Are Arsenal playing the Madrid waiting game?

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Hello, and welcome to Saturday. Not as bright as Friday, but rumours things could be hotting up pretty sharpish.

So what have we got going on today? Well, bad news for Germany as Reus picks up a ligament tear in the German camp. Shad Forsythe, what have you done?! That’s bad news for the World Cup in general. Players picking up knocks left, right and centre of late. Suarez ruined himself, Chambo has runied himself and now Reus. I really feel for players when this happens. World Cups are the shiny cherry on a career, it’s tragic (in footballing terms) when you lose that chance to be a hero and go down in history as someone who made a difference to their country.

Having a chat with Geoff this morning who has absolutely no faith in any of the deals we’re looking into doing going ahead. I think this summer is as much about Dick Law as it is about Arsene Wenger. Sounds to me like Wenger has selected the players he wants, now it’s up to the club to make it happen. I hope we’re not flouncing around with price. That’s a big learning the club have to take from previous seasons, we’re no longer a market of one… when you go for mega names, so will other clubs. What are we offering that tips people over the edge?

In tech, I was told that all the big social networks pay roughly the same, so one of the major battle grounds is the canteen. I’ve been to the Facebook canteen and it’s amazing. Imagine that…

‘Look, I loved the vibe, I loved the people, but the quinoa was a touch over done… sorry’

I’ve yet to decide what the point of that story is… but I think it’s working out what our USP is. What tips a player over the edge when choosing Arsenal? Training facilities are pretty swish and we’re upgrading there. But what factors in elsewhere? I’d be looking at the collapse, the player injuries and the lack of tactics. But then I’d be looking at London, the massive ground that sells out and our superb day time TV.

Anyway, one to ponder.

Jeremy Wilson of the Telegraph reckons Madrid could be key this summer as we look to raid them again. Morata and Benzema head a list apparently. Seems like a flaky strategy… hovering around the bargain bins of the big clubs can work wonders, but not if the final decision is made in the last week of the window.

Nice that Laurent is getting involved in the transfer frenzy as well…

“We’ll need a goalkeeper, a right-back, a midfielder and a striker,”

“It’s important to have a minimum of these four players so that we’ll be better able to challenge over the course of a whole season against teams like Manchester City, Chelsea or [Manchester] United. Winning the FA Cup can change things and lead to other players coming.”

The club really need to deliver. I think we need more players, but if we add world class in all those departments, we’re in a much, much better place.

Anyway, not a lot on today. I’m heading to a day festival and it’s pissing down with rain. This was not the plan.

Have a great day!

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  1. reggie 57

    I bet Wenger still has the final say on how much to pay for our transfer targets! !

    It’s the same old same old!!

  2. Jamie

    I hope Joel Campbell has a decent World Cup – he looks far more polished than Sanogo. who should be sent out on loan next season. Campbell could make a great 3rd choice striker, behind Giroud and hopefully a new signing.

    All the taunting from my Chelsea/Liverpool/Utd supporting chums hasn’t made me change my position re: Cesc. 30 million spent on him is 30 million we won’t spent on addressing other pressing deficiencies in our squad. Wenger buying 4 players is a tall order in itself, and we absolutely need a GK, RB, CDM, and a LW/ST. As much as I’d love to have him back, we simply don’t need him, nor do we realistically have the funds to buy him and the 4 other players we need. He is, though, a much better player than Arteta (and Wilshere) in the same position.

    My fear is that Wenger won’t have a net spend of higher than 50 million this summer, which imo is utterly insufficient to recruit four great players. Once again, he’ll leave a mountain of surplus cash (100 million) in the bank which will continue to depreciate in value in real terms by not being re-invested into assests (players) for the club.


    We all wish a wold class player or two arrive,but in all honety I am pretty sure that no-one will come,unless he is a free agent
    All the best Gooners

  4. F4phantomphreak

    Hey I heard Arsene is going after Higuian (sp)………..but…’s Frederico Higuian, wouldn’t surprise me with Wenger

  5. Moray

    If we are waiting around for Real to complete their business them I would argue we haven’t learnt our lesson at all.

    And as a London club with a proud heritage, this is a huge draw. What foreign player wants to go and live in fucking Cheshire or Liverpool and be spat at in the street or burgled every weekend? If we can’t complete transfers it is wholly down to the efficacy of our negotiating team.

  6. peanuts&monkeys

    About Kos and his prescription: Probably he is THE player in the team who has the best qualification right now to speak up about the requirements in the squad. Because he is a true WC quality and (b) there are just a couple/three who fall in his category within Arsenal. Whats important here is, he is exhorting the mngt to buy and not flick around.

    Also, he does not seem confident that there is ANY change post the FA cup win; he is just hoping that a change in approach will happen. This quite clearly points out that all the excitement about the FA Cup medals and the laps and the bus rides were actually put-on and orchestrated by the club mngt to pacify the fans in advance.

    Same fucking story!

