Mourinho Cesc move is crazy | Arsenal transfer silence… holidays? Or deals?

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Arsenal SoccerStarz

Arsenal SoccerStarz

I woke up this morning to a munch bunch parade on my Twitter feed. It really does make me laugh to think what goes through peoples heads.

‘You know what, I’m absolutely furious at that Le Grove guys take on Arsenal’s transfer policy. I’m going to call him a c*nt. Right now. And it’s going to be great.’

Anyway, how are you today?


I’m not really, but I did get caught in a heated debate yesterday about who’d play in the hole for England. It’s interesting listening to fans from other clubs and their true opinions on the players of opposition clubs. Most of the guys I was with last night thought Jack Wilshere would be a starter. I wasn’t so sure. Lots of chat around Barkley. I mean, he’s a top talent, but is he ready at that level?

I know this is going to sound standard English moron… but I think we’ve a pretty exciting team this summer. I know we’ll not win it, but there’s no reason we can’t be a nuisance. It’d be nice to have a more dynamic manager, but if we play with that Liverpool core, there’s no reason we can’t make at least the quarter finals.

Oh dear… I’ve become that England fan.

I’m actually really excited about this World Cup because it doesn’t feel like there’s a clear favourite.

I fear for the UK though. The booze consumption is going to be totally off the handle. I can’t wait.

Not much on the Arsenal transfer front. I nearly had a moment when I saw Arsenal were linked with the exiting PSG striker Bahebeck. I don’t know anything about him, which means most people don’t, which means he’s not the man to lead our front line next season. Hopefully that story is agent talk. If it’s not, I fear Sanogo might be warming up that Royal Mail application form…

Cesc Fabregas is believed to be considering a move to Chelsea. Really sad times there. It’s like Jay Z doing a warm up gig in the Hornchurch Wetherspoons. Artists deserve the very best stage, Chelsea is not the best stage for Cesc. Still, it’s the reality of the transfer market. He’s got to move somewhere and it doesn’t look like it’ll be Arsenal. My concern if I was Abramovich would be this…

Mata: A slow midfield dynamo loaded with goals and assists is sold….

Cesc: A slow midfield dynamo loaded with goals and assists is bought…

What is going on there? People were saying yesterday that Cesc is better than Mata. Well, marginally at best. 2 season ago he managed 20 goals and 29 assists. That’s pretty incredible. You don’t get much better than that. And he’s younger. With a better beard. Though he’s not sponsored by Beats, which is bad times.

What it shows you is Mourinho is a spiteful character. He moved Mata on to show the club who is boss. If I were a Chelsea fan, that’d hack me off. For me, there’s no logical explanation that you move on a perfectly good player and replace him with the same type of player. Embarrassing management. But there you go. I am a man in a glass house, and I’m throwing stones. So what. I can do what I like, even if the internet disagrees.

I’ve been following the Qatar World Cup bid meltdown. Amazing that FIFA still exist as a governing body. Sepp Blatter and his boys seem to have the attitude that they can do what they want. Corruption allegation after corruption allegation come… yet nothing sticks. How can people keep paying into it? Who can stop FIFA Officials simply greasing their pockets? Qatar shouldn’t be able to host the tournament. It’s a total nonsense in the first place. Give it to the proper footballing nations. The people who can run it. The countries you’d actually want to go and enjoy the greatest spectacle on earth. I mean honestly, air conditioned football games in the desert? In a country with no footballing history, no footballing infrastructure, building it’s infrastructure on the back of slave labour.

FIFA are disgusting. In every sense of the word.

Finally, Thierry thinks Arsenal have a good future because we’ve won the FA Cup. (article here)

“I think this team has talent – it goes without saying. When you see the season that Aaron Ramsey had, you can wonder what could have happened if he didn’t get injured but you also have to be honest, Manchester City could say the same thing about Kun Ageuro and the list goes on.”

Too true. If you can imagine and Arsenal with no injuries, you have to imagine every other club.

A lot of silence around Arsenal moves for players. Silence can means secret negotiations, but only for one player. You simply don’t get away with secret negotiations for multiple names because it’s not in the  interest of the selling clubs. That’s a worry no?



I won’t panic yet. But the great transfer excuse of the World Cup is nearing. Where are our ducks? Why are they not in order? What’s going on? Ivan? What’s going on?

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  1. Thank you and goodnight

    I wish our English players would fuck off the national squad. I know it’s not very patriotic, but let’s be honest…..why put your career on the line from one bad tackle, when the chances of England winning any tournament are about as likely as Revvin becoming a rabid anti wenger or keyser making any sense:) I’m joking Revvin and Keyser.

  2. Ashwin Gunner


    Pique reveals that Cesc is moving back to England and it is a done deal… I hope it is with Arsenal.. the deal has been completed for 33m….. Not sure if Arsene paid that much money… but i just hope and wish he did…..

