Super Mario to Arsenal? Would you?

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What a beautiful day yesterday was. Summer, is that you?

I appreciate to that question, there can be no answer. Unless you have a partner called Summer and she can answer that question.

‘No babe, I was talking about the season of summer, not you. F*cks sake.’

So how are we? Excited about the World Cup? Excited about getting some soccer on the box? Excited about ENGURLAAAAAND!

All of the above.

However, before we bask in World Cup glory, I have to talk about ‘Mario Ballotelli to Arsenal’ rumours. Now, the crazy Italian is one of those players I totally and unreservedly disagree with. He’s too mental for us. He’s selfish, disruptive and totally unpredictable.

However. I do love him. He’s such a talent. He’s that hot French girl you know you shouldn’t go near because she’ll break your heart. Trample on it. With no regards for your feelings.

But you do it anyway. Even if she can’t speak English properly.

I want you Mario. I want you at Arsenal. We can work through the problems because you’re sublimely talented, you’re built like a boxer and you have pace to burn. If we could sedate your crazy side, we’d have a world beater on our hands. We don’t even do the racism thing in London (shut it John). Let’s get it on Mario. Let’s make it work.

… just don’t break my heart like that stupid French girl.

Jokes aside, where else can we look? Power and pace ain’t in abundance in this market. I still don’t believe the story. Feels like agent talk. However, if Wenger is desperate, there are crazier punts you could take.

… like Kim Kallstrom to Arsenal on a perm.

I was at a festival yesterday, and I kid you not, an Arsenal fan was telling me we should get Kallstrom back because he’s a great player. I don’t know what he had dropped in his cider, but I wasn’t having any.

There’s an interesting piece in The Mirror about Bould taking over after Wenger. I’ve spoken about it here on numerous occasions. I really don’t think that’d be the worst idea. I’d be interested to know whether part of the Wenger deal is succession planning? I mean, I can’t imagine Wenger ever giving up control of the operation. But it’s a worthwhile thought.

Bould knows what’s right with the club, what’s wrong and Ivan will be king maker. Having control of the playing infrastructure is the ultimate goal of the CEO. I mean, Ivan would need to employ a performance director for that to happen effectively… but our backroom set up needs to be reorganised. It’s incredible how static it’s remained… and that it actually still keeps us in the top four.

Thing to remember is that the manager doesn’t carry the same importance as he used to. It’s the infrastructure that’s important. It’s of more value to have someone who recognises talent and asks the pertinent questions, over a domineering force that wants to control and activate it all. Empower the experts to drive the club forward. Also, while you’re there, stock up with experts. Giving more power to some of the people we have at the club might be a really bad idea.

Anyway, I’m game for Steve Bould… and I insist you agree.

Right, that’s me done. I’ll be blogging from Lisbon tomorrow. Good times. Enjoy your Sunday.

P.S. A pal told me to stop giving the trolls oxygen yesterday. Advice heeded. Apologies for boring you with it.

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  1. Lars

    Yea Please! Wenger will go all grandfather on his ass and Keep Mario under controll. I belivie Arsene management style suiter Mario better than autority figures

  2. Bankz

    Steve Bould as manager might end up just being another David Moyes experience.
    I love him as a tough no – nonsense person who loves the defensive side but he doesn’t look like someone who knows a thing about tactics or like a person who’d outsmart a Guardiola/Klopp.
    It’s my opinion and there are absolutely no stats/facts to back that up’.

  3. Dissenter

    How do you deoxygenate Le grove from trolls without restricting the conversation?
    That’ll be hard.
    Ballotelli can come to Arsenal, as a spectator. He’s a psycho who will devide everybody with his antics from the dressing room to the players.
    The last coach who had had faith in him Mancini was undermined by Ballotelli had City. The feeling in the dressing room was that there was one rule for Ballotelli and another for the rest.
    I can’t see Wenger biting. He’s not the young man he used to be, Ballotelli might help him burst a carotid.

  4. Evan

    -Lukaku OR balo?
    BOTH!! Could you imagine them two upfront ripping it up.
    Giroud can keep the bench warm, sumfin pretty for Diaby

  5. Me

    Lukaku would be a better bet considering he’s not mental but Balotelli is an awesome talent.

    John Stones – fantastic talent

  6. Rich

    We need two strikers, I’d only explore the possibility of super Mario after exploring other options first.
    I quite like the idea of going with Sanchez, Reus or Draxler as a false 9 and also going for Morata and picking the forward based on the opposition

  7. Marc

    I’m all for him, it won’t last but we’ll get a good fee back and he will score goals – lots of them. On the pitch he’s everything we’re looking for in a striker, the off field antics we need to manage but unless we can go and get Cavani he’s the most talented option available.

  8. gunnergetyou

    Super Mario would be a top signing, and we the money to get it done without too much fuss. Him or Cavani would give us a great chance to win the league.

    But we 100% will not be signing either of them so no getting carried from me

  9. kwik fit


    It must have been love but its over now. It must have been love I missed it somehow……it must have be……

  10. gunnergetyou

    We can’t even sign a cheap top class right back who is desperate to join us, so I’m guessing a world class striker is way too complicated for wenger and co.

