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Jens Lehmann is suggesting that it’s too early for Aaron to make a move to the continent. Why? Because he gets injured too often.

“So when you want to be a top player you need to try your luck somewhere else and you want to find out if you can manage to be successful somewhere else as well.

“But so far I think it’s a step too early because he himself has to make sure that he can be available for a whole season.”

Bit of a crazy thing to suggest. Tends to not be the choice of a player whether they get injured. In the case of a modern day footballer, it’s the club that is in charge of keeping players fit. Arsenal were the worst by quite some distance this season. Which I’d worked out (after a comments section recount) to be about £18m worth of wastage over the course of the season.

I read Lehmann slagging off Ozil the other day for not being fit enough. He won’t leave it alone. At least he’s curious I suppose. If he was working at Arsenal and he found out the cause of soft tissue injury was fatigue, I’m pretty sure he’d be down at the training ground having words with an angry police baton. You know how Jens gets.

I would like a director of football at the club. Someone solely I’m charge of asking the difficult questions about the playing side of things. Someone who had the right to (in the eyes of the manager). I mean, they don’t have to take responsibility for signings like the set up at Spurs allowed. But they could be part of the committee that decided if names felt right.

John Cross said that Wenger will only go for two or three players this summer. Which feels great because that’s a lot for Wenger these days. However, for me, it’s still ignoring the squad depth issue. What does two or three players really do to the personnel deficiencies we have, especially if we lose a bunch? It’s not logical, even if we do blow the worlds tiny minds with something exceptional. My fear is that’ll blur logic and we’ll forget that individual talent means nothing if it’s exhausted or on the injury bed of foreverness.

Lukas Fabianski has left Swansea. Cheerio Lukas, you were crap, then you were real good. I think our best keeper has just left the building, but whatever. I hope he does well at Swansea. I thought Vorm was a pretty good keeper? Not sure why he’s suddenly out of favour. But there you go.

Right, that’s me done. Apologies for the poor showing this week. I have lots on and this is a struggle. Also apologies if I’ve not responded to e-mails or tweets. I haven’t been able to look at anything.

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  1. Rocky Pires

    As a solid experienced RB I wouldnt mind Chris Jallet of PSG, Dabo of Lyon or Micah Richards as all should be cheap .

    Richards provided RB/CB cover as did Sagna, Jallet has alot of experience and Dabo plays either LB/RB.

  2. Rocky Pires

    Would a “9 million bid ” as for Juan Fran not be better spent on Abate or somebody who has a future in front of them.
    I seriously doubt we will buy anyone of note for RB, I think AW has given role to Jenks and will get a backup to him.

    Im quiet comfortable with that obviously an Aurier would be great but if Jenks and a solid backup then I have no issues.

  3. Radio Raheem

    Don’t expect an official confirmation on until Monday. They’re usually the last to know.

  4. tunnygriffboy

    Spend some fucking money

    Spend some fucking money

    Spend some fucking money

    If he just came out and said we are looking at / negotiating with certain players then I would be happier

  5. carts

    “If he just came out and said we are looking at / negotiating with certain players then I would be happier”

    Exactly; where other managers will say that, with it being true,Wenger just give that nonsey smile

  6. Bamford13

    I said this once before, but I think the only way we do well this summer/next year is by accident — meaning Wenger makes a number of average-to-befuddling signings, but these players come good in surprising ways next year.

    Imagine he signs Morata and Vela, for example — neither of whom is quite good enough or experienced enough to help us compete for a title — but somehow through chemistry and alchemy these two combine with Ozil and Ramsey next season in beautiful ways.

    That, I think, is our only hope, because I’m beginning to suspect there will be no marquee signings — neither at CF nor at DM.

    If he at least signs an Aurier and a Schneiderlin, then imperfect signings like Vela and Morata could still produce the XI below and an interesting year.

    That may be all I’m hoping for now: an interesting year, attractive football.


    Not great, but better than this year — at least on the eyes.

  7. Bamford13

    For those interested in the World Cup, I was thinking Hodgson should run the XI below. Will be interesting to see what he does.

    4-4-2 DIAMOND




    And no, no Arsenal players in starting XI.

  8. Emiratesstroller

    Bamford 13

    Arsenal will make one marquee signing, because they have a new sponsorship with Puma starting apparently on 1st July.

    I would be surprised if that money was not being utilised this summer especially since the club have increased ticket prices.

    The run of the mill transfers will be small budget items, but as I suggested yesterday I expect him to make one major signing. Whether it is right one is the