Half striker the way forward?

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Jenko has a new house.

Jenko has a new house.

Jeez, there’s simply no consistent message at LG Towers, Geoff chimed in with his two pennies on Cesc.

Well I would have him back in a heartbeat. Why?

We always have half our midfield injured, that won’t change, ever under Wenger.

Fans and players would be massively lifted.

We would have the best first and second choice midfield since that great Barca team.

At least three of our midfield could slot in as defensive midfield, Cesc being one of them.

We’ll get him cheaper than ManU would and I would hate seeing him go there.

Add to that a winger like Draxler or Sanchez, a DM like Martinez and a right back like Coleman and we would clean up.

He won’t buy a Reus when he can get a cheap Remy.

He should get Griezman and offer to diss the Vela clause if they sell him cheaper.

Keeper I’m not fussed as they will only ever get Carling Cup/Fa Cup matches and anyone who signs as a number two won’t have much ambition anyway.

He won’t replace Chezzer and all the above he could get out of his budget.

You see, the thing with Cesc, is I’m not fussed either way. If he comes in, we’ve got a great player that we dont’ really need, if he doesn’t come in we’ll buy a great player we need. We can’t lose. Though Ballague has said that he’s been told by Arsenal that he’s not wanted now. Which is the logical move if Arsenal are keeping Cazorla, Ozil, Rosicky, Crowley, Zelalem… Diaby?

Anyway, we’re going big elsewhere. If no news has dropped on the name I’ve heard, I’ll share that next week. It’s a shame, because I’m assuming no noise means the deal is dead. But whatever, it’s a tantalising name regardless.

I’d imagine that Arsene is struggling with a big name striker. I’m expecting him to push for half strikers or to convert someone. It’ll be interesting to see if we look at Draxler or if any of the Barca wide player rumours are true.

I watched Griezman the other day for France. He scored a freekick that looked like a cross that slipped through. My concern with him is his tiny frame. We have so many small players and I’m not sure our league is suited to the height impaired in the same way La Liga is. That’s not to say small players can’t do a job, more that we have a lot of those already. I’d prefer a beast out wide over a tiny player.

We need to kick things up a gear transfer wise. People complain it’s only June, but look, we have a World Cup to contend with, we should be making things happen early. I really don’t want to be in the scrum for top players post World Cup with all the hype and all the reticence to spend more than players are worth that usually accompanies a Wenger transfer window. The thing that grates me about this whole transfer window is that Wenger is under no real pressure to purchase. He’ll not be KPI’d like a normal manager and he won’t feel the same burn to get business done. What he says goes. He won’t bow to fan or board level pressure.

Liverpool are out there making things happen already, Rodgers works to a different type of intensity. One which says, ‘I have to prove my value every second of this job’… I don’t get that from Arsene. If Wenger had to go into next season with no new signings, he wouldn’t be fussed. Bob Wilson said,

‘He works 24 hours a day’

Doing what exactly? I’d love to know. It can’t be looking at players, because he’s not exactly brimming with solutions? Tactics? Worrying about injuries? I’m not sure. Reckon our manager is cheating his times sheets.

Anyway, let’s look to the positives. We’ve been trying to make certain deals happen. I just don’t know what the plan is if those plans don’t come of. Why would I know? I wouldn’t. So I don’t know why I’m trying to be a control freak about Arsenal because I control nothing.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could work for a football club? What a great laugh that’d be.

‘Pete, what are you doing on Youtube?’

‘Scouting players boss’

‘Nice work son. Here’s a raise.’

That’d be sweet. No more cat videos for me. Real time wasting.

Also, before I go, a few people asked in the comments how I could go to wanting Cesc to not wanting him.

I don’t know why I have to explain changing my mind. But hey, I change my mind. When I first heard the rumour, I was out and about… and I was all like, ‘wow, that shit’d be whack if it happened’… then I had a think about it. I thought, well, there are a lot of holes that need to be filled before we move for a player like Cesc. Also, as someone pointed out yesterday, he’d actually cost us £45m if you take his sell on clause into account.