  7. jim bob

    Same old Wenger,dragging his feet,@ 1st im sure he said,”we’ll try and complete any deals b4 the world cup,….then he’s come out and said,”nothing is likely 2 happen until after the world cup”,………then he says,”he will only ADD quality to improve our team!!!!(special players)……..i dunno bcoz i’m sure fabregas is better than arteta,…………he says the same shit every year,especially when it comes to supporters to renew there season tickets,…..i bet u we end up with 2 unknown players aswell as remy,…….as an arsenal fan,i’m sick of all this,its the same old thing,….liverpool r getting deals done,so are chelsea getting a move on,… city to be fair dnt have to sign any1 and they still have a strong squad,(but they are still taking our right back to make us weaker) they dnt need him,….they have 1 of the best right backs in the world!!!!!!!!!! i think arsenal should go for micah richards,…go and offer 30mil for lars bender,….replace arteta with fab,…also sell, flamini then go for a striker of jackson martinez or ballotelli,…..then wait until after/during the world cup and look for a cb and a goalie

  8. tunnygriffboy


    So Arsene has given list of targets to Dick Law and I presume Gadizis. Well ivan has constantly told us we’ve got oodless of cash Lord Peckham or whoever it is has said we’ve got £ 150 million in the bank. Now is the time to prove it and get deals done.

    Arsene drawing up a list of targets ! New fitness and conditioning coach and new head of youth development. What the fuck is going on ? .

    Can someone tell me who Geoff is ? Excuse my ignorance. Ta.

  9. peanuts&monkeys

    Geoff is the promoter of Le Grove. Pedro’s partner. Eralier Geoff used to mostly post on this page. He has been away for the last 8 months or more and has shifted his focus on counting his money he amassed through buying thousands of Arsenal shares.

  10. BacaryisGone

    Koscielny is just stating the obvious. If anything, it’s less of a dig at Giroud that it is at Arteta and Flamini. We simply don’t have the numbers at CF, whereas clearly we have the numbers at the DM position.

    It’s quite simple really. We currently have 4 players who either can or have been playing at a world-class level. They are Mertesacker, Koscielny, Ramsey and Ozil. We then have a larger group of International class players (Cazorla, Walcott, Giroud etc) and then a few journeymen (Flamini, Jenkinson etc).

    This summer we can potentially add 2 players to join our existing 4 (for example, Martinez and Balotelli). This might just result in a serious title challenge. If we just add International players then it’s a Top 4 challenge.

  11. peanuts&monkeys

    About Kos and his prescription: Probably he is THE player in the team who has the best qualification right now to speak up about the requirements in the squad. Because (a) he is a true WC quality and (b) there are just a couple/three who fall in his category within Arsenal.

    Whats important here is, he is exhorting the mngt to buy and not flick around. Also, he does not seem confident that there is ANY change post the FA cup win; he is just hoping that a change in approach will happen. This quite clearly points out that all the excitement about the FA Cup medals and the laps and the bus rides were actually put-on and orchestrated by the club mngt to pacify the fans in advance. Same fucking story!

  12. Rich

    There’s very few top players who look like moving, we’re going to have to be predatory, decisive and convincing because we need 3 world class players as well as squad fillers.
    Sanchez, Di Maria, Reus, Martinez and Gustavo look like our best bets to target

  13. Guns of brixton


    yea, was always suspicious how the new water fountain was bought the same time Geoff disappeared.

  14. Bee

    The way Wenger behaves is like a pauper that became a billionaire ,but still wants to eat from the floor or only buy clothes when they are on sale. He doesn’t have to spend like manCity or PSG(joevtic and Luiz on my mind ) but he can shop like juve ,Dortmond ,Porto or athletico (Tevez,Reus ,jackson martinez ,Costa etc on my mind ). So I wonder why wenger should wait for Real to get rid of players before he buys. I know part of the problem is missing out when Real sold Robben , Sneijder anda few others for cheap. But you have to move on ,you can’t spend the rest of you life trying to undo the past.
    Arsenal have gotten very good deals (emirates ,puma and AmericanAir(may be)) so they have enough money to even go out to but Ronaldo or Messi if the manager really wants them. So I wonder why the manager keeps on shortchanging himself by trying to get last minute deals or buying rejects from other clubs. He has refused to learn from the purchases of Park-young etc. And Wenger also has the habit of having a plumber doing a carpenters job , it worked in the past with kolo toure moving from attack to CB and lauren to RB from attack but he should go out and buy a defensive midfielder ,arteta (the plumber ) is not really a DM( carpenter ) even barca have bisquets ,mascherano and Song. So the earlier he buys the earlier he’ll detect the faults in the team and the earlier he’ll be able to fix the faults , we need to move forward as a team we now have to fight for the league title and champions league.

  15. tunnygriffboy


    Thanks mate

    I think it was positive that Kos spoke up. He knows (as do the other players no doubt ) that we have a good team but need some extra quality to compete on all fronts. The players have had the taste of winning something and they quite enjoyed it and want some more. I don’t think they realised quite how big a club we were and some were amazed at the numbers that turned up for the victory parade. Per said he ‘ Knew the club was big internationally but was surprised how many people turned up to the parade and the support they had in Islington.

    This window is massive, it could shape the next 3 or 4 years. Cesc has been turned down the players want support to do better. There is no excuse, if it fails then the positivity surrounding the fa cup win will be deflating for everyone.

