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So, after many years of bemoaning the shocking state of our fitness affairs, Arsenal have finally made their move to stem the sh*t show that is a Tony Colbert set up.

They’ve moved for Shad Forsythe, who currenlty works for the German set up.

So what do I think? First thing to think is that he’s a thousand times the fitness coach Tony Colbert is. He’ll have a vision, a plan, he’ll improve us.

His background from what I can piece together, is that he’s been part of a consultancy called Exos (LinkedIn, you beauty). He was introduced to the German set up by Jurgen Klinsmann as a consultant and he’s been there ever since. He’s had a past stint at LA Galaxy.


He doesn’t have day to day club experience. That’s a worry, because a massive part of what he’ll be managing is the players work load i.e. training and matches. An international fitness coach doesn’t have to wrestle with the day to day a club fitness coach has to deal with. It’s a bit like Scolari moving to Chelsea, or Joachim Lowe trying to break back into club management. Chalk and cheese. That doesn’t mean he won’t be able to do it, it just means we didn’t go for the best option… perhaps the club have gone with him because he’s part of the American family they’re developing?

Still, it’s a win. My concern is that he’ll likely be pissing around in Brazil which means the same old same old crowd will be managing the preseason. Also, is he a Wenger appointment, or an Ivan appointment? If he comes to the club and has to weather a political storm with Colbert and a fitness mess of epic proportions, he might struggle. How are Arsenal going to ensure that he’s given the tools and the space to spread his wings?

A massive unknown. How well thought out is this?

But for me, regardless of what happens, we’re in a far better position than we were before, I’d just be a little more comfortable if we were pinching Bayern Munich’s head of performance. But hey, at least he’s young. At least he’s got a tonne to prove. At least he’ll ask questions and seek out expertise if he’s struggling. I just hope he can handle the set up he’s about to walk into.

His appointment at least justifies my views over the past few years. Kind of indicates that maybe I wasn’t making stuff up. Good move Ivan. Now make it work.

As for the Cesc stuff, I still don’t get it. If he goes to Chelsea, big deal. He was a captain who sacked it all in for Barca, now it’s failed we’re all pining.

Arsenals priority this summer is pace. Simple as that. Well, pace and energy. If players aren’t armed with these attributes, I’d say it’d take a pretty immense talent to shift from that view point. Cesc isn’t going to give us the edge next year. A £30m DM will. A outrageously talented half forward might. A world class right back might. A winger with blistering pace and aggression might. A striker with pedigree could.

Not another number ten without an outlet. Chelsea need a Cesc because they have runners without much in the way of creativity. We have all the creativity without the Runners. This issue is concentrated because poor old Chambo may have jussi ruined himself for another 6 months. That makes it even less likely we’ll move for Cesc.

But trust me here, just like I asked you to last summer. If we land one of the names we’re in for, you will forget about Cesc. I promise. You’ll see the light and see that actually, in this instance, Arsene is addressing the issues.

Well, that’s what I reckon. Me and Arsene, on the same page. Me calming the moaners who kick off online is quite unbelievable about a player who hasn’t officially moved anywhere yet!

Mourinho already stated we have the best number ten on the planet. Let’s make him work first. Let’s give him players to feed. Let’s calm down and focus on losing the plot about the pace we haven’t bought. Not the player we don’t need but we like because he used to be our captain.

… let’s hope Arsenal can deliver on their lofty ambitions. Has anything been learnt from last year is the biggest question of the summer, not whether we snare a player who would be a total sentimental luxury.

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  1. MidwestGun

    Keyser –
    Ya but LeBron equals championships. Free flowing not so much.. lol
    But I do love SAS so I’m pulling for them. Motion offense vs pick and roll.
    Plus LeBron’s move to Miami stunt is annoying.

  2. Keyser

    Don’t think Martinez is quick enough, we need someone more energetic than Ramsey, and Di Maria as well as he’s progressed this year is pretty flaky.

