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Good afternoon darlings.

I’m working, so no hangover here. Just working.

This will be quick, but amazing… so sit back an enjoy (could easily have put something smutty here).

Cesc Fabregas to Arsenal rumours are totally hotting up. Barca want to sell him, Arsene doesn’t want to let anyone else have his love child. So something might happen.

£30m is a snip for one of the greatest players I’ve ever had the pleasure of. At his peak, he was banging in 20 goals and making 20 assists. He’s a dream player. Smart, super sharp passer, masses of vision and a casual approach to the game that is a wonder to watch.

Not sure it works though.

Feels like Arsene is pretty well stocked with creative players that don’t have a lot of pace or power. Cesc is brilliant, but like the Ozil signing last season… I really don’t feel it’s addressing any of our core issues… bar maybe depth. But come on, we’ve got plenty of depth in midfield. It’d be a sentimentality signing. A beautiful one I’d cherish, but not one I’d really understand.

In other news, like a newspaper groundhog day from last season, we’re being linked with Bender again. He’s a great player, he’d add some steel and menace to our midfield and I feel like we deserve him after missing out on him last year. He’s exactly the sort of player that’d give more depth and something different.

I guess it’s clear that we’re sniffing around a lot of players, from what I’ve been told, the club is ‘working hard’ to secure deals. However, like i’ve said before, we were working hard last summer on deals. Nothing really happened until Madrid decided they fancied letting one of their players go. Working hard and delivering are two totally different things. I’m still working hard on my golf, doesn’t mean I’ll be delivering a masters anytime soon.

In sadder news, there’s talk that Arsene may stay beyond his his current 3 years deal. For me, the chances of that happening are slim. Arsene ain’t changing. The best we can hope for is better players. But I wouldn’t get your hopes up about winning the league or the Champions League any time soon. The club have no appetite for change, hence a three year deal. The manager isn’t fussed about kicking things on, because why would he? He’s the guy who is always right and at 64, with no KPIs to kick the club on, why would you bother. Arsenal are the complacency kings. Everything is geared around being nice. Everything is geared around not upsetting the apple cart. Everything is about self preservation.

It’s going to be a boring three years. My fear is that we’ve been blinded by last seasons miraculous 128 days at the top. City aren’t going to lose the games they lost last year, Chelsea are going to recruit smartly, Liverpool will have spent £50m by next week, Spurs will invest again and have a manager who knows what he’s doing and Everton will strengthen as well as United embarking on a season of mega spend.

Arsenal should be looking behind them… because if it goes wrong for us, it could go wrong in a big way. But that’s what complacency does. It sneaks up on you and wipes you out. Let’s hope the clubs plan is deeper than, ‘oh go on, give him another go doing it his way, he won the FA Cup’.

Good day. x

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  1. Jeff


    “There’s quantity but not enough quality.”

    That statement of yours describes our biggest problem in a nutshell.

  2. shad

    The Telegraph reporting that Arsene doesn’t want Cesc..or rather we have not gotten back on their first refusal offer. Maybe Wenger wants to really groom Zelalem for real.

    Then again, this is The Telegraph

  3. kwik fit

    Cheers Keyser for the vid

    Tell you what if I had a date with Emma Byrne she wouldn’t be keeping any clean sheets!

  4. Keyser

    It’s the Telegraph, but it’s also summer, this is what happens, countdown 11 days and the World Cup starts, then hopefully we can forgo the transfer bollocks for a few weeks.

    Then we’re going to have a solid 6-8 weeks of transer bollocks, until Jim White pulls on his cape for Transfer Deadline Day.

  5. Byo

    My $2 on Cesc:

    If he’s available(which I’m not convinced he is), get him in, we cannot have too many in the mf.
    And with Wenger having money to spend, that does not preclude other needs(as has been identified by all) being filled. And still have money left!

  6. Bero

    No talk of these Remy having agreed personal terms with Arsenal rumours? ….if they’re true, I’m pretty happy with that. Proven PL goal scorer with good stats at Newcastle…with the service he would get with us, the hunger to prove himself at CL/top level, the reverence he has for Henry (personal hero), and the pace he brings to run in behind the lines….I think he could be a very very good option for us.

    Cesc – everyone saying he’s not needed…but didn’t we just have a season where we took a dip due to injuries to Ramsey and Ozil in midfield for a good chunk of it? …I’d be super pleased to have him back.

    If both of the above happen…Cesc, Remy, Aurier, and Bender would be a good summer IMHO. Add in a winger too for good measure and we’re looking pretty good. Definitely keeping pace with other top clubs at least and not going to drop out top four…maybe have a chance at the cups again, push for the league and make it bit further in CL.

  7. Guns of brixton

    Sven? i thought it was lars, the leverkeusen one?

    anyhow, it’ll be Ramseys dream partner. someone who’ll do the hard work shielding the back 4 whilst AR can go forward,

  8. Cesc Appeal


    There’s a few sites and what have you saying we’re readying a £15 Million bid for Sven…never put too much weight in these rumours but just interesting to hear us mentioned in connection with Sven.

