Are Arsenal playing the Madrid waiting game?

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Hello, and welcome to Saturday. Not as bright as Friday, but rumours things could be hotting up pretty sharpish.

So what have we got going on today? Well, bad news for Germany as Reus picks up a ligament tear in the German camp. Shad Forsythe, what have you done?! That’s bad news for the World Cup in general. Players picking up knocks left, right and centre of late. Suarez ruined himself, Chambo has runied himself and now Reus. I really feel for players when this happens. World Cups are the shiny cherry on a career, it’s tragic (in footballing terms) when you lose that chance to be a hero and go down in history as someone who made a difference to their country.

Having a chat with Geoff this morning who has absolutely no faith in any of the deals we’re looking into doing going ahead. I think this summer is as much about Dick Law as it is about Arsene Wenger. Sounds to me like Wenger has selected the players he wants, now it’s up to the club to make it happen. I hope we’re not flouncing around with price. That’s a big learning the club have to take from previous seasons, we’re no longer a market of one… when you go for mega names, so will other clubs. What are we offering that tips people over the edge?

In tech, I was told that all the big social networks pay roughly the same, so one of the major battle grounds is the canteen. I’ve been to the Facebook canteen and it’s amazing. Imagine that…

‘Look, I loved the vibe, I loved the people, but the quinoa was a touch over done… sorry’

I’ve yet to decide what the point of that story is… but I think it’s working out what our USP is. What tips a player over the edge when choosing Arsenal? Training facilities are pretty swish and we’re upgrading there. But what factors in elsewhere? I’d be looking at the collapse, the player injuries and the lack of tactics. But then I’d be looking at London, the massive ground that sells out and our superb day time TV.

Anyway, one to ponder.

Jeremy Wilson of the Telegraph reckons Madrid could be key this summer as we look to raid them again. Morata and Benzema head a list apparently. Seems like a flaky strategy… hovering around the bargain bins of the big clubs can work wonders, but not if the final decision is made in the last week of the window.

Nice that Laurent is getting involved in the transfer frenzy as well…

“We’ll need a goalkeeper, a right-back, a midfielder and a striker,”

“It’s important to have a minimum of these four players so that we’ll be better able to challenge over the course of a whole season against teams like Manchester City, Chelsea or [Manchester] United. Winning the FA Cup can change things and lead to other players coming.”

The club really need to deliver. I think we need more players, but if we add world class in all those departments, we’re in a much, much better place.

Anyway, not a lot on today. I’m heading to a day festival and it’s pissing down with rain. This was not the plan.

Have a great day!

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  1. Cesc Appeal


    I just hope IF that happens then someone petitions the club to lower ticket prices using this “enormous budget that could land us ANYONE aside from Bale, Ronaldo and Messi.”

    Clearly we wouldn’t be using it for transfers and that is an ENORMOUS rainy day fund, so they should lower prices with it if we fail to go large.

  2. Marc


    The board and Wenger will absolutely cop it if our spending is only £30 million. You can’t boast you have £150 million in the bank (soon to be increased with the new deals etc) and then give fans a 3% ticket increase and only spend 20% of what you have in the bank. Most clubs are spending revenue they haven’t earned yet we are sitting on a cash mountain, you can justify the increase with a big outlay, not by spending what West Brom or Swansea will.

    All that without having to explain to a new sponsor why their £30 million a year will only feature on a bank statement and not running round on the pitch.

  3. MidwestGun

    Marc –
    Not to mention, if they pass on Cesc and only spend £30 mill. Even the AW supporters are gonna lose it. Lol. This Is what gives me hope that we land someone of note over £30 mill.
    I know the board and Arsenal don’t exactly do things to appease the fans. But surely even they can’t be that naive.

  4. Marc


    Hi mate – are you well.

    If we don’t sign anyone of note when Cesc (the real one not the doggy poster on here!) would have come back here as first choice their will be riots. “You can’t please all the people all of the time” is the saying but if they spend some cash it will silence 99% of fans. My fear is the season after next. CL money is going up to circa £50 million for group stage, if we miss out on what has been our one KPI for the last 8 – 9 years when the stakes almost double it will end Wenger and seriously damage ouR position as a “big club”. People claim Kroenke loves Wenger because he doesn’t spend – I think those people are deluded. Kroenke doesn’t care what Wenger spends providing it doesn’t damage his interest. Self generated income doesn’t cost him a penny and success only increases the value of his investment.

