Half striker the way forward?

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Jenko has a new house.

Jenko has a new house.

Jeez, there’s simply no consistent message at LG Towers, Geoff chimed in with his two pennies on Cesc.

Well I would have him back in a heartbeat. Why?

We always have half our midfield injured, that won’t change, ever under Wenger.

Fans and players would be massively lifted.

We would have the best first and second choice midfield since that great Barca team.

At least three of our midfield could slot in as defensive midfield, Cesc being one of them.

We’ll get him cheaper than ManU would and I would hate seeing him go there.

Add to that a winger like Draxler or Sanchez, a DM like Martinez and a right back like Coleman and we would clean up.

He won’t buy a Reus when he can get a cheap Remy.

He should get Griezman and offer to diss the Vela clause if they sell him cheaper.

Keeper I’m not fussed as they will only ever get Carling Cup/Fa Cup matches and anyone who signs as a number two won’t have much ambition anyway.

He won’t replace Chezzer and all the above he could get out of his budget.

You see, the thing with Cesc, is I’m not fussed either way. If he comes in, we’ve got a great player that we dont’ really need, if he doesn’t come in we’ll buy a great player we need. We can’t lose. Though Ballague has said that he’s been told by Arsenal that he’s not wanted now. Which is the logical move if Arsenal are keeping Cazorla, Ozil, Rosicky, Crowley, Zelalem… Diaby?

Anyway, we’re going big elsewhere. If no news has dropped on the name I’ve heard, I’ll share that next week. It’s a shame, because I’m assuming no noise means the deal is dead. But whatever, it’s a tantalising name regardless.

I’d imagine that Arsene is struggling with a big name striker. I’m expecting him to push for half strikers or to convert someone. It’ll be interesting to see if we look at Draxler or if any of the Barca wide player rumours are true.

I watched Griezman the other day for France. He scored a freekick that looked like a cross that slipped through. My concern with him is his tiny frame. We have so many small players and I’m not sure our league is suited to the height impaired in the same way La Liga is. That’s not to say small players can’t do a job, more that we have a lot of those already. I’d prefer a beast out wide over a tiny player.

We need to kick things up a gear transfer wise. People complain it’s only June, but look, we have a World Cup to contend with, we should be making things happen early. I really don’t want to be in the scrum for top players post World Cup with all the hype and all the reticence to spend more than players are worth that usually accompanies a Wenger transfer window. The thing that grates me about this whole transfer window is that Wenger is under no real pressure to purchase. He’ll not be KPI’d like a normal manager and he won’t feel the same burn to get business done. What he says goes. He won’t bow to fan or board level pressure.

Liverpool are out there making things happen already, Rodgers works to a different type of intensity. One which says, ‘I have to prove my value every second of this job’… I don’t get that from Arsene. If Wenger had to go into next season with no new signings, he wouldn’t be fussed. Bob Wilson said,

‘He works 24 hours a day’

Doing what exactly? I’d love to know. It can’t be looking at players, because he’s not exactly brimming with solutions? Tactics? Worrying about injuries? I’m not sure. Reckon our manager is cheating his times sheets.

Anyway, let’s look to the positives. We’ve been trying to make certain deals happen. I just don’t know what the plan is if those plans don’t come of. Why would I know? I wouldn’t. So I don’t know why I’m trying to be a control freak about Arsenal because I control nothing.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could work for a football club? What a great laugh that’d be.

‘Pete, what are you doing on Youtube?’

‘Scouting players boss’

‘Nice work son. Here’s a raise.’

That’d be sweet. No more cat videos for me. Real time wasting.

Also, before I go, a few people asked in the comments how I could go to wanting Cesc to not wanting him.

I don’t know why I have to explain changing my mind. But hey, I change my mind. When I first heard the rumour, I was out and about… and I was all like, ‘wow, that shit’d be whack if it happened’… then I had a think about it. I thought, well, there are a lot of holes that need to be filled before we move for a player like Cesc. Also, as someone pointed out yesterday, he’d actually cost us £45m if you take his sell on clause into account.

… and that’s the thing with blogging. I change my mind. If you don’t ever change your mind. Brilliant. If the first thought you have on something is always the last. That’s fine. I’m sure you’re super interesting and dynamic. I’ll go back and forth, which might feel inconsistent, but for me, that’s the point of blogging and conversation. You explore every angle, you take on other views and refine and evolve your opinion over time. If I didn’t do that… this would be a f*cking monotonous read every day.

Maybe it is? But if it is. Don’t tell me. It makes me well up inside and cry at my desk.

‘JohnLuvsPancakes54 just told me I was a massive spunk bucket! I can’t take it anymore’

…I’ll regularly wail at my desk.

… but just as a heads up, I don’t write posts worrying that there might be an inconsistent view point from last year.

Anyway. Have a great day. Or, maybe don’t. I’m not sure what I want for you. x

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  1. Romford Pele

    Yeah it seems to be the same names now in tennis which is a shame. You used to think the likes of Monfils, Tsonga, Gasquet etc could break through. Tsonga especially but they’ve all really flattered to deceive. This is Nadal’s tournament providing he plays to his level. I know he lost to Djokovic last week but when he touches his peak he won’t lose, especially on clay.

    The women’s game is completely dire though. Serena Williams will win if she’s in the mood. She got knocked out in the first round probably because she wanted to spend her time in France shopping this time round.

  2. Moray

    Savage, the point is that we put our balls in Real’s hand. We needed a striker and they let go a midfielder. And Mourinho decided not to let us have Ba on loan, which was the right decision for him. We left it to the last minute as usual and got a player we didn’t need. Like opening a cracker at Christmas. IT is a panic buy because they needed to get someone in to placate the fans as Wenger had left it too late as usual.

  3. DUIFG

    What is di maria now? used to be some form of winger, now seems to be playing a deeper role, coupled with insane driving runs, pretty interesting. Could chambo do the same??