  3. salparadisenyc

    NBA, American football and Baseball make little sense.
    Although the NFL is fun for a hot minute.

    Hockey… get the fuck in RANGERS.

    I live close to the Garden, you’ve not lived until you’ve seen a trashy blonde walk by in a ranger’s jersey rolled and tied to as to show a bit of mid drift, cut off denim in the shape of a bikini bottoms in high heels heading into the arena.

    Like the ultimate stripper fantasy.
    People booze the games away.

  4. Guns of brixton

    Di maria looked alrite to me.

    MOTM in a CL final vs AM is quite the achievement.

    Underatted cos of CR7, now GB11 marginalising him now.

  5. MidwestGun

    Haha. Sal, hockey is good times drinking. Used to go to Blackhawk games back when I was in college back in the old Chicago stadium before they moved to that sterile shithole the United Center. Got discount student passes and a free bus ride. Trashy blondes everywhere. Lol.

  6. Keyser

    MwG – It mirrors modern football, I despise it, Real, PSG, Chelsea, Citeh, Citeh used to fun with Kinkladze roaming around, you could even like Chelsea with Zola, Le Bron’s manufactured a title winning side, I wasn’t joking about the Eastern Conference, Carmelo Anthony had a decent team in Denver, Stoudemire and Nash were fun to watch in Pheonix, the Knicks and Nets have been shocking.

    My cynacism is at the point, where if you watched the Miami-Indiana games, it only went 6 because either Le Bron couldn’t be arsed, or he knew that he had to give them a bit of a chance not to let everyone in on how poor the conference was Lol.

  7. Keyser

    GoB – He deserves credit because without Ozil, you’d expect Isco to gets games, instead Modric has pushed up to keep it ticking over in midfield and Di Maria rather than being the flaku winger type has seen how selfish Bale and Ronaldo can be, and tried to adapt, a bit like Benzema, whereas Benzema’s been marginalised, Di Maria has tried to make his own position in the team.

    Like Ramsey stepping up this year, while others are trying to fit in, he’s decided he’s going to just run around doing as much of everything as he can and it’s worked.

  8. salparadisenyc

    Enjoy the basketball boys.
    Im off to smoke a splifer.

    Is that blog legal?

    No matter, who the fucks salparadise anyhow!

  9. MidwestGun

    Keyser –
    Come on you can’t tell me you wouldn’t like to see a Ballotelli type of CF at the top of his game terrorizing defenders and scoring blazing goals at will.
    Don’t know if that player exists or we can get him but I generally did not enjoy our play this year. When Theo was sharp it was fun. There were moments and a few games, but just generally it seemed like we played to Giroud’s level. A poor man’s Tim Duncan. Lol.

  10. Mayank

    “Come on you can’t tell me you wouldn’t like to see a Ballotelli type of CF at the top of his game terrorizing defenders and scoring blazing goals at will.”

    The problem is there are no Balotelli type CFs, just Balo. And he’s a big risk.

    That’s the problem everyone wants that 50m striker but who is he exactly? Suarez? Cavani? A few names down and you’re looking at Benzema. If only Liverpool hadn’t lied about the Suarez contract.

  11. Guns of brixton

    Suraez would of been amazing. . . .
    but thats sailed long ago.

    PSG need to offload, (i think?) and a 60m Cavani is perfect.

    Or, get that Isigne dude, – hes italian and early media reporting us to be linked.

  12. Keyser

    I’ve been through all these players, Ballotelli’s going to end up nowhere near Henry, and I sat through all the hard work, the crap and the fouls he used to go through, the workrate that’ll never make the highlight reels, or the honesty that wasn’t ever present in Christiano’s game at United.

    If Ballotelli came in and worked hard that’d be one thing, but he’s had great oppurtunities and squandered them, for me that’s a by product of the modern game, I can’t stand that, if Bale had decided to pass on 2 of the 3 oppurtunities he had in the final, Real should’ve walked it, but because of his ego ? His desire to be the main man ? Whatever he squandered those chances.

