There are no strikers available?

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Striker box. It's empty.

Striker box. It’s empty.

Was having a chat with a pal last night whilst watching Germany v Cameroon and Paraguay France. I think that was the line up. I watched both at the same time, it was a bit of a blur.

Anyway, the jist of the conversation was…

‘Where did all the good strikers go?’

I mean, even armed with £40m quid this summer, where are you taking it? You can count the number of world class names on one hand.

  • Aguerro
  • Robin
  • Ibrahimovic (though outside Ligue One?)
  • Lewandowski (at a push)
  • Suarez

Then where are you looking? There aren’t many. This is why I’m struggling to see where we go this summer. What would we prefer, a nearly striker, or to load up on attacking midfielders with the flexibility to play anywhere across the front like. That new half breed of striker is pretty big on the scene. Alexis would be a fantastic name. Draxler and Reus are right up there among the half breed heroes. You could throw Pedro in there as well.

I mean, when you’re being linked with Madman Mario, you really do see where the struggle is. Great player, nightmare personality. Could be world class if he had the head for the game. Certainly not a player I could imagine Wenger being able to tame.

The Telegraph are stating that Arsenal are going to shun Cesc Fabregas. I should hope so too. A lot of delusional Arsenal fans trying to push the ‘you can never have too many good players’… errr, yes you can. 22 world class goal keepers wouldn’t look too sharp would it? I think Manchester City have shown that you can have too many good players with their bloated squad.

I mean, I love Cesc, but the sentimental bullshit attached to his return is ridiculous. We killed any hopes of him returning when we punted on Ozil. Arsenal are well stocked with tricky midfielders both senior, mid twenties and youth coming through. We have a finite budget this summer.

1. Striker
2. Defensive midfielder
3. Right back
4. 3rd choice centre back
5. Pace setting winger

We have £100m available. I can’t see much room for a £30m creative midfielder, regardless of how good he is. I’d love to hear and argument against that. Because there quite simply isn’t one.

… that said, there wasn’t much of an argument last summer considering our needs at the start!


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  1. Yus

    I totally agree regarding the striker situation,
    It will a very tough one. I just feel we need pace.
    The Alexis/ Reus type would be ideal…

    The cesc situation is a complete head over heart scenario…
    Great player no question, But with Ramsey & Ozil…
    We have nowhere to accommodate him…
    Plus I think we should be a ushering a new era…
    and I would prefer we brought in a strong ball winner in the middle
    plus injected pace in the team….

  2. Yus

    I totally agree regarding the striker situation,
    It will a very tough one. I just feel we need pace.
    The Alexis/ Reus type would be ideal…

    The cesc situation is a complete head over heart scenario…
    Great player no question, But with Ramsey & Ozil…
    We have nowhere to accommodate him…
    Plus I think we should be a ushering a new era…
    and I would prefer we brought in a strong ball winner in the middle
    plus injected pace in the team….

  3. Pollux

    Not quite sure about the pace setting winger? Is there anyone out there that is much faster than Walcott? Walcott will be back by September and till than, Ox can do a job out wide and that man has some pace as well. Not that I mind players like Reus, Di Maria, Griezmann or Sanchez joining us.

  4. Dr.K

    Fabregas is better than all our current midfielders. We would be crazy not to take him back. To follow Pedro’s argument, if that means we will have too many midfielders, then someone else have to go, for example Cazorla, but any other is fine by me, except ramsey and ozil 🙂

  5. Rich

    How about this instead
    I think we should start the transfer merrygo round.
    Sign Cesc
    Put Ozil on the market
    See if we could do a swap deal with Chelsea for lukaku+cash.
    With PSG for Cavani
    With Man city for Milner+cash
    Liverpool could be more inclined to sell Suarez if they could line up Ozil, leaving us a shot at Benzema or Di Maria
    Juventus might be more willing to allow Pogba to go to Madrid if they had Ozil lined up as a replacement, leaving us with a shot at Di Maria and even if he were to choose Man city over us for example, it would be better to find that out sooner rather than later so we can move for another target

    Just speculation really, but it does seem that things get gridlocked with clubs unwilling to let players go until replacements are in place.
    Plus there’s only a handful of club who could afford Ozil, if there spending £40mill on him their less likely to get in our way signing another target with only a handful of really top players moving.
    Plus I think Cesc is a much better player than Ozil, would Arsene ruthlessly cut Ozil? I hope so

  6. TT

    “Would you swap Ozil +£10m for Fabregas?
    I’d be tempted.”

    Nope I would have them both to be honest. We ,oan about lack of quality so we can rotate properly and there is no arguing that Cesc is quality. However I would like to see a striker and DM before we add to CAM.

  7. Felix

    ‘I think Manchester City have shown that you can have too many good players with their bloated squad’…

    Didn’t they just win the league?

  8. SurferX

    Morning munglers.

    The Cesc thing is a completely emotional decision: it makes no sense on so many levels. Firstly, people understate the true cost of the buy-back. As I understand it, we have both first refusal at a fixed-fee (£30m) and a 50% sell-on clause.