  5. Cesc Appeal

    We say this every single year, if they only spend this amount everyone is going to go mad, if they don’t do this everyone is going to go mad…nobody ever does. There’s just excuses, not anger.

    I remind you up until deadline day last summer we had spent NOTHING…not a single penny. And apparently we’re believing Ivan Gazidis now when he speaks so we failed to use our huge resources last year. Up until we were beaten 3-1 by Villa at home.

    Nothing will happen if the club only spend £30 Million or some other lowly figure on a few players…nobody will do anything and no one will be under any threat at the club.

  6. salparadisenyc

    I say we buy Vela and use him to break the Costa deal with Chelsea and prize him for ourselves.


  7. Marc


    This is where we differ in our reading on recent history. I think before last summer whilst there was money available there was no push to spend it form anywhere within the club.

    I think the statements put out by Gazidis last summer was an attempt to back Wenger into a corner to force him to spend, one that Wenger did not respond well to.

    The talk that Wenger has given the board a list of targets is encouraging, they can ignore his valuation’s because bottom line is we got him.

    There will be no excuse if we can’t close the deals. If we fail Dick Law will be updating his CV.

  8. Cesc Appeal


    I disagree but al we can do is wait and see.

    Every year we seem to be at a “well if he fucks up this year.”

    And to be honest its all subjective, people will say don;t read into what Gazidis says but will then believe Wenger has given the club a list of targets. It’s all rumour and counter rumour, statements that are open to inference. And I think that’s the way the club likes it, just a mess of info and a heap of confusion.

    Who’s responsible? Who pulls the trigger on deals? Or not as the case may be? No one knows, not likely to. Arsenal is a very insular, incubated environment, very little outside interference.

  9. Johnty79

    Uchida UNIDO is arguably the worst right back in world football. If wenger signs him it is a disgrace. He is small, weak and slow. The amount of goals we will concede due to his inabilities will be laughable.

    I give you Nelson vivas mark 2. So wenger will probably sign him.

    Joke of a manager.

  10. Marc


    On that I agree. Let’s hope that I’m right and we do spend. I wouldn’t bet my house on it but I just can’t believe the club would be so naïve as to think they can do another year of excuses.

  11. Marc


    Who the fuck is Uchida UNIDO?

    You really are a cunt. I even Google’d him and he didn’t come up.

    You’d complain if a supermodel gave you a blowjob.

  12. Johnty79

    Cesc will be awesome for Chelsea next season.

    However truth be told if Chelsea kept lukuku and mata they would of won the quadruple.

    Wenger will sign no one. I wanted us to finish fifth and lose the cup final for this very reason. Wenger out!

  13. tunnygriffboy

    Cesc / London

    What if we got say a Pedro and a Remy ? That would give us real depth. Some times though w4e all say ‘we wanr him or we want him ‘. Sometimes we forget how good some of our players are and how they will develop. Watched compilation of Ramsey and Ozil last night . They dovetail brilliantly, seriously good players who will cause real problems if fit. Put Ox and Theo ahead of them and we have a great counter attack..

  14. MidwestGun

    Damn, just got caught out in a rainstorm mowing the grass. Lol. I’m doing well, Marc. Thanks.
    Gonna watch Argentina play Slovenia in a friendly. Argentina my pick to win WC. And then gonna check out Usa vs Nigeria, a pretty even matchup.

  15. Cesc Appeal


    For me we need to add a world class striker. And that is going to cost big bucks, there’s no way around it.

    Giroud is okay, Remy is okay – we need better than okay. George Graham described our striker force as embarrassing, Loic Remy does not solve that. He would have been a good addition in January for example, but not the summer.

    Still decent enough for a mix it up, cover/back up option just like Giroud.

    There’s no point really in playing hypotheticals, I have no faith in Wenger but as an Arsenal supporter I have no hope but sit and hope I’m proved wrong.

  16. Cesc Appeal

    The worry is so far as bankers exist, Remy is a banker. He’s gagging for Arsenal, price is very low £8-10 Million, wages are easy and Redknapp has already conceded defeat with keeping him.

    So Wenger essentially knows he can grab him Remy wants Arsenal above all others.

    The longer the summer goes on the better and better Remy will look to us all, to the point where come early August we’re gagging for Remy. And Wenger will have known since late May that he’s ours.

  17. MidwestGun

    Call me jaded but Remy does nothing for me other then replace a useless Bendtner. Is he gonna get very many games over Giroud? Unlikely imo.
    Guess he can play on the wing. His signing would be a big, meh, whatever.

