Arsenal pull out of deal | Ozil… remember him?

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‘Cesc to other team’ is almost as boring as the Cesc to all the other clubs back when he played for us. It’s a shame. It’ll be sad to see him in another shirt, but ultimately, it’s his fault we’re not interested.

Last summer, he played the game to find out if Barca still loved him. All he had to do was tell Barca he wanted Arsenal and they’d have granted him his wish. What he was looking for was Barca to tell him he wasn’t wanted, so the fans wouldn’t hate him… but Barca couldn’t do that as they’d already flogged a young superstar in Alcantara. So he stayed, we bought Ozil instead and that’s that.

The amount of shit spewed about Arsenal lacking ambition because we didn’t sign him is an absolute joke. We have Ozil. One of the best number 10s in the world. Give that man runners to aim and a fitness coach that will tell the manager how to get the most out of him and you’re flying. It’s amazing how quickly people forget what we have in Ozil. He’s one of the best.

… what I find even more amazing is that people have totally forgotten that Arsenal are tightest club on the planet. We had £100m to spend in January and we needed a striker, instead, we opted for a midfielder with a broken back. We’re a million miles away from being a club that buys players to stop other clubs buying players. For me, the only thing Arsenal fans should get angry about this summer is us not buying world class in the positions we need to bulk out in.

Now let’s look ahead and wait for Arsenal to pack some pace into that front three. Once we start doing that, I’ll feel far more comfortable about abstaining from the Cesc stuff. From what I’m hearing, loosely, it’ll be a right back, a powerful defensive minded midfielder and a man for the front line. There are lots of options being explored, some absolutely mega, some not so. Point here, is we explored all the options last year and settled on Ozil in a late transfer window panic buy. Closing deals isn’t our thing. Can we make it our thing this summer?

Who knows. It’s transfer roulette as ever. But don’t listen to guff that’s being spewed by people who have absolutely no clue what’s going on. Honestly, some of the stuff you read on Twitter, particularly the fear mongering is ridiculous. I’ve pretty much switched off my account this summer…

1) becuase people lose their fucking minds during the transfer window.

2) because there’s so much absolute bollocks spouted from people pretending to know what’s going on to up their followings.

Anyway, I’m fairly calm. And if me… the biggest moaner in the blogosphere is calm, then you should be to.

Still, even if we land 4 top players, I still think we’re a way off competing. It’s more about comfortably securing top four than anything. The next three years are about damage limitation. They’re about preparing for Wenger’s exit. They’re about making sure there’s a decent backroom team in place when the manager goes, that the CEO controls. Arsenal have stability at the moment, but it’s stability based on comfort and complacency. The next manager needs best of the best in place. It needs to be in place and working cohesively. Maybe that was part of the contract Ivan set with Arsene? You can stay, but we’re making changes to your backroom team.

Good news if that’s the case.

Right, that’s me tapping out. Have a good day!

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  1. MidwestGun

    Hulk was invisible until he scored an offside goal that wasn’t offside. Thank God the rumor was bogus. Not worth whatever it is his transfer fee is.
    Also, Lazar Markovic has serious game as a winger for Serbia.
    Brazil 1 Serbia 0. Fred with a sweet goal.

  2. The Poldi Prince

    Good to see poldi doing well. (Obviously) I’m a fan. Think he worked back harder this season. Scores big goals and creates space by being one of the only arsenal players that shoot from more than 10 yards.

    has plenty to give as a rotation option for the next few years

  3. N5

    Guns of Brixton, I don’t think Cavani is a good looking dude (no homo). I think he looks like Rocky Dennis! is that just me that thinks that?

  4. Guns of brixton

    lol N5!

    maybe the hair and thats it for me,

    Ribery and Gary Neville are twins seperated at birth imo.

  5. Guns of brixton

    Klose breaks ‘Der bombers’ record.

    top scorer for Germany.

    Could also, and very likely too, beat Ronaldos WC goal record.

    last of an ancient breed he is.

  6. The Poldi Prince

    Arsenal continue to negotiate with Toulouse for Serge Aurier

    Get French Football News has been told that Arsenal and Toulouse are continuing to work on a deal to transfer Ivorian right back Serge Aurier.

    The player’s agent has already agreed a five year contract in principle with the London club. 

    Fee negotiations continue, with Toulouse President Olivier Sadran adopting a harsh negotiating stance, with the intention of drawing talks out as he believes that Aurier’s stock will rise during the World Cup. 

