Arsenal have 5 in team of the year… no seriously

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Why hello!

It’s Monday morning and things are getting exciting in the transfer market. Arsene Wenger is talking about Benzema potentially leaving Madrid this summer, which means he could potentially be looking to sign him for Arsenal.

Now. I’m going to take a massive punt here and say that Wenger might be using that as a smokescreen for another deal. Could be totally wrong because I only have a view on one name, but I’m not sure why Wenger would break the habit of a life time and talk about actual targets before he even has an overview of what Carlo is planning.

This summer is way more interesting than summers of yesteryear because you sense clubs are having to be a little more realistic than they normally would be. Selling to rebuild seems to be an interesting theme. Chelsea will have sold Mata, Luiz, Hazard and Lampard (free) by the end of the summer. Manchester City will have dumped a whole bunch of talent as well. Clubs can’t hoard players these days because it affects their ability to manoeuvre in the transfer market.

Lean squads…

That’s why having £170m+ at your disposal is quite nice. We can spend all of that and not have to worry about any sort of bank balancing exercises. Trouble is, asking Wenger to spend money like that would probably end up in some sort of projectile committing session from the manager.

Still, money buys you trophies, sort of. Gareth Bale won Madrid the Champions League final. Manchester City won the Premier League after free spending. Bayern smashed the Bundasliga with an outrageous season that included a cup. PSG won Ligue One. Juve won the Scudetto. The only real upset came from Atletico, who, let’s be honest, have tried to behave like a big club if their monster debt is anything to go by.

So basically, Arsene, be free. Spend some of that cash. Have a damn party.

Hopefully some leaks will drop out of the club this week. I think we’ll spend big on a exciting multi-talented front man, a young dynamic defensive midfielder, a wide player and a right back. We’ll also have to stock up with a goalkeeper a centre back and maybe a spare striker.

We’ll see though… Wenger moves in mysterious ways.

Before I go, did anyone see the Premier League team of the season? It had 5 Arsenal players in it. Quite amazing work from the Arsenal digital community. Giroud, Koscielny, Ozil, Ramsey and Chezzer.

P.S. Just started with True Detective, a line from Cole sounds like something right out of the Arsenal blogosphere.

‘I consider myself a realist, but in philosophical terms, I’m known as a pessimist’

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  1. tunnygriffboy


    There seems to be a lot of quality available this summer as teams look to re build. If Arsene messes up this window even I will give up. A normal amount of injuries, some good signings and next season could be quite exciting.

  2. kwik fit


    When he’s not hungover, he’s fast and prolific and can use either foot.

    At least thats what she said 🙂

  3. kwik fit

    Totally agree tunny. But when it comes to Arsene Wenger I have learnt to expect nothing and anything is a bonus.

  4. salparadisenyc

    White light white heat from Kwik
    I’d like a park myself right between those mounds of joy.

  5. nigel tufnel

    Pedro, im almost finished watching the seaon of true detective . The writing is incredible, acting also. Starts a bit slow, but really gets better from middle to end.

  6. TitsMcgee

    Espcore ‏@espcore 48m
    Reports: Barcelona have signed Marquinhos. PSG will receive 20m + Alves.

  7. TitsMcgee

    Intresting developments.”

    That almost sounds like it could be misconstrued as a compliment. Does that mean you are saying Spurs will win the league or Champions League next year?

    *sarcasm of course* lol

  8. Jeff

    I was just listening to Pedro on ArsenalFan TV. Very impressed. Here it is in case you haven’t already listened to it.

  9. TitsMcgee

    Just wondering whether he could turn spurs into a possible threat, thats all.”

    I know I was being sarcastic lol

    Keyser will be along to call you a Spud shortly however lol

  10. tunnygriffboy


    If I was Pocchetino I’d tell the Southampton board that they have to keep their players and add to them or I’m off to spurs.

    He could be good for them but it’s a career risk with Levy in charge. Important we get some quality in to stay ahead of them.

  11. Guns of brixton

    lol! you better be there to back me!


    Agree 100%.
    feel for haptom though, losing players AND manager alike.

  12. NYCgooner


    I can’t make a mistake with you around. one slip up and you are right on it.


