3 of the most important changes Wenger can make this summer

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It’s done. The deal is done. There’s no point on me moaning on about it. We’ve got to suck it up and accept that unless Arsenal close down, or the planet is destroyed in an Independence Day style apocalypse (WILL SMITH IS TOO OLD TO SAVE US AND JAYDEN ISN’T UP TO THE JOB), he’s seeing out every last minute of that deal.

Some Arsenal fans will be chuffed. He’s been with us 20  years, so why not another 3 more? He’s done ok. I mean, 4th highest wage bill, 4th place in the league… hello? Literally the defacto reason for Wenger being incredible.

… but these fans forget. They forget because it’s safe to forget. It’s easier to think that the acceptable barometer for progress is wages to league position.

However, I won’t forget. Because like many Arsenal fans who work in jobs where performance is judged on many factors… I can see the obvious.

So here’s what has to happen if we’re going to kick on… in case you forgot the massive failings of last season, or  you conveniently tucked the managers failings under the FA Cup we just won.

Things for Arsene to look at:

The Scouting Network:

Guys and gals, let’s be honest, it’s totally fucked. It looks more outdated than a Commodore 64 on the SpaceX flight deck. It’s a joke. It needs to be assessed. We’ve got this fancy data system that tracks players technical ability through video to identify strengths and weaknesses… so let’s start using it.

However, the key here is that a flashy computer system is no good if you’re granddad is operating it. Or the system is being operated in the same leagues everyone else is operating in. We need to give our scouting network a facelift. We need someone with new ideas, new markets and whoever that new person is needs to be given a new brief, because the players coming through the door haven’t been up to Premiership standards of power and pace.

We should be taking a look at what Dortmund do. They send their scouts out to Eastern Europe to pick up technically brilliant players who are powerful and loaded with nasty. Don’t get me wrong, from a blogging perspective, I’d hate to have to learn all those players names, but let’s be honest, you can’t unearth gems in Ligue One or the Bundasliga these days. So let’s do something fucking crazy… let’s look elsewhere!

The Fitness Team:

So I’d love to think the inquiry we’re holding into the injury stuff is real. But part of me feels like it’s one of those internal Police Inquiries. You know, the ones where no one is ever found guilty or sacked?

‘Arsene, why is Tony Colbert holding the inquiry?’

That type of thing. But look, I can pick holes in the backroom team all I like, I have done for years and I’ve had people go against it despite the evidence being outrageously clear that we’re fucked there. Well, look, again, simple fact is that if you want to succeed in anything, you have to take luck off the table. You can’t blame injuries on luck. You have to be more mature about it. Keeping players on the pitch is a science. Simple as that.

You have to say, ‘we get a tonne of injuries, what can we do to improve this?’. If we don’t, we’ll be in the same state we were this season. When you’re the most injured team in the Premiership, you need to address it. You need to have a detailed plan of action and progress needs to be tracked. This isn’t a 10 year plan. This is something that can be actioned in a summer.

We also need to address the general fitness of the team. I don’t want to see consistently lethargic performances. I want to see players energised. I want to see zip in our play. That all starts with our approach to fitness.


‘Wenger does do tactics, did you see him change up to 4–4-2 when we were losing 3-0 at Everton?’

Again, the really embarrassing attempts people use to justify that Wenger isn’t tactically flawed. Now, what I’m not saying is Wenger doesn’t have some sort of vision when he goes into a game. He knows how to set up a formation. What I’m saying is he does the bare minimum. He doesn’t focus on an oppositions weakness. He doesn’t take their strengths and nullify them. He doesn’t surprise opposition teams ever. He plays the same old bland and predictable way. It’s painful.

He needs to empower his staff to spend more time on the training pitch working on scenario planning, he needs to get them working on changing up during a game, he needs to make video analysis a key attribute to the week, he needs to give players dossiers, he needs one on ones before big games that map the plan. With players, you need to give them all the tools they need to succeed. On a pitch, you lose yourself when you’re tired, if you’re told before the game Andy Carroll will go from the back post to the front, you might realise that 0.5 seconds quicker than you would had you not been told. It’s the small percentages that are the difference between winning and losing.

Data driven intelligence is something that needs to be baked into the fabric of the club. Currently, it’s not.

P.S. Apologies for the week that was, lots on, ill, all that boring shit you don’t need to know about. Next week, the Friday goat will be better, I promise.



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  1. Keyser

    The World Cup debate seems pretty pointless, alongside comparing players of different era’s.

    Above all you’d need to appreciate what football, is, or has become, beore you starts, you could argue there’s always been teams like this, but the creation of Super-Clubs has mean’t the domination of one team from one season to the next is far easier.

    International football has suffered because of this,

    The Champions League final and La Liga this season sum it up, a team in Real Madrid that played pretty poorly, Ronaldo who barely featured all game, and Bale whose greed alone should really have seen them lose, were able to encapsulate what modern football is.

    The inevitable grind, of the big club against the smaller one, Atletico Madrid gave every last drop of sweat and yet Real Madrid playing in about 3rd gear eventually wore them down.

  2. london gunner


    But you have proved my point you have to look at the players for instance Bale and then his team mates and evaluate and decide on what can be reasonably expected.

    If said player Bale in this case achieves more than you have realise his that much of an elite player he mananged to improve the chances/performances and results of the team he plays for.

    Case point No one expects Portugal to win WC but if a couple of Ronaldo’s performances such as a vital goal or assist get them to the quarter finals.. you have to conclude that his proven him self on the top level.