  7. MidwestGun

    Guns –
    Yep, could have got a loan for Klose last Jan. But apparently we waited til last day of January to try and push it thru last minute and deal fell thru. Could have helped us more than Kim K.

  8. Guns of brixton

    Klose needs just 2 goals btw. . .

    35-yr old still going like a 29. . . midwest, yep, he would of been perfect. a trio of klose, ozil + polds would of got us closer(geddit?) to that PL.

  9. Guns of brixton

    ha ha, best i got!

    need a signing asap, dnt wnt to be paying WC premiums on top of original asking prices.

  10. salparadisenyc


    You Puma legend.

    Draxler get a look in for the Jerry’s.
    Poldi showing the way as usual for country.

  11. Arsene's Nurse

    Gunner2301 June 6, 2014 20:56:38


    It makes no financial sense to continue to increase the bank balance as well as increase ticket prices.

    Hmmm, maybe. I’m a little baffled. Looking at it I’d ask, “who benefits” ? Kroenke controls the club, but Usmanov holds 30% of the shares. The only way for Kroenke to make money is to sell his shares, therefore the value of the club is inherently governed by the share price. I would expect that the share price, as dictated by the market, takes into account things like the club debt, whether that debt can be managed (i.e. paid), future earnings, share demand, etc. A big cash balance would have an effect on how much the club is worth.

    For example, if you were to buy a car that had £10,000 in cash sat on the back seat then it would likely cost you the price of the car plus £10k. I can only see a large cash pile as being a bulwark against a take-over or increasing the club’s value so that the main shareholder profits on the sale. However, if the main, controlling shareholder doesn’t want to sell, and there’s no obligation for them to do so, then I can’t see why such a cash balance is needed.

    Football is a funny old business so it really needs someone with more experience and knowledge to nail it down.

    Historically Kroenke doesn’t sell his franchises so I’m at a loss (no pun intended) to see why Arsenal have such a large cash balance.

    I’ve no clue about things like the property or sports franchise empire than Kroenke controls to say whether such a high Arsenal cash balance benefits him or not. I don’t know if his other sports clubs hold such money.

    As far as I’m concerned I feel it lets the fans down. Arsenal football club would not exist if it wasn’t for the people who built the club nor the fans who have parted with their hard earned wonga paying to see them.

    Kroenke hasn’t spent a penny on the club. He has injected no money whether for the building the new stadium, financing the conversion to flats of Highbury or buying players. If you bought a mug or a scarf at the armoury then you’ve injected more money than Kroenke has done.

    Maybe it is greed. 🙁

  12. Thomas

    Azpi Cahill Terry Luis
    Fabregas Matic
    Willian Oscar Hazard

    Fuck me that’s a team.

  13. salparadisenyc


    Think Ramires would start alongside Matic.
    Cesc in the #10, Oscar on the bench.

    Damn right… thats a fucking team.

  14. N5

    That John Cross is a right helmet.

    On a slighty different not, I live 9 miles from John’s Cross, do you think they are related? 😀

  15. Vintage Gun

    “Cavani’s got a face for Hollywood. Don’t hate lol”

    Edward scissor hands 2?

    And Gary Neville reminds me of Roys wife off Coronation St

  16. MidwestGun

    Reporting for duty, as requested.
    Ummm I got side tracked by my neighbor’s pool party. Lol
    Apparently, the badge works for lifeguard duties, too.

  17. salparadisenyc

    Cavani looks like the younger of lynchpin’s that that attempted to chainsaw Pacino in scarface.

    Neither succeeded.

  18. Guns of brixton

    That bird that Rooney did is in BB.

    she has a 10 yo and she done rooney , . .
    ? great convo it that house.

  19. Vintage Gun

    “Yes I’m sponsored by Puma,”

    Fuck me Midwest (not literary) your a dark horse on top of a high horse.

    Pool partys, Promoted to assistant manager of le grove,sponsored by puma.
    And heres me waiting for the missuss to go bed so i can log on to Bubble and have a good old “look”

  20. Arsene's Nurse

    N5 June 6, 2014 22:12:43

    That John Cross is a right helmet.