    So I hear its cheap for us to buy him back- actually its quite the opposite; it is effectively more expensive for us to buy him over another English club. Assuming he is sold (lets say for the £30m touted in the press) then there two scenarios;

    1. We dont buy him (moves to another club)
    50% of £30m = £15m profit

    2. We buy him
    Cost £30m

    Give that we are a club of scarce resources (an economic term, not a witticism given the ridiculous pile of cash we have), the difference in those scenarios is £45m. Cesc would effectively cost us £45m to buy him back- the £30m cash we have to part with together with the £15m we get if we let him move elsewhere. Thats simply too much (imho) even before you get into the problems of where he fits in the squad. That £45m could go someway to getting a top class striker (on which point, your list suffers from the lack of relativity: all strikers are relative to Giroud in terms of current and future potential ability. The list of players who would offer a significant improvement is waaay longer).

    BUT, all that being said- if he wanted to come back Id do the deal. It’ll kill me seeing him at another EPL club. This is heart over head stuff. I know its wrong, I know it makes no sense; I can’t rationalise it or make it sound logical. I cant make any sort of sensible argument for doing it. It just is what it is. He obviously had Arsenal-DNA after all, and it would be great to see him back.

  9. Soulbutter

    Good points as always Pedro but I’d argue that you have to make room for world class, match winning talent. That’s what top clubs do.
    For example, Real Madrid sold Ozil and won the UCL.
    Chavs have just sold Luiz and will no doubt spunk the cash on a world class talent.
    If Yaya goes then Citeh will buy big.

    We definitely need to bolster the squad but we should not pass up this opportunity.

    Soooooooo –
    Sell Jack (to free up room in the midfield, if that’s the argument).
    Buy Cesc.

    He’ll see out the remainder of his career with us which is a solid 5 years (maybe more). Jack is a gifted player but with his injuries will we get 5 solid years out of him? And is he a match winner like Cesc? Not quite.

    If you want to see a changed Wenger, a more ruthless winning mentality Wenger, then that’s the sort of thing he has to do. Then we’ll still have cash to bolster the remainder of the squad.

    Just an idea.

  10. Malaysian gunner

    So don’t be surprised Wenger says no quality strikers are available. He will put his trust in Sanago. Then you know I know what can happen unless Sanago has a dramatic transformation in scoring,But then it’s a gamble.
    better to put your money on atried and proven scorer.

  11. Rebelgooner

    There is a midfielder available. He is a World Cup winner. He has won two Euros.
    He has won La Liga. He won the FA Cup when a young man. He can withstand the rigours of the Premiership. He is coming into the prime of his career. Sounds good, doesn’t he. More than good.

    He loves Arsenal. His name is Fabregas.
    Bring him back home Arsene. Only an idiot wouldn’t want him.

  12. N5

    “Would you swap Ozil +£10m for Fabregas?”

    Are you serious!! I would swap Ozil for Fabregas + £20 from them!! Give Ozil a chance FFS.

  13. Arselicked

    Sure. where are the strikers? who should we sign?

    I’m happy i’m not in Arsene’s shoes given the nature of this transfer market. I mean would we have got Ozil if Bale didn’t move to Real. And Ok, we have 100m in the pocket, can we go and use it without falling foul of FFP rules?

  14. N5

    Rebel, you forgot to mention in your little plus points about Cesc that he sulked during big matches, offered to pay out his contract and forced himself a move to his “homeland”.

    Fuck Cesc!

  15. SurferX

    “And Ok, we have 100m in the pocket, can we go and use it without falling foul of FFP rules?”

    Yes. £100m and then some.

  16. Rich

    Give Ozil a chance?
    I’m just going off what I see, Ozil’s body language is wrong, he’s definitely playing within himself and nothing I’ve seen so far suggests he can carry a side when things are going against them.
    Cesc on the other hand I have no reservations about, the only thing that puzzles me is why Barcelona want to sell him?
    Apparently their lining up koke as a replacement

  17. gambon

    Dont agree with Pedros view on Cesc.

    Hes a top class player, better than Ozil and without Ozils weaknesses.

    There is always room for quality.

    We play a 2 playmaker system, currently with Ozil and Cazorla.

    Cesc is much better than Cazorla.

    Therefore best case scenario is to buy Cesc and sell Cazorla.

    Worst case buy Cesc and sell Ozil.

  18. bigper

    ffs cesc is better than ozil and anyone else in our midfield and as we know ramsey, ozil etc were injured because of fatigue and overplayed. arteta, rosicky, flamini, cazorla are old, wilshere is always injured and not that good.

    saying cesc is a pointless signing is wrong he would play every game if he was here

  19. Bergkamplegend

    “can we go and use it without falling foul of FFP rules?”

    WTF ?? Is it a serious question ???

    We are the Arsenal, the most tightwad club on earth, and this question is absolutely ridiculous LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

  20. N5

    “Therefore best case scenario is to buy Cesc and sell Cazorla.”

    I could 100 percent get behind that, but I hate the idea of getting rid of Ozil.