  13. kwik fit


    Well scored . It was a sitter and I would have been surprised had you missed that one TBH. Long way to go mind , i’ve just pulled off a defender and am throwing in a striker , so beware 😉

  14. TitsMcgee

    I was just listening to Pedro on ArsenalFan TV. Very impressed. Here it is in case you haven’t already listened to it.”

    You look at the comments under the video and you really realize why we are where we are and how Wenger has been allowed to last as long as he has been.

    It’s almost like people rather be in denial than actually admit that the man is past it. Even to the point where they make ridiculous, convenient excuses for the man.

  15. Jeff


    I know. So many delusional people calling themselves fans who cannot bear to hear any criticism of Wenger. He could get us relegated and they would still find an excuse to absolve him by blaming everything under the sun except their beloved Arsene. It is so pathetic it’s truly unbelievable.

  16. Guns of brixton


    The truth HURTS.
    these AKBs believe in what ever BS they can cling to just to make the reality a falsehood and their falsehood a reality. sad state of affairs.

  17. Jeff

    “Ozil’s Germany international teammate Philipp Lahm has pointed out another reason why Ozil did not have the best of debut seasons in England: lack of a world-class striker in the Arsenal squad.”

    ‘He is a dream for strikers and you saw that with [Cristiano] Ronaldo and [Karim] Benzema when he was at Madrid’, the Bayern Munich captain told ‘If Arsenal can find the right striker who is fast and makes intelligent runs, then Mesut will be devastating next season’.

  18. TitsMcgee

    Jeff and Guns,

    It really is a cult following. No other way to describe it. Like you said, we could get relegated and people would try and justify it somehow, someway.

    “Oh Wenger got relegated because the WOB didn’t support the lads enough and the emotional toll wrecked us”.

  19. MidwestGun

    Jeff –
    Thanks for the link to Pedro’s podcast. Pedro was on top of his game. Must have been pre-hangover. He was layin down some truth, so of course people get defensive. Ruining their fantasy world.

  20. TitsMcgee

    He is a dream for strikers and you saw that with [Cristiano] Ronaldo and [Karim] Benzema when he was at Madrid’, the Bayern Munich captain told ‘If Arsenal can find the right striker who is fast and makes intelligent runs, then Mesut will be devastating next season’.

    I said this before Ozil ever kicked a ball for The Arsenal. No way he was going to have the stats he did at Madrid with just Giroud up front. There is a big difference between having Higuain, Ronaldo, Benzema finishing your passes and clumsy Giroud finishing your passes.

    Any one of those players up front and they score a minimum of 10 more goals this year and that’s being conservative. Those 10 goals or so would have translated into at least 3-6 more points at the very least.

  21. Arsene's Nurse

    I feel for Pedro sometimes. He’s made the decision to blog everyday and it’s become an expectation even when there is bugger all news. I suspect that we’ll have more short posts (along with the accompanying repeated comments) until the world cup.

  22. kwik fit

    Can’t wait for the World Cup and seeing all those brazilian beauties running up and down the beaches with their water melons bopping up and down. And the football should be quite good as well 😉

  23. Jeff


    Yes I think it was such an obvious thing. While we were all over the moon about Ozil’s signing I think most (myself included) thought that hopefully in the January window he would address the striker situation given we were trying desperately to get one with the failed Higuain and Suarez bids.

    However, it didn’t happen that way. He sat on his hands and watched the clouds gather. It was an unforgivable piece of negligence but do any of his followers see this – do they buggery!

  24. tunnygriffboy

    Jeff / Tits

    Not all pro Wenger people miss out on his faults and the fact he botched the transfer window. There are undoubtedly some who see he has no faults and that nothing is ever of his doing or his fault. Conversly there is a section where he is given no credit, that everything is his fault and that everyone is doing a better job than him. Surely the truth lies somewhere in the middle? He does good things and bad things. Depending on which side you lie he should either stay or go.

  25. MidwestGun

    Pedro supposed to be doing a Positively Arsenal podcast as well. That I can’t wait to hear.
    Tunny- Hahah expect they will have a hissy fit.
    They are already going on about how it’s a good thing the club isn’t run by emotional fans, yet they are the first ones to get all emotional about any comment deemed a slight of AW’s legacy or knowledge. Ironic.
    If you dont unquestionably support every single player no matter how crap, or every single decision, or every club move somehow you are not a true fan. So they are big cheerleaders but every one else is emotional. Lol. Doesn’t make sense. I expect one of Hunter13’s aliases will be back afterwards.