  11. Marko

    I’d absolutely go for Ballotelli. A super talent and I swear one of these seasons he’s gonna knuckle down and get serious and whatever club he’s at will have someone capable of 30-40 goals easy. Cavani’s the dream but it won’t happen so outside of him there’s really only Ballotelli, Benzema or Jackson Martinez for me.

  12. IntelligentFoozball

    Personally I think Balotelli is one of those people that people simply don’t get. Its not a case of being psycho, its just being misunderstood. Granted he likes to live life on the edge and can have an antic or two up his sleeves but people need to stop acting like if he comes, he is gonna butt fcuk and eat all our players and then take a fat crap on Bouldy’s shining head. He is not Frankenstein . If anything, I hear Diego Costa is more of an animal than he is but you dont see people going on about that.q

  13. IntelligentFoozball

    Wenger will be a good manager for him. Hotheads usually get along better with gentle people as opposed to other hotheads. Hence why Balotelli/ Mancini couldn’t work. Two hot heads.

  14. tippitappi

    yea Mario looks good I’d have some of that and as much as dislike wenger and his ways I think his style may suit the Italian. Others will have to follow though no Ozil and out like last summer that would just make the whole thing a total waste of time

  15. Andaprayer

    I’ve got a feeling in my water that balotelli will happen. Like Ozil when he went to Madrid, wenger wanted him when he moved to man city.

    I think he’ll make the move if he thinks he can get him to knuckle down and if anyone can, it probably is wenger.

  16. Freddylekgunner

    Morning all… I still don’t get why so many fans want us to sign Benzema. He’s just slightly faster than Giroud and not too tough.
    What we need is pace, power and finishing.

  17. gonsterous

    Its like i dont have my own opinion… I read the comments here on the grove and think thats some very valid point… I think im a cross over between an AKB and the Wanker out gang (not a neutral, mind you)… Sometimes i think Wenger is a genius in the transfer market given some of the comments here and sometimes i think wenger is not the man to lead us forward !!! So I hope you guys dont think im stalking but i will just sit quietly in the sidelines reading your arguments…. Have a great day Groovers !!!

  18. Insomnia

    Said it before – but if you can’t repeat yourself here what’s the point- we need a bit of madness in the squad once it’s linked with talent.

    Ps will there be referees who get confused if we had balotelli AND pogba?

  19. Insomnia

    Wenger at press conference July 25 – in my dreams:
    “My signings to stop people making the fun of me and to prove my mental strength:
    Di Maria

    And finally – drumroll please:
    Gunnersaurus removes head to reveal Fabregas !

  20. Moray

    AfricanGooner, because we were only in for a loan deal with Ba.

    Though I agree, with the relationship between Mo and Wenger, it is unlikely he would sell us a steaming shit never mind Lukaku.

  21. RayGooner

    It’s clear what Arsenal need, and there are plenty of options for each position that they can pick from.

    We need a goalkeeper:
    If we want a top class keeper for the nr. 1 spot then it should be Casillas, Begovic or Ruffier.
    If we want a keeper on the same level as Szczesny to fight it out with him, we should get Ruddy, Marshall or Forster.

    We need a Right-back:
    There are plenty of options here, Aurier, Piszczek, Lichtsteiner, Uchida, Richards, Janmaat, all miles better than Jenkinson.

    We need a DM:
    It should be one of L. Bender, S. Bender, Martínez, Khedira or Schneiderlin.

    We need an attacking forward/winger with pace:
    Draxler, Hulk or Di María.

    We need a 25-30 goal/Striker:
    Balotelli, Benzema, Cavani, Martínez or why not go for Higuain again.

    If we get 1 of those players out of each position as mentioned then we will be contenders again, i’m sure.

    Players with less quality than these should only get bought on top of that as squad players.

    Assuming Vermaelen leaves, then we need a CD cover and that shouldn’t be a problem. There are plenty of those around on a cheap…

  22. Radio Raheem

    My England team to start against Italy


    JOhnson Jagielka Cahill Baines

    Henderson Gerrard

    Sterling Barkley Wellbeck


    Subs – Rooney, Lallana and Wilshere

  23. jaygor1

    balotelli too much of a wild card. get remy and lukaku instead. thats the way forward. seat being kept warm for martinez in a few years time. bould no2

  24. AfricanGooner

    Players i want at Arsenal next season:
    ST: Balotelli/Benz,
    DM: Khadira/Javi Martinez,
    RB: aurier, ochoa(backup GK)
    LW: Alexis/Griezmann/lallana /Draxler

  25. Wallace

    while i’ve got a lot of reservations aboutBalotelli he would be a very exciting signing. at his best he’s probably only behind Ibrahimovic in terms of the devastation he can wreak. wildly inconsistent still, but has the X factor that Giroud lacks. and i think Wenger would love the chance to work with him.