    On a slighty different not, I live 9 miles from John’s Cross, do you think they are related? 😀
    I used to live in an area that is close to Toker’s Green. And before you ask, yes I have. 😉

    I nearly killed a whole flock of sheep near that village some 15 years ago – My brother had a bit of a suped up mini – looked like shit, but all the important bits were top notch. He pulled over into a layby and we switched seats. I’m a bit taller than him so I went to adjust the seat. The conversation went something like this:

    AN – Where’s the seat adjustment?
    Brother – There isn’t one.
    AN – Why not?
    Brother – The seat is welded to the slide and the floor.
    AN – Well how the hell do I reach the brake pedal?
    Brother – Don’t worry about that, just go down the gears to stop.
    AN – Err OK.

    So off we went – me looking like that ape from super mario driving a cart with my knees up round my ears.

    AN – This has got a bit of poke to it.
    Brother – Yeah, but you need a bit of twisty stuff, do a right here.

    So we went right and through some nice quiet single lane backs roads.

    Brother – Give it some welly then FFS.
    AN – Ha ha, this is great, it goes round corners like it’s on rails!
    Brother – Told you, now go down here it’s great.

    We went down this back road, round this corner and…..

    ……Oh fuuuuuuuuuuck!

    A whole load of sheep where crossing this road with a farmer bod slap bang in the middle.

    You’ve never seen a bloke go from 4th to 1st and then stop whilst contorting his body to reach the brake pedal ever.

    AN – Fuck me that was close!
    Brother – Nah, you had at least another 20ft to go before you hit one of them!
    AN – I think you better drive from now on.

    Happy days!

  21. Gunner2301


    Maybe the cash cow that is Arsenal gives Kroenke leverage in other deals. Nothing like healthy collateral to make the banksters give you what you want. Maybe Kroenke is asset and not cash rich so it’s his slush fund should ready cash be needed elsewhere?

    One thing is clear it’s not going to be spent on football.

  22. Mayank


    I’m clueless about finances but I’m sure all Kreonke can offer as collateral is his shares at Arsenal.

  23. Ben

    I’m sorry but if we let Fabregas go to Chelsea that is a huge error.

    Just when Wenger finishes the season ok with the FA Cup and I start to like him a bit again he pulls another shit sandwich out of the hat. Fuck Wenger – would much rather he sold Wilshere and got Cesc in.

  24. Bamford13

    Brazil didn’t look very good today against Serbia, but this is just how they looked in the Confederations Cup last summer prior to beating Spain easily (3-0) in the final. They don’t pass particularly well, don’t play in combinations well and all seem to be either on different pages or vaguely uninterested. Gustavo was solid, as was Fred. Neymar dribbled too much, gave the ball away several times and generally didn’t impress. Alves looked old and slow and Marcelo was careless.

    And yet I have a feeling it won’t matter. They’re so talented and athletic that they’ll probably win the whole thing despite the fact that they’re not actually a great TEAM.

    Watching them alongside Germany, however, it was impossible not to think that Germany were the better side. Germany pass and play together like they play together every day year round. Everyone plays the same way, everyone is on the same page, everything is fluid and flowing. It looked pretty damn nice. Even with Reus out I’m starting to favor Germany. I had them losing to Brazil in the semifinal, but I’m beginning to reconsider.

    I’m even beginning to think I might pick Italy over Brazil in the quarterfinal. Italy is highly underrated, I think. Defensively solid, experienced, intelligent, talented and balanced midfield, with Balotelli up top and Cassano in behind.

    They’re pretty damn good, but I’m going to have to mull it over before I take them over the hosts. Based on how the hosts played today, they might not even make it to quarterfinals. 😉

  25. neil

    Wenger is a businessman, masquerading as a football manager, he bought Cesc for 500,000 quid, paid as compensation to Barca, sold him back to the same club for 34 million quid, making a huge profit, you do the math, never in a million years is Wenger buying Cesc back for 30 million quid, that is stupidity, not good business, and most definitely not the Wenger way, this prick of a manager is out signing 17 year olds, with the hope of selling him on for more profit, it’s a game, a money game, and football is used as cover, to hide their real motives, MAKE HEAPS AND HEAPS OF MONEY

    Buy players for the lowest cost possible, and sell them down the track for as much as we can get them from oil rich clubs, City being the main destination, again, good business, forget football, once you do that you can see what these greedy cunts are all about