  26. Al

    Did you see ozil light up though whenever he had runners and especially in the final (and few others) when he had 2 strikers to target. He instantly became direct and was just pinging balls with ease to the front men.

    Love watching ozil play. Really excited to see what the next few years will bring from him. Just the sight of him in some games when he gets his head downs and steams ahead at pace is pure joy to watch.

  27. MidwestGun

    Tunny –
    I agree the truth is closer to the middle, but those Positively people come over here and question our fan hood where as I just question their sanity.

  28. kwik fit

    Thanks Mid that was lovely . Not a pineapple in sight. Imagine being back stage with those beauties. I think I’ll go and lay down for a bit 😉

  29. tunnygriffboy


    Sorry I’ve gone into a daydream thinking about kwik’s ” bopping watermelons ” looooool.

    I agree that that some are obsessed with Wenger and they think he is the messiah. On the other extreme people are obsessed with calling him shite and they think he’s the devil incarnate. Swings both ways ( hello sailor ) * smiley face

  30. MidwestGun

    Tunny –
    I actually just think he is more like my Grandfather in the later years. Time for him to retire out of the family business and spend some time playing shuffleboard. Not exactly the devil.
    Jose Mourinho is the devil. 😈

  31. Baba

    TitsMcgee May 26, 2014 18:49:27 He is a dream for strikers
    and you saw that with
    [Cristiano] Ronaldo and
    [Karim] Benzema when he
    was at Madrid’, the Bayern
    Munich captain told ‘If Arsenal can
    find the right striker who
    is fast and makes
    intelligent runs, then Mesut
    will be devastating next
    season’. I said this before Ozil ever
    kicked a ball for The
    Arsenal. No way he was
    going to have the stats he
    did at Madrid with just
    Giroud up front. There is a big difference between
    having Higuain, Ronaldo,
    Benzema finishing your
    passes and clumsy Giroud
    finishing your passes. Any one of those players
    up front and they score a
    minimum of 10 more goals
    this year and that’s being
    conservative. Those 10
    goals or so would have translated into at least 3-6
    more points at the very
    least. Spot on,Giroud is just to clumsy to be played with Özil,he tends to make Özil look ordinary

  32. carts

    Did I read that right: Barcelona have bid €20m + Dani Alves for Marquinhos accepted.

    Firstly, Alves isn’t that much better than Van Der Wiel.

    Alves is 31.

    Marq’ was bought for €31.4m and is 22

    Now they’re prepared to make an €11m loss, when it could be argued that he’s improved as a player, resulting in his price being the same if NOT less.

    Fucking weird shit this summer is turning out to be.

  33. Arsene's Nurse

    Ozil will shine when Arsenal have the players he can feed. It’s no use relying on Walcott as he’s suffered an injury, we need better players upfront.

  34. Marko

    Marquinhos is the real deal. If PSG bought him for 30+million then come along and sell him for 20 while paying 40-50 for Luiz you’ve really gotta applaude the stupidity of those deals.

  35. Mike adamski

    Yeah man . 40 million for sideshow bob is crazy .
    I like him . But come on , that’s ridiculous .

    “Nicols on his knees
    Barnes on his knees
    Aldridge on his knees
    Dalglish just stands there …”

    Brian Moore what great commentary . And oh what a night .
    Get goosebumps everytime I watch the YouTube clip

  36. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    On a serious note
    With Levy sacking at around every 18 months
    Why would you go there can only be for the pay off ?

    They spunked 110 mil last season 50 the one before
    Levy ain’t gonna throw dough round is it .

    He should stay at saints or wait till a big club comes along

  37. Jeff

    There are so many gods at Arsenal. Head god is Wenger followed by the lesser gods who are referred to as the 11 disciples plus Judas who left.

  38. carts


    I’m actually struggling to comprehend wtf PSG are doing and smoking.

    I know FFP seems to be taking affect, but that doesn’t excuse horrible financial- business decisions.

    If I were Wenger, I’d be knocking on PSG’s door, egging them on to contact Sagna or to make an out-right bid of £20m. Fuck anyone ho say £20m on a defender is silly.