  4. Romford Pele

    Anthony Joshua is a machine man. For someone who is 6″6, his physique is ridiculous. 16 stone 7. Yeah he can take my gf for all I care – there are some battles you just don’t fight.

  5. WengerEagle


    Yeah agree, when Rafa’s at his peak on Clay he’s untouchable. He’s lost his last few matches v Djokovic but schooled him in the US Open last year so it depends which Rafa turns up.

    Fully expect a Nadal-Djokovic Final though.

    As for the women’s game- ha!

  6. Romford Pele

    “What is di maria now? used to be some form of winger, now seems to be playing a deeper role, coupled with insane driving runs, pretty interesting. Could chambo do the same??”

    Di Maria is basically part of a flat midfield three and breaks forward to support the front three when Real counter. Running at people through the centre can be so dangerous when gotten right. Di Maria is a very intelligent player though. Runs all day, positionally sound too. Ox could maybe play there in time but I want to see him wide for the meanwhile. Next one to breakout in the first team IMO. If he stays fit he’ll have a big impact.

  7. WengerEagle

    ‘Yeah he can take my gf for all I care – there are some battles you just don’t fight.’

    Hahaha too right.

    Have you seen the picture of him standing next to Froch?

    The guy’s a monster.

  8. Romford Pele

    “Have you seen the picture of him standing next to Froch? The guy’s a monster.”

    Was literally just looking at it. Let’s remember Froch is 6″2 himself and not exactly a slouch but that picture makes him look like a dwarf who has been starved of food for a couple months.

  9. Dissenter

    Let me pose a question to you all.

    If you had the benefit of hindsight to know that Ramsey would continue to improve exponentially, would you have bought Ozil for 43 million?

    My answer will be NO! That money should have gone towards a decent striker.
    I know its all academic and revisionist, but…

  10. DUIFG

    Anthony Joshua is a machine man. For someone who is 6″6, his physique is ridiculous. 16 stone 7. Yeah he can take my gf for all I care – there are some battles you just don’t fight.

    guy is a sick joke, they need to step up his level quick, must be getting bored of dropping men with his first punch in anger

  11. tunnygriffboy

    I think Wenger is willing to spend big this summer. Thing is I don’t think our negotiating / trandfer team is up to the job. I still expect signings though. When is the question.

  12. WengerEagle

    ‘My answer will be NO! That money should have gone towards a decent striker.’

    Ramsey’s not a CAM though, he’s a B2B midfielder.

    We went out and bought the best no.10 in Europe, I see no problem with that.

  13. Romford Pele

    “If you had the benefit of hindsight to know that Ramsey would continue to improve exponentially, would you have bought Ozil for 43 million?”

    Yes, because unlike many, I was crying out for a playmaker in addition to a striker last summer. The two aren’t mutually exclusive.

    Like you say, it’s all happened now but we should be looking to improve on what we have further. That’s via internal improvement of the players here and top external buys.

    A more interesting question is whether Ramsey can get better from here and start having Bale-like impacts? Has he hit his ceiling? Be interesting to see. Him having a summer off is great for us.

  14. WengerEagle

    ‘Let’s remember Froch is 6″2 himself and not exactly a slouch but that picture makes him look like a dwarf who has been starved of food for a couple months.’

    Lol, too true.

  15. DUIFG

    Ye its an interesting one di maria, ancelotti made a good call when it was a toss up between him an ozil based on form

  16. Romford Pele

    “guy is a sick joke, they need to step up his level quick, must be getting bored of dropping men with his first punch in anger”

    Lol that uppercut was emotional. I think since turning pro he’s probably spent about 3 minutes in the ring. But yes, they need to start giving him some good fighters – problem is the heavyweight division is pretty devoid of talent. Klitchkos are dominant but they themselves aren’t even that good.

  17. PG

    The poll giving Debuchy 78% to Sagna 22% is from a Lille supporters website and not mainstream French media. It wouldn’t be so one-sided for either of them.

  18. PK

    I have not decided what I think about myself yet. But what about Giuseppe Rossi? He is in Italy now and when he has been fit (a lot of injuries last 3 years) he has really been a class player. Maybe not WC but m he is the type of player that would bring something different than Giroud.

  19. PK

    Wenger eagle

    I see your point, but I think him and Giroud would split the games 50/50 and that would maybe be the thing for him.

  20. gambon

    “We went out and bought the best no.10 in Europe, I see no problem with that.”

    Well we didnt really.

  21. karim

    Sylvain = Bergkamplegend = someone whose posts I will try to ignore from now on
    I am not le grove moderator ( God bless ) but it s groundhog day everyday with him on board…..

    Monfils is gonna beat a tired Murray tomorrow
    Shame I m gonna miss it though
    Tsonga is a lost cause when it comes to beating the very best unfortunately

  22. Romford Pele

    “Well we didnt really.”

    Well it’s all subjective anyway. Not a crime to say he is. But let’s not get into this again. Been too much Cesc chat recently.

  23. Dissenter

    Wenger Eagle,
    “We went out and bought the best no.10 in Europe, I see no problem with that.”

    I have read this comment over and over again on this blog.
    May I ask, what is the source of your rating Ozil the best no. 10 in Europe.

  24. Romford Pele

    Karim, I like watching Monfils for entertainment value but doubt he’ll beat Murray. He’s got an engaging style but doesn’t really excel in anything. The more powerful players just tend to blow him off the court. Gasquet was one I held real hopes for but he has that typical Arsenal mental strength. Lovely player to watch when he’s on his game though.

  25. Kidd

    Just out of interes,how much would a prime Thierry Henry cost in today’s market? I’d say 100 mil

  26. gambon

    “May I ask, what is the source of your rating Ozil the best no. 10 in Europe.”

    Its funny, these claims started on about September 3rd 2013.

    Big coincidence.