  26. neil

    This has been the Wenger way since 1996, he buys low, sells high, he has made profit on almost every player he ever had at AFC, he is a fiscal genius, his accountancy skills far exceed his football managerial skills by a country fucking mile, it all started with Anelka, a 500,000 quid purchase, sold to Madrid for 23 million, Henry, bought for 10 million, sold to Barca, ( aren’t they a bunch of mugs) for 16 million, after he was burned out, Song bought for a lousy 1 million, sold to the mugs again for 15 million, how does Wenger get away with this,Adebayor, bought for 3 million, sold for a reported 25 million, to the other mugs, City
    Nasri was bought for around 12 million, the Wenger price, sold for 25 million to City

    Vieira, our wonderful captain bought for 3.5 million sold for just under 14 million, again his best days behind him

    You can see a pattern, loyalty means nothing to Wenger, he is pure business, the only player I can remember finishing his career at Arsenal was Bergkamp

    Players are treated like commodities, bought and sold like cattle, like slaves, no one can turn profit like Wenger, the best in the world ever, that’s the Arsenal way under this pensioner, that’s why Kroenke gives him 3 more years, he makes profit, which is the reason Kroenke bought AFC because he saw first hand Wenger’s genius, IT’S JUST GOOD BUSINESS AS FAR AS STAN IS CONCERNED

  27. neil

    The reason Wenger hates spending big money on players, and never did, is THERE IS NO RESALE VALUE, another reason he never signed OZIL, that was the Chairman, Keswick, not Wenger, Arsene is pure stock exchange, buy low, sell high

  28. Rhys Jaggar


    Arsene is a venture capitalist, by your definition. You’re just quoting the investments that gave great returns.

    How about these:
    1. Diaby on £60k a week for 5 years with no matches played and no resale value.
    2. Denilson? £15m in wages with a mediocre return.
    3. Arshavin £15m + £80k a week for 4 years left on a free. £30m spent – how much back?

    Twenty or thirty players on significant wages who did very little and were sold for very little.

    You have to add the duds in when evaluating a VC investor.

    He’s still a pretty good one.

    But VC investors back early stage companies. Private Equity investors buy the Ozils, the Ronaldos etc etc. They use discounted cash flow for valuing investments. Wenger has used capital resale value. The two approaches are different. The former is best suited to galacticos where you can do huge commercial deals with the club benefitting. You know the sort of thing: Gillette doing a mega-deal with Federer, Henry and Woods. Except its brokered by Real Madrid, not IMG.

  29. tunnygriffboy

    Thunder and lightening just woke me up here so I’m grimandi tubing Rambo and Ozil

    Rambo is sensational as complete aplayer as anyone would want. Very interesting how well him and Ozil link up. There’s a real good understanding coming there. It’s no wonder Ozil stats dropped when Ramsey was injured.

    I think if we have more pace up top then they’ll get more space which will be really dangerous. We countered well with those two, more pace more danger. Anyone who thinks Ozil is slow they’re mistaken. He was just shagged come February.

    Wenger get 2 quick forwards please to add to Theo, Ox and Gnabry.

  30. The Poldi Prince

    “Yes, we need to recruit a very, very good striker, because it’s important for us, for competition for places, because Olivier needs that to become even better,” Koscielny said. “Having a striker who scores more than 30 goals a season can help us win the Premier League. Compared to the squads like Manchester City, even United, Chelsea. … You can see there’s a certain difference.”

    – kos


  31. peanuts&monkeys

    Oxlade Chamberlain has not developed further. Just like Wilshere. Wilshere’s progress has been stalled by injuries for which Wenger is to blame.

    By this time Wilshere should have been worth 40 million and the Reals and PSGs should have been prowling around him.

  32. peanuts&monkeys

    Dis Arsene Wenger know Ricky Lambert was avl and he is striker in Premier League. Does he realise if put into this pack of dinkeys and mules, Lambert could have still scored twice as his favourite L’oreal Giroud?

    There are in fact plenty of striking options who Arsenal can buy rightaway. But Wenger is probably waiting for another Sanogo to surface from from 2nd or 3rd division of France.

    Penny-pinching bastards. Not a soul who has any bit of ambition left. All are stuffed till there throat with cash Stan is generating and is hence quiet.

  33. peanuts&monkeys

    Did Arsene Wenger know Ricky Lambert was avl and he is striker in Premier League? Does he realize if put into this pack of donkeys and mules, Lambert could have still scored twice as his favourite L’oreal Giroud?