    If you’ve seen Marquinhos play, you’ll knock what he’ll turn into.

  39. Jeff


    All the big clubs are busy working on finding loopholes for this FFP bollocks. It will die a natural death before long – I guarantee it.

  40. Mike adamski

    You’re right – Aldridge was a right fool that night . Really spat his dummy out .
    I love how winterburn darts off to celebrate !
    And the forward roll followed by the slippery eel as I like to call it .

    Good times good times

  41. Mike adamski

    Love how McMahon and Hansen were hounding the ref telling them that smith never touched it on the way in …

    Haha gutted

  42. tunnygriffboy

    Seriously Giroud is a god. At least that what he told that hottie before the Lpool game. After they finished he turned to her and said ” I’m Thor ‘. She replied ” you’re thor, well I’m tho thor I couldn’t even pith ‘

  43. Mike adamski

    Smith on interview after

    ” ah yeah I definitely got a toootch”

    In his Brummy accent .

    Didn’t we win it on goal difference or goals scored ??

  44. WengerEagle

    Marquinhos for Alves +20 million is a great deal for Barca. The kid’s as talented as Varane, will be a future world class CB.

    Another bizarre deal from PSG’s perspective.

  45. zeus

    AC Milan set to replace Seedorf with Inzaghi.

    The Rossoneri have opted to promote the Primavera coach to the full team next season after deciding a move for current Sevilla coach Unai Emery would prove too costly

    How can Milan’s finances be so poor that they can’t bring a young exciting manager.

  46. Guns of brixton

    AC milan BROKE.

    Their hustling over 4m with QPR over Tarrabt apparently.

    sad to see a once a great club struggling like that.

  47. salparadisenyc

    Clever from McMahon. He gets clipped by O’Leary and stays down for treatment. A few more seconds ebb away 1-0

  48. luke

    MidwestGun May 26, 2014 20:25:44

    Giroud to PSG for Cavani while they are on a roll!


  49. gunz

    WE I have watched marquihos several times and while he is talented I don’t think he is as talented as varane plus he is not as mature either

  50. carts


    Wenger will be mortified. This was his life, long, dream.

    I’ll be surprised if City et al come find any ‘real’ loopholes. I read an article somewhere about how ‘tight’ FFP actually is. Virgin tight.

  51. El Tel 1

    That Friday night gave us the best finish in any football match ever. We were at the Club who were winning everything and having to win by 2 clear goals.

    Impossible the all thought.

    What a finish. Those flash scouse mugs got their cummupance.

    I believe their fans clapped us off that night too.

    I cant remember as I was buzzing for as long as I can remember.

    One of my favourite players in that side was Kevin Richardson. What a good player he was. Rocky Rocastle of course is still one of my favourite ever Arsenal players. Great Man and a great player.

  52. WengerEagle


    Yeah he’s definitely behind Varane in maturity and composure but he’s a year younger to be fair.

    Disagree on the talent part, he was outstanding for Roma last season and has had a decent first season at PSG.

    The two of them, Mangala, Ginter and Zouma are among the most talented young CB’s in Europe atm.

  53. luke

    Really hope we’re not in for Griezzman. Someone was saying they’d rather see Ox play than Griezzman and I couldnt agree more. I’d much rather get Konopoloka or if we’re really dreaming: Reus, Draxler, Di Maria, hazard.

  54. salparadisenyc

    A good ball by Dixon, finding Smith, for Thomas, charging through the midfield… 1-0


  55. WengerEagle

    ‘sad to see a once a great club struggling like that.’

    Agree, they are the second most succesful club ever in the Champions League so it is sad to see.

    Their 2002-2005 side was one of my all-time favourites to watch, had stack loads of players that I loved in Kaka, Shevchenko, Pirlo, Seedorf, Maldini, Nesta and Cafu.

  56. salparadisenyc

    From the past to the present..
    All at once now…
    FROM Merseyside to Mumbai


  57. gunz

    WE he is talented I don’t doubt but varene is just ridiculous….so complete I can’t even find a fault….for some weird reasons I find mangala clumsy and overrated

  58. Mike adamski

    Gooner girls podcast have a david hillier / michael Thomas 89 special on the podcast website if anyone’s interested . It’s great stuff !