… and that’s the thing with blogging. I change my mind. If you don’t ever change your mind. Brilliant. If the first thought you have on something is always the last. That’s fine. I’m sure you’re super interesting and dynamic. I’ll go back and forth, which might feel inconsistent, but for me, that’s the point of blogging and conversation. You explore every angle, you take on other views and refine and evolve your opinion over time. If I didn’t do that… this would be a f*cking monotonous read every day.

Maybe it is? But if it is. Don’t tell me. It makes me well up inside and cry at my desk.

‘JohnLuvsPancakes54 just told me I was a massive spunk bucket! I can’t take it anymore’

…I’ll regularly wail at my desk.

… but just as a heads up, I don’t write posts worrying that there might be an inconsistent view point from last year.

Anyway. Have a great day. Or, maybe don’t. I’m not sure what I want for you. x

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  1. DaleDaGooner

    Ah! CORPUS CHRISTI should be fun, beach time that is…on the RedBulls game, i agree, it’s pretty rich of them to put a premium on a b team game, are they still selling tickets? Couldn’t find a spare to buy. Want to still go, my family live near Harrison, NJ

  2. Moe

    This Cesc thing is all about a priority issue. Find me a gooner that would say no to cesc AFTER we’ve got benzema, sven bender, seamus coleman and our competitive keeper and you prob not speaking to a gooner that wants to see us have some proper squad depth(the diabys of this world don’t count).
    The fear is, if we spunk £30mil on cesc, will end up like last season where we spent our one superstar qouta on a midfielder and neglect our glaring strike force and right back issues.
    Only need to look at last transfer window to see its very possible a cesc purchase would effectively end our window in wenger eyes. Imagine we sort out our stiker, CDM and right back issues, wenger could still be tempted for cesc not cos adding world class squad depth but more cos a chance to reunite with a love child. So cesc stories preferred in august(fingers naively crossed that we would have sorted our transfers long before that….hate transfer window)

  3. Revving Kevin

    Dear Midwest (my spellcheck always changes to Mudwest, sorry)

    The best fans are those that go to every game home and away, win lose or draw. Those guys are hardcore. That’s not me. Those guys I really respect. I used to be ST holder but before that you could get tickets at the turnstiles, so I went every home game with family and mates from late seventies to nineties. Used to be fucking freezing on concrete terraces I can tell you. It’s now luxury but really expensive (too expensive ) and tickets are like rocking horse shit but I go when I can. So I am not a super fan. Who said I was?

    However, I love this club, have the ink on my arms, go whenever I can and my son is an ST. I support win lose or draw, don’t boo and get irritated with the slaggers who dont realise how lucky they are and just want to blog and bitch in equal measure. Honest, this is a great club and is about to get even greater. That’s why spuds, chavs and Manc dress up and pretend they are Gooners. Fucking envy.

  4. Phil

    hehe thats why they havent won anything….lowe should copy del bosque and carlo..he might win something

  5. Bamford13


    Yes, but if you read his post again — in which he is defending Giroud’s quality and promising even “greater” things next year — you’ll see that he takes Giroud’s ludicrous talk of winning the Ballon d’or seriously, as though it weren’t one of the more ridiculous things any footballer has said in some time.

    No, he wasn’t making the claim himself, but he did give the claim credence, which is almost as bad.

  6. Arsene's Nurse

    MidwestGun June 3, 2014 18:33:00

    Ok, Hunter13, eyemsick is here with his gambon obssession. So got to run. Not up for deciphering that today.
    Phil’s fleshlight is in the dishwasher so he’s got time to go online to do two things.

    1. Find a new picture of Wenger and print it out.
    2. Troll Le-grove.

  7. Guns of brixton

    Dont you hate it when these messages end up in your email?

    ‘kik me @ xxxxx girls only’

    i mean. . .wtf is the point???!
    anyhow, mini random moment over
    wenger out

  8. andy1886

    “so is it a risk then or not? …. playing in the epl with kids that cant even shave yet ?”

    To repeat, as you didn’t get it first time around, not if you’re unsackable.

  9. WengerEagle

    ‘The best fans are those that go to every game home and away, win lose or draw.’

    I speak for a lot on here I’m sure when I say if I could I’d attend every Arsenal match home and away in a heartbeat. It’s just not possible if you live in a different country, doesn’t make you any less of a supporter.

    I still fly over and go a couple of times a year to matches and love the experience.