  27. Romford Pele

    Tbh you can argue pros and cons for both Cesc and Ozil. I happen to sit in the Ozil > Cesc camp. Prefer his style. But you can argue cases for both. What would’ve been interesting would be to see Iniesta as a true no.10

  28. Romford Pele

    “I’d say 100 mil”

    Probs about 60 or 70m. I loved Henry when he was here but Ronaldo (the real one) was the best pure strike ever IMO.

  29. gambon

    Henry at his best was in the same bracket as Suarez or a fit aguero

    So i reckon youre looking at £70m to buy today.

  30. WengerEagle

    ‘I have read this comment over and over again on this blog.
    May I ask, what is the source of your rating Ozil the best no. 10 in Europe.’


    Most assists and chances created in Europe from 2008-2013.

    So he was Europe’s best playmaker for 5 years statistically.

    Even this year he averaged 3 key passes every match and undoubtedly would have got far more assists if we had better forwards.

  31. Romford Pele

    “Ronaldo at 18 (PSV) in todays market would be £50m, which is insane for an 18 year old.”


    You watched much of Bakkali at PSV? I like him, a lot. Been linked with Liverpool but not sure how strong their interest is.

  32. gambon

    “Most assists and chances created in Europe from 2008-2013.”

    So that makes him the best number 10 in the world? Really?

    So the best Winger in the world is the guy with the most successful crosses?

    The best DM is the one with the most tackles?

  33. Guns of brixton

    We’ve talked about this before but Original Ronaldo was the best striker i have ever seen. hes always been the standard the point of comparison. . . definition of a Beast.

  34. Romford Pele

    That single Ronaldo season at Barca is better than what most strikers have done in their careers tbh. He’s the benchmark

  35. WengerEagle

    ‘Its funny, these claims started on about September 3rd 2013.

    Big coincidence.’

    So because he plays for us I can’t call him the best playmaker in Europe?

    He creates more chances than anyone in Europe which is the primary function of a playmaker.

    Cesc’s a better goalscorer alright but Ozil’s a better creator.

  36. gambon

    No ive not seek Bakkali, or any dutch football for ages.

    I do like Dusan Tadic though, makes the game look easy.

    Think he will be at an Everton, or Southampton next season.

    Would be a great Lallana replacement.

  37. Romford Pele

    “Cesc’s a better goalscorer alright but Ozil’s a better creator.”

    I said this when criticism first started but people prefer Cesc because he likes to always be on the ball. He’s best when things run through him; partly why he’s struggling at Barca now. Ozil looks for a different way to affect the game. People then assume that if he’s not always on the ball trying to dictate play that he’s being ineffective. He just has a different way of affecting the game and the stats back up that his method is highly effective.

    People comparing the two are also benchmarking Cesc’s eight years here compared to this singular Ozil season.

    Now all this isn’t to say Ozil is immune for criticism himself. I’ve already stated that he needs to be much more decisive, look for different ways to affect the games, score more goals. But he’s been here one season and returned 7 goals and 14 assists which is quite decent all things taken into account (the lack of balance in the side, proper striker etc). I expect this to improve next season, partly because he’ll need to and mostly because he himself knows he can improve by 20-30%

  38. WengerEagle

    ‘So the best Winger in the world is the guy with the mostsuccessful crosses?

    The best DM is the one with the most tackles?’

    Funny you left out the goalscorer question.

    Assists and key passes are the best way to judge a CAM, Ozil’s consistently created more chances than anyone in Europe over a 5-6 year period.

  39. Rhys Jaggar


    It’s very easy to fill 24hrs. What’s to be questioned is the focus of that timesheet, the effectiveness of time used etc etc.

    If you watch 4 videos of 90 minutes with a bit of rewind – that’s easily 8hrs. If you don’t delegate anything, you can easily fill 24 hrs.

    The question to be asked is what you think is worth £1000 an hour, which is what Arsene currently charges himself out at (I’m being generous assuming he has a week or so’s holiday in his 24hr 7 day a week schedule – so £1000 is a lower estimate of his hourly rate)?

    Is analysing a video worth £1000 an hour?? Personally I’d delegate that with clear instructions and parameters for analysis to someone being paid £1000 a week.

    Is doing negotiations on contractual details worth £1000 an hour?? Personally, I’d hire a lawyer at £1000 a day to do that.

    Is checking up on the groundsman’s grass preparation worth £1000 an hour?? Not sure. I’d pay a facilities manager £10,000 a week to do that.

    I’d do a strong audit of what is worth £1000 an hour before saying Wenger should be working 24hrs a day.

  40. gambon

    “He creates more chances than anyone in Europe which is the primary function of a playmaker.”

    I think you will find Silva, Reus and Max Kruse all outperformed Ozil for chances created.

    So if that really is all a playmaker is expected to do what you should be saying is “Ozil used to be the best”

  41. Romford Pele

    Yeah Gambon I don’t really check for Dutch football but i’ve heard PSV have a few decent prospects. Shame, the Dutch used to produce plenty of footballers. Now it’s all about Spain and Germany

  42. gambon

    “Assists and key passes are the best way to judge a CAM, Ozil’s consistently created more chances than anyone in Europe over a 5-6 year period.”

    So you will be comfortable admitting he’s no longer the best playmaker in the world then?

  43. Emiratesstroller

    There is always a fascinating debate on Le Grove about strikers and in particular poster’s assessment of their quality.

    Giroud keeps on getting slagged about his performance, how slow he is and of
    course the ratio of goals per game he plays.

    Many other strikers seem also to get similar treatment particularly if you are not costing £50 million+. It is as though the benchmark for your ability is the size of your transfer fee and wage bill.

    Giroud was the top scorer in France three seasons ago when Montpellier a very unfashionable club won the French Ligue ahead of moneybags Paris
    St Germain. He scored more than 20 goals.

    This season he scored 22 goals in all competitions, which was as good if not
    better than Van Persie in all but his last season with us.