  59. Mike adamski

    Yeah haha

    Mcmahons finger .

    What a git of a player he was .
    I always liked John Barnes though , quality player

  60. WengerEagle


    Disagree on Mangala, I’ve watched him quite a few times this season and the guy’s a monster at the back. A physical freak of nature and he’s quite a good reader of the game.

  61. Jeff


    There’s a final question in that article about FFP that somebody posed. What if a club wants to build a box and charge £50m for it and the owner or his “friend” wants to sit in it? The tax laws (that they’ve been refining and tuning for a five thousand years) are supposed to be as tight as virgins and yet you name me a single multinational who does not employ a team of top accountants who find ways to massage the figures only a tiny bit and steal billions between them.

    The new FFP rules are there to be broken and will be broken in so many ways a few years down the line that EUFA will have no choice but either to turn a blind eye or abandon it altogether. The bad news for us will be that Wenger will still be playing by the rules and putting us at a disadvantage every which way.

    In the final analysis, if person A wants to give person B money, a way will be found to do it – of that there is no doubt in my mind. FFP is a mug’s paradise.

  62. andy1886

    El Tel, yeah I was a fan of Ricardson too, underrated much like Steve Williams, another fine player of the era. Gus Ceasar was rubbish though 😉

  63. Le Phil


    Also, didn’t have the chance to say thank you yet for posting amazing stuff everyday. The dedication deserves respect!

    Keep going!

  64. andy1886

    Jeff, FFP states that any such deals must be at market rates – if such an arrangement led to something way beyond what other clubs could charge it would be thrown out when they did their sums.

  65. Jeff


    The rules are only just now coming into effect and there will be sanctions and fines. However, I can pretty much guarantee it that once the clubs have tested the rules and know where the boundaries or weak points are, they will employ the necessary financial bods to ensure they get away with it. There is just no way FFP will bring down the likes of Barcelona, Real, Man City, Chelsea, PSG, Monaco and to a lesser extent Man U. I’d give it a couple of years before FFP rules crumble into insignificance.

  66. andy1886

    Lol quick, you are so right. Sanogo charging through the middle, it’s up for grabs now….at least it would be if he’d taken the ball with him….

  67. luke


    Javi Martinez

    Javi Martinez-Ramsey

    GK, Vermaelen, Nacho, Wilshere, Giroud, Santi, Oxlade,
    Reserves: Podolski, Rosicky, Arteta, Jenx, Gnabry, Sanogo,

    Settled. We would be unstoppable. We can dream.

  68. tunnygriffboy


    I don’t see how you can guarentee that FFP will fail. It may, it may not. Clubs are starting to take notice of it even in it’s early stages. It will be interesting to see what happens, but nothing is definite yet.

  69. Cesc Appeal

    There aren’t really any other factors to consider, we have the money in abundance, the players are out there…there is no avenue for the club to apportion blame for their failings. They either do, or do not, there is no try.

  70. tunnygriffboy


    There appear to be a lot of very good players available. If Wenger fails this window I am sadly going to have to join you on the darkside in the process becoming a bit rabid ( smiley face )

    Did you know Pedro is doing a podcast on Positively Arsenal loooooooooool

  71. Cesc Appeal


    That could arguably the best thing I’ve ever heard…he was good on Arsenal Fan TV, came across well; then you look at the comments and people are bashing him and you think, you’re just bashing him to bash him, how can you disagree with anything he’s said?

  72. Byo

    It’s all opinion. Whether it is by Pedro, Gambon and everyone else here, even on Asrenaltv.
    Last time I checked, there are no physicians, managers, etc here. So nobody needs to get worked up over opinion. Just get one too!

  73. tunnygriffboy


    I’ve just listened to Pedro off the link Jeff put in earlier. Very good. Basically he reiterated what he ‘s been saying on LG this year but he spoke very well and was measured in his responses. I haven’t read the comments, will go back and have a look now

    I did pick up that he thinks we will spend big this summer and he seemed quite positive about it

    As for him on Positively Arsenal we should support him anyway we can.

  74. Cesc Appeal


    I think he’ll quite easily take them down, they’ll come across like idiot fan boys literally asking if he hates Wenger repeatedly.