  16. Moray

    Bacari, you think he was killed in the shower by Pedro dressed as a woman?

    Stranger things have happened. Must have had some brutish strength to overpower the bear though.

  17. Moray

    Rich, there is typically always a lot of movement in a World Cup summer. Plus with FFP around, many of the big clubs need to sell in order to buy. This should spark a healthy merry-go-round of players. Not that we need bother much however.

    Problem is we always seem to be reactive in the market. Waiting to see what gets cast off and is available for cheap. Big clubs get their chequebook out and make moves happen.

  18. peanuts&monkeys

    The positvity, if any, from FA Cup should have been exercized at the commiunity shield. A win vs ManC at that match would have meant, another quick trophy and proof to the players that the Hull City match was not a flash in the pan. But Arsene, sadly doesn’t believe that way, i’,m sure. He is different, you know. He is very different. He is unique. He is a fucking jerk who does not know how to stay away and leave gracefully.

    If the club believes that the players had put in a lot of effort to win a trophy this year, then the only actual gift/present they deserve is a new coach; some fresh air. Wenger out!

  19. jim bob

    i would even take cashley Back on a free and get rid of monreal,….(he got roasted so much last year) i know alot of gunners wouldn’t want him back,…but gibbs can learn of him for another season and he’s better than monreal,…..i just dnt see what this dick law does or ivan,…..we’ve been rying out for the same positions for years,……we need a strong spine,,…..look at man city(champs) Hart,kompany,yaya aguero,…….chelsea,. cech,terry(still englands best) rameires and they obvious lack a striker(but if they sign fab and costa that will help there spine,….even look at liverpool,…its the same,…..we have the weakest out of the top 4,…….even with 2 signings man u will be back,….imagine them with mangala and schweinsteiger???? arsene just doesn’t have a clue no more,…..

  20. peanuts&monkeys

    @Guns of brixtonJune 7, 2014 10:34:30

    “Insigne, giroud, sanogo, remy(?)

    Okayish strike force…. its alrite…”

    Thats the French reserve team. ‘alrite’ for 4th trophy.

  21. Bade

    If we land one player from Real, hopefully it’s not Morata.

    I hope for either Benzema, or Di Maria & Morata.

    The jest is, if we’re keeping Oli as our leading CF, it’s feasible only if we land a goalscoring winger & a decent backup striker. So that’s Morata & Di Maria.

    It could be as well Reus & Dermic, or Reus & Morata, Draxler & Morata, Draxler & Dermic….

    other than that we need to get our RB done quickly

    There are few decent options there

    Mich Richards
    Astuto Uchida
    Shemus Coleman
    Angel Rangel
    Dani Alves

    We also need to close the DM position. There are the usual suspects


    But there also one interesting name. Fernando Gago. He was a promise when he 1st came to Madrid, but then he couldn’t cope with the pressure & went back to Argentina were he rejuvenated his career. He could be a very interesting signing. He has a great passing range, he’s tougher than he looks initially & likes to tackle. He’s a very intelligent footballer as well.

  22. Bade

    There are also Martinez, Javi the DM & Jackson the CF….

    To sum up, there are enough decent options out there.

    We just need to get our priorities right & start hovering those targets already & get them done before WC.

  23. GoonerGaunty73

    The problem I see this summer is we needed 3 or 4 top players. Are we using 3 of those signings to replace what we lost? So theoretically we are only adding one key addition, a CF?
    Be interesting to see who we land, I would have liked to have seen a statement of intent before the W/C starts, but I guess that so isn’t the Arsenal way

  24. jim bob

    Wenger should only let chelski get there handson fabregas if they allow us to have lukaku 4 18mil

  25. Bade


    Honestly we’re only replacing the departures, RB & bench GK, the others are players we needed for more than two windows & didn’t get (CF, DM)


    It’s like the Ozil deal. We wait on Real landing Suarez, then they need to offload one of their stars to partially fund the 90-100m bid, then we’re there scavenging that player….

  26. TitsMcgee

    If we are waiting around for Real to complete their business them I would argue we haven’t learnt our lesson at all.”

    As far as “strategies” go it would be a pretty poor one. Benzema leaving would depend on Suarez arriving and could very well be done late or not get done at all. So if we are “waiting” on that to happen we are in trouble.

  27. Bamford13


    I think Pedro means that we are interested in Madrid players — e.g., Benzema, Di Maria, Morata — who will only become available if Madrid happen to sign some of their targets. Which is to say, these players may never become available or they may, like Ozil, become available at the end of the window.

  28. TitsMcgee

    Sucks about Reus. I feel somewhat cheated that i won’t get to see Reus Falcao Ribery etc. No Ibra either.

    Feel very sorry for Reus. Was looking forward to seeing him play.

  29. TitsMcgee

    I somehow think that not even Madrid would be crazy enough to sell Di Maria.

    Morata as a backup to a star striker wouldn’t be a bad signing.