  18. Xrysto

    I could be wrong but i’m gonna stick my neck out on this one:

    Cesc will resign for Arsenal. Wenger is as cheap as the day is long, which is why he has not committed to negotiating with Barca right now- he is avoiding a bidding war with Chelski.

    According to multiple sources, the buy-back clause allows AFC to match any offer accepted by Barca, which means Wenger could at the last minute fook Mourinho in the arse and finally get one over on him. If Wenger doesnt take this op to revenge the specialist in failure comment, then there is absolutely no hope for the senile old tool.

    But i honestly think Sir Chips will force this one through. After all those years of Pecker-head Woods mediocrity, Sir Chips is the real deal.

  19. Pires_7_legend

    Is it true that Wenger vetoed the Cesc deal because he refuses to deal with Darren Dein anymore, I also heard that he no longer has any players in the current squad which are represented by dd…just a thought

  20. Cesc Appeal

    No problem with Remy as a squad buy at all, in fact for that role it’d be a good bit of business…but if that’s our “solution” signing, would be utterly underwhelmed.

  21. MidwestGun

    Xyrsto –
    Ok, I’m writing it down. Neck on the line. Lol
    We definitely won’t know anything on that front till after the WC. Mourinho (F off) will draw it out as long as possible to leave AW hanging if that’s the case. Just hope we have a plan in either case. Not optimistic.

  22. NYCgooner

    Don’t let your hatred for Wenger cloud your judgment. Despite what the concensus opinion on this board is of Wenger, to players, he’s a legendary coach who will give them a chance to grow and develop as a professional. Look back at quotes from current and past players. The main reason they come to Arsenal other than the money is Wenger.

  23. Cesc Appeal

    Mourinho will know snaring Fabregas is the ultimate dick slap in Wenger’s face as well, just feel Fabregas is special to Wenger.

  24. NYCgooner


    I have to disagree with you on remy. I think he’s better than giroud and is capable of 25+ goals if given the chance. I do agree he’s not who we should be aiming for as our starting CF but if we really strengthen in other areas, I wouldn’t mind remy as the main guy for a season. Especially considering the CF that are realistically available.

  25. MidwestGun

    I would want to play for my grandpa too, but that doesn’t mean it would be a good thing. I want players that are already “developed” to put us over the top. And I don’t hate Wenger, I hate that he doesn’t know when to say when and his stubbornness. And I hate his judgement in the transfer windows.

  26. Guns of brixton

    Just kick started the singing and chanting in the uni common area-


  27. MidwestGun

    NYC –
    I think Remy wouldn’t get enough game time. I feel like he wouldn’t push Giroud to start. Maybe he plays on the wing. I want a striker who will push Giroud to the bench. Remy would be good depth moreso than Sanogoal, ill give you that. And of course it’s all about me, and what I want. 😀 lol.

  28. Jeff

    The man who is prepared to put Sanogo onto the pitch isn’t going to buy another striker. He can get fourth with Giroud and a little help from his friends.

  29. BacaryisGone

    Two seasons ago we sold RVP and Song (40 million approx) and signed Podolski, Cazorla and Giroud (36 million approx).

    Looking back, who here thinks that was a good trade or a bad one?

  30. MidwestGun

    RVP to Man U for Giroud – horrible trade.
    Podolski and Cazorla an upgrade over Song. Basically 2 for 1. But we didn’t replace Song with a Cdm.
    I would kill for a deadly finisher like RVP.
    So all in all bad trade, imo. As we could play without Poldi and Santi. OX for Poldi and Ozil for Santi.

  31. NYCgooner

    That’s true, I think Wenger will stick with giroud as that is his style to give a player every chance to succeed. I actually wouldn’t mind giroud and remy as bench options as long as we have a real top shelf striker starting for us. My personal favorite is Cavani. I think he’s the most complete CF in the world.

  32. Cesc Appeal


    Trades aren’t really like for like.

    Though they were of the same summer, Cazorla was a year late replacement for Fabregas.

    Giroud for RVP was a horror show. Podolski had been done essentially in the January.

    And we got rid of a CDM albeit ill disciplined CDM, and didn’t replace him.

  33. Cesc Appeal


    Agreed. Love Cavani, has a bit of everything, pace, power, stamina, finishing, aerially ability, positional sense. Great player.