  21. DUIFG

    Agree, fab is a dream of a player but w have much more pressing issues, putting another top class provider into a team with no finisher is a recipe fora another year of ffs

  22. Rich

    We have £120,000,000 in the bank, additional revenue to the tune of £85million per season with an additional minimum of £40million from property sales to be added over the next 2seasons
    Clubs must live within its financial rescources I’m asumming that includes cash in bank and not just turnover?

  23. Soulbutter

    yeah, someone has to go to make room for Cesc. He’s simply too significant a player to let go. He’s a match winner! Unlike anyone else in our midfield, except Rambo (as long as he continues with current form).

  24. Rich

    I think he will come good, but if its a choice of Cesc or Ozil which for me it has to be, then there’s only one choice plus like I said earlier we could possibly get Cavani out of PSG if we had an Ozil to trade with

  25. arsenal tom

    Pretty sure about this time last year Barca still owed us around 15m Euros for the Cesc and Song deals.

    Cant see them selling and cant see us buying to be honest, probably just his agent looking for a new contract

  26. gambon

    ““can we go and use it without falling foul of FFP rules?”

    This is a serious question, its not as clear cut as ‘We have £150m in the bank therefore we can spend it’

    The fact is if we spend £100m we will make a loss for the financial year that started yesterday. Now ive no doubt we can spend £100m and stay within FFP but not spending money 1,2,3 years ago was definitely not a good idea.

    We also seem to struggle to rationalise the wage bill, which affects our ability to buy with FFP in place.

  27. LittleGooner

    Am I the only one who would sell Cazorla to make room for Cesc? He played well in his first season but was caught out defensively last season when played out on the left. Cesc is more versatile and could even play as a false 9

  28. nuudles

    Lukaku + Remy = £30m
    Aurier = £10m
    Bender = £20m
    Old but solid keeper & oldish but solid CB = £15m
    Cesc = £30m

    That makes £105m, but we sold Fabianski, probably selling Vermaelen (hence CB needed). Maybe getting rid of additional deadwood.

    Bring Miquel & Campbell back from loan.

    Szcz, GK, Martinez
    Aurier, Jenk, Bellerin
    Per, Koz, CB, Miquel
    Gibbs, Monreal
    Bender,Flamini, Arteta
    Cesc, Ramsey, Jack, Diaby (ha), Zalelem (should go on loan to PL club)
    Ozil, Santi, Rosicky
    Theo, Oxo, Poldi, Campbell, Gnabry
    Lukaku, Giroud, Remy, Sanogo, Akpom

    That is decent depth in most positions bar LB and maybe CB. Can build a decent starting 11 with a top bench from that lot.

  29. DUIFG

    Cant see how this two playmaker system would work with fabregas, cazorla has a left foot so he can provide a little bit of width if required and deliver a ball. Gibbs would have to control that left flank all on his own.

    Sort out ST first then think about bullet feeders.

  30. arsenal tom

    Selling Ozil would be a terrible decision. The first ready made top class player we’ve brought in years and people want to move him on after a year. Ridiculous.

  31. Stayne

    Half of the people in the comments dont really know how Arsenal play,how cesc plays,how ozil plays
    2.Cesc is not better than ozil.He just managed 4 more assists playing with messi in a much easier league than Ozil’s first season and with Giroud
    3.Ozil is being massively underestimated here and Cesc is being overrated

  32. Bergkamplegend

    “The fact is if we spend £100m we will make a loss for the financial year that started yesterday.”

    We will spend £100m the day wenger will die, not before.

  33. N5

    Spot on Tom, he had the most assists last season and is such an influence on those around him. His body language was wrong but he has apparently been spoke to about that. Ozil will just get better and better.

    It’s so reactionary for people to want him gone already. I’m not sure what they were expecting from him.

  34. gambon

    “Cant see how this two playmaker system would work with fabregas, cazorla has a left foot so he can provide a little bit of width if required and deliver a ball.”

    Check Cazorlas average positiopn when he plays wide left, hes virtually on top of Ozil

    I would play:


    New RB———-Mertesacker————-Koscielny————–Gibbs

    ——————-Ramsey——————New DM


    –Walcott——————-New CF

    Not sure Ozil is even suited to a central position in the PL. He seems happier drifting wide as he doesnt have to be as physical.

  35. Hitman

    Yes Cesc behaved like a tit to get his move.

    But he is a much better player than either Ozil or Ramsey right now ( if for no other reason that he is older). We lacked creativity during parts of last season.

    Thats why you take him back.
    You make space for a player like Cesc.
    Rosicky, Flamini (sell both). Jack & Cazorla benched – they go missing in the physical games.
    You need to be ruthless to win the league. Fab may just give the additional marginal improvement we need.

  36. Rosicky@Arsenal


    surely we need a class striker and CDM.

    But i would buy Ces cos of the following reasons.

    1) He is world class with pace power and experience.
    2) He can play CAM + No9 . can cover the deficiency which Gitoud has.
    3) Will increase squad depth considering if Ozil gets injured we will always have a world class AM alonside cazorla and Rosicky.
    4) if we dont sign him and he goes to our competitiors it will make them stronger.
    5) He doesnt need to GEL and he will be an immediate impact.
    6) Arsenal loves him and vice Verca

    Wenger Pls sign him.