  30. Bamford13


    Agree that it’s disappointing not to have Reus at the WC. Germany still looked fantastic without him, though. They really are loaded with talent and their passing is fluid and flowing. If only Brazil passed so well …

  31. jim bob

    i know what wenger should do,sign aurier 8mil,…..sign cashley back on a free,…..sell monreal,….. let chelski get fab only if they allow us to get lukaku for 18mil,so thats about 26mil on transfers ur letting go monreal for about 8 or so,…..go and get barry for peanuts and then spend 40+ on a real world class winger ie,di maria,…reus
    even that wouldn’t cost wenger a great deal and those signings would defo make our squad stronger

  32. GoonerGaunty73

    Bade I know, I just worry that replacing what has left means we don’t address those positions again. Pedro has been banging on about squad depth for a while and I agree. We need a few big signings and some depth to the squad too. That’s like 6 or 7 signings and I can’t see that happening

  33. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Just skipping through some other blogs in the past week or two and the theme seems the same, we need to sign a back up to giroud.
    Personally i would like to see the treacle treader relegated to 2nd or even better 3rd choice, he should be used for carling cup and sub for games we are winning comfortably.

    We will have to pay big money to get a top quality player up front, possibly 40-60 million price range, it will be better in the long run than getting in a player on the cheap that is not much better than what we already have.

  34. The Poldi Prince


    Had a few drinks now,,so won’t be as coherent..

    my point about match day coach is that I firmly believe we haven’t deserved fourthfor many of the last few seasons.

    Somehow he has got us there. He allows the sum of all players to be greater than their individual value. We have looked dead for all money a few times in the last 5 years and we still got there.

    I am actually fairly anti wenger, but credit where its due. Due to (self imposed) squad limitations, he has done well. Its all his fault we haven’t challenged. But when you take match day alone. Not too bad. He does have a premature ejaculate issues against big teams though.. The issue that cost us tje title.

    as for pool…will they resist 100mil euros for suarez? No way.

    We saw how well spuds spent their 100mil.

    Their squad played no extra fixtures. Adding cl and potentially more tha early cup exits will stretch them. Their defenceIs farcical too.

  35. jim bob

    if man city really wanted someone like di maria or benzema they will go and offer between 45-50 mil or either 1,not just because they have the money but they know the importance how to get a deal done,…arsenal would only bid 30 for either player and that wouldn’t force madrid to sell,…..what you need to do,is put 45mil in for di maria(he’s worth it) that would force madrid to sell bcoz they know then can then add that to whatever they have and that would make the transfer for suarez or aguero easier,… player turns down madrid!!!!!! (only patrick Vieria )…..We shouldn’t have to wait fore madrid to do there deals,weshould force them to make there own

  36. Bade


    If we manage to keep TV & Poldi & add a winger to the DM, CF, RB & GK, then we’re OK.

    Flammy & Arteta can still do a job against average teams & below.

    The problem wouldn’t be solved solely on a deeper squad. We have to have a manager who likes to rotate.

    Atletico managed many games last season with significantly smaller squad than us. Because they rotated better (although even they suffered injuries in the last few games)

  37. Cesc Appeal

    If PSG get Griezzman and rumours they’re looking at Balotelli in my opinion Cavani is certainly off.

    Griezzman takes the wing slot, Balotelli is Ibra’s successor.

    Do we have the balls to give them the money they’d need to recoup? Doubtful but…you can dream.

  38. Carts

    To soon to coin the term ‘ players dropping like flies’? I think so.

    Couple more injuries in the next batch of warm up games and I think it’s fair to say that this could turn out to be a tad of a disappointing WC – based on who won’t be available.

    It’s all well and good Wenger delegating to Fox to get the job done; but if Fox is going into negotiation with one hand tied behind his back (in regards to price ) then what good is that.

    You can almost envisage the following…

    Wenger: Fox…I want you to secure the following players while I’m on WC duty. Do what you feel in necessary- The power’s in your hands. But remember:

    Aurier – don’t go about £6.75m
    Benzema – don’t go above £19.6m
    Shneiderlin – don’t go above £8.4m
    Howedes – don’t go above £7.1m

    Fox: but Wenger, you’ve literally shaved 25% of every player’s asking price. This won’t work. Every team in Europe know we’re minted.

    Wenger: why have I got to do everything, for?

  39. Scott

    Cesc Appeal

    I don’t think Wenger wants to replace Giroud even though he should. Only looking for a back up.

  40. Cesc Appeal

    Yeah, I hope Wenger has zero input in price.

    If he has told the club the players he’d like, it should then be down to Gazidis and Dick Law etc to get the deals done. And I hope that’s the way it’s going.

    Wenger wants a player based on that persons ability to contribute to the playing side of things – so that’s where his involvement should end, he should stress the players he thinks will really help and the ones he really wants.

    It’s then down to Gazidis etc to decide on price and negotiate and determine whether the selling club is asking too much or whether they can get a deal done.

    I don’t want to be hearing what we all heard in January with regards to Draxler and Wenger setting a price he believed was right.

  41. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah I’ve thought that all along. That’s why I think it’ll just be Remy for the ST role which will be bitterly disappointing.

    Giroud, Remy and Sanogo is still pretty awful in comparison to the people we’re supposed to be competing with. One has one of the worst conversion rates in the league, the other played for Newcastle and QPR last few seasons and the other has yet to score for us and really should be off on loan somewhere.