    Remy and Bony have not been rated in all probability because they play for unfashionable clubs and do not play fancy football.

    Personally I don’t care how skilful, technical or quick Giroud is so long as he can put the ball in net on a fairly regular basis. He scored all his goals this season from open play in contrast with many other players such as Rooney who
    scored several from penalty spot.

    Arsenal do need an additional striker, because the workload of scoring goals needs to be shared, but please don’t keep on discussing players who cost 3x as
    much as Giroud who are scoring the same number of goals or even less as
    though they are the panacea to our problem.

    If some of the posters come up with a striker who scores at least 20+ goals per
    season over 3 years and is not sold at an outrageous price then I might be impressed. However, I don’t see too many players on the market with that pedigree.

  44. Ohwona

    So for those years he had the highest assist figures was Ozil the best CAM ?
    How do you rate a striker gambon?

  45. Romford Pele

    Gnabry just tweeted a picture of himself doing electrotherapy. Weird how he just pickked up a mystery injury yet nobody really knows what it was.

  46. Romford Pele

    Looking forward to getting a closer look at J. Martinez at the WC, especially now Falcao is out. Never seen the hype to justify 40m euros so this should be interesting.

  47. Dissenter

    Wenger eagle,
    Its okay to see the footballing wall from an Arsenal tinted view point. I understand that.
    Ozil is 100% world class, no doubt but he’s not the best no 10 in Europe.

    I wont be surprised if Germany opts for Goetze in the number 10 role in Brazil.

  48. Romford Pele

    “So you will be comfortable admitting he’s no longer the best playmaker in the world then?”

    Like I say, it’s all subjective. He hasn’t been as good as his previous years at Madrid, sure. But why is that? It’s like you’re forgetting that he has to adapt to a new culture, language, new teammates, style of play etc. It will, of course, take longer than a season.

  49. Doublegooner

    If Cesc ends up at the Chavs Wenger better make sure he gets some serious ‘Head Turning Special’ players in.

  50. sanmi

    A striker that has scored 20+ goals only once in his 5yrs of playing for Madrid yet he is in his prime can never be worth 30+million. There is no new height for Benzema, what you are seeing now is the best you will ever get. I mean this guy misses seaters for God sakes, he played with the best assist provider for most of the 5 seasons yet only scored 20+ once. He’s too hyped. He’s never gonna be a 30+goals striker and Remy too might not be (he hasn’t played with excellent service before, we never know) but both are 20+ goals strikers. But I will take Remy because he cost less!. Watch Benzema sit on the Bench in Worldcup, the guy is over rated.

  51. DUIFG

    Emirates why do you insist on defending OG, I agree with you in as far as we got exactly what we paid for , small money for a b grade striker, who then got us 11 and 16 pl goals playing every game he was fit. He has performed as well as a guy of that known ability could have been expected to.

    If we were going for europa league slot those stats are fine, not if you want to win the prem.

    do you honestly believe 16 pl goals from your main striker none in big games is enough to win the title?

  52. Doublegooner


    I agree with your logic entirely.

    I just do not see Benzema for us. He’ll turn into another Anelka – but without being able to force a move to RM !!

  53. gambon

    “This season he scored 22 goals in all competitions, which was as good if not
    better than Van Persie in all but his last season with us.”

    This completely misses the point.

    Van persie didnt score cos he wasnt playing…..cos he was injured.

    Which meant the talent was clearly there.

    Giorud just isnt a great footballer.

    You come on day after day after day after day preaching about Giroud, and saying we should sign an average striker in order to let him stay in the first team.

    Well, explain why we should?

    You think 16 league goals is the pinnacle of striker achievement?

    He has absolutely no stand out attributes.

    Terrible conversion rate, amongst the worst conversion rate in European football from central areas, no right foot, not great in the air, cant score from more than 8 yards, no pace, no agility, terrible pass completion.

    He has never scored against a top 4 team, despite some very easy chances. He has scored 3 in 24 against top 7 teams.

    In fact an enormous percentage of his goals are left footed, from 8 or less yards, against bottom 10 teams.

    That is not a good centre forward.

    He has scored a few goals (27 league goals in 2 seasons….nothing special) because he has played 70 games for an attacking team in 2 seasons.

    Bendtner would score 27 in 70 in these circumstances, any half decent striker would.

    I suspect Olivier gets so much loyalty based purely on his nationality.

  54. Romford Pele

    Cesc playing in a rigid Mourinho system. Does that seem likely to you? I could be wrong but I don’t see it. He knows he’ll sour his relationship with Arsenal fans by doing that

  55. Kidd

    Gambon- Henry was head and shoulders above Aguero and suarez,the dude wasnt only a goal machine but he also racked in insane assists.Aguero is probably on RVP level imo

  56. DUIFG

    Dont really see why chelsea need cesc, oscar is a real gem in my eyes, seems pretty greeedy, id put faith in oscar for the 10 role.

  57. Romford Pele

    “Aguero is probably on RVP level imo”

    Best pure striker in the world for me. Spent half the season injured yet still scored 28 goals.

  58. Romford Pele

    DUIFG – They don’t, Oscar is stupidly talented. That said, he’s been pretty poor since the turn of the year. Skeptics say it’s because he was focusing on the WC

  59. sanmi

    Ok. Objectively guys, forget the name thing for a second, what does Benzema do that Remy can’t?
    They are both pacy, they are both average in statistics (remy has a case of playing for lower teams), they both score spectacular once a while. Benzema is a bit taller but his combination play is lacking (that’s why Deschamp prefers Giroud), Remy can combine with another forward.
    GIVE ME ONE REASON why Benzema is considered worldclass! Except for the fact that he plays for Madrid.
    He misses sitters,
    He isn’t a prolific scorer
    He hasn’t even gotten to 100goals mark in 5 seasons
    He’s booed by Madrid fans cos he isn’t living up to the hype
    Every winger scores more than he does in Madrid. Morata is regarded as the best sub, cos everytime he comes in there is a dramatic improvement and that’s because the person he is replacing hasn’t set a higher standard.
    Guys do you honestly watch this guy?