  34. Guns of brixton

    OG said in hes 1st interview that he was brought in to SUPPORT rvp, i.e- be hes 2nd, not hes replacement. in effect, OG was Chamakhs long term replacement.

    who was/is RVPs replacement? anyones guess. certainly wasnt polds.

  35. BacaryisGone

    I think it’s beginning to make sense now. Jeremy Wilson at the Telegraph was pretty clear on the deal points when we sold Cesc.

    Interestingly, we lost out on 2 million euros when Atletico pipped Barcelona to the title. Two La Liga titles and one Champions League title would have netted us 6 million Euros. Barcelona only got one La Liga.

    However, the most interesting aspect is that Barcelona would need to give us 50% of any transfer fee and not just profit. If true, it makes perfect sense that we would refuse the option. The net cost of signing Cesc would be £42 million and not £28 million and instead we could apply the £14 million towards a defensive midfielder or striker. Having said that, Barcelona must be desperate to offload him if they’re only netting £14 million for him.

  36. MidwestGun

    That’s my problem is we basically weakened our 2 weakest positions CF and Cdm and got back 2 left wingers who like to cut in, and a downgraded CF.

  37. NYCgooner

    I know some posters here told me to disregard Wenger’s past comments about the best CFs now come from South America but I really think that is genuine opinion. We already know he was trying for Higuain and Suarez. I can’t help but feel he’s gonna go for Cavani. Wishful thinking on my part you might say. Please allow to dream for a couple months.

  38. Cesc Appeal


    Not yet it doesn’t.

    Come the start of the season if we’ve got a few fantastic buys it will.

  39. Cesc Appeal


    Well I saw the back up choices for Oxlade were Cleverly and Carrick – so you might as well risk it with Oxlade to be honest.

  40. Gunner2301

    Can’t see Arsene spending big. There are too many lazy options for him to leave it late and fall back on. It will be the usual go on holiday on Deins yacht, commentating for French TV during the World Cup and fuck all action till deadline day supermarket sweep.

  41. MidwestGun

    I would kill for Cavani. Power, pace, needs to work on his finishing some. But he would terrorize CB’s in the Prem. But Keyser gets mad when I bring up Cavani. Lol. He would rather develop somebody and win it the hard way.
    I say never win it. Then bring in a proven superstar. I think Cavani is exactly what we have been missing. Yes I know, pipedream with our fearless leader.

  42. NYCgooner

    By the way, let me compliment the posters who are normally on later in the day. Good, reasoned, thoughtful posting. None of the over the top nonsense that goes on earlier in the morning. Big up everybody.

  43. MidwestGun

    If Barca is only getting £15 mill then they are (RM like)stupid for selling Cesc.

    And Aguero and Messi interchange for a sweet goal by Messi. Argentina 2 Slovenia 0.

  44. BacaryisGone


    Whether we spend it or not, it stills explains our decision. The effective cost of signing him would be £42 million and if the board just sit in the money, I can still understand why they are turning that deal down. Still, as I’ve said before, Arsene will be under more fire than ever before,F.A Cup or not, if we don’t get a minimum of 4 recognized, quality signings in the positions we all know we need to fill.

  45. Al

    My god England are so frustrating. …Roy talks a good game but at the end of the day he is going to pick the most predictable team possible.

    I mean where is the creativity in that England line up….where is the magic of a player who can create something out of nothing. ..apart from sturridge we have nothing. …

    What is the point of playing Henderson and Gerrard. I dont rate him but i see peoples point om Henderson being the runner doing the chasing. …what is the point of Gerrard. .seriously overrated who is constantly going Hollywood with his passes.

    Should have played wilshere or barkley

  46. MidwestGun

    NyC –
    It honestly depends on the day to be fair. Some days because it’s slower in the afternoons we get some seriously bad trolling on here. And late nights, well at least for England late nights, it gets crazy with rants. Lol.

  47. MidwestGun

    Karim –
    How’s it goin. Messi and Aguero are midget perfection. Lol
    How bout those SAS? Nice air conditioning trick to take down Lebron. 😀

  48. Keyser

    I think Woy’s stuck, at least with Johnson, Henderson, Gerrard and Sturridge you’ve got 4 players who’ve had relatively consistent form all season and give the team some continuity.

    Wilshere doesn’t quite fit, Ox is now injured.

    Rooney’s been pretty poor, hopefully Wellbeck can help him out with thework rate, like he does at United.