  10. Revving Kevin

    Dear Bamford
    I sometimes read back and think fuck me. It’s like when I say opinions, it comes out as onions. Midwest always gets corrected to Mudwest. Hilarious in Hilary owls it’s these Americans fucking up our language as usual (Apple).

    My wife was ordering takeaway I said I wanted a good duck and when I walked in I couldn’t get her off my face! It’s fucking dangerous this phono.

  11. Phil

    hold on …is it only the job that is at stake..??

    what about the results? the league standings? ensuring that with that squad you manage to achieve the financial targets of the season?

    are you not taking a risk when you set out to do that in the fucking premierleague with a bunch of kids and 2nd-3rd rate purchases?????????

    id say youre taking a massive one…not only with regards to the clubs finance and future but as well as reputations….

    you can move the goalposts all you want ..what im asking you is specific.

  12. MidwestGun

    Just don’t see the point of getting in a pissing contest over who is a greater fan by telling me how or what I should comment about. If I lived in England I would go to as many games as I could. I don’t doubt your passion and commitment, just don’t judge mine based on a blog.
    Also, I have never represented myself as something I’m not. I’m a semi – retired builder in the midwest. I was lucky enough to be successful in my earlier life to not have to work too hard. But I do have still business commitments mainly in the summer.

  13. salparadisenyc

    Nothing worse than the pissing contest geared at “whose a larger supporter”.
    Like those fellas on Harley’s gear heading round town as loud as possible.
    Cocks the size of baby carrots.


  14. london gunner


    If you are honestly blaming Ozil being played in the centre for Germanies lack of success, you really have a very limited knowledge of football or indeed common sense

    So we can no longer converse. I don’t and won’t spend my time speaking to those with special needs or I would volunteer my services for some form of charity project. I having nothing to gain / learn from speaking to you

    ta ta now

  15. Revving Kevin

    Dear Sal 🙂

    At least my phone doesn’t spell correct football to soccer, now that would be flying out the window!! How the Americans think throwing an oval shaped ball in suits of armour ten yards or more is football is quite something. 😉

  16. andy1886

    It’s so sad when you see someone projecting their self-loathing onto others. Oh well, never mind.

  17. WengerEagle

    Cesc going to Chelsea would be a real dagger to the chest in all honesty.

    Costa, Cesc, Lukaku and Courtois to come in on top of Matic being eligible for the UCL.

    Expect the Chavs to do some serious damage next season.

  18. london gunner

    Speaking with idiots doesn’t make you any smarter as over time it downgrades your intelligence.

    Trust me fellas spend a week or even a couple days of Le-Grove you will be shocked by some of the idiotic stuff that gets posted on here..

    But if you spend a good few days posting even though you know some of the shit is dumb you get brought down to that level and your bullshit filter diminishes

    PS this is no slight on some regular posters as there are plenty of clever guys on here they are just in the minority compared to some.

    Who can’t structure a logical argument and don’t understand that statistics mean more than you ridiculous opinions

  19. Dan Ahern

    “Don’t argue with fools, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.”
    – Mark Twain

    (Then again, if we followed that advice there wouldn’t be much of a comments section 😉 )

  20. salparadisenyc


    I would agree with that “throwing and oval ball 10 yards and calling it football.”
    Poor use of the word.

  21. MidwestGun

    Oh well, been fun. Kev if you make it over here I’ll by you a beer. Then we can go throw rocks at Stan’s house. Lol.

    Dan A . –
    That damn Mark Twain. Smart Midwesterner. 😉

  22. Dan Ahern

    Sal — Fabregas isn’t a simple yes/no.

    I’d absolutely have him–ESPECIALLY if a competitor is in for him. I’d much, much rather have to deal with two world-class creators in a side than deal with a world-class creator in an opponent’s side.

    Plus I really don’t think it’s as difficult as people make out. For one he’s a versatile player, and moreover, Özil is a versatile player! I’m not saying either of these is ideal, but you could run Ozil 10 and Fab false 9. Or you could put Cesc at 10 and Ozil LW. But aside from all that, let’s be real: There are a lot of games, and having guaranteeing a fresh worldie creator available for them all would be great.

    However, I’m not bothered if he doesn’t move. We’ve got plenty of pressing issues around the pitch. Obviously there are better places to splash the cash.