  60. gunz

    aguero is suck tbh(I prefer Suarez) but henry was just insane and a better player IMO….but aguero won’t be far off if injuries permit..

  61. Rocky Pires

    from what I think of the Cesc on the mobve stories is
    1 Why London? – isnt Miss Seemen (cesc’s ladys) lunatic ex husband in London, hadnt she bad experiences of London?

    2 Monaco would provide wealth, weather and fantastic culture for young millionaire

    3 Chelski as you say are to rigid, he hasnt the pace to play in their system, or indeed the tracking ability.
    I laugh at the Mirror and Daily Fail calling Cesc a box to box player, little fuck was lazy as, he was box to box when suited him , but didnt track back all that often

    4 Cesc is a wonderful player but we have moved on, Citeh has Silva, Liverpool play totally different brand, Utd have Mata . Cheslki is only plausible team in EPL.

    5 Cesc to Bayern or Ligue Un is only real option

  62. gambon

    “Gambon- Henry was head and shoulders above Aguero and suarez”

    And you arent biased at all.

    Head and Shoulders above a guy thats scored 54 and assisted 17 in the last 2 seasons?

    Henry had one season where his assists were through the roof.

    Suarez scored 31 in 33 this season

    Henry 30 in 378 in his best ever PL season

  63. Romford Pele

    Sanmi – Benzema not adept in link-up play? Shall I dig out clips for you?

    Deschamps has preferred Giroud over Benzema like twice. People talk about it like it’s been a long period of time. The only reason Giroud is starting currently is because Benzema is still recovering from an injury picked up pre-CL final. I’d advise you to take a look before comenting.

    Benzema has been leading the line for Real Madrid for five years. You think they wouldn’t replace him if they weren’t happy with his performance? Why do you think he got the move there in the first place? Did you watch him at Lyon?

    You missed the debate yesterday. Benzema’s role at Madrid isn’t to be the primary goalscorer. He has to create too. Everything is geared towards Ronaldo scoring.

    Hasn’t scored 100 goals? Erm yes he has in all competitions. If the conditions/environment were adapted to suit him more, you’d see an increase in his stats.

    He’s just had his best ever season at Madrid – scored against Bayern, Atletico and Barca.

    Lol do you watch the guy?

  64. Romford Pele

    Kidd – he was up there for sure. Was great at Milan and Dynamo Kiev – bit of a washout by the time he reached Chelsea.


    Man we used to be littered with top dogs

  65. Sanmi

    @Romford, what other condition does he need at real? with Real ou always play with the best.
    For any coach to even consider sitting you on the bench for Giroud means you are average in yourself.
    Can you bet your salary that Benzema will score 30+ goals for us in a season? you wont even dare.
    Benzema is a good striker. that is where it ends, he is not worldclass. He is in the class of Sturridge, Dzeko, Giroud,Adebayor etc they all have there days but single handedly can never win you anything

  66. Romford Pele

    If we don’t sign Aurier then Wenger must not fancy him cos this dude is obsessed with everything Arsenal.

  67. Romford Pele

    Sanmi – he plays in a team that is focused on getting the best out of Ronaldo. Chances don’t fall to him like you are suggesting they do. Most of the time it’s Ronaldo and Bale taking pop shots from range. Sure this is great when it comes off but it’s a pretty inefficient way of looking to score a goal. If Benzema shot more, which is likely at Arsenal, i’d be willing to wager he’d score a lot more. With the plethora of midfielders we have here; he’d then become the focal point.

    Giroud isn’t a bad back-up player, he’s just not in Benzema’s league. Nothing wrong with rotating every now and then.

    Would I bet on Benzema scoring 30+ goals for us? Yes, i’d take you up on that. If you can remember far back enough, Benzema singlehandedly carried Lyon back in the day – remember he was 21 around these times. Take a look at his performances against Man United and Real Madrid at that age. Like I said, nobody leads the line for the most prestigious club in world football for five years if they’re not a star in their own right. It’s exacerbated by the fact that Madrid change players and managers like there’s no tomorrow.

  68. salparadisenyc

    According to the good people at goal.com … were on the brink of Aurier.

    A term that will haunt us this summer… on the brink.

  69. DUIFG

    Looking forward to see what tripe wenger brings in at RB while we miss out on aurier for small money

  70. Sam

    Serge aurier is new eboue that video proves it. Just like eboue speaking with Korean coach in the world cup

    Ivorian clown

  71. salparadisenyc

    Does it take special glasses to see the class in Benzema,
    or the fact our setup is a perfect fit for him?

    I’ve no doubt he’d of scored 30 for us this season… probably more.

    Funny late spring we were all discussing what a coup it would be to secure him, as the player was on his best season with Los Blancos it would be near impossible. Come summer all the Suarez stuff resurfaces and Benzie could again be on the out.

    The galactico mentality… constantly on the prowl.
    Quite possible they land either Aguero, Suarez or Falcao… less likely due to injury.

    Outside of Cavani, its Benzema for me.

  72. Keyser

    Oh fuck off with the bias bullshit, Suarez hasn’t played in the Champions League for 4 years, 54 goals and how many came against Norwich.

    Henry and Suarez/Aguero isn’t close.

    The only way you’d think that is if you’d completely missed watching Henry play at all.

  73. Sanmi

    Giroud single handedly won Montpellier the league vs almighty PSG. You cant excuse the fact that Ronaldo was scoring as the fact that Benzema wasnt scoring. He was seeing chances but was missing them. when I say chances i am talking about only you and keeper chances. Before Bale came the excuse was Madrid was being made for Ronaldo to shine now when Bale came, he was sharing in the glory (i presume you’d say mdrid is setup so bale and ronaldo could shine) I dont believe that, Benzema is just not world class at scoring. I am telling you remy will have the same end product like Benzema playing in the same team. Already he is having same end product playing in worse teams.
    Ok lets analyse:
    What exactly is Benzema worldclass at doing?
    Goal scoring? nope. he hasnt done it at any team he has playeed in consistently.
    assist? nope
    tell me what it is and give me a backup story. not because he is being overshadowed by stars- mybe because he isnt one.