    Happen to think he’s a smarter choice than Lars, Lars is a less good version of Ramsey it seems.

  9. tunnygriffboy

    15mill for Sven Bender sounds like agent talk to me. I would love him but a) have we bid ? b) how much have we bid? Personally if we are intersted it shows we looking for a strong midfielder which is positive. Gundogan coming back as well. Who knows ?

    Didn’t someone say earlier that Ornstein tweeted that the club have contacted Darren Dein about Cesc buy hack clause ?

  10. NYCgooner

    I actually like the idea of Remy to Arsenal as I really don’t think we will get the big name striker in this window. Remy has pace, is mobile and is very aggressive and with Ozil and Santi providing the passes, 20+ goals could easily happen for him.

  11. Jack

    Have to say been impressed with Sven whenever I have watched Dortmund. What about Reus though? How much would he cost?

  12. tunnygriffboy

    So far today I have read we’ve been linked to

    Sven Bender

    That’s just today off the top of my head loooool

  13. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah I don’t know if there’s any real weight behind any of it, but just interesting, normally it’s Lars, Lars, Lars whenever we’re looking at a midfielder, today it was Sven.

    As I say, I happen to think if we’re buying for a pure CDM role then Sven is the better option between the two brothers.

  14. Carts

    Ozil just proved why he’ll never scored enough goal.

    He’ll create them shit all day long, but he’ll never score enough to satisfy me.

  15. Bero

    The Remy link is more than just a link…it’s people saying he’s agreed personal terms…. that’s a bit more exciting than the ‘links’ that never go anywhere and might actually be something…. especially as he was watching the WBA game if you remember?

    I’m seriously pretty happy if we pull that off. A lot worse strikers we could have gone in for…especially as I don’t see us spunking big money on a big name a la benzema or crazy mario…

  16. F4phantomphreak

    All this sniffing around reminds me of what my dog does whe the neighbor’s dog comes wagging, they each sniff the others butt and I’m afraid that’s all it is with Arsene, good old fashion butt sniffing nothing more, nothing less! Until I see a serious change in attitude aka doing something other than running their lips that’s all it’ll be “Butt Sniffing!” I hope I didn’t upset any dogs that read LeGrove, sorry mutts no harm intended!!!

  17. Bero

    yeah fair enough lads….I don’t know why I let them sucker me in…I know it’s all bollocks… I’m just sick of waiting for us to sign a striker!

    Remy feels possible and I’d actually be quite pleased with the purchase

  18. Keyser

    France need Ribery soo badly.

    Germany pretty poor to, Cameroon actually had several decent chances, Reus has no presence up front at all.

  19. Keyser

    So what, it doesn’t matter, it’s a friendly, mean’s nothing, shurrup, Giroud loving muppets.

  20. Keyser

    Missed start of second half, so not sure about changes, but Germany were playing with Reus, Muller, Goetze and Ozil, Kroos and Khedira.

    Ozil a decent chance about a minute in, then Germany struggled to get much going and Ozil just faded in with the rest of them.

  21. NYCgooner

    This France squad has some serious talent. I don’t think anybody is looking forward to playing them. Then again they might be the usual France and self destruct in front of the world.

  22. Dimitri

    Giroud is useful when he actually isn’t burned out and has some gas in the tank. Been so long since people saw him recharged that they’d forgotten.

  23. Keyser

    Not sure about that, the only person who stands out really is Ribery, there seems to be a massive Zidane shaped hole missing in midfield.

  24. Al

    Giroud actually looks quicker. WTF are we doing to tire out our players?

    Must say my favs to win the world cup is Argentina but France are looking like a serious threat

  25. tunnygriffboy


    I apologise for my spelling loooool. Aurier, Remy and Cesc would do me too. Remy will score goals for us. Great he can play wide and in a 2.

    Giroud looked lively at the beginning of the season then play 1275 consecutive games so looked a little jaded. We really really need to rotate more next season.

  26. karim

    great half from Giroud
    Remy decent the rest has been pretty dire so far
    Ribery had to take further exams as there is some uncertainty with the real state of his back…
    Arsene still boring on tv but said Sagna played 284 games with us, just like Pires

  27. Keyser

    We don’t want Lovely Kwik, we want Rugged, like he climbs rocks or is a fireman in his spare time.

  28. kwik fit

    New Tottenham manager Pochettino will be at Spurs for at least three seasons. Autumn, Winter and Spring

  29. Paul

    I don’t subscribe to all this malarky about not needing Cesc. Yes, he’s a similar player to what we seem to have in abundance, Ozil and Rambo in particular. But lest not forget that Cazorla will be hitting the big three oh halfway through next season, and Rosicky is going to be 34 before that. And instead of delivering defense splitting through balls, Wilshere, Rambo, and Ozil spend more time with their balls on the treatment table.
    Bar Cazorla, I don’t trust ANY of our midfielders to make it through a season unscathed, and that’s exactly why I would love to have Cesc back. He’s pure class and would fight for the cause. He’s got my vote.