    I genuinely like watching how Ramsey’s developed, mistakes and all, I like the idea we’re going to have earn every win.

  13. MidwestGun

    I know a rare commidity. But also AW never really tries either he keeps trying to buy cheap options to develop. Not replacing RVP is one of my biggest gripes. Splash the cash on a quick powerful CF and see what happens. There are a few out there but you have to pay. Another year of Giroud as number one is soul destroying to me. Not saying whoever we got would guarantee a title or anything crazy but at least it would be more eye pleasing and would give us a shot. Giroud seems like a work around. Work around his deficiencies instead of being part of the puzzle. Oh well… rant over.. lol.

  14. Mayank

    “PSG need to offload,”

    If they do is 27 yo Cavani the right person to offload. Zlatan is a highlight reel but his effectiveness is going to drop soon.

  15. Mayank

    “But also AW never really tries either he keeps trying to buy cheap options to develop. ”

    Giroud was a punt and stopgap. Next year he tried Suarez and Higuain. I know people are frustrated but Wenger wants a top striker as much as us. He just knows what risks we can and cannot afford.

  16. Keyser

    Blow-out’s are boring, unless you’ve genuinely seen the team develop, or the players try something outstanding, towards the end of season where we hadn’t won anything or otherwise with the Invincible teams we battered Everton 7-0, we’d beat Southampton 6-0, but we’d genuinely just played awesome football, Pires scored from like 40 yards.

    Your Van Persie example, it completely undermines why Van Persie was who he was, we bought him for 3 million, the gradual progression, the years of injury and angst, the petulence, and then I can’t think of many strikers who’ve been more clinical, Falcao maybe.

    It’s almost impossible to replace that, I can understand why Wenger went after Suarez, because he comes close, he’s operating at a comparable level.

  17. Keyser

    “Giroud was a punt and stopgap.”

    Not just that, there’s a reason he bought Podolski and Cazorla, and we basically replaced Van Persie goals with 3 players working together, or how we’ve seen other players develop.

  18. MidwestGun

    Mayank –
    I guess my definition of trying is a bit different. No excuse for me to go into season with Giroud,Bendtner, and Sanogoal. Serious lack of judgement trusting Bendtner. And Sanogoal no where near ready, let alone start CL. Again, lack of judgement. Passing on Higuan, lack of judgement. Bird in the hand is worth more than a Suarez in the bush. Lol. Regardless we could have afforded both. I just don’t really trust AWs judgement in the transfer window to do what is necessary even if he knows it is necessary.

  19. MidwestGun

    We should have had a better CF in the pipeline then Bendtner during the later RVP era. I like to see developed players succeed too and I understand the modern game relies on more scoring from the midfield, hence the 1 man upfront. But that 1 man can’t be a stop gap and expect to succeed in the League let alone CL..

  20. Dark Hei

    I want Ballotelli. He is a good striker. There is also a small possibility that he will kick JM in the nuts, which is worth the transfer fee on its own.

  21. Jack

    He will sign cunts like Sanago Flamini but won’t sign one the best midfielder in the world. This wanker has to be sack right now

  22. MidwestGun

    Anyway you look at it this transfer window is set up to be one of the biggest screw-ups in history. And that’s saying a lot.
    Pass on Cesc goes to Chelsea.
    Pass on Aurier he goes to Anyone really.
    Pass on or unable to land striker upgrade settle for Morata or Remy.
    Forced to pay top dollar for someone at end of window in randam position.
    Epic fail.
    Conversely, passing on Cesc could mean we have a plan for massive signings of need and have players lined up.
    Here’s hoping it’s the latter.

  23. Jack

    Wenger you wanker he played for you with a broken foot how can you do this to him? You are a cruel monster. Cant believe i ever like you. How can you hurt us fans like this? You are worst scumbag the club has ever come across i cant believe this bullshit CESC to chavs omg Wenger you absolute dickhead AHH FUCK OF3 FROM THIS CUNT

  24. Jack


    He had me believing after winning the cup, i geniunly trusted him to sign Cesc back but he showed wham a cunt he truly is last straw for me I am so angry Fuck this wanker has to fuck off

  25. MidwestGun

    JackJune 4, 2014    02:52:59


    Lambert is a mediocre player. Calm down and trust in Arsene.
    Here you go bi-polar troll, just 2 days ago. Do You flip flop troll how ever you please? Fuckin nutter!