  74. Sanmi

    I was never part of those that was clamouring for Benzema! i never was i never will. He is a good striker but that is where it ends. World class? No way. I will accept Dzeko and Remy over him for 2 reasons:
    1. the 3 will give ou same end product
    2. Dzeko and remy will cost less
    3. Dzeko and remy have prem experience.

  75. Jeff

    The BBC page for Arsenal still says “Wenger signs three-year Arsenal deal “. It will say something different next when Sagna’s leaving becomes official. Next!

  76. Romford Pele

    Lol Sanmi, no he didn’t. He was the focal point, sure. But Belhanda and Mbiwa were just as important in that team.

    Of course I can use Ronaldo as an excuse. If Ronaldo is occupying the same spaces, shooting more etc, of course that’s gonna impact on Benzema’s productivity.

    Please don’t talk to me about Remy. He’s a year older and was at QPR. Clearly if he was any good he would’ve been snapped up earlier. Remy has a bit of pace and can finish but outside of that, his game is so basic it’s unreal. His touch is very poor. He’s probably playing at his level tbh.

    Benzema is a one in two striker which is what you’d expect. But if he played in an environment which wasn’t catered to certain individuals, he’d thrive.

    Oh and btw, City bought Dzeko for 32m euros so I wouldn’t exactly say that’s cheap.

  77. Sanmi

    There is a trend i notice here, once there is a rumoured link of arsenal with any player, then the process goes thus:
    1. Most people here bigs up the player without having watched him enough
    2. Then there will be a rumour of another club being involved in the chase, then most people go into the overdrive of raining abuses on wenger of tryng to botch another ‘fantastic’ buy- A player in which there was no official talk about.
    Lastly 2 thing happen.
    we dont buy the guy and everyone here labels wenger a failure for failing in getting another rumoured player
    Or we actually buy the player,
    Then the same people will say either of the following 2
    1. The player was an overhyped buy and how they wished we have gotten the player another club bought.
    2. Wenger ruins players.
    An advice: if you dont see any player unveiled on arsenal.com, then it is rumour. if it takes place fine, if not move on wih your life

  78. Keyser

    Lol Portsmouth/Sunderland/Charlton ? 3 teams ?

    Suarez has scored a decent amount of goals, about 12 or more have come against Norwich alone. It’s mental the way people go on.

    People were bigging up Berbatov a few years ago, when he’d scored 5 of his 19 odd goals against Blackburn.

  79. Keyser

    I think people are going to get pretty jaded next season with the World Cup during the summer.

    Usually after a while the blog fades out and people comment sparsely, but 9 days to go until the World Cup, and then 2-3 weeks before pre-season starts again, I don’t think people will feel it right away, but a few poor displays a loss or two, of course a poor transfer window and we could be talking record levels of fatigue and stress.

  80. Rocky Pires

    Old Willy worth 7 Million?

    They say Malaga want 7 Million for Willy Caberllo, I say keep your 32 years old Willy for that money

  81. TitsMcgee

    Ok. Objectively guys, forget the name thing for a second, what does Benzema do that Remy can’t?”

    If you can’t see the clear difference between the quality of the two then no description is going to help you.

    Having said that I fully expect Remy to be signed up this summer as well as some other mediocre, lazy signings.

    Wenger likes to complain(after the fact) that we don’t have oil money but then he’s operating at the complete other end of the spectrum needlessly.

  82. salparadisenyc


    Thats your opinion.. mine differs.

    Giroud lack pace, so much so he hinders any type of fluidity we have moving forward.
    Lacks vision, his assists or attempts are usually a flick-on of some sort that rarely come off.
    Cannot score outside the box, in fact I think every goal he netted this season was inside to box.

    All things Benzema excels at.. not to mention his hold up play is better than the sole thing Giroud truly offers.

    Some have been “bigging” Benzema up here since he was a young man at Lyon, its not a fresh idea.

  83. Sanmi

    did you just say Remy 1st touch is crap? well all those are subjective topics, the facts are, statistics-wise Remy and Benzema are almost the same. both are good strikers and not worldclass based on those statistics. whatever reasons you attribute to that is irrelevant as that only makes him a ‘potential’ worldclass not actual. I will never advocate 30million+ for potential especially when the guy is in his prime.
    Like I said, watch him sit his ass out on the bench in the worldcup and watch Giroud play every match. and watch Giroud score more than he does. not because Giroud is better though but he isnt just worldclass.
    by the way (i know i will get clubbered for this), I dont see Cavani as worldclass either. he is just good that is all.In the current world football only the following strikers are worldclass
    1. Van perise
    2. Suarez
    3. Aguero
    4. Ibrahimovic
    5. Ronaldo
    6. Messi

    here is my criteria
    1. you have to consistently bail your team out and single handedly win matches
    2. you must have at least 3 seasons of 25+ goals in the league
    3. you must score 1v1 8 of 10 times
    4. you must be very consistent like just 1 bad game in 10+ games

    Benzema hasnt done it, Balotelli havent done it, Cavani havent. they are all potentials or overhyped, till you do it, you do not get into my book as worldclass.

  84. MidwestGun

    . The player was an overhyped buy and how they wished we have gotten the player another club bought.
    Flamini and Sanogoal? Hahaha. Overhyped buy? Lol. Good one.

  85. Romford Pele

    “Like I said, watch him sit his ass out on the bench in the worldcup and watch Giroud play every match”

    And I think this conversation ends here

  86. TitsMcgee

    I don’t know why you guys even bother trying to debate Keyser.

