ‘ENGLISH XAVI ‘ etc.

  19. Romford Pele

    Jeff, yeah Fed is very vulnerable these days – gets blown away by some of the more powerful dudes. I didn’t realise how bad his H2H record is against Rafa

  20. grooveydaddy


    I think you’re right. Federer is making the s/f’s at best these days, while Nadal is still making finals/winning.

    Hell, he might win the next 4 French Opens, as he looked pretty dominant this time around.

  21. Romford Pele

    You know what; f**k it. I’m on that Super Mario bandwagon. Probably the biggest risk Wenger could take but I’m all for it. Lol it’ll either blow up spectacularly in Wenger’s face or be the best signing in recent times

  22. Guns of brixton

    Balotelli is a massive risk.

    If manchester was a social distraction to him imagine what London will do.

  23. Romford Pele

    Groovey, your guess is as good as mine really. Wenger has done alright with hot heads before (RVP, Adebayor) but this is another level. But then again, maybe Super Mario is just misunderstood? Been through an awful lot for a 23 year-old but the talent is undeniable.

    Mancini and Mourinho were both hot heads so maybe it wasn’t the best mix? Wenger’s gentler nature may fair better? Dunno really I’m just speculating.

  24. WengerEagle

    How are you Romford mate.

    Yeah Nadal’s physically unstoppable once he gains momentum and his knees/back aren’t bothering him.

    I fancy him to overtake Federer by the age of 30.

  25. grooveydaddy


    yeah I’d say my ‘guess’ is along the same lines as yours.

    I dunno… I think I’d rather take a punt on taming Balotelli than lining up with L’Oreal as our starting CF next year.

  26. WengerEagle

    As far as Balotelli goes, if Wenger could take a leaf out of Prandelli’s book he could just work out here. Prandelli seems to be able to get the best out of him.

    Highly unlikely though, but what a superb talent.

  27. Arsene's Nurse

    Marc June 8, 2014 16:28:42


    I think the major problem with Wilshere is he’s trying to hard and he’s also very self conscious of his ankle – hence him going down so often. He needs to do what Ramsey did, keep it simple do the basics right and the rest will fall into place.
    Agreed – Wilshere could do more by doing less. He’d be more effective if he released the ball much, much earlier instead of trying to draw the tackle all the time which increases the risk of injury and losing the ball.

    He also needs to learn to stay on his feet and not dive into the tackle.

  28. NYCgooner

    Weird coincidence that both CF that we have been linked with lately…. Balotelli/Benzema have personalities that need coddling to get the best out of them. I have massive reservations about both of them in particular Balotelli bhf

  29. tunnygriffboy

    Cesc / Midwest

    Re Jack. Trying too hard, release the ball quicker. Spot on. He recieves the ball, turns the defender, drives forward then can hold onto it too long. He will come good

  30. Marc


    By all account Mancini pissed off just about every player at the club. Cantona was mad as well but Fergie dealt with the madness because of the player underneath.

    Unless another major name is available (and I don’t mean Benzema) this he’s worth a gamble.

  31. Romford Pele


    Yeah Prandelli is the only one who seems to have controlled Mario so Wenger would need to call him up and find out the magic recipe. He does seem to enjoy playing for Italy on the whole though – the older heads in the side seem to be able to keep him in check. The way he destroyed Germany in the Euros is the kind if performance he should be putting in week in week out tbh

  32. Romford Pele

    Eagle, yeah only three behind Fed now. Providing he stays fit and healthy, it’s possible. Would love to see him beast Wimbledon again. Bar the ’08 final against Fed, he’s been pretty underwhelming there. Not a surface that suits him massively tbh, you can see he’s more of a specialist, whereas Murray/Djokovic are pretty much at home on any court

  33. Guns of brixton

    Napoli club president:

    ”20m for Insigne? try 60 or 70m”

    aggressive negoations now required.

  34. Leedsgunner

    Mario to Arsenal…. yes, yes, yes. Can you imagine it, Ozil feeding Mario those sweet sublime passes that Giroud failed to score from again, again, and again. He’s the type of talent that we need. No doubt it. With someone like Mario in the side we would start to rebuild the fear factor… I would love to see Mario sticking the winner against Chelsea and Man City… I get goosebumps just thinking about it!