    So mostly it’s just a situational thing.

  23. salparadisenyc



    I don’t see it happening so its all academic. But something tells me we’ll rue the day we passed on the clause that sends him to Chelsea. If we did our proper business I probably wouldn’t be as affected.

  24. Dan Ahern

    Nah man, I can’t see him going to Chelsea. Just won’t happen. Even if we aren’t interested in his return, we’d become *very* interested in blocking him from joining a rival.

    Or maybe that’s just my logic talking. We didn’t seem to mind selling the league to United, so…

  25. salparadisenyc


    Part of me thinks its a last ditch ploy for Wenger to act on the clause.
    Make a deal with the devil and hope gramps plucks you from the cauldron in the nick of time.

    Would be surreal… and quite possible;
    “Money, it’s a hit.
    Don’t give me that do goody good bullshit.”

    Yes I just quoted Pink Floyd.

  26. Dan Ahern

    Mark Twain, Pink Floyd… all of history’s greatest wordsmiths today on LeGrove. Heheh.

    Don’t think it’d happen though. Cesc knows he’s a king here. He’s not going to play for a brutish cunt like Mourinho. Surely Barcelona satiated his lust for trophies. Now he’s probably lusting to be a hero again.

    Maybe it is a ploy. Or maybe it’s all talk, like 99% of transfer window hubbub.

    If I were him I’d try City before I went anywhere near Chelsea or United.

    On second thought, I’d try none of them. I’d probably see if Pep was interested in picking me up first.

  27. Mayank

    Sometimes it feels stupid to even discuss the career path of millionaire footballers on a blog. But then again if we didn’t maybe they wouldn’t even be millionaires in the first place.

    Cesc to Chelsea or either of the mancs would be a travesty. But a relatively minor one compared to some of the transfers over the years.

  28. ricky

    If rumours of a 3 year sponsorship with American Airlines for our training kit at £18m/year is true, Gazidis has pulled off another stunner.”

  29. Revving Kevin

    Thomas, good to see your Mum has locked you back in the cupboard with your Thesaurus. It’s great to see you are still hurting after the FA Cup Win. To be so obsessed with us Gooners is a massive compliment and proves we are a bigger club than yours will ever be. Goidnight loser. 😉

  30. neil

    You have to understand the brain of Wenger, he has been managing for 30 years he continuously boasts, never has he in that time spent more than 16 million quid on one player, ever, Ozil is not considered because he was not a Wenger signing, just like Arshavin wasn’t, the history of Wenger is buy low, sell high, just like the stock market, it has nothing to do with how many midfielders we have, we could have had 3 only and he still wouldn’t buy Cesc for 30 million, he bought him for 500,000, sold him for 34 million, made his profit, case closed. deal done, move on to the next one, that’s his MO, almost every player he sold, a profit was generated on the original purchase price

    Anelka 500,000 sold for 25 milion, Cesc, Henry, bought for 10 million sold when he was burned out for 16 million, Vieira, Van Persie, Song, Toure, Adebayor, Nasrim Clichy, profit made on every player, that is the AFC method under Wenger, and it won’t change, Ozil was bought to stave off a uprising when no money was spent last summer and we lost to Villa opening day, THEN, AND ONLY THEN DID OZIL COME AS A SAFETY MEASURE, AN AFTER THOUGHT

    That is why Wenger stalled on the new contract, he wanted total control of transfers, his nose was out of joint because he would not spend 42.5 milion on any one player EVER, and Keswick insisted it was, Wenger was gutted, it is not his style to spend like that, so the AFC owner and board bent over and let Wenger fuck them to the tune of a 3 year deal giving this ego fucking maniac full control, as if he never already had it, but Chips had to step in, with 150 million in the bank, and only 2 free transfers brought in Flamini and Sanogo this idiotic scrooge manager was going into a new season with 1 striker, no defensive mid and only 3 central defenders, TOTAL FUCKING LUNACY, AND THIS PRICK IS STILL AT THE CLUB