    Barkley’s a kid, he’s exciting, but his decision making is pretty poor, so Woy’s just stuck between a rock and a hard place.

  49. Cesc Appeal



    I have been saying this all along, you just know come Italy Milner, Lampard, Gerrard etc will all be out there.

    No one expects us to do jack this WC, so write it off, field young, powerful, pacey players. Set up like Liverpool and just go at people. Play exciting, speedy expansive football and plan for the future.

    I’d go with
    Johnson, Cahill, Jagielka, Baines
    Henderson, Gerrard
    Sterling, Barkley, Oxlade

    Obviously slight worry with Oxlade’s injury. But that side has plenty of pace and power in it. Play on the break, counter teams to death. That front 4 has so much pace.

  50. Keyser

    We didn’t replace Van Persie, it would’ve been pretty much impossible, Van Persie that year, maybe for two and a half seasons encompassing that year was as clinical as any striker in World football.

    It took 7 years to get to that point.

    What we did replace and quite well was what Van Persie’s goals and Song’s assists gave the team, except we spread it out over 3-4 players, the season after we were far more stable, we conceded less, scored a similar amount and ended up with more points. Except we didn’t have the edge Van Persie gave us.

    It just shows how tough it is to balance teams, like Fabregas, there’s very few reasons to bring him back, and if we don’t find the players we need I’d rather we didn’t spend.

  51. Al

    You make a wilshere fit.. . Simply put Gerrard and Henderson have been living off suarez and sturridge excellence. ..

    I mean every one knows Rooney lacks the finer qualities to play that number 10 role.

  52. Keyser

    Didn’t see Lallana if we used another winger instead of Wellbeck, I’d stick Wilshere in over him.

  53. Al

    To be honest I don’t wilshere any where near this team because they are being built for failure and when he is a part of it just watch how quickly everyone rounds up on him whilst once again failing to notice how big a failure the likes of Gerrard, lampard and Rooney have been.

  54. tunnygriffboy

    Guys, this Cesc business will only finally be put to bed when ee get the signings we need. Until then Cesc is going to be the Suarez of this window

    If we got a wide forward of quality eg Pedro then I could make do with Remy ss long as we get a DM. Bac, as you said earlier if Wenger and our non negotiating team mess up this summer then the reaction will be toxic. I think they know this.

  55. MidwestGun

    Karim –
    Haha ya my neighbor had a pool party. Free hamburgers. Ya Lebron is 100% they say. 3 iv bags and some anti cramp meds apparently. They will come back firing. Gonna be a long series, I think.

  56. Keyser

    Lol was going to say that, they’d have to go off for Lightning.

    Any interesting extreme weather Stories MwG ? We get clips shows over here of intersting weather phenomena from America.

  57. karim

    Miami are still favorites
    they would have won it without this coup de theatre
    Love this game ! What an atmosphere !
    Is Timmy Duncan really 38 ?

  58. Keyser

    I thought Miami really wanted that first game, they went all out, though it’s hard to tell because they’ve simply been sleep-walking through the other rounds, before they’d even commented on the Air-Conditioning going down, the intensity was exceptional.

  59. Cesc Appeal

    Would have loved the ref to have given Rooney an obnoxiously big steel framed umbrella to hold.

    When he realises no one else has one and enquires as to why, ref gently replies ‘because you’re so special.’

  60. Arsene's Nurse

    Cesc Appeal June 7, 2014 21:10:39

    Would have loved the ref to have given Rooney an obnoxiously big steel framed umbrella to hold.
    lol – the wally with the iron brolly!

  61. MidwestGun

    I’ve only been thru one tornado. Where I live we tend to not get them as much. But had one pass within quarter mile of my house about 6 years ago. Its just like the movies, sounds like a freight train coming and stuff flies
    thru the air. You know when it’s real close because the pressure makes your ears pop and it sucks the water down the toilet. Went to my basement and prayed, shook the whole house. But other than tree damage and power outage was ok. Big twisters tend to be farther west than me. Mile wide monsters that level stuff to ground. Scarey, I wouldn’t live in Kansas or Oklahoma. Too many.

  62. karim

    Just love Pop’s laconic answers during the timeout interviews
    What I hate is the number of commercial breaks
    Fortunately I watch it the following mornings
    Viva fast forward !

  63. carts

    Whwere’s Wilshere…is he “injured AGAIN”?

    Spain’s squad is still pure class. They find that strong XI and it’s on-top for everyone!