  35. carts

    “Mario at 25m would be an absolute steal in todays market”

    Probably only reason wenger would be interested

  36. gunnergetyou

    I’m still not 100% convinced that the is a genuine interest in mario. It could be just a
    smokescreen to help deflect attention away from the cesc situation

  37. andy1886

    Mad Mario to the ultra-conservative club that is Arsenal would be more of a statement of change than Ozil ever was. I’d see it as a very positive move and evidence that finally, Wenger is prepared to take real risks. Who wins without taking risks? Almost nobody. The complete opposite of the play it safe and take fourth approach. Go on Arsene, go for it!!

  38. F4phantomphreak

    Can someone answer a question fer’me? How did SliverPud come up with the three SSS’s? Does it come down to thier scouting network being far far far above Wenger’s scouts? Or did they simply get lucky and bring in some proper footballers? Just wondering….

  39. Rhyle

    You’re starting to sound like some demented middle manager who learned how to do his job out of a book, Pedders! Bullshit bingo post? Bit of a joke between you and Geoff?! “Empower the experts” sounds like something Tony Robbins would say at a seminar for CEOs of small businesses 😀

  40. andy1886

    RSPC…maybe, but what fun for the rest of us watching…

    Might just push him closer to retirement too.

  41. Insomnia

    Watch balotelli playing for Italy – he’s very different still mad but not destructively mad. I’d love us to give him a chance.

    He is only 23 – born to African refugees and fostered at the age of 3. He has a lot of talent and when he grows up will be even better.

    He’s worth the risk

  42. Gregg

    Balotelli is an interesting one. There’s a huge talent that can be tapped into as has happened with other players. The thing is I just don’t think Mario loves the game enough to ever realise his full potential.

  43. Andaprayer

    Re wilshere holding on to the ball too long, I agree but I think he’s suffering in the same way that Ozil has – there’s been a lack of runners for him to offload quickly to.

    Fairly obvious, but had Ramsey, Walcott and Ox not been injured for substantial parts of the season we ‘d have done a lot better but also the criticisms being levelled at jack and Ozil would probably have fallen away.

    I also far prefer England with wilshere. When he’s not playing England look full throttle but no control, I don’t think he’s slowed England down but he always offers an outlet and then drives or passes forward.

  44. Al

    Giroud and Benzema clicking

    Giroud as a player looks 10 times better playing alongside another striker

  45. Guns of brixton

    Watching this game in uni, fuckin ton of girls stop when OG gets a close up but if one of us lads get up they turn round.
    chris browns right these bitches aint loyal.

  46. Romford Pele

    Giroud is very much one for the link-up.

    Also, everytime I’ve watched Valbuena for Marseille I’ve never been impressed but he seems a different beast for France. Most players tend to do it the other way round

  47. Doyindav

    Giroud can’t dream to do the things Benzema can.

    We need a new striker now!
    A striker that can change a game with a moment of genius and not one that just waits for tap ins or his mandatory flick on.

    Not essentially Benzema but one in that mould.

  48. Al

    Romford Pele

    Its not even JUST that….he actually looks a really good player in a 442. The type of player you would want the club to sign lol.

    Its bloody strange how different a player he is lol

  49. Al

    Guns of brixton

    Yea but the movement, awareness etc looks great.

    Also we have seen him play some rubbish teams and still perform a stinker for us more then 2o times

  50. london gunner

    Lol at all you guys wanking Giroud off!

    Its JAMAICA they are playing!

    The same team England beat 6-0

    Crouch scored a hatrick against them!

    Put it into context Giroud great against Jamaica not so good against chelsea liverpool and Man City/ lets not even mention Champions league top teams

  51. Al

    london gunner

    Ok..lets always be miserable and never praise our players.

    Lets just be negative all the time

  52. N5

    “Lol at all you guys wanking Giroud off!”

    london, I’m not sure why you are be so hostile, but I do have a follow up.

    Can a player not be good against a shit team ? Are the people praising him tonight praising him overall or just on tonight’s performance?

  53. Al

    No No N5

    your bang out of order…we have too always be 100% negative and never praise any of our players performance

  54. london gunner


    No I praise players like ramsey, like ozil and like walcott when they perform well against decent opposition

    Case point when we were lost to City I was one of the fans saying we could of won that match! That offensively we played really well and walcott played a blinder even scored a WC goal…

    But I am Jamaican I am well aware of the Jamaican teams quality so Sorry my honest and correct statement hurt your fragile feelings

  55. Guns of brixton

    He has smashed hes point across quite harshly though! lol!