    There are in fact plenty of striking options who Arsenal can buy right away. But Wenger is probably waiting for another Sanogo to surface from from 2nd or 3rd division of France.

    Penny-pinching bastards. Not a soul who has any bit of ambition left. All are stuffed till their throats with cash Stan is generating and is hence quiet.

  34. tunnygriffboy


    I think it’s good Kos has spoken up. The cup win has given the players a real sense of belief that they can win. IF Wenger gats the right players in there’s no reason why we can improve again next season. We’re not a million miles away though Chelsea look hideously strong.

  35. The Poldi Prince

    Yeah tun, I don’t see us having the same opportunity to push for the title due to teams around us being more stable than last season.

    Except for liverpool, champions league will bring them back to earth massively. All those extra massive games, they will be a 5-10 point worse team.

    that said, you gotta be in it to win it. If we can do the business against all the teams below us and win the big ones at emirates, we’ll be in the mix. Win a game or two against top three opposition, we are in with a huge shot.

    minimum pass is (hate to say it) top 4, last 8 in champions league and going deep in the domestic cups. Successful season is any follow up trophy or finishing top two in the league.

  36. tunnygriffboy


    If I was a player I’d be thinking if we can sort out those horrendous losses and turn them to draws gaining us 1 pt and depriving them of 2 and maybe beat big boys at home then who knows. Key is sorting out injuries and bringing in players needed to strengthen

    Massive summer for Wenger and Gazidis. No Cesc. Plus players buzzin from fa cup believe they can do something with support. Has to be done properly

  37. The Poldi Prince

    Absolutely. The core is there. And wenger for all his weaknesses (especially in the tf market) is a good manager. Just needs to realise he isnt infallible, bring players in and let the new fitness coach manage workloads.

    If he was purely matchday coach I’m sure most of us would still think the sun shines out his arse. Its the clubs fault for giving him carte blanche for so long.

  38. tunnygriffboy


    Spot on. He has too much control. It should be ‘there’s my targets in order of preference, go and get them’

    Very pleased about fitness and conditioning guy, he is spoken of in very good terms as is Jonkers the new youth guy

    Wenger can produce wonderful football and as you say we are not far away. I wish he’d be more pragmstic in some games. We go to lpoolm Chelsea etc . . . and get battered by being too loose yet we go to Bayern 2x and Dortmund and have great defensive performances. It really annoys me.

  39. The Poldi Prince

    Yep, good backroom moves.

    I would be fine with parking the bus in all away games to the top three. Play 4-5-1 and play on the break all game. Giving up early goals away shatters us.

  40. tunnygriffboy


    4-5-1 with pace upfront and wide. With Ozil and Ramsey breaking and supplying the pace then thats dangerous. Mind you I’d take 0-0 away at City and Chelsea now.

    I know people moaning that lpool doing business early and we are not. I too am frustrated but Lambert, Can and Lallanna for 30 million ? ? They are going to need some defenders as well.

  41. Moray

    Neil, I don’t think Wenger’s a genius. He is benefitting from the fact that we don’t look at the losses and the wages, as Rhys mentions above. He has also been working in an inflationary market. He can also overpay: Look at the example of Ramsey where we apparently offered 3-4 times the salary tabled by Man Utd.

    A three to four million sale profit might well be a loss if you look at the salary we paid against the player’s input on the pitch.

    Moreover, he is also lucky not to have pressure to deliver on the pitch. All other clubs in the top 10 will have to spend to deliver results. Wenger is not. And he has the forum of a big club with champions league to showcase his players.

    In short, the guy is a fraud. He used to do well in the transfer market, but not in recent years. Performance on the pitch is mediocre and delivery in the transfer market generally disappointing., considering our resources (compare to the profits Chelski made over the last couple of seasons with their player investments:one of the reasons they can afford to buy Cesc and we can’t)

  42. The Poldi Prince


    I really like lallana. Think he is very talented on the ball. Lambert I’d take over sanogo any day. He was never going anywhere else though.

    we need those three first team players and a couple squad players.

  43. tunnygriffboy


    Yeh I think we need 3 starters and another couple at 1st team level to rotate. Watching those youtube clips we often forget how many good players we’ve got. The Ox could be a revelation next season. I hope he stays fit. Also I hope Theo comes back like he was in the few games he played last season. They could rotate and Ox could even play on the left. Ozil and Ramsey would love that. Chuck in a Pedro and a Remy then we have depth and potency

  44. The Poldi Prince

    Yep, maybe even four.

    realistically pedro, aurier, (cdm take your pick), whoever the big striker name is, remy and say caulker (not sure why there isn’t more noise around him).