    My summer spree going the Cesc way would be:
    Bender (either)
    A goalie no ones heard of

    From the prices bandied around on the web, this lot could be snapped up for around the 100m mark.

    Without opting for Cesc, I’d replace Griezmann with Di Maria.

  30. kwik fit

    I know tunny its that crazy season .

    Remy played well first half, faded somewhat in the second. Still seems the most likely forward IMO.

  31. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Arsenal Ladies are the most successful women’s club in England and have now won 41 major trophies since they were formed in 1987. Their record reads:

    1x Uefa Champions League

    2x FA Super League

    12x FA Premier League

    13x FA Women’s Cup

    3x FA WSL Continental Cup

    10x FA Women’s Premier League Cup


    Well done to the Arsenal ladies squad, their trophy cabinet is creaking under the pressure of all those trophies.

  32. kwik fit

    Apparently Wenger said on french TV “It’s like Pires” when Griezmann scored. Interesting 😉

  33. Bero

    If we bring in super mario AND remy I will shit myself…. Mario/Giroud/Remy is actually a decent strikeforce.

    NEVER going to happen though.

    Mario – 25mil
    Remy – 10mil
    Bender – 15mil
    Cesc – 30mil
    Aurier – 7mil

    87mil….apparently well within budget…I don’t believe anything like this will happen though.

  34. Bero

    I would hate to see Cesc in a city shirt….really hope that doesn’t happen…both from a competition and sentimental front…

  35. N5

    Within 2 or 3 seasons, Citeh will have owned or currently own all of Arsenal’s ex players. I can’t wait to see how what job they give to L’Oreal.

  36. MadeToLoveMagic

    City would hire Giroud to stand behind a pane of glass that they would then tell nasri is a mirror. This would boost Nasris ego and allow him to play better on the pitch

  37. MadeToLoveMagic

    anyway , cesc would only ever go to city if arsenal actually turned him down, that would never ever happen.

    Remember arsenal get 50 percent of any deal over 37 million euros, so if city pay 60 million arsenal get 15 million. leaving them 45.

    If arsenal pay the 37 million barca would only be losing out on 8 million, plus goodwill to the player will mean that he will get his move back to arsenal imo

  38. Sam

    Cesc deal will be shit If he turn out to be our only big money signing.
    we should invest on a giant DM to protect our back four Ie Martinez, Pogba etc…
    oh Yes cesc and Pogba will be great

  39. neil

    NEVER in a million years will Wenger bring back Cesc, he bought him for 500,000 quid sold him for 34 million, do you think this fucking scrooge is going to waste 30 million to bring him back, no way, you should know Wenger is a profit man, he made his, he is not wasitng 30 million, no matter how great you think Cesc is/was, not going to happen, not in our lifetime

  40. Niki B's Soldier

    Williams ( If Vermaelen leaves)
    Cesc with the change.

    That would win us the League and possibly CL IMO.


    With regular rotation and tactics to play certain players against certain teams where their necessary strengths and expertise is required would definitely win us the league and and give us a proper crack at the CL. Treble anyone? 🙂 When Ozil is off form, we play Cesc. Or we can bring on Cesc for a 10 minute cameo to score two goals…..even injuries won’t stop us with this team.

  41. neil

    Well just as well the ladies are doing well with trophies, what’s our count, ONE, if you don’t add the 17 for finishing 4th, this club is run by a fucking lunatic manager, all he is good for is making profit, a great accountant but a fucking lousy football manager

  42. Moray

    Guns, if we signed just one from your list this summer I would be surprised.

    However, that lot would put us in the mix and then some.

  43. Rhys Jaggar

    One of the more amusing bits of journalistic make believe is linking stories together and asking if it plays:

    ‘Luis Suarez has just registered his daughter at a school on Merseyside’

    ‘Man Utd should offer £75m for Suarez’.

    I’m sure Luis is such an exemplary father that he intends making his daughter’s first experience of school (which is a preface to adult social life) one of unmitigated aggro, hatred and daily horrors, won’t he??

    Yeah right………

  44. Emiratesstroller


    There are too many posters who spend their time slagging Giroud.

    This season he has been forced to play in many games where there were no alternative goalscoring options particularly when both Walcott and Ramsey were out injured.

    Furthermore he was obliged to play in a number of games even though it was
    patently obvious that he was very tired. It was quite clear that neither Bendtner nor Sanogo were good enough to play at EPL level.

    By contrast Benzema played at Real Madrid where there was less pressure for
    him to play all the time and he had benefit of other players in team who could
    take on the goalscoring work load.

    The stats between Benzema and Giroud are not markedly different, but of course the cost in transfer fees and wages is.

    League Played 35 Scored 17
    All other games Played 52 Scored 24
    League Played 36 Scored 16
    All other games Played 51 Scored 22