  26. RayGooner

    My prefered signings would be:

    Stéphane Ruffier (St. Etienne)
    Daryl Janmaat (Feyenoord)
    Micah Richards (Man City)
    Lars Bender (Bayer Leverkusen)
    Julian Draxler (Schalke 04)
    Mario Balotelli (AC Milan)
    Loïc Rémy (QPR)

    These players would cost somewhere around £120-130m.

    And if we get rid of some players that we don’t need (like Arteta, Podolski, Miyaichi, Campbell, Djourou a.s.o), we would get some money from those sales so the cost would be around those £100m. that we’re supposed to have available….

  27. Radio Raheem

    I think Wilshere only works when he plays alongside Henderson. I can’t believe Henderson has become such an important player lol. Henderson is unique in the qualities he brings into the side – quick recovery pace in the middle.
    If Wilshere had had an injury free season then I’d play him instead of Gerrard.

  28. Scott

    Can’t see Wenger replacing Giroud so these rumours are probably BS. I would have Balo I would have any striker better than Giroud though.

  29. GoonerInNY

    What is interesting about Balotelli is that unlike virtually every top-class name mentioned in rumors, he seems like a guy Wenger might buy. It is likely that noneof Europe’s top clubs would be in for him, so no competition. And since he has a dodgy reputation, Wenger can show the world what a genius he is by turning him into a world beater. It fits the Wenger profile like Ozil did.

    For that reason alone I am in favor of signing Balotelli.

    I suspect, though, it will be Remy and talk of Sanogo being worth £50 m in a couple of years. As I have said, I would not be the least bit surprised if nobody is bought for more than £10 m and Jenkinson is the starting right back. Wenger/Kroenke have not changed. No way we are spending anywhere near £100 m.

  30. RayGooner

    GK: Ruffier, Szczesny, Martínez
    RB: Janmaat, Richards, Jenkinson
    CB: Mertesacker, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Richards (as cover)
    LB: Gibbs, Monreal
    DM: L. Bender, Flamini
    CM: Wilshere, Diaby, Ramsey, Rosický
    AM: Özil, Cazorla, Chamberlain
    FW/Wingers: Walcott, Draxler, Gnabry
    ST: Balotelli, Giroud, Rémy, Sanogo

    If we have that team at the start of the season, then i wouldn’t moan about us not getting Cesc….

  31. Ozy

    Regarding Bould, I don’t know enough about the guy’s managerial style and tactical intelligence, amongst many, MANY other factors that make a good manager, to want him as Wenger’s successor. I would much prefer a Martinez/Klopp manager.. taking over after Wenger would be a monster of a task. Bould is too inexperienced.

    As for Balotelli, nah. I mean, I would love if Arsenal sign him because right now, all I hear are Remy and Morata rumors.. and Balotelli is a better forward than both of those.. but he’s too inconsistent. I’d be too nervous. We’d never know which Balotelli will show up

  32. salparadisenyc

    Personally I’ve always given that sexy French girl the proper rogering she deserved… And the rides worth ever bit of ripped heart. Laying with gods requires risk. Super Mario, get in.

  33. Cesc Appeal

    Balotelli is far too risky I think. Sublime one week, head butting an infant in the crowd the next.

  34. Moray

    Bould as manager would be a power grab by Gazidis. We would basically have the opposite situation to or current one, where the manager has too much control.

  35. Cesc Appeal

    There’s no cheap way around this, no bargain we can spin. To get our embarrassing strike force right is going to cost some serious dosh I’m afraid.

  36. Guns of brixton

    GK: Ceaser, Casillas (?)

    RB: Aurier, Cylne (?), Chambers

    CM/DM: Bender (either-prefer Lars) Martinez, Sncherderiln (sp)

    LW/RW: Sanchez, Pedro, Di maria (my prefence), Reus (hard to get)
    nb- draxler too, though he aint a winger strictly speaking

    ST/CF: CAVANI, balotelli, Remy, insigne, BENZEMA, Falcao (?), Lukaku, Eto (as an add on)

    WIDE range to choose and pick from, and im sure i missed a few. ,

  37. Cesc Appeal


    Wenger will have a strong hand in choosing his successor, no doubt at all. I know he professed he wouldn’t; but look logically, he’s the ONLY football person at the club at a high level. He’s essentially manager AND DoF, so he’d have to have a hand in picking the new guy.

    Unless the boar dis going to get it’s shit together and start getting rid of the OAP’s on the board and start appointing football men who don’t hold Arsene Wenger in some weird reverence and will disagree and go head to head with him. Like most companies, clubs, businesses etc.

    Wenger reminds me of a King at court, although his Lord Chancellor (Gazidis) may disagree and try sneaky little tactics to get what he thinks is right done and stop the King’s mad ideas, the King can still make him a head shorter and what he says go because everybody is in is thrall and believes in some divine right of his to rule.

  38. Keyser

    I like the way we conduct transfers, the secrecy bit, in the digital age, where social media rules, I like how we still try to do things on the quiet, I even liked the idea that Dick Law PI went around Germany laying down one time take it or leave it offers before walking off into the sunset.

    The downside to this, is the papers, the media outlets have simply linked us to any and every player they can think of just waiting for the “As we revealed back in 1987 with this tenuous link..” to try and take in the plaudits, I think Pedro or some other blogger mentioned how much online media space Arsenal take up, I’d love to know how calculated it is.