  31. neil

    Imagine what our club could be without the waste of Wenger, no more socialist wages of 50-60k a week for average duds like Park et al, a more realistic wage for the top players, why pay 50-60k a week to Diaby, this is gross mismanagement, and when his contract ran out, HE GOT A FUCKING NEW ONE, and hardly played for two years , this is WASTE on a massive scale, we have a wage bill of 150 million a year, and struggle into 4th, this guy is negligent in his running of this club, the Emirates was supposed to free us up financially to compete, WE ARE NOT COMPETING, it is a fucking lie, we are aiming for 4th, with that wage spend we shouls be aiming higer, BUT WE WILL NEVER WHILE THIS FRENCH FUCK IS AT THE CLUB, I GIVE UP

  32. neil

    i don’t need to work there it is public knowledge, transfers, they are listed, prices bought, price sold, do you have any idea on human behavior, how it is the same it never changes, if a man buys players for 30 years and never spends more than 16 million, you think at 63 he is going to suddenly change and spend 42.5 million on one player, the answer to that is NO, we are creatures of habit, in all forms of life, if you are a punter and bet on horses or sport, and you put 20 quid on your selection, you will never put 1000 quid on any bet, you will bet around the same amount every time 10 -20 quid, just as if you are a person who bets in the 100’s or thousands of quid, that person never has 20 quid on any selection, never, unless he is broke maybe, and only maybe he will

  33. Dark Hei

    Nobody is moving clubs until after the World Cup because no club will sell until the World Cup is over. Also, no one will buy until after the World Cup as you might get some serious injury, and then what?

    Instead what will happen is a lot of behind the scene posturing for players.

    Still I can’t see Fabregas leaving until Enrique has a chat with him which will only happen after the World Cup.

  34. neil

    This transfer profit making/taking was going on before Kroenke bought the club, IT IS THE REASON HE BOUGHT THE JOINT, he saw first hand Wenger’s expertise at making a profit, the best fiscal accountant in the world, bar none, Wenger is a better money manager than a football manager, the only reason Kroenke bought AFC, that’s why he will never be sacked, we have to wait until this guy dies before we get a new manager

  35. neil

    Well Liverpool have not adhered to that rule, Lambert has been bought already, 4 million was rumored to be the price

  36. neil

    Yes, Wenger will wait until after the world cup, long after, and when the good, read expensive players have been hoovered up by the bigger clubs then, and only then will Wenger enter the transfer race, and stun us with a striker like Remy, a 8-10 million pound man, nothing changes, Wenger still shopping at Aldi’s, no Benzema, ever, he has Giroud, a 11 million pound striker, and Wenger’s hero, what should happen is Wenger spend big on a striker and Giroud the back up, but doing that has two problems, first is it costs too much initially in transfer fee, second, the wages are too high and Wenger hates to give big wages to anyone, he struggled for months before finally giving Walcott 100k a week, but this manager has no problem putting out his hand for 8 million quid a year, and my bet is the 100 million quid ( it should be more) we had that much after the Ozil purchase, so nothing was added since then typical Wenger, but the full amount won’t be spent, but it should be, and then some, this squad needs at least 4-5 players

    right back, central defender, defensive mid, striker, left wing and maybe a keeper, so 5-6 players is needed but this scrooge will never buy 6 at one time, so we will go into a new season again unprepared

    And why does this incompetent manager continue play players out of position, central players in wide positions and vice versa, right backs at central defender, Jesus Christ he even played Ramsey as a right winger, just to have him in the starting 11, this is so fucked up, and the fans lap this shit up, thinking he is a great manager,HE IS A SNAKE OIL SALESMAN

  37. MidwestGun

    Dark Hei-
    What are you talking about? David Luiz, Ricky Lambert, Immobile,Josip Drmic, to name a few so far. So when you say nobody, you mean only some?

  38. MidwestGun

    Oh and Diego Costa will be confirmed in a few days. Is he mediocre too, Jack? Business will be done before the World Cup and already has and to claim otherwise and say it’s not possible is wrong. It’s only not possible when you don’t try. Yet, to see any evidence of a plan. Patiently waiting.

  39. DaleDaGooner

    You biotches slagging Giroud off, he’s being worshipped on BeIN Sports, being talked in the same show as Messi…Ozil said he is a fantastic striker to play with, Debuchy sang his praises, Ribery delighted to have him in the FFF team, Jeremy Menez cleaning his boots…only Wenger bashers won’t see this. Tune into BeiN right now bitches!