    I’d love to be shocked and surprised and we land some astounding name upfront – but just doubt it. I think Wenger would be more than happy with the above line up.

  42. bergkamplegend

    Reus out of the WC and for 6 weeks minimum.

    Do you still think that big clubs will go for him this summer ??

  43. Scott

    Cesc Appeal

    Wenger appointed Gazidis. I have no doubt Wenger dictates his own values. He is pretty much a dictator free to do whatever crusade he wishes. About Remy I have watching him a Newcastle have to say he is very average would be very underwhelming but thats Wenger. The only way any top signing would happen if another fan revolt via Aston Villa happen again but Wenger will have learned his lesson and make sure we win all the matches in the transfer window so chances of that are low.

  44. andy1886

    Geoff probably spontaneously combusted when Wenger got his new deal. Poor old Geoff, I used to enjoy his anti-Wenger rages. Pedro feels obliged to have a pop at Arsene occasionally but always drifts back towards the centre ground. A kind of Nick Clegg of the blogging world so to speak.

  45. N5

    “Geoff is the promoter of Le Grove. Pedro’s partner. Eralier Geoff used to mostly post on this page. He has been away for the last 8 months or more and has shifted his focus on counting his money he amassed through buying thousands of Arsenal shares.”

    Lol, you sound like a paranoid nutjob.

  46. GoonerInNY

    Meet the new Wenger/Same as the old Wenger

    This window feels just like last summer: Obvious needs, but while our rivals move for their targets (whatever we think of them, like Lambert, they are the players the managers want), Wenger waits around for a guy he won’t get or won’t pay for.

    I will be shocked if Wenger buys anyone costing more than £10 m before Aug. 31 (and I am not convinced he will spend even then). The BEST we can hope for is Remy, Aurrier and a goalie on a free. I would not be surprised at all if Jenkinson is the starting RB in the first EPL game.

  47. bergkamplegend

    Cesc : and since when are we supposed to trust those kinds of statements from the players themselves ??? lol

  48. andy1886

    Cesc, he said he was planning to stay, but if Dortmund receive an offer they cannot refuse I’m sure that they’d push him towards the exit door pretty damn quick. It’s worth remembering that they got nothing for Lewandowski, like anyone they can’t keep turning down good deals forever.

  49. Cesc Appeal




    True as well.

    He has a £32 Million release clause next summer as well doesn’t he? So anything in the £40 Million+ mark will probably be considered very seriously.

  50. Guns of brixton

    Reus or Di Maria?

    I would say Reus as it still leaves Moratata and Benzema avaliable for purchase.

    Di maria would be slightly cheaper though, and a little easier to get.

  51. Scott

    Cesc Appeal

    Reus is a world class player. I seriously there would be a bidding war he decides to leave. Funnily we were interested in Reus before he moved to Dortmund. He would be amazing for us and exactly what we miss pace, directness, goals. Ozil would thrive with Reus. But I don’t think Wenger would get into a bidding war.

  52. California Poogs

    I have been abducted by the Arsenal blogosphere since 18, but it never ceases to amaze me how much everyone knows about most, of the players you mentioned. Wengers tactical jigsaw undoubtedly has a social psychological template for his squad that is equally important to the perfection of the secret formula.

    Wenger became the elder statesman of world football at the beginning of this season. He has given us all a reality check with the F.A. Cup (despite the odds or because of them?). I see “catharsis” being bandied about, but never before felt it. Like mass catharsis.

  53. Scott

    Mike adamski

    Wenger has said he won’t have Giroud and Benzema in the same squad but yeah he is a class act

  54. tunnygriffboy

    Barca want Reus. We’ve been linked to a lot of wide forwards. Possibly that plus a Remy / Moratta striker

    Cesc Ap

    Agree totally re Wenger and his involvement in transfers. Here’s the list guys, go get them. Ivan has banged on about how much dosh we’ve got so has thzt Lord Toff of Toffingham. No more talk Ivan, proof that we have money and spend it.

  55. Bero

    I’m seriously bored of transfer talk already this summer….it’s so depressing cause you know 99.9% of it will never happen. Gets you dreaming about where the club should or could be….but isn’t thanks to Kronk, Gaza, and Wenger. The trio of doom.

    Maureen drives me up the wall. Can’t stand him or the chavs. But at least they’re decisive. We just wank around half our decisions…either that or we’re just outright lieing about them…there’s no other possibility.

  56. Cesc Appeal


    I agree.

    As long as that’s the way it works. I don’t want Wenger’s fingers in the negotiations at all. Unless he makes a cheeky phone call to a player or something.

    He should have zero involvement in price or club to club negotiations.

    Whether that happens is another thing. Wenger is chief at Arsenal.

  57. andy1886

    Scott, Reus over Di Maria every time for me, but it doesn’t really matter because we’re not going to get either are we? 😉

  58. salparadisenyc

    Messi gossip coming thick and fast.

    The Italian Messi
    The Iranian Messi

    Sadly neither hold a candle to the Argentinian Messi.

  59. tunnygriffboy

    The Express ha ha ha ha ha ha says Real prepared to sell DiMaria for £ 40 million, Ancelotti prepared to let him leave. If that’s the case I say get him and Remy or Lacazette.