    It makes it pretty boring, unless you find ways to detach yourself, Ozil was genuinely a nice surprise for everyone, or mostly everyone last year, feels like there simply can’t be another like it this year.

  39. Bamford13

    If he were the only quality striker available, I guess I’d sign Balotelli, but I don’t think he makes sense for Arsenal. As good as he is, his odd, angry personality and erratic behavior could disrupt the side, not to mention he doesn’t play in combination with others all that well.

    I much prefer Benzema, Cavani, Lukaku, even Mandzukic. Even Benteke, maybe.

    Frankly at this point I might take a punt, sign both Rossi and Eduardo, and hope that at least one of them returns to something like his old form. Those two, at their best, make more sense for Arsenal than a Balotelli.

  40. Keyser

    Ballotelli’s a decent example, every half decent thing he does is immediately catered to the ‘Bad Boy come good’ agenda, the hype is ridiculous, at least Bale commanded some respect for his performances.

    It’ll be good to see him at the World Cup, he reacted well to the last tournament and probably had his most consistent spell, not sure what Milan or Italian fans think of him, but the odd Milan game I’ve watched he’s looked listless, produces the odd moment of skill, before his attention span resets itself, the game he scored a 40 yard winning goal in, he’d done nothing all game, even the shot was out of nowhere.

    You wonder how much of it is self-doubt, I don’t try, I can’t fail.

  41. Bamford13

    Luis Gustavo was MOTM for Brazil the other day against Serbia, with more passes completed than any other player and a 95% pass completion ratio. He would be perfect behind Ramsey and Ozil but rumors are linking him to Barca.

    The game was played in Brazil — forget which stadium — and the pitch was in shockingly bad condition. It looked like they had run a horse race on it beforehand. If all the fields are as poor as that one, people are going to be disappointed in the quality of play. It was a pretty shabby match.

    Hopefully the other pitches are nicer.

  42. Cesc Appeal


    I like Gustavo. Really good player and I think he’d do a great job for us.

    But yeah I read that he’s holding out for Barcelona…but then they have Busquets so…

  43. Bermy boy

    People still talk about Benzema at Arsenal when he has expressed on more then one occasion his wish to stay at RM.He loves to put on that all white uniform and nothing will change in the near future.Take Balotelli if he wants in ,
    everyone mentions his erratic behavior but has he done anything real outlandish on a regular like when he was at Chelsea.

    sometimes age mellows a person against their will.

  44. TitsMcgee

    Balotelli is far too risky I think. Sublime one week, head butting an infant in the crowd the next.”

    That was great and probably not far off.

    Regarding Gustavo he’d be great but if we could have had him last year we could have. Shame. Could do a job for us.

    Martin Blind wouldn’t be a bad signing either. I think he has potential.

    At least I think his first name is Martin.

  45. Marc


    It doesn’t matter if Benzema wants to stay at Madrid if they decide to bring in Suarez and want to raise some money he will be told he’s leaving. Do you think Cesc wants to leave Barca and go to Chelsea?

  46. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah Gustavo in last season would have been great, especially with Ramsey suddenly blasting off into orbit.

    But wasn’t there some complications with directors, or something like that? With Wolfsburg?

    Any who, we should certainly be throwing our name in there if he is on the move.

  47. Dream10

    – Like the purchase of Balotelli at 20-25m

    – Certainly has the talent on paper to get you 20+ goals in the PL and 30+ overall. However, his performances are not consistent enough to reach that goal tally. He needs a lot of shots and is not a box player. Players have like Cristiano Ronaldo and Suarez have elite talent and elite work ethic. Like Mario, they take a lot of shots, but their effort is extremely high and very consistent.

    – Balotelli has a centre forward’s body but the ability of a second striker. Like Benzema, he needs to play with at least one goalscorer who is more prolific than him. If we want to get the best out of him we need to sign a Cavani or even Carlos Bacca. Somebody whose natural tendency is get on the end of chances.

  48. Dream10

    If you have aspirations of winning the Premier League and the Champions League, players like Balotelli and Benzema cannot be your leading goalscorers.

  49. Guns of brixton

    Anyone seen Good Will Hunting with Matt Damon?

    Balotelli needs that treatment to get hes head fixed.

  50. TitsMcgee

    Cesc I think Scolari recommended he go to Wolfsburg to secure 1st team action in a World Cup year.

    That’s the only thing I remember about that situation. Think he went to Wolfsburg for €18m or circa that. Was very attainable.

  51. TitsMcgee

    It doesn’t matter how much Benzema likes it at Madrid. Of course he likes it. He’s at the biggest club in the world that just won the UCL.

    If Madrid want to replace him with Suarez he won’t have much choice unless he is content to never play really.

    Ozil probably would have stayed at Madrid if Bale didn’t arrive as well.

  52. Dream10


    Sure. Balotelli and Benzema are players that score goals but are not traditional #9’s. They are not naturally inclined to score tap ins and are not predators. There are some players who can players who can play as an out and out #9 and #10. Aguero would be a prime example. He is great enough to be a goalscorer and great enough to provider. He could play with a provider like Bergkamp or a prolific goalscorer like Shearer.