    Yeah I heard that, seems like he has some inside info but…I’ve learnt to never accept any inside sources, or rumours. Last summer we heard the same stuff and it was embarrassing how we proceeded.

  75. tunnygriffboy


    I just hope they are. I’m convinced we’ll sign players. My concern is ‘will the be world class’ More reports about this Schalke RB. We should be in for Aurier and no one else. Serious pace, skill and physicallity. Play CB, LB and wide in midfield

    How have exams gone ? You finished yet ?

  76. Cesc Appeal


    They’re going okay thanks…I think. Last one on Thursday…can’t wait to be honest, just get them out of the way, sick of revision. Might have some weird sort of ritual ceremony of drinking bat’s blood and burning my books in a field.

    Yeah not too sure on this Uchida fella. We need at least 2-3 really big buys, then a few squad buys.

  77. Dn

    Everyone is talking griezman…. But why griezman when cesc is the much better player if available..he will improve everyone even are so so strikers….imagine Ramsey ozil and cesc

  78. Guns of brixton

    Aurier is the RB replacement, must be excellent defending and more importantly great going forward which ole’ baccy lacked in.

  79. peanuts&monkeys

    “‘He is a dream for strikers and you saw that with [Cristiano] Ronaldo and [Karim] Benzema when he was at Madrid’, the Bayern Munich captain told ‘If Arsenal can find the right striker who is fast and makes intelligent runs, then Mesut will be devastating next season’.”

    That is the reason it was such an imperative to bag in Higuain especially since both have played together at the highest level. But, for Wenger the purse is always dearer than a trophy.

  80. peanuts&monkeys

    Next and Immediate target should be Community Shield. For whatever that matters it will certainly set the tone for the season ahead. Also, if Wenger targets the CS, it will also mean he will get the team ready to go sooner than mid-September, as he always does.

  81. N5

    Peanuts, doesn’t it get boring just coming on here posting something negative and then leaving. I’m not fishing for a row but wondered why you don’t either stay around and get involved or not bother at all.

    Plus I thought Le Grove was an embarrassment to you?

  82. Bergkamplegend

    “Next and Immediate target should be Community Shield.”

    == >> Fuck yeah, first trophy of the season!! 🙂

  83. andy1886

    When Wenger looks at Gareth Barry he doesn’t hear 33, he hears freefree, freefree, freefree……..

    I see we’re still linked with him.

  84. Bergkamplegend

    “Next and Immediate target should be Community Shield.”
    == >> Fuck yeah, first trophy of the season!!”

    Oooopsssss sorry I forgot the Emirates Cup lol

  85. Bamford13

    Thought: Let’s all decide on an amount of money we think is feasible for Arsenal to spend this summer — somewhere between what they have available to spend and what they will actually spend — and see who can build the best XI with that budget.

    It’s all good and well creating lists of players we would love to sign, but it might be interesting to force everyone to work within a budget, and the same budget at that. I imagine some folks on here could really get into the details of this.

    Without getting too sophisticated, I will begin by low-balling and say that we are likely to spend the very same amount this summer that we did last. I say this for a variety of reasons I don’t have time to get into. Without accounting for outgoing sales, which I’ll deal with another time, this means we have a budget of £42.5m. Now this amount is a bit meager and uninspiring, so I’m going to round up to £50m to make things a little more interesting.

    So, what is the best side we could build with £50m in additional talent? At moment I would add:


    giving us the following XI—


    This is my first go at it, and I realize it is unorthodox to run Vela centrally, but I think he could do this quite well, actually. One piece of bad news is that it now looks like Chelsea are after Cabella, but he would be perfect for us, not them.

    Would love to hear others’ thoughts. Let’s build a great but economical XI in order to help Arsene. God knows he needs help. 😉

  86. Bamford13

    * Hold on, I don’t think I spent all of my money. I think I actually still have about 10m pounds, in which case I’d sign a genuine, powerful (and under-rated) central striker, namely Mandzukic. So for roughly 50m pounds, I’m adding:


    giving us the following XI—


    The above could honestly make a go at the league. Far from perfect, but this would be a dynamic and exciting eleven. And not too expensive.

  87. Bergkamplegend

    “God knows he needs help.”

    So you don’t know…
    For your information, Arsène IS God!!

    Or it is at least convinced of being god lol