    Drastically improved squad. Enough to compete in europe and if lucky push the good teams if we matchup well.

  45. tunnygriffboy


    Wenger and Gazidis just have to get it right. The players are buzzin and there is a lot of optimism about. Fuck it up not only will us fans feel deflated so will the players.

  46. Jeff


    I second what you said with regard to Neil not seeing the overall picture. The only reason, and it really is the only reason in my book, Wenger is kept on is because he implements the philosophy in which both he and the owner believe fervently. The success or failure of that paradigm is not a function of winning major trophies; it is simply a question of how high up the table we can finish for the least outlay.

    If we turn a profit, no matter how little, it is seen as a successful year. Finishing fourth guarantees a cushion of £30m – £40m which is why it is so highly rated at the club. Wenger has delivered a top four finish for every one of his years at Arsenal, so for the board and owner it’s a no brainer.

    When it comes to actual football and glory, the thing that fans most want, those are, unfortunately, secondary and incidental. They have been for a long time.

  47. Spanish Bill

    Your efforts to put the blame on Cesc are very weak and contrived. The blame lies squarely on AW. Still, if it helps you feel better and find peace, then good for you. That’s not to detract from the fact you’re talking bollocks. It’s barely delusional since I don’t think you really believe it yourself.

  48. tunnygriffboy


    I’m glad he said it. Puts pressure on Wenger and Gazidis to get the players we need. Players on a high after fa cup and fancy a bit more. Crucial window.

  49. Moray

    Jeff, slow and steady wins the race. For me, Wenger’s real accomplishments are:

    – Going one season unbeaten
    – Keeping us in the CL for so many years when the cash was limited (though it was never as limited as some think)
    – Designing the khasis in the new stadium
    Getting away with ten years of underachievement

    He is now as far away from the fans as Thatcher was from the people of Britain when she introduced the poll tax.

  50. tunnygriffboy


    I think kos will stay. IF we make the right signs then we can start to compete more regularly. Wenger himself said we will buy. I’m cautiously optimistic and anxious at the same time. It’s his last contract and he’ll want to go out with a bang. The players seem cnfident and up beat after fa cup.

  51. Jeff


    “Getting away with ten years of underachievement” clinches it for me. That’s too many years for any manager of a top club. But he is very comfortable in his job. There’s no real pressure to achieve anything and so he will carry on directing everything at the club until one day, quite out of the blue, our luck will run out and a thunderbolt will hit us when we finish mid table. Then, we will probably see a change.

  52. Jos Asan

    Ghana and Germany to qualify from group G ahead of Portugal and the united state of America to the round 16 at this year’s world cup in Brazil.And I am confident Ghana can reach the semi-finals.Take it or leave it.

  53. Moray

    “Arsenal are reportedly looking to seal a deal to sign exit bound Man United winger Nani with Arsene Wenger having met the Portuguese international’s representatives in recent days.”

    haha they link any free or discount player with the Arsenal when the window is open.

  54. Bamford13


    Agree with many things you’ve said, but must disagree on a few points:

    Unlike many on here, I don’t see Liverpool slipping 5-10 points next season because of CL play. As long as they sign a few reinforcements and make a couple of improvements in the back four, they will be just fine. And I trust that Rodgers and ownership will make the necessary signings. Lambert as a third striker was a pretty smart signing, for example.

    You mentioned that Wenger just “needs to realize he isn’t infallible”. I agree that he believes he is infallible — despite many obvious bad and failed ideas — but I don’t think there’s any chance, given his age, status, history and pay, that he’ll ever change. Change will only come from without, not from Wenger.

    You mentioned, also, the idea that if only he were “purely match day coach” — as opposed to the all-seeing, all-doing Director of Football/Manager he is today — he would be quit good. This is a tempting thought, except for the fact that he doesn’t really do tactics. This is kind of important for the match day coach. When I think of Wenger as a “match day coach,” I think of the 5-1 loss to Liverpool. We were a side that day who could’ve used a quality match day coach. Unfortunately we had Wenger.