  64. MidwestGun

    I agree SAS would have won despite the air conditioner snafu. Better ball movement. On fire from the 3 pt line. My step dad was at game, said atmosphere was intense and humidity was crazy.

  65. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Bacaryis gone

    Just noticed you have changed from bacaryisgod, shows how much attention i pay to names.

    On the Fabregas deal it is not 50% of the transfer fee, the papers got it wrong at the time (nothing unusual there).

    ‘In the contract there is also a 50% Sell On clause, meaning, if there is a bid for him and we pass on buying him with our first option clause, we get 50% of the transfer fee.
    Edit – We would get 50% of what is left over above the 35m€ base fee FCB paid for him. So if a 40m€ is accepted and we pass on re-signing him, we get 50% of 5m€.’

  66. karim

    Belgium will be a very strong force at the Euros in two years time
    This year should be a little too early imo
    Still expect them to reach the last 8 though

  67. carts

    Belgium, with all their talent, need to find that formula asap.

    It’s criminal that they only pumped 1 goal past Tunisia. I’d expect more come the WC.

    on a side note: How Feillani got the call up though TROLOLOLOLOL

  68. karim


    I actually said I thought Miami was about to win when he came out
    Anyway, Danny Green woke up at the right time indeed
    Liked Diaw’s grandfather blind passes ala Magic too lol

  69. Keyser

    Karim – If I’m up late I usually live pause it for 15 odd minutes, then you’ve got time to fast forward through breaks, but then they have like 20 minutes of commercials at half-time lol.

  70. MidwestGun

    Keyser –
    Naaa my stepdad was in the cheap seats. Lol He texted me where he was but I never saw him in crowd. Is Rihanna dating one of the players? Hmm
    Ya, I don’t do dust storms either. Usually the worst I have to fear is flooding if we get tons of rain. I live near a lake.

  71. Xrysto

    1886-2006. Thanks for the clarification and I believe that backs up my argument. There are conflict of interest rules to transfer dealings that would not allow AFC to enter a bidding war with a sell-on clause. The right of refusal would only be given once Barca accepts a bid. That is when AFC can exercise the right. Cesc will be back.

  72. Keyser

    MidwestGun – Lol Alligators ?

    I dunno, there was some random hottie kept grabbing her boobs at one of the other games, then Rihanna did it at one of the Heat games, I’m not going to complain.

    The courtside season tickets go for hundreds of thousands or am I going a bit high ?

  73. karim

    Exactly my point though the Tunisians were a bit too aggressive and the Belgians didn t want to have an injury
    Anyway these preparation games are hardly telling

  74. Arsenal 1886-2006


    I want him back as well. Rosicky has maybe one year left in him as does Arteta.
    Cesc has 4-5 years of good football left in him and to me it is a no brainer at that price.
    You can never have enough quality, just ask the teams that win the big trophies.

  75. andy1886

    Lol, every six months I have to take online tornado safety training – I work for a US company and the system hasn’t realised that I’m based in the UK yet (after 3 years). I have to be aware of where my tornado shelter is – unfortunately it’s in a building in North Chicago which is about 4000 miles away. Don’t think I’d make it.

  76. Cesc Appeal


    I case of Tornado break glass…*breaks glass*…inside is a boarding pass, a passport and a boiled sweet for take off

  77. Cesc Appeal

    If superhero films have taught me nothing else, it’s last in case of tornado, just run really really fast around it in the opposite direction, be hailed a saviour, get some kind of giant key, then some serious poon.

  78. andy1886

    The funny thing is that the designated shelter is in the gents toilet – I think I’d rather take my chances outside than hang around in a toilet with a bunch of sweaty guys.

    I see England are getting a kicking – someone smash Rooney – please – you know you want to….

  79. MidwestGun

    Cesc –
    Hahaha its easier to just grab the nearest hottie take her to your basement and convince her you only have minutes to live. Skip straight to poon with unnecessary running. .

  80. Cesc Appeal


    See I think it’s be funnier to rip of your clothes, revealing cheaply and poorly made superhero costume. Tell everyone you’ve got this under control. Tell the hottest woman close at hand to hold your clothes for you, you’ll be right back. Then get utterly fucked up by the tornado instantly.

    Screaming as you’re being swirled around ‘it hurts, it hurts. Someone call a priest, a scientist, a policeman and a fireman…in THAT ORDER!.’