  60. tunnygriffboy

    Italian Messi
    Iranian Messi
    My pants are Messi.


    Yeah Wenger still able to talk to players in variety of languages which is very useful but thats it.

    Wenger with a list, new conditioning coach and new head of youth development. WTF is going on ? Looooool

  61. Mike adamski

    Benzema has come out and said he is very happy at Madrid anyway . So that’s a no go .

    I hope we have a plan in place . I can’t predict any signings . Remy I can see arriving , but that would be underwhelming , he’s decent but not top drawer .

    Eurgh – being a gooner is tough .
    It’ll all go to August 31 transfer scramble again you just know it

  62. Cesc Appeal


    Well it’s all still speculation right now. I’ve heard over repeated summers that we’re “looking at this guy, or that guy” and it never comes to fruition.

    We’re just not very good at this stuff.

  63. salparadisenyc

    Marca running with Ancelotti wants Ramires and Marco Verrati.
    Nothing else required this summer, except Perez wants to sign Suarez as well.

    Imagine supporting that club?

  64. jwl

    I think wenger is one of the main reasons stopping players from joining Arsenal. World class players aren’t interested in finishing fourth annually, they want to compete and win trophies.

    Arsenal, the club, is one of the most attractive in world with massive stadium, large following world wide, quality training facilities, and London has culture/food/theatre/nightlife. Other than weather, there is nothing to not like about london.

    If Arsenal or wenger ever decide to pull their fingers out and start competing against big boys, then we should have no problems attracting talent. We are just waiting for execs or our manager to show ambition.

    Giroud should be sold this summer or at least demoted to third striker just for having sex with groupie the night before match. Picking up groupies the one night a week you’re away from your missus is unprofessional, does giroud care more about winning or getting his leg over?

  65. tunnygriffboy

    Mike adam

    I’ve got a feeling things will be better this season. I’m cautiously optimistic. FA Cup win, bouyed buzzing players, Wengers last contract, money available Cesc turned down, players coming out and asking for support because they feel they can compete with them. That’s what I’m hoping for as well

  66. Mike adamski

    Anyway I’m looking forward to the World Cup !
    Can’t wait .
    I would love to see a player single handledly win ( no pun intended ) the tournament like maradona did in 86.
    Messi must be bursting to go

  67. Scott

    You guys heard what Kos said? He is very ambitious if we don’t meet his deamands think he will be the next big name to leave us

  68. Mike adamski

    Cheating on your missus ” unprofessional ” ?

    That’s a new one ..

    Agree though , what an all round git to do that

  69. Mike adamski

    Opening day of the season I do not want to see giroud up front alone , with Carl jenkinson at right back.

    Arteta holding lol

    Sanogo warming up !!

    Gotta do what koscielny says . He’s bang on the money there.

  70. Scott

    Why is Cesc going to the chavs? He wont even start most games for them as he isn’t defensive enough, he will rotate with Oscar from time to time. Strange signing

  71. Scott

    Mike adamski

    Gazidis said we are after a back up GK, RB and ST. Yep Arteta will still be a starter next year.

  72. Mike adamski

    We will see what gazidis can do then .
    Back up keeper could be tricky as they know they won’t play much
    Right back is urgent
    Striker – yep

    I know it’s a fantasy but if wenger could persuade yaya toure to sign and leave the mancs that would be amazing.
    I’m sure every fan will make a lot more effort on his birthdays 🙂

  73. Mike adamski

    Cesc to Chelsea eurgh.
    Maybe it is bullshit and he’s really coming to us.
    I think he should stay at barca . Sod it , he’s under contract , his stats were as great as ever last season , barca haven’t officially suggested he is up for sale .
    Cesc has said nothing ..

    I can’t see cesc playing regularly for the chavs . Maureen LOVES Oscar .
    Fabregas isn’t quite defensive enough for a mourinho team you’re right Scott

  74. Emiratesstroller

    I watched last night the second half of Germany v Armenia.

    Podolski was absolutely outstanding and probably the best player on field in last 30 minutes when Germany scored goals. Ozil after criticism in Cameroon game was also influential. My view is that Ozil needs from time to time a kick up the backside to get the best out of him.

    Whilst I accept that we need now to move on from losing it would seem Fabregas it is absolutely essential that Messrs Wenger, Laws and Gazidis secure this
    summer at least one World Class player i.e. a big transfer signing.

    I accept that they are not going to spend big money on goalkeeper, defence or
    even midfield, but if we are buying class up front it needs to be of real top quality and not going after bargains.

    The two positions there where we might consider investing serious money and that is a striker or winger

    My gut feeling is that Arsenal will buy either Remy or Morata to compete with Giroud in striker role. I cannot see Wenger spending big money on the position if for no other reason there are no ‘stand out’ strikers on market justifying in my assessment £30 million + and that includes Benzema
    who does not want to leave RM.

    At the moment we have two decent players on right wing in Ox and Walcott.
    Both are talented English born players. The only problem is that they are injury prone.