  37. gambon



    Not sure Wenger is tactically good enough to try this kind of formation, he certainly never managed to get 4-3-3 right. Hes not overly flexible in his thinking.

    We have natural backups for this MF diamond:


  38. Rich

    I just can’t see how Ozil+Cesc could work in the same team and you couldn’t bench Ozil o because he would eventually look for a move and after a bit part season value would have diminished, Cazorla is a great squad player I wouldn’t be keen on moving him on, even though I hope we buy a first choice left sided midfielder one of Di Maria, Sanchez, Draxler or Reus

  39. SurferX

    “The fact is if we spend £100m we will make a loss for the financial year that started yesterday. ”

    I dont think that is accurate at all. Spending 100m would add (say) 25m in amortisation then (say) the same again in wages and salaries. For FFP purposes, we could carry a loss of around 30m per season and still be compliant. With the additional revenue streams coming on board, coupled with the two years of profits to add back, compliance is assured.

    “Not spending money 1,2,3 years ago was definitely not a good idea.”

    Yes, I agree; but not for the compliance reasons that you seem concerned about. We are a million miles away from having a compliance issue whatever we spend. If we spend 100m net each season for the next 3 years, we may have a compliance issue by the end of it. And pigs might fly.

    Not spending was a bad idea because of transfer inflation; the opportunity cost of making gains on disposal (aka Chelski); and the haemorrhage of players due to a (perceived) the lack of ambition.

    Any implication that we wont be able to spend the cash reserves because of FFP now or in the future is false.

  40. Arsene's Nurse

    Arsenal fan 1 – We can’t compete with Man City!

    Arsenal fan 2 – Yeah, they have a big squad with quality in depth.

    Arsenal fan 1 – I wish we could have strength in depth like that.

    Arsenal fan 2 – Would you take Cesc back?

    Arsenal fan 1 – Where would we play him?

    Arsenal fan 2 – Well he’d be part of the quality in depth you complain about.

    Arsenal fan 1 – We don’t want to end up like City.

    Arsenal fan 2 – What, you mean actually win the league.

    Arsenal fan 1 – Well they have too many good players and a bloated squad.

    Arsenal fan 2 – Hold on, you were complaining about not being able to compete with Man City because they have such quality in depth, but now you are saying they have a bloated squad and we don’t want the same.

    Arsenal fan 1 – Exactly.

    Arsenal fan 2 – But that makes no sense?

    Arsenal fan 1 – Well we don’t want 22 world class goal keepers do we?

    Arsenal fan 2 – [gets phone out – rings 999] Hello, yes, ambulance please. Yeah, I think my friend has had a funny turn.

  41. DUIFG

    Pushing ozil a little wider makes a little more sense as cant see cesc playing anything but natural 10 if he came back to UK.

    It smacks of being greeedy in 1 position though, if other variables were settled like ST, big Dm sure add more positional change, fact is they are not and you know that if we get cesc early wenger will have his protective blanket line of ” we have already signed top top qualidee” while still going into the season with OG up top.

  42. Bergkamplegend

    It’s amazing, all the Grovers who think that wenger will spend so much…

    The return on earth will be hard.
    Not for me, I am vaccinated since a while… and NO, it’s not the same vaccine than for Suarez lol

  43. Arselicked

    Sell Rosicky, Flamini and Arteta. Replace them with Cesc and DM. Cesc can play in a deeper role.

    Cesc, Ramsey, Jack, Ozil, Ox, Santi, Diaby + New DM would be a quality midfield. If you then have Theo, Giroud, Sanogo, Serge, Campbell and New Striker upfront then we are sure to smash all teams outside of top 4 except maybe Stoke away. Our games against top teams will also be tight. I feel that we can bring the league home.

  44. Rich

    I’m still amazed that people seem to think we need to rationalise our rescources?
    We have additional revenue to the tune of £320million to spend over the next 4years, on top of the £120million already in the bank

  45. cheney10

    My argument for the return of Cesc…. I don’t understand the comments on here that suggest Ozil must go if Cesc comes, nor do I get the ‘bloated squad’ that City have got as a statement… They just won the league Pedro! I would take a ‘bloated squad’ for a piece of that pie!
    The we don’t need him crew, fail to remember the issues the squad had when Ozil and Ramsey were injured… The goals and wins dried up, and we struggled… With Cesc back, more ‘trusted’ players, more rotation, stronger bench, dare I say fresher players/less injuries?… More room for tactical selections… We should be building a squad, not a first eleven!!
    Secondly, 30m would be better spent elsewhere… 30m would still leave us with 70m… A Remy at 10M, Aurier (or other right back of similar stature) 10M, Morgan from Saints 15M? Still 35M ish for a world class purchase… Sure we could muster a bit more for the right player too… If we buy well we could add three good players that would improve the squad depth, plus have Cesc, plus one other top top qualidee player! That is my arguement! Would you not be happy with that this summer?