  53. NYCgooner

    Balotelli would be a last resort for me. Insane talent but unfortunately insane everything else.

  54. Bamford13


    Let me help. If your point is that Benzema and Balotelli are not good enough to lead a team to a PL or CL title, I would say two things: one, I disagree. Surrounded by quality players, either of these two is good enough to lead the line of a PL or CL-winning side. Two, if these two, per you, are second-rate, then Giroud is fourth-rate, because there are a good many strikers who are not nearly as good as Benzema or Balotelli but who are far better than Giroud.

    The fundamental point is that we need better than Giroud, and both Ben and Bal are far better than Giroud.

  55. Scott

    Gustavo is exactly what we need. But if Wenger didn’t want him last year I can’t see him going for him. He chose to sign Flamini over Gustavo. I really can’t see him sign a DM.

  56. Harry Redknapp

    if cesc didnt want to go chelsea he would dig his heels in. im sure theres another club with 25mill to buy him with. what are barca gonna do keep holding out for a few extra mill?

  57. Marc

    If Cesc ends up at Chelsea it will be because with Arsenal not interested they are the best option. You would have thought PSG would be in for him.

    Isn’t his kid based in London?

  58. Bamford13


    Don’t think I agree at all. Neither has playmaking aspirations and both are pretty straightforward number 9’s. Neither is perfect in this regard, I agree, and both are less than clinical than they should be at times, but they are clearly number nines.

    Other thing that is flawed in your view, I think, is idea that our new CF needs to be a pure goal-scorer. He need not be. In fact, we need more from our CF than just goal-scoring. We need someone who is technical enough to play in combination with our midfielders, pacy enough to get in behind defenses, skillful enough to beat defenders off the dribble, and quality enough to score from both inside and outside the box.

    Both B and B fit that bill. As do others, of course, but B and B fit the bill for most part.

  59. Andaprayer

    Not sure I get the benzema love-in, I honestly don’t think he’s any better than Giroud. Different certainly, and some will no doubt use those differences to suggest I’m wrong, but overall I think he’s at the same level. Quicker and better control vs stronger and better link up play. I’m all for another forward and someone with different attributes than Giroud makes sense, he just wouldn’t give me a fizzing feeling.

    Also, why would we want m. Richards? He can’t get in the squad let alone team of one of our rivals and hasn’t done anything of note since he was a boy that looked promising ( he’s essentially like 90% of project youth, ie never really made it, only this time he’s paid even more).

  60. shad

    Mario at Arsenal? OF COURSE I’D TAKE HIM!
    He is a natural as ice in the penalty box and is a threat in the air and at set pieces. Minus his attitude issues, he’d be up there with the best in the leagues..
    Can AW tame him? Nope. He can love Mario to sanity. Maybe. All such petulance reeks is attention and love. And a stage to perform. He’d be a great addition but probably too disruptive to the dresser.

    Meanwhile, who haven’t we been linked with yet?

  61. Marc

    If Balotelli took the world’s biggest chill pill would those saying he’s the wrong player change their minds? If yes get a sports psychologist in to help him, also bear in mind what’s happened in Milan might have changed his outlook a bit.

  62. NYCgooner

    I’ve been banging on Gustavo for the past few months here. He’s my favorite DM followed closely by Martinez. I think Arsenal will ultimately get Schneiderlin who, considering Ramsey’s style of play might be just as effective as Gustavo/Martinez for much cheaper.

  63. Jim Lahey

    Here is how I would like our summer spending to go.. although I know it will never happen. (Isn’t it sad to 100% know Arsenal won’t buy the players you want?!)

    Júlio César: ~5m QPR – Hugely experienced, champs league winner. Would push Szczęsny all season.

    Serge Aurier: ~10m Toulouse FC – Looks to be a decent replacement for Sagna.

    Javi Martinez: ~35m Bayern Munich – Tall powerhouse DM. Exactly what we need, good on the ball and in the air. With him in the side we could revert to 4-4-2 if needed. A must this summer. Not only are you buying a WC DM but also a 4th choice CD.

    Pedro: ~25m Barcelona – Pace and can finish, does have injury problems but would be fantastic on the left.

    Mario Balotelli: ~20m A.C. Milan – Pace and Power just what we need up front, someone capable of anything, can be a tad crazy… Puma connection could mean he may cost even less than 20m.

    My Arsenal team 14/15:


    Aurier———-Mertesacker—–Koscielny———- Gibbs





    Spend 95m.

    To recoupe I would sell Arteta: ~3m Podolski: ~12m and Wilshere: ~25m

    Make 40m on sales. So over all net spend for a team that could challenge on all fronts would be 55m.

  64. Guns of brixton

    There is a WORLD of a difference between Benzema and Giroud.

    Benz looks no different cos of the Presence of CR7 in RM.

  65. bergkamplegend

    “Arsenal have offered £1million for Paris St Germain’s teenage winger Kingsley Coman.”