  26. Dream10


    Would not be surprised if Aurier ends up at Chelsea. They were interested in him in January.

    – AW not signing Fabregas because he does not want to buy two 30m players

    – they give a Sanogo a multiple year deal
    – Flamini gets himself a three year deal

    Flamini has been below average and his signing was hailed as a “masterstroke”. No wonder we can’t progress.

  27. MidwestGun

    Dream10 –
    Ya that’s a possibility. There has to be a legitimate reason he doesn’t want to spend the 35 million on Cesc. BiG thinks its Pogba. Not very realistic.
    Gonna be half the fan base mad at AW for Cesc and the other half for mediocre signings. Lol. Most likely disastrous transfer window.

  28. Ashwin Gunner

    Wenger has met Zindane to broker deal for Morata..

    For once Wenger is doing what he should do.. Hope this deal goes through. Pain of seeing Cesc in Blue color will be lessened.

  29. Phil

    Wenger should fuck off and all the fucking wenger lemmings on here as well ….going on about buying this fella and that fella …blah blah blah….the cunts at the top are creaming off the people who go into that shit hole and believe me it’s a shit hole, not a proper football stadium, I haven’t been in there since i got kicked out about 4 years ago forstanding up and shouting go on my son to one of our players, fucking proper pooh hole…full of akb tools who have been going to the arsenal since wengers inception….they think that this person and his American cronies have the common mans interest at heart?
    Chelsea and Mourhino (sic) get there business done early as they want to win something tangible, not the 4th place trophy the cunts we have aspire to,,,slags

  30. Evan

    ” I haven’t been in there since i got kicked out about 4 years ago forstanding up and shouting go on my son to one of our players”

    Was that exactly what you said, seems a bit extreme..?

    Signings should definitely be done early for preseason/settling, but I suppose this years World Cup messes that up

  31. Revving Kevin

    A lot of trolling idiots on here pretending to be gooners. This is the problem on here, too many rival fans stirring it up. It’s okay to have pro and anti Wenger debates and pro and anti this player, Becos it can be debated. but when you get trolls who have other motives it messes the blog up.

    We have Jack with 5 or 6 personalities like Neil, Jon, Phil, Johnty etc all spouting obscene ties and anti arsenal nonsense. We have others wanting our players legs broken. Others wishing death on the manager. Seriously, it’s supposed to be a football related blog not somewhere for social deviants and immature kids to have fun. It’s not big it’s not clever and anyone reading the blog will think these are Gooners and that arsenal fans are idiots.

  32. N5

    So Jack was pro-Arsene and now he hates him over Cesc. Phil has spent days on here arguing with everyone about Arsene and now he hates him?

    I’ve seen all sorts of trolls online, but this schizophrenic act that Jack and Phil are doing is by far the most bizarre and childish I have ever seen.

    Grow up tw@ts.

  33. Revving Kevin

    Here is a perfect example of what I was saying. Social deviant and a pretty thick individual cum troll. “Phil” is almost certainly Jack/jon/Neil or one of the other anti-arsenal trolls with multiple personalities. Complete knob jockey.

    “…..the people who go into that shit hole and believe me it’s a shit hole, not a proper football stadium, I haven’t been in there since i got kicked out about 4 years ago forstanding up and shouting go on my son to one of our players, fucking proper pooh hole”

  34. Revving Kevin

    Dear N5

    Exactly. What happens is anti-Wengerites don’t discourage trolls and we end up with anti-arsenal rants. Be much better if this blog was just Gooners and we could debate or argue honestly. far too many fakers on here mate.