    Fingers crossed..

  3. Vinca Rosea

    so I checkout out the BBC gossip column this morning for a round up. I see this;

    “Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti has given his sanction to an attempt to lure £250,000-a-week striker Luis Suarez, 27, away from Liverpool”


    “Manchester United are leading Chelsea in the race to sign Barcelona’s Cesc Fabregas, 27, because they won’t be in next season’s Champions League and are not viewed as direct rivals by the Catalan club. Express ”


    “Chelsea’s Belgium international striker Romelu Lukaku, 21, is wanted on loan by Atletico to replace Costa, but Valencia are willing to pay £18m for him. Daily Mirror ”


    and then

    “Arsenal are chasing Serbian defender Nemanja Pejcinovic, 26, who is a free agent after being released by Ligue 1 side Nice. Express ”

    Oh bloody hell!! Sometimes I wonder if the press do this deliberatley to piss us off haha.

  4. Baba

    Sweet..; and then “Arsenal are chasing
    Serbian defender Nemanja
    Pejcinovic, 26, who is a
    free agent after being
    released by Ligue 1 side
    Nice. Express ” Oh bloody hell!! Sometimes
    I wonder if the press do
    this deliberatley to piss us
    off haha. Lol

  5. Cescy

    The England squad should be like this: hart, Johnson, baines, jones, cahill, gerrard, Henderson, sterling, Rooney, milner, sturridge

  6. Bergkamplegend

    “Manchester United are leading Chelsea in the race to sign Barcelona’s Cesc Fabregas ” == >> “Cesc Fabregas has left Barcelona for €33m, according to his team-mate Gerard Pique.”

    Another day of joy for all the Gooners.

    One advice Cesc : don’t EVER came back to play at the Emirates with another shirt than the Arsenal one.

    “Once a Gooner, always a Gooner” ?? Little fucker.

  7. Bergkamplegend

    ps : good morning to all the Grovers.

    But how can the morning could be bad ??

    Every day there’s a new humiliation coming, fucking hooray!!

  8. Hitman49

    I wonder if the club know what effect no news does for their supporters ?

    We’re all pissed of no news do they know do they realise ?

    Do they care ?

  9. Emiratesstroller

    If Arsenal are not going to buy Fabregas then they had better demonstrate the club’s ambition by bringing in another player of equivalent or better world class.

    As we know there are very few such players made available on the market and an awful lot of other clubs including some with deep pockets chasing them.

  10. tunnygriffboy


    I agree. If we don’t bring in top players where we need them having rejected Cesc then there will be huge anger. The club have backed themselves into a real corner this time.

  11. Ashwin Gunner


    What was the point of putting a buy back clause when you are not going to use it after two years.. bullshit.. Wenger is much more stupid than we thought….. How can he let Cesc go. I dont blame Cesc for choosing another club. I blame Wenger for not bringin him back.

    Hit him with that bloody mic.. baSt##d

  12. arsenal tom

    Wenger and the club must have big plans if they’re willing to let Cesc go elsewhere. They’ll know how pissed off people will be and the only way to counteract that is to bring in equally good players.

  13. tunnygriffboy

    Crossroads for Wenger and Gazidis. They have to go big now or there will be huge anger. As I said they have backed themselves into a corner with this one. No coming back.

  14. Inter YourGran

    Morning all,

    To be honest (reflecting on the fanbase mood via social media) IF Fabregas goes elsewhere in the premiership, we’d have to sign Ronaldo, Messi, Suarez or Reus to cool the mass tantrums and anger that’ll ensue on mass…

    As TGF said earlier the club have backed themselves into a corner already, not even a month after winning the FA Cup.

    Listening to Gazidis yesterday talk about budget and transfers was laughable. We all know Ozil took days not months and we need 50m to upgrade Colney? Do me a favour…

    What. A. Cunt

  15. Inter YourGran

    Also, why are we always ‘deep in negotiations’ regarding transfers…. it’s quite fucking simple as transfer deadline day shows you;

    Can we buy X?

    How Much do you want?

    Fee agreed?

    Send the agent and his player over for talks?

    Contract o.k?

    Sign da ting, pictures with a shirt..


  16. Thank you and goodnight

    As I’ve said before mate, while I’m no lover of Wenger, while kroenke owns us we will be going nowhere as a team. They keep saying we have 100 million to spend, while we might have money sitting in the bank, are we really sure that Wenger’s been given that amount to spend? Let’s be honest 99% of what gazidis or kroenke say is bullshit.

  17. rob green


    hang on!! Cesc to Chelsea? I though he was all about playing for a club that plays attacking football? didn’t he have a pop at mark Hughes for playing negative football?

    Two face!!