    Too fucking hot, I go swimming.

  66. Jim Lahey

    @Marc – I personally don’t see the need for him. Ramsey, Ox and Rosický could all play along side Martinez. In my own opinion I would sell him on and make some decent money off him.

  67. Guns of brixton


    Kingsley coman?
    AKBs will call him CR7 mk2 and chant ‘king conan’ when he scores to get the 4th place trophy.

  68. Marc


    We’ve just had a weeks worth of arguing over how Cesc would not be one player to many in MF and now you want to sell one!

  69. Bermy boy

    Aye so true Marc,no man is bigger than the machine I would just prefer someone who wants to play for my club AND has talent….yes I know,like every support wants for their team.

    My only concern is that these players will be hard to come by because of the Wenger Machine.

  70. Guns of brixton

    Sell jack?

    Lets not be so reactionary.

    thats a knee-jerk rxn that would have saw us lose Ramsey.

    JW will come good in due time.

  71. Jim Lahey

    @Marc – I would have no problem with keeping Jack there, I was trying to balance out a squad I feel is capable of competing on all fronts. Jack and Ramsey can fight it out for that box-to-box role, as I don’t seen him playing as a DM or as a number 10. He could over take Ramsey, but they are roughly the same age and Jack is no where near on the level Ramsey is at this moment. Would Jack be happy with a place on the bench?

    But I wouldn’t worry about it, Wenger has no intention of selling Jack or no intention on bringing in the players I would like to see, so it will be back to the 4th place struggle again next year.

  72. Mike adamski

    I’ve always rated ballotelli.
    Pace , power , confidence , ability , good finisher .
    As someone said earlier , due to him being like Mr.T’s nephew and mad as a box of frogs ; it wouldn’t last long , he’s young , we could sell him for a good fee . Even after one season if it goes worst case scenario .
    Or he could be a legend .
    He’s also a puma poster boy , and what better way to make puma and the fans happy than a huge signing like that ??

    He’s clearly a bit nutty but I say it’s worth a punt .

  73. Mayank

    “Anyone seen Good Will Hunting with Matt Damon?”

    Alldoe respect Brixton but did you just compare Damon’s prodigious character to Balo? Hunting knew exactly what he was doing and why he was doing it. And he was a genius. Balo’s just been told from a young age that he’s the most gifted footballer on earth.

    He’s not the kid working as a janitor at MIT. He’s the kid who’s there on a scholarship but wastes his time smoking up with friends because he knows he can get a B- without really trying.

  74. Scott

    Jack is the only player to come through the academy and people want to get rid of him? Whats the point in having a youth academy?

  75. Scott

    Jack is the only player to come through the academy and people want to get rid of him? Whats the point in having a youth academy

  76. Harry Redknapp

    scott is that a reason really? the only player to come through? he is a pet project thats going downhill.

  77. Wallace

    i know Jack’s been a little underwhelming since his breakthrough season but i’d still say he’s neck and neck with Ozil as the most talented player at the club.

  78. Mike adamski

    I think wilshere will come good . We’ve gotta be patient .
    Who would’ve thought Ramsey would transform like that .
    I’m still hopeful .
    Jack wasn’t bad last year , he had a few good games .
    He was so overhyped so young . I hope he will come good anyway .

  79. Keyser

    Wilshere’s one of the most talented players of his generation, did people watch England yesterday ? We’ve basically had Scholes and now Wilshere in about 15 years, there are few if any players like him. We’ve had Barkley’s, we’ve had Henderson’s, or Sturridge like players, and it’s got us nowhere.

  80. Keyser

    Yesterday’s game was interesting in that Wilshere sat deeper like he did for us a few years ago, except it left players like Henderson or Barkley further up field trying to make things happen, and they were taking pot shots from outside the box.

    Lallana had one half-decent breakthrough the middle but mis-controlled it.

  81. Mike adamski

    That team above is awesome whoever posted that . That’s a title winning team , barring injury .
    I haven’t seen much of aurier to form an opinion .

    Anyone think we should flog arteta and diaby and get Cesc back ??

  82. Mike adamski

    This . All day long .


    ——————————-Szczęsny—————————Aurier———-Mertesacker—–Koscielny———- Gibbs———————Ramsey———Martinez—————-Walcott———————Özil————————–Pedro —————————-Balotelli————————

  83. Higz

    For me, I would buy

    Aurier – 9m
    Gustavo or Javi Martinez (20m for LG or 30m for JM)
    Sanchez – 25m
    Balotelli – 20m

    We certainly have the money for this. Ideally would prefer Cavani over Balotelli, but that is not happening without spending 50m. I think Alexis Sanchez would be amazing for us and can competently play up top or on wing.

  84. london gunner


    Did you seriously compare Ozil and Jack as being evens?

    Ozil is one of the best CAMS in the world his proven for the past 5 years.

    Jack may or may not have great potential but he hasn’t done anything yet on par with Ozil he had one really good game against Barcelona and that’s it.