  46. nuudles

    Ozil is super comfortable on either wing or in the hole. Cesc might not have the pace to play on the wing but someone like Ramsey surely has the drive to drift around, meaning Cesc can drift between B2B, CAM and false 9. Santi can also play everywhere Ozil can. With those 4 (Ozil, Cesc, Santi and Ramsey) drifting around and Lukaku & Theo/Remy up front eager to run onto anything we will be deadly. Even if all 4 the above mentioned midfielders dont start all the games they will aurely easily get 40+ games per season each, more than enough and some would argue just enough to make sure they stay sharp and not overplayed.

  47. nuudles

    I agree with everyone that the £30m can be better spent elsewhere. Knowing Wenger he will not spend it elsewhere, so I would much rather have £30m in the form of Cesc than it sitting in the bank.

    In a logical world we would use it to get a better CF or DM than we are going to be getting, but Wenger’s world is far from logical and then I would rather have another undisputable WC midfielder.

  48. Arsene's Nurse

    How many people would take Cesc and have him finish his career at Arsenal? He’s currently 27. The following players are over 30: Rosicky (33), Arteta (32), Flamini (30), Cazorla (30).

    So would you take Cesc now in order to replace say Rosicky and Cazorla in a year or two’s time?

    People seem to only operate as far as the current team is concerned rather tan looking ahead to build a winning squad. Funny, people also criticise Wenger for doing exactly the same.

  49. N5

    “Any news on joel campbell being sold or brought back to the club?”

    DUIFG, just another one of the Arsene mysteries. God knows what the plan is for him.

  50. arsenal tom

    N5, even the body language thing isn’t a big deal for me, going from supplying Benzema, Higuain and Ronaldo to Giroud and Sanogo is going to have its issues. He’s clearly stepped down in joining us and that is going to show at some points.

    We as a club need to show him and everyone else we want to be a Madrid and he’ll be fine.

  51. Wengaball


    I think you may have the profit sharing clause in the Fabregas contract wrong.

    We get 50% of only the portion of the fee over above what we received.

    So if Barca sell him for 40, Arsenal get 5 not 20. If they indeed sell him for 30 as is being touted, we get nothing.

    Willing to be corrected.

    If Barca sell Cesc for 30 million, there’s only one place he is going. And that’s Arsenal.

    If they sell for 50, thats a different ballgame.

  52. Bergkamplegend

    For your consideration, chelscunts, yoonited and citeh are also following the “Cesc file”.

    But I’m sure wenger could proposed him more money than the 3 others!!
    Not funny ??

  53. U wot?

    Gambon 100% spot on!-everyone seems to ignore our annual injury pile up,plus the fact artefact legs have gone & rosicky & flamster are now squad players .diaby permanent crock & cazorla a luxury player-plus do we really want cesc who has our DNA turning out for chavs/ manc-seriously folks let’s get real

  54. goonpharm

    Resigning Cesc, if possible, is a necessity. The guy is a proven winner and is has proved himself in the PL over 7-8 years.

    He has won plenty with Barça and has that winners mentality and leadership qualities we severely lack. Before this FA Cup win how many of our squad tasted any success?

    Also coming back to us with his tail between his legs whilst chomping on humble pie can only mean he’ll try harder to prove himself once again. .

    Heart or head. It’s a no brainer. Plus we all know poster boy for ” Team Yoof” is going to happen as he’s Wengers baby.

  55. arsenal tom

    Plus the message that selling Ozil after one year he joined would be terrible. Selling people after they’ve had a few good seasons when we have not had much choice is one thing, selling your biggest player after only one year would be pretty pathetic

  56. N5

    Nurse, I would like to see all the Spanish team pulling an Arsenal shirt on him after the WC and then him to be standing outside Wengers office, cap in hand, shuffling awkwardly saying “I made a big mistake, I’m sorry I sulked” and then and only then, would I want him.

    However, if he kicks RvP in the bollocks a la Flamini vs Tottenham, then I would love the little fucker back here.

  57. arsenal tom

    wengaball… thats the same understanding i have of the clause.

    Otherwise if they have to give us half of whatever they sell for they’d have to sell for 60m, just to get back the 30 they’d paid us. No way thats the deal.

  58. goonpharm

    Means jack shit unless we sign a freak of a DCM beast. Would have one hell of an unbalanced team with Santi, Cesc and Ozil in it.

    With Giroud up front too?

  59. Pedro

    Johnny, I made an emotionally driven statement. Then changed my mind.

    Not sure what people’s issue is with this? The internet seems to think you can’t change your stance?

  60. Master P

    The Cesc story is a no-brainer. We are talking abouut one of the very best midfielders in the game today ffs! Yes Arsene, bring him back. Do not let that stop the other areas from being addressed!

  61. Rich

    Anyone who thinks Ozil could play as a winger in the PL only needs to think back to Arshavin
    He doesn’t have the engine or the desire to track back, he very rarely drives at defences, he’s always looking to drop into little pockets of space and look for runners to hit, outside Ramsey and Walcott we have none

  62. Baba

    Am beginning to see a pattern around here,whenever a player is playing for us he is inferior but superior when he is playing another team.Like Cesc is better than Özil,whereas am very sure if Cesc was still with us and maybe Özil winning things with say RM then it will definitely be the other way round.this isnt the first time have seen this,Lambert>Giroud,Luiz>Koscielny,Barkley>Wilshere,Ox….just cant remember others.maybe we learn appreciate our own a bit,i know most times these average dudes are hyped alot

  63. dennisdamenace

    Yeah, shun Cesc and moan about Ozil being played against Coventry for 90 minutes, and then moan about all our top players being fucked by the end of January again…….