    The left wing has two players in Podolski and Cazorla. Both are approaching 30s. Podolski blows hot and cold and Cazorla is a versatile player who can also play in attacking midfield role.

    Therefore there might be a case for spending big money on a player of genuine world class or one with huge potential who plays wide. The stand out names are Di Maria, Reus,Draxler and Griezmann.

    The first two are genuine World Class and the other two potential. My preference would be Di Maria if for no other reason that he showed considerable class in Champions League Final and also might well be for sale this summer.
    The fact that Real have both Ronaldo and Bale does not help his cause.

    Reus has stated that he does not plan to leave this summer and of course sustained a serious injury yesterday.

    Draxler and Griezman will cost a lot of money and are younger and perhaps not yet finished article. Would Wenger want to spend £30 million + on these

  75. Vintage Gun

    “Reus out of the WC and for 6 weeks minimum.Do you still think that big clubs will go for him this summer ??”

    Yep Although if we were in for him and the price was £40m We’d probably offer a pound less this time round

  76. TitsMcgee

    I think wenger is one of the main reasons stopping players from joining Arsenal. World class players aren’t interested in finishing fourth annually, they want to compete and win trophies.”

    It’s a point lost on those who kiss Wenger’s feet. AFC’s reputation far and wide is one of disinterest in competing to win titles.

    He’s changed the culture here. Not for the good.

  77. Vintage Gun

    “La Fourtha club living on leftovers of La Decima team. So much for 150 million stashed in Stan’s arse.”

    As iv’e said before the money’s under Arsene’s mattress. Thats where most Hustles hide their cash

  78. Bero

    “Benzema has come out and said he is very happy at Madrid anyway . So that’s a no go .”

    haha…really? …let’s see what quotes he’s coming out with if they bring Suarez in.

  79. TitsMcgee

    It doesn’t matter how happy he is at Madrid. If they can get Suarez to replace him they will.

    Don’t think they will though.

  80. Cesc Appeal

    Could we potentially capitalise on a moments indecision after having signed Costa with a bid for Lukaku?

    Only problem is Chelsea will probably want crazy money and Mourinho having something slightly worse than a loathing for Wenger.

  81. Bermy boy

    Guys just enjoy the WC because this will be the calm before the transfer storm that is AFC.
    Once bitten twice shy
    Nine years straight bitten…..yah fuck it I got the message.

    Vive la France
    Riberys out?

  82. g0tch34ted

    “Could we potentially capitalise on a moments indecision after having signed Costa with a bid for Lukaku?”


    If we can’t loan Ba from them they won’t sell us Lukaku for anything reasonable.

  83. andy1886

    “Draxler and Griezman will cost a lot of money and are younger and perhaps not yet finished article. Would Wenger want to spend £30 million + on these

    Lol, as you’ve pointed out ‘young and not yet the finished article’ so perfect for Wenger to buy them and claim credit if they come good (or quietly push them out the back door in three or four years if they don’t).

    Griezmann is more likely; young (check), French (check), lightweight (check), potential (check), it’s all there!

    Reus’s injury isn’t that serious, 6 or 7 weeks out, plenty of time to be ready for the start of the season and will be available for negotiations so no World Cup style excuses.

  84. karim

    Blame Bayern and their famous doctor Wohlfart for that
    Ribery admitted he had to take surgery after one of the latter’s magic needles left him with a big bruise / hematoma
    He has been playing for months with a back problem
    Players are like horses nowadays….

  85. kwik fit

    Woke up this morning with a massive harrr…….headache. Surely it couldn’t have been the 16 stella’s half dozen whiskey chasers , 25 shots and half pint of lucozade?

  86. Crusaderrabbit

    Trust me – he’s buying Remy – can play out wide and upfront – so that’s those gaps filled. Forget Di Maria, Reus, Pedro etc – not going to happen when he can get the cut price option. It’ll be Aurier at RB unless he has a storming WC and his price goes up. That’ll be it – maybe some cheapo/youth projects to fill the odd hole. Save yourselves a stressed out summer – come first game if the season, that’s where we’ll be

  87. london gunner

    gonna get hate for saying this!

    But no reus, di maria draxler or griezmann!

    I want OX on the left!

    I rate Ox higher than Griezmann! Yes Griezmann had great stats but I feel Ox could offer as much and more if he had a whole season injury free and was placed above santi in the teams pecking order.

    Also not overly fond of Draxler don’t think his got a higher ceiling than Ox tbh.

    Reus and Di Maria are obviously quite a few levels above ox but Ox is still only 20 we need to give him this next season to prove his worth!

  88. andy1886

    I like the Ox too London, but with Arsenal it’s always players for tomorrow, never for today. For me one of biggest issues is when Theo will be fit again because like him or not he adds a new dimension to a rather one paced team.

  89. MidwestGun

    Surely it couldn’t have been the 16 stella’s half dozen whiskey chasers , 25 shots and half pint of lucozade?
    Kwik, my God, and your still alive! 😯 lol

  90. MidwestGun

    London –
    I don’t think you will get hate. But Ox on left Theo on right. How long before an injury? Then we are stuck once again with no pace on the wings. I like a rotation of Ox and Theo, then upgrade for pace on the left wing.