  40. DaleDaGooner

    Are you urinating frequently? Do you wake up at night to empty your bladder? Is your urine flow streaming weirdly? Your Prostate must be fucked

  41. MidwestGun

    appreciate Giroud damn it!
    Sorry Dale, Haven’t had enough to drink for that. Lol. He might be appreciated more if he didn’t miss so much and didn’t make the face. Or if he scored against our big rivals. Oh and if Wenger didn’t have him literally as our only CF for an entire season. Not his fault but still the pressure was all on him.
    Really wouldn’t put too much into worship on a tv show. For example, Klinsmann worshipped the crap out of Landon Donavon on Espn right before he cut him.

  42. MidwestGun

    Neymar looks ready for Brazil, 2 assists and a goal. And Hulk smash.
    Also,England partying on south beach., tonight. Jack and Ox look fit.
    Lampard to play with TH14 at NyC? Hmmm.

  43. gambon

    Lol of course American Airlines aren’t sponsoring our training kit.

    We already have a training kit sponsor (Emirates) and we already have an airline sponsor (once again emirates)

  44. Thank you and goodnight

    Anyone read Michael ballacks comments on mesut today in the papers? He’s basically saying his performances since joining Arsenal has deteriorated, for club and country. Now I’m a massive mesut fan as been following him for years, and what with my parents being turkish Cypriot I really would like him to do well. But I’m beginning to wonder if he will come good. Yes we all know he’s massively skillful and talented…..but I’m beginning to think certain people were right about him being mentally weak. Let’s hope he proves everyone wrong.

  45. Moray

    TYAG, Ozil was played into the ground. This is why his game suffered. Also, he must have taken a mental hit by being offered arounf by Real.

    Plus, he has had to play with a bunch of monkeys around him for long parts of the season, and under a tactically inept manager.

    All this being considered, I thought he had a pretty good first season. The guy is class whichever way you look at it.

  46. Sam

    Ballacks talks too much bollocks
    Mertersacker n koscielny were both shit when they arrived
    Ozil did well in his first season
    Team him with better strikers next season

  47. Emiratesstroller

    Many players have been touted as coming in without much thought about size
    and requirements of squad. Here would be my squad for next season incl players on wish list.

    GK Szczesny Ospinal* Martinez
    RFB Aurier* Jenkinson
    CB Mertesacker Koscielny Vermaelen
    LFB Gibbs Monreal
    DMF Bender* Flamini
    CMF Ramsey Wilshire Diaby or Arteta
    AMF Ozil Rosicky
    RW Walcott Oxlade-Chamberlain
    LW Cazorla Podolski
    SS Fabregas*
    ST Giroud Remy* Sanogo
    Total Players: 25 [reduction from 28]

    Bender and Aurier can play CB
    Fabregas can play Attacking midfield or second striker

    Total Cost of new players based on estimates: £64 million

    Loan Gnabry

    Departures: Fabianski,Viviano,Sagna,Djourou,Coquelin,Arteta or Diaby,Karlsson,Park, Miyaichi,Bendtner,Campbell Total 11 might realise £10 million.

    Net Spend £54 Million [half pot alleged to be available]

  48. Bergkamplegend

    “Net Spend £54 Million”

    Holly shit, you must send this to wenger!!
    Joke aside, I’m sure that will always be too expensive for him lol

  49. Bergkamplegend

    “Arsenal are ready to re-sign Mexican forward Carlos Vela, 25, for just £3.25m – two years after selling him to Spanish club Real Sociedad.”

    £3,25 ??? Sign him arsène!! lol
    There is no small economies…

  50. Bergkamplegend

    Sam : you must be very naive for thinking that wenger will not finish his career at Arsenal LOL

  51. Emiratesstroller


    This would be my wish list covering deficiencies in squad at moment and departures.

    Fabregas is a ‘world class’ player who would improve squad and is adaptable as a player a requirement increasingly necessary in modern game.

    Moreover the inclusion of Fabregas and Remy would potentially increase our fire power by at least 20-25 goals a season. When you factor in also that Walcott was missing for most of season as well this could turn us into a 80-90
    goal a season team as opposed to 65.

    That is enough to win League Title.