    His mandate is clearly to stir the pot passive aggressively.

    Every single post today is a complete opposite of the opinions of the poster or two above him. It’s no coincidence.

    Poster A: “run”
    Keyser: “walk”

    Poster F: “shower”
    Keyser: “bath”

    Poster C: “Iphone”
    Keyser: “Alcatel”

    Poster J: “BBC”
    Keyser: “SKY”

    Poster Z: “oil”
    Keyser: “water”

    Poster B: “baguettes”
    Keyser: “croissants”

    Poster Y: “Wenger is great”
    Keyser: “yep”

  87. Savage

    I’m waiting for Chelsea to announce on their website that Cesc has passed a medical, and then for us to pounce and sign him.


  88. Keyser

    Tits – Great observation, if you had anything worthwhile to offer but a commentary on me, oh yeah shit you offer up a few tweets here and there.

    Do you think Suarez’s 54 goals in the past two seasons is representative of what Henry did for us.

    If so How and Why ?

    Come on contribute.

  89. Savage

    To be honest, I’m a bit surprised to see Grovers backing a French African 21 year old from the French league. Times have changed.

  90. Keyser

    salparadisenyc – This is what annoys me about whatever side you sit on regarding Giroud.

    Benzema has Bale – Ronaldo – Di Maria as pace options to work with, all year we’ve discussed the miss that is Walcott, Podolski and Ox, and even then we’re nowhere near as good as we could be.

    Benzema isn’t going to turn up and score 30, he’d have to adapt to a new league and new team-mates.

    Yes he’s better, but just reeling off names doesn’t help.

  91. gambon


    Exactly, the guys clearly mid breakdown.

    All he does is argue with everyone and anyone, then say “come on mate, you used to at least provide arguments”

    He doesnt have an opinion, he just argues against everyone who has one.

  92. Jeff

    Savage, lol. The word “pounce” (verb or noun) isn’t something we associate with Wenger. He’s more of a:

    “Well err, you know, it is ezi to sit in ze stand and criticize – but we try very hard to sign top, top, top qualidee, and err…, it is a world cup year and it is not ezi”

  93. salparadisenyc

    “Guys tell me what Benzema has done not what he can do!”

    Benzema has:
    Scored more that OG this season with less shots.
    Created twice as many opportunites going forward.
    Has twice as many key passes.
    Runs twice as fast.
    198 less facepalms.

    All playing 600 minutes less that OG this season.

    Keyser quit taking the piss just for the sake of it. Benzema would quite likely score 30+ and Suarez is world class. Like Henry, anything can happen at any moment.

  94. Arsene's Nurse

    I wish there was an ignore option, that way I could read 2 pages of blog instead of having to scroll down past 4 pages of the crap Keyser posts. Just ignore him, you know he’s just doing it for the attention.

  95. Wallace

    if Suarez has another 6 seasons like the last one maybe then you can start comparing him to Henry. until then you’ll just be trolling.

  96. Keyser

    Lol it’s well known Gambon’s biased, or it used to be, not sure how many people remember why everyone used to think he supported Man United.

    Suarez has had two major breakdowns, Liverpool haven’t been in the Champions League for 4 years, and the in past 2 maybe more seasons at least 11-12 of Suarez’s goals have come against Norwich.

    Saying Suarez has 31 in 33 and this beats Henry’s best is silly to the point of idiocy, lets see if Tits has anything more to add, gambon’s obviously given up.

  97. Mayank

    Interesting to see people get so defensive about Suarez. He’s far and away my favourite PL player at the moment but that’s because of his play style rather than the goals he scores.

    Of Suarez’s 31 PL goals

    Against bottom half = 22

    Against top half = 9

    Of Giroud’s 16 PL goals

    Against bottom half = 10

    Against top half = 6

    So the best striker ever in the PL scored 3 more goals against top half teams than the worst striker currently in the PL.

    And the people defending Henry are biased.

  98. Keyser

    AN – Mate, count how many injuries Suarez and Henry have had between them, you could provide expert analysis as a comparitive.

  99. MidwestGun

    Benzema probably would suffer having to work in AW’s bogus Barca triangle offense. But to say he wouldn’t be an immediate upgrade on Giroud or would be similar to Giroud seems a fairly silly opinion. Benzema’s movement and passing alone would be a huge upgrade. Not to mention he has worked with Ozil so I doubt he would need time to “gel”. Whatever that means.

  100. Keyser

    I wonder how many of the people who turn up to give their observsations of people, suddenly have a ticker tape running through their heads saying ‘Fuck they’re saying Suarez is shit’.

  101. Keyser

    MidwestGun – Lol the funny thing about that is actually Ozil. Keep going you might see other differences.

  102. DUIFG

    If benzema didn tscore more than 16 pl goals playing every match I would run around the emirates naked pre game. he does everything OG but levels better, also can do things OG could not even dream off, like run off a man.

    11 and 16 pl goals with Ozil and Cazorla behind him, horrible stats.

  103. salparadisenyc


    Not sure what that means.

    Who knows how far Suarez takes his career.
    Strictly on the field, fact is the past two season’s he’s been every bit as dynamic as Henry was in his pomp. Both beautiful footballers… everything we lack.

    A match winner.

  104. Keyser

    salparasidenyc – As dynamic ? What does that mean ? You could say he’s more dynamic with the sort of goals he’s scored, but he’s not at the same level and that’s before we even get into the specifics of the different situations the clubs are in.

    It’s just typical of how little middle ground people allow.

  105. Mayank

    Interesting facts that came up while comparing Suarez and Henry. For the sake of simplicity I’ve compared Henry’s 03/04 season to Suarez’s last season.


    Henry = 3.43

    Suarez = 5.48

    Shot accuracy

    Henry = 60.5%

    Suarez = 53%

    Literally everything Liverpool do goes through Suarez. The same was true for Henry but to a considerably less degree.