    Obviously you have to moderate the parameters of success/the standards set according to the players surrounding the talent whose being analysed,

    So if Bale managed to get Wales past the group stages of the WC (if they had got into the world cup) that would be as good as say Ronaldo getting portugal to the semi’s…

  3. Al

    June 1, 2014 15:09:53
    Genuine question but apart from this season have you watched Ozil a lot?

  4. Thomas


    Yeah Bale was greedy for wanting to advance in his career. Clinched two cup finals. How dare he?!


  5. london gunner


    There has always been super clubs these things go in cycles.

    We always look back on the past and imagine a golden generation or a fairer system but its simply not the case.

    The nature of the super clubs are changing but super clubs have existed for decades.

    There has always been and always will be dominant teams

    Inter Milan were dominant under the management of Helenio Herrera.

    During that time period of 1960-68 the Milanese club won three Serie A titles, one Intercontinental Cup and back-to-back UEFA Champions League titles in 1965 and 1966 and were defeated in the final of what would have been a third in a row.

    AC Milan have never had a purple patch in their history like their trophy laden period they enjoyed from 1988-94. With the firepower of some of Holland’s greatest exports in Marco Van Basten and Ruud Gullit the Rossoneri took Italy and Europe by storm.

    From 1988-94 the club won four Serie A titles, four Italian Super Cups, three UEFA Champions League titles, three UEFA Super Cups and two Intercontinental cups.

    While Ajax won three straight in 1971-73, Bayern followed their three peat success in 1974-76 with three European titles of their own.

    The Bavarian s also threw in three Bundesliga titles as well as a Domestic cup title in that time period to add to their status.

    Ajax were the most dominant club in all of Europe from 1970-73. They won three back to back to back European titles as well as an Intercontinental cup, the 1972 and 1973 UEFA Super Cups and three of four Dutch domestic titles during that time frame.

    Real Madrid were the original kings of Europe and won five straight European titles during its first five years of existence.

    The legendary duo of Ferenc Puskas and Alfredo Di Stefano led the line for the most dangerous club in Europe during the height of their success.

    During the time of their run to European glory the club also won four league titles.

    The golden years of Liverpool football club ran through the mid 1970s and through the early 1990s.

    The likes of Ian Rush, Kenny Dalglish and Ronnie Whelan to name only a few, were all a part of the greatest age in the club’s long history.

    During that time Liverpool won 10 First Division Titles, two FA Cups, four League Cups, nine FA Community Shields and four European titles.

  6. WengerEagle

    London gunner

    Mate what do you mean he can’t be in the GOAT argument? Portugal have quality players in Joao Moutinho, Veloso, Coentrao, Pepe, etc. They were very unlucky to lose to Spain on penalties in the Euros where I actually thought they were the better team. They may not be a super power like Brazil or Germany but they are still one of the best national teams worldwide. You can’t just exempt Ronaldo from criticism for playing poorly in a WC because he plays for Portugal.

    You’re talking like they’re Wales. (no offence tunny :D)

  7. IntelligentFoozball


    First time I saw him, he was playing for Germany and even in that game I got the impression that he played well but didnt dominate or lead his team. I ve watched him a lot and that’s what I ve noticed.

  8. tunnygriffboy


    No offence taken mate looooool

    Pedro’s late today. I think he’s waiting for confirmation before he drops the exclusive we’ve signed Cavani, Carvalho and Di Maria !

  9. Jack


    He said in a recent interview if given a chance between stay at Dnipro with CL or Man U he would stay at Dnipro. Even Shaw looks like he wants to go to a top 4 club. Its nice to see after all the arrogant Man U fans thought world class players would come to them lol.

  10. Keyser

    london_gunner – Yeah, I did acknowledge you could argue that about super-clubs, but then that’s partly the point, like you tempering World Cup teams and players.

    Real Madrid should’ve won the treble this year, there’s no way you can compare both Madrid clubs and say Real Madrid got more out of the talent at their disposal.

    I think Keyser expected Bale to head pass the ball back to Di Maria instead of scoring the vital winning goal!”

    Did you watch the final ?

  11. london gunner


    Mate I am exempting him from criticism not because of favouritism but in fact the opposite because I personally don’t think he can be considered the GOAT whilst for me Messi should be involved in that conversation.

    I am going to exaggerate here to make my point make more sense as I haven’t communicated it very clearly but it’s like saying when debating the best strikers of all time there is no point talking about Giroud’s weakness’s and how he can’t be for the simple fact he just can’t be considered in the conversation… its like a waste of time.. you get me?

    Obviously that is a massive exaggeration because Ronaldo isn’t that far of the GOAT all time compared to Giroud vs best strikers of all time.

    But I just personally think that Messi, Maradonna, Pele and Ronaldo(original) are the candidates as far as CR7 I just don’t think his on the same level as the above names.

  12. london gunner


    Obviously Portugal are a very good team they are in the top 8?


    (wont include Belgium just yet but could see them overtaking us in this competition)

    My analogy was therefore not great I should of said Ronaldo getting Portugal to the semi’s would be a great achievement (I said quarters)

  13. Jeff


    “In my opinion the positives just about outweigh the negatives especially after what the fa cup win.”

    You see, one cup and you’re anybody’s.

  14. Jeff


    All you seem to do is repeat, repeat, repeat the same old incomprehensible, insignificant, incoherent, imbecilic drivel.

    You’re fooling no one.