  81. Cesc Appeal


    And that is what I’d want you to say at my funeral. At least he went out fulfilling a life long dream.

  82. carts


    It seems like all the non-qualifiers are playing like their in the WC final.

    I wonder how long it take before WIishere gets lifted up :/

  83. tunnygriffboy

    Northern Gooner

    Bigger cunt than Adrian Chiles. Sorry Michael Owen

    Sturridge is an arrogant twat. What was that chip. Belt the fucking thing. If Llallana is 30 million , how much Rambo ?

  84. tunnygriffboy


    Yeah. Like the way they take the ball on half turn and drive at opposition. I so wish Jack would get back to full fitness. We’ve got Jack, Ozil, Rambo and Ox who can all do that.

  85. tunnygriffboy

    Got to say that being Welsh football and cricket are the only sports I cheer England in unless they play Wales. In egg chasing I want everyone to beat England looooool

    In all seriousness being Welsh it’s a bit stomach churning and nauseating to hear the jingoistic commentary leading up to the WC . It’s a bit off putting. The most pro little englander is that irishman Andy Townsend.

  86. tunnygriffboy


    Noooooooooooo. It’s why we have to get in quality now and every window henceforth

    Have you seen the youtube montages of him? If he was another nationality and playing elsewhere and we were in the race to sign him we’d be wetting ourselves. There’s also a clip of him and Ozil linking up. God they’re good. If they stay fit along with Ox and Theo they’ll be a handful. It’s no wonder Ozils stats dropped after Rambo got injured. Also someone said Ozil had no pace ! He’s quick enough but was just shagged after xmas.

  87. El Tel 1

    Willshere and Barkeley played wellmtonight when they came on. Fat Frank started taking all Jacks positions when He came on.

  88. Guns of brixton

    England need to be more clincial and ruthless.

    Intrested to see Barkley take on Pirlo or whoever is our CAM.

  89. The Poldi Prince

    Ozils pace is fine. In fact, I’d say he is quicker than most mids. Absolutely walked past some decent full backs this last season.

    Not sure where the slow perception comes from. He’s no wally, but for a central mid is quite quick with a great first five steps to get past players.

    I can’t wait for ozil to be leading assist maker at the cup and everyone starts creaming themselves again. Is an absolute jet.

  90. tunnygriffboy


    Sturridge missed 3 clear chances tonight. Thought Barkley and Jack did well when they came on. They increased the tempo.


    Did you say Altidore scored a brace ? Isn’t that more than he scored all season for Sunderland ? What was final score ?

  91. tunnygriffboy

    Fat Frank has the same sprint coach as L’oreal though to be fair he’s older than Rip van Winkle. Missed Ox tonight. Gerard legs are going. See how he goes over next 12 months.

  92. Guns of brixton

    England top group, beat holland 2-1
    QF beat belgium 2-1.
    SF, beat Germans on penalties after drawing 2-2 with 2 goals in last 20mins.
    FINAL. Beat spain 3-2 wid last min. rooney header.

  93. MidwestGun

    Tunny –
    Ya, just ended. US 2 Nigeria 1. Altidore with brace. Hadn’t scored in forever. 1 with Sunderland. Amazing how much better he is for the national team. US dominated game but gave up a late penalty. Ready for Ghana in WC. Should be a good match.

  94. tunnygriffboy


    Serious question. You’ve got a MF of a group. What are your chances ? I know your players die for the shirtvas evidenced from previous World Cups. Can you cause an upset or is the best you can hope for is a couple of draws and making it difficult for your opposition ?

  95. Guns of brixton

    *Wakes up *

    Diaby is starting for Arsenal.

    * Wakes up *

    Diaby offered new lifetime contract

    *doesnt bother wake up, reaches for loaded gun*

  96. MidwestGun

    Honestly, if our group wasn’t ridiculous. I would be more optimistic. I also read we have the most travel miles in Brazil between stadiums. I think we have a good chance to beat Ghana. Pretty much a must win opener. But they have knocked us out of last 2 WC’s. Could it be 3 in a row? Lol

    So if we win that, and Ronaldo is hurt with Portugal maybe we get a draw. Altho, we beat them last time we played them in confederate cup with Ronaldo. So 4 points. Don’t see us beating Germany.
    Don’t know if that’s enough.
    Honestly, I would just be happy with a win of any kind. Lol
    So realistically, we have very little chance. But I guarantee it won’t be from lack of effort. We just realistically only have about 3 top class players. And one is our keeper. Maybe, we can annex in Wales? 😀

  97. TheBayingMob

    You’d complain if a supermodel gave you a blowjob.