    And the biggest difference to take into consideration is Henry played 51 games that season. Suarez 37.

  106. MidwestGun

    Keyser you are correct it is pathetic that Ozil has to work in a Barca type system. I’m sure that’s one of the things that AW discussed with him when convincing him to come here. I’m hoping he didn’t lie and we change it to accommodate Ozil with some power and pace in our front line. Benzema would be a start, imo. Even tho he’s not my first choice.

  107. Dissenter

    Henry did everything right except for that CL final in Paris.

    I still don’t believe that he blew those sitters against Barca.

    The last eight years could have been very different, had we won that night.

    That said, Suarez has to cut in the CL before you can even compare him with Henry.

  108. Keyser

    Tits, AN, others have failed to offer anything, yet they’ll pipe up every once in a while with the same inane comments, you wonder if they are trolls, do they realise they’re trolling, or do they have an inherent troll gene that is recessive but triggered by angst.

    In gambon’s case you could put it down to the 10% Pedro offered him.

  109. Dissenter

    Sanmi is right to question Benzema’s place in that WC category.
    He’s yet to score 20+ goals in two consecutive seasons.
    Higuain was preferred by Pellegrini [no surprise, country bias], pre-Ronaldo.

    The pressure is not on Benzema to score, everybody expects Ronaldo to step up.
    A WC striker has to be under that pressure to deliver his team all the time. Benzema, is spared that pressure.

  110. Keyser

    MidwestGun – You said because of Ozil, Benzema would take less time to ‘gel’, you weren’t sure what ‘gel’ means either.

    Always one for a silly opinion, Ozil’s hardly fitted in seemlessly has he, maybe it’s the transfer fee, the nature of media hype, but you can’t honestly be trying to use Ozil as an indicator of how quickly Benzema would not only fit in, but be an instant upgrade.

  111. Emiratesstroller


    The point I am making is that there are perhaps 5 goalscoring machines in european football i.e. Messi and Ronaldo at top of table whom you expect to score annually 30+ with Ibrhaimovic, Lewandowski and Cavani scoring consistently 20+.

    Once you move outside these players and discuss goalscorers of 20+ they are
    more often than not one season wonders. At the moment Costa falls into that
    category, because he scored just 10 goals in 31 games last season and Sanchez
    scored just 8 in 29 games last season yet we are talking £25-35 Million transfer
    fees for both these players.

    Giroud is of course a second tier player, but he is actually a more consistent goalscorer than most of the players who have been touted because he is good
    enough to score 15+ goals every season, which makes him an excellent squad

    I would be of course the first person to argue that there may be one or two players in market who might turn out better than him, but the options are few.

    In recent weeks I have suggested that Bony or Balotelli might turn out to be inspired options. In the last week both have been suggested by the media.

    Both would be risks for different reasons.

    However, apart from these two there is noone at the moment on market whom I would suggest has the potential to be a BETTER option than Giroud
    AND is likely to cost less than £25 Million.

  112. Jack

    Lahm should concentrate on not getting skinned by Ronaldo at the WC like he was in CL instead of talking about Arsenal matters

  113. Jack


    Agree with you. The striker market is lacking and Giroud could improve to score 20+ himself next season. He has improved season by season in his career.

  114. Keyser

    Midwest just has tunnel vision in such matters, like every pundit, player and his dog hasn’t mentioned what our midfield lacks for the past decade or so.

    MidwestGun – Ozil has taken his time to adapt, and still people are wary of him, everytime Shawcross dumps Benzema on his arse I doubt Ozil’s going to be able to run over, hug him and tell him how much his friendship means to him.

    Surely you’d expect some sort of adaptation period for Benzema ?


    “Even merely talking about the list of surprises he has faced in his first year, Özil makes it sound overwhelming. “We had many matches. The pace was massive. The matches were exhausting. Always forward and backwards. Even against the smaller clubs. Even if it was 3-0,” he says. “In Spain the opponents stopped fighting when it was 2-0. It was the first time that I didn’t have a break in the winter. It was the first time that I had a muscle injury.” Having friends around him for guidance was invaluable.”

  115. Dimitri

    Fuck buying Morata if they want a buyback clause, if we went with that then Wenger would rightfully be chastised for continuing to keep us as a farm team for bigger clubs to develop their players.

    Balotelli all the way. Young, talented, cheap for what he can do, he was scoring goals with Taraabt as his main supplier ffs can you imagine what a wet dream he’d have linking up with Ozil??

  116. gambon

    Lol at Samni

    You are a moron

    You set criteria to judge a “world class striker” then named toylike list of world class strikers including 4 players in Suarez, Aguero, Van Persie and Ibrahimovic all of whom missed the criteria.

    As for “can only have one bad game in 10” – what the fuck does that mean.

    In fact outside of Romaldo and Messi -Cavani is the closest to matching your criteria, who you say isn’t world class.

  117. Jack

    Balotelli didn’t really impress me that much. Would love Dzeko though beast of a striker. Him being sub at Man C is a disgrace and should leave them to us or a club that treats him with respect

  118. MidwestGun

    Yep said the Benzema partnership with Ozil would take LESS time to gel than normal. Not none. Your reading comprehension is not working today?

    Also, you said my opinion was silly. Hardly silly since its shared by most everyone.

  119. gambon

    Giroud I turns 28 at the start of the season

    How much improving does a 328 year old do?

    – is he gonna get quicker?
    – is he gonna become a better passer as he’s pretty woeful at that?
    – is he gonna become a better finisher at 28? He is a 1 in 8 striker, world class means 1 in 4 or 5.

    People comparing 22 or 23 year olds with Giroud are ridiculous. Where was Giroud at 22?

  120. Wengers Coat

    Surely the signing pedro is on about is Reus!! We have not been effective down the left side for years and he could easily be had if we show him and Dortmund the money! He is also the perfect “half striker” that we are desperate for!!!!