    OG had a good game which is nice

  56. london gunner


    “Its not even JUST that….he actually looks a really good player in a 442. The type of player you would want the club to sign lol.Its bloody strange how different a player he is lol”

    Its just statements like this, there is little thought behind them, Yes Giroud is wonderful because of the 442…. yeah right perhaps its the fact his playing against a team of league 2 quality

    Its not hard to connect the dots. People seem to lack common sense so I just gots drop some knowledge on them.

    Its not even negativity its just me being honest! I was praising OX tons the otherday that negative?

  57. N5

    Lol maybe Giroud is his trigger, mine is Beyonce. She makes my blood boil for absolutely no reason. I can’t stand her.

    Giroud > Beyonce.

  58. Al

    london gunner

    Well your making a lot of assumption….like a think Jamaica are anything but a joke team.

    Giroud played really well in a 442 so a couple of us are highlighting how he looks in a 442. We have all see Giroud play against weak teams and look an absolute joke.

    like N5 said

    london, I’m not sure why you are be so hostile, but I do have a follow up. Can a player not be good against a shit team ? Are the people praising him tonight praising him overall or just on tonight’s performance?

  59. N5

    LG, it just seemed very blunt for you. AI is a decent fella and you seemed to get all agitated for no real reason, with the Lol @ Giroud comment, but like I just said to brixton, maybe Giroud is your trigger like Beyonce is mine, she makes me so mad just thinking of her doing that put a ring on it dance!!!

  60. Guns of brixton



    Rhianna n Miley cyrus (and most celebs) are my trigger, that just piss me off as soon as i hear there name!

  61. Al


    “Its not even JUST that….he actually looks a really good player in a 442. The type of player you would want the club to sign lol.Its bloody strange how different a player he is lol”

    Do you see the LOL in that statement….?

  62. karim

    Giroud did have a good game
    Benzema had his best game ever in a blue shirt
    jamaica was poor but they did far better vs egypt and switzerland so i will give credit to France as they had just lost ribery and all the goals were brilliant tonight

    Champagne !

  63. Roaaary

    Who do you guys will win golden boot for the World Cup?

    I have seen odds of 75/1 for Eden hazard. With an easy group and lukaku injured he could be a good shout

  64. london gunner


    problem is we are all from diff backgrounds.

    So if I said to a friend or they said to me why you wanking over Giroud his gash! I wouldn’t see that as hostile…

    Born and Raised in Hackney maybe that’s something to do with it…

    Anyway’s you make a point that Giroud is poor against shit teams but Jamaican god bless are on another level of shitness! Literally would be thrashed by a championship team and comfortably beaten by league 1

  65. Al

    Anyway man its just an observation…
    i even pointed out how the Jamaica keeper was one of the worst and funniest performances i have seen from a keeper

    But you kinda jumped in quite hostile man…it doesn’t really affect me but the point i am making is things don’t need to always be so negative .

    Any way man…have a good night…i refuse to get into an argument about a player i don’t rate

  66. london gunner


    Actually my trigger is Nico Rosberg!

    Absolutely hate that guy! His doing everything he can to fuck over Hamilton.

    He uses Mourinho like tactics!

    Lol I am big Hamilton fan so am bias but even if I wasn’t genuinely still take issue with Nico

  67. Al

    Germany got a tricky group though and i cant see klose starting every game.

    France have got an easy group…Benzema has a good chance to get a couple in that group

  68. Guns of brixton


    Klose MUST start, hes the only recognised striker in the team!

    and he ALWAYS tears up the WC.

  69. BacaryisGone

    Let’s face it. We all know that we’re not going to sign both Balotelli and Remy as that would move Sanogo down to 4th striker. For a manager who has so much faith in him that he’ll start him against Bayern Munich and in important F.A Cup games, I can’t imagine he’ll want him to go out on loan. Far more likely is that he’ll be a 3rd striker.

    I still think Podolski could be on his way out largely because we know he can’t be effective as a CF in the Premier League and his defensive coverage on the left hand side is largely poor. However, I don’t see Remy being much better in this regard, as he’s usually been deployed as an out and out attacker of winger. The logical move for Arsenal is to go for a world class option, albeit with high risk in the case of Balotelli, and keep Remy afloat in case he can’t snag one of those strikers.

    I still think he has Draxler in his sights, because of all the other wide options we could potentially deploy (Ox, Theo, Gnabry, Campbell and Vela) they are all more effective on the right-hand flank. Draxler coming in for Podolski would probably make the most sense.