    Just for the hell of it why not bib Diaby and Rosicky and bring in Cesc. Cesc is superior to ALL our current AM’s, so you make room you for him at the expense of the weakest link.

  64. gambon

    “Anyone who thinks Ozil could play as a winger in the PL only needs to think back to ArshavinAnyone who thinks Ozil could play as a winger in the PL only needs to think back to Arshavin”

    Who said anything about him playing as a Winger?

    Arsenal dont play with wingers so its a pointless statement.

  65. Insomnia

    Just a thought:

    We need a rb (aurier) reserve keeper, reserve cb, third rank striker (remy) that’s 30-35m gone. Let verm stay.

    We want a lw, a good striker and a midfielder able to defend.

    If we get the lw – I think we sell podolski – griezeman or in my dreams di Maria. Striker balotelli which is risky or Martinez who may not work out. That’s another possible 35-50m net.

    Balance of 15-35m left for midfielder. Cesc or dm?

  66. Wengaball

    Imagine Cesc and Oezil feeding a front three of Ballotelli, Walcott and Remy.

    And Ramsey interchanging with Cesc and Oezil at will.

    Motion blurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  67. gambon


    We will sell if we buy.

    We can sell:

    Vela (we own 50%)
    Arteta or Flamini
    Cazorla (If Cesc comes i think he will go)
    Various kids (Miyaichi, Eisfeld, Afobe, Miquel)

    We can easily raise £30m from sales.

    We need a Striker, a creative MF, a destructive MF, a RB as well as backup CB and GK.

  68. Gregg

    In answer to the Joel Campbell question; I guess his performances in the world cup will determine his immediate future.

    Fabregas coming back? Again the only way I see it is if Wenger wants to play him as an intelligent Holding player ala Carrick / Guardiola / Arteta (Wenger freaking loves this type of player) rather than a ground covering, industrious type.

  69. dennisdamenace

    Hey Master P, not bad, ’tis my birthday today, so sat at home recovering after drinking far too much Meantime IPA!!!! Yourself?

  70. Insomnia

    I should add that many don’t like wenger – which is a fair opinion.

    Some seem to believe though that he is disinterested in arsenal doing well which to my mind is simply illogical.

    He is stubborn and capable of bad decisions but he is not some form of half- baked managerial Manchurian candidate

  71. Leedsgunner

    I would second selling Cazorla if it meant getting Cesc back on return although, again, I cannot see Barca selling him. Has there been any new developments in the past week I’ve missed?

    Before we talk about if Cesc if should come back, why would Barca sell him? wasn’t he bought to wear Xavi’s mantle?

    Speaking of successors it is criminal that we didn’t snap up Paul Pogba when he left Manchester United on as free. In retrospect, that boy is such an archetypal Arsenal player, it’s untrue. He would have been the Vieira/Gilberto successor that we have been looking for since he left.

    No, Arsene, don’t even think about Gareth F****g Barry.

  72. Insomnia


    I deliberately limited sales for two reasons

    First it makes it too many changes in one season

    Second cos it makes it impossible for my brain to keep track!

  73. Savage

    Any opinions on Cesc as a striker at Barca? Is he an option as part of a front three, not necessarily as first choice, but when needs-must?

  74. Rich

    Ok playing Ozil in the position Cazorla played last season, no way Ozil would be willing or as capable of doing the dirty work Cazorla was asked to do last season, he sacrificed his own game for the good of the team.
    Ozil doesn’t do enough for me, doesn’t score enough goals to be a second striker and doesn’t have the ability or physical capabilities to play box2box, he’s an expensive luxury that we could improve upon by buying Cesc back

  75. Arsene's Nurse

    Regarding FFP – Our revenue has just gone up by £75m a year over what we had coming in 2 years ago. You can make a loss of £105m over 3 years. Secondly you don’t get £100m out in cash and hand it over like you do when you pay for your shopping. (peeps still don’t get this).

    If we buy £100m worth of players today, it doesn’t mean we’ve made a £100m loss. In fact you can register a profit (for the year of sale) on a player even if you sell him for less than you bought him for!

    Lets say we buy a £50m striker and put him on a 5 year contract. How much does he cost us? Well in the profit and loss accounts for FFP he costs us £10m. (plus wages obviously)

    Yep, £10m. The next year he costs us £10m. He costs us £10m for each of the 5 years he’s contracted to play for us in the profit and loss accounts. That’s amortisation.

    Yes, we may actually physically hand over £50m in crisp fifties over 2 years, but profit and loss accounts won’t show that.

    So throw out your shopping lists and trying to balance profit and loss in one year.

  76. Master P

    Happy Birthday Dude!