    For me he would be best as an assistant coach who specializes in running training sessions. It’s clear he knows how to train players and teams so as to form them into top-class passing units — think of any the passing of any of our better sides — but I honestly think he’s a bit daft outside of that.

    Don’t get me wrong, he knows how to form a decent side from mostly spare parts — in this, he’s unrivaled — but we want more than that. 🙂

  55. Moray

    tunny, next season will probably be an odd one. There will be some very tired players coming back after the world cup. And we are going to have an extra two games to qualify for the CL. We simply cannot afford to go in half-cocked into next season, but unlike you I cannot be confident the manager will sign what we need, based on his past performances.

  56. tunnygriffboy


    Personally don’t think its been 9 years. Maybe 3. Time to go forward now and build on the base of this team. Thankfully we’ve managed to keep the players together for two years and also put many on long contracts. We’ve got to add to it now.

  57. Moray

    Bamford : “Don’t get me wrong, he knows how to form a decent side from mostly spare parts”

    Exactly. But when he is the one selecting the spare parts in the first place, when he has the resources to choose a complete set, that is what is so infuriating. It is like he is fighting a constant battle to prove everyone wrong. He hasn’t achieved it yet (with his own side).

  58. Moray

    I would be up for bringing in this Insigne guy. I don’t get to see much non Arsenal football these days, but I think it is only a matter of time before an Italian striker makes the successful transition into English football. I was gutted to see Casiraghi get that injury, despite playing for Chelsea, as I always liked him.

  59. Bamford13


    I have Ghana advancing as well, though not to the semifinals. I have them losing in the 16 to Belgium. That should be a great match.

  60. tunnygriffboy


    Agree with your latest post. I’m a kind of ‘half glass full kind of guy. It just seems different this window. If it is fucked up then I’ll be devastated

  61. tunnygriffboy


    I think it will be. I suppose not having expectation means you won’t be upset if it’s fucked. Me on the other hand will be absolutely gutted. Thank god the world cup and a break from anxiety loooooool

    Ps I’ll still have to read the gossip though ( smiley face )

  62. The Poldi Prince


    Had a few drinks now,,so won’t be as coherent..

    my point about match day coach is that I firmly believe we haven’t deserved fourthfor many of the last few seasons.

    Somehow he has got us there. He allows the sum of all players to be greater than their individual value. We have looked dead for all money a few times in the last 5 years and we still got there.

    I am actually fairly anti wenger, but credit where its due. Due to (self imposed) squad limitations, he has done well. Its all his fault we haven’t challenged. But when you take match day alone. Not too bad. He does have a premature ejaculate issues against big teams though.. The issue that cost us tje title.

    as for pool…will they resist 100mil euros for suarez? No way.

    We saw how well spuds spent their 100mil.

    Their squad played no extra fixtures. Adding cl and potentially more tha early cup exits will stretch them. Their defenceIs farcical too.

  63. Guns of brixton

    We’ve launched a bid for Pedro (lol) apparently according to a spanish radio station RRAC 1.

    Prefer Di maria or Sanchez, but hes quality.

  64. tunnygriffboy


    Pedro be excellent signing. Quality skill and pace. A striker as well, with pace and we’ll have some tidy depth adding in Theo and Ox. Mind you its probably a rumour.

    Griezemann to PSG,. Who are they releasing or selling ?

  65. tunnygriffboy


    I keep thinking that and it’s not good for me. But can you imagine. I’d wet myself

    Mind you if we got Pedro I take Remy or Moratta to play with him. That’s a lot of pace for our counters. Would have to get proper DM as well.

  66. Simon

    I find the analysis that we don’t need Cesc laughable tbh
    It appears the analysis originated from counting the current midfielders we have!!! Firstly Ozil and Cesc play a very different game and distribute from different areas of the pitch. 4 and 10
    Question is do we still need a deep lying creative player?
    If you look at our games against the top half of the table the answer is yes. We lacked creativity and the default approach of counter attacking failed miserably.
    Maybe if Ozil has outlets to feed on the flanks the outcome will be different. Our game was so narrow last year it was ridiculous.
    But we still come to the question of squad depth…. And this IMO trumps any arguments.
    The only way I can rationalize the decision not to buy cesc would be that Arsene believes Zelaem (remember him? ) is ready to make a step forward. He is the Cesc clone

    In any event the deal is done and time will tell if Arsenal will live to regret that decision.