    However, this all leads back to our highest priority which has to be finding an upgrade to Arteta and Flamini. Whether the will is there to spend on a wide player, top striker and defensive midfielder remains to be seen. It also leaves Flamini completely out in the cold unless Arsene sees him being able to contribute at right back in much the same way as AC Milan initially did. Let’s not forget that Flamini played a key role at left-back in the 2006 defence that went to the Champions League final without conceding a goal in around 10 hours of play.

    Which leads me to one final thought. Of all the modern sporting miracles, surely the most shocking one was that Arsenal went 10 hours without conceding in Champions League play with Flamini, Senderos and Eboue as important contributors to the back four.

  70. N5

    Guns, I forgot Miley, she’s another of mine too.

    LG, when you explained it in the context it was meant it didn’t seem hostile at all. I think the way some comments are posted on here automatically put the defenses into overdrive. That’s why I asked, because it seemed so unlike your style.

  71. Guns of brixton

    ”. . . . ronaldo bursting down the flank he has options in the box .. . .he floats a cross. . ,
    GOAL! oliver Giroud! the 90m signing does it again for Real Madrid. . .

  72. Al

    Guns of brixton


    Ronaldo pass? Never in a million years. The Giroud costing £90m i can believe but Ronaldo to pass/cross is just taking this to far and making unbelievable lol

  73. Romford Pele

    “Aaron has really developed. Physically he is bigger and more powerful, as you could see when we played Liverpool in the Carling Cup.

    “If I go to sleep I will wake up and find him in my place. No, it is true.”

    Cesc on Ramsey (2009)

    He knew

  74. neil

    Those solid points on Jack Wilshire are proof, that players do regress under this relic manager, add Vermaelen to the list, Santi, when he first came to AFC he was spectacular, but this fucking idiot manager plays them out of position, I saw Walcott play for Southampton, some of his play and goals were outstanding, he has not improved much since, this crap about Wenger improving players is bullshit, Cesc, would have improved to where he is today regardless of where he went after Barca, Wenger is not a miracle worker, and what about Arshavin, a real world class player, Wenger fucked him up real good, played his favourite player Diaby ahead of him in the FA Cup, ARSHAVIN WAS MARGINALISED BY WENGER, BECAUSE HE WAS NOT A WENGER SIGNING, JUST LIKE OZIL WASN’T, THIS MANAGER IS SHIT

  75. neil

    Let me tell you about this fantasy Mario story, his name is thrown in with Remy, just to give the fans hope, in reality, Wenger will never sign Mario, he will dither around, sign Remy for 8-10 million quid, then tell us how he tried to sign him but it just didn’t work out, READ, WENGER WILL NEVER PAY 30 MILLION FOR ANY PLAYER, why pay 30 when I can pay 10, simple math, WENGER IS A BUSINESSMAN, NOT A FOOTBALL MANAGER

    It’s the same bullshit we saw last season with Suarez, Higuain, and every other striker in the world, all talk no fucking action, that’s WENGER

  76. BacaryisGone

    Neil-uh, I think he did spend 30 million already on a player. That was after he spent a considerable amount of time speaking in German to that player explaining why Arsenal was the right fit for him.

    Please take your paranoid agenda elsewhere.

  77. Emiratesstroller

    Football is now a squad game and you need at least 18-20 players who can rotate without diminishing the overall quality of team. The rest is made up of experienced players aged 30+ but at end of career and young potentials.

    Experienced players who are still on books are Flamini, Arteta and Rosicky who have one year left on contract and no resale value. Potentials would include Sanogo and Gnabry.

    We know already most of the departures i.e. Fabianski,Viviano, Sagna,, Karlsson Bendtner. You can factor in Djourou and Park who were out on loan. I
    would assume that Coquelin and Miyaichi will be offloaded as well. The only
    other player who might be sold is Vermaelen, but you need to ask would Wenger choose to bring in two new centre backs?

    I think that it is quite clear that Wenger will buy a striker. A host of names have been mentioned, but I believe that at end of day he will buy Remy if for
    no other reason he is cheap and wants to join us. He plays for France so that
    he knows that he can rotate with or complement Giroud.

    Let’s be clear the options in market who will be sold this summer are not significantly better or prolific goalscorers apart from Lewandowski and Costa who have already gone. Balotelli has huge potential but he is a major gamble
    and I don’t think that the club will take risk. Remy is good value for what he
    offers AND he plays in EPL.