    Just about to start a new project which has been in the pipeline for a few months, so am looking forward to that taking off. Other than the regular Arsenal-depressive state (bar the fa cup ofcourse!), wife, kids etc, not much 😉

  77. Leedsgunner

    I like Arteta’s professionalism and penalty taking but we simply cannot go through another season with him as the main holding midfielder. Have him in the squad to give the youngsters the benefit of his experience but he’s don’t have the legs to be a starter.

    I wonder if we did buy a decent DM we could transform Wilshere into that role. He has the tackle and energy to carve himself a nice niche there I reckon… or is he too fragile? Hmmm…. worth a consideration? Didn’t Arsene say as much this season gone?

  78. dennisdamenace

    Gambon – Totally agree.

    The selling of those four would fund the Fabregas deal. And, tbh for all Cazorla’s impressive footwork, he offers little end product,.

    People need to ask themselves would Man City be stronger with Cazorla intheir lineup or with Fabregas.

    For me Fabregas returning has nothing to do with sentiment, it has everything to do with goals, assists and chances created. Sentiment is holding onto LJW beyond his usefulness, and right now that’s getting close. As, he is one that needs to step up and contribute more.

  79. dennisdamenace

    Master P – Cheers Dood…..

    Good to hear, i recently lost a very lucrative contract at the BoE, so now i’m slumming it at Virgin Holidays. And, as a direct result of that i’ve got to rent my ST out.

  80. Bergkamplegend

    “Imagine Cesc and Oezil feeding a front three of Ballotelli, Walcott and Remy.”

    I can only imagine Cesc and Ozil feeding L’Oreal, and it’s already huge enough.

  81. gambon

    “Yep, £10m. The next year he costs us £10m. He costs us £10m for each of the 5 years he’s contracted to play for us in the profit and loss accounts. That’s amortisation.”

    I was factoring this in.

    Our amortisation is currently over £40m, so its gonna be over £60m if we go on a spending spree (without selling anyone)

    You have to make good profits to cover a £65m amortisation charge every year.

    In fact if we do spend £100m this summer we prob wont spend much in the next year or 2. So the decision for Arsene is probably along the lines of “I have £120m to spend in the next 3 summers, do I spend it all now, or do I spend a bit here and there”

    I would rather spend it now, no point dripping talent into the team.

  82. Arsene's Nurse

    We don’t have to sell to buy anyone (except Messi, Ronaldo etc). We have just gone through a massive step change in the amount of revenue we generate and we have a huge cash pile in the bank.

    We can buy all the players we need plus Cesc and still have enough change left over for a box of Caramellos.

  83. Leedsgunner

    Is Liverpool still hankering after Lallana for £25m? Absurd. It either tells you the market is just completely overheated or we sold RvP and Cesc at a stupid discount… for which Dick Law and his team should be tied up, tarred and feathered befoore being put in the stocks. No way that Lallana as a player is worth the same as RvP… even if it was a few years ago. Laughable.

  84. Kempster

    ECCS May have behaved like a tit to get his move, but sine his move he’s acted with nothing but grace and class regarding AFC.

    I’d have him back in a heartbeat. Yes, that’s an emotional viewpoint but that’s because it’s impossible not to be emotional about having that kind of talent at the club. I could stomach seeing him pkay for Barca. I could 100% NOT stomach seeing him in the colour of any other PL side. No way.

  85. carts

    With Sagna gone, and possibility of losing TV, we’d still need to sign a RB, CB, DM, LFW.

    RB: Aurier (Done deal I think)

    CB: Caulker (#1), Howedes (#2)

    DM: *Martinez (#1 choice), Gustavo (#2), Fernando (#3) Scheiderlin (#4), Iturraspe (#5) Bender(s) (#6 – not a masive fan of either, tbh)

    LFW: Pedro (#1), Konoply (#2), Sanchez (#3), Tello (#4), Andros T (#5)

    *Martinez can also fill in at CB

  86. Thomas

    How exactly have Man City shown they have too many good players? They won the league. Bad example imo.

  87. dennisdamenace

    Are we really so stocked with talent that we can ignore –

    149 games, 41 goals, 42 assists.

    Remember, we came fourth……………again!

  88. gambon

    The idea that Man City have a bloated squad is a bit silly.

    They really dont have a big squad.

    They have 4 strikers, 5 wide MFs, 5 CMs (one on loan), 4 full backs, 5 CBs & 3 goalkeepers.

    That isnt a big squad.

  89. Baba

    Am not against bringing Cesc back but before we jump on that bandwagon lets not forget he once had Barca DNA,sulked during training sessions even as our respected captain,even tried bye passing some financial thing like that so the transfer could go through,he did all these to our face barely few years ago and now the story is different.We treat these players like gods and when they in turn treat us like dogs we moan,abuse and curse when we are the ones that gave them that room in the first place.Lets treat this guys like professionals they are seeing they will come and go anytime,they hardly attached emotions into their decision we should always put sentiment and emotiön aside when dealing with them.Cesc is one of my fav player but is he the power,pace and height that we all yearn for in the middle?if he is then sign him,if not then move on to our priority when thro with that then we can take him as a luxury.

  90. carts

    There’s absolutely no reason why signing Cesc (or someone of similar quality) shoud be a problem.