  91. Cesc Appeal

    Any reliance on Walcott is risky as well.

    The club should assume the worse when it comes to him and have players in place to deal with it. When he comes back there’ll be immense competition then. Walcott has had free reign on a starting spot for too long in my opinion anyway.

    He’s had a serious injury, goodness knows when he’ll be back, what type of player he’ll be, how long it’ll take him to properly be back. Could be talking post-Christmas easily.

  92. london gunner


    Problem I have with the rotation Ox theo idea… Is I don’t think Ox will develop nearly as well if he isn’t getting frequent game time.

    Ox for me is a mature 20 its his time to shine in the first 11 so he needs consistent game time not little pieces here and there. I think you personally wont get the best out of him otherwise

    Plus I think Ox Walcott on either wing is really nice combo!
    If Ox added goals to his game OX and Walcott could be the andy cole and Dwight yorke style partnership except on the wing not as strikers.

    Certainly I would have Ox over Draxler and Griezmann who would take time to adjust to the league and are one is injury prone and the other Is lightweight.


  93. Crusaderrabbit

    Trust me – he’s buying Remy – can play out wide and upfront – so that’s those gaps filled. Forget Di Maria, Reus, Pedro etc – not going to happen when he can get the cut price option. It’ll be Aurier at RB unless he has a storming WC and his price goes up. That’ll be it – maybe some cheapo/youth projects to fill the odd hole. Save yourselves a stressed out summer – come first game if the season, that’s where we’ll be

  94. london gunner

    Cesc Appeal

    To fair on Walcott past 2 seasons and the little we had of him this season his arguably been in the top 5 attacking players in the league.

    Also they are saying its not as bad as first thought so should be back for the startish of the season.

    I think Ox can cover on right, then Walcott take right and Ox hold the left wing.

    At this point I don’t want any wingers who would ruin OX’s career. Think Ox will be a worldie if his playing time isn’t disturbed

  95. MidwestGun

    I think Ox will get plenty of game time as Cesc pointed out, reliance on Theo this year is sketchy at best. Then we can afford to ease Theo in. My point really is that we need depth for pace. And can’t be reliant on no injuries. I agree for the future tho, Ox and Theo is a tasty combo. But how sweet would it be to rotate, Di Maria, Theo, Ox, and Poldi(when we need the hammer).

  96. london gunner


    Dunno Di Maria is only 26… If he comes here Ox on the bench for at least 4/5 years!
    Think a bit part role will ruin him personally! He needs serious game time that’s the kind of player he is! He needs action!

    As for depth Like I said Wally will have recovered by the time the season starts.. normally take 3 weeks or so to regain match fitness so hardly missing him for the whole season.

    So we got Walcott andJoel Cambell

    Ox and Podolski! I think personally we have enough depth Granted its not the best but we should be focusing on a WC DM over a winger IMO and a quality striker over a winger as well, as well a right back over a winger.

    I think the impact of a DM will allow Ramsey to be even more offensive and destructive to our opponents, will enable Ozil to have more time on the ball and more impact and we will be controlling the midfield more and will allow us to score more counter attacking goals because we will interrupt and intercept opponents in transition through the use of a combative DM meaning OX and Theo will benefit immensely.

    It will basically finally give us a bit of balance!

  97. london gunner


    Sorry Didn’t realise TW had an injury set back! That is disappointing is jan 20 now!
    At this point Vela is looking a very good option as he would make the perfect stop gap

  98. MidwestGun

    London –
    Providing we upgrade Giroud for pace and finishing. I’m with you on DM. But currently we are carrying Arteta, Flamini, and Diaby. 1 or 2 need to go.

  99. Cesc Appeal


    I think Vela is more valuable letting him go to Atletico and taking 50% or whatever it was of the fee.

    Vela won’t cut it in this league, just my opinion.

  100. Thomas

    london gunner

    No way. If we could get Reus or Di Maria then we definitely should get them even if Ox career would be “killed”.

  101. Cesc Appeal



    Should let Arteta go perhaps, MLS?

    Then get someone in who’s actual position is CDM.

    A striker is an absolute must, and a big purchase as well, just adding Remy won’t cut it. Though I have the feeling Wenger will decide that £10 Million for Remy means Giroud gets a break and cover for Walcott whilst out injured, so in his mind that’ll sort the whole forward situation.

    I would be shocked if we spend £30 Million or more in total. £10 Million for Remy, £10 Million for a CDM type like Schniederlin, £5-8 Million for someone like Aurier – summer done.

  102. andy1886

    Not sure why a Reus or Di Maria would kill the Ox. That’s three for two positions, with the number of games we have each season Ox would still get around 30 games and that’s ignoring any injuries the other two may get. He would probably learn from either of them too. I prefer Santi centrally anyway, and given that both he and Poldi are at the latters stages of their careers there’s plenty of time for the Ox.

  103. MidwestGun

    Cesc –
    Your scenario is what I’ve been fearing. Slight upgrade.
    AW doesn’t do,” Go Big or go home” lol. Risk aversion must be tattooed in French somewhere on his body. As for MLS, perhaps Arteta can join Lampard and David Villa at Ny FC. Lol Build an old, slow powerhouse.