  78. Shaun Wilson

    I have to say, cut out the unnecessary inflammatory rhetoric, and I agree with most of what Neil says regarding Wenger…

  79. Jim Lahey

    If Cesc does go to Chelsea for 30m (dread the tought). Will someone within the club turn around and ask Wenger what the fuck was he doing selling one of the worlds best midfielders who had 4 years on his contract for next to nothing?

    Cesc was worth twice what we sold him for, heads should roll for the level of incompetence that now seems standard practice at the club.

  80. Emiratesstroller


    I think that a lot of Arsenal supporters including myself would have preferred not to see Wenger sign a new contract, but he has.

    The real issue for me now is that we need some new blood in our coaching team to reenergise it. The same applied to our youth programme as well. There is talk that Bould might be successor to Wenger when he retires.

    I am not sure that is a particularly good idea, because he lacks the global experience now needed to be a top manager.

    There is clearly a problem with fitness training and medical support at Arsenal as has been suggested many times by Pedro. You could argue that is down
    to personnel and ultimately the Manager.

    Whether that would have made difference to progress of some of injury prone players like Vermaelen,Wilshire and Walcott I don’t know. Frankly I
    don’t think that Arshavin would have made it in EPL irrespective of where or
    under whom he played.

  81. Leedsgunner

    Does anybody know anything about this 17 year old defender that we’ve acquired?

    I sincerely hope that we get proven professionals for the DM and CF positions. Wenger tries to be smart and often fills them with either unproven youngsters or pros who are past their best… I hope he gets seasoned pros who are ready to fight from day one.

  82. N5


    Although his last purchase was £42 million, so………

  83. The Poldi Prince

    Jim LaheyJune 9, 2014    07:36:43

    If Cesc does go to Chelsea for 30m (dread the tought). Will someone within the club turn around and ask Wenger what the fuck was he doing selling one of the worlds best midfielders who had 4 years on his contract for next to nothing?
    Cesc was worth twice what we sold him for, heads should roll for the level of incompetence that now seems standard practice at the club”

    umm, if we sold him for 35 and then the next time he is sold for 30, it doesn’t really mean he’s worth double 35, does it?

    I’m keen for cesc, but he is a 30-35mil player.

  84. Jim Lahey

    @Podli Prince – No the point I was making was that when we sold him to Barca he was worth a lot more than the 30 odd million we recieved for him, But a lot of us stomached it as we had that buy back clause as a safety blanket that if he ever did leave Barca it would mean going back to Arsenal.

    Now that it looks as if he could be going to Chelsea, we missed out on an additional 20m+ that we should have gotten in the first place.

  85. Roaaary

    If anyone thinks balotelli is a good idea I advise you to watch the clip of him in a friendly where he is through on goal and back heels it wide.

    He doesn’t give a fuck and we don’t need players like that. It’s been said numerous times that the only reason we talk about Ronaldo in the same breath as messi is his dedication and effort.

    Balotelli has technique and ability but I wouldn’t ever rely on him in a big game.

  86. gazzap

    Telegraph Aug 2011: Arsenal are well aware that Fabregas, 24, might have attracted a fee closer to £50 million on the open market – there was also interest from Manchester City and Chelsea — but that he wanted to join only one club.

    Fabregas has been so keen to join Barcelona that it is understood that he is even prepared to accept a pay-cut on his £120,000-a-week salary to help fund the deal. It is also believed that he will waive a four-year loyalty bonus, worth £4 million, from Arsenal.

    Fabregas said “I will always be an Arsenal fan because what they have done for me is unbelievable and I will never forget it.”

    Wenger said: “We understand Cesc’s desire to move to his hometown club and have now accepted an offer from Barcelona.”

    So 3 years later Cesc will move to Arsenal’s bitter London rivals, Chelsea.

  87. N5

    gazzap, having Cesc back (day 4000 of this discussion) is like waiting around for your beautiful ex in the hope she may one day fall out of love with her new lover. We’ve moved on now.

  88. carts

    “So 3 years later Cesc will move to Arsenal’s bitter London rivals, Chelsea.”

    Let’s look at this logically:

    -Barcelona don’t want Cesc
    -Cesc won’t sit on the bench.
    -He’s available for £30m
    -City rumours are just that. Rumours.
    -Chelsea registered a genuine interest. Only real interested party.
    -Arsenal pass up the option to buy

    So what does Cesc do…

  89. Santos

    Contrary to the opinion on Balotelli here, I’d want him. It’s a risk worth taking. I have a feeling it is with us he will finally settle down and realise his potential. He has a lot of pace to burn.