  35. N5

    Totally agree Kev, I can’t understand why it isn’t moderated, and if that isn’t possible, just have someone (Pedro) have a quick through the night befores comments when posting the new blog and get rid of the idiots.

    I know the Grove can be hard going at times, but most of it seems light hearted and at least we’re all Gooners regardless of the extremes. But these idiots just make it hard work. Last night everyone logged off because Jack was acting so embarrassing, no one wanted to be associated with it.

  36. Thorough

    You can dig that s**kers. If you think Wenger wants to improve this team you’ve been fooled. Pedders I’m looking at you. Since Chelsea finished their shopping last summer they’ve bought Salah to spite Liverpool, Williams to spite spurs, Matic, Costa, Zouma n possibly Fabregas. If we had those we’ll be aspiring for all the trophies,but tthey’ve just added those to an already strong spine. We r so dumb following Wenger. And Gazidis had d guts to say this waster was ‘impossible to replace’. N btw, Juve haven agreed personal terms with Alexis Sanchez are offering Barca 20.5euros but Barca insisting on 25, totally within our reach. We r so sad its shocking.

  37. Bergkamplegend

    Is it SO HARD to be patient, to wait until 31 august, 11h59PM, for an awesome transfert breaking news ???

    C’mon, this year there’s a World Cup for keep us occupied, so we have NO excuses for moaning about wenger’s inactivity lol

    Make an effort please, thanks a lot Grovers. 😉

  38. Moray

    “A lot of trolling idiots on here pretending to be gooners. This is the problem on here, too many rival fans stirring it up. It’s okay to have pro and anti Wenger debates and pro and anti this player, Becos it can be debated. but when you get trolls who have other motives it messes the blog up. ”

    Fuck me! I just agreed with Kevin on something.

  39. Emiratesstroller

    On a personal level I would have preferred that Wenger had retired as manager at least 2-3 years ago. Staying at the top particularly in World of Football is
    very difficult and even Ferguson who maintained performance in the latter stages of his career knew when it was time to go.

    Wenger did not win a trophy for 9 years and for a club like Arsenal that was far too long. Many will justify our lack of success to the Stadium and shortage of money.

    However, it was also down to some very poor decisions not just in buying and selling on the transfer market but also in the style of play.

    Personally I have still reservations about his continuance because I feel that
    his decision making is suspect. However, I recognise that he is still manager of
    the club and their wellbeing must be paramount to any genuine supporter.

    What Wenger must do this summer is secure at whatever cost a top quality
    First X1 [presently about 3 short] and a squad which if rotated whether to freshen it up or to cover for injuries is not diminishing the overall performance of team. In reality we are probably 6 players short there, although I
    suspect Wenger will not bring in that number.

    The decision not to bring in Fabregas will be a serious test of his judgment,
    because this is a WC player who would have strengthened our team. Such
    players don’t grow on trees and based on the alleged size of our transfer budget would not have prevented us buying at least three or four other key players.

  40. Bergkamplegend


    Who needs to go to Rio (excepted arsène for win more money) ?? lol

  41. Bergkamplegend

    Azpilicueta about fabregas : “The best players are always welcome at the best clubs.”

    Anything to add, dear Arsène ?

  42. MidwestGun

    Hahaha. Wondered why Hunter13 (phil) was over here. Pretending to be angry at AW. Pathetic attempt at satire by the way. Positively is in meltdown mode because their God betrayed them by denying Cesc. Lol. Guess they just now figured out that AW isn’t good at transfers.

  43. gambon


    Kevins the biggest troll on here by far.

    “OH Ivan said the Ozil transfer was worked on for months, bang goes the Theory that we dont have a plan”

    – So you believe everything Ivan says, including that Wenger has had big money for years?


    Kevin where are you?
    Oh he’s disappeared, Arsenal mustve lost.

    Check what happened after every Arsenal loss this year…..Kevin nowhere to be seen, then crawls back on after a win and says he was busy working.

    We know that cant be true, cos theres no chance he could hold down a job.