    This typical English bias, jack is nowhere near Ozil… even Ozil at Werder Bremen was better than jack wilshere at any point in his career so far

  85. Scott

    Still think JW has it in him to be our no 10. Give him a run of games there and he will outclass Ozil and make it his own

  86. london gunner


    Wilshere’s one of the most talented players of his generation, did people watch England yesterday ? We’ve basically had Scholes and now Wilshere in about 15 years,

    1 How can you compare the two? They are very different players Scholes has probably still does have a much better passing range, especially in long passing, he also has more vision. Scholes was also tough and didn’t fall on his face every few seconds and he could finish he had a rollicking powerful shot (at least in his younger days)

    I just hate this bullshit its like their both English and short both midfielders and both can pass (scholes allot better) so people make stupid comparisons that have no merit.

    there are few if any players like him. We’ve had Barkley’s, we’ve had Henderson’s, or Sturridge like players, and it’s got us nowhere.

    Well by your same logic we had scholes and he got us nowhere…. so within paragraph you have completely destroyed your own argument

    Lol did Scholes he win us a eurp or WC? Nope so we have had players like gerrard and scholes and wilshere and do they get us anywhere……. NO.

    Completely ridiculous bias statement and ones you can’t hope to prove, how do you know that a team of Wilshere like players would get us anywhere? You don’t its just pure rubbish

    Another point

    Barkley is younger but currently his better than Jack but if you look at the players themselves Barkley is stronger faster taller more athletic, so then lets contemplate technique because that’s the otherside of the coin. Well Barkley is two footed jack is one footed, Barkley has a great shot jacks has always had a scrappy one, Barkley is a better dribbler, his better with his back to goal and holding up the ball, they have equal passing and ball control.

    So how is Jack better than Barkley when Barkley beats him in nearly every category of what it is to be a footballer?

    You can’t even claim Jack has amazing vision or creativity as he never really has demonstrated that, Ozil at Werder Bremen Did, Cesc did ect….

    So either Jack is a CAM whose not creativity a DM whose not defensive or box to box whose not athletic and who losses possession all the time


  87. Keyser

    Lol because Barkley doesn’t have hype, that’s just how it is, it’s worse if you’re english, and even more so if you’re the type of player the countries been lacking for years.

    Also it wasn’t one game against Barcelona, it was pretty much the whole season at 18 or whatever he was.

  88. Rockypires

    I am of the opinion only us or psg could get Mario batty.
    You have to appreciate his class and his age but there are a lot of cons to him also.

    I just wonder if he were to go to psg would it free up Cavaini.

    We have being link to a lot of decent strikers but none who could get u 30. No doubt Mario on his game could get 30 but he is hard work.
    Also I think we’re a bit of a clean cut club to be dealing with such controversy as he will bring

    I was also thinking of an older keeper who were linked to before an Nicolas penntaue is very possible. 32 years old rock solid leader be decent addition

  89. Keyser

    london_gunner – Name another player that comes close to being compared to Scholes ? You do this soo often, wade into things because you’ve got pre-conceived notions about what sort of agenda a person might be driving at.

    Scholes wasn’t tough, he was pretty poor at tackling and if you think Wilshere has a limited pasisng range you need to go back and watch more of him. Scholes has an entire career behind him and retired from the International game at what 30.

    “Completely ridiculous bias statement and ones you can’t hope to prove, how do you know that a team of Wilshere like players would get us anywhere? You don’t its just pure rubbish”

    Lol fuck me, a team of Wilshere’s ? How do you come up with this stuff ? We’ve got no variation at all.

    Where’s the bias ? Seriously mate, start putting more thought into your arguments.

  90. Mayank

    Does anyone feel people don’t pass the ball to Wilshere enough. You see him in conservative positions asking for the ball and trying to move the game forward and hardly getting the ball. Then he bombs forward and literally takes the ball from his own team-mates.

    I wonder if that’s because they don’t lie him or because they don’t have the patience to play that game.

  91. Rockypires

    Jack will have a great season this coming year. He is nearly there in terms of understanding what is required of him. He is a ldm. Attacking from deep. Play one twos through balls etc.

    One problem he currently has is taking too much out of ball and overdoing it but that will be rectified soon when he settles into a role and becomes more self confident and self aware.

    He is now physically strong and dictates tempo but does need to release sooner to show just how good he is.

  92. Keyser

    Mayank – I think it’s the latter, there is no patience to the game, there’s a few passes around the back, into midfield, wide and a cross, or into Rooney, lay off and a shot.

    There’s a massive difference to how England end up playing and we play at Arsenal, we think we’ve been poor for the past few years, those triangles we play, what I’ve seen of the last few games is, England get about halfway through a passing move, before being crowded out, or an attacker peels off looking for space, no-one’s willing, or consistent enough, to hold their ground, take the ball under pressure and look for quick incisive balls.

  93. Keyser

    Germany took almost 10-12 years of youth development to reach this point., Belgium did something similar, Wilshere’s the closest we get to bridging the gap between years of development and any semblance of a short passing game.

  94. Mayank

    The Scholes Wilshere comparison brings up another interesting comparison, Barkley and Gerrard/Lampard. Scholes was obviously the best technician of the three. But he got ignored and played out of position to appease those two. To the point where he retired early and people didn’t care.