    LOL! That’s funny, but being a cunt, I have to say … that … to be fair, it kind of depends on the blow job doesn’t it? I mean, if she’s like pulling a face, gagging a bit, not really devouring you like it’s the best and tastiest c0ck she’s ever had in here mouth then, well you’d be right to have a bit of a moan wouldn’t you? Now if she is devouring you, giving your ar.seho.le a bit of loving attention as well then taking the lot then that’s another question altogether isn’t it?

    Whether this means johnty is still a cunt or not is another question altogether and one which I am not giving an opinion on at this moment. Thank you.

  98. Bamford13

    The US looked decent in its 2-1 win over Nigeria, while Nigeria looked none too impressive. Whoever was on here the other day saying Nigeria would advance should reconsider. They looked bang average. Not a very strong Nigerian side. Ghana is the African team to advance, I think, though as a Yank I’m hoping we find a way to get through.

    How did England look?

  99. MidwestGun

    Mob –
    Hahaha. Analyzing a blow job. Based on the Paris Hilton video I would say most supermodels have bj game. But sadly I’m lacking in real world supermodel blow job experience, so it’s hard to say. But I do have enough experience with johnty to know he is in fact a cunt. An amusing cunt at times but still a cunt.

  100. MidwestGun

    Bamford –
    Only saw first half of England match and the last ten minutes. Looked slightly lethargic. But Honduras can be a bitch to play as they like to tackle. Lots of yellow cards and a red to Honduras. In a friendly. England couldn’t seem to find that extra burst in the last third. From, what I saw Jack played better and played some nice combos. Sturridge did a bunch of fancy step over shit and some flashy crap only to blow about 3 chances. That’s about all I saw.
    Saw some Spain too. Santi looked great. Lively combos with Alba. Cesc played the first half as a number 9 in behind Costa. Had some chances
    and blew a penalty kick. Blasted it over the bar. David Villa and Costa were both good. El Salvador just ridiculously out classed.

  101. neil

    What you have seen from Wenger these past 18 years is what you are going to be getting now and for the next 3 years as far as transfers go, forget about 30-50 million quid strikers, forget about signing 4-5 players, what this team needs and maybe 6 if the truth be known, no one has mentioned central defenders, DO NOT TELL ME THIS NUMB NUTS WENGER IS GOING THROUGH ANOTHER SEASON WITH 3

    , At 64 years old this manager is not about to change his ways, he is suddenly NOT going to splash any cash around, Remy is about this old cunt’s ambition as far as strikers go, all this drivel talk about Benzema and Cavani, is fantasy, the only way it might happen is if we lose the opening game of the season like we did against Villa last season, THEN AND ONLY THEN CHIPS KESWICK STEPS IN AND SPENDS THAT MUCH ON A PLAYER


  102. Jeff

    International games don’t hold the same weight as they used to say 20 years ago and friendlies even less. Maybe it’s because the same countries keep winning and therefore people are losing interest.

  103. Evan

    Jeff, from an Arsenal pov I dislike friendlies because of injuries and our league form tends to dip.. England friendlies tend to be dire, I dont understand how players like lampard and Gerrard can not match league form on a world scale.. they seem uninterested

  104. Emiratesstroller

    Watched England last night. Team looked positively pedestrian and frankly if we cannot beat a side, which has lost in last week 2-0 to Turkey and 4-2 to Israel it says all that you need to know. There are players in team like Johnson and Henderson who are not remotely international class.

    Wilshire had a better performance than in previous games perhaps because he focussed more on the quality of his passing and less about running around like rabbit and making reckless tackles.

    Another piece of good news announced by BBC is that Oxlade-Chamberlian is
    likely to be fit for World Cup. However, I worry that playing him might be premature and risk his fitness for start of next season.

  105. Dissenter

    Friendlies are not the best way to judge some teams. There were so many cynical fouls by the USA in yesterday’s game, not dangerous but 100% yellow cards in a real competition, where the referees are also being assessed.
    There were too many times when Bradley just wrapped his arms around the nearest Nigerian player who was off on a fast break.
    You’re right, We looked good and the. Nigerians looked dire but we were playing at home in a friendly on the eve of the World Cup. The referee was too restrained by that fact.
    How many yellow cards did he give?

    Joseph Yobo is also a corpse.