    Simply put, Wenger doesn’t know how to rotate affectively, therefore, the thought of a Cesc-type player coming in, to play alongside Ozil, is slim to none.

    Top class team with a forward thinking manager makes that shit work. The way some of us lose our minds at the thought of Cesc returning is bitch-like.

    With that said, I’m curious to know whether it’s just Cesc that people are unsure about or if it’s any kind of AM?

  91. Nickie

    Sorry, I see no room for Cesc


    Caz, Pod, Wilshere, Arteta, Flamini, Diaby, Rosicky, Ox as strong back up.

  92. Savage

    Was watching Giroud with all his flick-through’s last night for France, which is something he does exceptionally well. However, he needs runners like Ramsey and Walcott for it to work.

    Now Cesc, like Ramsey, is a good runner. He would enjoy working with Giroud.

  93. DUIFG

    You could rack up a midfiled of silva ozil fab iniesta gotze and we would still habe trouble as they are feeding a fucking carthorse up front. this is the main issue and in tight games I would every day of the week say that a top st gets u more points than a top AM.

    No clinical finisher, no title, wenger getting distracted by fabregas will not help in this persuit.

  94. Rosicky@Arsenal

    People proposing selling ozil/cazorla/Rosicky in order to accomodate Fabragas looks to me are Anti Arsenal.

    Who would sell those 3 stars as without them we will be surely out of the top4.

  95. Premlee

    Disagree….we were so empty creative wise in parts of last season. At one point it was all defensive. With jack, Ozil, Ramsey, cazorla, injured at some point (which is always guaranteed) we could alway do with more creative depth.

  96. Leedsgunner


    For “bloated squad” I see a squad with pace power and depth. A squad capable of edging out their rivals to win the title and go the distance.

    I wish we had that depth. I would love to build on the FA Cup win with a league title next year but I fear Wenger will revert to his comfortable shell of complacency. After all, the heat to win something is off… and he has a new contract. Absolutely no pressure on him to perform.

  97. gambon

    No point buying a Rolls Royce (Cesc) then sticking it alongside a rusty Peugeot 405 (Giroud)

    Cesc and Ozil working together would create a serious number of chances, but Giroud isnt a capable finisher, and is the slowest player in the history of organised sport.

  98. dennisdamenace

    Maybe Wenger just can’t manage more than one person per position, maybe he doesn’t like the conflict or confrontation that having to actually drop someone for someone else purely based on performance. Maybe it suits him for the team to pick itself.

    If so, it would explain his reluctance in building a proper 23/24 man squad.

  99. Sam

    Hmmm I think we’ve been here before if arsenal said they are paying barca 30 mil for Cesc they are tricking fans as usual
    Wenger won’t even pay half of it for the little cunt to comeback here

  100. gambon

    “People proposing selling ozil/cazorla/Rosicky in order to accomodate Fabragas looks to me are Anti Arsena”

    Lol and your name doesnt suggest any bias at all?

    Rosicky is 1/4 of the player Cesc is.

    How is upgrading significantly an anti-Arsenal trait?

  101. N5

    @Rosicky@Arsenal, people who have a differing opinion to you are not anti-Arsenal and quite frankly it’s childish to suggest as much. I don’t want to see Ozil go and he would be a big loss, I also couldn’t care less about Cesc coming “home” (said sarcastically), but I understand my view isn’t the be and and end all.

    Or am I now a Spud for saying that?

  102. DUIFG

    Disagree….we were so empty creative wise in parts of last season. At one point it was all defensive. With jack, Ozil, Ramsey, cazorla, injured at some point (which is always guaranteed) we could alway do with more creative depth.

    I cant agree there, when we went through that awful run, we still had cazorla and tr7 on the pitch, plenty of creative talent there. we were getting killed though by a lack of pace threat whatsoever and a striker who cannot score agsint anybody in the top 7 of the PL.

    Pace and power is where we came up short, not lack of tecnical nous.

  103. N5

    TYAG, I think you misread, Keyser isn’t here, it’s Kempster. It may explain why you agreed with him though 😆

  104. carts


    It’s not so much drawing up hypothetics as a means to justify why Cesc wouldn’t work. What you should do is look at our injuries oiver the last several years and make a conclusion that way.

    What would make me laugh is if we signed Cesc, and Ozil does his miniscus, sidelined for 4 months, people would breathe a sigh of relief. Why? because his qualities seemlessly intergrates into our team while Ozil is recovering.

    Our innjuries are some ridiculous, that signing Cesc (or someone like him) wouldn’t actually be a BAD/WRONG idea.

  105. DUIFG

    I actually would not mind signing cesc just to see OG get 16 pl goals again, how many WC assiters does this guy need!!

  106. N5

    TYAG, I’m tired and haven’t been laid for so long my nob has glazed over like a fucking Ken doll.

    How are you mate, I hardly see you on here anymore. Don’t tell me the family want some attention!! bloody families!!

  107. karaul

    altho gambon´s line up with both ozil and fabregas might work very good I really do not think it´s what we need. Our attack is solved with one proper striker and one left winger. Give me Sanchez over Fabregas all day long.

    To those who want to replace Ozil with Fabregas… are you out of your mind?!