    Similarly you see people fawn over Barkley because of his explosiveness and Jack’s build-up play is compromised. However where Scholes had the maturity to not change his game and play to his strengths you see Jack trying to be more like Barkley. Not just for England but Arsenal as well.

  95. Mayank

    Yeah Keyser. I don’t think England have a plan of how to approach games beyond the platitudes of “tight at the back” “get stuck in” “play with pace and power”

    Even with this bunch you think a manager can get them performing to a set plan. You see the Liverpool bunch play a few passes to each other before going for something that renders the passing moot.

  96. Mayank

    “Wilshere is just another over hyped English player.”

    Yeah he is. Doesn’t mean he’s not good.

  97. Cesc Appeal

    Jack’s an interesting one.

    he has talent and potential, no doubt about it.

    But I much prefer the team when he isn’t in it, it’s weird. Even the season before last when we put that great run of form together to snatch 4th from Spurs, when Ramsey was still a questionable player for us – I still preferred the middle of Ramsey and Arteta to Wilshere and Arteta.

    Wilshere is fine to have, and I hope he has a break through season soon, but Scholes was on the money, he hasn’t progressed at all, there could be a multitude of reasons but the fact remains.

    He shouldn’t be near our starting line up. And I can foresee problems with Wilshere because, what is he?

    A central middle player? Well he’s going to have to best Ramsey and I think the whole world agrees we need a proper CDM – so that’s that.

    He’s not a wide man.

    CAM/No.10? Well he’d have to get past Ozil AND Cazorla. Both are better than him. Looks like Oxalde may have something to say about that slot as well.

    Wilshere is going to need to seriously get his head down and try to carve a place in the side for himself or he’ll get left behind. Things could very easily go south for him just as they may end up superb.

  98. Keyser

    Mayank – They do try to change, Lallana has talent, as does Barkley, but over the years players like this have had a few games and then if it doesn’t quite work England revert to type because the pressure on them do well and go for results gets too much.

    We’ve just been looking for short cuts to long term solutions, while other countries have decided to put the hard work in.

    When Wilshere broke through he consistently had the options so he wouldn’t have to take on too much like he had now, Walcott was always there for the run, and Van Persie, Fabregas, Nasri were always available for the short passing game.

    I don’t especially think it’s his fault, when all the key players left it just left a vaccuum and we’ve been scrambling to fix it.

    A 3 man midfield with a DM – Wilshere and Ramsey is probably best, depending on what options we bring in.

  99. london gunner


    I could ask you to do the same.

    Your statement about Wilshere and Scholes being similar is just embarrassing your self with that one. Its a stupid pundit comment, yeah both short both can pass must be the same right? Except nope they play a very different game and have different traits. The whole point of Scholes is he was enigma.. he was unique Wilshere is not close to his level or even his style of play. Jack spends most of his time trying to dribble around players and play quick ones twos, Scholes was a sniper like passer passing from long range whilst being an atrocious tackler. Very different…

    You always claim people who disagree with you haven’t put the thought but perhaps consider maybe so many people disagree with you because you haven’t put the thought in?

    Keyser He had a good season at 18? So how the fuck can you then claim that England would be winning honours with more players like Wilshere? Where is your proof or evidence? Its just a joke statement.

    So by having more teams that were unathletic that had players who lose possession and aren’t actually very good at creating goal scoring opportunities either we would of won WC and euros?

    I get the point Jack has decent passing but must of the time he does nothing with it, his like arteta great passer not much vision even in his everton days… They are great at recycling the ball but Wilshere had no way the level of creativity of Cesc and Ozil at the same age…

    You then claim Barkly is overhyped but you hype up Wilshere after one good season? I am not even saying Barkley is going to be a world beater I am just saying his going to be better than JAck which isn’t hard but Jack doesn’t have the qualities to excel in one position instead his a decent utility player.

    Your arguing that jack can win us a world cup I am simply saying barkley can be better than jack who I think will be an ok player…

    You see your the one who is hyping.

  100. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah absolutely.

    But what I don’t agree with is any form of special treatment or repeated chances without some form of entitlement to them having earned them.

    Wilshere looks like he could be good, but sometimes he’s detrimental to the side. And I think, he needs to learn his place. He’s a bit too big for his boots – and that’s not all his own fault.

  101. Dream10

    The ideal lineup for me would include

    Home games
    – Ramsey paired with a DM (Schneiderlin), Ozil, a goalscoring winger and two forwards

    Difficult away games
    – Ramsey, another CM, a DM, Ozil, a goalscoring winger and one centre forward

    For the goalscoring winger
    – I am pessimistic on whether Walcott will be the same
    – Marco Reus is the ideal fit

    This Summer
    – GK
    – RB to replace Sagna
    – CB to replace TV5
    – DM
    – multi-purpose MF (Asamoah of Juventus good for me)
    – two forwards

  102. TitsMcgee

    Lol @ Keyser telling anyone to put more thought into their statements.

    The same guy who accuses people of being fans of rival clubs when he disagrees with them lol